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Just a Statue

Summary: Asato and Rayne have a conversation about those they've left behind... and then Caliga shows up. Who isn't nearly as disruptive as Satyrn.

Who: Asato, Caliga, Rayne, Satyrn
When: August 27th, 2016
Where: Location or Room Name.


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It's the afternoon in the park, and Rayne is where she often can be found... up in a tree seated against the trunk with one leg dangling down and the other crooked up to act as a platform on which she is holding her art pad. Today she's attempting to draw the fountain again, trying to capture the water spraying in the air. She's looking a little frustrated with her efforts this time.

SCRRTCH! SCRRRTCH! SCRRRRRRRRRRRTCH! It reverberates all through the tree. What the hell is that?! It's just Asato, down on the ground. He's using the tree to sharpen his claws. And he looks for all the world like a giant, humanoid feline, stretching against the tree as he scratches at the bark with the claws on his hands. He's probably doing this for relaxation, because he's got his eyes closed. Which may be why he didn't notice that Rayne was up this tree before he started scratching it.

Rayne yelps out more at the vibration of the tree than at the sound of the scratching itself. She reaches down to grab hold of the branch she's sitting on, dropping her pencil in the process. Eyes widened in near panic, she looks down at the source of the noise and vibration. "...Asato!" she cries out, clearly sounding very surprised.

Asato's first clue that something is wrong is not Rayne's call of his name. What is it? Doink! The dropped pencil bounces off of the Ribika's head, and he makes a sound of surprise. It startled him more than hurt, really. But at least he stops the scratching on the tree! Then he hears the call of his name and tilts his head up, blinking in surprise. "...Rayne." He isn't making a joke 'lol, looks like it's Rayne-ing, hurr hurr'. He's just making an observation.

Rayne starts descending from the tree fairly gracefully, swinging down branch to branch in a manner clearly showing she's had experience doing this kind of fast descent. She doesn't quite reach the ground, however, stopping on the lowest branch that can support her weight. "Oh my goodness, I've not seen you in months! I thought you'd vanished like so many others!" She definitely sounds happy to see him, at the least, and is clearly not upset about his interruption of her drawing.

Asato watches Rayne swing down, as if he's watching her technique. When she lands and speaks, he notes, "...So I wondered how you did that. You don't have claws." He doesn't respond to the mention of not seeing him in months. He just tilts his head, inquisitively. Maybe he doesn't know how long it's been? Either way, he bends to pick up the dropped pencil. And then he straightens, offering it to Rayne. "It fell down," he observes. Captain Obvious here!

Rayne holds up her hands, palms facing Asato. These are working hands, and are fairly calloused. "I've got a good grip and thick skin," she says simply. "Though I arguably have talons, just not right now." She taps her left foot against the trunk of the tree as if that somehow strengthened her point. "Oh, yeah... Sorry, did that hit you?" she asks as she reaches out to take the offered pencil.

Asato leans up, on his tiptoes, to look at her hands. In fact, he tries to reach up and rub the heel of her hand with one finger. Asato is a touchy-feely one! As for the pencil? He gives an affirmative grunt to the question. It didn't really hurt, but he wasn't asked that, he was just asked if it hit him. Which it did! Though he looks like he's no worse for wear after it, so there's that.

Rayne, predictably, withdraws her hand with a slight start from the near rubbing. As the sudden movement upsets her balance slightly, she reaches down with it to strengthen her grip on the branch she's now on again. She never actually thought the pencil would have actually hurt Asato, but it's still polite to apologize for it, right? "So, uh... How have... you been?" She's trying to do the whole small talk thing, but she seems almost... out of practice. There's definitely an underlying level of stress in her speech patterns and posture, as well.

Oh boy. Small talk? Asato's really not good at that either. He's at least as socially awkward as Rayne. So his answer to Rayne's question? "...Good." He doesn't seem uncomfortable with the silence, so there's that. But then again, Asato. He might not have told much about himself, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he didn't exactly grow up with a big peer group.

Rayne blinks a few times, then sighs and sits back against the trunk tree. "It's good to see you again Asato... But I still feel like there's more people gone than here, you know?"

Asato tilts his head to the side again, and then sits down against the tree trunk as Rayne did, but on the ground. Tilting his head back to look up at Rayne from there, he asks, "Where do you think they went?" He's a little worried about that, honestly. Do people just disappear? Where do they go? Do they go back to their world? Would he get to see Konoe again? And Bardo? And even Rai?

Rayne bites her lip slightly. "I... I don't know, Asato. I have no idea. I just know... There's a lot of people I've not seen in a while... It's... maddening. But I get the feeling it's... just the nature of this place. Twisted brought them here... maybe it just... sent them away, as well. I just... hope they got to go to their homes, if that was what they wanted." She knows well that some of her friends were happier here than in their home dimensions.

Asato nods. He's quiet for a moment, listening to Rayne speak. He lets a few moments of silence pass, and then he speaks up haltingly, "...I do too... I miss Konoe. And Tokino. And Bardo. And even Rai. He makes me mad. But I think... he's just that way because... I don't think he knows how to deal with people either." He means that he has issues with knowing how to deal with people too. "So he's not so bad. Even if I want to hurt him."

