2016-07-02 - Guns Armor and Babies

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Guns Armor and Babies

Summary: The Zeku-Kari Beach group think of ways to strengthen their growing community.

Who: Morgana, Doommuffin, Urus, Muradin
When: July 2, 2016
Where: Beach


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A lot of Azeroth races seem to think that it is the Horde Orcs that live in a state of warfare. What a lot of them seem to overlook is that dwarves come a close second to how battle oriented they seem to be. Muradin is no exception and all this talk of goblins and WAAGH Orks roaming about Twisted has really made him fear for his wife and upcoming wee one. He's put his shovel and mining pick down for now and has instead picked up his hammer, ready to once more light the forges to make some sturdy weapons of war.

This time however, he's gotten an idea.

Muradin arrives to the beach from an impromptu trip to the S-Mart carrying all types of cylinders. He ambles around the beach and heads towards the intercom that connects the beach to Morgana's grotto. Before pressing it however he looks around to see if there's anyone of his family lounging about the beach, trying to get an idea where everyone is.

Well, Doommuffin's location is predictable. She is, of course, at her workshop, setting up a brand new welding kit, as, of course, the last one added to the massive explosion. She glances up at Muradin as he passes, but doesn't pay him any mind if he doesn't pay her any. Deathcake is curled up on the floor nearby, outside of the armor which is currently sitting on the ground just outside. The workshop is built to be a little more open this time, using pillars to hold up the roof at the corners and minimal walls.

Urus is sitting nearby on His lawn chair reloading his magazines. Both of his weapons beside him as he does so. Either he is preparing for war or S-Mart was having a buy one get seven free deal on ammunition. Chances are it's probably the former. As he does so Ivan is sitting next to them on the cooler, standing watch. As he does so he mumbles to himself imperceptibly, a combination of talking to Ivan and merely talking to himself.

The siren is actually not in her grotto but midway out in the bay, floating at the surface of the water. Her tail lazily sweeps the waters surface making a slow propulsion in a large slow circle. Sprawled on her back on the gentle rise and fall of the waves, the pale bulge of her exposed belly might also be visible if one is actively looking. Soft crystal notes of song are sung just loud enough that they barely reach the shore. The song is gentle and sweet, pure in its loving tones. It would seems the siren is singing to the unborn offspring in her belly.

Excellent! Muradin smiles as he looks about the beach to notice that all his collective family is present in the beach. He sets his heavy looking bag upon the shores, away from the waters, and walks towards his lovely wife first having understandable priorities. "Ah, ello me luv!" Smiles the dwarven warrior at the floating figure of his beloved to wave at her. He cares not about getting his boots and pats wet by the cold waters of the beach, he's grown far too used to the water to care either way, and follows the crystal notes of Morgana's singing towards her. Muradin does have to stop eventually though seeing that the water will be pushing past his waist if he takes a few more steps and settles to wave his wife over.

As he does that, he does the same to Urus and DM before walking again to get his back. "Oi! Ye got a minute to spare? I thought of somethin' that might give us the edge with these sodding green skin blighters."

Doommuffin raises her goggles to her forhead and tilts her head as Muradin calls her over. "You have something in mind, Muradin? Please, by all means, do share with us your thoughts so that we may disassemble them and rebuild it into a plan worthy of the Titans." She ambles on over towards the dwarf, apparently quite curious as to what he has to say.

Urus Looks over and listens as Muradin talks. The Pats Ivan on the head, stands up hoisting his anti-material rifle up from his lap, and begins walking over to him. "What do you have in mind Muradin, I have had ideas as well. So, what is in bag?" He asks pointing to the oh so obvious bag that Muradin had dropped.

As Mura calls and waves to her, the siren stops her singing and her tail disappears below the water so that she comes upright. Blinking slowly and tilting her head she smiles and offers the dorf a wave in returns. The siren sinks into the water and is gone from sight for many long moments and then she surfaces again not more then a few feet from shore. Rising from the waves she tosses her dark hair back and steps free of the water on sleek legs. One hand drops to her exposed belly, the swell of it clear now, and looking about what one would expect a 6 month pregnant human to look. She shakes her dark hair and by mer-magic its instantly dry. With that belly so prominent the siren is a little less graceful on her two legs on land but she makes her way to where her chosen and family gather.

Whilst the gnome and the hyena hybrid begin walking to his position, Muradin turns just in time to spot his wife swimming closer towards him, a moment he uses to reach for her now that she's on two legs and embrace her waist. He slides a loving hand across her swollen belly with a soft look about him before glancing up at her with love filled eyes.

