2016-08-14 - Coffee Comrades!

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Coffee Comrades!

Summary: Behold the amazing bonding powers of coffee! Another day of Harley's "undercover" work at the Akira Institute.

Who: Harley Quinn, Kaw
When: Aug 14th, 2016
Where: Akira Institute - Kitchen

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The kitchen of the Akira Institute rests in the lowest floor of the Tower, and as such it's free of the disorder and mess of most of the Institute. It's kept relatively clean, though there's always things to do cleaning or cooking wise here. At the moment though, it's empty except for Kaw, who's in front of a coffee machine staring at the brown liquid dripping down into the glass container. With every drip her cat ears twitch and her bell jingles, "Drip." "Drop." "Drip." "Drop." She says to the coffee maker as it...does what it's told? She's short, only four feet tall! But, she is a catgirl, most of them aren't known for their height.

Shuffle. Shuffle shuffle. The door to the kitchen is swung open as a blonde doctor creeps inside. She expected a full cafeteria but maybe she came in the wrong door? Hmmm. Whatever. This place should have food. Her eyes scan around looking for foo-"ooh! What's that smell?" Harley follows the scent to Kaw's coffee maker just as her stomach growls to remind her that she needs to eat something first. "That. Smells. Amazing." Her eyes, wide like saucers, seek their prey but her feet won't move. She needs coffee now too. "Hi! Do you work here too? I'm new here." How new? What day is it? Is any of that really important right now? There's coffee brewing!

Kaw keeps bobbing and jingling with the coffee drops. Her cat ear cocks towards Harleen's voice. Who's that? She doesn't recognize the voice, and she's good at voice and faces. She reluctantly looks away from the coffee dripping to see. She sniffs at the air, adjusting her feet back and forth to turn sideways to face Harleen. "Yeah, yes. It's coffee, the greatest liquid in excistence, to be sure." She bobs her head, jingling, "Hello, no, I'm a bad worker. Too thirsty all the time, and my tail hits things, and I don't have any lookouts to keep my stuff safe. I'm the only crow here, you seeeeee." She looks back at the dripping coffee. There's almost enough for a single cup. She looks back at Harleen, cocking her head to the side to look at her from a side angle, "I'll share with you and give you the first cup if you make sure no one comes to take the second from me while I drink it. I'm Kaw, are you a good lookout? I was very good until I became a catgirl. Now I'm just good instead."

Harleen blinks. A crow huh? Well, she's heard of stranger things. "I will guard that coffee with my life if you would share a cup with me. Trust me, I can be an amazing lookout. I've got experience!" She does! It's true! "Caw? I'm Harleen. Nice to meet you." She smiles as she makes note of her on-going mental tally. There are a LOT of catgirls here. "...and I totally agree. Coffee is the greatest liquid by far. Especially if you put caramel and sugar in it too." The doctor grins. "I know a place that makes coffee like a desert that's so good it's to die for."

Kaw nods her head solidly, jingling! "Then it's yours Harleen." She leans over and gets on her tiptoes to try and nuzzle Harleen's face with the side of her own, emitting a little purr! "I've needed a lookout tonight, nice to meet you!" She reaches over and takes a cup in one hand. With the other she snaps the coffee maker container out of place and swiftly places the cup in its place, catching a drip before the next drop hits! She then takes another cup and pours the coffee into it, offering it to Harleen, "This ones yours." Her ears perk up and her eyes widen at the thought of adding caramel and sugar to coffee! "That may be worth dying for!" She looks around the kitchen. Hm! She hop hop hops over to one of the drawers and opens it up. Jam? No, to the ground it goes. Crash. Peanut butter? No. Toss it behind her to forget about it. Is it not here? Bread? Good, but not liquid good. Toss! "Meowwww..." She goes to another drawer and opens it. SUGAR! No...this is flour! TOSS! Flour of course will go flying everywhere. Ah! There! Maybe? She sticks her finger in and tastes it to be sure. Yes, sugar! She hops it back over to Harleen, jingling, and sets it next to the coffee, "I'll find the caramel next for us!" She smiles, showing her catgirl fangs.

