2016-08-18 - A Tak-y Conversation

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A Tak-y Conversation

Summary: Johnny comes into the UR for lunch and finds another stray from the Jhonen-verse. Also Rayne and Sun! Yay!!

Who: George, Johnny_C, Rayne, Sun, Tak
When: Aug 18th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836RV)
You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

It's been a long while since Johnny C has left his post in the courtyard of the demon city, Dis. As such the Judge of Retributions finds himself sitting in the UR nursing a frozen burrito with the ferocity of a man possessed. He eyes the red haired waitress behind the bar suspiciously. "I don't care HOW long it's been, I expect you to know that I want a cherry fiz-wiz and a frozen burrito the moment I walk in that door! Why the fuck is that such a complicated concept? I'm twice the age of this universe! Do you know how fucking old that is?"

The girl shakes her head, wishing she hadn't come in today.

"It's really fucking old!!"

The girl slinks off to the kitchen and pushes a skutter out the door to deal with him. Another day in the Usual?

A young girl peers into the entry of The Usual. A red eyed black cat with ears that look more like horns than ears sits on her shoulders. The rather young looking girl appears suspicious of things, but seems to decide things are alright for the moment as she enters calmly and finds a spot to sit at.

Johnny hasn't taken notice of the girl just yet. Currently he's too busy growling at the skutter as it tries to look at him from the floor behind the bar. "See? How is that supposed to work? That's stupid." The skutter seems offended. "Yeah! You back the fuck up. You can't even reach the top of the bar! How the fuck are you going to do any good?" The skutter turns its head around and moves it's finger-like grips to flip him off. "OH THAT'S IT!!"

Johnny leaps over the bar, his burrito still hanging out of his mouth as the robot retreats into the back - or tries to before it hits the door to the kitchen and stops because the waitress is holding it closed. The maniac tears a bite of his burrito as he once more grabs it with one hand. "Now then... what should I do with you...?"

Tak watches the little incident happening and shakes her head a little. Oh well, at least she was only about to PRETEND to eat the food. Maybe she should just go before this guy turns out to be like that waitress from the first time or something. Maybe he'll get too hungry for a burrito?

Standing over a concerned skutter, blocked from retreating by a hiding waitress, Johnny munches the last few bites of his burrito in silent contemplation. The sound of the robot's motor running at high speed as it begins to panic fill the air. With a nod of his head, the vengeful maniac grabs it by the neck and sets it on the bar so he can look it in the 'eye'.

"Two choices, bot. Either I dismantle you bit by bit and leave you fully functioning across the bar top in pieces, orrrrr you get me that drink I ordered that your waitress sold you out over." The skutter looks to the door, and back to Johnny and nods it's head in defeat. Moments later Johnny sits back down at the bar sipping his fiz-wiz while a lone skutter tries to figure out how to get back down. "Good choice."

Tak continues watching as she debates just leaving. This place is still more on the bad new side of things than the good one. How's she supposed to learn anything if she just stays at the school or the dorms though? There's no reward with out at least a little risk...ugh...if this guy suddenly pulls out a scythe and tries to eat her TOO though, she'll consider writing this place off as a human canibal's pleasure house or something.

Some people are good at making impressively grandoise entrances. Others are quite happy with the nondescript entrances, opening a door and quietly settling in for a meal. Still others are quite accomplished at making their entrances as uncomfortable as possible. A particular dragon excels in that area, ensuring that everyone notices when she's entering into a room in a rather obnoxious way.

It starts out pretty simple. A certain electricity suddenly fills the air, causing hair to stand on end. That electricity slowly amps up, until it becomes an outright vibration of the core of existence itself -- or something to that effect. And then, it all stops suddenly, as a cat-sized dragon with scales that resemble a starry sky suddenly begins to exist. And it's settled right onto 'Nny's lap.

Well, that was a miscalculation.

