2016-10-13 - Making Friends

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Making Friends

Summary: The two angriest characters on the game end up having a nice civil conversation about how much they hate having siblings. This surely won't end well for the rest of Twisted.

Who: Gaz, Stocking
When: October 13th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Zeku-Kari Beach(#2689R)
One of the most peaceful places in Twisted so far is the beach. Vast, crystal-clear waters - seeming to stretch out to eternity - whisper up to meet smooth, cool white sands. There is a street, of sorts, although it ends quickly in the grassy hill that leads down to the water. A small church is here, with full windows and even a little tower with a bell, though it may not ring often. Down to the east, closer to the water, is a dockside with a rundown shack. The dock is safe enough, not stained nor eaten away by salt water yet, though the shack looks like it's seen better days.

Marching out to look at the bay comes the gothling sweets addict known as Stocking Anarchy. From the way she's dressed she clearly intended on sunbathing, but one look over the top of her purple sunglasses at the state of the beach has her looking a combination of disgusted and defeated. It's a cloudy, gray day and the beach seems to be mostly empty. No one to do her dirty work. No one to pay attention to her. She stabs an umbrella into the sand and throws down a large beach towel anyways. Why let the day go to waste. With a huff she sits down and starts digging through a basket she somehow managed to balance along with the rest. A second later and she's eating cake off of a fancy looking plate with a tiny fork. She's really good at this beach thing, yeah?

Who knows how and when a little girl got here? For that matter, who really cares? Whatever the case is, there's suddenly a girl walking the beach, but seeming disinterested in the typical beach experiance. She's just walking bearfoot in the sand while keeping her eyes locked on some device in her hands.

Stocking would be content to ignore the girl and not acknowledge her at all until suddenly she paces straight overtop her like she wasn't there. "HEY!! I'M EATING HERE!!" She stands and flails wildly, somehow managing not to drop her plate in the process. "Can't you watch where you're going?!?"

Gaz shrugs a little. "Almost finished Holy Lair Invasion: I Wanna Be the Overlord, Catman: Super Edition Mega Ultra Delux Part Five....and the beach was empty, that's why I came here..."

Taking another bite of her cake, Stocking leans over the girl's shoulder (assuming she lets her) and peers. "Part.... Five?" She blinks, somehow making that weird 'piku' noise anime characters always seem to make. "Was that the one with Lord Atomic Slug the First and Most Vicious, or was it the son of Lord Slug the Bastard Child of the Second Empire?" So she DOES actually do something more than eat sweets all day!

Gaz says, "Son of Lord Slug the Bastard Child of the Second Empire." She clicks away a little more before actually peering away from her gameslave, apparently having succeeded at her goal. She's hesitant but seems to decide it's only fair since this girl was actually listening to her. "...and sorry for stepping on you."

Stocking looks down at the ground a moment before apologizing as well, "Sorry for yelling." Wait, what is this? Who's replaced Stocking with this doppelganger? Sitting back down, the normally rude and angry fallen angel digs through her basket a moment and produces a bag of fancy looking macaroon cookies. She looks up and offers them to Gaz. "Cookies?" This might be the nicest she's been to anyone on Twisted since she arrived here.

Gaz actually opens her squinty looking eyes some. "Oh...um....sure....thanks," she murmurs, being a little awkwardly uninitiated to the idea of anyone but her dad offering her something that wasn't obligatory....or unwanted. She takes some of the offered cookies and sits down, with them. "So...I'm honestly kind of lost. Have you been here long?"

Stocking digs around a bit more in her basket. "About a month or two? Maybe a little longer?" She sits up again smiling at an eclair. "My stupid, slutty sister got me suspended at the school here so I stopped paying attention to how long I'd been stuck here and just vegged out the whole time." She shrugs and takes a thoughtful bite. "You try to help someone out and they leave you high and dry. It's not worth it."

Gaz says, "...siblings always suck, huh? My brother's a pain in the butt who won't shut up and keeps doing stuff like casting annoying magic spells and summoning zombies and fighting aliens and stinking."

The slightly taller purple haired girl growls suddenly, "I HATE that. My trashy sister is like that too!! Only she's spending half her time trying to sleep with everyone WHILE dealing with magic and zombies and stinking." Well, maybe not 'summoning' but 'dealing with' is still accurate. "I had to spend a whole fucking weekend as a zombie and I think I ate at least two people. Do you know how disgusting that is?" She takes another bite, an angry one this time. "Siblings should be illegal."

Gaz says, "Eww...well I wasn't a zombie. He did do stuff like make me only taste pork once...mostly he just keeps talking about aliens and bigfeet and won't just leave me alone...his voice hurts."

