2016-07-19 - Sanity Check

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Sanity Check

Summary: Harley Quinn Dr. Harleen Quinzel goes looking for a job and finds herself in yet another nuthouse. Finding the person in charge turns out to be a larger struggle than it seems.

Who: Ayera, Bicean, Evil_cale, Harley Quinn, Inigm, Layu, Luna, Talon, Vanessi
When: July 19th-Aug 13th, 2016
Where: The Akira Institute

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Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R)
A place that hosts eternal darkness. The skies here are never clear. The daylight never shines. Perhaps it's native world was too unstable, or perhaps the building is simply that corrupt. In this desolate courtyard there is no life. Dead trees hang dead barren branches overtop lifeless soil. Pieces of broken glass are scattered here and there from the dozens of windows vandals have come and destroyed. Sometimes storms passby over head, heavy rain and thunder are common. Even still, here in the shadow of the ominus structure it seems like standing in the rain would be better than going inside. The cool air reeks of death and decay. The only mysteries here concern the strange lights that come on inside the building and the shadows that seem to move on their own. No one in their right mind would possibly want to live here ...so what does that say about yourself?

Standing at the doorway of the Akira Institute, Harley Qu-um, Harleen Quinzel stands looking nervous. Wearing a red dress shirt with a black tie, a grey skirt, and a white suit jacket she looks very much like the doctor she's trying to once again appear as. Instead of walking in to speak with someone at the reception desk, she hesitates and stares at an easily ignored buzzer beside the door trying to decide the best course of action. "C'mon, Harle. This is an easy gig. We need a place ta hide out an' we can't do better than this."

Having the extra moment to think she realizes the two things she has to fix to make this work. With her free hand she pulls out her old glasses (prop glasses with fake lenses) and after sliding them on she reaches for her hair realizing she's still in pigtails. "Shoot!" Quickly she scrambles to pull her hair down to put it back in a bun but with her focus broken she instead drops the folder she was carrying in her other arm sending important looking papers scattering. With a brief, desperate look to the heavens, she sighs and drops to her knees - reaching for the papers as her blonde hair gets in the way of her face.

In the back of her mind she briefly realizes she has no idea if she actually pressed the buzzer or not. She does things like that when she's distracted. No time to consider that now as she lunges for the only remaining evidence she dedicated half her life to becoming a psychiatrist before the wind blows them away.

The audible sounds of sparkles fill the air from nowhere, and tinkly bell sounds soon follow as three small butterflies pop into existence in the air above Harley. A shimmering of air moments later, near the would be psychiatrist, leaves the catgirl High Queen of the Fairy realm Inigm. Her black tail sways behind her as her cat eyes glow softly, "Titter titter, trespasser?" She asks Harley, the butterflies, which are actually fairy's once one takes a moment to look at them, flutter over to surround Inigm, actual sparkles and bubbles to float around her, the sounds turning to that of upscaling harp music, which seems to be coming from one if not all of the fairy's. The catgirl glances upwards, looking for Oceia, who normally doesn't let people approach the door unimpeded, but maybe she's doing the rounds, or having one of those private meals with Luna she covets so much.

Okay, catgirls and fairies. She shouldn't be surprised. This is Twisted after all. However, she is surprised and enough so to nearly drop her papers after again clutching them to her chest frantically. Staring at the Queen with half of her hair spilling out and papers strewn about, she knows she must look like a mess. Her eyes beginning to water, the alter ego of Harley Quinn begins to plead without a hint of her accent, "Trespasser? I'm not a trespasser! I'm just here to see about getting a job and everything seems to be going wrong! I'm a psychiatrist! This is an asylum! I have experience!" With the last word she turns on the waterworks and sobs quietly.

If Inigm does nothing to her she'll start to choke back her tears and start getting her papers back in order, and if enough time passes by god she'll fix her hair too. It's not like she's actually upset. This is a game she's played enough and one she's very good at. "...isn't there someone in charge I could speak to?"

The High Queen of the Fairy's watches Harley. A job? Here? She looks towards the Asylum, scanning over it. It's true, many of Cale's wives need help...more than help, they need care. Lots of them are locked up. She herself isn't one of the helpers, she likes to observe, watch, and occasionally play. Her cat ears cock towards Harley as she asks for someone in charge, and she smiles, showing kitty fangs, "I'm in charge of some things, such as fairy's and kings." The fairies around her all giggle, and Inigm's cat tail sways behind her playfully, "Tit for tat for this cat? I'll give my wife's name if you teach me a new game."

Yep, she should have smelled it earlier. This person must be a patient. With a slight frown she considers this a moment. Her insanity blinders have been a bit off after living in Arkham off and on for so long. Of course Twisted would have asylum patients with super powers - half the people here are magical or fictional. This manages to force a manic smile to spread across her features, specifically at the potential that could have on future attempts at mischief...

Wait, she's pretending to not be damaged goods.

