2016-06-26 - So much for patrol.

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So Much for Patrol

Summary: While the Cerberus is on patrol, they are stopped by many people.

Who: The_Trio, Sae, Doommuffin, Edward, Flandre
When: June 26, 2016.
Where: Park Road.

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Sae hums to herself as she returns from an afternoon day at the school's gym, walking idly doing the street with a big smile. She's dressed in a white, snug fitting t-shirt and a pair of red athletic bloomers, occasionally twirling and oftentimes walking with her eyes closed, not a care in the world!

The Brothers are on patrol considering Kotal and company are busy with their project. They happen to be coming down by the school. Ever since the Halloween party debacle there has been a heavier patrol schedule in this area, and it was their turn anyhow. As they walk by, Jackson calls out to the student "Hello mam how are you today, good it seems like." Her actions making it rather blatant that she is enjoying today. they have their standard task uniform... which is for them adding Task badge dog tags to the usual dangle from each of the collars.

Sae had both hands behind her back, chest stuck out and eyes closed when the trio would notice her, one leg going straight out then stepping forward without bending it, humming a louder tune as she'd meander out of the school. "Mmm?" she answered, peeking out of one eye since she didn't recognize the voice. That's when both would open and she'd freeze in place, mouth hanging open. "Oh..my..gosh! You're a HUGE doggy!", rushing over to them and bouncing in place right in front of her new friend! Most girls -especially short ones like Sae- would be afraid of a rather tough looking beast like him, but she couldn't care less! "Mhmhmhmhmhmhm! It is! I just got done with gym practice! Am all icky and sweaty or otherwise I'd huge the HECK out of you right now! Never seen a three-in-one doggy! Are you each.." she leans in with wide eyes, peering at each head in turn. "..different?"

The Cerberus as a whole looks absolutely surprised as they are suddenly met with absolute exuberance. This surprise though does not take long to settle because they have come to expect this out of some people. Buster rolls his eyes as Sae asks the question as if everyone should know this. Jackson reminds buster "At least she inquired and did not assume." Then he turns his attention to Sae again and responds "Thank you for the thought but we are on duty... and yes, we are different, some of us," he says turning his head slightly as to indicate Buster on his left, "make that fact more known and important than others." Rex introduces, giving off the same perky energy that Sae is giving off "Hi there, I am Rex, who are you?"

Sae feeds off the happy energy that Rex is giving her, giggling with joy. "Rex Rex! I'm extra-awesome now that I just made a cute new friend! Well..friends?" she questions with a brief tilt to her head, hands on her hips, thinking. "Friends! Mhm! Plural!". With that, she suddenly wraps her arms around Rex's neck and gives him a firm hug! She's a tad bit sweaty as she presses her body to the friendlier of the trio, but it's nothing terribly bad since she's dried off! "And uuuu! Are you with task? I have a buncha friends who work there! Do you know Miss Ren?! She's like, a super colorful floaty sea-sluggy!"

Buster continues to impress upon the subject while it is still on the table, "plural, yes. If you don't mind, we are three individuals that just happen to come as a package deal, K?" Rex, although he would respond but he is too busy being hugged, which is absolutely ok with him. If it was up to him he would stay there all day and let her do that. Jackson continues to answer the questions. “Yes, I see you noticed the tags. Mrs Ren is a good friend of ours and works with our girl." He mentions "I am glad to see someone have a good time around here; I swear half the populace is in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction."

Sae keeps hugging Rex, though the grip loosens until she's more just hanging her arms around his neck, unable to suppress her smiles at how nice it is. "I haven't gotten to pet a doggy in /ages/. This is really nice! So thanks Mister Rex!". Leaning against him now, she turns to look at the other two and nods. "I know right?! It's sooo silly! I've got everything I could ever want though. Cute classes, a cute kitten, lots of nice adorable friends, and best of all..a girlfriend! Flan-chan's mega nice and adorable! So is nothing to do but smile around here, y'knows?". Jackson's response does get her to gasp though. "Your girl?! Do you have a lil puppy girl or something?! That sounds awesome!

