2016-06-21 - Mad?! Just a little

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Mad?! Just a little

Summary: Urus Finaly gets down to interrogating his captive, his methods could be considered unorthodox.

Who: Urus, Silencia
When: June 21, 2016.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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It is a lovely day in twisted as usual, The sun is beaming down on the sand and the strange lack of any breeze does not help any, the only natural respite in this area being the sea itself. The Serenity of the view and sounds would be grand, if However one was there of their own volition. a creature is strapped in and held down to a lawn chair. The creature with large pointed ears and light brown skin, or it would be light brown minus the sunburn from being out since this morning. Urus is leaning against a large umbrella stuck into the sand Taking small swigs from a 2 liter bottle of water in full view of it. Only now after what some would consider wasting an entire half a day like this he decides to speak up. "So, little thing. What are you exactly? And might I ask why you were trying to steal from others?" attempting a coaxing tone to pry information from the Thief he and Silencia had caught a few days ago. Urus had been busy with trying to learn from Doom and Muradin what they may be up against according to what they had in their world. Only now had he taken his captive out for questioning.

The little thing is, naturally, sweating profusely in the sun. He licks his lips as he looks at the water. "Imma goblin," he replies. At the second question, he seems to consider for a moment before responding, "I can? Fun?" To ask a thief why they steal... what kind of answer was expected?

Urus looks unsurprised when the creature mentions it's a goblin. "A goblin eh? It seems a great many species are called by that name..." he says unable to keep himself from smirking. The mention of why the goblin would steal gives him a mild chuckle. "Ooh a thief who does it for fun... you know what we are doing right now?" he pauses a second to let the goblin take a guess, then continues "Interrogation. Torture. This. This is what I... do for fun. And I am damn good at it too." Before going any further with the scare tactics he decides to get some heavy questions out of the way. "So word is that there is something about your kind, what was it..." He mentions taping his finger to his chin. "That's right, there is something called a "goblin goon squad" running around. you wouldn't be part of them or know anything about them. Would you?" he says inquisitively knowing to watch the face carefully for signs of hesitation on this question. "Or anything about a group known as , the Horde."

The little goblin seems to try to shrink back as Urus mentions the word 'torture'. Its eyes widen slightly at the mention of the goblin good squad. It seems to consider a moment after Urus has asked his questions, then says. "Goblin Goon Squad is everywhere! You think kill me scare 'em?"

Urus cackles in his standard Hyena like fashion when it mentions that it knows. "No... I know that killing you would not scare them... although "he says walking slowly toward it and licking it between the eyes and up the forehead. "It has been a while since I have had fresh still squirming meat..." as he says that it is mostly for keeping him talking considering even for him the goblin is foul, at least on the outside. He goes under and starts to act like he is unbuckling one of the straps "But I have since then gone vegan... sorry for having to do this but I had to make sure you were the right guy." He says along side his movements to open him up, false sense of security after so much. "So, the squad is everywhere, If I were to say, want to hire them... where would I want to go." He says under the chair, the burning sand quite uncomfortable but one pays for their art form. "Is there a leader to you guys or... do you all just freelance on your own and sometimes bring some friends."

It's clearly testing the binds when it thinks Urus might be loosening them. When it's clear it's not getting away yet, it talks again. "You want hire them? They not here so much. They other side of bridge more. Look in shadows. They find you. I not know leader. I just know low bosses. I new. Freelance?"

Urus unties the bottom most tie, the ones keeping the legs in place. Doing that to give it a minute amount of freedom, just to keep up the ruse. The goblin however is still held there by a line on the waist and a line across the chest. Unable to escape "Thanks for the tip, now do you know who did the work out here on the beach, magnificent job." As he is saying this he is still under the chair, face out of sight... thankfully because there is an undeniable look of anger when he says the last part, despite it sounding sincere. "yeah, freelance", he mentions doing fake work again underneath "As in you work for anyone who pays you, as long as there is money you work for them, at least until they do not need you or a better offer comes up. I used to do that... in fact I still do some of the time."

The goblin kicks his foot lightly. Nothing like an attack, it's just moving what it can. "Beach? Someone do work on beach?" He doesn't seem to know what Urus us talking about, and attempts to even shrink back at the hyena-hybrid's anger. "I know nothing of beach job! Not tell me! Not know what job is!" He's whimpering slightly now, but still talking. "Yeah! They do dirty deeds dirt cheap! No one pay me, though, so get purses."

"So you have no clue about it the explosion or anything. Are you sure, this could mean your life." Urus says finally getting out from underneath the chair. And stands behind him flicking the goblins left ear and watching it move and reset each time, understanding the annoyance of it to the creature. He places a index claw from his left hand under the Goblin's chin. "Anything else... I should know? The more you tell me, the better I will treat you when I let you go."