Rayne looks back down at Asato with a raised eyebrow. "That's a bit of a contradiction, there." She continues technically looking at Asato for a moment, but doesn't really seem to be looking at Asato as she pauses to consider the people she left on Cevernal. "I've not thought of my old friends in a while, you know? Veluk, Jezirah, Relven." She smiles lightly. "Even that quiet bundle of nerves Kage. I wonder what they thought when I suddenly... vanished. Or if time here is separate, somehow? If one day I'll show back up on Cevernal and it'll be like I was never gone to them..."

"Rai is mean. But he thinks he's helping," Asato replies. "He tells you you can't do something. It'll make you mad. And you'll want to do better." It's backwards to Asato, but that tactic never worked on him. Asato looks at Rayne inquisitively as she seems to be looking THROUGH him. He's quiet when she starts to speak about her friends, and to postulate how time works here. "...I don't know," he admits. "But if it doesn't. Would you still remember here? Then.... why?" He's having trouble getting it out, to formulate the words. He speaks slowly. "If you don't remember here... why come here?"

Rayne shakes her head in response to Asato's question. "Well... I meant to them, not to me. I... I don't see how I could ever forget this place. Unless it is part of the nature of this place." She sighs and shakes her head. "I'll never pretend I'm smart enough to figure this place out... which isn't to say I'm dumb, more that I'm not sure anyone is. I.... miss my friends from Cevernal, sure... but I accepted them being gone from my life fairly easily when I found myself here. The others vanishing from here, that's harder for me to take."

"...Unstable." That's an understatement when referring to Twisted. But it's still true. He tries again to explain, "...Time. What if it doesn't pass for you? So if you go back it's when you came here, too. So none of it happened." He's trying to suggest that, if someone from Twisted goes back home and they return precisely to the same moment they left, that time wouldn't have passed for that person either, so wouldn't they forget? But he nods to the words of not figuring it out. "I'm not really smart," he asserts. And here he speaks slowly again, as he does when he's wanting to make sure he can get something out. "If you think something bad happened to them... it'll be scary. I think it's worse not knowing. So... don't think something bad happened."

Rayne frowns as Asato says that. "...I wasn't thinking something bad happened... not until now, at least. Thanks for that." She sighs and shakes her head. "No, what's been... driving me towards insanity... Is the loneliness. I suddenly just feel like I'm..." She lets go of the branch she's sitting on and grasps with her hand into the air as she grasps for the right words. "I don't know."

Asato pouts, lowering his ears. "...Sorry." At least he didn't get specific on the bad things. Like having gone into the wastelands and something having eaten them. Yes, yes, you're welcome. But he does seem to understand her plight. "It's hard. When nobody's around. I didn't have many friends either." Which might explain why he latched onto Konoe so tightly. Speaking of which? "...I miss Konoe."

Rayne looks down to Asato with a bit of pity in her eyes. "Cherish her memory, Asato," she says softly before looking out at the fountain again. "I've... long ago accepted that one day, those I love will be no more than those memories. It's a price I pay for my near-immortality. But that of course doesn't stop the pain of separation."

Asato doesn't comment on the near-immortality; he's never going to know what THAT is like, so it's better not to comment on something he doesn't have any way of understanding, right? He does however, blink, looking up at Rayne innocently. "Konoe is a boy." He doesn't sound upset at the error. Like as not, he's used to people misunderstanding him, given how he speaks. Instead he just continues, "He has a pretty tail. It's white with orange at the end like fire. And it's kinked at the end. He doesn't like it but I think it's beautiful."

Rayne blinks and looks down, blushing slightly in embarrassment. And here she was trying to sound like a wise person, and then goes and makes a faux paux like that! "Oh... right, sorry. I guess I just went and assumed... Well, I've always said I have terrible gaydar..." She shakes her head, but smiles as she hears Asato describe Konoe. Not the description so much as the fondness she can hear in it.

"SPEAKING OF... So, tell me. If male felines have barbed members.... Do you think your friend over there is in the same boat, Rayne?" The voice comes from just behind Rayne's shoulder, as a man in rather somber black cloak slowly comes into view. A rather mischievous grin rests upon Caliga's face, only to step backwards in case Rayne has some rather unique ideas on how to address the question. "You mind introducing me to the new comer, oh leader of Twisted?"

Asato blinks again. 'Gaydar'? This word seems to confuse him. But before he can ask, he hears a voice, and his ears turn to the source of it. A moment later his eyes follow, though he seems to be able to find the source of the sound better with his ears than his eyes. Typical for a cat, their hearing is extremely good. He tilts his head at the question. Asato is not stupid, so he knows exactly what's being asked. And he shifts, to lean back so he can-- yes, of course-- pull the waist of his pants out a bit, to look down there. "It's not barbed. That sounds like it would hurt."

Rayne glances over her shoulder with slightly narrowed eyes. "Caliga. We meet again. It's been a while, hasn't it? Is it crassness like that which made Kotal always speak so ill of you?" She looks back to Asato at perfectly the wrong time. "Oh, for..." she mumbles as she looks away again. "Asato's not really that much of a newcomer, Caliga. He's been around for several months."

"Kotal speaks ill of me because he is still grossly misinformed on numerous things." A slight wink is given towards Rayne, only for Caliga to suddenly appear next to Asato. He glances downwards as the catman has his pants extended out. A shrill whistle of appreciation is given. "Well, that has sated my curiosity there!" Gliding away from Asato, the cloak seemingly melds with what little shadows are cast from the benches and fountain.