Rex has always been one for being public relations. "Of course Ms. ummmm....ummm." having not been told ,Buster does decide to ask, "Yes what is your name?" they sit down allowing plenty of solid real estate for her to lean on. " A kitten? That's cool, have not seen one of those in a while myself. Flan, as in Flandre? Heard quite a bit about her..." he says trailing off on that subject, obviously not all of it nice. He sort of laughs when Sae thinks it's another puppy he is talking about. "No no no... not a puppy girl, Owl." He says seeing if she is confused, and elaborates. "Mrs. Minu took us in when we converged, can't bark the praises high enough."

"OH oh! Silly me! I'm Sae! Nakata Sae! You can just call me Sae though!", Sae answers, obviously not one for formalities considering the hugs and general giggly demeanor! "And yush! T hat Flan! She's mega super nice and cuddly and cute and she picks me up lots! We even snuggle in our big princess bed every single night!", smiling so wide. Flandre might be quite the violent vampiress in many circumstances, but she mellows considerably around her girlfriend. Sae hasn't even *noticed* the fact she's kinda sorta evil yet, since to her she couldn't be kinder! "Ooooh! Miss Minu! I think I've run into her at the Usual sometimes! I waitress there a couple of days a week! It's sooooooooooooo fun. I get to meet all sorts of people and make them sweets and desserts and stuff! It's nice!"

"Nice to meet you Sae" Jackson greets. Buster coughs up a not so subtle "Aghem..." to the other two seeing if they get the memo. They stand back up on all fours as Jackson comments "Yes, yes, we should continue our patrol, feel free to walk with us if you like but we must continue our route, if we don't Mrvaro will come by and see we are not doing our job. " Rex gives Sae the classic Puppy eyes looking up at her begging, "Please come with us, we could use a little company." They begin to pad off down the road and toward Cemetery lane.

Edward chooses this moment to turn a corner just down the street, hand stuffed in his pockets. Having noticed Sae there, he pulls a hand out to wave at her, but it pauses halfway up, as the teen goes stock still; realizing in fact that the girl is not talking to three individuals, but in fact a three headed dog. Even over the past month of surprises, this is one of the stranger things he's seen.

Sae simply can't resist those puppy dog eyes! Sure, even without them she'd happily accompany the cute trio, but with them well..she does one better! As they walk, Sae leans against Rex's neck, stroking up and down the bottom of his neck and down to the tummy. "Mhmm..can't say no to puppy dog eyes!", giggling. "What're you patrolling for anyways? More face hugging things? Poor Rayne looked all sorts of sad after on of those got to her! So be careful you three! Lots too adorable to be sad from face-nomming things!". Gently, she scritches behind Rex's ears, curious if he'll enjoy. "Oh! Which one of you controls the body and stuffs anyway? That's kinda cute!". At that, she sees Edward frozen still and waves to him, giggling. "Edward Edward! Have you met these threeeeee?"

"well," Jackson answers "patrols are for creatures like that, yes, as well as simply to help keep the peace. Having an officer in every district at a time allows for rapid response of qualified personnel. Having to send someone from the TASK building every time someone had trouble, would be inefficient at best." The tail seems to go down though as talk of the face huggers goes on and Rex's ears go back remembering about the time they almost got him. They walk on slowly considering Sae seems to be calling someone over. Buster takes over for the mechanical question. "We all sort of do, any one of us can take control, however we have an understanding to ask and tell each other what we are doing. The number one rule is never move while someone is sleeping, its disorienting, it's weird, and its rude... waking up in an entirely different area then when you went to sleep." It seems he is talking from experience.

Edward recovers from his shock quickly enough, and with a quick glance up at the cloud cover, he continues on down the street, finishing that wave. "Hello, Sae... it's nice to see you again." A very carefully neutral expression on his face, he turns to look at the Trio, moving his whole body to do it, and pauses, ten or fifteen feet or so away. "I can't say that I've had the pleasure, no."

Sae says, "Thanks for that giant-big tip last time Edward! I bought a cute little bed for my kitten with it! She likes it lots!", still oblivious the kitten she and Flan share is a task plant to keep eyes on Flan. Or a boy, for that matter. "That makes a buncha sense though! It'd be super silly to wake up some other place. Could be nice for patrolling maybe, though! IF you gotta do it for a long time. One doggy sleeps, another walks!", shrugging and turning her attention back to Rex. "Dun worry silly! If any face hugger tries to get you, I'll get Flan to kick it's butt! she's SUPER strong! She can pick me up with one arm!"" Sae also pets Rex EXTRA much!

