2016-07-13 - Please don't pet the ducks!

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Please don't pet the ducks!

Summary: People hang out in the Usual! Sae learns (again) not to pet everything, she can.

Who: Sae, Urus, Rayne, Sun
When: Month Day, Year.
Where: The Usual.


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Rayne is sitting at the bar, chatting idly with a random denizen. "No, I haven't actually met Senior Diablo. He's... extremely reclusive, and apparently doesn't think TASK's second is important enough a person to talk to." Which is, of course, just fine with Rayne.

Sae rushes past Rayne on her way to the back, giving a dopler-affected "Hi RAAAAAyyynneeeeee...!" on her way past. She comes running back out a few secounds later dressed in the place's uniform of a serafuku esque outfit with black thigh-highs, panting with a huge smile. "Rayne..ha..Rayne! Hiya again! Phew! Was almost late for work and stuffs!". Not like she actually had any shifts or anything, given the nature of this place. But she liked coming in at the same time every day she worked, anyway! "So so so! Can I try?" she asks that person at the bar who's name she can never remember. "I wanna try! Rayne Rayne! What kinda drink do you want?", not seeming to care she's not even old enough to drink herself in plenty of countries!

Urus Walks into the Usual, looking pretty happy about himself right now. He is carrying a backpack with him and looks around, the place being relatively empty, and by that it's still half filled with customers and people hanging out. Gazing out over the heads amongst the tables he spots Rayne sitting there. He walks over to greet them. He stays back however as he hears the hint of her being in a possibly important conversation. The fact that she seems to have a rather pestering waitress though makes him chuckle to himself. He whips the backpack around on one shoulder and sets it down gently beside him.

Rayne smiles and waves to Sae, perhaps a bit timidly. "What do you mean, late? Do they have shifts here now?" She looks slightly confused, and then even more so when Sae starts talking about wanting to 'try'. "Try? Try what? What are you talking about, Sae?" Her attention being fully on Sae causes her to not quite yet notice Urus entering.

Sae giggles and claps once, standing on the employee side of the bar and looking at Rayne. "Making a drink! Something with alcohol and stuffs! I've never made anything like that before! Or served it!", nodding insistently to Rayne on the other side of the bar. "So so so! What'll you have?", grinning wide with her hands on her hips! When Urus walks in she flashes him a smile and waves too! "Hey heys! Did you want something to drink tooooo?". Huh. Too?! Rayne hasn't even said yes yet!

Urus Selection looks at Sae shaking his head but smirking all the same. "so... you want to serve drinks, but do you actually know how to make them?" he continues to smile, and throws out a request to test her. "Simple martini, can you do that?" at the end of that he picks up his bag and walks by her "You busy?" he asks Rayne motioning to the civilian she happened to be chatting with when he entered.

Rayne blinks at the offer. "I... don't want alcohol? I don't really drink hardly ever, Sae. I'm fine with just a fruit punch tonight, I think." She looks over her shoulder at who else Sae is talking to and, upon spotting him, waves to Urus. "Busy? Nah. Just hanging out in the Usual. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you too?"

Sae rushes over to the book behind the bar and flips through it really fast, enough that the hair hanging in her face is blow a little from the pages moving. "Martini! I can totally do that! I think! Maybe! I've never made anything before! So you'll be more adorable test subject!", seemingly ignorant of the fact a tall hyena mercenary might take issue with being called 'adorable'. "Martini..Maritini.." she mumbles to herself. "And fruit punch! Okies! I can make that, easy! Like, don't even need to look it up!"

"Pretty much." Urus answers. "Mind if I take seat?" he asks motioning to the chair opposite her. When he overhears Sae his mirthful expression dies. "Hey, I am being no one's test subject. Did that once! Not doing again." allowing for the word adorable to slip by his recognition. He takes a deep breath before continuing on with Rayne. "So, how has Minu been, have not heard from her in a few days, and how about you, how are you doing." He asks calmly.

Rayne nods to Sae. "It should already be mixed, right? I've ordered it premixed before..." She frowns slightly, the looks to Urus with a more pleasant look. "Go right ahead, Urus! Things seem to be going relatively slowly all around, really. Minu seemed just fine last I talked to her. She seems really happy with her relationship with Sil and Kotal." She then frowns slightly. "I've really got nothing to report on myself, though."

"Mhmmmm! But I'm going to add extra fruity stuff to it! Or extra extra, depending on which one you like best!", grinning as she starts looking for the bottles. "Gin and ver..mouth?", pronouncing it like the word 'mouth'. "Oh oh! Do you work at task too, Urus? I saw a really cute three headed puppy who works there the other day! They let me pet..him? Them?", she hmms, pausing for a moment before picking up the two liquours and pouring them into the shaker. "They were really really nice! Must be cool working with someone like that every day, right Rayne?"

