2016-12-28 - Another Lost... (part II)

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Another Lost... (part II)

Summary: The new threat named Power explains herself and a gift is given to Rayne from Setsuna.

Who: Power, Rayne, Shirou, Tabitha
When: November 28th, 2016


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Continuing from last time...

The fire creature says more things in its hissing roaring language, but whatever it is, it doesn't seem overly agitated with you any longer. It looks up into the snowy sky, then towards the top of the talon, it shoots a few fireballs up towards it, but the top is so high up it flickers out before it actually impacts. It rumbles and then lands down on a destroyed chunk of the suspension bridge, five of its legs holding on while the other five arc out for balance. Its thirty tails writh and twirl, also helping it stay perched.

Shirou murmurs a little sheepishly. "Well I feel like a complete ass now." He dismisses the dagger he'd had in arrow form and traces the same one he'd had originally and shot at the lizard thingy. This is again trained toward the talon, but also held again...

Rayne looks up at where the creature let out its fireballs towards. "...Shirou, I may be wrong, I may be crazy, but I think it wants me to go up there." While not expressly asking, she's still seeking his opinion on the matter of that.

Portals continue opening around the area of the talon, though things don't always come out of them, there are other creatures emerging from other dimensions of varies sizes and shapes. Humans as well, though they are much fewer than the more animal and beast like creatures. All the while that feeling of energy coming from the depths of Twisted flow up the talon. The fire creature, who shoots out a fireball every few moments, seems to be watching Rayne and Shirou for the moment, though it's stopped trying to talk to them.

Shirou frowns thoughtfully up at the talon. "I can cover you from here, or try going with you, whichever you're more comfortable with."

Rayne holds still for a while as she looks up at the talon. "...Well..." She looks around, but the TASK officers here are concerning themselves with the civilians that have been herded off the bridge. "...I guess cover me. If you see a pattern of three small fireballs followed by a large one, that means I want backup." She takes a deep breath and starts walking forward... and is enveloped in a bright flash of light. As the light fades, Rayne is nowhere to be scene... well, unless you count the large, flaming bird of prey. Large compared to actual birds of prey, that is. The wings spread out to an eight foot wingspan as she takes flight, heading on upward towards the top of the talon.

The snow falling from the sky is quickly blanketing the entire area, the waters far below now iced over. If anyone was paying attention they might see a large lizard creature climb out of the ice on the far side of the bridge with a singe mark on its side. As Rayne flies up, the fire beast arcs its head, watching it go and spewing a few fireballs into the sky, though not at anything. It hisses and crackles flames, though no one can understand its language. It adjusts its many feet and tails from where it perches. Up, up, up, up and even further up Rayne goes, until she nears the top of the talon. From up here she can see the entirety of Twisted's landscape. From Twisted Street to Neo Edo and the wastelands, all covered in a blanket of white snow. Up here, the snow doesn't fall, at least not on the talon, whose three fingers and thumb are spread out as if clutching the universe above with the palm flat, making amassive platform for people to stand on. At the center of the palm is an identical but smaller palm that's been shaped into a throne where one might sit. Sitting on it is a winged woman with two swords laying across her lap. http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/Power2.png As you reach the top, the tether you have with Twisted is still gently pulling your essence towards the center, which is obviously where the throne and the girl are.

Shirou raises his brows a little as Rayne goes phoenix. He makes no commentary as...well...this being his 3rd multiverse it's hard to surprise him with this sort of thing. He keeps a close watch on things, making sure he's ready when Rayne gives a single....or when something might cause more trouble otherwise.

Up up and up the phoenix soars, reaching the top and above, whereupon she looks down upon the winged woman seated there. She slowly descends upon the larger talon, and just before she reaches the ground she is once again enveloped in a flash of light. As it fades, she's standing there again looking quite human now again. "Hello," she calls out to the woman. "I am Rayne Hurris, acting director of TASK. Might I ask what exactly is going on here?"

With the softest of thuds, Tabitha Li-Bogard lands beside Shirou. Making the briefest moment of eye contact with him she opens her mouth to speak, only to stay silent as Rayne addresses whatever this woman is atop her throne. Whatever she had to say can wait, she supposes. After introductions or something...

The fire creature watches Rayne head far, far up to the top of the talon. It snorts out another fireball and looks down towards Shirou, hissing and crackling, it hops down off of its perch to land on a somewhat steady portion of bridge closer to him. The heat it gives off warms the area, melting the snow nearby.

