2016-08-28 - Overly Caffeinated

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Overly Caffeinated

Summary: SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK. Yes. Tenna's back.

Who: George, Shirou, Tenna
When: Aug 28th, 2016
Where: The Twisted Street, The Usual Restaurant


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At least carrying all his belongings is something Shirou isn't having to do anymore of. Not that he had to carry them for long, but it was feeling awkward wandering around with a sack full of weapons. NOT having to weapon tote, the red headed magus is now just trying to get a better feel for what's connected to twisted street. This leaves him standing outside Integra's Arms, peering around curiously.

Does anyone hear music? Or at least the bass from music being played too loudly. THUMP. THUMP. SQUEEK. THUMP. Wait, was that a squeak? Out of nowhere comes Tenna with a pair of headphones, turned up louder than should be sane, dancing with her squeak toy Spooky. Why? Why does Tenna do anything? At random she throws Spooky in the face of the random passersby and squeaks it. Are you the one for to whom received the SQUEEK? Who knows!?!

Shirou slowly raises a brow at the on coming thumpiness. And squeaks? The thumps weren't too wierd but what's with the squeaks? Suddenly he'd see the source of the thumpy squeeky noise that'd come out of seemingly no where...and the squeaker's seemingly right in his face. "...hello," he wonders curiously. He's not entirely unaquainted to people like this in general ...except for the squeaky toy part. He can't say he's known anyone that carried one of those around and squeaked it randomly at people.

Tenna's eyes go wide. SOMEONE ADDRESSED HER!! "HI THERE!!!" SQUEEK! "You look new! How new are you? You been here long? You must be tired. This is Spooky!" SQUEEK! She smiles happily and pounces Shirou with a hug. Soon as she lets him go she laughs, "Whoa, man. I totally just found this new type of drink at a shop over in Neo-Edo called an Espresso Bomb, apparently no one ever orders it except one lady but OH MY GOD IT'S THE DRINK OF THE GODS!!!" HI. Meet Tenna. She's always like this.

Shirou tilts his head slightly, processing what's being said. It's not the first time he's delt with this sort of thing either! "I've been here for a day or two now," he states, "I'm fine though, what about you and Spooky." He offers a wave to Spooky despite sweatdropping over the situation of being introduced to the squeeky toy. "That sounds like a good thing to keep in mind if I ever need to stay awake for a whole week. I heard there's a lot of places in Neo-Edo."

THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. Tenna can't hear a word he's saying. Remember the headphones? The ridiculously loud ones? Still on. Still playing. "OH MY GOD, YES!! She totally does look like an elephant when she wears that hoodie! I've been trying to tell her that for years!!" Suddenly she grabs the man's hand and tries to drag him into the UR. "Alright, so you need caffeine!! You need a lot of it, right now!" She cheers to the skies. "EMPLOYEE PRVILAGES!!!"

The redhead's eyes widen slightly, but he goes with the flow and tries to keep Tenna's pace as she drags him along. Who looks like an elephant? He's not going to bother asking right now...

INTO THE USUAL WITH THE SOUND OF THE DOORBELL CHIMING!! Why is that in caps? Why does it matter? Tenna bolts around the counter, pushing a blonde haired woman out of the way rudely. "Judy. Caffeine! WE NEEDS IT!!!" The woman (Judy?) lets out a sigh and walks off with her hands in the air. Suddenly a beer stein is dropped on the bar followed by a second. Promptly something dark is poured into each glass followed immediately by everything caffeinated behind the counter. Doesn't matter what it is, apparently. She tops them off with whipped cream. Because why not? "ONE DAY I want to work in a coffee shop." She leans over conspiratorially to wherever Shirou ends up. "...apparently I've been banned." She takes a drink and coughs. "Whoa. Not enough whipped cream." Another gulp. "You know? You don't talk much, New Friend." Gulp.

Shirou 's brow climbs higher at all the things going into that drink. HOW is this person still alive after drinking this? HOW is she not having a heart attack?! At Tenna's insistance he doesn't talk much he tries poining at his ears and then poining at her, trying to make a guesture to symbolize the headphones.

Yes! Finally! She abruptly "OHHHHH"s and nods her head, "God, I'm stupid. Yeah. Aren't they cool?" She finally takes them off making, OH GOD THEY GET LOUDER? "Aren't they great?!? I had to trade that blue guy at Pizza Cats two pounds of anchovies for them. I thought they were like his ears, being an armored kitty and all? But NO. He's wearing headphones!!" She smiles happily and pops them back over her ears. That worked well.

