2016-12-29 - Another Lost... (part III)

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Another Lost... (part III)

Summary: The trio decide what to do about Power before heading off to join Satyrn in defending Twisted.

Who: Hobo Joe, Power, Rayne, Satyrn, Shirou, Tabitha
When: December 29th, 2016
Where: Skies Above Twisted, Nowhereto Park

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Continuing from last time...

Twisted has become a Winter Wonderland, some places having snow up to your waist, while others have such strong winds blowing the snow can't gather and are in perpetual blizzard like states. There's also the occasional explosion or tremor that still occurs off and on, though these have become fewer than before. Power is still standing in the center of her talon, near the throne, talking with those gathered, swords floating next to her. Speaking of tremors and explosions, to occur almost simultaneously. The first is in Neo-Edo, near the Akira Institute, a massive red portal opens up in the sky above and red lightning erupts out of it, striking buildings, the ground, and some of the monsters that have started appearing everywhere. A blinding red light from the ground floods up and meets the lightning, and the two energies collide and then disappear completely. Waves of portals open and close, parts of the city appear and disappear, only to reappear again, some of them fixed from damage, others worse! Then the light settles and one of the great talons fingers close itself in. Meanwhile, at ZekuKari Beach, a gout of water floods upwards, forming a giant pillar that then freezes over, only to have a great chain wrap around it. It shatters into thousands of shards and ice hail that go falling down, but most of it hits the ocean, although the beach is going to have a looot of ice glaciers around it until they melt, if they ever do. Another finger on the great talon closes. "Excellent," Power says, "Only two more to go." Now that two points are done, she has a better idea of the other two's directions...she feels along the tethers, but.. "One of the chosen doesn't have a tether, she'll likely struggle more than the one that does, if you're all still hoping to help me with this so it's over faster."

Ignoring Power for the most part, yet again, Tabitha looks out over Twisted. A single fang visible biting the edge of her lip. Looking back and seeing everyone still standing there, and Power's comment about helping still hanging in the air, the nekojin simply rolls her eyes. "You're th' one doin' all this, right?" She looks out over the city once more and scowls before looking back. "So my friends are hurt, dead, or dyin' an' you're seriously standin' there tellin' us that you think we're gonna help you with whatever sadistic plot ya got planned?" Tabitha glances at her companions and 'tsks' in disgust. "Why are we even listenin' ta this?" Drawing her dagger, the girl's body and clothes instantly turn black again with shadowy black tendrils snaking off into the air around her. The dagger's blade begins to burn with blackened flames which attention is drawn to as she points it directly at Power. "Actions speak louder than words, right?"

Rayne no sooner makes her comment about a heart on the key as she seems to... blink forwards two feet. After that blink, she looks quite a bit confused. "Oooookay... well, I guess that's a... thing now." She holds up the key and looks at it again with one eyebrow raised and the other lowered. She then catches the bright lights over Neo-Edo, and of /course/ can't miss what's happening at the nearby beach. "...Power... what... exactly, are you doing out there?" She starting to look more concerned now. "Who are the chosen, and why exactly are they struggling?" She subconsciously moves her left hand to the pommel of the sword on that hip, her right still holding the key. "I'm for keeping Twisted healthy... But that includes the people here. As far as I'm concerned... Twisted is as much them as it is the world itself." She glances at Tabitha's actions... and can't quite make herself argue to calm the catgirl down, anymore.

Shirou 's arms glow as he traces a rather ornate looking sword. However, he's not moving to attack with it yet. He kinda jumped to conclusions and might have hurt something innocent a while ago... He's a little more willing to see what Power's on about rather than just trying to slice her apart right off the bat.

"The people?" Power says, looking across the talon and out at Twisted itself, "...yes, there are a lot more here than before. A good sign of an ever growing existence." She holds her hand out towards her right sword, but doesn't grip it, just leaves it there, as if ready to draw the blade but not wanting too, "The sooner we clear away the infection, the sooner people will stop dying. I don't want them to die, I want them to rise up and overcome this chaos. The weak can always have more of me if they can rise up." She looks over to Rayne, "As I said before, I'm removing the cancer from Twisted. If I don't do it now, well...Order will show up, and no one will be happy. Or Chaos will wake up, I'm not sure which. Order would be worse, of course. Furthermore, I've stopped growing as much as I was, I don't know what caused it, perhaps Concordances death, or some other event, I don't have a good grasp of how time works. So, the chosen, there are two left, one...there..." She gestures towards the center of Twisted Street near the Usual Restaurant, "...that one has multiple tethers, and is seeking me in many different ways, it's beautiful." She then gestures towards Nowhere To Park, "The other is gorgeous, even now, but I have no connection to her from here, and I can't leave this spot to check on her. It'd be best if you all went and helped whoever it is there first, I think." She then looks back to all three of you, "Fighting me is a waste of me. I'm not like Concordance, I don't change to fit what the denizens of existence want." She then lowers her hand from her sword and clasps them in front of her, "Please, go, and help me finish this quickly. Aide whoever is completing their task, and I assure you this current chaos will end and Twisted will be the better for it."