The trio turns around and sits because they understand that a dog of their size standing up can be intimidating. "Hello Mr. Edward" Jackson greets. "This is Rex" he says nodding his head over to his right. "And this is Buster." He says nodding his head in the other direction. "Hi there!" Rex greets, while buster merely nods his head. "would you like to join our patrol?" Jackson asks the newcomer. "If so, do not hesitate to come along." He mentions as they stand back up and continue walking down the street, sort of scanning the area.

Edward lightly raises a hand to rub his chin a little bit. Surprisingly polite, for a dog. "It's... just Edward is fine. But it's nice to meet you. And yes, I think I'll join you." He falls in pace with the Cerberus and Sae relatively smoothly, taking care to put himself at least somewhat downwind of the dog. "Well, then, Sae, I'm glad to hear that. So, your friends here..." He gestures vaguely in the Trio's direction. "Police dogs?"

Sae chimes in to Edward with a "Rex is the cuddliest of the bunch it looks like! Followed by Jackson! And if you ever wanna hug or a pet Buster, you just let me know kay?", like the order of who likes cuddles the most is somehow remotely important to someone like Edward. "They are though! They work at Task like Ren and Ranye and stuffs!", scritching under Rex's chin she prrrrs "Good police doggy..good good doggy! Protecting peoples!". It's not even remotely patronizing, at least from her perspective. She loves getting praised like that, so surely Rex would too! "That reminds me though! You should stop by the Usual when I'm working Rex!"

Down the hill from the S-Mart tromps what... appears to be a blue robotic lion or tiger. On its back is something that stands out almost as much: a three foot tall woman with bright green hair and plate armor adorned with a skeletal motif, and rather complex looking goggles which are currently resting on her forehead... revealing glowing blue eyes just below them. She doesn't seem to be paying the others any attention for the moment as the robot cat turns towards the center of town once it reaches the sidewalk.

"Alright, Just Edward" Buster says smirking and looking behind him as well as he can at Edward. Jackson finds Edward's assessment pretty accurate. "Police dogs, yes, accept we do not need a handler and have the ability to arrest someone if need be." Patronizing or not Rex, continues to allow her to love him, putting up no fight. He spots Doom and her cat trailing down the street and stops sort of in their path. "Sae" Jackson says " you mind holding up your hand for us." As the battle cat comes closer Jackson does shout out to the gnome atop the mechanical beast. "Excuse me but would you please jump off the cat...TASK Officers."

Edward, as he follows along, looks up in the direction that Jackson starts shouting - at least this time, his expression of surprise is much more human, only a slight widening of eyes. In perfectly conversational tones, he says to no one in particular, "You know, I'm sure at some point I'm going to stop getting surprised by sights like these..."

Sae looks to Edward with a big nod! "Mhm! You met Ren right? I'm surprised anything can surprise you after her! She's gotta be the most alien thingy in this place, right? Is still mega adorable for it though!", smiling wide. The dressed for gym schoolgirl holds up her hand when Jackson tells her, but only reluctantly, restraining herself to not pet even more. "Doom-y! Hi!", rushing over to her and bending down to look her mount in the eye. "Who's a good ghostie kitty..yes you are..yes YOU are!". Yeesh! This girl has no fear.

Doommuffin tilts her head and asks in her odd, echoey voice, "Jump off? Why should I? What appears to be the problem, officers?" Despite her words and tone, she does in fact drop off from the robotic cat's back. "I have a considerable amount of work to be done to complete the rebuilding process of my work shed, I will have you know, so I would be most appreciative if you do not take up a large amount of my time." An eyebrow is raised at Sae's greeting, but she says nothing directly to her as the girl immediately switches her focus to the robotic cat.

Speaking of said robotic cat, its response to Sae's praises is simply to meow. It is not a sound that really fits the robotic body at all; it is the sound of a Siamese cat, though it has the same creepy, echoey quality as the gnome's voice.

A dark red cloud approaches the group from the sky. It carries with it a faint sound of flapping wings and light screeches. It appears that it’s no low cloud, but in fact, a multitude of tiny red colored bats that swarm about.

The bats move in unison across the sky and circle the area directly above the gathered group. After a moment to inspect their surroundings, the bats make a dive for the ground and collide with the pavement.. They pile one after another, and soon, the bats begin to fuse together into a small human like figure with large wings. Once the figure begins to take full shape and color, it would become obvious who it truly is. It’s Flandre!