Shirou starts to open his mouth and then pauses as the headphons are back in place. This causes him a little sigh as he rubs at the back of his neck. He's starting to wonder if someone managed to give Taiga eternal youth and pumpped her full up super caffine or something. What's he going to do about this drink though? He looks at the beer stine full of caffine-o-rama with some amount of concern. ...well, it's not like he's got anything on his schedual. He hesitantly reaches for his own drink and starts to drink it.

As soon as he finally takes a drink, she slams her now empty mug on the bar and cackles darkly. Suddenly she vanishes from sight, ducking behind the bar. After a moment she can be seen chasing a skutter across the room with a plunger. "BOB! WAIT!! YOU'LL MAKE AN AWESOME DALEK!!!" Even George seems surprised.

Shirou watches with slight concern as the girl starts chasing after one of the robots. "...errrm...sorry," he murmurs in the general direction of George as his eyes continue following the antics.

George just offers a wave to Shirou and goes back to his drink. He's cool like that. Bob meanwhile... he's not as fast as the woman with the plunger and soon she's taping it to his claw-head. "SEE! Totally awesome!!" Her eyes make their way towards the karaoke machine and she promptly leaps over to it, pushing random buttons. The speakers hidden around the room suddenly blast to life with something that sounds almost entirely not at all like someone singing the words 'Guacamole' over and over again. What the hell? At least this made her take off the headphones FINALLY. "So yeah, I was thinking." Oh, are we back to talking to Shirou? Seems so. "If we could get enough jello mix to fill a fountain, we could play the prank of the century over at Serenity's place. I came across it one night when I couldn't sleep." She smacks Shirou's shoulder and laughs, "How awesome would that be for a fish to suddenly wake up in a room full of jello?!" She goes into another fit of laughing but then frowns. "...don't know how we'd get it to boil though. Cooling it down will be easier."

Shirou can deffinetly see why this woman was banned from....some place? And there she is again. "Serenity? Fish? Is...er...she? A fish-person or something?" Is the lady talking about pranking a totaly normal, non-anthropomorphic, non-talking fish? Now she's starting to lose him.

The music seems to have changed to a song about grasshoppers playing baseball. Someone needs to turn that off! "Serenity? Yeah. She's this slug-person-thing that floats around in a little ball of water. She's got like a totally flooded apartment. You haven't seen the water leaking out from under the door? Totally a dead giveaway." Suddenly she squeaks her toy a few times. "What's that Spooky?" SQUEEK SQUEEK. "Right! Totally. Hey would you want to go with me to get some ice cream? There's an awesome place I found the other day up the road. Doesn't get a lot of business, but oh man. Totally worth the walk."

Shirou says, "I haven't been here long enough to see them, I guess." It's definitely one of the more unique people around the multiverse from the sound of things. Wait...HOW DOES SHE HAVE SPACE FOR SUGAR AFTER ALL THAT CAFFINE? "I don't see why not," he replies as he's not annoyed with her or anything, just amazed by the load of energy she seems to have on a cycle here."

Suddenly Tenna starts drumming her fingers Mr Burns style. "Eeeeeexcelleeent." Where did she put Spooky to do that? "But there's a catch!" She darts over to the bar again, pulling open a closet. "We have to wear sailor fukus and pretend to be Scouts!!" Yes. There's always been a closet full of them for the employees that come and go. Look it up. "You wanna be Mars or Neptune? I'm TOTALLY gonna be Uranus. Hehehehehe. Anus."

Shirou puts his hands up when it gets to the Sailor Fuku and dressing as a senshi. "Why is /that/ a requirement," he wonders, "I don't think I'm anywhere near that desperate for an icecream." Nevermind that he practically IS dressed like a sailor senshi on the rare times when he's disguised as Kaleido Garnet.

Tenna frowns, "Boooooo. Tell you what?" She's already in costume. HOW DID SHE DO THAT?? "I'll go get you ice cream and bring it back. But if it melts, you'll have to go get it yourself." That's fair, right? "I'll even get you some, Spooky!" SQUEEK. "Alright! Sailor Tenna AWAAAY!!" She rushes out the door making whoosh noises. Way to say goodbye, huh? This is why Tenna isn't in more scenes.

Shirou just watches the doors for a moment and shakes his head. He peers back toward the mostly untouched caffine-o-rama and frowns at it. "Umm sorry for all the trouble that was gone to making this but...I didn't mean to order it. How much do I owe you guys for making it and making it gone?"

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