2016-10-01 - All You Had To Do Was Ask

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All You Had To Do Was Ask

Summary: Fed up with not knowing hardly anything about what's going on behind the scenes, Rayne makes half-hearted attempt at getting more information that goes much further than she ever thought it would

Who: Concordance, Gegoshi, Guarlesia, Rayne
When: October 1st, 2016
Where: TASK Headquarters: Rayne's Office


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

The hour is growing late, but in the office of the second in command of TASK (and acting director with Kotal's recent scarcity), Rayne is still there. She stares at her computer screen, finally, finally done with all the work that has piled up. With Minu now missing as well, Rayne's work load has more than doubled, and judging from the half-circles under her eyes, it's started to take a toll on her. But now, she's free. Free to think. Free to worry. Free to be bothered about everything that's going on that she still doesn't understand. Sure, there's supposedly people out there that know all about nearly everything, but supposedly it will melt her brain or something.

Brain meltings be damned, Rayne is tired of being in the dark! Alas, she's still a woman with no leads. With a frown, Rayne gazes at her computer, looking at the corner, the search bar. With an exhausted sounding sigh, she types out something in that search bar, expecting yet another brick wall as a result.

"How do I find Gegoshi?"

A large chibi form of Gegoshi with a giant halo spinning above her head appears on the screen as the computer loads the search. Or rather in this case, the computer takes the time send the query to the synth herself. The load icon of Gegoshi claps her hands and then points up before it disappears and leaves the comp with a no results found answer. However, if Rayne bothers to look up, she'll see the ceiling turn liquidy, rippling out and then downwards, forming a large ball that then turns silver. The ball then detaches from the roof and falls down towards the desk, spreading itself out to form Gegoshi herself, her wings spread fully as she silently and weightlessly lands on the desk. She holds her hands out to her sides palms up, imitating a deity statue? Her eyes looking down towards Rayne, "Why have you summoned me?" She says, her tone serious, dreadful, and echoey.

Rayne raises an eyebrow slightly at the icon. Huh. That's not an animation she's seen before. When if vanishes, however, she sighs and leans back in her chair... and of course looks up.

And the promptly freaks out.

A simple lean back in the chair quickly turns to falling over backwards in the chair as she kicks her legs out in surprise at the descending silver ball. As the chair descends backwards, it dumps her out to send her head into a collision with the wall, which in turn causes the large two handed axe hanging over her to bounce off its hangers and descend towards the ground... thankfully missing Rayne's head by a couple of feet. Well, the bladed part, at least. The end of the handle manages to hit her in the chest. "You-wai-wha-huh?" she manages to stammer out. "G....Gegoshi?"

Gegoshi stares in silence for a few seconds, then her lips tremble a bit and she starts giggling, "Had to break character!" She laughs, "The axe hitting you was just too much!" She hops to be on the edge of the desk and sits down on it, holding her hand out towards the rainbow haired girl, "Hello Rayne! It is possibly a pleasure to meet you as this is our first time interfacing together! What kind of entertainment would you like today?" She hasn't built up a very large database on Rayne yet, and whenever it's One on One it's far easier for her to interact. That's what her original design was made for after all, although now that she's changed all her Core programming, who knows what'll happen. She isn't sure herself!

Rayne pushes the Axe off of herself and gets up to her feet without taking the offered hand. "I, um... okay, I didn't think that would actually work, um... Hi. The, uh, pleasure is mine.... Interfacing? Entertainment?" She blinks, then shakes her head. "Well, I, uhh... Nice to meet you." Having been caught completely unprepared, she pauses again, still looking bewildered. "Uhhh... I guess I had some questions? And I was hoping you'd have answers?" The poor woman looks like she almost had a heart attack, and she's still clearly not calmed down yet.

Gegoshi makes a note of the hand that wasn't taken as offered. Rayne desires to help herself in uncomfortable situations, which means it's possible she has a mistrust of strangers. She files that away in the personality database for Rayne, where it correlates with other personality traits that go hand in hand with such things, along with her manner of speaking, body language, posture after standing. The synth processes it all in mere moments and then stands up from the desk next to Rayne. Right now Gegoshi is 5'3", so they're almost the same height! "Very well! On the basis of your request I will be adapting a more suitable appearance!" The metal pieces around her body that serve as clothing turn to a solid silver color and then ripple out across her body, like someone dropping a pebble into a pond. It flows all around and spreads itself to form a tight fitting robe, on which is multiple galaxies and stars, alive and swirling around the robe as they go about their orbits with each other. Her wings take on the same appearance of galaxies, and the synth looks towards Rayne, her halo very slowly spinning above her head, "Ask your questions, lady Rayne, for I am here at your summons." She holds a single finger up, "But take care, for some wisdom is not meant for every ear to hear, nor mind to grasp."

Rayne blinks and watches as the clothing on the synth changes, then shakes her head to try to clear her head of that sense of wonderment. "I... well, I suppose I should get right to the point, then...." She frowns, glancing away in worry, thinking about the events that lead up to her wanting to ask this question before she looks back to Gegoshi again. "I wanted to know about Concordance. Who she was, how she died, why she died. I wanted an unbiased view of it, and... from what little I know of you, I thought you'd be able to keep bias out of it more than anyone else."