"Hihi!" The girl with red eyes smiles widely and skips over to the gathered there waving to everyone. She's wearing her usual crimson red dress and mob cap. "DM, hi there." She waves at the gnome and mechanical cat before walking over to Sae and poking her on the back. "Hello, pet." She says with an impish smile. The Trio she eyes curiously having not seen the Cerberus before, but it’s the appearance of Edward which draw her large red eyes in surprise. "Oh!" Her eyebrows go up and the lips of the little girl curl up in delight. "Another child of the night. Hello brother." Yes, it does appear a vampire can recognize their own when they see them.

Edward was about to reach out to try and pull Sae back and away from the robot death cat, but bats coalescing into a human... or at least a humanish figure, is just the cherry on this day of surprising people and surprising situations. He stares back at Flandre as she addresses him, his own amber eyes locking onto her crimson ones. Not bothering to address her accusation (denying it would only draw attention to the comparison), Edward replies in a cool, neutral tone, "Miss Flandre, I presume?"

Jackson reassures Doom, “Nothing is the problem miss. I need to see your quadrupedal mount permit, just a standard check. You understand that all vehicles and mounts get checked by TASK in case of theft or unforeseen circumstance pertaining individuals with them." Rex is keeping an eye on the rest and enjoying having all the new people around. "Hi there!" He calls out to Flandre in his overly cheerful tone that he keeps picking up from Sae's exuberance. They stand firm looking official for the check. Buster keeps an eye on the cat considering it is sentient. The thing is Deathcake would be looking at each other eye to eye considering each are about the same size.

Sae seems entirely unperturbed by well..literally any of this. Robo cat sounding like a real -if rather echoy- cat? It just gets a giggle from her! "Awww! I forgot your kitty's name Doomy! What's it aga-FLANNNNN!". She rushes over to the swarm of bats and gives her girlfriend a biiiig hug, spinning her around and bouncing up and down! "Flan Flan Flan! Meet! Rex!", pointing at the right most head on the trio, bouncing from foot to foot in her gym uniform of a white t-shirt and red bloomers. "He loves pets! And and and, he looked kinda scared of the face hugging guys, but I told him you were SUPER strong so it'll be okay! Watch Watch Rex! Flan can pick me up SUPER easy!", sticking both arms up into the air and waiting for the equally small vampire to pick her up. Looking to Edward, she hmmms! "Whoa! You're a vampire too?! Cute! It feels nice to be nibbled on!"

Doommuffin just looks at Jackson for a moment. "My mount permit? Wow... No one has asked about that in... ages. Please, hold on just a moment while I seek it out..." She starts looking through the small bags on her belt, rummaging through them as she mumbles, "Honestly, I did not think such a thing even mattered here, but... Aha! Here." She hands over the document... which doesn't appear to be from Twisted at all. It does, however, declare her to be permitted to use mounts, including all land mounts such as horses, mechano-striders, sabers, rams, elekks, etc, as well as flying mounts. It mentions specifically that she is permitted to fly in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and Draenor. "If you are going to claim that I should have registered here, then I am going to have to complain that no such effort to explain such a thing has ever been explained to me, and I will register complaints that your vaunted 'Welcome Center' was created far too late to be of any help to myself and Deathcake."

"Oof!!" Flandre isn't particularly the dignified sort being kind of deranged and all, but all pretense of being a composed, high class vampire goes right out the window when Sae SLAMS into her with a tackle hug. Thankfully, Flandre is of the same hyperactive kin as Sae and simply hugs her girlfriend and begins twirling her around while giggling. "Sae Sae!" She laughs and rubs her cheeks with the girl. "Have you been making friends?" The vampire girl turns to the Cerberus in question and smiles at them cheekily right before proving her strength by lifting Sae right over her head. Then she even makes a pose and puts one hand on her hip whilst holding her girlfriend up with one arm only. "Ta-da!"

Setting Sae down, she readjusts her gaze back to Edward and gives him a polite curtsy. "The very same!" The vampire girl with the crystalline wings grins showing her fanged teeth. "Heard of me I take it?" Asks she whilst she wraps one arm around Sae's waist.

