2017-01-03 - Another Lost... (part IV)

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Another Lost... IV

Summary: Our scene finally comes to it's head as Power's demands are fully realized.

Who: Hobo Joe, Power, Rayne, Satyrn, Setsuna, Shirou, Tabitha
When: January 3rd, 2017
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Continued from last time...

The centispider rowls at the flame that Rayne emits, pulling back and away from the fire. It flaps its wings, taking to the sky to get away from the flame! It looks over at Shirou, who's not on fire, and spews out a bunch of its webbing towards him, trying to trap easier, it hopes, prey! It's just hungry you know! Shirou's sword chucks knock down monsters as they hit them, with that and Satyrn blasting at them, the rest of the monsters clear off, giving up for now! The area is clear of monsters! Well, except for the centispider.

As Tabitha approaches the statue again, that feeling of warmth and energy will start to fill her again. One of the prayful, a young pink haired girl with horns and a spade tail, looks up at Tabitha as she asks what's going on, "We're praying to Concordance!" She says, a bit of a lisp and hiss in her voice, probably from the forked tongue in her mouth, "Hoping she'll come and shave ush from thish apocalish." She flicks her tongue a bit, aware of her lisping and obviously trying to keep it in control, "She's too quiet to hear, all I get are whishpurrs that don't make sensh. But I saw the statue move earlier when the flying giarhl wash praying with us. My parents are dead, but maybe she will bring them back after she saves us. You should pray with us like King Hobo Joe says."

The rainbow fireball from Rayne rushes forward, melting snow and scorching grass (what's left of it) as it passes the distance and hits the talon. Dust and debris fly into the air along with smoke, followed by Satyrn screaming and falling to the ground with a thud as red light arcs from the center of the smoke onto the saiyan. As the dust clears, the talon is blatantly damaged, its fingers bent in a broken manner, but half of it is still intact. However, where there was once an intermittent red light, now there's a steady stream flowing from Satyrn into it. The saiyan grits her teeth as her golden aura floods around her, but the red light just grows stronger. Blood leaks out of her mouth and ears, o O ( Ugh... ) She struggles up to a knee, looking at the talon, then at the Concordance statue. o O ( If this is where I die, you better take my soul to the tenth Heaven of water, Concordance. ) She doesn't really know if destroying the talon is a good idea or not, and everything she originally shot at it did nothing. Maybe because it's connected to her. But maybe destroying the talon will stop whatever's happening? Or will it make it worse? She curses in her native tongue again. "Any time now, Concodance." She says between gritted teeth as she falls forward, catching herself with her hands, her golden aura flickering as she starts to lose hold on her transformation.

The phoenix's gaze snaps over to Satyrn at the sound of the scream. She visibly winces mid-air at the sight of the saiyan hitting the ground. As always, Rayne is feeling in over her head, and forced to make descisions that could mean lives one way or the other with little to no information. Once again, she second guesses herself. Did her attack directly harm the apparently linked Satyrn? Or did it just make the talon decide to redouble its efforts because it's now under threat? Once again, Rayne has to decide. It's her job to decide. . o O ( Power wanted us to 'help' them... But do I want to do what Power wants me to do? I preferred it when it was just clear monsters... ) But time is running out, and Rayne has to decide NOW. . o O ( May whatever powers be have mercy on my soul... ) If a bird could grimace, Rayne would be doing so now as she takes up to the air further again to regain her altitude so that she can once again send down that coruscating fireball down upon the talon.

Shirou attempts to dodge the incoming attack, but as he's currently distracted with other things and NOT in any way magically enhanced, he's a touch too slow. As this leaves his arms getting stuck in the goo and causes his swords to go flying off at random till he dismisses them.

Tabitha is actually getting more creeped out than anything from the repeated insistence on praying to a member of the old Council, of course the only knowledge she has of Concordance is what Diablo exaggerated at her. From her time with Diablo, it's very probably there was no declaration of war from her or any of that other crazy stuff. Briefly she looks back at everyone fighting, pondering what she should do, but now that warmth feels even stronger than before. So easy to just sit and relax and be part of it.. which she does without realizing. For maybe half a second there seems to be three of the nekojin standing there but then she sits alone across from the pink haired girl with closed eyes. She prays for someone to help them. Maybe not Concordance specifically... but maybe close enough.