As Rayne sets down on the palm, she'll feel her string spindling out from the center of the palm, out the three fingers and thumb, probably in the same directions the red lightning shot off of them when it first surfaced. Power stands up from her talon throne, the two swords floating up next to her as her hair streams out behind her as wind blows, "I'm restoring things to their proper place," she says, looking past Rayne and out onto Twisted, "I woke up some time ago, but the festering cancer hasn't healed itself over. I have to heal it before Order shows up." Power places a hand on her hip and looks back at Rayne, assessing the Phoenix, "I don't feel Concordance, and someone has been tethering different parts of me around a lot lately. I don't mind, the more of me the better, but I don't like the sickness that's spread."

Rayne tilts her head. "'Restoring'?" she asks, then looks out below, looking to see if there's in fact any conflict out there. "I'm curious as to what you consider to be the 'festering cancer' exactly, but... I suppose I should be asking as much 'who is Order?' shouldn't I?" She looks back up at Power and shakes her head. "Concordance is... Well, I don't know what the exact state is. A kind of suspended animation. I was told she was dead, but, well, she didn't look it to me when I saw her... I think it was in a realm called Nerima?" She's hoping that her being a bit free with information might be getting her some information as well. She then frowns slightly. "But the tethers... If you're talking about what something's telling me you're talking about..." She taps the center of her chest armor once.

Shirou gives a small nod toward Tabitha before offering a little bow of his head toward the fire creature. He can't commune with it, but it is now keeping him from becoming a frozen treat, rather or not that was it's intention.

Tabitha's ears twitch trying to filter out the conversations going on. Looking upwards at the talon, Tabitha frowns heavily. She doesn't even seem to be acknowledging the fire beast. Clearly Shirou has this covered, right? "Everyone's busy or missing. Lady Setsuna gave me this..." She pulls out a silver key that resembles the Senshi's staff. "I'm supposed ta get this ta Rayne." Once more she looks from Shirou to the that blight in the sky. Very flatly she asks the obvious, "...she's up there ain't she?"

Shirou says, "Yeah, she flew up there just before you showed up." He peers toward the key and then back upward. "Guess we need to get that up to her then.""

Power wrinkles her nose, "Order is the end of me and Void, and Chaos, though I see she's manifesting in other ways here." She pulls her hand from her hip to scratch her cheek, "Dead? Well, that's unfortunate. I doubt anyone else here understands me being here then. Lots of panic. That can be a good thing, though, in times of stress, many find their way to acquire more of me." She isn't sure where Nerima is, but she doesn't have an awareness of other pieces of herself like Concordance does. She nods as Rayne taps her chest armor, "You have one," she reaches a hand out and twirls a finger in the air, and Rayne can feel the string on her growing more taught for a moment before she lowers her hand, "That's good. But you're not using it, no one's using it." She huffs, "Twisted Street is very, very sick." She points her finger out across Twisted, though it's more or less the area around the UR, what many consider the middle of Twisted, if there even is one, "That's where the festering cancer is, we need to remove it." She frowns a moment, "...Concordance dead...?" She says softly to herself, amazed that anyone could, or even would want to kill her.

The fire creature near Shirou and Tabitha watches, its thirty tails twirling around behind it, causing a warm breeze. It hisses and crackles at them, then spews a gout of flame in the sky above, increasing the temperature quite a bit. It's either listening or...waiting for something, it's hard to tell.

Rayne nods slowly as she tries to comprehend what Power is talking about. "The end of... you and Void... with Chaos?" There's clearly not much comprehension to be had in her expression. She does raise an eyebrow at the mention of panic being a good thing, and then winces slightly at the feeling of the tether growing taut, and seems about to ask a question when Power points out at the 'center.' After another brief moment, she asks, "The... Usual? Or Integra Arms?" She frowns again. If Integra Arms is hurting the city, she's going to want to get her stuff out of her apartment fast, of course. "Well, like I said, she didn't seem very dead to me, but... Well, what do I know about gods, right?"

In response to the beast spewing fire Tabitha glares and... ignites into flames? "I don't 'ave time for this." She's not trying to intimidate it, she's expressing how little she cares about it's antics, no matter how massive or scary it might be. Her skin starts to turn black again, not from the fire but from the same darkness she flickered towards earlier on the bridge. "You've got this, right?" She looks upwards again, worried that she's screwing up by not having delivered this key somehow. Glancing back at the beast again, the nekojin just shakes her head. There's a lot of things that need attention, people caught up in explosions, people who might still be in the bay, this.... this thing. She just sighs. This wasn't a good day to go out in public again.

Shirou says, "The flame thing isn't trying to attack us..." He honestly wonders HOW she ended up catching flame in spite of that. "Are /you/ going to be alright," he asks, now being slightly concerned by how she's apparently burst into flames but seems to be taking it well aside from being irritated... "But uhhh, actually I'm not sure how I was going to get up there. I was just going to tackle that when it came. I thought you might have a better idea, but if you don't want to go up there, I can come up with something to get the key up there.""

