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Park Lunch

Summary: Shirou enjoys his lunch in Neo Edo's Higashi Ayase Park, at least until ~~Harley~~ Doctor Quinzel happens to bump into him.

Who: Harley Quinn, Shirou
When: October 26th, 2016
Where: Higashi Ayase Park, Heaven's Gate Laser Tag

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Higashi Ayase Park(#3051R)
Just north of the heart of Neo-Edo, Higashi Ayase Park is a large, well maintained bit of life on a mostly concrete island. All throughout the hilly park large Sakura trees try to block the view of the towering buildings around them. Built around the pond that dominates the center of the park, walkways and benches are scattered all around and it's never strange to see people running, playing, or eating along one of the paths.
The entire Southern side faces Twisted Street as it cuts through the island. A concrete wall and carefully trimmed bushes keep people from coming and going except through the southern gate - and a similar, if mirrored gate and wall separate the park from the businesses to the north.

Birds chirping. Mechs stomping around. Catgirls chasing each other in the park. Well, I suppose this is now a normal day in Neo Edo? Why are we in Neo Edo instead of Twisted? No, it's not because Nowhereto Park is being fumigated, or some live band is playing, or people are protesting... No, this time it's because Harley Qui-uh... Dr Harleen Quinzel is taking a much deserved break from her job at the Institute up the road. Of course she's still marching around in a white jacket that resembles a lab coat. Why? It's just easier for her to separate her personas that way. Humming the tune of some old film, she strolls around the park with her hands folded behind her - totally oblivious to anything else going on around her.

Shirou is also in Neo Edo because....just because. He IS from Japan, so it probably feels about as homey as being in a multiverse without a copy of his home would feel. He's currently sitting on a bench, feeding some birds the left over bits of bread from some sort of bento meal he'd made for the day's wandering.

Remember that description of Harley not paying attention? She doesn't pay attention to herself strolling off the path, nor does she pay attention to the park bench just to the side of it - at least not until she bumps into it and cartwheels over Shirou without breaking the rhythm of her humming. She's not completely clueless though. She at least turns after she makes the landing and appoligizes. "Oh, jeeze. I'm sorry Red. I just sorta spaced out there." Hopefully she didn't interrupt his lunch, but all the same she goes looking around to make sure she didn't make him knock anything else over.

Shirou blinks in surprize at the sudden presence of someone cartwheeling over him, bench and all. "O-oh, no problem," he insists, "You didn't really disturb anything." The birds probably flew away, but he was just killing time anyway. "...are you ok?"

Without thinking Harley hops onto the bench beside him and waves her hand dismissively. "Me? Naaaaaah, I'm right as rain! Just spacin'. First day outside Luna's Home fer Wayward Catgirls." She grins mischievously, "That sounds so much better than the Institute, am I right?? I'm tryin' to get 'em ta change the name!" She lifts the same hand from earlier and offers it to Shirou as if expecting him to kiss it. "Harleen Quinzel."

Shirou blinks again, not being from the country of kissing hands, he takes the hand and gives it a firm, but short shake. "I'm Shirou Emiya. And yes that does sound better." There's a catgirl house? Shouldn't be surprized...that's tame compaired to a lot of things. He puts away the emptied bento and peers over at her. "First day out? Does that mean you're one of the catgirls in question?"

Harleen giggles and straightens up, tugging at the lapel of her jacket, "Oh, of course! Check out my nice shiny coat!" She smiles wider only to suddenly blink nervously and sulk back down to a less enthusiastic normal. "I... *cough* I'm an ex-criminal psychologist who's helping out with the girls." Her accent is suddenly gone as if it never existed. "So, Emiya? You from Japan?" Between his name and the bento box, it was a logical conclusion.

Shirou nods in reply. "Err, sorry if I hit on something sensitive," he appologizes, "I just couldn't help being curious since you said it was your first day out." "You sound like a strong person to be doing things like that though, it's nice to meet you."

The good doctor blinks a few times at the sudden change in direction, but she smiles and lets it wash off her. Never the less her accent creeps back in as she becomes momentarily distracted. "Nice meetin' you too, and thank you. That's very nice of you." She sits up a little straighter again. "I don't think anyone's ever said that about me before." Her eyes drift away as the compliment replays itself in her mind again.

Shirou says, "It just seems like it'd be a tough sort of thing to come through something yourself and then help others too. A lot of people don't seem to even manage over coming things on thier own." He'd know, never having been able to kick the whole issue he has, as much as people keep trying to make him do it."

Harleen blinks nervously this time. "Well. Um. Yeah, well... Sometimes I help myself too! I can be spontaneous and greedy too!" The nerve of this guy! Right when she was starting to feel good about not trying to steal things. With a huff she crosses her arms and legs and frowns. Once again she replays his words after the fact and with a blush begins to fidgit with her glasses. "Oh jeeze. I've been in there too long!" Uncrossing her legs she buries her face in her hands. "I'm so sorry."