Johnny blinks at his sudden companion. His first instinct is to shove it into the floor, but luckily for the dragon he goes with option two - throwing his hands into the air and proclaiming "I AM THE PUPPY MASTER!!!" Wait, what? "...anyone lose a puppy?" He glances around the room taking notice of Tak for the first time. He eyes her suspiciously, then the beast in his lap, and then back again. "ALIENS!!!!" So much for option two, Johnny throws the beast into the air and leaps over the bar. "FUCK! NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS THURSDAY!!!"

Tak startles a bit at that proclaimation. "Eh? What? There are aliens," she asks in a sickeningly sweet sounding little girl voice that MOSTLY matches her appearance. It only fails in the fact that she looks a bit gothy for such a sugary sounding little kid. "I haven't seen aliens," she says, "Are they scary?"

This is quite the predicament. The cat-sized dragon blinks owlishly up at Johnny as he has a...weird...thing happening to his brain meats. She's just about to slither-crawl out of his lap when she suddenly finds herself airborn. Thankfully, wings are a thing that she has, and with a snap and a few flaps, she is upright and promptly makes her way into the rafters, where she disappears from view.

Moments later, a pale face pokes out from above, starry blue eyes upon Johnny. "Nny, calm the fuck down, it's just me." With a grandoise flip to make up for the awkward and uncomfortable entrance, a wingless and tailless Sun makes her way back to the floor.

The dragon-lady glances toward Tak, arching a brow. "Extremely," she replies.

Johnny's face rises up behind the bar where he glances at Sun and points angrily at Tak. "Don't give me that shit! What are you, in cahoots with her?" He glares back at Sun. "Fucking aliens!! They do horrible things to you! Like try to fuse you with chickens and shit! It used to happen all the time." He stands up nervously and crosses his arms. "Although admittedly I haven't seen aliens on Twisted before." He glares back at Tak again. "...until today."

What makes someone an alien? Being born on another planet? If so, another steps into the Usual Restaurant from outside. With a sigh, Rayne looks around the place and at the denizens here, frowning as she doesn't spot anyone she particularly knows. Sure, she's /met/ some of these people, but she's acquaintance at best. After a breif pause, she starts making her way towards the bar.

Tak looks for all her life like a little human girl...with a slightly deformed, demonic looking cat. "I don't even know that lady. And I've never heard of aliens fusing things with chickens. That sounds /wierd/. No, really...why a chicken?"

The dragon lady wrinkles her nose slightly at Johnny, sniffing once. A glance is then cast toward Tak, and the dragon-lady sniffs again. "If 'Nny thinks you're an alien, you're probably an alien." She quietly saunters over to the bar, sitting down and grabbing a poor skutter. She mutters her drink order (an ice water, because she is feeling bland today), and scoots the poor bot off rather unceremoniously as she leans against the bartop to peer at 'Nny. "Now I am craving fried chicken."

Johnny scoffs, "I don't know why it was a chicken!! They just do it! One guy got fused with a roll of duct tape! I can't explain it! I just know they used to come by every Thursday and at one point they took my neighbor's parents. If Squee is still around, just ask him!" He pauses and mutters mostly to himself, "He never seemed happier until they took him to the institute to get examined...." Suddenly he flails and points at Tak again, "QUIT TRYING TO DISTRACT ME!!! I'm on to you!!!" He gestures at Sun frantically, "SEE!! She's trying to confuse us! Throw us on the trail!!" He leans over the bar top at her. "YOUR PURPLE EYES DON'T FOOL ME!!" Purple eyes?

Rayne glances at Sun, then Johnny, then to Tak, then finally back to Nny. "I really feel like I missed something important here," she says to no one in particular. "Or that I missed something completely unimportant."

Tak says, "You mean off the trail, don't you? And no I'm not, I just REALLY don't get why it'd be chickens...or fusing at all...a roll of ducttape? Those guys sound like complete idiots." She reaches up and pulls up an eyelid, popping out a contact and revealing a blue eye instead. She doesn't even bother to follow that up with talking for explanation."