Harleen blinks again, this time at the offered cup. She's about to ask about the need for a lookout, but between being randomly nuzzled and then watching the catgirl bounce off to destroy the kitchen... well, it's just too amusing. After the sugar is sat down she finally breaks down and starts giggling. "You are a gal after my own heart." Smiling widely herself, she places her hand on top of the coffee maker. "Tis safe, mein confidant!" Removing her hand again for a crisp solute, she then begins to peer through the cloud of flour. "Nein spies, comrade!"

Kaw nods her head, though she thinks her hearing is going bad, because she can't understand what Harleen is saying half the time. Well, it doesn't matter! "Catgirl, used to be a crow." She corrects the gal comment? She then hops her way over to one of the larger fridges and swings the double doors open! There's a lot of stuff in the fridge, and she quickly starts tossing things out one after the other. Leftover hamburger. More jam?! Toss! Baby bottles and sippy cups full of liquid! She throws the first few, then realizes she's tossing away perfectly good drinks, and instead grabs one of the baby bottles and sticks it in her mouth to suckle on it. This leaves her hands free to continue her work WHILE drinking. It's brilliant what humans make! They're all so clever! Cherry pie, behind her back it goes, splatter. Chocolate syrup, no. Toss. "There's so much rubbish in here!" Kethcup, soy sauce..wait, you can drink that! She puts it back. Oh! Caramel! She thinks? She unscrews the top and licks it. Yes, that's the right flavor! She hops back over to Harleen, looking around, "S-" She starts to say, but then her drink falls out of her mouth! She snags it with her free hand and puts it back, walking over to Harleen and producing the caramel! "Har it ees!" She says around her drink!

The doctor lets out another laugh at the sight of the shorter catgirl coming towards her with a bottle in her mouth. Seeing her accidentally drop it forces an "Awww" to escape her lips, but it's saved and Harley goes to grab the caramel to help her out. "You are the most adorable thing I've seen here." Without thinking she pats Kaw on the head before turning her attention to the mess she's about to make. Just enough caramel and sugar go into the cup that it almost stops being a liquid. Almost. The distinction is the important part. Stirring it a moment (with a spoon acquired during the great refrigerator exploration) she then takes a second to sip it. "Perfect!" Then she glances around and eyes the very likely now empty bottle in the girl's lips. With a shrug she reaches for it. "May I?" If she doesn't stop her, she'll refill it with the contents of the cup, even if it was meant for her to drink, and offer it back to catgirl with the top screwed back on. "Trust me. This is heaven."

Kaw's tail sways happily as she's patted on the head! She then watches closely as she puts caramel and sugar in the cup. This looks important. She tries to memorize how much goes in, bobbing her head which makes her bell jingle. She blinks down as her bottle is taken, wondering what she wants from it, "It's empty!" She explains, in case Harleen wanted some herself. How could you not want more to drink? That doesn't even make sense to consider. She's okay sharing with a lookout. It's only fair. But then she fills it up and hands it back to her! Her eyes widen and she cluthes the bottle tightly, "Ahhhhhh!" She purrs and quickly rubs her entire body up against Harleen! She then suckles and her eyes widen! "Waw is show sheet!" She nuzzles more, closing her eyes as she drinks. =*_*=

Harleen can't help but hug the little girl (she might as well be at this point). "Awwww! You are so cute! If you were any cuter I'd be puking rainbows!" Is that a compliment? "It happens! I've seen it!" She then reaches for the pot to refill the cup and make some herself. "You should demand a second coffee maker. There's never enough coffee!" Of course she doesn't stop at keeping it a liquid. By the time she's done with her own it's the consistency of a milkshake. "This is how I got my diploma. Right here. Constant caffeination." She frowns suddenly realizing how perfect this would be with a straw but not wanting to walk away from Kaw long enough to find one. Patting her on the head once more she shrugs and starts drinking it anyways. "Best. Job. Ever."