Edward just stares at Flandre's display of strength, the way she rubs up against the other girl, the wings, the overt fangs... it's all a lot to take in. One thing's for certain... vampires they may both be, but Edward suspects he has very little in common with this girl. He closes his eyes at Sae's question, incredulity battling with self-loathing, and finally admits, "...I am." Shaking his head abruptly, with a distant expression, he replies, "I have, yes. You seem to be quite well known in these parts." He takes a few steps away from Doommuffin and her battle cat, letting her and the 'officer' do their thing without his interference.

"Wow that's cool" Rex agrees as Flandre's strength is tested. He is able to be distractible and that is what his brothers know him to do. As for the battle cat. "yes it does matter here. Mhmmm. Mhmm ok. I.." he is about to say something when she gives her excuse. "hmmm. Tell you what mam, I will let you go for now but I must implore you that you should get the proper permit, as directed by TASK. Seeing as you have a good alibi and you are in a rush I will leave you be for today. Get it within the next one to two weeks, I do not want the bureaucracy to hurt people it does not have to, besides, despite the obvious fact my brother is not a cat person, we do not want anything to happen to it either. Thank you for your cooperation, have a nice day." Jackson finishes as the body turns so that all three can see the others. "Flandre, doing well I hope, not getting into any trouble?"

Looking to Flan, Sae replies "I have I have! I made..three new friends? Or one! Depending on how you look at it! I'm gonna say three though, just cause they all like different amounts of pets!", giggling as she's picked up with the utmost of ease by her girlfriend. Back on the ground, she leans in to the equally short Flandre, occasionally nibbling and ear or smooching her cheek, just cause she loves being all lovey and PDA-y. "Oh oh! Flan! We should introduce our kitty to Doom-y's ghosty cat! I'm sure they'd be two peas in a pod! To kitties in a litter?" Sae chuckles, then grabs the vampire girl's hand and tugs her over towards Edward. "I meant to ask you sometime! How'd you get your blood around here anyways? Flan bites me bunches -pulling her t-shirt's collar down enough to see two small pin-pricks on her neck. "-but I've never seen you with someone that looks..nommable?"

Doommuffin rolls the document back up and replaces it into the pouch. "Honestly. There should be documentation that such things are needed. Now what was the purpose of stopping me today to begin with? I have ridden atop Deathcake numerous times, and no one has said a thing in complaint! Why, even that less than averagely intelligent orc I ran through merely stapled his gut closed again. Well, I suppose there was some combat, but there was no concern over if I was authorized or not!" She huffs out a breath of air in irritation. Not that the undead gnome needs to breathe, mind you. Deathcake, meanwhile, sits on his haunches and looks around. Anyone would easily be able to tell that the robot doesn't seem to have any intelligence beyond that of a normal housecat.

Flandre seems perfectly comfortable with Sae's public displays of affections. She smiles pleasantly and lets her girlfriend kiss her cheek and nibble on her ear as her heart desires, all whilst keeping a perfectly pleased face to all those around her. Flandre doesn't know the Cerberus personally, but even she knows of TASK and that they are the local police, so she better not mess with them. After all, Reimu was the police back in Gensokyo and no one messed with her, it makes sense it'd be the same here. "I haven't gotten in trouble.. recently." She gets shifty eyed as the talking dog with three heads question her and giggles a little when Sae suggests that their pet should meet with Deathcake. "I don't think Jimmy would like to play with a kitty that big, Sae." She's pulled towards Edward by her girl and she scratches the back of her head looking a bit embarrassed. "Aheh, I don't know if I should say I'm popular around here or anything." Everyone seems to like her at school after all, or is utterly terrified of her, which in her opinion is exactly the same! Sae does bring a good question about Eddy though and Flandre leans forward with a serious face that seems at odd with how young she looks. "Oh, yes, you should get a thrall if you haven't already. Hunting isn't really allowed here and Morgana would be most displeased."

Edward - with another sideways glance at the robot cat (robot cat!) - looks back at Flandre and Sae for a moment, taking half a step back as they close in. In a cold voice, he says, "I don't eat humans." After a moment, though, he lets out a sigh. It really seems that Rayne was right - no one seems to care, which, although it seems insane, is their business. Realizing he's in something of a snit, he says, in softer tones, "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I'm just used to being a little more... circumspect."