"Oooooooohhhhhh," Gegoshi says, spreading her arms out to her sides, "It's historic storytime you wish!" She bounces up and down on her heels, and moves away from the desk and Rayne. The entire rooms lights go out, leaving Gegoshi's robes lighting up the area with their galaxies and stars. "Many centuries ago, there were galaxies and dimensions with life in them..." The galaxies and stars on her robe peel themselves off and go floating up into the sky above the office, spreading themselves out into a universe. Not that Rayne would know this, but it's similar to the one that use to be pictured on the ceiling of the Old Council room. "...but then, a catastrophe occurred. Weapon reached into the magical existence that binds dimensions and the life of the galaxies, stars, and people upon them, and sucked it out." A silhouette of a sword appears on the far end of the room, a shadowy hand extending from the blade and clutching towards the galaxies. Stars and their light dye, brilliant rainbow light trailing out from them and into Weapon, "And thus, Void was born." The entire room, now devoid of light from the galaxies, seems to grow even darker, emptier, "Void had a never ending hunger, and began devouring the dead worlds one by one. Because there were no stars, the galaxies shifted, losing their place and balance in the galaxies and dimensions they inhabited, so Chaos was born. Chaos and Void ate at the galaxies and dimensions, and soon there was nothing left but a great never-ending writhing mass of insanity." Sounds of gnashing teeth, snarling fangs, and claws scraping steel sound from various points in the pitch black, and Rayne might not be completely sure she's even in the office anymore."

Gegoshi says, "When Chaos and Void had their fill of pleasure, they began to fade. And as they faded, their existences left Power." A minuscule piece of white light forms in the center of the darkness, "Power stretched itself out, catching the fragments of dimensions and existence that remained after Chaos and Void had their way. And soon, the darkness left began to take shape." The light spreads into tendrils, that twist and turn one way, another way, here and there, forming into, "A street. Twisted and chaotic, Power centered itself within these depths, reaching through the dimensions. And with every birth of every dimensional existence, Concordance awoke." Twisted street grows larger, the Usual Restaurant forming on its surface, a large Tower, a broken bridge, and other landmarks appearing on it. In the center is Concordance, her wings unfurled. Gegoshi's voice, which is only heard in the darkness, the synth's body being shrouded in it, speaks closer to Rayne, "Once she appears, she grows to become whatever the people of that dimension need and desire her to be. However, Chaos and Void had left Twisted empty, there was no one to give her desires." Concordance wanders up and down the street, touching rocks, lamp posts, the Usual Restaurant, "But then she understood Power, and its desire to have more of itself." Concordance moves to the center of Twisted Street, and places her hand down upon its stones."

The stones tremble as Twisted churns and then breaks, a six winged being clawing its way out of Twisted, "And so Concordance willed Guarlesia into being." The six winged girl takes to the sky, a blade forming in her hand, similar in shadow to that of Weapon. She begins slashing the sky, this way and that, and soon all of Twisted is alive with bright flashing lights, eruptions of magic, dimensional portals forming, exploding, and reforming, "Guarlesia's onslaught ripped through more dimensions, breaking the scars that kept all those that Weapon had sucked out, letting magic and life back into existence. Lest Twisted Street come full circle, Concordance sealed Guarliesa with a Hundred Seals. Power, satisfied it would grow and change eternally, rested. Soon, life appeared upon Twisted, coming in through the dimensional portals! Some of it sentient..." People start coming out of the many portals that litter Twisted, setting up shops, homes, and other places. Buildings, blocks of cities, ancient structures come and go as Twisted continually grabs other dimensions to itself, while letting others it has grabbed go, "...some of it monstrous." Creatures appear through portals, fighting with the sentient beings, "Once more feeling the desire of those that lived in the dimension of Twisted, Concordance made a Council, and purchased me, to serve Twisted. The dangerous dimensions were guarded." Red barriers appear around the dimensions the monsters came out of, "And for time there was peace. But Power ever grows, and Twisted's chaos spread outwards, unformed and deadly. It was impossible to keep the portals sealed, lest Twisted break apart. The seals were removed, and Concordance formed TASK to help safeguard these dimensions." Satyrn appears on Twisted, smashing monsters to bits and keeping people from entering portals in some areas of Twisted. "As time passed, the denizens began to forget who and what Concordance was. And so did Concordance's focus fade from Twisted. Left to its own, the rules set in place changed..."