Getting back into character, as it where, Harleen nods her head and gives the catgirl a courtesy. Well, as best as she can manage without dropping anything else. "Of course you are, your majesty. Do forgive my ignorance. Will your wife's name allow me to enter this building and speak to its caretaker?" Yep. Play along. Best plan.

"...'cause I know LOTS a games."

Inigm smiles at the courtesy from the woman. It's surprising how many don't recognize royalty when they see it. The fairy's, they understand who she is, but many other humanoids don't have such proper insight. The High Queen half nods, then looks up to the rooftops of the Akira Institute, "She is its caretaker, while Oceia is its breaker." Her gaze drifts back to Harleen, a few of the fairy's giggling as their sounds change from harp music to sparkly tingles, "However, Oceia's not about at the moment, so you're safe from her torment." Her cat tail sways softly, "Teach me the game and I'll tell you the name. With it you can go inside, and perhaps you'll find a guide."

There are a great number of unsolved mysteries on Twisted. These range from things as small as 'where does Eat or Die get it's food if no one works there?' to larger things like 'how the sun and the moon work in an environment of pure chaos?'. The details of Harleen's game will unfortunately have to go into the great list of questions and mysteries we may never know the answers to as several minutes later...

"Look. Ingiy? It's simple. Ya gotta hold the fish sidewise, otherwise you lose two points on the swing. I swear when Mad Hatter started the first Kluxor tournament it was a big hit." Considering this momentarily she adds, "Of course our goal was an orderly in a B-man costume and the ball was a bomb... Maybe we're using the wrong motivation?" Taking another moment to adjust the kitten plushy on her head and make sure her bucket is still full of frogs, her mind starts to click to the realization that she's gotten a bit too relaxed with her potential new inmate friend. "We probably should have started with something simpler like Chinese checkers, huh?"

The High Queen's tail sways behind her as she smiles, "An enjoyable game nonetheless." She stands and steps out of the chalk diagram of a cerberus dancing with the moon, which was the more complicated setup of the game, "And more entertaining than simple chess." She pulls off her purple horse plushy, replacing her tiara upon her head as the fairy's around her turn into sparkles and disappear, "Luna is the 'caretakers' name." She doesn't bow, but she does incline her head as she steps backwards, her body fading away into the air, "Thanks for the game." The last thing to disappear are her glowing eyes, that turn away before vanishing completely.

No one else appears...at least, not yet...

Harleen offers a wave and smiles warmly at the information, at least until Inigim vanishes away. The frown instantly becomes a scowl. "Luna? Really? Like the pony? Jeeze. I coulda guessed that." It takes her a few minutes to clear away all the costume pieces and put herself back in order. At least somewhere between finding frogs and getting a stack of blank parking tickets (where did they get this stuff anyways?) she had time to get her papers in order again. With a heavy sigh she looks to the sky as it fades to dusk and shakes her head. "An entire day. Gone."

She shakes her head to clear her thoughts, "...and still no closer than I started." Well, time to get drastic. She mashes on the doorbell once more and yells out, "I need to talk to Luna, please!" Maybe someone will hear her and let her in. Probably not at this rate. To take her mind off of it she starts rambling to herself. "Let's see... top ten cartoon characters whom I haven't met on Twisted yet but want to eventually? Babs Bunny, Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit, Honey, hmmmm... Does anime characters count? What was that one with the guy that turned into a girl?" She's not really addressing anything and there's no importance to this list. It's just a thing she does when she's nervous.

The doorbell? Who rings the doorbell at the Akira Institute and expects an answer? Luckily for Harley, someone does answer, though it takes almost a full minute before the doors are opened up by a pretty girl with blonde twintails. Bicean holds the door open, looking Harley up and down assessively. "Are you a visitor? Oceia let you through?" She brushes some hair from her face and steps back, not caring if people come in or out of this place. It's not like she considers it her real home. She's just stuck her because...reasons. "This isn't a safe place, a wicked and demented being runs this place, and there's a lot of people worse off than I am in the head." She puffs hair out of her face, "Not that I'm right in the head after all that was done to me, but at least I haven't gone head over heels for my torturer."

Akira Institute 1F - Lobby(#4488R)
Whatever caused this place to become abandoned is no better understood from the state of this room. A reception desk is overturned, it's legs broken off. Dark stains gather in pools on the floor. In the corners of the room piles of trash and debris have been kicked carelessly by those who trespass. Chairs are scattered randomly around the ruined lobby, none of them looking the least bit inviting. Walls have been graphited, windows have been broken. This place is a dump and the ceiling looks like it could cave in at any moment. Why are you still here?


Taking advantage of the open door, Harleen steps inside. Progress has finally been made!! Hearing Bicean warn her about the place simply puts a smile on the disguised jester's face. "I've been living and breathing Arkham Asylum so long that I think I feel more at home with the inmates than I do with in the outside world." Well, it's true. Making sure to face the girl directly, Harley offers her hand to shake. "Dr. Harleen Quinzel. And you're..." Wait, what about something being done to her? Her smile fades slightly. "...not Luna either, are you?"