Shirou blinks a little and shakes his head. "Oh it's fine, err, sorry if it sounded bad, I meant it as a compliment. I mean, I'd be the biggest hypocrite if I was trying to insult you like that."

A forced laugh comes out of her mouth as she tries to reassure him, "No. No. It's not you. Y'know how it goes - enough time in the loony bin and you start to become one of them." Another forced chuckle followed by an awkward moment of silence. "So, um. What'cha do for fun, Shirou Emiya?"

Shirou doesn't know that, but he can guess it might be true. "For fun? Usually things like fixing broken machinery and electronics." And cooking, but he had trouble admitting cooking's a hobby rather than a survival mechanism, even though it TOTALLY is. He even cooks as a destresser to boot.

Harleen frowns again. "Really? Ya don't do nothin' exciting? Mountain climbing? Exercise? Knock over banks? I mean, really?" She looks at him again, leaning away as if embarrassed to be sitting beside him. "We need some fun, Red. Clearly you don't know the meanin' of the word. I hear tell there's a laser tag game set up in the mall. What'cha say we go a few rounds, huh?"

Shirou says, "I fight sometimes...but I wouldn't call that a /hobby/." He gets up and dusts himself off a little. "I don't see a problem with getting in a few games of laser tag, sure."

Leaping to her feet the doctor grabs his hand proclaiming, "Yahtzee!!" In no time she's dragging him out of the park and into the New Market Mall towards a sign that reads, 'HEAVENS GATE LASER TAG'. "This'll be fuuuun! You just wait!"

Heaven's Gate Laser Tag(#1860R)
''Entering this place from the mall proper leads would-be LASER WARRIORS through a broad, chromed arch decked out with angel wings, jagged harps and devil horns. The lobby is frequently packed out with squalling brats and teenagers frantically trying to look cool as they pore over their score sheets and watch the overhead monitor screens for updates on any games in progress. Players looking to register for the next game are sent to the large desk in the middle of the room, where they can pick a rockin' alias and get their entry wristband, then proceeding to the forbidding double doors in the far wall marked 'PURGATORY' and flanked by two statues; a leering, sinister demon and a coldly-gorgeous, cyberlimbed angel.

The sides of the lobby play host to various tacky vending machines selling merchandise from keyrings to chilled soda. A concession stand churns out odious-looking slushies and overpriced, frightfully-strong coffee for those in need of a serious buzz. Arcade games can also be found, including a lavish reproduction cabinet of the oldschool NeoTokyo fighting game, a fixed-rail shooter called 'STUPOR LAZOR' and various pinball machines.

High scores can be submitted at the central desk, and a leaderboard - conveniently located near the game rules - displays the current champion.

Shirou manages to follow along with the unexpected dragging. He's non-complaintive and can't help smiling a little at how enthusiastic Harley seems. At least this seems like a saner kind of enthusiasm than when he met a certain sugar addict! He can kinda follow along with this.

Harleen marches up to the desk and offers over enough money for the two of them. The receptionist spins over in his chair and starts clacking away at a computer. "Alright? What names you two gonna use?" Pulling her hair down and putting it back up into twin ponytails, the doctor grins mischviously, "Harley Q and um...?" She turns and eyes her new friend, waiting for his 'rockin' alias' as the sign requests.

Oh jeeze. Why is it THAT guy has to have the first name to come to mind? Stupid Archer. Uhh crap. Something with swords? Oh, duh, that's an obvious one. "I guess, Avalon," he murmurs after a short moment of thought that felt more to him like a long debate. He rolls his sleaves up some. It might not sound so cool, but it's something he gets the meaning to at least.

Harley Q leans over and elbows him lightly, "Ooooh, I like that!" Shooting him another grin, she snags up one of the two sets of equipment (with a red gun of course) and darts towards the double doors marked 'PURGATORY'. "C'mon, Avalon. Catch me if ya can..." With a playful chuckle she darts inside with only the booming sounds of the music playing left in her wake until the doors close again.

Shirou takes up his own equipment. Given his usual color scheme at THIS age it's either going to be white or blue. He'd then dart off into the game as well, preparing to use one of the major advantages he has in a fight. ...that'd be the one that'd be obvious if he used the name Archer.

Laser Tag Arena(#1755R)
"Warriors! Prepare for judgement!"

A computerized voice greets combatants to the arena, and all are given time to find their favoured laser pistol and prepare. Twisting corridors composed from heavy plastic bulkheads wind through the central floor, yielding in places to half-height barriers or grilled windows perfect for sniping. The walls vary in color, each of eight 'districts' containing their respective weapon and forming the starting point for a player. At one end, a barrier-flanked ramp leads upward to one of two bases. Covered decals of wings and chromed harps, this is the Heaven base, the opposite end of the arena sloping down into a darkly-lit bunker - accessible also through winding tunnels - comprising the Hell base.

