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Cat, Bird, and Retail Worker

Summary: Luna, Rayne, and Shirou chat in the Usual

Who: Luna, Rayne, Shirou
When: October 16th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

At the bar, at the usual, there sits someone unmistakable for any other. There sits Rayne Hurris, the one with the rainbow hair. The acting director of TASK. She's looking just a little bit dazed in the eyes, not quite paying enough attention to her surroundings as she munches on an order of fried mozzarella sticks that have arrived as an appetizer. If someone is in the place that she knows... she doesn't appear to be aware of it just yet.

Luna comes through the front door of the Usual! Well, her grocery bags do anyway, she follows shortly after, peering around and through them so as not to trip over anything. Luna quickly moves to the nearest empty table and sets her bags down, then wipes her forehead of imaginary sweat. Phew! She looks around the bar, and immediately spots rainbow hair, "Rayne! Hello," she says, and abandons her grocery bags to walk over to her at the bar, her ears twitching lightly.

Apparently Emiya Shirou is going for a record breaking amount of times he hasn't been making his own food. It's likely now that he's less taking a super rare moment of laziness for laziness' sake, and more scoping out foods he doesn't know how to make yet, possibly for future attempts at making them himself. He walks in not long after Luna, and raises a brow. "Hello again Rayne, hello Luna," he greets before taking a place at the bar.

Rayne blinks and lifts her head up before looking around as she hears her name being spoken. She smiles tiredly at Luna as she approaches, then waves to Shirou as he approaches as well. "Hey, uh, guys, how's... everything going?" she manages to blurt out at the two, watching as they take places at the bar. "Um, leaving your things at the table, then, Luna?"

Luna looks over towards her groceries she's abandoned, then at the other occupants of the restaurant. Slugs playing poker, some guy drinking in a corner, a weird cat man like thing licking out a bowl, o O ( Hmm... ) "Yes well, I suppose if someone is going to steal foodstuffs and diapers, they need it more than I or the girls, yes?" She smiles, showing off her fangs, then looks over as Shirou comes up! Ah, two people she knows at once! "Yes well, greetings Shirou." She takes a moment to perform a curtsey to him and Rayne before she hops onto a barstool before replying to Rayne's prior question, "I am well, yes? I have decided to take a break and come here rather than go home immediately, yes? There are times where dealing with so many at once causes undue stress, hmm hmm hmm..."

Shirou says, "Nothing out of the ordinary for me. I just finished a shift and a half cause they needed coverage for a guy who chose his lunch poorly." He says as much like it's a natural thing and not a complaint. "Did you get to talk to Sunset?" He'd look a little awkward and try to bow back toward Luna."

Rayne shrugs at Luna's comments about people needing her things, then nods a bit slowly to what she says next. "I... yeah. I suppose when you have that many people around you all the time... some... alone time can be good, right? Got to spend time for just you as well every once in a while..." She glances at Shirou next, then shakes her head. "I... meant to, but I didn't get the chance." She sighs and slumps forward slightly.

Luna holds a hand up to the bartender! Surely there is one! o O ( What's a good drink, yes? ) o O {Wine, yes? Although, it is doubtful your body has a taste for it, so likely another drink would be good, hmm, hmm hmm...} Her past self responds. Luna looks over at Rayne and Shirou as they talk about speaking with a sunset? A person rather than the actual sun, she assumes. "I don't mean to interrupt, yes? But what is a good drink? I am not overly fond of ale."

Shirou raises a brow at that question. "Alcoholic drinks? I haven't experimented with much outside of sakes," he states, "I usually just stick to tea." That said he orders a green tea and some psarosoupa.

Rayne lifts her head again and looks at Luna again for a few seconds before saying, "I... don't know. You're looking for alcoholic? I don't really drink much, either, so... I dunno. I like mixed drinks. If you like a fruit, ask the bartender for a drink with that juice included?"

Luna nods her head at both Shirou and Rayne. Ah, tea. Sure. Why not? She's not super fond of fruit, so she'll order some tea as well. o O {Mmmm...} Her past self disapproves, but she'll just ignore that for now. "Thank you, yes?" She says to them both for their help. Then looks between them both, her left ear twitching, "I wonder, if I may, ask about you both, yes? I am rather curious as to your origins and how you came to Twisted." She can't help but be curious about things, especially other people. It's just part of what she is as the black dragon of Lunar, especially with her past self influencing her so much.

Shirou tilts his head slightly. "I just kind of showed up here one day. That seems to be the way every multiverse I've arrived in. One day, without remembering how I got there, I'm just THERE.

Rayne frowns slightly. "As far as Twisted is concerned? I literally got punched into this place. One second I'm in a forest on Cevernal fighting a Tuuk, the next I've been punched and I'm on Twisted Street with what I think was a concussion." She sighs and looks down at her plate of fries. "But full origin... How much detail do you want me to get into? I'm the daughter of an admiral and a bounty hunter, and I've been drifting through most of my life."