The centispider twirls in the air, happy for its success! With the others having fled, it can have all this food for itself! It swoops down out of the air, landing next to Shirou with its many spidery legs and then brings down its mandibled jaw towards him, attempting to...well, eat him! CHOMP!

The blast from Rayne hits the talon again, it's not like the thing can dodge. Another explosion of debris and fire erupts around the object. Satyrn screams again as the red light draining off her intensifies suddenly, obscuring her from sight! As the smoke and fire clear away, the talon is now broken in half at the knuckle joint, part of it laying on the ground, though both parts are smoldering and on fire. The red light fades away, though little sparks of red lightning still arc off of the two pieces. Satyrn is left on the ground, no longer a super saiyan, her body sparking with the same red energy, it's unclear what condition she's in, but her left hand trembles and clenches into a slow fist.

As the catgirl settles down to rest, the horned girl smiles and goes back to praying. She gets a respectful nod from Hobo Joe. As Tabitha actually casts off a prayer, the energy and warmth inside of her grows much, much stronger. A quiet voice, like a whisper in the far distance, yet able to be heard, speaks inside of her mind, {...louder...} it says. There's a slight gasp from the huddle of people as the statue of Concordance moves, ever so slightly, the broken wing half-flapping. Though maybe it was a trick of the light, there's a lot of explosions and power zooming about.

Rayne comes down for a landing, returning to her human form in another flash of white light again. She wants to catch her breath, really, she does! But she really doesn't get the chance as, with another scream, now sounding a bit hoarse, she points an outstretched hand, palm forward, at the centipede. No, she is NOT letting Shirou get eaten. She doesn't have many friends left, and she counts Shirou among them! A series of four rapid fireballs, each nowhere near the power of the ones she sent at the talon, streak out at the monster! She can only handle one thing at a time, and she's choosing saving Shirou over checking on Satyrn.

With his arms tied up like this Shirou's kind of limited on what all he can do. ...limited but not HELPLESS, he can at least move his arms like one arm. His arms glow again, causing a spear to appear in the grasp of his tied together hands. He attempts to use it for jabbing into the oncoming chompy mouth, pointy end first.

The catgirl's form shimmers again. Three minds, acting as one... albeit for different reasons. She's done well at keeping herself together, so well in fact that she's all but merged back into the remaining personalities that had fractured off of her from Senior Diablo's tampering. However, at the moment there's enough conflict in her to make the other two noticeable again. Assuming anyone is paying attention. A younger version of her and a version in tattered clothes seem to occupy the same seat as her on the ground but only when one is not looking directly at her. For the sake of praying this means that three separate minds are praying, so that should count for something right? A mischievous smirk plays across their features, however, as realization spreads of how badly this would make the Devil mad at her right now. The unifying thought brings her together again, at least for now.

The centispider doesn't like prey that has stingers! The spear lodges itself into its right away, making it pull up short and yank its head backwards, though it likely catches one of its mandibles on Shirou's arm. Then fireballs smash into its side from Rayne, sending it flying off to the side, and Shirou with it unless he releases or desummons his spear! It smashes into the few remaining standing trees, rolling end over end and breaking quite a few of its many legs, issuing a cry of pain and anger! "Skri'Nil'Tharish!!!" It screams in its native language!

Satyrn opens one eye, though even that's an effort, her entire body feeling like its been sent through a grinder. Not a new experience for her, there were hell dimensions worse than this feeling. She slowly rises up to one knee, blood trailing out of multiple open wounds on her body, her right eye completely sealed from bruising. "Thanks," she says, probably at Rayne? She isn't really sure where she's looking, everything is blurry.

The energy and warmth seems to reach its limit inside of Tabitha, though it doesn't seem like it would diminish if any of it was used. The statue stirs again, finishing the broken wing flap, but that's it.

The red lightning around the talon sparks and then crackles upwards, arcing through the air until it takes the form of Power, though it's just a red outline of her and not her actual body, "I thought you were going to help me," her voice says towards Rayne. The tether on Rayne's essence will grow a little more taught as Power brings her hand up, twirling it slowly in the air as if spinning a piece of thread around her finger.

