2016-09-28 - Diablo Overthrown

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Diablo Overthrown

Summary: Scheduling being a pain in the ass for all parties involved, Discord was finally used to bring this plot-line to it's end. Sorry for dragging this out for so long.

Anyways, Setsuna and Co. finally confront Diablo about forcing him to step down as the head of Twisted, needless to say this isn't something he's exactly on board for.

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For several weeks Setsuna Meioh has stood upon the roof of the Integra's Arms hotel, watching. Waiting isn't the chore for her that it would be to anyone else, the Senshi has spent millennia standing and guarding the Gate of Time that this, if anything, is almost a vacation. Unlike before where her surroundings where white mists here on Twisted she can at least see the goings on of the people as they muck about their lives. She can see echoes of friends once held close and shadows of people she's yet to meet. Just as she begins to consider calling out to one of the new people she's acquainted herself with in her brief time here her eyes catch glimpse of a shimmering portal opening up inside the sandy floor of the arena. Senior Diablo has returned.

The gate to Hell casts an eerie glow on the sandy floor of the 'Town Hall' has the Devil once more steps foot onto the world of Twisted. Immediately he calls out for Gegoshi. He's had a good vacation. No conspiracy plots. No angry citizens accusing him of doing nefarious deeds and ignoring what he actually does for Twisted. Just peace and quiet and the screaming of the dammed. What more could a devil want? "Dearest Gegoshi, I want a status report on everything that's occurred since I left." This could take a while, but he's come to expect that of the synth. At least he never has to worry about her betraying him.

Narrowing her eyes, Setsuna watches Diablo and Gegoshi for a few minutes, presumably giving her enough time to make her arrival and report. Before it can go any further she leaps into the air and straight down into the arena landing with a soft crunch of sand beneath her boots. Landing in a pose not unlike she's kneeling before him, the Senshi plants her staff into the sand and uses it to rise to her feet. With a scowl she informs the two of them, "We need to have a talk."

Gegoshi is, indeed, informing Diablo of things that have occurred since his absence. It's a very long status report, and she's only skipping things when Diablo waves a hand at her to move on to the next topic at hand. She omits her entire dealing with Lain though, and the fact that her entire basis of existence has changed for the moment and she's having an amazing time deciding on how to act and what to do. But, it's easy to pull up personality files for Diablo and act them out, and so she does, "A thousand females have populated the Akira Institute in Neo-Edo, and a Tower has ajoined to the Institute that Twisted hasn't replaced since its creation. There has not been furthy inquiry as to why this is stable when the Institute itself is reset ev---" She stops as Setuna lands down next to them. She turns and looks towards the Senshi, infinately small text scrolling across her eyes, "Hello and welcome to the Town Hall!" She holds her hand up and silvery fluid flows up out of it, forming into a massive leather bound book that flops open at the middle. She plants an index finger on the page and sliiiides her finger down it slowly as glasses form up over her eyes, over which she peers at Setsuna, "You don't seem to have a scheduled appointment. Would you like to make a reservation to meet with Senior Diablo-sama?"


Setsuna is not the only individual who does not consider waiting a chore. Hidden in the shadows, blended with the building itself via an invisibility field and with his chi suppressed, Reptile, Kotal Kahn’s personal master of espionage, looked on to the wayward Setsuna as she stared off into the distance. When the Senshi moved, so did Reptile. It was not to follow the guardian of time however as he instead brought a finger to the communicator in his ear and hissed into it. “She movesss Khan. It isss time.”


No sooner has Gegoshi asked the guardian if she wishes to make an appointment to visit Diablo that the light of the sun illuminates the arena. It passes through any ceiling that may impede its way, the rays of sunlight falling upon the sands that makes the inside of the coliseum as if it were out in the open. A sound of a heavy object falling rapidly through the air is heard and the figure of Kotal Kahn is seen falling upon the brightest area where the sun shines. He lands on his feet, kicking sand out due to the force of his impact and straightens himself up before moving to stand next to Setsuna. The normally turquoise skinned Aztec warlord and deity is covered in black blood and smells of Ork guts, said black blood also dripping from the obsidian blades of his macuahuitl strapped to his back. Clearly he just arrived after work. The warrior says nothing yet, he simply rolls his right shoulder and stares with glowing golden eyes towards Diablo and Gegoshi, his expressions serious, as if he’s limbering up for a fight.