Whether the girl shakes her hand or not, Harley just sighs a little and grips her papers with both hands across her chest. "I need employment. There's not a lot of demand for criminal psychologists out there. I heard about this place opening up and I came straight over." Behind her glasses her eyes take on that watery shine of being near tears. "Please, I just want to speak to someone in charge about it."

Bicean reaches her hand out to shake the hand then stops abruptly before touching Harley. Her handshakes and she pulls it back, turning the hand to look at the palm, the wrinkles as she slowly closes it. The shaking returns to trembling as she takes in a breath and she lowers her hand, resting it on her hip to keep it steady. She looks to Harley, her face slightly pale, but as the word Luna is spoken her eyes narrow. She slams the door closed and one of her hands starts playing with her twintail, tugging at her hair lightly, "No, no I'm not that thing that pretends it's everyone's friend." She sneers, hair falling in front of her eyes, "You don't want anything to do with it. It's a monstrous demon that promises that greatest of deserts and feeds you your own feces." She then points down past the empty reception desk and the hallways with broken glass to a door that leads into the Institute's tower, "But if you want to lose everything you are and watch your dreams come to life for a single drop of sand from the hourglass and then live drowning in a never ending storm of cutting knives that cut your soul, it's at the top of the tower pretending to be helpful and kind." A light tear wells up in her right eye, though it doesn't drip out.

Harleen takes a moment to bite her lip in thought before suddenly flashing a warm smile. Just like home. "Trust me, girly. They said the same about my boyfriend." Eagerly she turns and follows the directions. Her goal is finally in sight and she can almost taste it. Well, maybe not literally. Eating people is more a Killer Crock thing. Well unless you're talking about those rumors about Batgirl and Sup-"Er... top of the... tower?" She glances around at the hallway past the desk at rows of doors. "A sign would be nice."

Bicean follows Harleen, at least to the reception desk. She folds her trembling arms. She hates thinking about Luna. Maybe she should leave. But where would she go? Who's going to help her with her condition if she does? No one's going to understand. And all her family has been dead for centuries. "That way," she says, nodding her head down the main hall, "Just keep going straight, ignore the intersections, it dead ends at the only door leading to the tower. But you should go, just...if you get trapped her, if things happen to you, come talk to me." She brushes hair out of her eyes, wiping at them, though that tear never did fall, "I've been through more than most." She then turns and walks down the main hall herself, though she takes a right turn, ""Morai, I need your help please," she says as she disappears from view.

The normally-dressed-as-a-clown-girl raises an eyebrow at the water works but says nothing. She gets it. If there wasn't a goal here she'd totally be giving her a hug and telling horror stories about Mistah J, but that's neither here nor there. With a silent nod she darts down the hallway. Honestly she's trying not to run but after how long she's been here it's taking everything she's got to hold back. Instead she settles on a brisk pace, trying hard not to look into every door as she passes. "Dead end. Dead end. Movies with Humphrey Bogart. Holy Terror, Dead End, Dead Reckoning, Deadline-USA, Men Are Such Fools, We're No Angels, Beat the Dev-" She pushes open the door at the end of the hall and glances up the stairs with a sigh. "-il. Great. Well I'm sure I need to work off that sandwich I had a few hours ago." Reluctantly she starts climbing. "Who sleeps in a tower anyways?"

Akira Institute Tower - Middle Floor [(#2463R)
The middle floor of the Tower opens up into a Great Room. Furntiture that was once used for lounging is ripped, torn, and stained. A window looks out upon the Institute proper, and beyond that the housing district of Fukuoka. Multiple doors lead to other rooms, and the staircase continues going up, though it's far less safe and stable than the one you came up on.

As Harleen climbs the stairs she'll start to hear singing from above. When the tower staircase opens up onto the middle floor she'll find Ayera. The seven foot tall girl is singing a catchy tune similar to some of Utada Hikaru's works. The window is her audience, and her choreography is full of spins, turns, and actual cartwheels, making good use of her height over normal people. Her voice is on pitch, even during the movements, and she's definitely not lip synching. She hasn't noticed Harley, and it's possible she might be able to slip by unnoticed if she hurries.

It's hard not to notice the blonde Amazonian and Harley definitely does as she gets near enough to glance for the source of the singing. Unable to help herself she pauses in her tracks and watches the dancing with a slight wince of regret. She wanted to be a gymnast in her old life before she decided to follow her wallet and go for the profession with the highest payout. After a moment she looks towards her destination hesitantly. Maybe another pause wouldn't be so bad?

Stepping out of the proverbial shadows when the woman seems to stop singing, Harleen tucks her papers under an arm and claps her hands. "There by the grace of God go I..." That look of regret is on her face again. "Pardon me, I'm looking for Luna?" She readjusts the papers once more. "Something about the top of a tower?"