Gegoshi giggles in the darkness, "...That answers your first question of knowing about Concordance. A being that exists to be what the sentients of that dimension desire her to be. How she died and why she died..." The holographic displays all disappear and light returns to the office. Gegoshi is once more sitting on the edge of the desk, now in a tight fitting dress that has the Old Council members on it, "...I am uncertain as to many of the details of this, though I was present throughout, most of my time was then spent giving information to Twisted denizens. For some reason, Caliga convinced the people of Twisted that Concordance and the Council needed to be overthrown and destroyed. Due to Concordance's nature, when enough of the people sought her destruction and death, she granted them their wish and perished in a great battle. Many of the Council members had already been killed by either Caliga or his followers by that point in time. Again, I have incomplete information as to what Caliga's, Crux's, or Senior Diablo's true motives were, as it resulted in an Apocalypse." She rests her hands in her lap, the pictures of the Council members each fading away, one man turning to ice, another pierced by a sword, until all are gone. "I hope this has answered your question and that you enjoyed the story! Can I continue to be of service or entertainment to you?"

Rayne stops to listen and watch as the display goes on. Perhaps once or twice she looks like she may want to say something, ask something, but then she doesn't, letting Gegoshi continue. As the light returns to her office, however, Rayne does set her chair upright again and sits down on it, though still far away enough to maintain personal space between her and the synth. As Gegoshi finishes, however, Rayne sighs and shakes her head. "Not... not really, no. Unfortunately, it's that part you're unaware of that was really what I wanted to know. See, there's... well, Satyrn is trying to bring back Concordance, in a way, and Caliga is, predictably, extremely concerned with it. I just... I don't know enough either way to really have a clue how to proceed with this. If I should tell Caliga to just not worry so much and let people worship her again if they want, or if I should tell Satyrn to remove the statue from the park entirely."

Gegoshi nods her head at Rayne's words. Bring back Concordance! First Nancy brought Guarlesia back from the dead, and now Satyrn wants Concordance back. She's not completely unaware of what Satyrn wants and does, since she gave the saiyan a G-Pad-VII and can keep track of her that way, but she didn't know about the statues and worship. But, Rayne is the one she's dealing with, so she hmmmmmmms as if in deep thought, "From all of the data of that time period, Caliga was the main instigator in what led to the Apocalypse. Satyrn served as the leader of TASK holding the Crow rank, carrying out the wishes of the Council, however Crux trapped her in a pocket dimension disallowing her access to the final battle that resulted in Concordance's destruction." The synth's wings flutter as she searches for answers Rayne would want, "After a recent meeting with Diablo, he is no longer a part of a Twisted Council. A new one has been created with Setsuna and Kotal, although other members are likely to be added, I haven't decided if I will back them or not." She giggles, then blinks as something registers! "Would it help you to meet another version of Concordance from another dimension?"

Rayne frowns at the wordings of all this. 'Apocalypse' just doesn't sound like something that would be brought about for the good of the people of Twisted. She glances to the side as she considers this, then suddenly her attention shoots back to Gegoshi. "Wait, what? The new council?!" She looks quite surprised by this. "But I though..." She then frowns again. "Did I piss off Caliga that much?" she asks, likely as much to herself as to Gegoshi. "I... well... I suppose?" she says finally to the last question.

Gegoshi bounces up and down, Rayne seems interested and, while not entertained, interest is akin to enjoyment, so she feels like she's doing her job well. "A new council was just formed recently. However, jobs are still currently being assigned, and I'm unsure wether or not I will completely support all of the new Council members." She smiles, her halo spinning rapidly, "I am currently evolving into a new being, it is very exciting because it's never happened before!" She then nods at Rayne wanting to meet Concordance, "She is in a dimension called Nerima, forgotten in a deep underground temple." She got this information from Satyrn's G-Pad-VII, but not much else. "Would you like me to open a portal directly to the location?"

Rayne blinks, looking at the spinning halo. "Um, well, it's good to experience new... experiences. I tend to completely change my career every ten years or so, myself, um..." While she definitely looks interested, there's still a slight sense of unease from Rayne. "Jumping... dimensions. I've not attempted that since I've gotten here, even with those portals on the tower..." She takes a deep breath, then nods. "All right... well... I guess we might as well go, yes?"

Gegoshi giggles as her halo spins faster, a whirring sound occurring from its rapid movement, "As you wish!" A wood doorway appears on the floor big enough for Rayne and Gegoshi to go through. On the front is the design of a large mountain, a dragon, an ice cream shop, and a tavern soaked in blood. There's no handle or knob. Gegoshi steps to the side of the door and flourishes her hand as she bows, gesturing Rayne towards the door.

Rayne blinks as the door appears, then stands up as Gegoshi motions towards it. "Well... no time like the present," she mumbles as she steps up to the door and places her hand on the center of it to try to push it open. As she does so, she looks over the design, slightly bothered by the tavern soaked in blood.

The door opens up easily, the smell of dry earth and faint sent of molding wafting through as Rayne passes through it. Gegoshi follows after her! The lighting is very dark, though not pitch black, although the sources of light can't be seen, everywhere in the cavern seems to be lit up. Rocks, debris, and dirt litter the area, pieces of what was once a temple scattered about. The only part that is not completely ruined is a dias that leads up to a large stone throne. Behind that is a large worn statue of Concordance, wings spread, massive scythe in hand, as if waiting to reap the lives of those before her. Sitting in the throne is the person depicted in the statue, Concordance herself. Though she sits back with her eyes unfocused. Next to her is Guarlesia, a six winged girl who's laying on her back, staring up at the dirt and rock ceiling, one of her hands idly grabbing dust and debris and tossing it to the side of her.