Why is no one attacking?! Tabitha listens to the explanation but tunes out most of it. Why is she so scatter brained today? Tonight? Whenever it is. Smoke gets in the way. This isn't far from her actual train of thought in fact and soon enough she drops down near the 'ground' and starts poking at it with her dagger. On her face a silly smirk dominates her features at least until she blinks a few times realizing what's going on. Hopping back to her feet she glances around nervously at everyone and runs a hand through where her hair should be beneath the darkness. "Uhhh.... yeeeah. Sorry." What where they doing again? She looks back at the city and then to Power once more with a look of angry determination. "Why are we even listenin' ta this?" Her determination falters and the girl draws back slightly. "...did I say that already?"

Rayne grimaces slightly, then finds a pocket to secure the key into before pulling her communicator out and walking towards Shirou and Tabitha. She raises an eyebrow at Tabitha's apparent tactic of stabbing the talon before saying into the communicator, "Get a lock on me, and the two nearby if they stay. We need to get to Nowhereto Park ASAP." She closes it down and looks to the two. "If you don't want to come along, then back away. Um, and I don't know how the transporter might or might not do something odd with the... smoke thing, so it might be safe to drop that while we teleport..."

Shirou doesn't back up or anything, and he offers a nod toward Power. He seems less like he's prepping for attacking Power and more like he was preping for a possible attack. "Let's get to it then....annnnd I don't kno, but I get the idea attacking is actually a worse idea than not."

Power smiles at is it at least seems they're going to head out and help her achieve her goals. It's been so long since she was really awake and Avatared. Twisted has grown much, but there's always more it can have. But it's in her nature to always crave more of herself. "Thank you," she says in farewell as, supposedly, they all teleport off.

Tabitha will certainly go along with Rayne's plan so long as she seems like she's leading the situation. With a nod to her words she sheathes her dagger, letting some of the darkness fade off of her for the moment. By the time Shirou speaks she seems distracted again, blinking at him as though not understanding his words. She raises an eyebrow a second later, looking back at Power in confusion over how this is playing out. Assuming she isn't left behind, she'll wave as they disappear because, why not? She said 'thank you' right?

Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)
You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps; nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit, really.

The ground of Nowhereto Park has been broken up from the tremors, cracks in the earth dividing the once beautiful area. Trees have fallen and cracked. The fountain is spewing water in the air, but half of it has frozen over. There's a group of survivors gathered here, a mixed assortment of humans and sentient animals. All of them are gathered near the statue of Concordance, who's box has been removed and is now open. A chunk of the statues wing has snapped off and disappeared to who nows where, possibly blown into rubble. Some of the people are kneeling in prayer to the statue, while others are staring above them in fear. Above the park is Super Saiyan Satyrn, battling a horde of winged creatures in the sky. Some as big as houses, others a more managable size. All of them are either trying to kill Satyrn, or get at the people down below near the statue. Between the statue and the fountain is a smalle version of the great talon that destroyed Plowse Bridge, two of its fingers closed. A red light is intermittently arcing towards Satyrn, though everytime it does it causes her to stagger and fall from the sky, only to regain herself quickly and continue the fight. There's blood on her hands and face, some of it hers, some of it from monsters.

Rayne arrives in the park under the effects of the transporter... then sees the people praying to the statue. Her left eye twitches slightly, but then she sighs and puts a few fingers to her head. /Now isn't the time./ She then looks around... and then up finally. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me..." She sighs and draws both swords, quickly tapping their pommels together to form them into a bow. She quickly draws an arrow from her quiver and takes aim at one of the smaller monsters. As she finds her mark, the arrowhead erupts into flames before she lets the arrow fly.

Shirou frowns thoughtfully as he looks at the people praying around the park. He then notices Rayne's looking up and peers in that direction as well. "...oh, looks like we found where the violent ones ended up..." he murmurs as he grips at the sword he's carrying with both his hands and swings in behind himself as light starts pooling around him.

So where was Tabitha in all this? Isn't this the part where we cut over to her and she stands there and makes an observation? ISN'T THAT HOW THIS WORKS?! Well it doesn't. Not because the person who types from her was busy in another window watching Glove and Boots, but because upon arriving in Nowhereto Park, Tabitha got distracted by the statue she didn't remember being here. She makes her way through the crowd to the statue and stares at it with her head tilted to the side. "...Why does she get a statue an' not Guarlesia?" Well, it's a good point. She should probably get back to what's going on around her, not that she's going to affect much with Satyrn seemingly doing most of the hard work.

