2016-12-22 - Another Lost Landmark

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Another Lost Landmark

Summary: Destruction rains upon Twisted as a new threat emerges. But where is everyone?

Who: Rayne, Shirou, Tabitha
When: December 22nd, 2016
Where: Plowse Bridge


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[!] It starts as just a light shaking. One might mistake it for heavy footsteps of an approaching thug. Then the footsteps turn into stomps, and the shaking turns into tremors as all of Twisted shudders. Loud cracks of wood, cement, and steel echo throughout the Street as the ground splits, breaking roads and homes in two. Explosions akin to nuclear weapons come from the Wastelands, the weather turns fully chaotic, swimming from season to season within minutes. Plowse Bridge is broken apart as a massive talon erupts from Twisted, shooting up into the sky higher and higher. The talon is massive and can be seen from almost anywhere on Twisted. Lightning and magic swirl and spark around it. The tremors begin to slowly fade...

Plowse Bridge is in complete chaos! What was another normal day on Twisted (as normal as they get anyway) has turned into a horrifc nightmare of destruction. Cars, trolleys, and horse drawn carriages have fallen into the waters below, which are all stained red, hopefully it's not all blood? People are screaming, running, and franctic. Many are dead. A small group of catgirls are dangling off one edge of the destroyed bridge, one of them holding onto a broken railing while the others are trailed down in a long catgirl link. The catgirl at the end of the link is holding on to a giant bag of soft cat food that she refuses to let go.

Arguing with herself to get out more and not be like her 'father', Tabitha had finally gone out in public and was starting to feel better about herself. Ignoring of course any of the recent Council events, despite her last brief encounter with Gegoshi (somewhere off camera). Whatever being connected to Twisted meant didn't seem to occur to her until she felt a tug at her soul along with the sound of destruction. Rushing to what used to be the start of the bridge the catgirl's eyes boggle. Without hesitating she starts trying to help people to safety as best she can. She's not exactly prepared for this. She manages to help about three people before gazing toward the far end of the bridge. Wow, well a group of dangling catgirls is also not something she was prepared to see. With a brief pause she stares at them a moment trying to figure out how to get to them to help...

The tug of a tether, the reports of chaos coming in... One way or another, Rayne Hurris would have come. She manages to find a few regular officers to drag(not litterally, of course) along with her. Still... she wasn't prepared for the destruction ahead of her. She gazes out across the wrecked bridge, wincing as she tries to figure out where to even start. "Aw, hell... Just when things started to feel normal again," she mumbles under her breath before she starts issuing orders to the few officers with her.

There are no end of people to help and save. The officers go about freeing peopople from cars, and giving basic first aid where they can. The catgirl at the top of the chain dangling over the edge of the bridge cocks her ears and spots Tabitha! Another catgirl! "Nyao! Run down us and grab the food before it falls into the water and is ruined!" Priorities over there! The talon shudders and its three fingers and thumb arc out in the sky above Twisted, sending red sparks of lightning into the distances, one towards Neo Edo, one towards Zeku Kari Beach, another towards the UR, and the last towards Nowhereto Park. A large chunk of the suspension bridge breaks apart and falls down towards Rayne, and about a dozen other people who start trying to scramble out of the way as Twisted shudders again!

[!] Twisted shakes again as red lightning sparks off the three fingers and thumb of the talon, impacting onto Twisted! FWOOM!

Oblivious to the arrival of Rayne and TASK, Tabitha streaks across one of the few remaining support beams and dashes across the bay. Surprisingly, she managed to build up enough speed that she can't stop right away and skids to a halt just past the dangling cats. A glowing, fiery aura starts to bleed off of her as she grabs ahold of the top-most girl and strains to pull her up. The harder she strains, the darker Tabitha's skin becomes, but also the stronger she seems to be. She doesn't really acknowledge the comment about the bag of food until at least a few fellow catgirls are on solid footing by growling behind clinched teeth, "...save the food yourselves."

Rayne is focussed for the moment entirely on trying to pry up a chunk of bridge that has a trio of folks trapped under it. As she finally manages to get the leverage to lift it, the three bolt for the mainland. She smiles, though a bit grimly as they run off before looking up at the lightning. She winces at the flash, covering her gaze with a hand momentarily, but when she uncovers her eyes again, it's to the view of oncoming debris right on top of her. "Oh, you've got to be kidding m-"

Really, there's only so much that even dwarven made mithral armor can do for someone when crushed by falling debris of that mass.

As Rayne lets out that bit of reactionary commentary, there's suddenly a new THUDing noise. The sourcea seems to be a redheaded dude in a white and blue ragland, who's landed in a not so purposeful version of a hero landing. There's some kind of glow that seems to quickly be fading from his legs before he yells something out and holds out his free hand, JUST in time to form a giant, petaly looking field of magic between the debris and himself and Rayne. "Sorry....I cut that a little close...."