There is a sigh from Jackson as he turns his head toward doom, angling the body as to do such. "Mam there is documentation that such things are needed, however these checks are both at random and necessary to keep the peace. I will talk with my superiors about this matter but in the meantime, please help me help you. As for orcs we have no official records of a fight with orcs with a c. now if you are talking about ork with a k, officers are already on it, but if not please bestow upon me your knowledge so that we can take care of it for you." Rex, at the mention of playing, perks up, "we have plenty of off time, we might be able to come over some time and say hi if you want." He offers. Buster attempts to console Edward despite him being the rougher of the three. "Hey, I was used to knowing absolutely no one but my master, you learn quickly out here what is and is not acceptable that is different than home. Do not hesitate to try new things if it sounds good to you. As long as there is no law against it, you are fine."

Sae tilts her head again at Edwards comment, thinking it over. "You don't..eat humans?". She turns to Flan, murmuring "Flan-love Flan-love, don't vampires gotta nibble on human peoples? Or is it jus' that we taste better or something?", humming and gently nibbling her little vampire's neck, then doing the same to her own wrist. "Tastes the same to me! OH! I know! Edward Edward! We've got all sorts of people around here if you don't like how humans taste! We've got fssssst-y sea slug girls and orkies and dwarfies and.." she peeks at DM "..undead dwarfies? Though I don't quite think she'd be up for that. Still! I'm sure we've got something to your tastes /somewhere/ on Twisted! Lotsa guys too, if that's what you like!", flashing him a smile with her arm around Flan's waist, other hand on her own waist. It seemed perfectly naturally to Sae that she liked other girls, and given how darn romantic being fed on seems to her -not to mention all the pampering that comes after when she's all light headed- the girl couldn't quite fathom that someone might not want to feed on human's for moral reasons, which is presumably(?) the case with Edward.

Doommuffin rolls her eyes, though with the glow it can be hard to tell. "Of course, of course. I hardly think the local spelling truly makes that much of a difference, but I assure you, I am fully capable of protecting myself, thank you very much. I have killed more than my share of orcs on my home world, and these ones don't seem any more dangerous, only less intelligent and seemingly unaware of pain. Well, if you are done here, then I shall be on my way back to the beach to resume my work." With that said, she turns to Deathcake, who gets back up to his feet. She climbs back up onto the robot and the robotic cat starts making its way back to the east. As she's referred to as a dwarf, however, Doommuffin stops Deathcake in his tracks and looks back at Sae with a bit of a dirty look. "I am not a dwarf! I am a gnome, thank you very much!" She lets out an indignant sound again as Deathcake resumes his walk.

Like Sae, Flandre seems equally confused by Edward's statement that he doesn't eat humans. The very thought of it sends Flandre's already quite fractured mind for a loop. "You shouldn't like about things like that." She says simply, not even giving a moment's consideration that Edward might be telling the truth. He smells like a vampire and eating humans is what vampires do, there's no two ways about her for little Flandre.

"Why does it sound like you're embarrassed about it?" Flandre continues to ask as she gives Eddy an odd stare before turning her gaze a little up to her girlfriend. "Mhm, we need blood to survive. Otherwise we go crazy if we haven't had blood. It’s not pretty." And that's coming from someone who has a much lower threshold on going berserk without blood. The longest Flandre has gone without drinking blood is at best a few days without going into a rampage.

Flandre keeps her hold on Sae's waist and caresses the girl gently whilst she goes on to explain the possibilities Edward has here in terms of food. Honestly though, Flandre looks worried about a fellow vampire not getting the nutrition he needs. Flandre knows fully well how horrible it feels to blood starved and she doesn't wish that feeling on anyone. "If you are having problems eating." Flandre adds as Sae finishes with her explanation. "Maybe you should go to the beach and talk to Morgana. She's an ancient child of the night, much older than I even. She might sing for you and give you candy, that always makes me feel better." The girl smiles. "I hear she is with child too so she might want presents."

As Sae commits a faux pas and calls DM a dwarf, Flandre grabs the girl by her hand and playfully slaps her wrist. "Don't be rude, Sae. DM is a gnome. The dwarf one is called Muradin." Then she playfully pulls on her ear before kissing her cheek.

Edward shakes his head a few times at that. In an aside to Buster, he says, "No need to worry. I have no intention of breaking the law."