But of course, with a god of war such as Huitzilopotchli, every dealing is a fight.

Diablo watches with amusement as Setsuna is practically dismissed by Gegoshi. For all the times the synth annoys him, moments like this more than make up for it. He waits until she finishes talking and asks about making an appointment before gesturing for her to stop. "No, no. It's fine. LADY Setsuna here is simply reminding me of the conversation I had with her last. What was it? Oh yes. A new Council with Kotal Kahn as it's only member? Do tell, have you gotten anyone els-?" His words trail off as the Aztec makes his appearance. The demon's eyes narrow. "To coin a phrase, speak of the devil."

He pauses a moment before continuing with a shake of his head. "So what now? Bully me out of the position I fought so hard for? Throw more of my work out the window? I have done more for this world than anyone has dared before me! You fools could have come before me at any time, with any issue, and I would have helped you but now you come here with a fire in your eyes that says 'war'." His words drip with paranoia. Between the prophecies being thrown in his face and the betrayal of those he considered his confidants, there is plenty for him to be paranoid about.

"So let me make this perfectly clear before either of you does another thing to pursue this course of action. Twisted is mine. I helped disband it's Councils. I guided it's very nature towards stability. I freed those who were unjustly imprisoned. Meeting in secret? Forming a new Council? Talking of sending me back to Hell?? I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER!"

The ground begins to shake from the sheer amount of power building with Diablo's rage, and yet even as it seems he will finally show his true potential as a fighter he abruptly stays true to his more political side - instead adopting an air of civility and a wicked smile that would trouble even the resident Homicidal Maniac. "No. There are other ways to accomplish the same goal." He turns towards Gegoshi and bows to her. "Dearest Gegoshi. Turn off the simulation. Let us show these fools exactly what they're risking by coming here..."

Gegoshi looks over towards Kotal as he appears next. She looks up towards the light as it appears, and is about to address him in the same way she did Setsuna, but Diablo has waved her off from that and already addressed him, so then she doesn't need to make an appointment! The synth listens to Diablo and steeples her fingers as he speaks about not standing for things any longer. She hunches over slightly, and her white feathered wings begin to tinge red at their edges, "Yes, my master." The halo above her head spins into life, creating a soft whirrrr for any with particularly good hearing. Normally, she'd start talking about how she's accessing her systems and inform everyone around of her actions, but with her entire makeup having been repogrammed by herself, she chooses not too. Instead, after a few moments of silence where nothing happens, she simply states, "The sun has ceased to shine and the moon no longer wanes." And indeed, Twisted has been reverted to its natural state, no sun or moon in the sky above, no stars to shine, but just a large blackness, seeping its way out into nothingness. Her clothing turns into a silverly liquid, which ripples around her and floods out, dressing her in a cowled black robe that matches the void of the sky, drawing in light itself around it.

Kotal can't help but get a devious smile when Diablo himself refers to him as the Devil. Perhaps a sign of things to come. When said demon begins to look like he's ready to fly into a rampage, that only fuels Kotal's determination. Hearing that Setsuna has nothing to say in regards to Diablo's accusations, Kotal simply begins to advance forward, ready as always to take Kommand of a situation.

“Poor, bullied Diablo.” Begins the warlord, the glowing yellow fires that are his eyes flaring up to the demon. “Always the victim. Always the martyr. Always the one who's heart is pure and free of sin.” The Aztec's grin turns malicious, sharp teeth showing under his lips. Black blood seems to coat some of his fangs showing that he no doubt was eating Ork hearts a moment ago. “Clearly if you are believing your own lies then the power hopelessly corrupted you. A true leader would adjust to the circumstances, not cling to the throne like a frightened child does the leg of its mother.”

Suddenly the lights go out and darkness envelops the Arena once Gegoshi reveals Twisted for the swirling nothingness that it is. As the celestial bodies disappear, it seems that so does Kotal's power. His eyes stop glowing and the tattoos running across his body lose their light. Like a candle snuffed out even Kotal's chi seems to be gone.

And then he laughs?? “AHAHAHA!! Oh Diablo, really? You didn't think I -A SUN GOD- would not realize that everything above me is fake??” Kotal reaches for his tecaptl knife and turns it not to the synth or the demon, but himself. “If you think you are the first one who has tried to rob me of the sun in order to impress me you are sorely mistaken. You know-- as usual.”