Power nods at Rayne, "Yes, Order would kill us all, and parts of you. We'd all be left stagnant, unchanging, ungrowing, not gainging more of me. More of everything." She looks at Rayne, not sure what places she's referring too. Concordance might have mentioned something as Usual... "The fact that you know about them, means you know more than others. Keep acquiring knowledge, it's also a form of me, and you want as much of me as you can get." Her wings flap briefly as red lightning streams out from the four digits of the talon briefly, "I don't like the term gods though, most people see gods are stagnant. The have X abiltiies. They are this X and not that Y. I am Power, I come in all forms and the wise seek me. I've set up four points here on Twisted. With enough time they'll heal the cancer and restore Twisted Street to how it was before...whatever caused the problem began. I'm not Omniscient, so I can't tell you what or who caused it. Probably something to do with Concordance being absent." Right, Rayne doesn't understand how she can be dead here but not in another place. She smiles, "Let me arm you with knowledge, Rayne Hurris. Me, Chaos, Concordance...we're different manifestations. Concordance is very unique among us, she's re-created every time a new existence, in some cases dimension, is born. She fills the need, but once killed in that place, the only way she can return is if she's desired to return, which is normally impossible, because no one should remember her after she's been dead long enough." She holds a hand to the side of her head, sighing softly, "She is alive in other dimensions, other existences, but it's not the same her that was here. Her absence alone wouldn't cause the cancer though. Does this make sense? Do you understand how I'm Power? This is my arm." She taps the talon with her shoe, "I've slumbered for a long time because Twisted continually changed and grew, adapting, hungering, yearning. But that itch I couldn't get rid of woke me up. Don't worry, the rest of me won't come up more than this, I don't want Chaos to -actually- show up here, breaking the Street was bad enough. Not sure how that'll get fixed since it's unbreakable in most areas." She shrugs her wings softly.

The fire creature hops back as Tabitha ignites into flames. It cocks its head back and forth, its mouth parting in a ?smile? of fire. It hisslecrakels at Tabitha, then at Shirou, before its massive wings flap and it leaps into the sky, flying off from them. They can't understand it anyway! Most of the TASK officers have got everyone to safety from the wrecked bridge, just a few stragglers here and there, or people caught under rubble that are being dug out. No emergencies here for now.

Tabitha blinks at being asked if she's okay, the very thought of being otherwise having not occurred to her. She tilts her head, one ear twitching lightly and as realization dawns on her she lets out a comical, "Ooooooh." She holds her arms up and laughs at the flames dancing over her limbs. "So... uh.. I'm a magical construct!" With a fanged grin she pauses. That explains everything right? "Or... part of me is. I don't quite understand it enough ta explain, but my sister was teachin' me. So I can do this..." The darkness and flames vanish leaving the girl standing normally. "...and I can do this..." Darkness completely overtakes her, making her body a living shadow with bright white orbs for eyes. "An' I can mix 'em!" She smiles again. The shadows making her teeth gleam from the darkness like they were suddenly hovering there. Since the threat, if you'd call it that, is now gone that only leaves one problem to solve. "So as far as getting up there?" She reaches for his hand and if taken she'll dash upwards, using shadows as stepping stones. Not the fastest way to go, but better than the alternative. Hopefully he can hold on...

Rayne nods again as she starts to vaguely understand what Power is talking about. That she's, somehow, a manifestation of every from of power. "Well, as the acting director of the force that's trying to protect the people down there... I'd generally appreciate it if you keep the... unwarned deconstruction to a minimum. If the goal is to keep the city... well, the world from collapsing into that kind of stagnation, I suppose I should be for it, but, well... I'd rather keep the panic to a minimum." She steps over to the side again to look down at the city. "So... yeah, thanks for not bringing more up like this, but now the two sections are kind of... cut off from each other." She frowns again. "I kinda like the mall on the other side." She sighs and turns back towards Power again. "So what is coming next, then?"

Shirou sighs in relief as Tabitha reveals why she's not reacting to being on fire. "Ahh, good...glad you're alright then," he replies, "I know a few other people like that, so I think I understand what you're trying to say." He takes the offered hand and, on realising what she's doing, dismisses his traced items and uses both hands to hold on for not so dear life.

Power nods her head, smiling at Rayne's disposition and understanding. She looks down, though from where she's at she can't see straight down, being in the center and all. She flaps her wings, "People will have to learn to fly. Or maybe Twisted Street will bring parts of itself back when we're done. As for the deconstruction..." She shrugs, "...there's more to come. I don't know how much. Once the beings at the four points finish their work, it will clean off the cancer and I'll send my arm back down. Cleanup isn't really something I handle. But with enough of me, I'm sure you can set things in..." She grimaces at the word, "...order."