With Shirou out of harm's way, at least for the moment, Rayne's attention snaps over to Satyrn... But, as injured as Satyrn looks, the saiyan doesn't seem very concerned about it to Rayne. Even though she can't be seen, she gives a nod to Satyrn's word of thanks. As Power's form appears, Rayne almost bristles at her words of admonishment. "Now what the hell made you think that? Like I said before... I'm here to help Twisted, and as far as I'm concerned, Twisted is as much its people as it is the world." She winces as the tether grows more taut. "You want someone who can figure out what the hell is going on and make an educated guess as to the best outcome? Sorry, you've just got me, so I'm gonna do what I was hired to do, and that's try to keep my people safe from monsters and the like. Right now, you're not looking like you're on my side. So go find Caliga or Setsuna if you want someone able to pierce through your damn riddles."

Shirou isn't showing all that much reaction to his quite obviously bleeding arm. However, when the Centispider starts flying off WITH him he goes a bit wide eyed and fumbles with dismissing the spear. His belated timing on the spear poofing into mana means he likely gets to experience hitting the first tree dispite freedom. He lays on the ground for a second before sitting up and trying to clear the cobwebs. "Nnn..." he murmurs as he comes back to his feet. "Thanks Rayne," he remembers to call upward (completely genuine about it, as much as the situation might make it seem other wise). He then looks back downward at eye level to the broken tree he's beside, and starts to approach it with his arms lifted.

The centispider worms on the ground a few moments, putting out the fires from the four fireballs that smashed into it, continuing to scream profanities! It finally gets itself onto most of its feet, looking around with its one good eye, the other having a spear sticking in it. It spies Shirou, then Rayne, then the huddled masses. It flaps its wing and jerks its head, as if to go for Shirou again as he moves for a tree, but it arcs its wings, veering off at the last second towards the easiest prey, the prayful. It's giant mouth opening up as it swoops down to try and swallow everyone near the statue!

Satyrn tries to push herself up to her feet, but just falls over onto her side. She coughs out a glob of blood, wincing... o O ( My well is just about dry. ) She thinks to herself, then looks over at the statue, o O ( Seriously, Concordance, we need more than a statue moving. ) She glances over at Power, but then gets distracted by the centispider swooping down. She struggles to get up, to do something, but she's barely holding onto consciousness.

Power's outline hms, "I have trouble perceiving the world as you do. I don't think I'm speaking in riddles. Perhaps there is too great a gap between what I am and what you are. I'm here to help Twisted, to remove a cancer that would destroy it. If you destroy what's left of this talon, you'll be placing a bandage on a cracking dam." That doesn't really help explains things, but Power is having trouble understanding why people would try to stop her. She tugs on Rayne's tether again, considering pulling it in, but she doesn't like to take strength from people, she likes to give it, to see more of it.

Rayne's left eye twitches as Power mentions the great gap. "You're flooding the city to fix your !#%$ing damn! You're cutting out the lungs to get at the cancer!" She motions to the centispider, then turns to face it more fully and face both palms towards the thing to shoot off another fireball at it, trying to discourage the thing from eating people. Rayne is not one to curse lightly, but this whole situation has her entirely on edge. She'd normally also acknowledge Shirou's called thanks, for that matter.

Shirou brings his arms up against the broken tree, trying to make a quick separation to the gunk tying his arms together. With the Centispider going for the people, however, this leads to a BIT of distraction. Shirou's legs glow as he LEAPS toward the Centispider, tracing a VERY big, sword this time...one that looks almost more like a stone axe than a sword. He's attempting to fling himself HARD right into the monster's side, blade first.

Despite ignoring most of what's going on around her, Tabitha's ear twitches at the projection of Power's words. She stands, or at least the version of her with tattered clothing stands. Specifically it's a longer haired version of the girl wearing the remains of what could have once been a straitjacket. Her eyes have deep dark circles around them and as she approaches the projection she draws her dagger and twirls it at her side. "Rayne Hurris is right. Your vague demands and damage you've done to this city are unforgivable. If you want to help people, you need to stop hurting them." All traces of the girl that was Tabitha is gone, apparently even her accent. Wisps of flame randomly dance across this catgirl's body as she glares at Power, waiting to see what the being will do next.