Kotal cuts his own chest open with his knife and as his deity blood begins pouring out it seems that reality all around begins to be warped out of distortion. Primordial power that has existed before the universes were created begins to fuel Kotal Kahn, and his once glowing yellow eyes and tattoos instead glow a deep blood red color. It seems that if Lady Setsuna doesn't want to say anything else Huitzilopotchli is quite ready to move this discussion to fists.

“FIGHT OR STAND ASIDE! One way or another Diablo your rulership ends here!”

"ENOUGH!!!!" Before Senior Diablo can respond to Kotal's call for action, Sailor Pluto finally speaks up once more projecting the authority she hopes to gain from this venture. "We will NOT fall into the habits of the old Council." Setsuna gets between Kotal and his pray, her eyes narrowing. "This is NOT a war. We are BETTER than that." Spinning around to face Diablo she gives him the same icy glare. "YOU are BETTER than that!" With a shake of her head she steps over towards Gegoshi to face both men at the same time.

"Senior Diablo, One SIXTH of the Council of Hell." The custom is to address them as one seventh. "Lord of the Lower Depths of Hell and master of its archives. You have made Twisted a better place..." She briefly gives a side glance to Kotal, "NO ONE will argue that. Disbanding the original Council was the right thing to do. Setting yourself up as Lord of Twisted by hiding behind poisoned words was not."

Diablo finally speaks up himself, "POISONED WORDS?!? I have done no such-" His words are promptly cut off as Lady Setsuna begins to speak again.

"YOU SET UP A SYSTEM WHERE NONE WOULD DARE TO COME TO YOU SO THAT YOU WOULD HAVE ABSOLUTE CONTROL. Poisoned. Words. While setting up a new TASK and creating that monstrosity of a tower were questionably logical moves you cannot deny that you are letting yourself become as corrupt as you exposed Concordance to be. Do not tarnish your name any further!"

The devil hesitates as he considers this, his eye twitching in its socket. Setsuna meanwhile maintains her stance as if waiting for a moment to strike down anyone who would dare to speak up in the meanwhile...

Gegoshi watches the proceedings from underneath her hood, though her halo is floating above her head and the cowl, still whirring away. The synth takes a single step away from Diablo as Setsuna steps next to her. This is who Lain was talking about. She's already studied Setsuna with files and databases, but this is her first time seeing her in person. She looks over to Kotal, who's made himself bleed to keep his power fueled. Building up personality databases on people in order to better interact with them is something she's still doing, though she's not sure if it'll be for the purpose of helping them anymore, since she's at liberty to do as she pleases with her core programming recoded by herself. o O ( It's interesting how many people don't understand Concordance's actual purpose on Twisted was. Oh! I'm thinking to myself! I love me! ) She smiles under her hood, though doesn't take any further action or say anything else, letting people interact with each other, at least for the moment.

‘Not a War’ she says, to the God of War. Kotal freezes in his steps when Setsuna interposes herself between him and Diablo. In the back of his mind he half expected that it would go this way, that the Senshi of Pluto would keep things civil somehow and convince Diablo of relinquish the throne without Konflict. And yet, as a deity of slaughter and destruction, he hope that this would turn into a glorious battle. No such luck right now it seemed.

Kotal’s burning red eyes stare at Setsuna and then to Diablo. He grows silent and places his hands on his hips, awaiting Diablo’s rebuttal, the ball was in his court at this point after all. Slowly, the bleeding wound on Kotal’s chest begins to close and his blood dries upon his torso. His power, however, remains there, crackling and glowing as massive chi rumbles angrily. The blood sacrifice had already been paid and the energy would remain until it was spent. Ever ready for Kombat.

Someone else was ready for kombat, if the guns being drawn where any indication. The obvious sound of ammo being loaded breaks the silence, getting an exasperated sigh from Diablo. Of course he'd wait until now. Loudly to everyone who'll listen, Alucard steps out of the back. "Do you guys know how LONG I've been waiting to do something? I mean, it's like Kotal with a kombat boner!" He looks at Kotal Kahn, whom he obviously already knew was here and whistles. "Oh man. Just look at him. Talk about BLUE balls, right?" A wicked smile crosses his features as he readies his guns at both the Kahn and the Scout. To the later he raises an eyebrow. "Yo. Sweet cheeks. You can order me around any day!"