Stocking points and shakes her head, "That. That's just gross." Sticking her tongue out to 'blech' the girl follows up with, "I think that'd be a crime worse than death. No one should have to suffer like that."

Gaz says, "And the worst part is he ruins family dinner night when we go to Bloaty's Pizza Hog with dad, and that almost NEVER happens. How can you ruin pizza?!"

The angel actually gasps. "That... that's not right! Your brother sounds like an abomination!! Even my sister and I can agree on pizza!" She adds under her breath, "...about the only thing we agree on." Her voice comes back in volume and she continues, "Mine keeps stealing all my food and throws it away. I'll spend hundreds on hand crafted sweets only to have her march in, decide she hates it, and throw it away!!" A fire seems to light momentarily behind her eyes. "And when I make her pay me back? She tries to replace it with spicy crap. How do you mix spice up with sweets?!? Are you fucking kidding me?!?" She takes this seriously.

Gaz tilts her head some. "What kind of things do you do to get back at her?"

Stocking lets out a laugh, "Depends on how mad I am." She starts counting on her fingers, "I've burned her sex toys, slept with her boy-toys, summoned the dead to try and eat her, used an army of robots to try and destroy her..." With a pause she chuckles, "Actually sent one in as a kamikaze boyfriend that exploded when she tried to sleep with him!" Then she goes back to counting, "I've flooded her room with sewage, tried to shave her head." She promptly gives up counting, "You know. Typical sister stuff."

Gaz actually goes wide eyed at that list. "All I've been able to do is small stuff like spraying soda in his eyes. I need to up my game."

Stocking blinks at the statement and headtilts, "Look what you have available to you! This place is supposed to be connected to all kinds of other worlds. Half the work could be done for you! Just think of the most horrible thing you can, find a world where that outcome has already happened, and drag his ass there and leave him." She shrugs, "Angels are all about skirting the rules. Do you know who made rules? Demons. That's how they try to control us." There's a sage nod given from the fallen angel. "I mean you probably can't kill him, but you could make him wish he was dead."

Gaz says, "And isn't that better than killing them anyway? ...aside from the part where they still haven't learned to shut up yet." Man, the only thing that seems to suck about this is that she's seeing even LESS of Professor Membrane.

Stocking nods her head at the girl's words. "True. True." She ponders that a bit more, "Plus, they're family... They're not all bad." Her voice lowers conspiratorially, "Not that we'll ever admit to that, right?" She chuckles darkly, "Stocking, by the way. My name is Stocking Anarchy. Where we came from we were kinda celebrities." She huffs and crosses her arms. "Would have had a movie too but SOMEONE had to go and leak her own sex tape on nation television."

Gaz doesn't know what to make of all the sex stuff, being as young as she is. She's just ignoring it for now. "I'm Gaz Membrane. Not a popular person, but my dad is. He's a very popular scientist who has his own television show and he's almost always doing that or making inventions. ...I /guess/ Dib can be useful SOMETIMES."

The angel rolls her eyes, "Dib, huh? What kind of name is that? I thought Panty was bad." There's a theme here. "You seem like a good kid." She doesn't know how old Gaz is, and really doesn't care. But for the sake of relating to someone younger than she is, 'kid' will do for now. "I'm hold up in 301 at the Arms Hotel if you ever wanna come by and play some games or y'know, set Panty's stuff on fire." She grins and produces a set of keys from somewhere... Which is impressive considering she's only wearing a swimsuit. "I've also got wheels. We can totally cruise around looking for people worth looking down on." The grin on her face clearly implies she's kidding. Right? Maybe.

Gaz smirks in turn. "That could be fun," she decides, "I might drop in sometime. I don't have a place yet, but I'll probably let you know when I do."

Stocking lets out a shrug. "Well you know you can crash on our couch so long as it annoys Panty. Of course I think the school offers free room and board." She lets out a laugh at that. "They gave us a choice between the hotel and the school. Yeeeeah. Easy choice."

Gaz says, "...yeaaaaah crashing at the school sounds laaaaame. If you're really ok with it, I think I will crash at your place for now."

Standing up and stretching, the purple and pink angel packs up the umbrella, "Sure! Not like we're paying for it. The more the merrier, right?" It doesn't take her long to gather the rest of the stuff she brought and pick it back up, it's not like there was much going on at the beach anyways. "Besides, you're in luck. Sis doesn't like girls." Flicking her sunglasses down the girl eyes Gaz a moment, "Shame you're not a bit older." Wait, what does that mean? Either way she turns and starts to make her way back to the street. "You mind if we hit the 24*7 on the way? I need a milkshake."

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