The centispider is going to just take the fireball in the face this time, letting it burn and sizzle on its carapace. It hurts, but its gotten hangry! Shirou's sword digs itself into its side however, crunching through and into the creatures body, blood spewing up out of the wound like a fountain! It smashes into the ground, losing its trajectory and goes skidding forward. Unfortunately, it's not knocked completely clear of everyone, and about five people, including Tabitha, will get hit, run over, or crushed as it crashes down. The statue is no exception, the whole wing getting broken off and the statue twirling and smashing down onto its side. Multiple cracks run all along the statue, small pools of pale blue and silver light spilling from the cracks. There's a lot of screaming.

Power's red outline shimmers a bit as the centispider impacts and hits the ground near the talon and upends the statue. She flickers a moment as she speaks, "As I said though, while some will be hurt, once this is over, Twisted can heal..." Her words sound hesitant though. She's not sure she's getting through to these beings. "...perhaps I should come back later, but if I delay, Order may come instead. And she would put an end to everything."

Rayne suddenly starts running to the scene of the carnage. "Shitshitshitshitshit!" she growls out hoarsely as she gets there. Statue? Who cares, it's the people she's freaking out over. "Use a scalpel, not a goddamned hacksaw!" she yells out to Power, the feeling of not getting through being mutual, and then she's trying to tend to the wounded, eyeing the centispider warily as she does so. "Damnit, we need someone with healing magic or something..." At least she knows some first aid, and is doing what she can.

Shirou winces as 5 people get struck in his attempt to keep the centispider from eating them. ...at least this is better than everyone getting eaten, but it's STILL not a result that he's pleased with. On landing on the ground Shirou's expression grows rather grim as he YELLS something out, before suddenly he's moving almost TOO fast for most eyes to track. 9 separate slashes meant to be most deadly are aimed for the creature in barely longer than the blink of an eye, despite the sword's size. Of course he's careful NOT to further injure anyone that just got hurt, but the power put behind the swings sends him flying with the sword as the 9th swing ends and nearly all his life energy AND ability to withstand carrying the sword like something much lighter goes right wtih it.

Tabitha's focus on Power, and lack thereof with the rest of the goings on, leads her to be completely unware when the beast comes crashing down and the world is yanked out from underneath her. There's a strange scream from the girl as flinging bodies come to a halt, one of a mind being ripped from its body. Rising to her feet, and seemingly the proper Tabitha Li-Bogard once again, the catgirl looks around in pained confusion and begins trying to help the other people swept up in the attack. Her expression, let alone her actions, give no implication she's aware of what's happened since she sat down.

The centispider is still trying to recover from its crash when Shirou starts his barrage of slashes. It screams in pain, blood fountaing from each wound as its hit. It's actually dead by the third hit, but Shirou wants to be sure, and soon enough the centispider is nothing more than a giant dead monster sprawled across the park.

Only two people managed to live, the other three having been completely crushed. Rayne can help one of them, a older man with a broken arm and a missing leg, by at least doing some basic first aid, he might live. The other survivor is the horned winged young girl, who Tabitha is next too. Her body however is mangled, arms and legs all the wrong ways, it's shocking she's even alive. She looks up at the catgirl, a weak smile on her face as blood trails from her mouth, "...you think...she'll still come...I really...wanted her to..." She asks Tabitha, referring to Concordance, as her eyes close and her head sags to the side.

Power folds her red lightning arms, it's true there's a lot of destruction and carnage happening, but in the long run this will be better for Twisted. And the people here, they're getting stronger for all of the chaos, which is only a good thing. Still...she looks at Rayne, "I'll agree to depart if you will agree to try and find someone who understands me. Concordance is preferable if you can restore her here, but I'll take another like her. I'll need a promise though, tied to your soul." She's completely ignoring the wounded and dead. They'll either heal and get stronger, or die and let others rise up to take their place, making more people live in the long run.

Rayne emotionally deflates quite a bit as three more are dead in front of her. As power makes another request of her, Rayne slowly stands up and just GLARES at the entity. She says absolutely nothing to Power as instead she just reaches into her pocket, and produces that small, heart-shaped key. Rayne's never understood just about anything going on in Twisted. But she knows some people to know more, and it was quite recently that she was given this direct path to one of those people who she assumes knows a hell of a lot more than she does.