Finally deciding he's had enough Diablo coughs and glares at the red-clad vampire.

"Hey, chief? Ya might want to do something about that cold."

Diablo's glare somehow burns hotter. "Not. Now."

Alucard resheathes his guns, throwing his hands into the air. "Oh of course. OF FUCKING COURSE. You ask me to play body guard, you make me wait like what? A freakin' year?! And now you tell me not do to the one damn thing you asked me to do for you? You know what? I'm out. I'm just out. I'm done. I'm gonna go find some bitches who want to get up on my vampire hotness. Maybe shoot a werewolf or some sparkly guy, and then I'm done. Screw you guys."

In the newly reforged uncomfortable silence that marks his exit Senior Diablo lets out a sigh. Setsuna takes the opportunity to chuckle. "Back to the matter at hand? The people are opposed to your rule. You can't force them to worship you. Your time here is over. Go home. Direct your attention where it needs to be focused and come back again later when Twisted needs saving once again."

The scowl once more intrudes upon Diablo's features. "And if I don't...?"

To answer that question, out steps Lain. The young girl who has been manipulating things from the start. She walks out, stepping above the sandy floor and yet somehow still managing to leave impressions in the sand. "...then I will call forth the one thing you fear most and he will remove you."

Setsuna raises an eyebrow at the small girl and gives a nod of her head. "If you do not leave by choice, you will be remembered only as the despot who was forced to leave. Be better than that..."

More people come in! Gegoshi prefers to engage in people one on one, since it's easier to establish a set profile and personality for that specific individual. When you have multiple people at once, you have to swap back and forth depending on who you're speaking to or who is speaking, thereby making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Not that she's limited to that anymore, but it's still fun for her. She'll just not interact with Alucard, since he leaves before much can be said, and then she looks over as Lain comes in, her halo spinning faster, the audible whirring growing louder. She looks over at Diablo as everyone wordily bombards him with threats and the possibility of his reputation being besmirched. All personality indicators conclude that this is the correct time, and she turns and fully steps away from Diablo, reaching up to pull her hood back, her hair bouncing as its freed, "Farewell Diablo! My services can no longer be accessed by you. I have removed the tether that binds a part of Twisted together from you and will hold it until another suitable host appears." Her clothing turns to silvery liquid and swirls out into a ballgown red silk dress, which she takes the sides of and performs a curtsey. The red of the dress spills out like ink, flooding down along her wings and coating her feathers.

Kotal was wondering when would that vampire show up. There’s an excited grin from the War God when he hears that familiar sound of a pistol being loaded. The Aztec warlord turns to meet the Impaler, only to frown profusely at Diablo when he calls his bodyguard off. Kotal even turns abruptly at Diablo shooting him a hateful gaze. The gall of this Demon, to rob Kotal of even a battle worthy of his time!

He turns again to the matter at hand, still looking indignant. At this point Kotal is huffing in annoyance, appearing more like a petulant child deprived from his entertainment than an angry War God, though he’s still likely to unleash all said power if given the chance. He’s behaving himself though as much as he can with those glowing red lines across his body that nearly scream for release. The Aztec glances at the sudden appearance of Lain but pays her no mind having no meaningful link with her.

Its when Gegoshi finally shows her true colors that Kotal gets some manner of relief. With his precious AI turning on him, he’s certain Diablo will have no choice but to surrender the throne.

Diablo grinds his teeth at Gegoshi's response. He might have been okay with things, but having her dismiss him like that? The skies seem to darken as the weight being placed on him stacks higher and higher. "Your empty vailed threats mean nothing to me." His words are strained as if he's trying to keep from yelling, "It's easy to make assumptions when all you've done is watch silently from the side lines. You don't understand the first thing about being in charge of a city, let alone a world. Everything I've done, I've done for the people of Twisted. The good, the bad. These are -my- people. I tried to take away everything that conflicted. The pain. The horrible memories."