Ayera wipes sweat from her brow as she finishes her routine, blowing a kiss to the audience (window). She turns at the clapping though, and blinks with a smile, "Oh, thank you!" She says, and flares her hands out as she does a wild bow, "I appreciate your praise!" She doesn't recognize Harley. There are a lot of girls around the Institute, but she's seen most of them when she's done impromptu concert song battles against Yearnestia. She walks over and grabs a nearby towel, wiping off her face properly before she walks forward as she asks for Luna. Aw, not a true fan of hers then? She hides her disappointment behind a pristine toothed smile, "Yeah, she's up there. Unless she teleported down, she does that once in a while when her old self is in control." While not overly curious, one can't help but wonder, "What do you need her for? I'm Ayera, by the by," she holds a gloved hand down for her to shake.

Taking her hand to shake without a moment's thought, Harley grips it with both hands. "The praise is well deserved." She smiles happily, at least until she processes the statement about Luna possibly being elsewhere. Letting go of the woman's hand she glances upwards as she considers it. "I wish I could teleport. It woulda saved me from trying to keep Ingiy happy so I could get in the building." Ingim isn't here. She can be candid about it. Oh, wait. Introductions again. "I'm Dr Harleen Quinzel. Hoping to find employment here if I can ever find the gal in charge." Luna is a girl's name, right? Wouldn't want to make that mistake.

Ayera raises a hand palm flat and looks up, smiling, "Thank you, thank you. Feel free to come to any of my concerts, I'm holding one two weeks from now in front of the Institute, on the main bridge leading to here." She laughs, looking up, "Teleporting would be great for performances, I wonder why I didn't ask for that when I sold my soul?" She doesn't remember any of it, so she shrugs, not one to dwell on negative things, "A doctor? We could probably use more. I hope you're used to caring for lazy people and picking up messes, or cleaning peoples messes, if you know what I mean." Her smile slips into a grin, "I help out all the time myself, so I probably won't be able to help you if you start working here." She's actually just lazy and hates doing anything that's even a semblence of real work. She doesn't count her singing of course, that's entertainment.

Harleen slips out of character enough to make a disgusted face and stick out her tongue at the thought of cleaning up after people. "I'm more of a brain doctor than a body doctor. I'm a criminal psychiatrist, but really at this point anything beats what I was doing before." Hiding from TASK. She claps her hands together as she says, "I would LOVE to come to a concert. THAT is going on my to-do list one way or another." A sage nod. "I think I sold my soul once too, but that was for love." She lets out a sigh for the Joker. "But we all make stupid choices, don't we? Hindsight is 20/20 and all that."

Ayera ohs! "You should see Yearnestia, she has some ego problems, she should probably be locked up for everyone's safety." She winks, "Sooner the better." She's only kind of joking. It'd just be nice to WIN a singing competition for once! Yearnestia is just that little bit better than her. Hmpf. She shrugs her shoulders, "I don't remember what I sold my soul for. Maybe it was so I wouldn't remember anything? I've thought about asking Luna, but..." She shrugs again, glancing towards the window, "...what if it's something stupid, like for longer hair?" She laughs, "Dragon I hope I'm not that shallow, or wasn't." She brings her attention back to Harleen, "If you do get hired, I hope you can help some of us. There's a lot of people who're either angry, insane, depressed, or worse." She fidgets with her gloves a bit, "I'm fine though, have my singing and that makes me happy, so if you do start counseling me put me at the bottom of your to do list."

"I dunno, Aya. Some women like being on my to-do list." There's a mischievous smile on her face as she - wait, what is that implying? The moment is hopefully lost with a joyful laugh. "Alright, alright. I gotta get back on track. I can't get hired if I can't ask for it in the first place, and honestly? The more I'm here, the more I wanna be here. This place is more like home than I should probably admit." In more ways than one. "So if you see this Luna pass by before I get to her, tell her I'm going upstairs alright?"

Ayera raises an eyebrow at Harleen's comment about to-do. It's not the first time a girl has flirted with her. She's not sure if it's because she's so tall or that she's smoking hawt with a voice to match, but she doesn't mind the flirting, she winks and laughs in turn. "Absoutely I will, and I hope to see you at the concert. I trust you'll join my fan club afterwards!" Once she finds someone to run it. She'd do it herself, but....so tedious, so much work involved. Surely some fan will end up deciding to lead the charge on that. That'll show Yearnestia.

Harleen skips a step as she heads for the stairs again. At the doorway she spins around, "If you're half as good on stage as you are here? I might have ta fight to run it myself." The seriousness of the statement is lost behind that pinball smile and another spin on one foot as she turns and jumps over the first few steps before resuming trying to keep her speed under control. Either her ability to act 'normal' has depleted considerably or she's just too excited to realize she's slipping. It hardly matters at this point. The only person it matters to is hopefully just a few dozen or so steps away...