The dragon woman is briefly distracted by grabbing the poor Skutter as it brings her a glass of lemon water, and threateningly orders some fried chicken. The poor thing seems terrified as it makes its way into the kitchen to convey the order. Then, 'Nny shouts, and Sun turns, blinking owlishly over at Tak again. "She has a disguise on, 'Nny, I just see a normal kid instead of an alien. You should figure out how to disable it so everyone else can see what you see." She doesn't move to investigate, instead sipping nonchalantly at her water, now that she has fed into 'Nny's insanity.

Sun is kind of a dick.

That done, the tattooed redhead turns to Rayne, offering a charming smile and a wave. "Don't worry, he's just having a moment, and I'm helping because I'm a total asshole today." With a smile, she sips her water again.

The abnormally insane seeming Johnny shakes his head at Sun's suggestion, "What disguise? Why would she wear a disguise to look like an alien? She's not a normal kid. She's a green purple-eyed insect-kid, thing. How can you not see that?" Eh? He points at her once more. "She has fuckin' antennae!" Yep. He's crazy. He leans forwards on the bar and raps his fingers against the bar top a moment before turning to Rayne, "You see it, right? I know I'm not crazy!" Take's words only register in the back of his mind making the maniac shake his head. "They WHERE idiots, but that's beside the poi-AHHHH!!!" He points at her again. "CONTACTS!!" He points at her once more. "SEE!!!!"

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "Is it really a good idea to antagonize crazy, Miss Sun?" Rayne frowns, feeling like she might be the only sane person in the room. Which of course could mean she's the insane one. As Nny tries to point out the very inhuman features on a very human looking little girl, she just sighs and shakes her head. "Look, uh, Nny, was it? Maybe you should calm down. Perhaps an herbal tea to help calm your nerves?"

Tak puts the contact back in and shakes her head a little. "This is wierd..." she murmurs, "I just came from the school dorms for some food was all. I didn't know that was something strange of me to do. I just like purple and don't want to wear glasses."

"All I see is a kid. It must be a disguise." Sun tilts her head toward Johnny, brows raising slightly. Then, her gaze turn to Rayne. "Honestly? I trust 'Nny's insane moments far more than I trust my own eyes. Despite the fact that he has plotted to kill me a few times, he's proven far more trustworthy than many of the saner heads that I know of in this existence." This is said with a certain stonefaced calmness, as she slowly raises the water glass to her lips and takes a sip. Those starry-blue eyes that she trusts less than 'Nny flit over to Tak, one eyebrow raising. "Pretty good disguise, I gotta say."

Johnny eyes everyone with disbelief, especially Sun. "Stop patronizing me! Why do you have to be like that?? She could be preparing to fuse everyone here with barstools or skutters or what the fuck ever!! I mean come ON! She's GREEN! How many people do you know are green!?!" He lets out a sigh and drops his head onto the bar in defeat. "Fine, but when you all become part man-part furniture don't come begging me to help you out." His head shakes back and forth against the bar. "Maybe they'll all turn into catgirls like Tabitha. Twisted clearly needs more catgirls."

Standing up straight once more, Johnny just shakes his head at the lot of them. "I'm not sticking around for this. I'm going to go get a coffee and when I come back, I'll try and help out any of you who still have the ability to use your mouth to scream - but if you can't scream? Well. Sucks to be you guys. Enjoy being stools!" He seriously just walks out, giving Tak the stink eye along the way. Anyone else think he's just being weirder than usual?

Rayne sighs and facepalms as she finally sits on a bar stool. "I need a break from reality, I think." She looks up and glances at Nny and asks, "What's that like?" with a hint of a smirk, then pales slightly at the possible threat. "The hell, man," she mumbles as he leaves, then she turns to Sun again. "So is he... always like that?"

Sun watches quietly as Johnny departs, frowning a bit. "For what it's worth, I actually do believe you." She says this in a barely audible tone, but one that 'Nny can likely hear. Then, she turns away as he departs. "Not always," Sun replies, sipping at her half-drained water. "Some days he has more of a grasp on things than others. Today seems kinda bad." She glances back toward the door, stretching her arms upwards toward the ceiling.