Bowing now towards Asato, the cloak pulls away entirely, as if it were returning to the darkness it actually belonged to. "I am Caliga Satanas, etcetera and so on. I've got far to many titles to keep track anymore. I do apologize for not introducing myself sooner. I've been rather busy dealing with quite a number of things."

Asato doesn't notice Caliga appearing next to him while he's still checking things over down there. Nor is he aware of Rayne looking down precisely at the wrong moment. Though if he realizes that anyone got a look, he doesn't seem embarassed about it in the slightest. He just lets the waist of his pants go, and fixes the fastening. Then he stands up when Caliga bows an introduces himself. Rayne's already introduced him so he doesn't repeat what she just said. He just nods to confirm that he's been here for a while yet. Asato also makes a rather awkward attempt to emulate the bow. He's graceful, but he's never really done the whole 'polite bow' thing, so the movement is a bit unnatural.

Rayne tilts her head at Caliga. "Oh, grossly misinformed. Well, would you care to enlighten me on some of these numerous things that he was so misinformed about? Because I've been getting irritated with the lack of information about... anything, myself. I'm more or less running TASK now, and I have no freaking clue what I'm doing. People ask me questions and I have to tell them 'I have no idea.'" She lets out an irritated sounding sigh. "Has anything happened? Anything at all?"

"Do you seriously wish to know the answer to that question, Rayne?" Its a rather loaded question, and really its one that the woman really may regret learning the truth to. "The end of the era is already under way, Hou-ou no Hoshi." Turning his attention back to Asato, Caliga reaches into his jacket, fumbling around for a few moments only to let off a rather profane exclamation. "Damn. I must have left it there... Oh well. So. Asato was it? What are your impressions of Twisted so far?"

Asato looks at Rayne as she seems to react badly to this new person, Caliga. He trusts Rayne's judgement though, so he's a bit more on his guard when he notes her reaction. His ears flatten and go back a bit, but not enough to indicate 'angry'. Just 'wary'. And the fur on his tail fluffs a little. But he's asked a question. "...Unstable." This echoes what he said not too long ago, to Rayne. "I don't understand it. But it's not bad. Confusing." He speaks haltingly, the way someone who hasn't had a lot of practice speaking would do. He seems like he wants to say something else, but he doesn't. Rayne's obvious dislike and distrust has Asato leery of saying too much.

Rayne blinks at the question directed at her, and suddenly she can't keep her gaze on Caliga anymore. What he calls her, however, gets her attention back onto him with a somewhat confused look. "Hou-ou no Hoshi? The heck?" Clearly she doesn't speak Japanese at all. She looks down at Asato as he answers Caliga, and nods in agreement. "Frankly couldn't have said it better myself," she mumbles, then looks back to Caliga again. "So why are you here, then? The only time I've ever seen you before was when you went and made your overly cryptic announcement about the supposedly upcoming council. Or is this just a social call?"

A slight frown forms on Caliga's face as he obviously notices Asato's reactions. "I see..." Moving to sit on one of the benches, he glances toward Rayne, mulling silently over her words. "Sometimes, Rayne Hurris, it's rather simple to outright speak the truth of a situation. Other times, you're unable to, and leave clues for those who could possibly decipher them to circumvent what disasters could come to pass. Everything, and I do mean everything, since I first approached Kotal many months ago, has been the latter for me. I am forbidden by ancient contracts and oaths from telling you everything you want to hear. So don't presume I do this all out of simple fun." Once more the mischief making grin crosses his face. "Its just an added bonus."

Hilariously enough? Asato doesn't speak Japanese either. 'Japanese' was a language of the Two-Canes, who had been long since extinct in his world, and no one remained who could read their languages. And there were so MANY of them! It would take thousands of lifetimes before someone could translate them all. So he has no idea. Though to be fair, his reactions aren't openly hostile. Just... wary. And mainly it's because Rayne is reacting the way she is. He's only picking up on her energy and being nervous! So there's no real malice of hostility being aimed at Caliga from Asato. He listens though, looking between Caliga and Rayne a few times. Though the fur on his tail bristles a little more, juuuuuust a little bit, at the words. Contracts? Oaths? "...The Devils said things like that too." He has apparently forgotten that there's really no context in his words that he's referring to the Four Devils specfic to Sisa-- Froud, Verg, Kaltz, and Razel.

Rayne rolls her eyes at the 'added bonus.' "Well, don't bother 'leaving clues' for me, because I'm horrible at figuring out puzzles," she says bluntly. "They tend to give me headaches. You'll need to find someone more intelligent to save the world." She sighs, and shakes her head. "Look... I'm just... attempting to 'make a new life here' as you more or less put it. But the very nature of this damned place makes it extremely difficult to have anything resembling stability in your life." She's no longer looking at Caliga, though clearly is frustrated. She looks down at what Asato says, then tilts her head slightly before looking back at Caliga with a slight smirk and a quirked eyebrow.

"And that, is way I chose you. You won't deal with the enigmas that generally come. It'll be refreshing to see it actually work for once." Caliga slowly turns his gaze towards Asato once more. "Devils speak about numerous things. Sometimes, it's worth listening to, other times... Well. You're obviously giving me the other time treatment." Resting both arms now across the top of the bench, the man closes his eyes. "People come and go Rayne. It never gets easier. You can choose to wallow in the loss, or remember this: The time you shared with them will remain with you until you finally reach the end of your own road. They'll always be with you. Just not in a way you may want."