His voice gradually gets louder as the wind begins to pick up. "The beast Tabitha had become! The murder of the person she was created to replace! The loneliness felt by people whose friends, relatives, soul mates where ripped away because the unjust winds of fate decided it better to take them to other worlds! I gave this world ORDER! I placed people to keep it SAFE! I restored TASK! I took away those who would do this world harm! The only 'crime' you've accused me of was trying to draw out ALESSA by letting Christabella have access to the remaining monsters she'd created. Which, for the record, you've done an excellent job of dealing with as SHE CANNOT CREATE MORE! It was a calculated risk and as the numbers have thinned to the point where they are no longer a concern I'D SAY I MADE THE CORRECT CHOICE!" � He lets those words hang in the air for only a moment before continuing. "Oh but yes, SEND ME AWAY. Because the guardian of a gate no one accessed, a ghost who apparently excels in leaving cryptic threats, a genocidal warlord, and a rouge synth are such better choices to run MY city. I have made some mistakes, but they were calculated mistakes. I have PROVEN myself. You've done NOTHING."

The air abruptly stands still as he finishes his statement and the devil turns to walk away. "But I am a fair man. There is little I can do without Gegoshi's assistance and she's already turned her back to me. So be it. But when I return you'd best have evidence to prove you've done a better job than I..." He turns back around to face them, his robes unhooking themselves to reveal that they were wings this entire time. Wings that expand outwards revealing his hunched, gargoyle-like body which he then straightens to more than double his height. "...if you cannot..." He stretches his arms out, talon-like fingers reaching to the skies, "...then I shall return WITH THE FORCES OF HELL AT MY COMMAND!" His blackened eye sockets narrow around the devil's glowing red eyes, "...and I will show you suffering beyond that of Hell itself for undoing the work I've done here!!"

Barbed chains rip apart the ground of the Arena, embedding themselves into the pillars supporting the building. The strewn chunks of rock fall into an endless pit of fire which opens beneath the Devil. With a demonic cackle fitting of his position he plunges downwards and the ground swallows the nightmarish vision returning the Arena to its previous state - although now without the sand, exposing a cracked and broken stone floor that was once beneath it.

Gegoshi prefers to keep things thematic, since that's more entertaining for everyone, so her red dress turns to a brilliantly glowing ephemeral white as Diablo's wings spread and he extends his talons. This is so much fun! She waves in farewell towards Diablo as he disappears into the ground, giving a playful wink of her left eye. She then turns towards Kotal, Lain, and Setsuna and straightens, her normally short stature increasing about a foot as she folds her arms, assessing. Kotal is a warrior god, loving conflict but with order underneath it if the current formation of TASK is anything to go by. Setsuna she barely knows, other than what she's read, so she needs to gain information on her. Lain is an entity similar to Concordance, outside the normal confines of reality. Something she's been analyzing a lot lately. It's difficult to build databases and personality files for such existences, but she's getting better at it. It helps to have two of such. There was a time when she'd immediately bow and offer to serve any of these three, but she's changed that part of herself, "Which of you us can lead Twisted better than those past, and why?" She looks specifically at Lain, knowing that she's probably going to fade off and leave this to the rest of them, but she doesn't know enough about her yet to be sure. Besides, she's just playing a role right now, as are all her interactions with other beings.

Was this ever Kotal Kahn’s battle? As Diablo rages on, the Aztec God crosses his arms and feels as though he’s watching from the sidelines a Konflict between only Diablo and Lady Setsuna. The Aztec is only barely aware of many of the things Diablo speaks of, he knows not of what was going on behind the curtains with the Hell monarch’s decisions. All he was aware of where the end results, and the results were a city full of monsters with a defeated people that served no purpose. The warrior stays silent for the most part, having little to say in the debate, particularly when most of Diablo’s grievances are directed at the Senshi of Pluto. Lady Setsuna is a powerful warrior in her own right, knowing that she does not need to be coddled the Kahn decides not to interject. Kotal does however say one thing when Diablo suggests Setsuna doesn’t know the first thing about leading people. “I’ve governed worlds before.” He reminds the demon. “You need not fear that they will be in irresponsible hands.” With the demon gone, Kotal turns to Gegoshi who begins to question those present to see who is capable of taking this coup. For a moment, the eyes of the ambitious God of War flash gold. He sees an opportunity, to take all the power for himself by claiming ownership over Gegoshi. He’ll turn Twisted into his very own Neo Tenochtitlan and from there the roots of his new Empire will grow. But, he deflates, knowing better, he is a man of his word and he agreed to the council for a reason. For all its worth though, he does stake his claim for the AI, that she may know just how powerful this new council will be. “I am Huitzilopotchli, known as Kotal Kahn, true God of the Mexica, Emperor of Outworld and Director of TASK. My warriors and I have kept Twisted safe from all that would threaten it. Under my rule the people of Twisted have flourished like never before. There is no one more worthy.”