Akira Institute Tower - Luna's Room [(#2457R)
Luna's room takes up most of the top floor of the Tower. Rather than a series of rooms, it's one large circular room without any walls.
The bedroom section is the most dominant part, consisting of a massive bed that could easily hold over fifty people comfortably. Black and red satin sheets spread across it, along with multiple pillows, blankets, and a few small plushies.
The living room is the second largest section of the circular room, consisting of multiple couches varying from black to red to a mixmash of the two. All of them look comfortable and more than a few can fold out into even more beds. A large bookshelf rests against the outside wall, though there's only a few books there.
The kitchen is small, consisting of a stove, few cupboards, and a small fridge. It looks like not much time is spent there.
Multiple windows are spread throughout the room, though none of the cold can find a way past the magical barriers that keep the place safe. The views are breathtaking, for the Tower is so high up it looks over not only Neo-Edo, but the city of Twisted as well. Depending on how good your vision is and the weather, you could look down just about anywhere.
A single wardrobe serves as the closet, though hundreds of magical circles and runes cover it.

Harleen will find the door to Luna's room open. It's only closed when Oceia is demanding private time with her. Luna is in the room, standing next to the ginormous bed with a zippered tote bag at her feet with little pink hearts decorated on it. Talon is sitting on the edge, fidgeting back and forth, adjusting her clothes, and slightly flushed. Vanessi is sitting in the middle of the large bed, watching the two girls with her multi-colored eyes and holding a cute stuffed animal bunny. "That's better, yes?" Luna asks of Talon, and the blonde girl nods her head with a weak smile. Luna smiles back, showing a fang as she looks over at Vanessi, o O ( I can't tell when she's feeling my emotions from when she's altering them. ) o O {Yes, well, she is rather powerful in that regard. Alas, I used my power over her soul to make sure she didn't use it on me, something I am unwilling to do anymore, yes?} Luna mentally nods, wondering why Vanessi even came up here with Talon in the first place. Then her left ear twitches and she looks over towards the doorway as Harleen presumably enters.

From the doorway, the slightly mad doctor blinks. "This is the BEST office I've ever seen!" That's not how you make an entrance, Harl. "Shut up, me." Blink. "I-I-I'm sorry. It's been a crazy day. I've been trying to make it here since this morning. Please tell me one of you is Luna?" She makes her way across the room as she speaks and finally offers her papers and folders to the first person whom she comes across. "Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel, pleased to hopefully make your acquaintance."

Luna raises an eyebrow. Someone climbed all the way up the tower to see her? Granted, she has magical precautions in place to prevent random intruders, it is Twisted afterall, but she never thought people would climb those dangerous stairs, mich less visit this place. Don't humans normally avoid dark and scary environments? She looks at Talon as Harleen offers the papers towards the blonde, and instead steps forward to help, "Yes well, I am Luna." Granted, of all the people here, she looks near the youngest at the moment. She takes the papers and folders, glancing at them, "Indeed, it is a pleasure." She glances past Harleen to see if anyone came with, nope. All right. So she ditched or avoided any girls along the way. "Can I help you in some way?" o O ( I'm still not comfortable dealing with people all of the time. Want to take over? ) o O { Not yet, yes? }

Talon uhms and looks between Luna and Harleen at the offer of papers, then breathes a sight of relief as Luna intervenes. She scoots back on the bed some, not out of fear, but to get some room between her and Harleen. She brings a hand up in greeting, the other adjusting the spaghetti strap of her shirt. "Hiya."

Vanessi stands up on the bed and walks to the edge, hopping off and walking towards the small kitchen, monitoring Harleen's emotions as she talks. She's also curious who would come all the way up here to see Luna.

Harleen smiles as she's waved at, but keeps her attention directed mainly at Luna. "I was a criminal psychologist for Arkham Asylum in Gotham City back where I came from, home of some of the most criminally insane inmates in all of the United States. I hold a Ph. D. in clinical psychology with a concentration in forensic psychology. I've studied forensic assessment, professional ethics, child custody, psychopathy, and I'm very good with wild animals." She takes a second to breathe and offers a boastful smile. "The long and short of it is that I need employment and a place to stay. I've been sulking around Twisted for over a few years now trying to fit in and flipping burgers is a hard pill to swallow with my background. I heard about this place opening up and came out here as quickly as I could. I think you could use someone like me to help with your girls and if money isn't an option I'd happily work for a place to lay my head. I've heard the cries of inmates so long that I'm betting I'd sleep better here than at the Arms."

Luna gets a slight sweatdrop as Harleen starts listing off her resume. o O ( I have no idea what she's saying, yes? ) o O {Mmm, they're rare on Lunar, yes? She is someone who attempts to mend broken minds.} o O ( Oh! ) She smiles and nods her head, brushing herself off a bit, "Yes well, I'm glad you're not here looking for wishes or dreams to come true, yes?" There's been a few people who've actually come offering their souls to her in exchange for a wish they have. She's turned all away, the very thought disturbing her inner psyche. She can only hope it stays that way. She looks through the papers in her hand, examining them as she talks, "There are...some of the girls that won't have anything to do with me. I've convinced a few to help those that won't accept my help, yes? Alas, not all will. Perhaps someone not connected to my past life will have more luck helping them, yes?" Like Furr for instance. "There is more than enough room, if you don't mind one of the empty tower rooms." o O ( Should I offer her money? ) o O {Indeed.} "I wonder, how much do you require for your services, yes?"