"...I'm not really that smart," Asato provides. "So I'm not the right person for it either." He's a simple-minded catboy from a forest village, there's not a lot he can do against world-destroying threats. Ironically, he already faced one. But not alone, and Konoe did most of the work. Still. Caliga's words about devils get a frown. "They wanted to eat Konoe. And they take people's souls." Yes, THOSE kinds of Devils. Though he does pause a bit at that last. That's... basically what Rayne said. His tail fur begins to relax, and he blinks at Caliga.

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "See what actually work? So you wanted me because I'm not going to figure out the mysteries? Do you realize just how suspicious that makes you sound?" She sighs and shakes her head, completely unsure how to think of the man other than that he's annoying and crass. And speaking of annoying, she narrows her eyes at Caliga. "I'm over four hundred years old, Caliga. I've learned that lesson already. But it doesn't stop it from hurting when it happens. If it stops hurting, you've stopped feeling. At that point you might as well be dead." She looks down to Asato, then back over to Caliga again. As she speaks, she's still addressing Asato, however. "Well, that's the kind of being Caliga is trying to overthrow... if what I understand is correct, which I have my doubts of."

"You're still just a child Rayne." Of course, Caliga would see it that way. Of course, more of the misconceptions that are flying around seem to be rapdily become truths of the universe around them. "I... what? No?" Absolute confusion rests on Caliga's face as he looks towards Rayne, only to sigh loudly and return his gaze to Asato. "Diablo is none of those things. He never has been. Jeez... They need to fire who the hell ever is doing PR for TASK. Because that is sooooooooooooooooo not true. So whatever Rayne has told you about him? Please do not believe it. He's just very misguided and is heading in the direction that those who came before him went... and that did not end well for anyone..."

Satyrn comes sailing across the skies of Twisted, a grey aura trailing in her wake as she looks over her home. Her home that's been corrupted and mutated while she was locked away by the accursed Crux Caedon, who she'll have her vengance on someday. Once she finds the dimensional hopper. But, her senses catch a familiar power level in Caliga, and she stops her flight in the sky above the park. The wind from her travel causing the tree branches to sway (careful Rayne!) as she lowers herself down from the sky, landing a good distance from everyone. While she may be a saiyan, she wasn't raised to be rude and interrupt people. Hanging from behind her is a large black leather duffel bag, which has squarish objects inside of it from how the bag bulges. Her tail tightens around her waist as she looks at all three of the people gathered here, sensing their inner strengths and, generally, judging how strong they are with her senses. o O ( Hm. )

Asato looks to Rayne with a blink as her mention of overthrowing a devil. That doesn't make sense at all. If Caliga was trying to overthrow a devil, why would Rayne be so upset at him? So now he just looks CONFUSED! Not that confusing him is all that hard. Asato's not stupid, he's just... simple. Didn't socialize really at all growing up, so doesn't have a lot of world knowledge. And then Caliga's explaining that the 'devil' in question is quite the opposite. So now Asato is REALLY confused! The Ribika sits down again, folding his legs under him. His hands go to the ground on either side of him and start to claw into it idly. His tail lays flat on the ground, the entire length swishing back and forth in a wide arc behind him. Cat body language? Frustration. As for his 'inner strength'? Oh there's definitely something in there. It's something horrible and beastly, too. Something deep inside him that, for now anyway, sleeps. Though depending on just what sort of senses Satyrn has, that part may not be visible. As for strength? Asato is definitely no match for a Saiyan. He's quite a bit stronger than a human, and the monster inside him might ping a power sense, but he's no flying chi-flinging warrior.

Rayne mumbles, "Well excuse me for locking my form as a 17 year old..." before shaking her head and speaking up. "Well, like I said, I had my doubts. The only place I got any sort of information at all from was Kotal. And we all know how overdramatic he can be." As the tree shakes in the increased wind, Rayne casually reaches down to hold the branch she's seated on. One doesn't spend as much time in trees as Rayne does without being used to some gusts every once in a while. Still, she does spot the source of the gust nearby. The former Director? she identifies Satyrn from a prior meeting.

"Oh no..." As Rayne speaks, and Asato claws the ground, Caliga grips the top of the bench, causing the wood to splinter violently. Slowly he relaxes his hands and moves to stand up. "Well, Asato, Rayne. It's truly been lovely and wonderful and sunshine and butterflies with unicorns that fart rainbows..." His gaze finally turns to Satyrn, as visible drops of sweat starts to form on his brow. "Oh no no no no no... YOU GO AWAY! YOU GO AWAY NOW!"

Satyrn's eyes linger on Asato for a bit as she feels something lurking underneath the surface. Something to keep an eye on. She'll remember that about him. She recognizes Rayne from before, and nods her head in greeting, before settling in Caliga. She starts walking towards the group, tail loosening about her waist for better ease of movement, "I'm not leaving," she says as she continues her approach, glancing up at the afternoon sky briefly. Always check the skies after you land, just in case you're being followed, "Twisted is in danger, I'm going to save it." She unslings her duffle bag, letting it rest at her side, "But I need..." She hesitates, the word choking in her throat. Though she wasn't raised by saiyans, that doesn't mean some of their pride isn't in her genetics, "...help to make it happen. From everyone." She looks to Asato and Rayne, to make sure they know she's talking to them as well.