Tak gives a shrug at Nny's parting. "...strange guy..." she murmurs. And apparently a very gifted or very smart guy. How's he seeing through things? If she tries to use it on him would her head set even WORK? She pets at her cat and sighs. "If it's not people thinking my Mimi's a demon and trying to kill her it's people accusing me."

Rayne frowns slightly, then shakes her head. "I always feel like... there's so much going on around this place behind my back that I don't understand." She then laughs, shaking her head. "Well, okay, I /know/ that's the case, actually. But I feel like there's more of this kind of... mundane insanity that I somehow usually don't run into." She then looks over to Tak. "You'll have to get used to it, I guess. I always try to tell people to have an open mind... some people just have a mind that's TOO open."

A light shrug rolls over Sun's shoulders, as her gaze switches back over to Tak. She leans toward the girl, brows raising slightly. "Guess what? I'm a dragon with a firm grasp of time and space magics. This isn't even my real body, you can't even SEE my real body. It would probably break your mind." She pauses. "I know a sorcerer who can create light with a word. I know a fallen angel who can rip your soul out. I know aliens with green skin and antennae. I know people who can turn into animals."

There's another pause, and Sun grins, tapping the side of her nose. "It's okay if you are an alien. Most people don't care, you're probably boring compared to other folks I have met here." A last pause. "And I'm pretty sure you are one -- 'Nny has better eyes than most. I mean it when I say that I trust him more than I trust my own eyes." She then glances to Rayne. "There is a lot more to this existence than your mind could possibly comprehend."

Tak says, "Oh...and someone tried to eat me here before too. I probably should stop trying to give this place a chance, but Mr. Kotal said he'd make sure things were ok..." She shakes her head a little. "Alright miss dragon, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but you maybe shouldn't assume stuff like that about people...unless you're a telepath, then yeah, you probably have more right than anyone to decide if someone's mentally strong enough.""

Rayne says dryly, "I /am/ a sorcerer that can create light, and I can turn into an animal." She then softens her expression, strengthening Sun's point further. "I've seen Kotal stop the sun in the sky from moving. Just... expect anything of people here. We all expect anything of anyone. Hell, I knew 'aliens' in my home universe, called one my best friend just before I came here." She shrugs, then glances back at Sun again. "If your real body would break my mind, I'll pass on seeing it, thanks. And I kinda figured there was more than I could figure out when I saw the holes in TASK Headquarters after that fight Kotal had with that kid."

Tak says, "Hmm? Why was Mr. Kotal fighting a kid? He seemed like such a nice man. Was it some kind of evil kid?"

Rayne shrugs to Tak. "I'm not completely sure of the details, but apparently it was some kind of bad misunderstanding... On the other hand, no one really got hurt... except the building."

Tak says, "Huh...well hopefully everything is ok now. You didn't seem to get hurt either, so I guess that's good."

The dragon-lady smiles faintly to Tak. "I could probably figure it out myself, but I will respect your privacy." Or will she? Sun glances toward Rayne, a faint smirk appearing on her face. "Don't worry, I had no intent on showing anyone my real form. That is best left to my own kind." When her fried chicken arrives in a bag, she gathers it up, then stands. "Good day to you both." Then, with another one of those uncomfortable vibrations of existence itself, she suddenly no longer exists.

Rayne shrugs. "Well, I wasn't actually there, so that helped me be okay." She blinks as Sun suddenly vanishes. "Uhhh... bye?" she says far too late.

The door to the UR is pushed open and in walks Johnny again with a cup of coffee in his hand. That was fast. Taking a sip, he looks around the room expecting to find everyone duct taped to the floor. Huh, but no. Just Sun gone missing again. Assuming she was here in the first place. "So... Just the officer and the alien, huh?" Sip. "Fine. I guess we don't have to dissect you today." He raises his other hand showing a paper bag. "Bagel?"

Tak waves belatedly at the now gone Sun. She waves hello to Nny in turn, still being perfectly civil. "Sure, why not?" Besides, if this man really does have a knowledge of aliens, he might need proof that liquids and human foods don't make her ill.