Talon settles down on the bed, listening. Someone new to the Institute? She doubts everyone will be happy about that...

Vanessi finds a box of pink crackers and brings them back to the bed, though she doesn't sit down, instead using the bed as a table to hold her box of crackers as she munches, staring quietly.

We're going to talk about money? Oh yes. We can do that. But first. "Not getting involved hands-on is a good policy. Patients don't tend to respond well when they're involved with the person trying to psychoanalyze them, but you also aren't having to deal with criminals either. At least from what I've seen most of your patients seem to be free to walk the grounds? That means you don't consider the majority of them to be a danger to themselves or others." Here's one of those rare moments where she gets to show off what she really knows and with it her ego swells at least a size or two. "Like I said, I'm willing to work cheap. A criminal psychologist generally wouldn't work for less than $75,000 a year. Arkham had a pretty steep increase for hazard pay with the number of doctors murdered or driven insane themselves at the hands of some of the super criminals in custody." Her voice lowers and she leans towards Luna to snag a certificate with 'SANE' stamped on it. "Don't worry, we have to get full psychological markups to remain employed in the Arkham facilities." If you pay enough attention the certificate actually says she was deemed sane after successful treatment in Arkham Asylum - but all the rest of the documents will make it seem like she was employed there, which she was. Just not at the same time as that certificate was concerning. "I mean it, I'm happy just having a place to stay where I can help people. I'd even welcome a cell at this point as long as no one locked the door on me." Truthfully she'd be even more at home in one, but you probably guessed that already.

Luna nods, it's true. Even shapeshifting into a shape they don't know and pretending to be someone else didn't help. She has trouble dropping her speech patterns, so it generally doesnt work out for the black dragon. "Indeed, there are only a few that we must keep confined, yes?" She looks to the side away from Talon and Vanessi, she really doesn't like keeping people locked up. It's too much like what her past life used to do, and it brushes gently against that piece of her mind she knows the madness may eventually come, if it ever does. She eyes the certificate over, sure enough, she's sane? Ha. "I see," she says about her being sane. o O ( How much is that? ) o O {Yes well, I'm not sure. Hmm hmm hmmm, simply raise the number and we'll find out later, yes? I believe she'll be an asset to us.} Luna agrees with her past life's opinion. Though now she's curious if Vanessi somehow knew Harleen was showing up here and that's why she decided to be here at this time. Could she be soothsaying the future? Something to check on later. "Yes well, a room in the tower is better than a cell, however, it does mean climbing stairs, yes? So if you desire a cell that is fine. Most of the girls stay down there." She smiles and then offers the documents back to Harleen, takes the sides of her skirt and does a curtsey as her ears twitch, "We can give you 100,000 thousand a year if you'll join us."

Talon crawls off of the bed and then hophops off of it, getting her balance, "I'm going to go see if Calint needs anything, bye!" She says ans hurries out of the room! She started getting nervous, and that started making her feel ill, and that means...well, time to go.

Vanessi keeps munching on her crackers, watching Luna and Harleen. Judging them silently within her head as she adjusts her stuffed animal. Talon is always nervous and Luna is still unsure of herself. Harleen...she'll have to monitor. It takes an odd person to seek employment at this place. Undoubtedly she has an alterior motive.

Harleen nods her head, still smiling at everyone. She takes the papers back happily. The less those are looked at the better, after all. Despite everything she's gone through to make sure she came looking prepared and every paper she's fought or forged to keep, she very nearly drops them all as she's offered quite a bit more than the nothing she was expecting. This is Twisted, don't most of the shops allow people to get things for free? Money? Real money? A loud 'KA-CHING' goes off in her mind and for the briefest of moments dollar signs flash over her eyes. Clearly that's not literal. This isn't a cartoon after all. ...right?

She doesn't even register that someone has left the room. In fact Talon will be long gone before her brain clicks back in gear and she scrambles again to shuffle her papers back into nice, neat pile before anything slips out. "I-uh-um-uh-y-y-yeah! That's absolutely fineohgodareyouseriousthankyouthankyou." Even her hair seems to come undone a little as the excitement of actually accomplishing this overwhelms her. "I-I-I-A-A normal job. A normal job. I have a normal job again!" She almost starts bouncing for joy. "You won't regret this! I'll do an amazing job! You'll see! I'll be an asset! I'll be the best person you've ever employed!" In her mind of course all she can process is 'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!' Hopefully no one here is psychic.