Asato doesn't notice Satyrn until Rayne and Caliga look in her direction. So lost in his thoughts is he that he didn't hear or see her! Though when Caliga starts to shout, his ears perk forward, and he turns his head in her direction. About then she starts walking towards them, and Asato jumps quickly to his feet. It's worth noting that he actually does this by using his hands to push his rear off the ground, then shifts his legs under him, then stands. He sees the tail... and his blue eyes go a bit wide. He looks at his own black tail, obviously catlike in the way it moves, and then looks at Satyrn's tail. He gives her a better look. No, she doesn't look like a Ribika. But her words catch his attention, and he tilts his head. He blinks. "...How?"

Rayne glances at Caliga's initial reaction, then looks to Satyrn. As Caliga starts to panic, she starts to grin slightly, now quite content to watch him squirm a little. As Satyrn approaches, the grin fades away. "In danger? How?" she asks of the Saiyan. Hey, she's more or less running TASK now, so doesn't this concern her? A the clearly reluctant request for help, Rayne lowers one eyebrow while raising the other. "...You're really going to have to be a lot more specific before I agree to anything." Unlike Asato and Caliga, she remains seated.

Reaching into his jacket, Caliga suddenly pulls out a rather large wheel of cheese (its Gouda). Sometimes, one can wonder just what all the man has in his jacket, but right now he's busy flinging it with massive speed towards Satyrn. "SAIYA-JIN LIKE CHEESE? RIGHT? IF I GIVE YOU CHEESE YOU'LL LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE FINALLY, RIGHT?! PLEASE STOP CHASING ME." Even after she mentions she needs help, Caliga continues to shout. "NO! NO YOU DO NOT NEED HELP! YOU DO NOT EVEN NEED TO HELP! YOU JUST NEED TO GO. THE. HELL. AWAY."

Satyrn opens her mouth to respond to Rayne and Asato, but then a cheese wheel gets thrown at her. She snaps her hand up and catches the wheel. Cheese isn't super sturdy though, and from the speed it was tossed the cheese wheel rips apart, sending some of it past Satyrn, and another part at her face. She takes the cheese wheel face on! And wrinles her nose as it bounces off and her head angles back a bit. Speed and impact and physics and all. She lowers her hand that holds the cheese and lets it drop from her hand. Her foot taps on the ground once as her tailtip sways, "Caliga," she says, a light growl in her throat as a grey aura wafts up around her ever so softly, her hair fluffing from the force of her power as it climbs slightly, "Has scirocco taken your mind? I'm here to talk, but I can do it while fighting if we must. For me, the war isn't over, and I'm going to be on the winning side." She looks over at Rayne and Asato, not addressing them yet, since Caliga needs to be dealt with first.

Asato is not in TASK as Rayne is, but he's not the kind of person to leave someone in danger. Or a place. But he isn't sure what's going on, since he's been not-here, apparently. Confused seems to be a constant state for Asato when things like this happen, and Caliga's frantic response doesn't help that confusion. He looks to Rayne in confusion at Caliga's reaction, tilting his head inquisitively. Satyrn seems focused on Caliga, so Asato turns his attention to... the cheese. It's destroyed, yes, but Asato's no stranger to eating off the ground. He sits back down and reaches for pieces of the dropped cheese. Omnom! Apparently cats like cheese too! He picks up another piece of the cheese and extends his arm in Rayne's direction, indicating that he's willing to share with her.

Rayne watches the interaction between Caliga and Satyrn with growing apprehension. She definitely looks concerned, and despite the insane ramblings of Caliga, she's paying attention to what's going between the two. She knows nearly nothing, and she's aware of this fault. If the two are on opposing sides, she wouldn't know which of the two she actually should side with, so she is trying to glean all the information she ca- Is Asato eating off the ground? Aaaaand there goes her concentration.

"Satyrn, the war of old is over, and Concordance is no more in Twisted! I should know... I was there...." The words trail off as the flashes of the past rise up in his memory, only for him to narrow his eyes. "She no longer exists in this realm. So there is no reason for you to proceed to fight a war that has come to its conclusion ages ago. So just go away." Glancing towards the direction of the City Hall, the man sighs loudly once more. "The fighting needs to come to an end for once."

Satyrn's aura flows away as Caliga settles down. Apparently he just needed to throw a cheese wheel. It's not the first time someone has screamed manically at her appearance, but it has been awhile. She dismisses her memories of small villages that she conquered on her homeworld and replaces her hand on the zipper to her duffle bag, "I wasn't. And for that Crux Caedon will pay. But for now, we need to save Twisted from falling into complete chaos. The order that's been placed on it will eventually tear it apart and reduce it to a chaotic void." She looks over at Rayne and Asato as she unzips the duffle bag, "Concordance died for what the people of Twisted wanted, or what they thought they wanted. But she shouldn't have," She reaches into the duffle bag and pulls out a large statue of Concordance herself, wings spread as she looks down towards a large mass of writhing snakelike tendrils which blend over into one half to form what is obviously a twisted street. Beneath it is the word CONCORDANCE etched into the stone. She sets the five foot statue down next to her, "Concordance can be brought back, and she can make things safe again, with these."

Asato looks up at Rayne as she notes what he's doing and tilts his head. The inquisitive look is still there. But he'll save her some of the cheese if she wants it! Oh make no mistake, Asato's listening. He is, however, making a very good appearance of not. His ears twitch happily at the cheese, and he seems quite focused on that. He looks at Caliga, then at Satyrn, noting names. And then the statue's brought out. Asato pauses mid-bite, looking at the statue. He does at least have the decency to swallow what he's eating before noting, "...She's pretty."