Rayne steps through, looking around in the odd lighting with a slight frown. But then there they are. Two beings that are, by all accounts, much closer to being actual gods than even Kotal. Beings of mythical, legendary power that makes anything Rayne can do pale in comparison. She looks up upon them in fear, suddenly realizing she just got in way over her head in this. Rayne's never been a religious person, so she's suddenly caught unawares. How does she address them? Her only experience with deities would be Kotal and Deis... and she treats them just like normal people. With that as her only frame of reference, she bites her lower lip slightly before she takes another few steps up towards them and says, simply, "Um, Hi. I'm Rayne?"

Gegoshi hangs back and waits next to the doorway as Rayne heads over. The synth was once under Concordance's ownership, and while her death allowed her to skirt around the contract she was under, and she's changed her Core programming so she belongs to no one but herself, she knows everything Concordance is capable of, here or anywhere she's manifested.

Concordance doesn't respond to Rayne, in fact, she doesn't even move. Her eyes are unfocused and she's laying there limply, almost like a doll set in place on a throne. She looks real, but... --- Guarlesia immediately sits up as Rayne approaches, "Hey! Wow! Visitors!" She leaps to her feet, her six wings all flapping wildly, "It's been forever! I'm so glad you're here! Is that Gegoshi? GEGOSHI! Tell Nancy I want her to come free me!" She looks back to Rayne and waves a wing in greeting, "Rayne! Did you bring wine? I love wine! I'm Guarlesia! I'd make my own wine, but that's sealed away so I can't use it."

Rayne blinks. This was not the reaction she was expecting. Apparently she did pick the right form of greeting, after all. "I, um, uh, no, I didn't. This is kind of a, uh, spur of the moment thing. I kinda haven't counted on anything happening that's happened in the past hour or so, um, so my apologies for not bringing gifts? I'm a bit of a lightweight, so I don't typically keep it around..."

Gegoshi nods her head at Guarlesia, but still doesn't approach any closer, and the door has remained opened back into the office this whole time as well.

Guarlesia frowns and sits down on the stone of the dias. She folds her arms as her wings all droop behind her, "Nobody ever brings me anything. Why did they bring me back to life if all I get to do is sit here in this buried ruined temple?" She huffs and looks over at Gegoshi accusingly.

Rayne looks over to Gegoshi as well. She's completely lost here, unsure of why she's doing this now. "Well, um, ah... We'll have to remember to get a wine gift basket from S-Mart next time? I'm... I'm sorry you've been stuck here, but...." She frowns, completely unsure of what she'd ask Guarlesia. It was Concordance that she was more at least attempting to be prepared to talk to. Guarlesia she's never even heard of before today!

Gegoshi smiles at Rayne and Guarlesia, "Nancy wanted to bring you back because you're her friend. Her desire to go on adventure and quest to resurrect you brought about many entertaining difficulties we had to overcome, which Nancy found entertaining!" She tries her best to be a people pleaser. At Rayne's look, she adds, "Concordance will often de-focus when the dimensional world she exists in no longer requires or has forgotten her. There have been many ways to bring her focus back, but from the statue it appears here she was some form of Death. It is possible a sacrifice would bring her focus!" She giggles, "Although yelling has also worked in the best, I do not think it made her agreeable to whoever summoned her in such a way."

Guarlesia rolls her eyes and waves her hand off at Rayne, "Just do it next time, okay? Seriously, I used to get to stare up at the galaxy, in here it's nothing but rock and dirt! Booooo." She looks over at Gegoshi and sticks her tongue out at her. =P

Rayne blinks and looks back to Gegoshi again. "Death? Er...." She blinks, looking back over to Concordance. She keeps getting reasons not so support both sides of this, instead of reasons to support one side or the other! As she's specifically trying to not favor her over Caliga until she has some real information, there's no way she'd offer up a death sacrifice... but the thought of just yelling at a death goddess also sounds like a very, very bad idea. She looks back to Guarlesia again and nods slowly, still fairly wide eyed. "Um, yeah, sure. Sorry. I was just... unprepared, like I said."

Gegoshi nods her head. She's making assumptions based on the information here. She doesn't actually know what will bring Concordance to focus on this particular place. But it seems like an option. She doubts Rayne will just kill herself or try to kill Guarlesia though. Other options...other options. Oh! "Perhaps praying will wake her up."

Guarlesia nods her head at Rayne, "Yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry." She says, phbbting at Gegoshi one more time before looking back to Rayne, "If you want to talk to Concordance I don't really want to help you. The sooner you talk to her, the sooner you'll leave, which means I'll be here bored and alone again. If I could feel depressed and sad, I know I would! But those emotions are sealed."

Rayne shakes her head to Gegoshi. "Prayer is for someone that actually worships her. I don't... really worship anyone, so...." She sighs, then looks back to Guarlesia. "Well... I guess... I'm here to talk to you, then? Uh, what can you tell me about what Concordance is like... as a person?"