Kaw's body is warrrrrrrm, like a heated blanket warmth. She likes hugs! Hugs are good. Even if it makes her hotter than she already is. Even being naked doesn't help cool her down, she's tried! A lot! Puking rainbows? She giggles between sips, almost snorting coffee up her nose. She looks at the coffee maker. "Two?!" She says, pulling her bottle out with wide eyes, "That's a good idea! Next time I find Luna I'll demand a second." Though she hasn't seen Luna in days! Weeks? Hours? Time is such a strange concept! She glances around, glad the kitchen is a mess. She wants to mess it up some more, but her lookout is here now, and she doesn't want to stray to far. "Yes, your lookout job is great. No one's stopped us or come near, which is great for drinking." Speaking of, she goes back to that, purring happily.

Harleen's heart melts a little more. She didn't even think that was possible. "As much as I'd love to spend the rest of my days standing right here, I don't think everyone else would think it was a very good idea." She kneels down to look the girl in the eyes. "I'm actually supposed to be a doctor who helps people who live here, but that doesn't mean I can't come down and help you here from time to time. Would you like that, kiddo?" She's got to remember to ask about her later. Someone this adorable can't possibly be a patient! The fact that she's torn through the kitchen like a hurricane doesn't mean a thing to her, but then why would it? Back in Gotham she has two hyenas as pets.

Kaw fangedly smiles at Harleen as she kneels down to be more in line with her height. She bobs her head up and down, jingling, "Yeeeeeees," she pulls her bottle out. It's almost empty anyway! Guzzle guzzle the drinks! "You're a good lookout and don't yell or scream. I'm always here, unless I'm chased out, but I always come back because it's a good feeding place!" She purrs and leans in to kiss!

Unable to help herself, Harleen gushes again and lightly pecks the girl on the lips before grabbing her with both arms and hugging her tightly, very nearly spilling the cup in her hand onto her back. "EEEEEE! Too cute!!" Finally letting her go, she stands up straight and takes a few gulps. "Y'know, why don't you call me Harley? It's a special name I've been keeping a secret. Maybe it can be our secret for a little while?" Kids love secrets, right? With her free hand she gestures across an invisible sign. "Harley and Caw! Coffee Comrades!" A perfect name!

Kaw bobs her head with a jingle! "Harley and Kaw, lookouts for each other!" She then whispers fiercely, "I'll keep your special name secret. Hide it away so no one finds it but us." She nods her head seriously, tapping the side of it. "Locked up." She then drains the rest of her bottle, titling it upside down. Yum! The bottle is a good idea, it leaves her hands free. This will be hers until someone steals it from her. She starts setting the coffee maker up to make another batch!

Harleen raises an eyebrow as the girl goes for a second pot. That first one vanished far too quickly. "You've gotta ask for a bigger coffee pot next time too. They make 'em for restaurants that'd put this one ta shame." Finishing her own cup finally, the disguised clown starts picking up some of the mess around the room. She's got to leave a good impression, after all. Doesn't stop her from peering at the settled pile of flour and ponder how normal it'd feel to paint her face with it though. Old habits die hard...

Kaw cocks her ears towards Harley as she talks, not wanting to look away from her coffee prepping process! "Ohhhhhhhhh?" She bobs her head with a jingle, "Then I'll make her give me two bigger coffee pots! Then I won't have to wait anymore for it to be ready and can stop counting the drips. Although it's fun to count them sometimes. Counting is difficult, but if you always stop at five it's easier." Setup complete, there's nothing to do but wait. She looks over at Harley who's cleaning some stuff up. She haaaaates kitchen work, or anything that resembles it, but she was forced to do it for a long time, so she kind of has an excuse?

Hearing about her counting woes further cements the little girl status in Harley's mind, and that's fine. The tike has grown on her far too much in such a short time. Unable to help herself she giggles, "Y'know maybe I can help with that. I can count real good, kiddo. I'm stayin' in one of the rooms down tha hall. Maybe we could meet outside of the kitchen sometime an' I can help you out with that too?" That old accent is coming out strong now, but she's also not trying to hide herself either. At this point she's already gotten a broom out and swept up most of the flour. A glance at the pie tossed out makes her frown though. "...next time ya throw a pie, you gotta make sure hits someone's face. Trust me. Comedy gold!" Maybe not for the person getting hit, mind you.