Rayne frowns. Concordance. Another name that the people from before her time on Twisted use so often, a name that has little to no meaning to her. She sighs, shaking her head. "Once again, in over my head," she mumbles. Why so much faith has been put into a former mechanic like her, she'll never know. As Satyrn opens the duffle, however, her attention is grabbed again. She says nothing, however, and looks to Caliga to gauge his reaction to what Satyrn is proposing.

The statue has successfully managed to do just what plenty of others have truly tried. The sound of multiple chains suddenly echoes out from somewhere deep within Caliga as he stares at the stone object.


Ripples of electricity cross through the air as the man suddenly vanishes, only to re-appear a scant foot away from the Saiya-jin. As if his body were moving like water, he fluidly drops down, aiming his elbow straight for the woman's stomach. While there is no intent to kill behind it, the sheer power he's putting forth is reminiscent of the war from so long ago.

"You.. I'll..." His arms drop down to his side as the air returns to normal. "I loved her you stupid monkey girl. But to stop the harm she was doing, I fed the flames of war to ensure this world could have a chance." Turning to face the statue now, he speaks. "The council of old had grown apathetic. Injustice. Fear. Blatent abuse of power by those who claimed to lead. Dare I speak of the atrocities that TASK had performed while under your leadership, Satyrn? The Irken, Nate... Things do not need to go backwards. They must move forward. And if you ever try to pull a stunt like that again.. then I will kill you. Concordance! For the sake of the future... you may not return here. Take your totem back..."

Satyrn is always on guard. Always in paranoid mode. Except when she's at home doing her hair, which takes forever because getting the spikes out of saiyan hair is NOT an easy task. Still, a sudden attack isn't completely expected, and she only manages to hop back slightly to mitigate the damage as the elbow hits her stomach, sending her sailing through the air and through a couple trees which CRACK and topple over, dust and debris filling the air as birds scatter. The saiyan grunts, holding her stomach as her eyes narrow and she stares at the sky. "Hmpf," she says, sitting up and coughing out blood to her side as it dribbles from her mouth, "The wars not over? You're the one fighting." Her aura flares up, grey mixed with black as she stands, her knees shaking. That impact was...horrendous, and she's pretty sure her ribs all broke. "We kept the peace, we made people safe. We kept dimensions from being corrupted by others." She spits out more blood, her hair wafting as her aura intensifies, "This new Council doesn't even understand how Twisted -works-." She looks past Caliga towards Rayne and Asato, "It seems I'll have to talk to you both later, without this insane beast around. With enough of us, we can all be saved." The large statue doesn't go anywhere, it just rests there, idle.

And it just goes to show that Asato IS paying attention. Due to virtue of the destroyed cheese being near Satyrn, Asato had been sitting near her. But suddenly Caliga's on the attack, and Asato moves. Quickly. Grabbing the remains of the cheese, he kicks up and to the side, away from the direction Caliga's coming from. The catboy moves like greased lightning, but he's still no match for their kind of speed and he knows it. Which is why he stays low as he flips to his feet, landing briefly on all fours with a fluffed-up tail and scampering a few feet away. Just far enough to not get hit by the shockwave the impact with Satyrn's body produces. Yes, he still has the cheese in his mouth. For a moment he stands there on all fours-- which looks like it shouldn't be possible with a human body, but it is somehow-- his tail sticking straight out behind him and fluffed up like a bottle brush, his ears back, his normally round pupils narrowed to slits.

Rayne watches the exchange, gripping the branch again as the shockwave hits, then looks to the side and curses under her breath. "I'm never going to get any unfiltered information at all, am I? Both of them are too set in their own ways, too emotional," she mutters. "How the hell am I supposed to make any real descisions when these are the only people that know anything?" She sighs and leans back against the trunk of the tree again, banging the back of her head lightly against it as she looks upward. "I am so damn tired of constantly being in the dark."

"I instigated a war Rayne, that led to the deaths of many, innocents and foes alike. In order to save Twisted.. sacrifices had to be made. I sacrificed my wife, and my child to restore Twisted to what we see now. To change it. To give it new life. The prices that Diablo and I paid were great to ensure that Twisted could continue. Diablo, unfortunately has lost track of that. Which is why we're in the situation we are now. There is no leadership, only a dictatorship that is once again spiraling towards ruin. TASK.. was not what you know it as now. Before, it was those who had strength were right. Their justice is that as you see before you. That of a Saiya-jin. That of the Khans. Those with strength are always right, and to the victor goes all. Yet..."

Caliga reaches into his jacket, and pulls out a small green bean, which he flicks towards Satyrn. "Eat it. I didn't hit you hard enough to kill you, but if you intend to transform, then your wounds will end up costing you your life. I am the victor here, and by your rules, I am in the right. Devi D killed Concordance, and as I am a god of the world of her master, then you see that I am above her in this. Cease this Satyrn. Concordance is no more on Twisted. These are by her own words. I saw her speak them. And I mourn more then you will ever understand."