It's a lonnnnng way up to the top of that talon, but Tabitha is quick like a cat...girl, and so they'll probably arrive somewhere in the middle of Power's dialogue.

No, drama says there has to be an uncomfortable pause before they leap into view with Tabitha letting go of the hero's hand once she's sure he's okay. Not to say she didn't hear part of the speech coming up, but not that it matters either. Crazy looking person with swords? Giant claw throne above Twisted? Death and destruction down below? What more is there that needs to be known? Instead she tries to dash towards Rayne with the silver key in hand. Good, maybe we'll finally get to find out what this thing is for...

Rayne shrugs once again. That's Rayne for you, put a being of cosmic power in front of her, and she'll be polite, but still just treat them as another person. "Well, hopefully we figure out a way to get the buses across. Maybe some sort of catapult system or something." She shrugs again, but can't hold off hiding the smirk at her poor attempt at a joke. That smirk does fail entirely as she hears more deconstruction will happen. She sighs and gets onto her TASK communicator, "Be advised, more incidents are likely to hit in the coming... unknown amount of time. Shouldn't be as bad as what took out Plowse Bridge, though." She closes it off and continues to look a bit troubled. "Beings at the four points... Might I ask what that means, and what they're doing? Well, I suppose I can guess the latter, trying to isolate the 'cancer'. Look, if it is that apartment building... let people have the time to get out, preferably with their belongings." Why yes, she is worried a lot about that.

Rayne then blinks as Tabitha leaps up with Shirou in hand. "Um..." She tilts her head. "I didn't... need the backup? I don't think?" She really looks almost more confused by Tabitha and Shirou's presence and the odd looking key than she is by Power.

Shirou shakes a little bit of 'cobwebs' out as he settles into place where they landed. "Sorry if we're interrupting. She said she really needed to get the key to you and...despite how weird things are down there, there's nothing going on I'm any good for...it's...in a matter of speaking, ok for the moment."

Power nods at Rayne. A catapult could work, it'd probably weed out the weak, or hopefully, make the weak stronger for it. More people come onto her talon. She looks at them both, only one has a tether. Hm, the other still has a lot of her though. That's good! "By beings I mean sentient creatures that have me, want more of me, or needed something I could give them." She tilts her head, "I don't know the specifics of who they are or what they want. Like I said, I'm not omniscient, but whatever they want, they're going to get before, during, or after the cancer is removed and Twisted is growing freely again. Although, one of them I might have forced?" She shrugs her wings, "I'd have to go check to be sure, but I'm not leaving this spot to check on any of them, for safety reasons." She smiles, "Feel free to help them, as long as it doesn't end the pieces of me flowing to those areas."

With a light chuckle at Rayne's confusion Tabitha comes to a stop and opens her mouth to speak - only to stay silent again as Power continues to speak. There's a look on the neko's face that implies she didn't realize she was talking in the first place. In her defense it's not a far cry from a villain monologue, and you can only listen to so many of those in a lifetime. Especially when you used to have voices talking in your head non-stop. "I tried ta get more people here, but everyone is everywhere." She offers the silver key to Rayne. "Setsuna wanted me to give this to you in case TASK wasn't enough for..." She gestures towards Power, "...whatever this was." She raises an eyebrow and places a hand on the hilt of the dagger at her side. "Don't ask me what it does. She didn't say." Yep. That explains everything. Good thing we waited for that.

Rayne blinks at Shirou. "Key? What's so important about a key?" She then tilts her head at Power, then nods. "Right. Safety reasons." She then glances out over the city once again. "The four points... you mean where the lightning is hitting out there?" She absent mindedly takes the key, then belatedly looks to Tabitha. "In case TASK isn't enough for... Look, I know it's apparently really odd for an acting TASK head to be interested in diplomacy over 'raaar smash everything that resembles a threat,' but really, it usually works better the diplomatic route." She sighs and holds the key up to look at it more closely. "....Really? A heart?"

Shirou shrugs a little. "I know least of anyone here about anything going on right now," he states, "I'm the idiot that's here to save people or attack things that are hurting the people that need saving."

Power smiles at Tabitha as she's gestured towards, "This is Power, but you already know me." Tabitha can also tell that the tether she has is gently pulling towards the center of the talon, where the smaller talon throne is located. Not like it's going to rip your essence out or something, there's just always a little tension on it. She nods in agreement with Rayne talking about the diplomatic route, there's a lot of her to be had over others using that. She's not just raw power, although that is her most obvious form. At Shirou's words, she looks towards the man, reaching up and sliding her finger over her left horn, "Strength of arms can often overcome any ignorance. In fact, I can allow you to win where ordinary intelligence can't. The reverse is also true, but one should always play to their individual strengths."

To be continued...

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