That's when DM joins them and inquisitively asks him what does he have in mind. "Um.." Muradin hesitates a little, never quite sure when the gnome is being sarcastic and when she's genuinely curious, but he chalks it up to gnome eccentricity and moves along. "Aye! I dinnae know 'bout the Titans methods meself, but I did remember somethin' that started giving us an edge when the Horde started. I never put much stock on these things meself but meebe our lad Urus here could benefit from a bit of gunsmithing, since he does seem keen on it."

Muradin reaches for his bag and pulls what seems to be a metal cylinder fused into a wooden stock. To Urus, it would look nothing more than a home made musket, but DM would recognize it as a very basic blunderbuss. "I was thinking, lass. Perhaps we could gear Urus here with some Azerothenian firearms." He grins up to Urus with eyebrows raised. "And what did ye have in mind, lad?"

Doommuffin looks at first like she is very, very interested.... until Muradin shows his 'handiwork.' "Muradin... Please. You are a blacksmith. You are exactly who I would, and indeed did, go to if I were to want to, say, have high quality blades crafted for a felinoid automaton." She motions with her hand towards Deathcake's robotic body, referring to the two large blades that can swing out on the sides. "But this? This is a firearm. Please, leave such work to an engineer," she says as she places a hand on her chest. "This is a mere blunderbus. A hunter of his caliber would want something more akin to a Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer or a Nessingwary 4000."

Urus Nods to Morgana as she joins them. He listens carefully as Muradin tells his tale. When he pulls out a simple blunderbuss book on Urus' face goes from one of curiosity to one of disappointment. "Really. The people of my world upgraded from things like that. I have seen couple dozen in museums." He mentions, not seeming to buy the idea. Doommuffin's technobabble about what should be able to do with the weapon seems to just confuse him "a what now?" he asks. Focusing on the line of questioning he forgot what he was going to say until he gets the floor. They paused for a second trying to remember, and then snaps his fingers in remembrance, running back to the cooler that he had brought with him.

When she comes to land and Mura is right there to greet her, embracing her waist with one arm as he greets their offspring with a gentle hand , the siren smiles and turns her face toward him. Gently she nuzzles his hair and breaths in the distinct scent that is his alone, stone and metal and dorf. She murmurs soft sounds for him alone and under his hand the offspring wriggles in its mothers belly, pushing outward, no doubt reacting to the wight of gravity pulling now that they are on land. When they reach the others , the siren listens and looks at the weapon. She notes the others reactions but offers no words herself. Weapons are no her forte so she waits for those who know better to help her chosen with his plan. When Urus scampers off she looks to Muradin "My Chosen, remember I did ask you to speak with Urus about protection. He is but fur and flesh and it offends me that one of ours is so easily harmed."

Muradin gives a half scoff half chuckle at DM's reaction to his home made firearm. "Oi, always so judgmental. 'Course I wouldn't give 'im this thing, it's just an example! 'Sides, ye might have noticed it DM but we're not in Azeroth anymore. Unless ye brought tha' entire auction house stock with ye, we donna have the things in Twisted ta build some of the bigger firearms." He rubs his nose. "Its either the S-Mart, bartering with TASK or diving into tha' waters again which I'm not too fond of, no offense luv." He says to Morgana, its not the water itself that bothers Muradin, he just doesn't trust the Naga at all even if they claim to no longer be hostile.

The dorf then smirks as Urus dismisses such the blunderbus for an outdated piece of equipment. "Oh, aye, muskets. I've read 'bout those things built in other worlds. These are nothing like 'em. I hate to tell ye, Urus, but those rifles yer lugging 'round wouldn't put a dent on most Alliance soldier's armor, to say nothing of the Orcs and their allies. Allow me to demonstrate." Muradin hefts his rifle and, before doing anything, moves slightly away from Morgana so as not harm their child with the impending sound of the gunshot. When the dorf fires the blunderbus, the blast is almost strong enough to make him stagger backwards and it blasts several palm trees clean in half, more like an artillery piece than a shotgun. Needless to say a shot like that would have ripped several Xenomorphs to pieces. As for reloading, Muradin flicks a bolt like action to reveal that even though its a single shot it can hold several bullets.

Letting Urus run off to get his bag, Muradin turns his attention to his wife and their child again, rubbing his forehead gently against her chin whilst holding the firearm away so as to not perturb her with the smell of gunpowder. "Aye, me luv. This is just exactly wot I had in mind too when I thought of givin' 'im some of the weapons from me world." Morgana isn't the only one that has been annoyed at Urus vulnerability against the horrors of Twisted. The hyena not only needs better armor he needs better firepower if he's to keep the family safe!