Satyrn catches the bean, but doesn't eat it. She just lowers her hand and stands where she landed. Walking doesn't seem like a great idea right now. "Your words are a poisoned well. You stand over it gesturing for others to come drink from it so they can fall into the same deceptions you believe." She clenches her fists, though not enough to crush the bean in her grip, "All we ever did was let people live as they wanted to live, while keeping the dimensions that didn't have interlopers pure so it could develop through its natural state without interference. We had Keepers, we had those that were kept, and we kept Twisted healthy. The only way to save my home is to bring Concordance back. It's not my fault you can't comprehend that, murderer."

Asato blinks at Rayne's words, seeming to come out of some sort of trance. He blinks, his pupils going back to round. And that thing inside him goes back to sleep too. Asato stands, removing the mangled hunk of cheese from between his teeth. It takes him a moment to register what she's said. And then he nods. Though he waits to answer, until after Caliga has said his peace. Satyrn's response to Caliga gets a frown. It's a determined one, though. But Rayne's question will get an answer. Asato pauses, to climb the tree and sit near enough to Rayne that he can speak without having to shout. He speaks slowly, so as not to try to make himself understood. And quietly, hoping Caliga and Satyrn will be too wrapped up in their own conflicts to pay attention. "We have to see it. They aren't seeing things we see. And we don't see things they see. So they can't tell us anyway. So..." Then he repeats what he said before, just as quietly. "We have to see it."

Rayne groans and scratches at her forhead. "This is why I hate leadership positions," she mumbles to herself again. "This crap makes me want to go back to just being cannon fodder. Let the people who can figure this kinda crap out make the desicions and just let me live my life..." She slumps forward. "I miss Harold," she says likely only loud enough for Asato to hear. "I miss Xalia. I miss my father. Hell, I even miss Cynthia. But most of all, I miss just living day to day." She takes a deep breath in, then sighs it out. She looks back up towards Satyrn and Caliga again, and speaks quite possibly a bit too quietly to be properly heard from this distance. "You two go ahead and keep fighting in the shadows. But if you're going to start another war, then keep my people, the people of this city, out of it. If what either of you do hurts the people... Then I'll have my side made for me. My Task is to protect the people of Twisted, and Welcome those who don't have a choice but to be here."

Caliga Satanas says, "Nancy Dark. That name alone shatters anything you have to say about allowing those of Twisted to live how they want. Nancy was an innocent, until I killed Myra. Then she was brought forth as a tool."

Caliga lowers his gaze to the ground. "Seth Dark. He was so broken by the council of old, that the only thing that could be done was to fabricate an entirely fake life within him to where he had no memory of a sister."

Raising his gaze upwards once more, Caliga slowly raises his voice once again. "What about all of those killed, who were from worlds that were connected to Twisted, and only tried to return? The taboo of the Gates. No. Those who came to Twisted were kept here, as they were told that worshiping the Council would keep them safe. Would keep them happy. It would keep them alive. And it didn't. Those who spoke up asking for change were vilified. They were attacked. They were killed."

Of course, Rayne may think she's being quiet enough to disallow Caliga from hearing, but he smiles. Turning, he faces the tree that Asato and Rayne currently occupy. "And that, Rayne.. is why I selected you. You aren't above them. You are one of them. The ways of the old have no place here any more."

Satyrn shakes her head at Caliga. Does he really believe the filth spewing off of his tongue? Was he somehow affected by this fake alternate history that's been created and fed to the masses while she was trapped in a dimensional prison? She didn't think he'd be so deceived. Well, whatever. That just means he'll eventually be a casualty of war if he doesn't come over to the right side. She reaches down to her side and pulls out a G-Pad-VII, keying on it with her thumb. A dimensional door opens up behind her, "I really thought you'd want to bring Concordance back and save Twisted. Nevertheless, I pity you and your ignorance, and hope that someday you realize that inside of you, at your core, you've been heavily deceived by yourself." She looks over towards Asato and Rayne and nods her head at them, "I'll find you another time, where there isn't a constant babbling brook drowning out reason and truth." She steps backwards through the doorway, which closes after she enters it. The statue is left behind.

Asato notes Rayne's state as she slumps forward. He wants to pat her on the shoulder, but this time he remembers that she doesn't take well to physical touch. So he merely scoots a little closer to her, not close enough to touch, but close enough that his presence can be sensed. For the time being, even as Caliga speaks, Asato keeps silent. He's definitely smart enough to know when a situation around him doesn't involve him. This is one such situation. So for now he turns his attention to Rayne. "...Konoe wanted to just live, too." His ears go back a little, just for a moment, and he says the name like the foulest curse. "But Leaks wouldn't let him. He played with Konoe. Used Konoe to hurt us. He knew that would hurt Konoe. But after we got rid of Leaks, Konoe could live quietly again." Satyrn's words come then, and Asato's ears again go back a bit. He doesn't speak, but watches her walk back into the dimensional doorway. He looks at the statue when the door disappears, then after a moment looks back to Caliga.

Rayne looks to Caliga. "Go ahead and keep flattering me, it's not gonna put me on your side any more than hers." The woman is clearly highly irritated at the moment. "I don't know Nancy or Seth Dark, I don't know Concordance, I don't know any of this stuff. The entirety I know of this old council is that they were apparently bad." She then growls slightly after Satyrn leaves. "Sure... so then I'll have only one side of biased information being thrown at me at a time. That'll make things better." She takes another deep breath in, and tries to sigh it out again, but her shoulders are still hunched from stress. "Leaks was an asshole, Asato. You were right to get rid of him."