The two catgirls that are pulled up both cheer, "Yay!" Despite all the chaos around them. One of them tries to kiss Tabitha on the cheek, while the other helps another catgirl up! Rather quickly they scamper over each other and have saved the cat food! They hold it above their heads in triumph, oblivious to the destruction and death going on around them. The chunk of suspension bridge groans as it impacts the shield Shirou forms, giving way in its center and spiraling off to either side of the shield. Part of it just rolls off the bridge to the waters below, taking a few cars that TASK officers recently freed of people, while the other crashes THROUGH the bridge, causing the section they're standing on to being cracking apart and start falling towards the waters below. A humanoid creature of black covered in blood from head to toe scrapes his way towards Tabitha, holding out a desparate claw, his eyes showing the last bit of light in them before they fade out and he slumps to the street. A sentient animal fox bounds across the bridge and lands next to Shirou, "Not good, not good!" He says, before leaping his way across the debris, trying to find safety. The massive talon shudders again, and once more Twisted shakes as its palm flattens out and the three fingers and thumb arc towards the sky and then come to a full rest.

Tabitha flails her head in annoyance at the affection of the catgirls, finally stepping back and taking a second once she can see they're mostly safe. Her eyes gaze over at the shadowed person, thinking for the briefest moment of Johnny before watching him collapse. "Someone tell me what th' heck is goin' on!" As if in response the ground lurches again, nearly knocking the girl off her feet. She doesn't look past the immediate situation to notice the talons in the distance, but she does lay eyes on Shirou and Rayne and quickly bounds her way towards them, dashing off of whatever she can to get close to them. She's not much of a strategist, but she hopes one of them might be. Skidding to a halt just past them she calls out, "Someone tell me what ta do! We need a plan!"

Well, now that Rayne /does/ have the time, she scrambles out of the way of the falling debris and clear of the... flowery shield and crumbling section of the roadway as well. "Heyyyy, no problem, Shirou." She glances away, somewhat ashamed she'd let things get that close. Not spooked, though, at least not by the close call... But she does look back up at the talon as the world itself seems to shake. "Soo, uh... you ever see anything like that before?" she says while barely keeping her footing. "GET THE HELL OFF THE BRIDGE!" she yells out to someone that seems frozen in terror while making broad motions towards town. "Get back to land, NOW!" Her attention soon snaps over to Tabitha. "Get everone off the bridge! Carry 'em bodily if you have to! We clear the bridge first, then we figure out what that thing is!" She jabs a hand in the general direction of the talon.

Shirou blinks a little at the cat girl sliding past him and calling for a plan. "...uh...plan?" Yeaaaah, he's REALLY not a strategist. At best he's a budding tactian thanks to King Arthur trying to train him to see through his enemies' movements. He's really NOT King Arthur though. "I really don't know what's going on..." he admits before hearing Rayne's responce. Right it's obvious now who's the one suited to lead things here. Rho Aias suddenly bursts, becoming little sparkles of mana in the air that dissapear. Shirou'd proceed to run and start trying to /shove/ people to safety if they aren't moving in the right direction already.

As people start yelling and shoving people to safety, it seems to spread among the panicked masses, and they all begin fleeing the bridge, or helping other TASK officers help other people. Or animals. Or strange creatures that are sentient but look more like smoke or puffballs with wings than people. The catgirls, having been saved, rip open their bag of soft cat food and each one grabs a large chunk of it and swallow it town! Their tails and ears all twitch in unison and suddenly they're all pulled together, merging and growing into one giant catgirl! "Nyao!" She cries, and knocks a few chunks of the bridge away to help clear a path for people, before bounding off after the herded masses! Everything seems to be calming down, except of course that there's a giant talon coming out of Twisted, and much of the unbreakable Street has cracked and broken. There's still explosions going off and buildings collapsing from all the damage all over Twisted. Energy of some sort seems to be coming from the talon, though there's no visual of it, it just...feels like it's there, all of it bubbling up from the depths of Twisted to the top of the talon.

Those Council Members that are tethered will feel their connection, which has been yanking randomly in direction, will now continually pull gently upwards towards the top of the talon as well!

With a curt nod of her head, Tabitha starts to grab anyone's arms she might see and pull them along. Well, at least until she finally looks in the distance and loses a step in shock of whatever that may be. She won't look up again until at least the majority of the remaining people are off the remains of this side of the bridge, regardless of who is helping them, and with a brief wince at the tug she glances towards Rayne. "Do ya feel that too?" She's currently checking a car with broken windows just to be sure it's empty. "...I don't like it." With her ears folded down she leaps off the car and over towards Rayne's side once again, waiting to see what to do now. It's easy to forget this only started a few minutes ago.

Rayne, now reasonably assured that people have vacated the bridge that can, looks out and about, seeing if there is anyone out there that is trying but can't, still. She's quick to delegate the rescues, pointing anyone she might see out to the TASK officers or people lending a helping hand... Of course, when one doesn't particularly like physical contact with anyone, that generally makes life easier. Once she's satisfied that the bridge is cleared, she finally makes her way off as well, then turns around once again to look up at the talon. "I... really don't know what to say about this. I don't know what to plan, if we just ignore it and build around, or keep people away... Well, I'm leaning to keep people away. I've never seen anything like it..." She then looks to Tabitha with a nod. "Yeah... I've never /felt/ anything like that. All the things I've seen in this place... I've not felt anything like that."