Luna glances at Talon leaving the room. Probably a medical problem or something. There's so many of those around here. She looks back to Harleen, o O ( Humans get so excited for things, yes? I'm not sure how to deal with it. ) She gets no response back from her past life. Is she becoming too dependent on it? Maybe. But if they don't work together who are they ever going to become one mind someday? If that's even possible. She's started to have a few doubts about it. "You're welcome, yes?" She nods her head with a fanged smile, "Take any of the empty rooms downstairs. I suppose you know how to go about your work without supervision?" Mostly because she doesn't know how she'd supervise someone helping out here. And with that long list of qualifications she probably knows what to do. It might be time for another grocery run soon.

Vanessi continues munching on her crackers, scritching her stuffed animals ears with her free hand. Does Luna have any idea what she's doing? Not directing newly hired staff? Outrageous. What if this person is here to harm everyone? Surely Cale at least knows it's not safe. Or is he trusting Luna? Maybe she should search the future again...it did tell her there'd be an important event here. Too bad it wasn't more specific, but she's out of practice.

Harleen blinks her eyes at the question, "...without supervision...?" oO(Oh jeeze! This gets better and better!!) "Y-yeah, of course. No, I'm good! There are files on everyone I can brush up on, right? See what diagnosis have already been made on the patients?" oO(Maybe find one or two who might be interested in some side work outside the institute? No, Harl. Gotta keep focused. This is until I can get the heat off me.) She suddenly laughs nervously. "I'm sorry, this is all a bit overwhelming. I should probably worry about getting settled in first, huh?"

Her gaze shifts at a glance at Vanessi's silent eyes. She knows she's being studied. This whole scenario must seem a bit strange. She's considering if she should try to explain herself to the young woman, who admitedly seems much younger with the stuffed bunny in her lap. At least, until she gets distracted. "...your eyes are amazing! I could just steal 'em." She says this with a smile, but it still might come off far creepier than she'd realized.

Files? Luna shakes her head, "I haven't written anything down, my past self remembers everything about them." She hms, "Well, almost everything. Some of them are so old that it's not entirely clear." She wants to help of course, if Harleen is here to help the girls then... "I can talk to you about any of them, yes? Well, my past life will." She's getting a little flustered. Is it because someone new is in her room that she doesn't know about? She isn't sure, but really, dealing with all of this can get overwhelming. She may be a dragon, but she's only five years old. She waves her hand, "Hold, yes?" Her body shifts, skin rippling as cat ears pop out of her head, her hair color changes to pink as the style shifts, her body grows in height, developing into an older more developed woman. Well, catgirl in this case. Her clothing shifts as well, changing into a tight fitting black satin dress with a bowed collar and a large bell on it. "Hmm hmm hmm, yes well, greetings." o O ( Rather abrupt, yes? ) o O {I'm sorry, I was getting tired.} (Mmm...)

Vanessi swallows the cracker in her mouth as Harleen addresses her. She blinks her eyes and inclines her head, "Thank you, my bloodline manifests its power by the color of our eyes. I'm gifted in two areas." She watches Luna shift, and sighs slightly before looking back at Harleen, "They're also not easily stolen, short of blinding me." She adjusts the grib on her stuffed bunny, "But you don't want to do that." She considers manipulating Harleen's emotions to try and make her feel disinterest, but it's an invasion of privacy. And while her morals aren't the highest around here, she still has some standards.

The newly employed doctor glances between the two women... um, three women? There's a lot going on at the same time. She tries to laugh at the comment about past lives. She certainly can relate that that concept - except it's not a concept, apparently it's legit and apparently it's not a big deal wince Vanessi just keeps on like nothing happened. Another strand of hair comes loose from Harley's bun. "...huh." Well, this is new. "Um... Greetings?" Does she need to give her name again? Taking advantage of Vanessi's comment she quickly turns her head towards the girl again. "N-no. No I don't want to do that. Eh-heh. Just an expression. Y'know, where I come from." She smiles again but this time it's fairly weak. This wasn't what she expected.

Luna isn't sure why Vanessi is here either, but it's possibly Harleen isn't what she appears to be. Many humanoids are not. Her eyes glow a soft white briefly as she scans Harleen over, checking for her aura to see if aything doesn't line up species wise, or if there's some glamour or curse on her. One never knows, especially if they're coming here to work. "Indeed," she replies to Harley, nodding at Vanessi briefly. "Now then," she looks Harleen up and down. Once she would of sought her soul and taken her as a wife, now such things repulse her. That doesn't mean she won't enjoy the view now and then though, "Shall we teleport to an empty cell? Do you come from Twisted city or Neo-Edo? What do you require other than living space? Special accomedities? Clothing? Toiletries? Alas, as for entertainment I've never been good at providing it for others, hmm hmm hmm..." o O {That's a dark thought, yes?} o O (Alas, yes? New people are always so fascinating to examine.)

Vanessi nods at Harleen. Stealing is an expression? Mmhm. She doubts that very much. She's more suspect now than when she started. At the talk of leaving, Vanessi sets down her crackers and walks over to more part of the group. She doesn't want to get left behind or half to climb down all of those stairs either.