Caliga sighs as Satyrn leaves, only to stare at the statue. "This is going to be a pain in the ass to deal with..." He reaches into his jacket once more, and pulls out a small case no bigger then a blush container. Opening it up he runs his fingers along the contents, the pulls out a small silver capsule with a push-button top. Quickly pressing the button, he drops the capsule to the ground, which suddenly explodes in a pink cloud with a loud *BOOOOM!*

Once the cloud vanishes, a rather dilapidated workshed remains. "All right. Would you two mind giving me a hand over here? We need to cover that thing up so people don't go messing with it."

Statue of Concordance statues.

Asato nods to Rayne's words. About Leaks, mind; it goes without saying that he doesn't know the old council or anything about any of those people that were mentioned. He doesn't really know anything about anything that's going on. His tail's still lashing about in irritation too. Being confused is nothing new, but being confused about something so important? It's like LEaks all over again. Something bad might happen if they do something, but it might happen if they DON'T do something, too. And he doesn't even know what bad thing might happen! Caliga's sudden amazing appearing workshed gets a blink though. And he tilts his head. "Cover it up?" he asks. "But it's pretty." Yeah, he doesn't see anything but it being a statue.

Rayne just looks at Caliga for a moment. She eventually shrugs and nods, dropping from the tree finally and setting her art pad down against the trunk. "All right," she says as she approaches. "If she's some great deity, though, it should probably be done with a bit more respect than just some ratty looking shed, though. Maybe I can send a work crew out to turn it into a shrine or something?" She nods to Asato. "Exactly."

"...Shrines promote worship. We really do need to avoid that." Opening the shed, Caliga steps on, and comes out with a few stacks of wood, a hammer, and some nails. "Don't be shy. There's a saw and some paint and stuff in there. We should get to work."

Asato doesn't leave the tree until Rayne does, and then he waits until she's no longer under him before he hops down too, landing lightly with barely a 'whf'. He blinks as Caliga starts bringing wood and tools from the shed. And finally-- BLEEDING FINALLY!-- Caliga says something that makes sense. He adds to the comment about worship, "...Prayers make gods stronger." And idly he wonders if his prayers can still reach the goddess Ribika here? Probably not. He can't imagine that Ribika would let one of her children stay trapped here alone if she could help it. Then again, maybe she put him here to save Sisa from him...? Asato shakes his head. Then he heads to where Caliga's getting things ready. "...What do we build?"

Rayne sighs and facepalms again. "Oh, great, so now you're trying to make me pick a side again. I should have freaking figured. This was her plan, wasn't it? Get people worshiping her again, that supposedly will 'ressurect' her or something? Look, I'm not picking a side between you two, I thought I made that clear." She looks away and lets out a frustrated sounding sigh.

"Pretty much, that's exactly what Satyrn was up to. Concordance abides by a fairly straight forward set of rules. She only governs where she is wanted. She was killed here, on Twisted, so she no longer exists in this realm. On other worlds, she is still there. Either forgotten, or no longer worshiped. Some places still revere her as the almighty."

Dropping the supplies down infront of the statue, Caliga strokes his chin for a few moments, before nodding. "All right. Yeah. That'll really work." Quickly moving back to the shed, he comes back out with a shovel that looks pretty worn out. He quickly marks out a two foot by two foot square around the statue, then starts digging a thin trench along the marks. "So, we need something about six feet tall, and two feet wide. There should be enough wood to build four walls like that."

Asato is really torn. He doesn't understand. But on the other hand, he doesn't like leaving people to do work themselves. He looks to Rayne. "It's just wood... it can break." It's in assurance. He also adds, "We know what she looks like now." So they can 'spread the word', so to speak, if necessary, depending on what's eventually decided. It's not permanent. But, looking to Caliga again, he says, "...I don't understand." He means the statue, and everything that's happened thus far. "But you can't tell me." Not only because of those promises, but because both Caliga and Satyrn had, as Rayne mentioned, seemed so set in their ways that there was no room for compromise between them. That was a situation where there was no room for mortals at all.

Rayne shakes her head and turns to start walking away. "I'm not gonna help you, Caliga. I'm not gonna stop you, but I'm not gonna help you. Like I said... I'm not taking sides on this. I don't know enough to make a real decision here, and frankly, the both of you seem a bit too obsessed to give me straight information." She looks back over her shoulder at Asato. "I have to stay neutral in this, Asato. Helping one hurts the other, hurting one helps the other. I'd rather mildly inconvenience both in this situation. Even with something as minor in the big scale as building a few walls."

"Hmm?" Caliga stops digging for a moment, only to stare at Asato for a few moments. "That's your choice. However..." Pressing the shovel into the ground, he turns to stare at Rayne. "Rayne, you said you were a bit over four hundred years old, right?" Leaning on the handle some, the man raises his right hand, idly scratching at the side of his face. "I'll be... around twenty thousand or so years in a few months. Its hard to keep track of that many numbers and birthdays after a while. It might be more, but trying to remember that far back is rather fuzzy. After a long time of living, you learn that picking sides may not always be the right side, like you're doing now. But after an even longer time... You learn that by staying neutral like you did? Maybe things could have been better by actually picking a side. So, its up to you." As he speaks, the boards on the ground start to assemble themselves into his specified specifics, the nails lining up as a hammer starts pounding them in. It doesn't take much longer for the walls to be finished, and then assembled around the statue for the most part. "I'll finish up here."

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