The people huddled around the statue let Tabitha pass, some of the are praying silently, while others are asking Concordance to come and save them from all of this. At the front of the crowd closest to the statue is Joe, The Hobo King! As Tabitha comes closer he raises some moldy bread up for her to eat, in case she's hungry and all! "Come here! Kneel and pray to Concordance that she might come and save us all from this apocalyptic time! Satyrn says that if enough of us believe and pray, she's sure to save us!" He gets quite a few cheers from the nearby prayerers. As Tabitha comes to the statue, she'll actually -feel- a bit of warmth coming from it, and in fact, the area near the prayerful doesn't have any snow landing on it. What's more, there's a bit of a refreshing feeling, almost like having woke up from a nice little catnap this close. The flaming arrow sent by Rayne impacts one of the many monsters flying overhead. Sending it right through the creatures eye and out the back of its head, it quickly plummets towards the ground, hopefully dead. Satyrn buries her fist into the face of one creature, sending it spiraling away, then kicking another into outer space. She looks over at the creature that fell, fully aware of the battle situation despite the chaos. Hey, reinforcements! Even better, powerful ones. "Hey!" She yells down, grabbing one of the larger monsters teeth and ripping it out, then using it to stab it in the eye! Grrrr! "You're never late to a fight if you end up on the winning villages side! I'm not sure how many are left! Either help me kill, or start praying! I'm not sure how much longer I can resist this cursed red energy!"

Rayne says a bit dryly as she lines up another shot, "I'll just keep fighting, thanks. What's this about the red energy? Despite possibly knowing more than you about what's going on... and I do mean /possibly/, I really don't know what's up with this energy." She lets the arrow fly, then looks over her shoulder at Guarlesia. "Well, Guarlesia's not 'dead', so she doesn't need a memorial?" she ventures in response to what she's fairly sure was actually a rhetorical question, anyway.

As soon as he's sure NOTHING else is in the way, Shirou SWINGS the sword forward, pointing it upward into the sky. A LARGE blast of light energy goes flying upward toward some of the creatures, attacking several of them at once if they aren't witted enough to get the heck out of dodge.

With a polite shake of her head to Joe at the offer of bread. Tabitha glances around at the worshiping crowd and briefly towards Rayne as she mentions Guarlesia. "...I... but...? Didn't they work together? Wasn't that why they overthrew the old Council?" She's not asking due to her lack of attention, she's asking because of the damage that was done to her memory. "Or wait... How much a' that was real?" This probably isn't the best time for her to be questioning things, especially surrounded by people worshiping the very person she's criticizing. Either way she lets out a huff. "You're right. She'd be here like I'd be if someone made a Diablo statue." She frowns, "...not at all." Is this the best time to be offended about this?

Another arrow goes through the head of a monster, which goes plummeting towards the ground. Shirou's blast of energy goes sailing up through the air, the monsters move to get away, but end up smashing into each other rather than actually make it to safety, and the energy goes blasting through them, clearing a large swath of the skies. A flying centipede creature with spider legs and about thirty feet long takes notice of Rayne and actually arcs out of the sky, barreling down towards her. From its mouth it spews a giant glob of spidery gunk, trying to trap her up in it! Shirou is in the clear for the moment, whatever monsters planning on heading towards him having been destroyed from his blast.

Satyrn, now having some of the pressure off of her, summons three small black orbs swirling with grey which shoots into enemies, each of them exploding into pieces as they hit, boom! "I barely know what's going on, either! Haven't had much time to look around! Some voice inside of my head asked me what I wanted, and after I answered I found myself here having my energy sucked out of me into that talon thing. I assume it's linked to the big one? I managed to get these people to safety and start them praying, well, most of them, since it looks like Twisted is finally starting to come apart at the seams. A little earlier than I thought it would!" She laughs and sends out another volley of blasts, "I'm really, really hoping enough people start praying and Concordance returns to save us from all this. What do you guys know about all of this?"

Hobo Joe, the king of the hobos, takes a bite of his moldy bready, and resumes praying to the statue with the others gathered, though he keeps an eye out for anyone hungrier than him.

Rayne shakes her head at what Tabitha says. She's chatty as she's shooting down attacking monsters! "I really don't have a firm grasp on what happened before I was here, to be honest. All I know is I saw them, and Guarlesia was significantly more animated." She then calls up to Satyrn, "All I know is some woman calling herself 'Power' is apparently trying to keep some people called 'Order' and 'Chaos' from showing up, and she seems to know a hell of a lot more than I do! Something about struggles and helping and... I honestly don't know if helping you is helping her or hurting her!" Yeah, sometimes Rayne is a lot more confused than she lets on. And sometimes she lets on just how confused she is. This is why she prefers not to be a leader, in the end. She turns and takes aim at another monster, somehow completely missing the flying centipede taking aim at her. She lets an arrow fly at another monster just in time to get hit directly by the gunk, sending her tumbling to the ground to get stuck there. "What the hell?!"

