2016-08-13 - Making Rounds

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Making Rounds

Summary: Harley finally gets out and starts meeting the residents of the Institute

Who: Greb, Harley Quinn, Morai
When: Aug 13th, 2016
Where: Akira Institute - Examination Room 2

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Exam Room 2 of the Institute is full of examination tables, adjustable lights, mirrors, and cabinets. Morai has converted some of it to storage of things that are frequently needed. Right now the winged girl is currently pulling items out of a large white tote with kittens dancing on it and filing them into the cabinets. She's on canisters right now, pulling one out and organizing it by size.

Greb is also in here, leaning against one of the examination tables with her arms folded and her cat tail twitching, "Listen to me. You are a core to many of this places operations. Without you, Luna will have no choice but to cede to my desires. You think she'll change diapers and bottle feed people? No. Rise up with me. Demand the return of my powers. In return, I'll make you shogun of this world after I conquer it."

Voices! Time to investigate. Yes, that's literally the only thing that goes through Harley's mind as the acting doctor sticks her head in the room and smiles, "Oooh! Someone said diapers? We have babies here? I love babies!" Folding her hands together and crossing them against her chest, the woman enters into the room properly to see who's here. Not recognizing anyone, she puts her hands down into the pockets of her - wait, where did she get a lab coat? Well, this was a place of medicine at some point. "Dr. Harleen Quinzel. I'm new here. Nice to meet you!"

Morai smiles as she puts away another canister, moving over to the next storage cabinet, "I like helping Greb, and I have no wish to conquer anyone. I may be a princess, but that doesn't mean I want to rule others." She looks over at the catgirl, about to say more when Harleen comes in. She looks over and her eyes widen. New? Here? What? "I...Oh...dear..." She puts a hand over her heart as her wings droop gently, white light dribbling off of them, "...Luna hasn't taken your soul and made you a wife has she?"

Greb looks over as Harleen comes in. A doctor? Bah. Let the wounded die, for they'll only drag the healthy behind. But this place is full of sick people. She laughs at the mention of babies, "Yes. This place is full of babies. Full grown babies who don't know they can fight, but choose to mess themselves because others will clean them up." But, introductions! As she was once the god of samurai and swords, she must still honor such traditions. She stands up and bows, "I am Greb, god of samurai and swords."

Harleen turns her head quickly enough as she follows the conversation to send her ponytail (no bun this time around) swishing back and forth. "If by 'soul' you mean 'contact information' and by 'wife' you meant 'given employment to'." She smiles like the cheshire cat before looking back towards Greb with an exaggerated frown. "Oh poo. With all the catgirls around here I was hoping to see a kitten or two." She strokes her chin thoughtfully a second as her imagination gets the better of her. "I wonder if the stork would bring kittens to catgirls who really love each other? Maybe we should test that!" With another grin she puts her arms down once more and gets back to the conversation with Morai. "I'm here to help out and if all goes well maybe help some of the patients become normal citizens again." She pauses and raises an eyebrow. "...of course normal is relative."

Morai exhales a sigh as she smiles, her wings perking up and the light from them no longer dribbling out, "Oh, a new helper, how kind. That's great!" She looks over at Greb, shaking her head at the catgirls disrespect, "They can't help it Greb, they've been altered just as you have. You're lucky you don't need my care. Besides, I heard a rumor you fell in love with Luna." She looks back to Harleen, "I'm just putting things away right now, and then I have to do a quick round of the coma floor which takes about an hour." She ponders, "I don't know if any of the catgirls have had kittens...some of them behave young enough to be kittens though, if that helps. Maybe you could wander and see if anyone needs attention? There's quite a few that just want someone to be with them."

Greb sneers at Morai and deigns not to answer the winged princess, instead looking at Harleen, "I have no interest in reproducing. Only in regaining what was once mine. If you want to help, tell Luna to restore me to my own body and powers. I will feel better." Her ear twitches along with her tail, this body is a nightmare. Of course she barely remembers what she used to look like anymore. She may have been a god, but that was...decades? Centuries ago? She doesn't know how long she hung in that hallway.

Stepping over to one of the examination tables, Harleen takes a seat and pulls out a pad of paper as she listens to Greb's apparently solution to her problems. On the pad she scribbles, 'Greb - delusions of grandeur, possible identity issues'. "I may, I may. I was actually just running around saying hello and getting to know the place. They're letting me stay in one of the empty cells in the main hall. I figure it makes it easier to be a part of the lives of the patients here." She smiles warmly at Morai and shifty-eyes at Greb. "If it helps, I always feel trapped myself. It's like I'm always having to hide inside someone else's body and I'm not allowed to be myself y'know? Heck, I used to be have a gymnastic scholarship. How often do you think I get to use that being a criminal psychiatrist? Needless to say not much." oO(Now as a criminal....)