"Thank you" Urus says as he nods and takes his seat. He reaches into his backpack pulling out a small rubber duck and placing it on the counter "There you go Ivan." He says to the little duck. It facing inward as if it were paying attention to the conversation. "I used to, lets say that leader of task and I have some... creative differences." He puts it lightly, attempting not to slander his possible brother-in-laws name when he responds to Sae. "Ahhh the party crasher, I wondered where the mutt went after that night." Apparently slandering the dog though is completely on the table. He listens to Rayne Contentedly "well as long as she is happy." Then the void of information "nothing? Come on. Good book, new training, interesting gossip, Anything?" he pries

Rayne's left eye twitches slightly. "More... stuff? Just... remember, Sae, I'm not here to drink tonight! Just juices!" She does look a bit worried about that as she turns back to Urus. "Yeah, she sure seems to be, but... no, not really anything that interesting in my life, I'm afraid. I've fallen into a bit of a rut, I'm afraid..." She pauses a moment before shaking her right leg slightly, the brass bangle there justling just a little bit. "You already know about my latest news, really."

"Mhm mhm! I gotcha Rayne! Just juice!". Shaking the cocktail thing a whole bunch, Sae then sets it down and moves on to the fruit punch, pouring a glass for Rayne, then humming as she looks around the bar for something fruity. Uncapping one bottle, she sniffs it and makes a sour face. "That's got alchol in it.." she mutters to herself, opening and sniffing a few more bottles before finally getting to some sort of fruity thing that's just well, strawberry flavoring. She pours that into Rayne's cup, then adds a few marachino cherries on top and hands it to her! Looking to Urus, she giggles at his friend. "Ivan? Is that his name?", pouring the martini and sliding it to him while she 'pets' the rubber ducky with one fingertip. "Tell me how it is Urus! Hope is super super awesome!"

"Really, that far into a rut... Take up a hobby; mine just ended up being killing things. Then it became my job." Urus tells her "spend more time flying, good cardio I would guess."He mentions as she jingles her enchanted jewelry" As Sae Asks about Ivan he is more than willing to answer. "Yes, his name is Iv." As he cuts himself off as she dares to touch it. Quickly he grabs Sae by the wrist of the hand that she is using for the duck tightly. He holds the wrist up as to keep her away from it and with a quite angered and serious look, he stares into her eyes. " YOU. Do not touch Ivan. NO ONE, touches Ivan. Got it?!" with the warning done he lets her go and scoots Ivan about two inches his way.

"Really, that far into a rut... Take up a hobby; mine just ended up being killing things. Then it became my job." Urus tells her "spend more time flying, good cardio I would guess."He mentions as she jingles her enchanted jewelry" As Sae Asks about Ivan he is more than willing to answer. "Yes, his name is Iv." As he cuts himself off as she dares to touch it. Quickly he grabs Sae by the wrist of the hand that she is using for the duck tightly. He holds the wrist up as to keep her away from it and with a quite angered and serious look, he stares into her eyes. "YOU. Do not touch Ivan. NO ONE, touches Ivan. Got it?!" with the warning done he lets her go and scoots Ivan about two inches his way.

"Really, that far into a rut... Take up a hobby; mine just ended up being killing things. Then it became my job." Urus tells her "spend more time flying, good cardio I would guess."He mentions as she jingles her enchanted jewelry. As Sae Asks about Ivan he is more than willing to answer. "Yes, his name is Iv." As he cuts himself off as she dares to touch it. Quickly he grabs Sae by the wrist of the hand that she is using for the duck tightly. He holds the wrist up as to keep her away from it and with a quite angered and serious look, he stares into her eyes. "YOU. Do not touch Ivan. NO ONE, touches Ivan. Got it?!" with the warning done he lets her go and scoots Ivan about two inches his way.

Rayne takes the glass after Sae sets it down, sniffing it lightly before taking a sip. "I think it might be a bit... too sweet," she says before looking to Urus. "Well, I'm still working on my drawing, but that's hardly news anymore." Urus' reaction to sae, however, gets her to actually scoot her bar stool over a few inches away from him. "Woah, man... ease up there a little?"