Kaw isn't sure she can learn how to count better, it's already difficult. After five you just have a lot. But, she IS her lookout. "Okay, but we'll have to bring coffee with us if we leave the kitchen, we don't want to run out and not have anything to drink." That'd be a nightmare! Imagine the thirst! She looks at the pie, then bobs her head with a jingle, "I can do that, I have very good aim if I look where I'm throwing." It's really much harder to toss stuff accurately when you're not looking.

Harleen snickers. Well, she can't always be good. Sometimes a pie's just gotta be thrown! "Haha. I'm sure you are. And yeah. Learning is better with coffee! You bring the coffee and I'll bring the numbers." That seems fair, sure. Getting a dust pan from the same place she found the broom, she starts to get that pie in question up off the floor - but not without tasting it briefly. "Mmmm. Cream pies get better distance too." A sage nod. Well at least it looks mostly put back together now. She can at least say she tried. After such a brief taste her stomach gurgles a little louder this time. "Oh! Right. I came down here because I was hungry." She opens up the fridge and scans to see what might be next. Is that a-? "Oh, yeah. Come to momma!" Someone's about to lose a pre-made sandwich. Oh well, their fault for leaving it in the refrigerator! She's already chewing on a chunk of it before she shuts the door and turns to face Kaw again. "This awn't half baf!"

Kaw nods her head, looking to the coffee as it dripdrips down. So slow! She's thirsty now! She hops over to the fridge as Harley opens it, why wait when you can get something in there? She opens up her bottle, grabs a red liquid and pours it in, and is back to drinking in no time! Oh, this tastes weird and bitter. She wrinkles her nose. Oh well! "Imag makes those all of the time. She says it makes her feel at home. Same with the pudding." She points at some of the pudding cups in the fridge. "Morai cooks sometimes but everyone hates her cooking." She looks around and then whispers, "I'm a master chef because Luna made me that way, but I hate hate hate cooking so I never offer or tell anyone."

With a raised eyebrow Harley looks down confused. "You don't like to cook? What's wrong with cooking?" Another huge chunk of the sandwich vanishes. "Cookin' if great 'cause once it's done ya get to eat it!" She smiles wide after swallowing. Yes, she was talking with food in her mouth. "I'm not too good at it either, but gosh do I love to eat it." She grins mischievously and then opens the fridge again, curious to see what the girl had gotten to drink. She frowns. There's too much stuff in there. With another shrug she shuts the door and takes the last bite of the sandwich. "This place stocks some weird supplies."

Kaw bares her fangs, though she's not being hostile, she's just disgusted at the thought of cooking for people, "Cale made me a kitchen slave for a long time, so I don't want to do that anymore." She takes another drink and then wrinkles her nose again. This really isn't good. She starts suckling on it faster. Sooner it's gone the sooner she can drink something else! She looks at the fridge contents, nodding her head. She pulls out the bottle and takes in a deep breath, phew! Empty! "Some people eat weird things." She wiggles her bottle around, "Like milk! Talon makes that for everyone. Some of them will only drink milk, but there's so many other liquids I don't know why they don't try new things! A lot of the catgirls, that's what my body is, although I'm a crow, eat this smelly stuff," she points at some tuna fish. "Although I once saw someone eating the garbage," she giggles, "I used to do that, but now I just drink things because I'm thirsty."

Harleen raises an eyebrow again. "Huh." With barely any effort she leaps onto a counter and kicks her feet a little as she listens to the former crow ramble on. "Talon 'makes' it?" Interesting. "So you really didn't used to be a catgirl?" Maybe it's an expression she's missed somewhere? "Did someone just go around giving everyone cat ears or something?" She really hasn't been versed on what's going on. She's just managed to piece together bits from here and there. Most of it she's been writing off as exaggerations or cultural expressions though. However the repeated statements about people being transformed is a bit concerning.

Kaw bobs her head in confirmation of everything, then hops over to her coffee maker! Surely it's full enough now?! It is! She does the quick cup switchaeroo, but this time she pours it into her bottle, a brilliant idea on Harley's part. "Aren't you one of the wives?" She wonders, her cocking about as she takes a drink between sentances, "Oh, you have amnesia? That's happened to some of us." She shrugs her shoulders. "I can't do anything to fix it because I'm a crow! But I'm in a catgirl body, and I have a soul, but Luna has it." She tilts her head to the side, "There ARE a lot of catgirls, we must be more resilient than the others!"