Morai nods at Harleen and continues putting things away, moving on to some tops to the cannisters she just put away. Everything has its perfect place! Except for people, they can be anywhere she's found. She hums softly as she work, though she's eavesdropping on the conversation Greb and Harleen are having as she works.

Greb hmfs, "If I was myself, I would be leading my army of samurai across worlds. Taking what we wanted. Conquering those who are too weak to fight. Making those that can oppose us fight with us." She glances towards the exit, but she has nowhere to go. At least Harleen has new ears to speak too. Her tail sways, "I believe my avatar was the size of a mountain. My blade the size of a moon. Now I have fluffy ears and a tail that won't stay idle." Maybe she's complaining too much, but it's important everyone understands her situation so they help her regain her godhood. "Gymnastics? Some form of kata?"

More scribbles on Harley's notepad. She smiles at Greb's description, not that she realizes the possibility that she's describing her old self literally. "Hey, I could leap three stories up and almost lift a car." Surely she's exaggerating, right? "And now? Well. Normal humans just can't do that sort of thing." Right. Normal. Not that she can't do those things now, but she has an image to maintain. "We all have to make sacrifices either because we need to or we're forced to, and it's terrible to be in that sort of situation - but the best we can hope for is to be comfortable with who we are now and make the best decisions for ourselves until a better possibility comes along." Amazing how much of this seems to be coming from first-hand knowledge. Not that she'll confess to that bit of information.

Morai nods her approval at Harleen's words, putting away the last of the canister tops from the tote bag. She then slides the tote bag into the cabinet and pulls out another, this one black with black hearts patterned around it. She slings it over her shoulder and waves at Harleen and Greb, "I'm off, it's grand to meet you Doctor Harleen, I look forward to you helping us here." She nods at Greb, "Goodbye Greb, listen to her advice, she's very wise." She then walks out with a smile.

Greb nods approval at Harleen being able to leap and lift cars. That is good! "So you've been altered as well. Yes, it is difficult." She starts pacing, her tail swaying with her movements. Her hand grips at her side, looking for her katana, but Aless took her weapons away rather quickly. Accursed Aless, she'll be one of the first to die. Her cat ears cock towards Harleen as she talks, "Comfortable? Impossible. This body is a wreck of hormones and desires for yarn and snuggling. It's distracting and leads me to misjudgment." Like her affection towards Luna! Misplaced! Some kind of trick, undoubtedly. Likely the black dragon twisted her soul somehow to make that happen. "The better possibility is the restoration of my former self. Then I'll bring things to order."

The catgirl barely acknowledges Morai leaving, a light flick of her hand in dismissal.

"Nice to meet you too, Morey." She does this to everyone's names. It's a thing. Her parting words make her ego swell a few more sizes and she sits a little straighter. At least until Greb resumes talking. "One of the first things they try to teach you in rehabilitation is that sometimes you can't go back. Our experiences change us. Sometimes we find that we have more strength in what we've become than what we had before - even if that strength isn't immediately obvious." Suddenly she scribbles a little cartoon clown on her notes. "Lookit my boyfriend. He's toxic to me. I went from being a strong, independent woman who wouldn't take no for an answer into a drooling mess who followed him like a sick puppy dog." She lets out a sigh. "...and I'd run back ta him in a second if he walked in the door right now." It's hard to judge the reaction on her face. Regret and longing seem to be struggling for dominance. "So I know what it feels like to have your emotions get the better of you." She pats the spot next to her on the bed as a sign that it's okay for Greb to sit beside her if she'd like. "But even with that? I'm stronger because of the experiences. I met people I wouldn't have otherwise. I've been places and done things I'd have never done on my own. I'm stronger. It's part of growing, even if we don't like what we're growing into."

Greb eyes the examination bed Harleen pats as she paces, then walks over and sits down, her tail swaying out behind her so she doesn't sit on it. That took a long time to get into the habit of, now it's second nature. Her toxic mood empties out some at Harleen's speech. She eye the picture of a clown. She must not think of much him if she draws him like that, or maybe he's some kind of Rakugoka comedian so she draws him as such. She folds her arms within the sleeves of her kimono sleeves, "Hmmmmm." "I do not think I'm stronger. I also became...intoxicated by my captor Luna. But when this happened, she grew tired of me and discarded me into the never ending hallway. It is disgraceful. These feelings are not befitting a god. What's more, Morai enables those here to live as they please. Leading to complacency with their fates. Those of us that choose to rise up and fight have our weapons taken. There is no strength in this body. There is no growth. That is why," she looks over at Harleen, "You must convince Luna to restore me. Do this and I will grant you a world. Or more than one if you can govern multiple."