Harleen blinks at the line of questioning. To be fair, despite the circumstances, she sorta expected it to go more like this and that's somewhat comforting. For the record there's nothing supernatural to the woman. Now something more detailed than a scanning for magical ability might come up with something like her toxin immunity, her enhanced physical abilities, or maybe borderline dissociative identity disorder - but who in this building doesn't have more than one personality bouncing inside their skulls at the moment? She's damaged goods in a building full of damaged goods, but at least she means well. Mostly. She actually does want to help the girls there. She's just doing it for selfish reasons. ...like a desire not to go to whatever counts as jail on Twisted.

The doctor fidgets a little at the questioning about where she comes from. "I don't really have a place in either city right now. I've just kinda been coming and going." Knowing how to get to Twisted from the Arkham Asylum and back certainly helps her hide when she's being actively hunted by the authorities. "A place to lay my head is all I really need. Clothing and toiletries would be nice, though. I don't really go far without what I can carry on my back." She's still nervous and somehow more so when Vanessi walks over to them. It's almost like she's being put on trial again.

Luna nods as a black light starts dancing up around everyone's feet, twisting to and fro as it expands out to envelop them all, "I see, yes? Morai knows where things are and will get what you need. You can ask me as well, yes? But, alas, I need to go into town soon for supplies." She could just make them from magic, but it's the constant use of magic for mundane tasks that once led her down to insanity, so she'll avoid that for now. Teleporting instead of walking down all those stairs? Well, that's something she'll probably never give up. The black light flashes out, engulfing the world in darkness for only a moment, before they appear in one of the cells downstairs. It's rundown, like everything else in the Institute that's not the top of the tower, since Twisted has been resetting it every few nights no matter how much she's cleaned it up. Maybe someday she'll convince Twisted to leave this place alone. It has a bed, a chair, and Layu in it.

Vanessi came with the teleport, and she looks around the cell. Ground floor. Good. She steps back from both Luna and Harleen to stand against a wall as her stomach rumbles. She should have brought those crackers with her...

Layu is here! The batgirl is currently standing in a corner, vomitting a stream of rainbows out of her mouth! It floods down into a beautiful rainbow pool that smells like...rainbows! Bllaaaaaaaaaagh! x_x She looks over as suddenly a punch of people teleport in, "I thought this room was empty! Oh, I over-ate...those catgirls..so much...hrgh..." She starts puking rainbows out again! Hurl! X_X

That feeling of being put on trial quickly leads to panic as magic begins to envelop them. Harleen misses the name spoken that she should speak to and instead forces her eyes closed trying to keep from freaking out too badly. When they arrive in the room she'll have balled her hands into fists, doing quite an injustice to her paperwork when all is said and done. She keeps her eyes closed until she hears someone speak and then nervously cracks open an eye. Rainbows, huh? She opens the other one. Definitely rainbows. That's new. She glances around at everyone and then points to Layu with a nervous laugh. "That's exactly how I feel when I have to watch children's cartoons. Am I right?" A long pause goes by before she comments quietly, "...tough room."

Luna frowns at Layu puking rainbows in the corner. She would have picked a different room if she'd known the batgirl would be in here. And while it's not her fault Layu overfed herself, she's not heartless and so walks over and puts a hand on the batgirls back and pulls her hair away from her mouth. Although puking rainbows is really not that bad of a thing if you have to puke. Her right ear twitches and she smirks, "Yes well, while I am sure they are tempting, perhaps don't devour their emotions so readily, yes?" She'll look over towards Harleen, "Perhaps take the cell next door, yes?"

Vanessi actually laughs at Layu puking! "Serves you right for eating people's emotions. They're much more valuable with their original owners than bouncing around inside of you." It's digusting that such a thing even exists. Reading emotions, manipulating them? Completely acceptable. But drinking people's emotions? She can't imagine why Luna let's her get away with it. Ugh. She's done with this. She leaves the wall and moves to exit the cell.

Layu nods her head in agreement, with who it's not clear, since everyone made some kind of statement, then she takes in a deep breath...before more rainbows come out. X_X

Harleen nods her head at the suggestion to take the next room over. "...yeah. I'm not big on the My Little Horsey's Sunday Subway Playset vibe." She looks over at Vanessi hoping to get a laugh as well but only manages to catch the back of her head as she walks out. Her smile turning to a frown, she watches Luna? and Layu uncomfortably a moment before stepping out into the hall herself to look around. Is she really going to sleep in a cell when she could have had something more?

With another frown she places her hand on the bars of the observation window and sighs. There should be more laughter here. Still, she can make it work. It's not like she's going to get locked in. Walking towards the next doorway, she lets her hands fall against the bars one at a time until she's tracing the wall in between. Finally reaching the next cell she spies a small table with a rose on it. How it got there is anyone's guess, but to Harley it's a sign. A wide smile returns to her face and she steps into the room with a slight twirl. "Yeeeeaah. This'll do."

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