Granted, it does still bother her, she's just trained herself enough that she can withstand a good amount of damage from it.

Giving the (peace?) offering to Tak, Johnny sits down near her. He takes Rayne's silent departure as a sign that she was unimpressed with his earlier outburst. Meh, whatever. "I didn't go for the dagger first! Doesn't that count??" She's probably out the door before his words even register. He sighs and shakes his head. "Well, you didn't assimilate everyone. You didn't fuse anyone to the furniture. Just do me a favor and when you do take over, make sure I can still get a frozen drink or a burrito from time to time. That's all I ask." He takes another sip of his coffee. Nope, he's not giving up on this.

Tak shrugs and peers around a little. She drops the sugary voice, speaking in her more mature sounding British accented one since it's obvious there's no point playing up to this one while no one else is within ear shot. "Alright, if you can keep things under wraps, there's no reason I can't humor you. Besides, at /current/ I have no plans of doing any invasion. For one the life forms here are still too unknown and unpredictable...for two I have no way of contacting my leadership. Besides...whatever aliens you met before really were complete MORONS from the sound of things. Hardly surprizing though. Most people of /any/ planets seem to be morons..."

Johnny nods his head happy and content to not be talked at like he was insane. Even if he knows he is. "They were. They absolutely where. They rode around in little hover chairs and tried to get homeless people to have sex with chickens. At the time they were the only ones I could get to read my comics!" He suddenly sits back and blinks. "Oh, shit. I used to draw comics." Johnny suddenly covers his face in his gloved hands. "Maaaan, I've been disconnected from everything for waaaay too long."

A tiny Sun appears, floating above 'Nny's right shoulder. She points an accusing finger at Tak. "I KNEW it!" Just as suddenly as she appeared, she plants a big, somewhat sloppy kiss on Johnny's cheek, and then she's gone again. Well then.

Tak says, "Well I don't imagine she's going to blabber about it either. Even if she does it seems silly for her to bother trying to spread the info without much of anyone to agree with her. I just didn't want to admit it infront of so many people at a time."

Johnny lets out a girlish scream and flails at the Sun-fairy, for lack of a better word. He wipes his face on his sleeve and scans around nervously expecting it to reappear. "FUCKING FUCK!!" Smooth. Shuddering slightly he glances towards the restroom. "I feel the need to disinfect my face now." He's got a thing for being touched. Have you figured that out yet? "Sun's harmless. At least in this reality. Last time, I'm not too sure. I think she had it out with Devi or something. I only caught bits and pieces - but Sammy cared about her so I guess I can't say anything." More questions lacking answers. "So why Twisted, or did you find your way here on accident like most people?"

Tak says, "I'd offer but I have no sure thing." She shrugs a little. "I arrived here on accident somehow. I was about to have a really nasty crash due to someone hacking into my Mimi to interfere with my ability to focus on flying, and I suddenly arrived here."

He stares at her for a long minute before asking the obvious question, "What's a Mimi?" It should be noted that not once has he glanced at the demonic cat.

Tak points at the cat on her shoulder. "Mimi. She's a S.I.R. unit I made from spare parts I found since I was never assigned one."

Johnny jumps back as if seeing the cat for the first time. His seat making a scraping sound against the floor. "OH SHIT. That's real?!?" He blinks and rubs his eyes. "I thought it was just me. You spend enough time around demons and you just start dismissing everything that looks evil." He does kinda scowl at it when he lowers his hand though. "I'm much more a dog fan, myself."

Tak says, "Ick...I wouldn't have a problem with dogs if that wasn't what Zim's sad excuse for a S.I.R. was. ...so you deal in these things humans call demons then?"

Why does that name ring a faint bell. "Zim... Zim.... hmmm..." Does he know of Zim? The change of subject snaps him out of it. "Demons? Yeah. You could say that. Y'know stories about the afterlife and how there's a horrible place you go to when you die?" He leans back and folds his hands behind his head. "I work there!" He's serious, you know. He leans forwards again and rests his elbows on the tabletop. "Twisted has a Hell made up of other Hells. Bits of different overlapping ones. There was this skirmish awhile back where the people in charge of Hell came and fought the people in charge of Twisted. And... well, apparently if you kill a council member you have to take their job." He frowns a brief moment and then shrugs it off. "I get to decide how the dammed spend eternity. It's kinda fun!"