Harley laughs at Kaw's assumption. "No, no. But I can see how you'd think that. I'm a Doctor. I started working here just yesterday. This is my job, but they're letting me stay here too." She points at her own head. "See? No kitty ears." Assuming she can reach she'll reach out and lightly stroke the girl's ear just to make the point more obvious. "No, I come from another world and I've been living on Twisted looking for someplace to fit in. When I heard about this place, since I'm a doctor that works on people's minds, I came here and Luna hired me. I tried to get her to tell me more about it, but she's busy I guess." She kicks her feet playfully again. "So come on, Coffee Comrade. Tell me more. Clearly you know this place better than I do."

Kaw will lean towards the hand so she can get her ear stroked, purring! "Unless your soul got altered so you only think you're a doctor!" She giggles, then bobs her head, "Luna's always busy with everyone and everything. She even goes shopping for more kitchen and supplies for everyone. She's not like she used to be. I like her better, but I still won't help in the kitchen." Never! She blinks a few times, then fangedly smiles, "I have coffee so I'll talk about anything! I have to pee soon though!"

With a tilt of her head, Harleen blinks at her words. The realization makes her laugh rather than be embarrassed. She's just been seeing her as a small child a bit much and the bottle just keeps ticking that mental age assessment backwards. "For a moment I half expected you to be wearing something to spare you from the restroom." She pats the girl on the head again. "When you have to go, I'll guard the coffee for you." She nods and then gets her mind back on track. "Coffee does that to people. Makes you have to go and go. Probably the only thing I don't like about it." Wait, still not on track. "I'm pretty sure the only one who's altered my soul is my Puddin', but he's back in Gotham right now. Although he did hide out here for a while." Glancing around the room a moment to consider a hidden passage somewhere, Harley suddenly "D'oh"s. "My boyfriend I mean. I call him my Puddin' sometimes." She leans down and whispers, "Keep that bit a secret too."

Kaw gigglepurrs as she's patted, "Thank you, that makes me feel better about going! I'm lucky and don't have to wear diapers like a lot of us do." She tilts her head to the side, suddenly wondering why, "Maybe so I wouldn't make the kitchen smell bad? Whatever the reason I'm glad because ewww," she fangedly smiles, looking over at the fridge as she mentions pudding, but then she clarifies. "Your boyfriend is pudding? That must be hard to deal with. What if you were hungry and couldn't resist?" Like she can't resist drinking! She takes another suckle, "Ahll kaph iht a seekhret!" This is one of the longer conversations she's had! Most people chase her away by now. Harley really is a good lookout.

Harleen giggles, "No, no. He's a human being like me, no matter what people might say about 'em." She grins, "He's a bit of a clown, but I love 'em." She reaches out and starts actually petting the girl just to watch her reaction. She briefly wonders if she could keep her here until she had an accident just by petting her, but that would be mean. If she seemed a little older maybe... "Yeah, I don't think diapers and food are a very good combination." She nods at her own words. "But I bet you'd be adorable in them none the less." Secretly she's always wanted kids of her own. Her Puddin' just never quite saw the same way about that. A sigh escapes her as she thinks about it. Absently she just keeps on petting though, not that Kaw seems like she'd mind.

Kaw ohs, so he's not actually pudding? Well good, otherwise she'd have tried to think of how to change someone from pudding to human. But she's a crow, so how could she ever think of that? She starts purring louder as the petting continues, her eyes getting a little glossy as she suckles on her coffee. Purrrrrr. She cocks her ear, "You think they're adorable?" She'd never thought about it much. "You'll make a lot of the girls happy then," she bobs her head, though very lightly so as not to interrupt the petting. Soon she scoots closer, and Harley can probably feel the warmth radiating off of her body. Mini heater!