Shirou finally slams into the ground as the sword vanishes, rolling a little before his momentum finally dies out and he's just left laying there flat on the ground, staring straight upward. It's a sadily familiar position... "Sorry I couldn't do more," he says as he starts to raise a hand, but drops it right back down by his side. Four more knotches have been added to the unseen weight on his shoulders now... Sure, everyone ELSE is still alive, but he's the kind of person that isn't going to let go of that. He closes his eyes, continuing to lay there for a moment.

Cradling the girl's head as she seems to pass away, the catgirl trembles as tears stream down her face. Nothing about this seems fair. None of these people should be suffering like this. Not for the whims of some random person who seemingly came out of nowhere. Her rage builds until she finally sets the girl down, reaching for her dagger - which is no longer at her side. Instead it sits where she stood before being struck down, blade into the ground, burning with a silver/blue flame. Normally this would be something that Tabitha would have focused on, but instead she yanks her hand to the side. The blade instantly vanishes and appears in her hand with that metallic blue dancing up her arm. Her thoughts focus on undoing everything while her gaze is locked onto Power's image. Somewhere deep inside her a power briefly unlocks, binding with that warm aura manifesting in the blue flames, resulting in a momentary flash of blue and white light that seems to engulf the area. As such the gathered energies seep into everyone there spreading the feeling of warmth that the prayers had gathered and maybe if we're lucky, making everyone feel slightly calmer and happier. Even if her heart's intent was to undo Power specifically...

At the same time as Tabitha makes her silent stand against Power, the key in Rayne's hand shimmers from being pulled into play. It's ability calling forth a grand white gate which appears in the air above. As the light dances off its features ancient technology, or perhaps future technology, can be seen etched on its surface. All at once the double doors open up and from a swirling vortex existing behind the doors the form of the Senshi of Time drops to the ground. Landing in a crouch, Lady Setsuna stands and glances around at the destruction in the park with mournful eyes. Once her gaze meets Rayne's, she'll nod her head at the acting leader of TASK. "Miss Hurris. I'm glad you've figured out what the key was for. Sorry to leave it in Tabitha's hands, but the Gegoshis and I where assisting with the explosions on the outskirts of Twisted and I feared leaving would endanger those caught up in them." Her eyes turn now to the image of Power and narrow. "Is this who we have to thank for this evening's excitement?"

The energy from Tabitha and the dagger flood outwards as she wills it to heal. The blue and silver light dances around, seeping through the ground and around people, including the dead. The light wraps around the man Rayne is working on like a bandage, sliding into place over the wounded areas. Where his leg is missing the light travels down into the shape of the missing appendage. The four dead have the light wrapped around them as well, wrapping and wrapping until they look glowing mummies. The light keeps moving, though it blatantly ignores the centispider, touching those around that are wounded from the destruction. Ribbons of light also reach up to touch and Rayne and Shirou, attempting to restore and heal any spent energy. Then, the light starts to flicker gently, like there's not quite enough there to get done what needs doing. It attaches to the broken statue, mingling with the light spilling from it there, but it seems like it just needs a bit more to get done what it wants done. "Pray!" Hobo Joe, King Of the Hobo's cries out, falling to his knees and closing his eyes, moldy bread discarded for now.

Power nods her head at Setsuna, "I'm Power, you're welcome. These others aren't helping me finish my task, in fact they've damaged me here. I respect and approve of their displays of me, but I'm attempting to fix a problem before it gets worse."

Oh, some of the energy wraps around Satyrn too, but she's busy remaining conscious and not doing much else. Well, she might be praying as well, but who knows.

As much as Rayne keeps trying to do everything herself... She's finally realized that this is a situation that requires well more than just her. She's finally realized that she actually /can/ call in help beyond TASK, and has finally done so. She simply nods in response to Setsuna's question to her, saying nothing at the moment as she lets the man go now that healing magics seem to be taking over from her first aid. In fact, she makes sure there's a good ten feet between her and anyone else, though she is now looking upon Shirou with concern again before looking to make sure Tabitha is okay as well. . o O ( Yeah. She's fine, ) she thinks before she suddenly takes a seat in the snow and curls up somewhat, hugging her legs to her chest. She now watches Setsuna and Power from behind her knees, letting Setsuna make the descisions that she herself thinks are just... too far above her, but preparing herself to follow any suggestions Setsuna may have for her. What she does not do, however, is pray.