Tak raises a brow. "That /does/ sound like an entertaining job. Do you have to bother dealing with things like complaintive underlings and annoying co-workers?

Johnny deadpans at the question. "Just day in, day out demons who only speak in grunts dragging in the shittiest examples of life who beg and plead with me like I'm going to let them go with a slap on the wrist." He sighs, "All day, every day." For a moment his facade fades and a vast age can be seen and almost felt in his darkened eyes. "It's why I keep sneaking back here." He leans back and frowns. "I'm out of touch with things. I used to be able to tell you everything about everyone on Twisted and now I'm not sure what's going on."

Tak tilts her head a little. "Well, you already were on my unofficial list of people too smart to use 'the voice' on and people I was sure my attachment wouldn't work on, but now that seems even more official... You are the sort of person who's so full of wisdom that you're fundamentally broken, aren't you? It would explain the reaction some of the others seem to have with you...treating you like you're a pittiable thing that shouldn't be tampered with..."

Tilting his head to the side as he contemplates that, Johnny eventually nods. "I used to be a pretty bad person. I ended a lot of people's lives just to do so and now it's like I can't die, or I'm already dead. I don't know." He glances down at the table with a little bit of shame and humility. "Sometimes I tell myself it's because I'm being made to suffer the lives I took from people, but really I think it's just because I've been used by too many gods, or demons, or whatever. Now I just sorta exist." Remembering his coffee suddenly, Johnny looks at his cup only to find it empty. "But... yeah. I guess the rest of that fits. The past doesn't want us to forget what we were and the present wishes we'd been forgotten. What's that leave for the future?" He glances around for a skutter but then decides against it. His mood is too serious now and the fun of tormenting them has passed. "Johnny C. Former homicidal maniac, one seventh Council to Hell, and current Judge of Retributions. Pleasure to meet you."

Tak says, "Tak...I didn't bother to come up with a cover name yet, hasn't been worth it. I'm just a janitor. I was attempting to be an invader, but someone ruined that horribly for me and destroyed my life. I decided to screw the rules like they screwed me, however, as I WAS trying to prove I could still be an invader...but the SAME damn somebody ruined it again. ...honestly though, if the Tallest weren't such fans of snack foods, I'd have never went with such a plan as that one anyway...""

Tak says, "Homicidal's deffinetly more my speed than suicidal...as much as I've, admittedly, yet to kill anything. That sounds rather ominus though....this person...is HE the reason for how much Zim seems to have some sort of unnatural protection? How he ALWAYS seems to survive and go on with things as he pleases DESPITE all his enemies? Please don't rank the Irken empire by that fool. ...while we are still not overly bright as a race, we are generally much smarter than that stain on Irken history."

Johnny says, "I've never gone into what they call 'Invader Zim'. Didn't have a way to watch it. I come from a comic book. My neighbor has a comic book. Apparently my ex-girlfriend has a comic book. Zim has a cartoon show that's really big amongst the goths that shop at Hot Topic." Wasn't that what Stocking once accused Tak of being? "All of it is being credited as the creation of one Jhonen Vasquez. Annoying little prick." Clearly there's some issues buried here, not that it's not a bit understandable when you're so-called creator dresses like you. "On the bright side, I don't think anyone here knows about it. I had to hunt pretty hard to find anything about Devi. You find people from time to time though who know more than they should. The red headed waitress with the pigtails knows waaaay too much about me. Yoiko, I think was her name. Yoiko Heebeekey? I dunno. Something starting with an H..."

Tak looks thoughtful and shurugs. "I've only met the people here today, Kotal and one of his men, Sae, Serenity, that person that was trying to eat me, and that other person who was trying to kill Mimi...aside from random school kids who seem to amount to nothing."