Shirou frowns thoughtfully as he peers up at the talon thing. "It's a new one on me," he admits, "I've fought some strange things but...this looks bigger than anything I remember fighting." Granted he has fought some big stuff. "Is getting rid of this even an option?"

The energy that can be felt continues flowing up from the depths of Twisted, if anyone is particulary good at sensing such things, they'd notice that while it does gather at the very top, the feeling of the energy then changes, as if being channeled through something, then sent out from the appendages. The bridge, completely wrecked along with a lot of other things, continue to creak and groan. There's still people hurt or trapped, but everyone is now helping instead of panicking, and with Rayne helping direct people and Shirou herding them, it's not long before the entire area is evacuated. The car Tabitha looks into has some blood in it, but no bodies. Whoever was in it managed to get away, hopefully.

Glancing at Shirou, Tabitha catches a fang on her bottom lip and chews on it thoughtfully. "I don't think we 'ave a choice in th' matter." She glances back at people helping each other, taking note that some others like Freakazoid seem to be showing up on the scene to help out as well. At least the comic relief seems to be dialed back to a minimum. Voicing the thoughts gnawing on her mind the nekojin asks, "So where are tha heavier hitters? It's feelin' like someone else shoulda stepped up against that thing by now..." This thought troubles her a lot more than she'd like to admit, with only her tail tightly wrapped around her waist to telegraph the concern. "Ya don't think Horn-head sent this like some kinda revenge plot?" That's a more than common new nickname of Senior Diablo for those who need an extra clue. "It kinda feels Hell-ish."

Rayne frowns at the talon, then just looks at Shirou and shrugs. "I really can't say. All I know is I doubt there's anything I can really do to it, at least personally. I'd like to have someone who... has magical senses take a look at it before we attempt anything, though." She looks up at the talon again and frowns. /Where are the heavy hitters, indeed./ "I'm not gonna pretend to have a clue, Tabitha. It could be... but this is Twisted. This could just as easily be something Twisted has never seen before."

Shirou says, "Well...what are you looking for in magical senses? I might be able to help out there. And that IS a good question." He's taken down Hercules before, but he doesn't imagine that's enough to put him on par with super powered super heroes, even though he wants to be a hero of justice."

[!] Another explosion sounds in the Wastlands, a few other smaller ones about Twisted, though these are likely secondary explosions caused from the earlier destruction. The skies above Twisted all turn to heavy snowflakes, falling down from the sky.

Tabitha's ears fold back as bits of Twisted erupt in the distance. "Okay, we'd probably better do somethin' like now. The three of us are better'n none." She glances back over her shoulder at the crowd saving efforts again. Shame a few of them probably can't be spared at the moment. Seeing more than a few random officers she does ask, "Ya can't call in anyone else from TASK, can ya? Maybe th' fighty guys?" She looks towards the center of Twisted as she starts to dash forwards in a jog, "...Dante'd be nice right about now too."

Rayne looks at Shirou with a slightly lost look. "I... yeah, sure. Look, I'm kinda grasping at straws here. I wouldn't even know where to start, so that's a place." She then looks upward at the falling snow. "This... this is going to be bad, isn't it?" She then winces at Tabitha's question and shakes her head. "Yyyeah, they're all on the... not here anymore side, it seems." With a light sigh, she starts walking forward as well, towards the edge. "Well, if nothing else, we can see what kinda reaction it has to fire..." She holds up a palm, and a small ball of fire forms over it, though she's not throwing it just yet.

Shirou raises a brow. "Fire huh," he responds, "I can help with fire too." That said, his hands start getting blueish green, circuit looking, glowy lines on them. A bow appears in one hand and a sword appears in the other. He actually nothches the sword in the bow before it transforms into something that looks more like an arrow sized rod of energy.

The snow continues falling, and apparently its sticky because it's already started to coat the area white. The waters below start to get an icy tinge to their surface. As if reacting to the fire that Rayne creates, the snow falling around the area parts and turns into rain. Then, a small portal opens and a winged creature made of fire with thirty tells and ten legs climbs out and takes flight into the sky, spewing fireballs as it goes. Near Shirou another portal opens, this one of a creature humming with energy that crackles around its lizard like body, though its head is more akin to an arrows, with armor plating forming the V shape. It slithers out and crawls down under the bridge.

[!] All across Twisted, portals begin to open up, while this isn't a completely unheard of occurance, the amount is far more than normal even for Twisted. From the portals come creatures, bizarre and alien, some not even made of flesh and bone, some friendly, some hostile. The great barrier that protects the -middle- of Twisted seems to keep portals from appearing there...at least for now!

To be continued...

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