Shirou's eyes open again as he forces himself into a sort of half sitting up position, his arms propping his upper half up a little at the elbows. "Don't waste that helping me...other people need help more. Thanks though," he murmurs. "...and sorry Power, but honestly, what was and wasn't you're doing got ridiculously muddled," he notes with a sour expression, "Either way, I won't accept a situation like that one. Isn't there some other way? Or do you really expect us to just let innocent people be murdered?" Shirou really isn't a praying type either. ...in fact he's kinda had mostly bad experience with things like the church.

Lady Setsuna crosses her arms and peers at Power, or more specifically tries to peer past her in the direction of the talon she seems to be 'broadcasting' from. "Power? I am Setsuna Meioh and currently the one responsible for Twisted taking over from Senior Diablo, and Concordance before him." She pauses with a glance at Shirou as she adapts his statement into her own. "I could point out that it looks that you have attacked it's people, and my Council. You have destroyed a major landmark and your actions have resulted in the pointless deaths of many of its people. However, I also know from Gegoshi that your major issue is with the restrictions placed on Twisted during Senior Diablo's time leading it." She reaches up, catching her Garnet Rod as it falls from the gate above her before the gate itself closes and vanishes. Using it to walk with she steps closer to the image of Power. "We were already seeking a way of undoing it safely within reason, and we will continue to do so with or without your intervention." The senshi's eyes narrow again. "So I suggest you pack up everything you have wrought upon this world this day and the next time you decide you have a problem with Twisted you come seek myself or my Council BEFORE you start upheaving the lives of the people which call this world home!" There's a crackle in the air as she makes this demand. Power likes seeing people wield 'her'? Well Setsuna can wield quite a lot of it.

Tabitha meanwhile stares blankly as Setsuna lets her stance on things be known. Like Rayne she feels it isn't her place to stand between them. She does glance at her comrades, making her way closer towards them before resuming watching quietly.

The blue and silver light flickers and then fades away completely. Whatever energy it had spent on healing the wounded. The dead it wrapped completely remain that way, not enough energy for it to bring them back to life. Then, all of the light disappears fully, along with the warmth and energy around the statue of Concordance, which crumbles into dust. Snow, which hadn't been falling in that area due to the warmth, starts to fall.

Power looks over at Shirou, though it's hard to tell since she's just a bunch of red lightning right now, "There is another way, if you..." She looks over as Setsuna starts speaking, she nods, "Then you're not doing it fast enough. Order -will- come, and she'll make this place a land of stagnation and stasis, far worse than what Chaos would do." She hesitates as she considers things. She does like people who exert themselves, even if its over her, because it shows a manifestation of herself in them, which is what she really wants, along with Twisted to keep growing stronger. She looks at Shirou and Rayne, "You've shown me much of yourselves, and because of that, I'll stop. But only for a time. If you don't remove the cancer I'll return, and I'll fully Avatar myself. The tethers some of you have may anchor Twisted, but it comes at the price of being linked to me." She exhales, and Twisted shakes, "I still don't understand why you're all so resistant. But I admit, I didn't realize how many beings had inhabited the surface." Rayne, Tabitha, and Setsuna will feel their tethers grow taught, pulling on their very souls and essence, "Don't hold my words lightly."

That little bit cut off didn't get lost on Rayne. "Another way if we /what/?" she asks hoarsely. She can never get enough information for anything to be clear around this place. Already she likes Setsuna more than Power by a long shot. She actually went out and said what the actual problem was instead of dancing around it and just calling it a 'cancer.' How Power thinks she's speaking clearly is beyond her. She winces once again at the feeling of the tether being pulled, and just glares at Power for it. "And stop calling it a cancer! I don't think you even know what that means!"

Shirou finally shoves himself back to his feet. He's still fairly weak after what he pulled earlier, as that one attack is enough to nearly kill him on it's lonesome, not even considering the tracings he'd done before it. Thanks to Tabitha he is MUCH better off than where he was just moments ago, cause a tiny amount more tracing would have left him very much amoung the dead. "I'll do what has to be done to save everyone possible. Murdering them doesn't mean saving them in my language, sorry if that's Greek to you... What is it we actually need to be doing?"