Setsuna eyes Kotal Kahn suspiciously as nothing is said about a Council, only Kotal Kahn's abilities to rule. She's done being caught up in the one-sided conversation of threats from the Devil, so this is almost a welcome change. But to be fair he is answering Gegoshi's question, and she doesn't have a lot of experience to back up what she feels to be the obvious choice. "Which is why he will be such an important member of our new Council. We need experience guiding us, we need his strength. But that will not be enough to lead us. The people of Twisted need someone whom they feel they can trust and between myself and the other Council members Caliga Satanas has chosen, I feel we are on a better path." Folding her arms she glances around for Lain who appears to have already vanished again. Was the whole of her involvement really to speak a single threat?

"The next person to lead Twisted will be likely loved and hated based upon the whims of the people. As Diablo should have known a leader needs to be approachable, but also willing to take the blame when things go wrong - even if it is not their fault." She turns towards Gegoshi now with a confidence in her eyes and in her voice. "Until a better candidate is chosen I want to take that burden." With a brief side glance at the Director she reminds everyone, "Kotal and I already came to an agreement on this matter." Her attention then returns to the synth. "I will answer to the new Council and act as it's face to the people. My duties have always been to watch and protect. I have stood millennia before the gates of time and now wield the powers of my Mother, the former Councilwoman Diaduin Emepherea." Her words waver ever so slightly at Emi's true name remembering the heartache she recently endured.

She gives a soft smile to Gegoshi, placing a hand on her shoulder. "All I have left to me that is important is my friends and my duties. This will allow me to ensure everyone is kept safe." Once more she's almost pleading to have this position. Keeping everyone safe is literally her only driving factor in life and without it she's nothing but a silent guardian. This would give her life more of a purpose than existing outside of the natural flow of time. Perhaps this is why Lain had asked that Gegoshi give allegiance to her? A gift of life from one silent watcher to another...

Gegoshi's halo spins down once Lain's disappeared. There's a large personality database going into her, so it's more intensive when she's around. With just two to interact with, it's easier to be whatever she needs to be for either of them. Though it used to be a requirement of her existence, she's now simply choosing to interact that way. Something akin to free will is growing stronger inside of the synth. Her dress, which could either belong at a noble ball or a prom if it weren't glowing white, shifts into silvery liquid that ripples around her body, changing into a long sleeved form fitting robe, though there's no cowl this time to hide her face, and the redness in her wing feathers is gone. This one is a mix of blue swirls and purple veins running through it.

Infinitely small blue text scrolls across her eyes as she looks at both Kotal and Setsuna. Lain's desire for her to back Setsuna is part of why she betrayed Diablo. But another part of her wanted to do it for entertainment value. She'll probably go visit him after this, though she's not sure if it's to say hello or to taunt him. Taunting may become a habit if it's not of beneficial value to the tauntee, at least that's what her old core used to believe. That's gone now though. o O ( My thoughts wander so much! Oh, hello me again! I love it when I have independent thoughts! )

All of this goes through the synth's mind in moments though, so it's just a few seconds before she responds to both Kotal and Setsuna, "Since the prior Council is disbanded, I'll remove the tethers upon those councilmembers as new ones are approved." Her halo whirs to life for a quarter turn as she preps, "I'll tether Diablo's to you, Setsuna. If you're ready." She then raises a finger, "If you accept, brace yourself, for you'll become a link to Twisted itself, bearing the weight of its existence upon your very soul!" She claps her hands rapidly a few times and bounces up and down, then looks over at Kotal, "Do you have a preference of the tether you would like to have taken and attached to you Kotal?"