Depending on the game mode, teams can either occupy and defend these bases or simply be divided by colour and score accumulating points as follows:
Blue Oni Team: black, blue, brown and green.
Red Oni Team: orange, pink, red and yellow.

(OOC: type 'get <color>' for your gun of choice, and 'shock help' for instructions! DO IT NOW!)

However the game is played, it's just as fast, frantic and disorienting. Pulsating strobes light the smoke-wreathed air, and techno music thumps in the background as the automated system runs an adrenaline-pumping countdown, before the announcement is made that triggers the beginning of the match...

"Heaven or Hell? LET'S ROCK!"

Beneath the thumping music and flashing lights only the sounds of Harley's laughter give away the impression that she's somewhere nearby. Somehow it echoes off the walls in that creepy way that only seems to happen from madmen taunting heroes - not that Shirou would know anything about that, right? It hardly matters which base is which when it's just the two of them playing, but from the sound of the countdown timer it's going to begin any second now...

Oh hey! The taunting laughter! Yeah he knows a little about that! About 4 or 5 people he's delt with in the past had that quirk. Though most of those people were REALLY freakin' haughty types. It's minisculely different! Shirou peers over what he can see of the room. Having never been here himself, Harley might have a small advantage.

Harley hasn't been here before either, actually. But sneaking around in the shadows taunting people how are hunting her? That she MIGHT have some experience with. From somewhere behind him her voice calls out, "Come out, come out Sir Avalon." Another chorus of cackles echo across the darkness. A red blur zips past his head from the opposite direction. Apparently she's good at throwing her voice too.

Shirou hops to the side as the red blur flies by him. Oooh, she's good. He makes a move, trying to quickly duck for cover somewhere else. He keeps a sharp eye out, trying to spot any movement in the darkness. This is something he is good for outside of copying other people's swords. He's not Archer yet, but Archer didn't just magically become Archer without already being a rather skilled....well...archer first. Once he spots any movement he aims to make a narrow miss of his own in retaliation.

The music overhead raises to a crescendo as Shirou's aim is true - taking out... Harley's coat? Yeah, somehow she's managed to drape her white jacket over part of the equipment behind him, which doesn't exactly explain the red blur unless... Yeah, apparently Harleen's laser tag gun is sitting on the ground beneath it. Which isn't the smartest move in a laser tag arena, but then again maybe she's a little lost in the moment. Assuming he looks in that direction long enough to take this all in, her voice will call out from behind him. "Nighty night, knight!" She's running off the 'Avalon' name, I swear. Without a weapon of course the only thing left is for her to leap onto his back in a bearhug and laugh heartily. Sure it misses the point of the game, but clearly she's enjoying herself.

Shirou is taken totally by surprize, seeing as he's operating on lazer tag here. As such he's a total failure at avoiding the surprize back glomp. "Ghh," he responds, flailing a bit to keep balance," ...hi?" He thinks maybe he should take advantage of this and shoot her right now, but that just feels wrong somehow. She's having fun. Wouldn't shooting at her be the kill joy move? Or is NOT shooting her the kill joy movie? It's hard to call in this situation.

Letting go of him, Harleen spins on her heels in a short twirl - poking him on the nose when he finally glances her way. "Yahtzee!!" Where did she pick that stupid phrase up anyways? With a brief skip she makes her way over to her coat, giving him plenty of time to fire away if he hadn't already. Taking her glasses out of a pocket and putting them on again, the doctor will very slowly take her time getting her pistol off the floor - again, leaving him plenty of time to shoot if he's going to. "This was more therapeutic than I expected." She smiles warmly. If he hasn't shot still she'll tap on the censor draped across her red blouse and tilt her head at him. If he has she'll simply grin. "Looky me.. My heart's wide open Loverboy. Whatever shall I do?"

Shirou blushes and mock pouts a little as Harley teases like that. "It's so hard to know if I should shoot you or not when you're having such a good time," he notes with a little chuckle, "But I guess I should take that as an invitation and get serious though!" That said he'd smirk a little before diving for hiding again, only taking a shot at her once she's possibly lost track of him.

Harleen cackles in his wake, but not moving. Giving him this shot for free. "Oh, you should totally take this seriously - because I didn't rent these guns, Red. I bought 'em." She grabs her coat and pulls it across her shoulders. "And I don't give up that easy...." Suddenly she leaps up, landing on the top of one of the wooden walls making up the maze. Of course from here she's totally cheating with a view of almost everything. "I gots ta go, hun. But you'd better keep that gun on you because if I see you next?" She drops down behind him holding her gun to him long enough to peck him a brief kiss on the cheek. "I won't hesitate." By the time he turns around the girl is gone. What kind of doctor was she supposed to be again?

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