Harleen lets out a laugh at the offer. Not an insulting one, no. Just one of mild amusement. "I appreciate the offer, but I can barely manage my bills let alone worlds." Realizing Greb is glancing at her doodles, she can't help but smirk. "Remember when I said my boyfriend was toxic?" She taps the clown drawing with her pencil. "He'd kick me, throw things at me. A few times he tossed me right out the door onto the streets and straight onto my bottom. It might not be a 'never ending hallway' but I know the pain you probably felt. Like you finally let a part of yourself out only to have it thrown away." She takes this moment to reach over and give the girl a sympathetic hug with one arm, even if she doesn't want it.

"You might feel like you have nothing and you can't crush mountains or lead an army to enslave cities... but tell the truth, is it all bad? Isn't there times when you find a part of yourself enjoying these new emotions? Even for a second? Even if it's infuriatingly embarrassing? Even if it's witchcraft that's a part of you now, and you shouldn't shun it any more than you would your old life and your old ways. You need to find a way to embrace it and find what makes you stronger now. That way when you -do- get a chance to reclaim your lost powers, or what have you, you'll be that much more experienced." Suddenly she takes the pencil in her hands and cracks it in half. "And then you CRUSH those bastards that put you into that position and put them into an even WORSE situation than the one they put you in. Find your black bat and kill him, Greb. But find yourself first. You'll always have tomorrow to get revenge." Wait, where is she going with this again?

Greb doesn't pull away from the one armed hug, though she doesn't return it, leaving her arms folded. What Harleen says is true, there are parts inside of her that want to enjoy the emotions. The drives and the incessant desire to chase things around. The feel of others against her, touching her, petting her ears. She grimaces at her inward thoughts. It's Harleen causing her to dwell on these things and think about them differently. "I understand your words. There is a base of wisdom in them." Her tail sways as her ears flatten back, "Yet. Giving in. It is shameful." She exhales sharply and stands up, pulling away from Harleen and turning to look at her, "Though, perhaps what you say is true. It's a never ending battle to fight this body and what it desires." She starts pacing again, glancing towards the exit as if considering fleeing the conversation, but that would be cowardly. "Let us say I do what you suggest. What if when I am restored, I can no longer remember what I was before? What if instead of the god of samurai and swords, I am nothing but the god of catgirls and snuggling?"

Nope, she can't do it. She can't NOT laugh at that statement. "Hahaha!! God of Catgirls and Snuggling. That would look great on a business card, right?" She shakes her head and puts her knuckles against her lips turning her laugh into a quieter snickering. "Greb? Nothing will change who you were. It will only add to what you are now. If you where the god of samurai and swords then, you're the god of samurai and swords now. You just might also be the god of samurai and swords who enjoys snuggling from time to time. It's not something to be ashamed of. It doesn't change your desire to spill blood if you happen to enjoy physical comfort from time to time. There's no reason to make this new part of you a weakness. Why hide it away? If it makes you comfortable now, that just means time will pass by quicker before you get a chance to go back ta choppin' off heads." She pushes herself to her feet and leans back against the bed, at least until it moves backwards and she's forced to stand up straight again. Stupid wheels. "And if, IF anyone dares to laugh at you for it? Well you're the god of samurai and swords, right? You make them pay with their lives. Who are they to make fun of you if you happen to find yourself still a catgirl?"

Greb stops pacing and faces Harleen. She unfolds her arms and taps her foot. It's true that she doubts she'll ever forget who and what she was. Even if she relents and stops struggling against her inner desires, undoubtedly placed there by Luna to torment her. Maybe she is too harsh on herself. "I will meditate on what you have said." She straightens and bows, then turns to head for the exit, "This meeting has been useful. Thank you." She wants to think about all of this, and meditation is to be done in silence and darkness. Or maybe with candles and a warm fuzzy blanket.

Harleen smiles warmly at the thanks. First day on the job and someone's telling her she's doing good. You can't ask for a better start than that. It does however make her glance at her wrist, forcing her to sigh. (Don't worry, there's a watch there at the moment.) "I actually didn't mean to make this a session. I was honestly just saying hello, but we can make this a regular thing if you like. I'd love to hear more about your conquests and I've always got hugs to offer if you should decide you want them. Maybe the same time next week?"

Greb pauses at the exit of the room and turns her head to look back at Harleen. Her ears twitch and then she nods, "Next week. You would produce promising offspring. I will meditate on hugs as well." She turns fully and offers another bow, before turning around, hesitating a brief moment, and then walking off down the hallway, avoiding the broken glass and debris as she goes.

After Greb steps down the hall a faint, "YES!!!!" can be heard coming from the examination room. A minute later a very proud and happy Harleen steps out of the doorway. "Well Harl, one down. Roughly nine hundred and ninety nine more to go!" She suddenly glances around the corridor suspiciously as if worried she's been heard. Unable to help herself she suddenly cartwheels in the opposite direction Greb had gone and bounds out of sight. Maybe her words where a little more from the heart than they probably should have been...

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