The sword Shirou's holding Shatters before he turns into Rayne's direction. Seeing her situation he traces two short, curved swords and throws both of them in the direction of that centipede that's attacking her.

While she hasn't really been paying the attention she should, seeing Rayne knocked to the ground does grab her attention. Drawing the Dread Dagger and going black again, Tabitha darts over to Rayne to help her if she needs it. "Look. Tell me what ta do! I can help. I just need..." Trailing off now might be worrying but she recovers nicely, "...focus. Gimmie somethin' ta focus on." Her eyes glance up at the skies and back to Rayne again looking, waiting, for instructions.

The centispider rumbles as it catches Rayne in its webbing! It dives down towards her, intent on moving to swallow her up, but Shirou's swords impact into the side of its head, digging in and spraying black blood from the wounds. It lurches to the side, smashing into the ground near Rayne, one of its legs likely smashing into her with some good impact. Tabitha might be caught up in the hit as well if she gets too close.

As Tabitha leaves the area of the statue, the warmth and energy that was filling her fades, though there's still a bit of it there.

Satyrn curses in a different tongue, punching, kicking, and smashing more monsters. But now that the tide has started turning, many of the creatures are flying off in seek of easier prey to get at. Another arc of red zaps out of the talon and she bites back a scream as she falls from the sky, catching herself before smacking the ground. She glowers over at the talon, "I don't know either," she yells back to Rayne over the fighting, "Know who might? Concordance. Oh wait, bunch of selfish psychos wanted her dead." She spits out some blood, sending a blast towards a monster that dives in at the statue and huddled people, "Seriously, I can't be the only one who thinks nothing's gone right since then, can I?! I don't suppose any of you have a way to talk to everyone on Twisted and get them to pray to Concordance for me?" She doubts it. Gegoshi maybe, but the stupid Synth hasn't been responding to her G-Pad VII since this started.

Rayne would really love to give Tabitha some instruction... unfortunately, she's kind of... all tied up at the moment. Or rather, she's quite plastered... to the ground. Look, she's covered with enough of the goop that she's unable to talk, alright? It didn't get her nose, though, so at least she can breathe. She winces at the incoming centipede, but gets off much lighter than she thought she would. Getting smacked in the head with an arm is significantly more desirable than getting eaten. Still, she's not quite able to do much at the moment other than mumble incoherantly since she's far from freed just yet. But then she suddenly goes still. Is that a sigh? She erupts into flames, burning away the goop as she once again transforms into the form of a flaming bird. "I've had enough of this!" she cries out, though it's far from her normal voice. Instead, it sounds more like an eagle was trying to talk... a bit screachy, a bit scratchy, and a bit too high pitched. After all, her vocal chords are very different when in this form. With a few flaps of her wings, she shoots into the air, then corkscrews once to send out a wave of flames at anything daring to get too close. Her gaze focusses on the talon here, and her wings beat downward once more... and a fairly large ball of fire starts to form between her wingtips. Her momentum keeps her moving upward for a little bit, but soon she's falling again... But she doesn't seem to care at the moment. She keeps focussing her energy into the ball, whose flames begin to shift in color. Red and gold shift into white, blue, even purple and /green/, a rainbow effect now spiraling in the fireball before she lets it loose at the talon.

It seems Rayne might have lost her temper finally.

The swords Shirou threw fly back to him like a pair of bomberangs. "Sometimes you just have to do what FEELS like it's the right thing at the time," he says toward Tabitha, "....that /usually/ works for me at least." He throws one sword and then the other, rapidly throwing them again the moment they return to him, trying to get at least one more of those monsters attacking the flying stranger down.

Tabitha had at least started to try and help Rayne before rambling on about needing focus. Clearly it didn't do much good once she 'ignites' into the air. While the falling centispider managed to miss her, her proximity to the acting TASK leader knocks her backwards as she takes off. The nekojin's ears fold back as she hits the ground and winces. It wasn't enough to really hurt her, but it was certainly enough to surprise her. Luckily that manages to prevent her from hearing Shirou's advice which right now might lead her towards leaving for some reason or another. With the slightest shake to her hand she pulls herself up onto her feet again just in time to see Rayne's fire rain down as she strikes. Despite the likely-hood of the fireball being a focused attack, she worries briefly about the people praying and darts over to them ready to help them run. Their calm and the strange aura finally click in her mind as she approaches them, causing her to slow to a halt and watch. "...what's goin' on?"

To be continued...

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