The question brings her out of her thoughts. Harley looks down at Kaw again and laughs. "I said -you'd- look adorable. But yeah, I probably will." Grinning again she hugs the girl once more and then pushes herself off the counter. "Alright. So. You need to go do the thing so I can guard the coffee, and then I should probably continue trying to meet everyone. I'm like..." She starts to count on her fingers, "this many down?" She holds up ten fingers. "Do you know how many this is? I'm pretty sure it's not everyone."

Kaw returns the hug and then hops back. She looks both hands over. "If I have one piece of corn, and then another piece of corn, that's two. If someone gives me a piece of bread and another piece of bread, that's four, and I'm counting crow so I'm five." She looks at the other hand as she suckles another drink. This is almost empty! And now she has to think about counting! Everything with kitchen stuff is automatic for her, so she can measurements and recipies without a thought, but this is just...she meows softly, then repeats her counting process outloud for the other hand, "Twooooooo of each fives. I don't know how many of us there are." She hurries over to the coffee maker. Just enough for one more bottle...! She quickly refills and starts another pot going, then hops over to give Harleen another hug! "You're a good lookout!" She sticks the bottle in her mouth and hops out of the kitchen with a jingle!

Harley can't help but laugh again as the girl bounces out of the room, leaving her alone with her thoughts in the kitchen. "She'd be adorable dressed as a jester too." Another sage nod. "Little bells on her hat, a whoopie cushion, maybe an acid pie or two." Another nods. "Oh, but Bats would probably try to punch her. Dangit." She turns and eyes the coffee pot a moment and then shakes her head. "Okay, Harl. Ya gotta get back on track. I'll never learn this place if I keep on at this rate." Lowering her voice she mutters under her breath, "I really shoulda followed Mistah J here when he was hiding out. There's gotta be a secret passage or somethin'." By the time Kaw finally comes back, the doctor will be in the middle of opening up all the cabinets and trying to pull all the fixtures off the walls. "Maybe the kitchen was just a kitchen?"

Kaw does come back after about ten minutes! She looks around at all the open cabinets, one of the mirrors on the floor, behind which was an unpainted wall (lazy painters!). Her ears cock this way and that, examining the investigation. She'll get blamed for the mess, but that happens all the time anyway, and sometimes it's Zoey who's tearing through here! Not like she cares about getting in trouble though. Her bottle hangs from her mouth, empty! She hops over towards the coffee pot in order to refill it!

The jingle jangle of the catgirl's bell makes the woman's head jerk back up towards the coffee pot, and then a slow glance around the mess she's made. "Uhhhh... Welcome back?" She slowly closes the cabinet she's digging through. "Sorry, I was... uh... just learning the layout. You never know, right?" Harleen starts closing doors and putting things back again. This doesn't look suspicious, noooo.

Kaw bobs her head at Harleen as she refills her bottle. "People don't usually hide in the cabinets," she says, assuming Harleen was being a proper lookout and REALLY looking out. Then she starts putting stuff back though, which makes her wonder, "Were you looking for something? The coffee is right here." She says, suckling at her bottle. Ahhhh! She was super parched! Life is better now. She hops over and drags one of the kitchen chairs over so she can sit next to the coffee pot.

Harleen blushes a bit at being caught, but at least it wasn't by anyone else. So as she puts the mirror back on the wall she explains, "Well I didn't want to leave the kitchen since I'm watching the coffee for you and after all the effort you had to go through to find the sugar and stuff I thought it might be good to know where everything was!" And she totally wasn't looking for secret passages or fake doors. No. Taking the opportunity to scowl at her own reflection, the good doc decides to fix her hair again with a slight shake of her head afterwards. "I take it you feel better now?" Time to change the subject.

Kaw bobs her head with a jingle, "All relieved! I won't have to go again for awhile." Probably a half hour to an hour, but she doesn't keep track of time like that. "If you ever want to cook Morai is always asking me for help in here." She folds her ears back and wrinkles her nose, "I'll never do it though, no matter how much she caws at me." Her tail sways as she takes another suckle at her bottle.

Glancing at the stove, Harleen ponders this. "Eh... maybe. I've been known to play Susy Homemaker from time to time." Not that she recalls anyone actually EATING what she's cooked. But if no one complains it can't be bad, right? "I'm really better at trying to help people's mental problems though..." Or stealing their belongings. "I don't think I could help someone else to cook." That is what was being suggested, right?