Tabitha nods along with Shirou's statement. "Yeah! Same here." As for his question her voice lowers, "...I'm not sure what we need ta be doin' either." Well that was helpful. At least she sheathed that dagger again, although the occasional blue flame does seem to lick up from its sheathe.

The Senshi's eyes remain narrowed at Power. If she could glare harder at being threatened she would. "You would be wise to take your veiled threats along with the rest of your menagerie, Ms Power." The air seems to grow thick as a fog rolls in seemingly out of nowhere. As powerful as Power implies she is, she may recognize this as a manifestation of the very flow of time itself, a force that coalesces at the true resting place of the Gate of Time which Setsuna had arrived from. This is her way of showing Power exactly what she is capable of and why she does not shy away at Power's threats. "We've been threatened with almost those exact words from the Devil himself. I am no more scared of you than I was of him. Please leave until you are willing to be civil and perhaps atone for what you have done here. NOW."

The red outline of Power looks over at Rayne. Maybe they really don't understand what she's saying to them. If only one of the others were here. She wasn't ever good at talking with these kind of beings. She takes a moment, then says to Rayne and Shirou, "The...infection that is on Twisted, holding it in place, keeping it from growing, changing, and being itself." Do they not see it? She gestures her hand towards the -middle- of Twisted Street, "It's there. What I'm doing will remove it, but if you agree to remove it, as Setsuna is claiming, then I'll leave for now." She looks back to Setsuna, and either doesn't understand her display, or doesn't consider it a threat, "I don't think you understand what will happen if this is left unhealed. Twisted will come to ruin, either through Chaos, or through Order." She sighs again as Twisted shakes, "But, if I have all your agreement that you'll remove it, I'll go. Otherwise, well...I guess I'll fully Avatar now and I'll risk Chaos coming here, but that'll kill even the powerful, which I don't want."

Rayne barely keeps herself from rolling her eyes. For the most part, she feels the others are saying it better than she is. "If you're talking about the same thing Setsuna is talking about, then /yes/ we're in agreement! They're already working on it! If there was anything /I/ could actually do to fix it, I'd be working on it! But we're gonna do it without using a goddamned chainsaw to operate on the patient which seems to be the only way you can figure out how to do it!" She continues to just glare at Power from behind her knees after that, not saying anything else.

Shirou nods in agreement, crossing his arms. However, now that things are somewhat calmer, he is casting a concerned glance at Rayne... He's actually had time to notice the position she's in now. It feels like what needs saying has been said, and it feels like a bad time to interupt, so he keeps quiet for now.

Tabitha has sat down now between Rayne and Shirou. What more can she do at this point? Nothing that she could say or do would be any different than what everyone else is doing or thinking.

Setsuna, however, looks like she's about to grind her teeth until Rayne calls out. From that moment forward she seems to be fighting the urge to chuckle. "Power? Yes. Yes we are doing something about the barrier. You've won. Maybe not as quickly as you hope but it's being dealt with. You can go now." Her humor seems to get under control by the time she reaches her last sentence which again takes on that tone of held back anger. A careful eye may notice she's leaning heavily on her staff now. Not that it's of any concern just yet.

The red lightning making up Power's outline flickers a few times as she turns her attention from person to person. All right, "Then...I'll go." She says after a bit more silence. She wanted to make sure everyone was understanding everyone. Although, apparently, everyone is getting it but her. "But, should Order or Chaos show up, let me know so I can help." Granted her way of helping is obviously a little strong armed, but she is Power itself. The red light making her body up disappears. All of Twisted shakes and tremors as the the small broken talon here erupts into red light that travels towards the large massive talon. Similar lights flood from three other points, and the talon's two fingers that had closed open themselves back up. As quickly as it erupted, the talon sinks down into the depths of Twisted. A giant upsourt of water surges from where it sinks into the water. The trembling slows, and the stops alltogether. The massive portal influx dies down, returning to what Twisted would consider -normal- levels. It's still snowing, but the weather will start to become random within a day or two.

Satyrn is busy being tired and staring at the ruined statue of Concordance. She spits out some blood and pulls out her G-Pad VII and activates a portal next to her, "Warned everyone this kind of stuff would start happening without her here."