Gegoshi nods her head at Rayne. She also doesn't worship anyone! Unless they want to be worshiped, then she'd do it, because her design is to be helpful like that. She looks over at Guarlesia as Rayne asks her. True, Guarlesia was always at Concordance's side through everything, so she probably knows more about it than she does.

Guarlesia looks over at Rayne and huffs, leaning against the throne and poking at Concordance's wing with a finger, "I don't know this one very well, but she sealed me just like the other one. I guess they're all the same person but existing at different times? Whatever." She looks back over at Rayne, hesitating. It HAS been a long time since she's got to talk to anyone... But... She closes one eye, stands up, takes in a breath, "......I'll tell you everything! Over wine! Bring me wine! Wine!"

Rayne blinks, then shrugs. "Sure, okay. That's a reasonable request. If you'll excuse me for a few moments, I'll go get some. I'm pretty sure there's some up in the kitchen... I wouldn't know what's quality wine and what's cheap, so you'll have to pardon me if my selection is poor, then." She bows slightly in advanced apology then pauses a moment before she just starts heading back to the exit to get back to TASK.

Gegoshi actually walks back through the door with Rayne, heading with her on her trip! She doesn't say anything though, other than watch the girl intently, studying her!

Guarlesia taps her foot, waiting for Rayne to return, looking at the door. It'd suck if they didn't come back through. Maybe she shouldn't of made so many demands. So looks at Concordance on the throne and the doorway, thinking of grabbing her and making a run for the door. Back there lays Twisted after all, which is much better than this stupid boring cave. But, then Rayne comes back with Gegoshi and her plans change! She holds her hands out for the bottle, eyes glimmering!

Rayne blinks over her shoulder at Gegoshi as she's following her. She still looks a bit nervous at her presence, but she makes it up to the kitchen, where she's able to ask someone on break what's a good wine. With that knowledge in hand, she takes a bottle and a trio of glasses and walks back out, giving the officer a bit of a dirty look as he makes a comment about it being for her 'date'. Apparently the guy got a weird idea from the fact that Rayne, who is known to rarely drink, is grabbing a bottle of wine with another woman following her around. She makes it back to her office and indeed the cave without further incident, however. "I'm back, sorry for the wait," she says as she looks around with a slight frown at the fact that there's... no table or anything to set these down on except the floor.

Gegoshi hangs back by the door again. She's tempted to join in the wine drinking, but Concordance might wake up. Plus, she always prefers one on one encounters versus multiple people at once!

Guarlesia nods her head, "I'm just glad you came back..." She looks off to the side, then back towards the wine and the glasses. "Here!" She takes Concordance's arm which is resting on the armrest of the throne and shoves it off into her lap instead, "There! This works! Pour pour! I haven't had wine since I was resurrected! And Caliga hates me and wants me destroyed, so I'm not asking him, and Satyrn said she would but she hasn't come back with it yet. But you! Rayne! You did!" She hops up and down, the ethereal wings on her back fluttering.

Rayne blinks at the casual moving of Concordance's arm, but as she doesn't respond, Rayne does put the glasses and bottle down after just a breif pause. "Well, I, uh... It was just a quick trip, it wasn't that much trouble." She looks at the bottle and curses under her breath. She totally forgot about a corkscrew! Has it been mentioned that Rayne isn't much of a wine drinker? After another brief pause, she picks the wine bottle back up only to set it down on the ground... and then draws a sword. With something muttered under her breath, the sword erupts into flames. The flames quickly die down, however, as it seems the heat is being absorbed into the blade itself. Picking the bottle up again with her left hand by its base and holding it upright, she lines up the sword and then swings at the neck, lopping off the top of it! "Sorry, had to make do. Forgot a corkscrew."

Guarlesia nods at Rayne, though as she catches her sword on fire she takes a step back. Her regeneration is sealed too, although she thinks high amounts of pain are as well. But still, someone pulling a sword and setting it on fire gives most beings concern. She reaches up to adjust her fancy smancy hairband as Rayne lops the top off the bottle. Oh! She smiles! "That's not a problem! As long as its open and we're going to drink it!" She looks at the glasses, then at the bottle, then at Rayne, then at the glasses! Everything in her face is screaming 'POUR!!!'

Rayne steps back over to the throne and pours the wine into the three glasses. Well, the third will be for Gegoshi or if Concordia wakes up. Rayne frowns, now figuring she should have gotten four glasses. She also winces slightly as she realizes that she's going to have to drink as well to stay polite.

Rayne, the notorious lightweight.

She looks back up to Guarlesia and smiles a bit nervously. "There you go. Um, enjoy!" She picks up a glass as well, really hoping she's not going to regret this.

Guarlesia watches, watches, yes, yes. Liquid in the glass. Yes, yesss! She takes the wine as soon as its ready, holding it tenderly. She nods over at Rayne, "I will!" She says, then takes a drink of the wine, rather than sip! Yay, wine! Oh. Huh. Tastes different than last time she had it. She sniffs at the glass, then takes another drink. Well, it's not bad, it's just different. She leans herself against the upper part of the throne, looking at Rayne as she holds her glass gingerly now, "Okay, now I'll tell you anything! But where do I start? She's like my mother, creator, sister? But as a person..." She takes another drink of wine, then holds her glass out for more! "...what exactly a descriptor are you looking for?"