Sometimes people have bad timing, winding up in the wrong place at the wrong time. There's a strange rumbling in...well, the world, as if the very fabric of existence is being shaken to its core. It's really not the most comfortable sensation for those involved, since they are part of said existence. Thankfully, it doesn't last long, and there is suddenly a small dragon the size of a Great Dane perched upon the bartop, its scales shimmering like a starry night sky. Unfortunately for Urus, Ivan happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, currently squished under the creature's clawed talon. It doesn't appear he's harmed, aside from the squish factor. The dragon, in contrast, either doesn't notice or doesn't care, yawning widely to reveal a mouth full of wicked teeth, as tendrils of smoke escape its nostrils. Funny thing is...if Urus hadn't have scooted Ivan away, this predicament wouldn't have happened...

The last thing Sae was expecting was to be yelled at by a big, strong Urus! Being around Rayne enough had taught the girl not to just pet or hug any random person she'd meet without permission first, but she'd just learned the hard way that might extend to other things, too! "Eeeeeeeep!" she yelps, falling backwards and landing onto her butt with a hard thump. "N-no one! No one touches! Gotcha.." she murmurs, slowly standing up, knees shaking a little since she's not exactly on who's good with yelling or violence. The girl winces a bit as she rubs her tailbone, but smiles weakly, still pretty spooked. "Did um..you guys want anything else? Does Ivan drink..?" she questions, trying to make up for her previous 'transgession', at this point convinced Ivan's some magical, sentient being rather than a rubber ducky. Sae freezes after her question since some sorta dragon appears, mouth hanging open and eyes peering wide. "W-wow..super cute..M-Miss! Miss! The ducky! You're on the ducky!", pointing, pulling her arm back, then pointing again a few times!

"Good" Urus finishes as he gets scared murmurs from Sae. "No, I do not think I will." When Rayne asks for him to ease up. And then, suddenly, dragon. ON THE DUCK. Today had started so well, and now, everything is against him. "Proklyat'ye!" he shouts standing and furious with a forearm he shoves the dragon to release Ivan under the razor sharp looking claw. Quickly stealing him back cuddling Ivan close to him, he also picks up his backpack and starts walking out. "You're the welcoming committee, welcome it." He says smarmily to Rayne even though she is the only one who did absolutely nothing wrong. "Come on Ivan, let us get out of here, it is dangerous for you. Back to the apartment." He mumbles to the Rubber duck as he leaves in a huff.

Scooting back a few inches isn't enough this time. Now we have a sudden dragon! Rayne has kicked her feet out entirely, causing her to lose balance on the stool and sending it toppling over with her with it. Now on the ground, she looks up slightly bewildered first at the dragon, then at Urus. Actually, she almost expected him to react worse. She blinks, looking back and forth between Urus and the dragon. Finally, she settles her gaze on the dragon and says, "Uhhh... hello?"

A snarl sounds as the dragon stumbles to the side slightly, managing to dig its razor-sharp talons into the bar to avoid being knocked over. Wings that stretch the span of the bar unfurl, and the dragon snaps sharp teeth after the Hyena-thing, though it makes no attempt to pursue -- what does a dragon care about some stupid rubber duck? You can't even eat it. What's the point in ducks if not to eat them, preferably peking style? Starry eyes turn toward Rayne, letting out a soft chittering sound...then, suddenly, it's no longer a dragon, but Sun, sitting cross-legged upon the bar, folding her wings against her back as her tail snakes over the countertop to wrap slightly around her. "Hi."

Sae rubs her eyes, like she can hardly believe all the weird things happening in front of her. Overwhelmed by it all, the teenager can feel herself freaking out. Mean hyena! Teleporting, transformaing dragon! Growls?! It's all too much! Thankfully, there's something right there to calm herself down, stealing Rayne's overly sweet drink and gulping up it down in one long, greedy pull. "Gaaaah..I super needed that..", slamming the empty glass down on the counter before taking a deep breath. "Phew! That was..that was really freaking scary! Anywhose, I'm Sae, Miss Dragon! Nice to meet you!", pouring Rayne another drink, this time with much less sweetness in it. "Did you want anything to drink Miss Dragony? And umm..thanks for scaring him off?" she questions, assumming that's what happened. "He was kinda scary!"

Rayne's look of slight bewilderment goes away as she sees the transformation occur. "Oh! It's you, uhh, Miss... Sun, right?" She stands up and sets her bar stool back on its four feet. "Sorry about Urus, he's... apparently very protective of his rubber duck." She sighs and shakes her head, then catches sight of a clock as she does so. "Oh, for... I'm sorry, but it's getting late and I'm supposed to be in pretty early tomarrow morning." She makes a slightly annoyed sound before quickly downing the newly poured drink. "So... I guess I'll see you later?" she says as she drops a tip down onto the counter. With that done, she turns to head for the door.