Doommuffin taps her chin, considering this. "You have a point. I will have to rework the designs to be able to use less capable materials." Her eyes light up(literally) as she begins to get ideas. Oh no.... the gnome's imagination has been sparked. "I will have to begin work immediately!" It seems she's now no longer paying any attention to the others as she runs back off to her workshop to begin drafting designs modified from the ones she has memorized.

Urus rustles around in his cooler for a few seconds before pulling out a decent sized black trash bag, a bulky but not extremely heavy object bobs inside is a closes the cooler, replacing Ivan on the top to sitting in silent vigil. He watches as he walks back the power of the new firearm, and looks slightly dumbfounded at the power and accuracy that it seems to possess. "Do they have one in green?" he asks quite obviously impressed. As he is quite obviously talked about he does stand leaning to one side, both hands in fists on his hips as he clears his throat. "AGHEM... I am right here..." despite the fact that he disagrees with the wording, he is quite on board with the armor Idea in fact: "This armor thing has been on my mind as well. The creatures around here, they play rough. An idea came to me about, oh and do not be alarmed, it is harmless in this state." As he pulls out of the black bag one of the Xenomorph skulls, having already been drained of it acidic payload.

The siren smiles as her chosen and rubs her cheek against Mura's hair. She watches DM scampers off and Urus as he rummages around with in the seemingly bottomless cooler where he keeps his things. She murmurs soft sounds of affection to Mura and reaches for his hand and lays it over her naked belly. Under his hand the small unborn offspring is quite active, rolling about and pushing limbs against the flesh restraining and feeding it. "our Marinia is awake my Chosen. The noises make our offspring very active."

Though Muradin is not the expert marksman that his brother Brann is, he's still quite handy with the dwarven blunderbus and whirls it around before resting it on his broad shoulder once proved the firepower of the Azerothenian gun. Satisfied that Urus seems convinced that dwarven guns aren't regular muskets, he sets the weapon aside and glances at the hyena man as he comes back. "Aye, well, ye'll hafta ask DM more about that, lad. I ain't no gunsmithy." Speaking of which, Muradin realizes DM is trying to scamper off to her tent and yells out towards her. "Oi! I wasn't done 'ere! Ye still gotta explain to the lad wot's a sodding Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer!!" Muradin sure as hell doesn't know what that thing is, he's a warrior not a hunter! The dorf then rubs his gruff hand gently across Morgana's naked belly to feel the movements under the siren's skin. "Aye." He says tenderly and rubs his bearded cheek across Morgana's swollen tummy. "Our wee one is eager to come out and see us." She'll be a real strong one. Muradin can feel it!

That doesn't mean he's not keen on protecting her though, as he steps between Morgana and the bag Urus is carrying as soon as he sees there's a Xenomorph shaped something coming out. "Bollocks, lad! I thought that bloody thing was alive for a second." He was already summoning his magical weapons. "Why are ye lugging around that soddin' thing? Ye doin' like that TASK director and making chairs outta corpses?"

Doommuffin sighs and turns around to return to the group as Muradin calls her back. "What is wrong with a chair made out of corpses? Assuming one starts with a more sensible building materiel as a base, of course, I do not see the issue. Is that not more or less what a leather chair is?" She pulls her sword from her back and starts marking lines in the sand. "A Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer, to be precise, is a large gun that is actually considered to be a slight out of date with current Warrior trends in Azeroth. It was designed with a primarily defensive use in mind, with the Khorium, Felsteel , and primals interacting in such a way as to increase its wielder's toughness. It even was designed with a slot for an enchanted gem to give its wielder a slight boost, as well. It is currently out of favor, however, as most Warriors currently do not see a point to wielding a ranged weapon at all, instead throwing their melee weapon at an enemy before rushing up to them or some other such nonsense tactics." She rolls her eyes and mouths 'warriors.' As she finishes her basic scetch in the sand, it clearly shows a large caliber weapon with no stock that yet has a scope attached to it for some reason. Oh, and there are two bayonettes, at angles rather than directly below the barrel. "I am not actually certain this would be the weapon type that Urus would appreciate, as I beleive him to prefer to use a gun as his primary weapon, rather than as a secondary option?"