Rayne doesn't seem to react for a few moments. Finally, after Satyrn finally speaks up, she says something again. "F@#%ing deities. Either do nothing or just screw everything up." She does give Satyrn a glance, but doesn't seem to be too mournful for the lost statue. "Oh, come off it," she actually says to the former TASK head. Why no, Rayne has not had a good day. She doesn't seem to have any problem being rude to the critically wounded that could still snap her in half.

Shirou says, "I haven't been here long enough to be sure when she went away, but from the sound of it, it's been a while... In any case, is there anything more I can do to help?" More than all but coming a couple of actions away from making his own insides reject the fact he's actually flesh and blood? "Is everyone ok on healing now?"

The moment that Power vanishes, Setsuna drops to her hands and knees. She does not let go of the Garnet Rod, and never lets it's jewel touch the ground despite looking ready to faceplant onto the ground the rest of the way. The fog vanishes almost instantaneously and the senshi begins to gasp for breath. Well, she's only human for the most part...

Tabitha seems to perk up as things finally stop feeling so chaotic. She even lets out a giggle at Rayne's reaction, although her ears do fold back when Setsuna collapses. She glances at Shirou and points. "Y'think maybe we should help 'er?" Satyrn doesn't seem concerned. Maybe she shouldn't be either? Of course she doesn't really KNOW Satyrn, but she has a tail. She can't be that bad.

Satyrn shakes her head at Rayne, what more is there to say? If people aren't going to listen to her. It's probably time to find a new home, or at least go live in a different dimension. As fun as it was to be a battery from Power, she has better ways to live her life, "May your wells never run dry," she says in farewell, not wishing any of them harm. She isn't a healer either, and really...she's been close to passing out for awhile now. She rolls over into her portal, falling into it, since she can't really stand, which snaps closed behind her.

The huddled group, now that everything seems to be over, start dispersing, seeking shelter, or to go what remains of what was once their homes. Hobo Joe, the King of the Hobo's, finds his moldy bready and tosses a piece of it on the remains of Concordance's statue, "Well, -I'll- miss ya." He then looks around at everyone, "Thanks for what help you gave, especially you," he nods at Tabitha, before heading off to find some spare change, or maybe bum something to drink off his cousin George in the UR.

Rayne mumbles from behind her knees to Shirou, "Before me, too." She looks around to see if she can find something for Shirou to do - he seems more eager to help than she is right now - but comes up with nothing before spotting Setsuna collapsing. She tries to spring up to her feet, but her position really wasn't very conducive to doing that, and she ends up more rolling forward first before getting up to her feet. "Setsuna! Are you okay?!" She almost glares at Tabitha as she says, "YES!" She looks back at Satyrn as she leaves into a portal and winces. Rayne was more or less nothing but rude to her, and she didn't seem to be deserving of that at the end. Still, Setsuna is the one that needs help! She quickly walks over to the senshi and crouches in front of her, but still keeping her distance. She looks exhausted herself, but nothing compared to what Setsuna does. "Anything, uh, I can do?"

Shirou makes his way over to Setsuna as well, attempting to offer her a hand. "Are you hurt somehow, or is it exhaustion?"

There's an audible snort as Tabitha reacts to Rayne yelling 'YES!' at her. She's not very concerned for the Senshi, especially after she responds to the two rushing to her aid.

"Exhaustion... I'll be fine." Setsuna takes Shirou's offered hand and wobbles to her feet. She'll actually try to reach out to grab Rayne's shoulders if she'll let her, otherwise she'll hesitate and lean on her staff again. "You three seem to have had the burden of these events thrust directly on you." She glances in Satyrn's last direction with a slight frown and a mental note of 'four'. "Thank you for all you've done. I'm sorry I couldn't have done more to help you." She lets out a heavy sigh before tilting her head directly at Rayne, "When the dust has settled we should have a talk about TASK and where we sit with things." She glances towards the horizon with another sigh. "Our missing people have left us woefully unprepared for this..."

Shirou says, "...well, we can go to my place or somewhere else I can make food," Shirou offers for those left. He's fine trying to support Setsuna if she needs to lean on him. ...not in the perverted kind of way of being fine with it either, he's good like that."

Snow falls...

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