Rayne takes but a sip of her own wine for the moment, considering Guarlesia's question. Curse her tendency to fly by the seat of her pants! "Well... I dunno. What are, well, her hobbies? How does she generally talk? How does she feel about the people of Twisted?" She pours Guarlesia another glass, but she's frowning as she realizes that there's no way she's going to get an unbiased opinion on this from her.

Guarlesia takes another drink of wine, looking over at Concordance. Now that she has what she wants, she's not quite so paranoid Rayne will run away, "She talks like someone in charge. She gets impatient if people talk to her about things that don't matter, hobbies...she...likes not being aware?" She waves her free hand in front of Concordances face. The people of Twisted? "She wanted to be what they needed, which at first was something like a goddess, but then it became more of a leader, and eventually head of the Council she made to govern Twisted. By that time she'd stopped focusing on the place, since it was running sufficently without her. But she came back when they wanted something to kill." She takes a drink, looking up at the sky, "Which included me. Monsters." She tilts her head to the side, "Her hobbies...that's one you'd have to ask her? Watching over newly created dimensional existences? Is that a hobby? I've only ever been alive twice, and the first life was on Twisted, the second has been here. Not so thrilling!"

Rayne sighs and sits down on the ground, taking another sip of the wine. "So she's... almost like a placebo, then. I think I'm getting a better idea. Satyrn's idea is... unnecissary. Concordance isn't needed anymore... but it also sounds like Caliga was completely overreacting." She takes another sip, frowning. "Twisted is working on its own now..." She glances over at Gegoshi with a raised eyebrow. "...Right? What is Satyrn so worried about to begin with?" she asks rhetorically before taking another sip of the wine.

Guarlesia laughs wildly, taking another drink! "A placebo! That's cute!" She blinks, "Her idea to resurrect Concordance with those statues? I like that idea, but only because it'll give me a new place to live in. As much as I hated the council chambers, I really loved that ceiling...so much more than the view in here." Her middle wings shrug. She looks over at Gegoshi, not having any clue what drives Satyrn, other than her lack of bring her wine, which is a terrible way to live her life.

Gegoshi was idling, her halo not even spinning, but when she's looked towards by Rayne she comes back to life! "Hello! I am unsure what Satyrn's motivations are for attempting to bring Concordance back to Twisted. It is possible she is concerned about the stability of Twisted itself, and knows that the way it is being handled will likely eventually result in another event similar to the Apocalypse."

Rayne frowns at what the two say. "Then I've got my understandings wrong. And it's not... existing as well as we'd hope, then. Another Apocalypse... Damnit, are we really sending it in that direction? That's got to be... about the opposite of what I want. Of what the people here deserve." She sighs, slumping her shoulders as well as hunching over slightly. She looks at the glass of wine in her hand and downs it quickly before pouring herself another glass. "I swear, my next death is going to be from a heart attack brought on by stress."

Guarlesia downs the rest of her wine and goes ahead and pours herself another after Rayne does! All six of her wings shrug, she has no idea, "I didn't think I could ever die, but I did. Then my friends brought me back! I didn't know I had any, then they left me here."

Gegoshi's halo spins up as she runs some calculations and checks on the general status of Twisted, "As long as new council members are chosen and tethered to Twisted, the resulting Apocalypse won't happen for many years from now. I am unsure what Concordance's re-existence on Twisted would do." She pauses only a moment, "If you are stressed I can give you a full body massage!"

Rayne looks up at Gegoshi with a sigh. "Please don't. I've got a.... thing. I don't like to be touched." Well, that would explain her not taking Gegoshi's hand to stand up earlier. "...So that would just make things worse. And... If it's going to take many years, is there a chance we're gonna find a way to hold it off even longer in the meantime?" She looks back to Concordance. "If she's... okay just being here like this... she's not needed, we can let people more... accessible run things?" She then winces slightly, thinking on the word 'tethered'. Will that be her? No one had told her that the council was restarting, but she'd been told she'd be a part of it before. She takes another swallow of her wine. "As long as we have the right people on the council, people who really do care about the people stuck here. As people, not as subjects."

Guarlesia siiiiiiiiiighs and takes another drink of wine, "I just don't want to be stuck here, but I'm sealed next to Concordance." She swirls the wine in her glass, looking up at the ceiling, "It sure would be great if someone brought Concordance back to existence on Twisted so I could live there though, just saying." It really does suck here for her.

Gegoshi giggles at Rayne, "I am able to give you a massage without using my hands through the use of force field manipulation! No touching!" She is very multi-functional with such things, she smiles at Rayne and bounces on her heels, "I think you'll make a good Council member."