Kaw shrugs her shoulders! "I don't like to eat anyway, keeps me from drinking!" She wiggles her bottle in the air! "Just tell Morai no loudly and she leaves you alone," she fangedly smiles, "She doesn't like people being unhappy." She sticks her bottle back in her mouth and rocks back and forth in her chair, content! Life is much better here than in the never ending hallway!

Harleen crosses her arms and hmm's. "I /think/ I've met Morai. She seemed like a nice girl, I don't think I could yell at her like that." With a slight frown she adds, "Y'know, everyone I've met here has seemed pretty nice. This isn't like Arkham - where I used to work. Almost everyone there was angry and mean all the time. ...'course it was a home for the criminally insane and not a wayward home for abused catgirls." Let's face it. That's sort of what this place has become.

Kaw giggles, "No they're not! Oceia is terrible! And so is Furr, but Aless or Yeoa keep her locked up sometimes when she screams too much." She thinks, trying to remember who else is locked up, but... "I don't go down where the doors are locked because there isn't anything to drink over there." She bobs her head left and right, trying to remember who else was mean to her, but she's kept to the kitchen since coming here, so her interactions with others have been few.

The out of costume clown sweatdrops at the list of names. "I have so many people I have to meet..." Is she really going to try to meet everyone? Probably not. Probably just the ones who have free roaming privileges. She's only one person after all. If she's lucky, maybe there's only about 30 or so of them. >_>; "So... Locked doors, huh?" That sounds promising. "Where are those at?"

Kaw turns her head to the side, looking at Harleen sideways with one eye, "The left wing. But don't be fooled, it doesn't look anything like a wing, it's just another part of the building that goes left. I thought we were inside a giant bird when someone told me that it had wings. I don't like heights anymore because I can't fly so it made me worried." She smiles fangedly, "Thanks for being my lookout! Nobody came this time, you must be lucky."

Chuckling at the idea of a giant bird shaped building, Harley nods her head. "I never liked calling it 'wings' either. That's just unnecessary confusion for minds that are confused enough." Once Kaw thanks her she stands tall and winks at the luck statement. "You know it! And you're welcome!! This was fun. I'm happy I got to make another new friend."

Kaw nods her head in agreement. Just call things what they are! Though she understands why people would want to name things after crows. She waves at Harleen, "You were fun to watch and understand the important of a lookout, you'd make a good crow! I'll always share my coffee with you."

Harleen throws her hands in the air. "YAAY! Shared coffee is the best coffee!" Is it obvious yet she's enjoying getting to act like a kid around her? "You're the best, Kaw. If I ever get coffee without you, I'll share with you too." She means that, even if it would be difficult to drag Kaw back to Gotham without raising suspicions...

Kaw sticks her bottle in her mouth so she can waves her hands as well, "Aht iz!" She smiles, takes a few gulps, then pulls it back out to free her mouth. If only there was a way to drink and talk clearly at the same time! Heaven! "Good, if I had a nest you'd be welcome there too, but hay isn't confortable for my body, so I'll stay here."

"...a nest?" Blink. "Right. Crow. Gotcha." Harley snaps her fingers. She should have made that connection faster. "Y'know beds are comfortable too. Sleeping is one of the three greatest past times for people. You shouldn't give up on it just because you're in a new body." This is a subject she's passionate about. Don't take her naps away!

Kaw looks over at the coffee pot, which is close to being ready for another fill up. Yesssssssssss! She bobs her head at the crow comment and wiggles in her chair, "I fall asleep here sometimes, but I wake up super thirsty so I try not to do it too much." She ears flatten, "But sometimes I just can't stay awake and pass out. There's some stuff in the fridge that made me go to sleep really fast, don't drink it! It tastes terrible anyway."

With that, shifty eyes towards the refrigerator. "Oooh, that sounds fun." She probably shouldn't have said that. TOO LATE NOW! "You don't remember which one that was do you? I'd hate to have to sample everything." She grins as she makes her way over and opens the door. "More sleep could come in handy later."