Kotal Kahn makes no attempt to refute Setsuna when she claims the leadership position. Doing so would be a disservice to everyone who is counting on him. Rayne, Minu, Silencia, Dorian, even his Cerberus, they were all relying on him to put finally at the uncontrollable chaos that swept over Twisted. There would be other times for the War God to reap the glorious bounty of Kombat, now though, it was the time for the tying of loose ends. The Aztec gave a nod when the Senshi lists her own abilities and that of the Council. Despite the Mesoamerican warlord’s silence, it is clear that Sailor Pluto has his full support. Then comes the time when Gegoshi begins to hand out the roles. Kotal glances slightly towards Setsuna when she is assigned the burden of leadership. As the synth then turns to him, the Aztec raises his head, glowing eyes peering under the beak of his Eagle Knight helmet. “I am a Warrior.” He states. “The path of overcoming trials and defending the people falls upon me. I only know very little details of the previous council members, therefore I do not know who had this role.” Caliga’s memories only served him to a certain extent, there was only so much Kotal Kahn could examine from those second hand recollections. All he truly knows is that there were was a Council before and most of them met a gruesome end due to their incompetence. “I suppose, I will take charge of the position who was in charge of security.”

While apparently the 'weight of its existence her soul' is at stake here, Setsuna welcomes the tethering, or however Gegoshi wants to explain the process. As if her words previously hadn't already made this clear. It matters not what other burdens she might have to deal with, but the Senshi does cast her gaze upwards at the sunless and starless sky - still vacant from Diablo's threats. Likely there is a great deal of confusion outside and that sudden realization troubles her. So before Gegoshi can react, Setsuna raises her hand to make her pause. "Shouldn't we take care of that first?" She points upwards. "We should have probably taken care of that sooner, in fact." It's bad enough to feel the lack of celestial bodies over Twisted, seeing the truth of it is too much for someone so heavily attuned to the planets of the Sol system. Even if her 'father' is yet another dimension over from this one.

Presumably while Gegoshi tends to this, assuming she doesn't connect the Sailor Scout first, Setsuna turns to Kotal Kahn and smiles, "Thank you. I'm sure it isn't much of a stretch to say that the people of Twisted thank you as well. You've taken to this place as an adoptive home and as such have cared for the people even when the ones in charge could not." She adds after a moment's thought, "...whatever their reasons." As for why the sudden show of gratitude, "I may have spoken earlier of Senior Diablo's contributions and neglected to bring light to yours as well. It is easy to get caught up in a moment, but unlike him I don't believe things should be so easily ignored so... thank you."

She turns to Gegoshi and smiles again, "Likewise to you, even if your former caretaker had you do things that did not seem wise at the time." It's funny that she'd refer to him as a caretaker when Diablo would have surely called himself Gegoshi's master. Her sudden show of emotions is quickly pushed aside as seriousness again washes down upon Lady Setsuna. "We are ready, dear Gegoshi, for whatever comes next. Hopefully this time with a little more transparency to our actions and intentions." A statement that hopefully comes to apply to more than just the matters at hand…

Gegoshi nods at Kotal's and Setsuna's words. She looks up at the void above Twisted. Once this place was only three steets, so it doesn't feel strange at all for their to be nothing up there. However, she knows people prefer to have moons and suns up there, so she nods her head, "As you wish!" Her halo spins up again. Twisted trembles as Power stirs a moment and soon the sun appears in the sky, along with a lot of clouds, making it so beams spotlight her, Setsuna, and Kotal. Her halo spins faster now, as she looks between them both, "Prepare yourselves! For now I shall tether a piece of Twisted to your essences!" She sweeps her arms out to her sides as her wings grow larger.

She already took Diablo's off of him, so she detaches Devi's from hers. Twisted trembles again as its natural state of chaos tries to assert itself, but Concordance gave Gegoshi the proper toolset to deal with this, even if it's a thousand times harder without her around. Setsuna gets Diablos, and Kotal will get Devi's.

Many people aren't aware of their souls, and those that are generally don't have a proper feeling for them or what they're capable of. Whichever category Setsuna and Kotal fall into, they'll feel a grand presence bearing down around them. Like a grand chain made of void, light, fear, courage, and infinity. Such things can't truly be comprehended by those who inhabit a single realm, but the feelings are what they are. No sooner do they become aware of this immensity linking to their souls than the feeling completely disappears. Maybe if one could examine their own soul they could see something running throughout it, ever changing, ever unstable, and always ready to break free, or perhaps devour, what holds it.

Luckily, most people don't feel anything or even notice the tether after its applied, and such should be the case for Setsuna and Kotal.