The goblin squirms uncomfortably. "I new! I not know anything! On bottom, not told anything!" It seems to be on the verge of panicking now, wincing with each flick and trying (and of course failing) to shy away from Urus. "I no can tell what I not know!" And now it's beginning to whimper.

Urus Smirks now that he has broken the little thing. He pets the ugly goblin to sooth it. "there there... its alright...shhh" he has promised he would send back the goblin alive, right now he would just allow his beast to go nuts and finish the job but... a promise is a promise. "now can I trust you not to run away if I untie you?"

The goblin doesn't seem the slightest bit soothed by the petting. It looks up to Urus and nods enthusiastically at the question.

Despite asking, Urus is going to take precautions. He walks back to his umbrella, his haven out in the summer sun, and takes his gun off the top of the cooler, the lawn chair he usually uses currently occupied by the prisoner. The knife the goblin used to own is pulled from his right pocket. "now .... I am trusting you... or things might get messy..." he says cutting the other two ropes with the knife.

And as soon as that last rope is cut, the goblin is of course running like mad. Where? Whatever direction is away from Urus! He of course thinks the strangely verbose gnoll is gonna eat him if he doesn't! He in fact runs straight through an oversized sand castle! Too bad for him on the other side of the sand castle is a deep pit that some kid excavated to provide the sand for said castle. The goblin falls in, now half buried in the sand from the castle, and scrambles to free himself. It's not a challenge, apparently, just slowing him down immensely.

Urus shakes his head knowing this would happen. He sticks the Goblin's knife in his pocket and starts walking toward the goblin who then falls in the hole. As the little guy scrambles out Urus Cocks his SMG and fires semi-auto 9mm hollow point at the goblin's legs to slow him down. "now look at what you have done... That was very good work and now it is ruined. I guess I can get you for vandalism now too..." he says taking long strides in the Goblin's direction, smirking at the unfortunate position that has befallen the ugly creature.

Better timing is not possible, because Silencia arrives right on time to witness Urus firing at the little goblin. The Fae gasps and rushes over, shouting at the hyena man. "Urus, are you mad?! Stop shooting!" Silencia makes her way over to the hyena and his prey and the priestess does not look pleased. "I know I allowed you to interrogate him, but this is ridiculous!" Silencia felt bad all day and she decided to follow her gut and check up on Urus and the little goblin and boy was she right about feeling bad! The poor little thing looked absolutely miserable.

The poor little thing is in the bottom of a sand pit with a bullet wound in its leg! It's of course now attempting to look pitiful now that Silencia has arrived on the scene and acting a bit nicer. It's certainly not running anymore, that's for sure. "I tell you, I not know anything!"

Oh brother, she said 1 week... 3 days later she shows up. Needless to say this is not what Urus needed. He was just about to clean up after playing around with the little thing. He certainly is rough on his toys. When sil asks the question he holds up his index finger and thumb about 3 inches away from each other. "Just a little." He calls back. He strides over putting his weapon behind him. On it's sling. "in fact we were just about to come and see you, but this little guy went back on his word about not trying to escape... didn't we." Almost giving the tone as if he were talking to a baby, not angered in the slightest as he is looking at the creature. He is still in a great mood. "I must admit, my techniques... unorthodox, slightly illegal, slightly immoral. BUT, He told me all he knew, and I can follow up on this. Unfortunately we happen to have a low level member here of the same squad that detonated the shed over there." He says thumbing towards Doom muffin's shed. "Not a lot of info... but enough to find his friends..."

Silencia listens carefully to Urus' words, but doesn't let up on the attitude. "Seriously Urus... What if you missed and accidentally killed him?!" She kneels down and reaches for the little goblin. "Come here, little guy. I'll help you with those wounds..." Her tone is soft and gentle toward the goblin, speaking to him as if speaking to a little kid that needs a little attention. Silencia is ready to capture the little guy in a hug and heal all his aches away.

The goblin nods enthusiastically to Urus again. "Yes! Yes! I say all I know! I can go now, right?" He looks back and forth between the two, then tries and fails to back away from Silencia as she approaches. The hug, however, just gets the goblin looking completely confused.

Urus rolls his eyes a bit. "Siencia, trust me to know what I am doing. Unlike your husband I respect your wishes. The fact that he was alive when you got here is a testament to that." and it is true. The little goblin gets a smirk from Urus. "Yes, you may go now." He says shooing him away and taking a few steps before turning toward it. "Oh... I forgot, I promised you to this lady who in love with the god of war and leader of task... I believe she now has you under arrest for thievery and assault. Good luck in jail little guy, call me when you get out." Urus turns back and walks by the shed that Doom uses, tapping on the roof. "Doom, boot up the cat. We are going on a raid..."

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