Kaw refills her bottle quickly as Harley asks for assitance, then hops over to the fridge with a jingle. She looks around at the contents, throwing things out that are in the way, except for liquids, those get carefully pushed aside, until she finds a large clear jug with red liquid. The side of it has pictures of anthropormorphic strawberries dancing in an obvious drunken haze. She points! "This one, I thought it'd taste like strawberries, but there's some other stuff inside of it." She cocks her head to the side, thinking about her time as a kitchen slave. "It reminded me of cooking alcohol but there was way too much! It'd overpower anything you cooked it with!" Weirdos.

Harleen can't help but reach for the jug and hold it up like a prize. "Haha!!!! You'll be coming to bed with me later!" Opening it up she takes a whiff and coughs. "Oh, yeah. Smells like something Red woulda cooked up." She shakes it and puts it back in the fridge - for now. "As long as I don't start growing leaves, I think it'll be okay." On an afterthought she shrugs. "Although that did happen once." She turns and pats Kaw on the head. "I've had some weird friends."

Kaw purrs as she's headpatted, ears twitching, "I haven't grown leaves and I've drank everything in this kitchen, you should be safe. Unless catgirls have immunity to something you don't." There's always that possibility! "For instance, eating raw dead meat isn't good for her in this body! Makes it vomit." She looks at the jug. She supposed if someone wanted to sleep that'd probably help them. Maybe Harley has trouble sleeping.

Harleen grins mischievously again, "I can drink stuff that would kill a normal person. I'm not too worried about it." She really should be more careful about what she's admitting to here. Anyone that knew her background and heard anything she's said would be able to figure out who she really is right away. Although if they knew any of that they'd probably know her by her real name so it's a moot point. "I'm not sure if eating raw meat is good for anyone unless it's sushi." She waits a beat before explaining, "Raw fish with rice." Yeah, that's close enough. "Maybe I'll sneak you out to a sushi bar one day. You might like that."

Kaw mmmm's and wrinkles her nose, "I don't like eating, it fills me up so I can't drink as much!" Yeah, it's a problem! She walks away from the fridge to sit back down next to the coffee maker. "I'd only leave if I had enough to drink. I'd need to pack a lot of bottles, it's probably safer for me here. What if I end up someplace without liquid?" She shakes her head, sounds dangerous!

With a shake of her head Harley quips, "Ain't you a little young to have a drinking problem?" She grins widely again hoping to make it clear she's joking. "We'll get you a little cooler with wheels, pack it full of water bottles, and you'll be good to go." She nods sagely, at least until her words make her glance at her watch and realize she's spent half the day in here already. "Oh jeeze, I think I'm having too much fun."

Kaw smiles, showing off her fangs, "That sounds like a good idea." A cooler. Does Morai have one of those? She'll have to ask next time she see's here. Or make Luna give her one next time she finds her, along with the other coffee maker. She cocks her head to the side as she mentions she's having too much fun. She settles back in her chair, "The kitchen is the best place to be, but no one else has figured that out yet."

Harleen lets out a sigh. "That might be true, but if I'm going to try to meet more people and actually learn the layout of this giant bird I'm not going to be able to do it from the kitchen." A moment later she adds with a grin, "Well, I might EVENTUALLY but it would take a lot longer to just wait here." She walks over and gives the catgirl a hug. "I'm going to have to go, kiddo. Come see me when you want to try to practice your counting and I'll come see you as soon as I need more coffee. "

Kaw bobs her head. It's true, learning the area requires observation. It's best to know escape routes when you can't just fly away like a normal crow. She returns the hug, purring with warmth, "Okay! There'll always be coffee ready if I'm in here. And I'm always in here unless someone chases me out. Then I have to go get stuff from other people, which people call stealing but I'm just taking it because it's there." She rolls her eyes. The concept of theft for a crow isn't an easy one to grasp.

"Haha!! Maybe you could be my lookout one day after all." Harley grins again. What is she implying by that? "You're a good kid, Kaw. Don't ever change." Giving her a light peck on the forehead she pets her once more and reluctantly makes her way out of the kitchen. Now where was that left wing again...?

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