In reality, Flandre and he couldn't really be much different, despite their shared diet. "It's... not a question of having problems eating. I prefer to hunt animals." This is... only partially a lie. It's close enough, anyway. But Edward feels like he's on familiar enough ground, now - having his preferences challenged is not new to him. He can't help but chuckle a little, shaking his head at Sae, not looking at her directly, as though it could get the near-maddening scent of her blood out of his nostrils. "It's not a question of not being into men or women... I just don't want to hurt anyone."

As doom leaves, Jackson shakes his head and pads to the rest of the group. "Alright that is settled and..." he pauses as a Sangheili comes along the same route they were taking, in TASK uniform and looks at the pups annoyed. Moves through the crowd that had formed to get to Jackson and whispers with him. "Was a mount permit check. Standard fare." After a few seconds Jackson says indignantly "yes that is a thing!" after a few more seconds they both nod and the officer heads off down the road. "erm sorry about that guys... we were on duty." Buster looks to Flandre and scoffs. "Sending him to morgana, were you not told to stay out of trouble, which means also not endangering others." He explains to Edward "there are four people who live out on the beach and they took out a nest of, you know what a xenomorph is? Big, nasty, acidic blood, well anyways an entire hive of those between the four of them, one or two of them have some questionable people skills. That one on the cat that just walked by... that was one of them. Personally I don't want to be anywhere near them myself, Kotal has some problems with them so..." and it really boils down to Kotal with Buster's opinion most times. At least with things he has not seen before.

Sae nods and listens intently to everything Flandre says, doing her best to remember it all since it pays to know about your girlfriend's species, after all! "Mhm! That's what I thought and stuffs. You should totally figure something out then, Edward! Flan's right though! Morgana might be able to hook you up with something! And sides that, there's probably /someone/ around here who doesn't mind being nommed on by a vampire! I don't myself, but I'm all Flan's! And Morg's gotta adorable dwarf-y husband who probably doesn't mind either..?" tone rising at the end like she's not entirely sure, just assuming things. Looking to the trio, she shakes her head! "Flan-chan's not causing trouble though! Least, I don't think so? I've met Morgana before and she was /SUPER/ nice! She even made me a pearl necklace all by herself! With stuffs she picked herself too! Was cute!". Sae's carefree, happy nature and the fact that she found cute in the most scary of things had led to many of the island's more dangerous residents taking a liking too her. Flan being one of them, of course, but even Morgana had found the girl's happy-go-lucky attitude disarming, and thus she'd yet to encounter the bad side of the siren herself. Not even a hint of it!

"Anywhose! Did you wanna get going soon Flan-chan? I needa take a shower and a nap soon after all that gym stuffs. All sweaty and tired! Can feed in the shower or in bed if you wanna! Always helps me sleep better when you do it before bedtime!", being extremely open about being fed on in hopes of convincing Edward it's not hurting people! Sae's smiling after all!

Flandre pouts a little as she's chastised by the Trio when she suggests that Edward seeks Morgana out for help. "But she's the elder." Argues the childish looking vampire to the Cerberus. Just like Sae, Flandre had too sought out Morgana and even though both are extremely dangerous creatures, their relationship is one of surrogate mother and daughter. Flandre too has no reason to fear of Morgana, so she doesn't think that Edward could do wrong by seeking the mermaid vampire's assistance. "Morgana should sing for him. It'll make him feel better." Looks like the tiny vampire girl is adamant about Edward seeking out this Morgana lady.

"You are hurting yourself if you don't feed properly." Flandre says next as Edward reveals that he only drinks from animals due to a self-imposed desire of not wanting to hurt others. Flandre knows exactly what he's talking about, but she has long stopped believing that it’s a thing. "There are humans here that do not mind being our pets. Find a willing thrall and bond with them. You'll have the happiness that you seek just as I have."

That said, she smiles over at Sae and gives her a soft kiss on her lips as she requests going back home. "Of course, Sae. Let us go." Without asking permission, Flandre simply sweeps Sae off her feet and carries the girl bridal style before slowly taking to the air with a flap of her crystalline wings. "Have a good night." She says with a spark of her red eyes before taking to the skies with Sae in arms.

Edward shakes his head a little bit at that, sighing, but doesn't belabor the point. To both Buster and Flandre, on the advice to go seek out Morgana, he says, "I... suppose I'll have to take it under advisement. Thank you for your advice, both of you." He looks about to add more, then shakes his head again, offers a wave to both Flandre and Sae. "Have a good night, Sae, Flandre."

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