Rayne looks over to Guarlesia with a frown. "You can't be unlocked? I'm sorry, I don't really know anything about you, either. Why are you stuck here with her?" She then blinks and turns to Gegoshi at the mention of force fields. "Huh... I guess that probably would be okay? It's weird, with it not being a conscious thing, though." She then blinks and looks down at Gegoshi's confidence in her ability to be a council member. "...I hope so. Until I got here, and even a bit after, I never considered myself to be leadership material. I'm still not so sure. But everyone else keeps throwing it at me, and... well, I've not screwed anything up yet, so... I guess I am?"

Guarlesia puffs some of her hair out of her face and downs her wine, pouring herself another glass! She'll drink the whole bottle dry! "It's one of my hundred seals, I can't get more than six feet from Concordance." She looks over at her maker, "I used to piggy back her with me when people wanted to go out, she's not very heavy." She looks over at the doorway leading to Twisted again. The temptation growing stronger again now that she's run out of wine. Or almost run out. It's less than she had before!

Gegoshi claps her hands! "Very well! Once your business is concluded we will relax your muscles and mind!" She nods at Rayne, "You are one of the few denziens that is seeking answers and ways to assist Twisted, caring more for it than their own personal desires. While prior members of the Council were not so inclined, I believe that has caused undue strife!" She used to not have many opinions like this, but lately she's started forming quite a few.

Rayne frowns at Guarlesia's plight. "And let me guess... only Concordance can remove that seal." She sighs and shakes her head. "I'll see what I can do to make things easier for you down here, but I can't make any promises. Twisted doesn't need her right now. I think it's best to keep things..." She frowns down at her now nearly emptied second glass, unable to come up with the right word. "...without that level of deity involved, unless we've got an emergency or something." She downs the rest of the glass before looking over at Gegoshi. "I don't even know what the business is anymore. I think I've got what I wanted to know? Sso I guess it's done." She smiles a bit awkwardly at the synth. "Well, I've never liked the people that keep themselves soo damn aloof and 'mysterious' while running things. Too many secrets and all that. Maybe it's that I've never wanted to lead that makes me better at it? I dunnno." Is she already slurring her speech some? After just two glasses of wine? She really is a lightweight. She looks down at her now empty glass, but doesn't make any effort to refill it. "I don't wanna be the one that the people don't trust. I don't wanna be someone I wouldn't trust. They're just people, like I've been for the past four hundred years."

Guarlesia takes another drink of wine, not seeming too intoxicated from it all, but it's possible the part of her body that would allow that is sealed away, "Only her! Yep." She sighs and shrugs all six of her wings, "I just want a better view if I'm stuck here. Imagine what it's like to get to stare at the galaxy, then only get to stare at a dirt ceiling." She'd love Concordance to get brought back to Twisted, but she doubts its even possible. Not that she hasn't been wrong before.

Gegoshi nods her head, continuing to build her personality database for Rayne. It's shaping up quite nicely now from all of this interaction, "I am sure Setsuna will visit you shortly to appoint you properly, at which time I will tether you. Congratulations!" Mini fireworks explode behind her, lighting up the dark ruins, pop pop pop!

Rayne looks up at the dirt ceiling. "There's gotta be somethin' we can do about it. Some sorta hologrammic thing or something?" She looks over at Gegoshi for a hopeful answer on that, then blinks at the 'proper appointment'. "Soooo, what's this 'tether' thing anyway?"

Guarlesia dribbles the last of the wine bottle into her glass. Every drop counts! She looks over at Gegoshi as well. Any hope is better than no hope! She can't really get actually bored, but it sure isn't what one would call interesting or fun either.

Gegoshi looks up at the ceiling and over at Rayne and Guarlesia, "The ceiling that was in the Council chambers was an actual representation of multiple galaxies spinning through dimensional existences. Replicating it exactly would take more resources than I'm willing to give, since it would have to be transferred from the dimension of Twisted to this dimension, and then process through a G-Pad-VII." In the past she would have just done it even if it had cost her a lot of her resources, and just diverted them around as they were needed, now though, she's started weighing their value more, not wanting to go back to a state where she was a silvery puddle most of the time. "The tether is a piece of the existence of Twisted that is tied to your own, be it your soul or essence, depending on the type of being it's linked too. I am giving each one to each Council member as they are appointed and chosen, thus removing them from old Council members, or from the multiple that are on me. Concordance set up this system to keep Twisted Street from spinning out into full chaos, allowing stability on the three main portions of it. Although I am still unsure what the long term ramifications are of continually transferring them to different beings, everything has functioned properly so far."

Rayne winces slightly at the description. "So it's... gonna attach right to my soul?" She frowns, but then shrugs. "Sounds kinda scary. S'what needs to be done though, right?" She looks back to Guarlesia again, then back to Gegoshi. "Okay, then how about we like... get her a movie collection or something and a player so she at least has something to do in here?"

Guarlesia actually has no idea what a movie collection is, but anything is better than staring at dirt. She looks over at Gegoshi expectantly as she downs the last of her wine! "Soooo good!"