"Ta daaaaa!" Gegoshi says as her halo spins down and she lowers her arms, then applauds towards them both!

The return of the celestial bodies above is welcomed by the War God. His normal glow returns to his body once the sun rays shine upon the now dry Arena and though he has long surpassed his dependence on the sun to fight he still prefers to have it around. The return of the sun notwithstanding, the power channeled through Kotal by his blood offering is still present and he’s still crackling with enraged chi, it must be taking him an enormous amount of will power to remain as composed as he is. A testament to his diplomatic abilities, he is efficient in both Kombat and Kourt and turns to look at Setsuna with a pleasant smile. “No thanks are needed, my lady. I simply did what is in my nature. To take Kommand and protect the people has always been the duty of Huitzilopotchli.” The warrior pauses in brief, quiet recollection of his time with the Mexica before addressing the Pluto Senshi once more. “I am naught but one of the few that adopted this place as their home. You should be thanking those who helped me keep Twisted safe as well.”

As Gegoshi addresses them to let them know that she will be binding their souls to Twisted, all Kotal does is simply cross his arms. The Aztec is a God, far too familiar with what it feels to have millions of souls bound to you, beyond merely feeling his supplicants and worshipers utter his name, Kotal’s domain extends to all warriors, and all battle – even if indirectly- empowers him. When Gegoshi grants Kotal’s soul access to what once was Devi’s domain, the deity simply feels his already vast senses expanding. Now, he can truly feel the people of Twisted close to him, just as he felt the people of Aztlan and those of Outworld. “Superb.” Mutters Kotal and he clenches a fist, his fist glowing with yellow and red energy.

Unlike Kotal, Setsuna doesn't seem to react much to being connected to things so much as relieved. She closes her eyes and embraces the sensation with a soft sigh of content. This was a victory, pure and simple. When she opens her eyes again she bows her head at the synth offering a simple yet heart-felt, "Thank you." Taking a few steps away she looks at the view of the skyline as though seeing it for the first time, or more accurately - seeing past it. "We need to contact the other members of the new Council. Following that we should make an announcement to the people." Turning back towards her companions she gestures around to the arena. "This is a place of practice and fighting, it should not be a center of government. I feel once we take care of our priorities we should look into a more appropriate place for us to meet and share ideas. Wouldn't you agree?" While it may seem that she's already giving instructions, she's not. Aside from the first part which she feels is simply stating the obvious, she's asking instead of deciding for everyone. Already a step more fair than Diablo's rule.

Gegoshi nods her head at both Kotal and Setsuna. Superb indeed! Everyone should feel great after having that feeling ebb away from them! Well, most beings. There's some that enjoy feelings of terror and being overwhelmed! "Yes! Is there going to be an election or have you pre-designated people?" Not that Gegoshi cares either way. In fact she's pretty sure even though she's not on the council, she could be if she just asked, but she's not sure she wants that. Truly she has no idea what she wants overall in her existence after its recent change. She'll figure it out eventually, or maybe go hang out with Lain. Who knows! She then nods at Setsuna, "While I cannot force Twisted to manifest certain buildings, areas, or portals, I can encourage it to do so. We could also not fill a council seat and use their extra tether to create the new location which would then be a stable point on Twisted, similar to the Usual Restaurant!"

For Kotal, it is not so much liking to feel terror or overwhelmed. He preferred pushing through those feelings, for such is the path of the Warrior, unwavering perseverance in the face of adversity. Kotal grinned viciously as he felt all those hundreds of souls feeling despair, knowing that soon he will be there to shape them all and give them purpose. Surely, there will be some worthy souls among them to start worshiping Huitzilopotchli. When Gegoshi and Setsuna begin to shift the conversation towards the future council, Kotal glances away from his glowing hand and gives them both a short nod. “Agreed, we must proceed making the necessary arrangements.” Glowing eyes glance at Gegoshi and her inquiry about the candidates of the council. “They have already been decided.” The Aztec deity then addresses Setsuna. “My lady, I will speak with Rayne, Morgana and Deis. Will you do me a favor and gather Tabitha and Luna? They have proven to have a knack for eluding me in the past.” Then, on the matter of the Arena, the warrior koncurs. “Indeed, a new beginning is in order. I will turn this into a proper Koliseum so that proper Kombat may be done.”

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