The siren cooos as Mura rubs that hand over her belly. The babe with in moves and rolls under her flesh. She smiles and then blinks as Mura suddenly move before her. She doesn't see anything worrisome, just Urus coming forth with a bag and something that smells quite dead. Perhaps its her keen predator senses that assures her of her and her offspring safety. Before she can tell her Chosen so, he is addressing Urus. Mention of furniture made of corpses makes her snort. "I once lived with in an island made of bones, its not so different my Chosen." Morgana goes quiet as DM returns and begins discussing some sort of weapon. Its far out of the sea ladies understanding and so she simply settles down as best she can in the sand to take the strain of being on land off her back.

Urus drops the head and explains himself, at least slightly "sorry to scare you. No, this is not for chair... although that would put him in his place..." he contemplates before shaking his head and getting back to what he was talking about. "no, the reason I have this, is for proof of concept. " he says leaving them wondering just slightly "And yes doom, you have it just about right. Rather not indulge myself with blood bath in battle... creates problems." As to her question of loadout. He looks around quickly to find a study looking piece of driftwood. He walks out a few paces with it and buries it a bit as to stand up out of the ground before coming back, taking the head and shoving it into place upon the wooden pedestal. " I know you have more powerful weapons but," as he quickly raises the silenced SMG and pours about 5 rounds on it, all landing in a tight group. four mushroomed bullets lay in the sand, used and useless while a fifth sticks to the skull. Other than some leaden dust from the mushrooming holowpoints. As he wipes it off, the final squashed round falling to the sand he mentions. " not a scratch... perfectly intact." Looking to the others smirking and seeing if they understand where he is going with this.

Muradin makes a bit of a face when both DM and Morgana try to convince him that making chairs out of bones is culturally accepted by others. "Uh, that's beside the point here really." He says with a dreary voice but doesn't bother to argue the issue, something tells him that he's going to fail miserably at explaining to DM and Morgana why thrones made of skulls aren't the most appealing to the public.

"Thanks for explaining that, DM." Says the Dorf to the gnome when she goes into lengthy detail about the nuances of some of the more Azerothenian legendary weapons. "Yer right, of course, which is why I wanted ye to talk to Urus first about wot kinna weapons would fit his needs."

Stepping back when he recognizes the SMG that Urus has pulled out, he watches as five bullets are fired from the machine gun and fail to penetrate the sturdy alien skull. The dorf strokes his beard thoughtfully and stares at the Xeno's corpse with narrowed, perturbed eyes. Yes, he's thinking the same thing that Urus is, but he's not sure he's liking it. "Armor made from Xenomorph bones.." Even now it feels somewhat wrong saying it. "I'll see wot I can do about that."

Doommuffin watches as Urus unloads his rounds and frowns slightly. "Hrm. I had forgotten that you typically use semi- or fully-automatic weaponry. This is a problem, as Azerothian guns are not typically made with rapid firing in mind. Our marksmen are pycially as proficient with a bow as they are with a gun, therefore it is considered ineffecient to produce a weapon capable of firing faster than it takes someone to reload on their own, as one would take an arrow from a quiver. That said, a single shot is, as Muradin demonstrated, typically quite powerful, especially given the techniques a good hunter is capable of." She then looks to Muradin, then back to Urus with a smile. "I concor. I in fact prefer a good skull motif in my armor, as you can tell."

"here is deal, I have used many weapons, I just happen to have this one to keep a bond with my family back home. If it has a trigger... I will figure out how to use it... you would not believe how much zero gravity helps a guy aim a crossbow." Urus says before he nods to Murradin as he seems to get it, maybe slightly less so with doom muffin. "Xenomorph armor, the head plates as well as the chest plates." He says taking the entire top of the skull off, revealing nothing inside due to the prep taken earlier with showing off the idea sticking the plate on his upper arm and holding it there for reference. "are hard and light, combine that with the sturdyness of your dwarven steel you keep bragging about as a base... not much should be able to get through... In theory of course." He says hopefully before tossing the small xenomorph plate Muradin's way. "And don't worry about supply, got some connections with certain people in TASK who like me and were able to look the other way as I took some of the corpses while they were cleaning up. I have them in my apartment." Although he could have left it at that he sorta mumbles but still loud enough were all could hear him "They are under a tarp so I do not get frightened in the middle of the night by having them there."

The siren sits quietly in the sand as her Chosen and her warrior discuss armor. She knows DM will help the males get things in proper order and so she cradles her belly and rocks softly, a gentle melody spilling forth from her. Not too loud just enough for the offspring. Her family is tending what needs doing and she is tending the most dear treasure of all.

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