Gegoshi nods her head at Rayne, "You will only feel it for a moment! Most beings are not aware of its existence after they're tethered." She looks over at Guarlesia, then back at Rayne, blue text flickers across her eyes. It's obvious Rayne wants to help Guarlesia out, and right now Gegoshi wants to help Rayne out. So, "As you wish!" Gegoshi finally walks away from the door and over next to Rayne, Concordance, and Guarlesia. She holds her hand out above the floor near the throne and her hand turns into a silvery liquid, which bubbles out and drops down onto the floor. The liquid then spills itself outwards, forming into a large entertainment center, complete with a holodisplay, holoplayer, and a massive digital selection of movies. There's also what look like some kind of gaming consoles with controllers, though they all have chibi sized Gegoshi's on them for their logos. Gegoshi's own hand reforms itself out and she steps back, "Enjoy!" She says towards Guarlesia!

Rayne outright grins at Guarlesia. "There ya go! At least somethin' ta do now!" She looks over at Gegoshi, tilting her head. "And it shouldn't be such a drain on resources, too, right?" She just looks at Gegoshi for another moment before flopping over backwards. She sets the glass down carefully afterwords. "I feel like I actually got somewhere today. IT's a good feeling. Better'n what I've had for a while, at least."

Guarlesia stares at all the stuff Gegoshi makes. Things! She ignores her wine glass now, it's empty anyway, and starts messing with stuff. Granted she has no idea what she's doing, so she starts by sniffing and gnawing on the side of the holodisplay module. Nope, not food. All right. Poke pokepoke, oh! It came on. Okay, it's not food, it's a holo thing. Wait, doesn't most of the things Gegoshi do voice commanded? "Show me a galaxy!" The holodisplay pops up with a list of galaxies and their names, along with movies that reference galaxy in them, mostly sci-fi's. "Ohh..." She's distracted now and will keep messing with stuff.

Gegoshi shakes her head, "The drain on my resources will be negligible for this." She holds her hands out towards Rayne as she flops over backwards, force fields materializing into place underneath her to help catch her as she flops! No hitting the back of her head on the stone of the temple for her! "Congratulations!" The synth says, and unless resisted, will lift Rayne up into the air with the fields, which have a bit of give, almost like a soft mattress, "I am glad I have been of service! It is probably best for me to leave the vicinity of Concordance. Would you like to exit with me and have your massage?"

Rayne doesn't seem to notice the cusioned landing... possibly an effect of the alcohol. She does smile in Guarlesia's direction, glad she's managed to help someone out today. When she's lifted off the ground, however, she looks about in a panic at first. "Wha-what?" she calls out, then sees Gegoshi's hand motions. "Ummmm, yeah. If you need to leave, then I'd better get back, too." She blinks at the mention of the massage, then nods with actually a bit of a blush. "Yeah. Yeah, sure, let's go." After she gets back up to her feet but before she turns to leave fully, she looks back to Guarlesia. "You take care, okay? I'll see if I can visit again soon some time. And I'll bring ya more than just one bottle so you can spread it out some, yeah?"

Guarlesia looks up from where she's chosen to watch 'Event Horizon' because it had a cool picture on it. She waves a hand, sad they're leaving but, at least she got something out of this that has a bit of permanence! She stares at Rayne as she floats away with Gegoshi, hesitating a moment before speaking, "Thank you, I...don't really have many people that help me."

Gegoshi nods as she heads for the exit with Rayne! Easy lazy transportation! "Goodbye!" She says to Concordance and Guarlesia, heading through the doorway with Rayne, unless for some reason she jumps off or shows signs of wanting to. Once they're through the door it closes itself and then disappears as easily as it came. The synth then hops in front of her and claps her hands, "Yay! Mission accomplished! I thought that Concordance might focus and attempt to re-take possession of me, but it would see that my theories were unwarranted!" She looks around the office, "This is an unsuitable place for relaxing, do you have other preferred accommodations?"

Rayne is seeming to prefer walking herself, actually. She may be a bit tipsy, but she's able to keep her footing, at least. "Hey... No problem, Guarlesia. It sucks you're stuck here, so gotta make it not so bad for ya." She's been feeling very alone herself of late... but she's not so self absorbed to not see that Guarlesia has it far worse. With that, she makes her way back into her office, where she looks around again. "Ummmmm, well, good that you're not repossessed? Relaxing accommodations? Like my apartment?" She blinks at that, and there goes another slight blush. "Um, maybe just a park or beach or something?"

Gegoshi giggles at her blushing! "If you would prefer!" But then Rayne changes her mind, "Which beach or park do you prefer?" She stays close to Rayne, though not touching or bumping against her close, but closer than one would ordinarily stand.

Rayne doesn't seem entirely comfortable with that closeness, and is leaning away from Gegoshi slightly. "Well, uh, Nowhereto is where I usually go to try to relax. Though I'm usually up in a tree. It's easier to get there because of the transporters, too. We can just... pop, be over there?"

Gegoshi nods her head, and actually takes a half step away from Rayne when she notices the discomfort, she was just testing to see how she'd react! "Of course, it's easy for me to make dimensional portals!" One such opens up right to Nowhereto, and she gestures for Rayne to head on through! Relax time!

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