With a nod of his head Johnny comments, "Yeah, people aren't as vocal as they used to be. These days you have to kinda reach out and get their attention. Like George." He leans back and calls to the back of the UR. "HEY! GEORGE!" A man in brown suspenders leans into sight from a private booth and smiles beneath a large bushy mustache. "HEYA NNY!" Johnny sits back down proper. "My friends call me NNY."

Tak seems a little uncertain of how to tak this info that his friends call him Nny. She's never had a friend. Surely this talk does not constitute a friendship does it. Friendship is an odd concept to the irken mind...especailly the hardened wannabe invader type of irken mind. "Oh...alright..." she murmurs, her confusion being more obvious than she would have liked. "I've only ever been called Tak..."

Johnny picks up enough to notice she sounds bothered but as for why is beyond him. "Well NNY is short for Johnny. I refuse to be called John. Tak can't really be shortened unless you want people to start calling you T." He ponders that further, "Or Ack. But then you sound like a Martian."

Tak says, "Sorry...this friendship thing is a concept I haven't really grasped a full understanding on yet. It's still one of the weakest links in my knowledge of humans."

Pondering that a long moment, Johnny tries to explain. "Umm... It's like, war. Right? You go out on the field and the people that fight beside you? You want to save them and keep them alive, because you know they have your back. They'll fight and die for you if you fight and die for them?" He's seen a few wars in his time on Chronos, but that's a story for another day. "Friends are like that, but it happens on its own and not because you need to save your own hide." That's about the best he's got without knowing enough about Tak to make it relatable. "Sometimes you don't want it to happen, but it does."

Tak nods a little. "If it wasn't for that part about not needing it to save your hide, I'd ask if it was like with Mimi. Of course I wouldn't have needless emotional ties to an unfeeling mechanical being of my own creation...."

Johnny grins, "You'd be surprised how easily you can develop emotional ties to things of our own creation." His eyes glance at the bar for some reason, or maybe the barstools in front of it. It's hard to say. "But no. I get it. I didn't really get the concept either until someone dropped it on me and I found myself feeling defensive towards them." He sighs, sitting up a little straighter. "It'd be easier to not have emotions, but sometimes we don't get a choice in the matter."

Tak says, "I suppose you're right...not being so angry at that fool Zim might make things much simpler for me, but I despise that little thief with all my innards." She might seem like she's opening up friendly like, but honestly she just feels like she has no reason to fear from a man in Nny's position knowing these things. It feels most people would just roll thier eyes if he shared all her secrets. It does somehow feel nice to just be HERSELF and not be talking from the perspective of this stupid human guise though.

Not that she'd know, but her feelings towards talking are shared. The only difference being that Johnny stopped caring who he talked to long ago. If he gets called crazy for it, so be it. But being taken seriously is not only welcome but for the most part also keeps him focused. Mostly anyways. "I'm not suggesting you go out and try to befriend everyone. If you hate someone, hate them. Let it motivate you. But you asked about friendship so I tried to put it into words." Johnny picks up his empty styrofoam cup once again as if it will magically have something in it this time. He puts it back down with a sigh. He should really do something about that.

Tak listens to Nny again before giving a nod. Well to be fair to Nny he IS crazy, but he has pretty good reasons for it. "Well...as much as I like getting not to pretend to be someone else, I should get back to the dorm before someone starts getting suspicious of my absense."

Johnny snickers and stands giving an elaborate bow to the would be/should be Invader. "Hey, happy to do so again. I'll be around. If not, make a big enough fuss and someone will get my attention. I'd give you a puzzle box but something tells me handing you a gate to Hell isn't the best idea." He says this with a very dark and sinister grin. "Just remember. Spare the burritos and you'll have my support, friend." The deliberate jab at the conversation they just had should hopefully give her pause. At least there's no sarcasm in his tone.

Tak agrees entirely. "Probably better NOT to play with a thing like that, tempting as it is... It feels like the sort of thing that trying to understand would only leave me dangerously unequipped for." Tak waves and makes her leave.

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