Luna nods her head at both of them, "I see, yes?" She takes her tea as its set before her and sniffs it. Hm. She takes a sip and wrinkles her nose slightly. Nothing like the tea leaves on Lunar. Still, it's not atrocious either. She looks at Shirou, "Ahh?" Then turns her attention to Rayne as she talks about her life before Twisted, "Indeed?" She was hoping Rayne might spill a bit more about her not quite human nature, alas, "I am the black dragon of Lunar, however, after a woman named Nancy and a creature named Gegoshi led my past life's wives to my current rebirth, one of them, Corinasia, sacrificed her soul in order to restore the memories of my past lives to me." She takes another drink of tea, "She's in a coma now, along with Sift, the other one. I came here because the Akira Institute seemed a fitting place to take 1,000 people and keep them safe."

Shirou says, "Oh, right, origin...umm...that's a lot harder of a story to tell. The least difficulty in it being that I don't even remember anything before a certain point." He blinks at Luna's story, TRYING to be polite and not look as totally lost as he is."

Rayne nods a bit slowly to Luna, then shrugs lightly. "I actually finally met Gegoshi recently... She's nice. I've... really not had a massage in an extremely long time. It was nice to be able to have one..." She frowns a bit more. "...without it being too stressful for me to be worthwhile. Not since my first marraige." She frowns again as she thinks about that institute. No, she's not been there, but she's heard the general gist about it. She blinks and looks up at Shirou again. "Amnesia? Damn, that sucks, man."

Luna nods at Rayne, "Alas, I was busy dealing with an apocalyptic being called Guarlesia at the time, yes?" She shakes her head, wondering why in the world those two wanted her ressurrected in the first place. She still isn't sure about it, but she had a debt to repay, so she wasn't going to say no. Although that was mostly her past self making the decisions at the time. She didn't know Gegoshi gave massages, hm. Perhaps she'll look her up sometime. She looks to Shirou, "Indeed, no memory?" She twitches her right ear as she takes another sip of tea, "Have you sought to recover it, or is it something you believe has been locked away for safety?"

Shirou says, "I went through this thing when I was seven and I can't remember anything before then. All I can remember of my parents is one thing my father told me at that time. It doesn't even bother me, I just find it kind of strange. I haven't tried to recover it cause I don't even feel like I need it. I don't miss it or anything. ...it just strikes me as strange that I can't feel bothered by the fact I can't remember my own parents."

Rayne tilts her head at the mention of Guarlesia. "Oh, her? Apocalyptic? She just seemed... bored when I met her. I felt sorry for her, stuck in that cave. I got some wine for her, got Gegoshi to... make her an entertainment center." She finally smiles lightly. "I felt good about that." She looks back to Shirou and her smile vanishes again. "Well... I guess because you don't really know what you were missing, it feels normal to you?"

Luna nods her head at Shirou. If someone wants to keep their memory loss, then that is their decision and she won't bother offering to examine their soul closely to see if she can help. Granted not all memories are buried in the soul, but you don't know unless you look. She raises an eyebrow at Rayne mentioning Gualesia as being bored and stuck in a cave. "I see, yes? I suppose that must be where she ended up after she was sealed." She nods, "There is a satisfaction with helping those in need, yes?" o O {Careful.} Her past self warns her, o O ( I don't think it will lead me down a path to madness, yes? )

Shirou says, "That might be it. I remember not seeming to care about anything at all for a while. Obviously I got over that at some point. But, well...was there anything specific you wanted to know?"

Rayne frowns slightly at the mention of Guarlesia being sealed. "Well... her seals are still intact, as far as I know. She couldn't leave, at least, and I wasn't about to try to do something about that. But like I said, I felt sorry for her." She shrugs lightly, then tilts her head at Shirou's description of his younger self. "Sounds like textbook depression," she says quietly.

Luna nods her head at them both, finishing off her tea and setting it aside. She glances at Rayne and looks back to Shirou. Anything specific, "Yes well, not really I suppose." She smiles, showing her fangs, "I enjoy learning about those I encounter often, yes? And people's past can often show what their actions will be in the future." Although she'll just ignore that applying to her, because it means eventually she'll go mad and become like her past self was at the end of its life.

Shirou says, "I've....done a lot.....I guess." He murmurs that uncertainty when Luna explains her interest. The red head shrugs and adds to the information he's given. "I guess the easiest way to narrow everything else down into a simple package is by saying I've been in several magic wars for the sake of keeping something out of people's hands?"

Rayne nods to Luna, but then almost immediately changes that up to shaking her head as her actual meal arrives... in a to go box. "Maybe I'll give better detail another time, Luna, but I'm.... I'm really tired. I'll see the both of you later, okay?" She leaves a tip on the counter as she stands up, then picks up the box. "I'm gonna go home now," she says barely above a mumble as she starts meandering out.

Shirou waves after Rayne as his own food arrives. "Take care Rayne. Hopefully you can speak with Sunset soon."

Luna nods her head at Rayne as she takes her food and heads out, "Indeed, fare well, yes?" She says to the rainbow haired girl. Her gaze lingers on her, thinking of the possibility of more details to come in the future. She hops seats, sitting next to Shirou since it's weird to leave a gap between them both.

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