"Sun, yes." The dragon-lady nods quietly, slipping off the bar -- hey, is she barefooted? -- and into a bar stool, curling her tail into her lap while draping her wings over the back of the chair. As Rayne makes her exit, Sun offers a small wave, before turning back to peer at Sae, looking her over from head to toe. Cute. "Hello, Sae. I'm Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok. You can call me Sun." She stretches in her chair. "Iced coffee, please."

Sae gives Rayne a wave and smiles at the tip! "Think this is finally enough to buy something SUPER cute for Flan! Thinking of getting her like..a giant teddy bear! Wonder if any place around here sells it..maybe have to order it from somewhere special..?" she muses to herself, then turns to look at Sun with a wide smile! Despite being a regular employee here, the girl couldn't care less about the lack of shoes. Sun's cute! With wings and a tail and everything! And she seems happy! So what else even matters? "Sun! Adorable! You're like..a dragon girl, right? Or just a dragon..?" she questions, tilting her head, hmming. "Either way, super cute wings n tail and stuff! Can you fly?! I bet you can fly!", bombarding the girl with questions while she makes a simple iced coffee. "Did you want sweet stuff in it? Caramel? Mocha? Mocha-caramal? Strawberry stuff? Cherries?!"

Adorable? That's an...interesting way to describe a sharp dragon. "Just a dragon." She gestures to herself. "This isn't actually my body, I just copied it off of some girl I accidentally stepped on and killed when I first came here." This is said in a rather nonchalant tone, as if she accidentally kills people all the time and it is totally not a big deal to kill people by stepping on them. "And what you saw isn't my full size, I'm usually much larger." She has to clarify that she is totally not all THAT cute. "Hazelnut and cream, please." She's simple like that.

"Hazelnut and cream! That sounds super nice!" Sae comments with a giggle, loving to serve people sweet things since it makes them smile. Mixing it all right in front of Sun, she looks into the dragon's eyes with a big grin. "Uuuu! That's kinda cool!" she comments, assumming the 'step on someone' thing is just a silly joke. "So does that mean you're just like..a dragon normally? Like you were before?" she questions. "And I bet you can fly like Flan does! She's a vampire girl! I'm just a girl-girl myself though! Nothing special! Couple of people say my hugs are nice enough to be a super power though!", giggling as she slides the coffee towards Sun. "Where'd you live anyway? Haven't run into you yet! So must not be the dorms, right?"

The dragon lady watches the girl mix her coffee, leaning her elbows against the bartop and resting her chin on her hands. "Like a giant version of what I was earlier, yes. I doubt I would fit in here." She raises her eyes. "Probably would remove the roof if I tried to be my normal self." Sun turns her gaze up to the girl's face, watching thoughtfully. "I can fly, yes. I can also breathe things, among many other things." Once again, her tone suggests that these aren't really that big of a deal. "I don't really live in this...place, in general. I'm kinda everywhere."

"Like fire?! Or Ice?! Or wind!?" Sae exclaims at the mention of breathing 'things'. "You're so so so cool Miss Sun! Hopefully will get to see the normal you some day! Never-ever seen like..a real, big dragon before!", giggling again. "And huh? Everywhere..? Like the spirits n stuff?!", slamming her hands down on the bar and leaning forward, peering very closely at Sun's face, then down at her hands to see if they can interact with the cup. "You don't look like a spirit..though I mean, I guess I've never actually seen one before, so maybe you are..?" she questions, more confsued than when things started.

"It's a good deal more complicated than that," Sun replies, taking the finished coffee and taking a long sip. "I can breathe...I guess force is the best thing to call it, and a gas that ages its targets." A long pause as she takes another drink of the coffee, her eyes hooded. "As for my existence, I'm not quite a spirit. I just don't normally exist in this plane of existence." A pause, the woman thoughtfully looking the young girl over. "I guess you could call my job title and the powers that come with it 'Time Guardian', though it's really much more complicated than humanoid tongues could put into words." She sips the coffee again.

"Uuuuu! Time stuff?! That's crazy! Will totally come to you if my homework's late and stuff! Flan-chan keeps me up playing games all the time, so happens a lil more than I'ld like.." she admits with a blush and another giggle, feeling like she's being bad in a 'good' kind of way by staying up late! Like an adult, or something! Taking a chance with what's probably some sort of eternal being that could turn her to ash with the snap of her fingers, Sae runs over and tries to give Sun a big, tight hug! "Speaking of which, I've gotta take off to the back and finish up some homework before I get well..home?" she laughs at the irony. "Else I'll get all distracted n stuff!"

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