2017-02-19 - The Acting Director

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The Acting Director

Summary: Once again TASK needs someone to lead it, luckily that person seems to already be here.

Who: Rayne, Setsuna
When: February 19th, 2017
Where: TASK Building


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It's another day at TASK, and the 'Acting Director' as she's still calling herself is busy with the paperwork of running the agency in her office. It's been rough since the talon incident, with all the casualties, but she's managed to keep her sanity by a thread through it all. Still, it seems all the paperwork side of things tends to end up on her desk. She's not manned the Welcome Center in some time, nor has she gone on patrol. Heck, she's started to more of her free time in her apartment lately... but perhaps thats related to her adoption of a pair of cats. But right now they aren't her concern, the end of this patrol scheduling planning is!

With a soft tapping at the glass of the door, the tall silhouette of Setsuna Meioh makes her appearance. After an appropriate amount of time she carefully pushes open the door with a gloved hand. The soft jingle of keys can be heard as she enters into the room along with the steady thuds of her staff she's casually using as more of a walking stick at the moment. Stepping before Rayne, the Senshi gives a courteous nod of her head and smiles ever so slightly. "Miss Hurris? I hope I am not interrupting?"

Rayne seemingly misses the knock on the door... but upon hearing the jingle of keys, she looks up. "Oh... Uh, Setsuna." She sighs, then shakes her head, shoving her laptop to the side. "No, no, not at all." As has been common of late, Rayne looks a bit tired. "I was just triple checking the schedule, I'm sure it's fine... How can I help you?"

Setsuna has a visible frown as she glances around the office, missing the sigh in the process. Her eyes fall onto the weapon mounted on the wall behind her head which gets an exaggerated raised eyebrow at least until Rayne's question makes her blink and pause, "No... I believe I should be asking that of you." That slight smile returns to her features. "With everything that's been going on you've been shouldering the weight of things yourself, have you not? TASK, our missing defenders, everything?" She leans a little on her staff as she makes herself more comfortable. "Twisted owes you a debt... as do I."

Rayne grimaces slightly at the mention of the missing. "Yes, well... I'm the second, so I had to step up whether I wanted to or not." She then shakes her head again. "Besides... who else would do it? I need something to occupy my time, don't I?" She glances away, back at the laptop for a moment before looking up to Setsuna again. "....But really, I... honestly don't know what to, well, ask of you right now. Other than maybe an update on the whole 'getting rid of Diablo's limiting shield to avert totaly disaster' thing."

The Senshi lets out a heavy sigh, glancing at the nearest window at the mentioning of Diablo's name. Names are powerful after all. "Let's just refer to him as my 'predecessor' for now. He left me with quite the laundry list of problems that must be sorted, as the apparent vanishing of our previous 'acting' head of TASK did as well." There's no mistaking the emphasis placed on the word acting. "Twisted is a chaotic place and people have a right to come and go as they please, but regardless of his reasons he could not have picked a worse time could he...?" For the briefest moment her guard is down and she chews on her lip like a normal person with too much weighing on them. "My predecessor never promoted him officially, and maybe that's the reason things happened the way they did. Neither of those men could see eye to eye from start to finish, and now neither of them are here. We should let that be a lesson." The smile creeps into her features again, although this time it's more nervous than amused. "Rayne Hurris? Will you allow me to promote you as the official director of TASK?"

Rayne tilts her head slightly and nods at the request to just call him her predecessor. "Wait... you're suggesting Kotal left by choice?" Her expression turns a bit darker and her eyes glance downward slightly, just in time to miss Setsuna's breif moment of lowered guard. It's when Setsuna asks her question of her that Rayne's gaze snaps back up to the Senshi's face. "Wait... what?" She looks a bit shocked at first, but then sighs and glances away. What difference would that be from what she's already doing, anyway? After yet another sigh, she says, "Well... I guess that's the inevitability of it, isn't it? Things move on, and I keep finding myself moving up and up even when I don't particularly want it." She sighs still another time as she leans her chair back, balanced by her feet still being on the ground, while looking up at the ceiling above her. "Well... I guess you should, then."

Setsuna shakes her head at Rayne's first question, "I'm not suggesting anything. He is no longer here and we needed him. It would be foolish to continue to assume he will return until we have evidence to support that." As for the rest... "Do not feel this is an obligation. I ask because you are currently the best candidate for the job. I did not come here to force your hand. You have shouldered a great burden and I feel you should be rewarded for that and have the respect you deserve officially as well as the respect you've earned in the hearts of those you've inspired."

Rayne frowns, then lowers the front legs of her chair back to the ground as she looks back to Setsuna. "Right, well... That's why I should accept it. I've not exactly been doing things in TASK for myself here lately, afterall, so I should just... keep doing what's needed, right?" She then glances away slightly at the mention of of her inspiring others. She apparently doesn't think quite as highly of herself as Setsuna does. "It's just the... natural next step, though. Like you said, make it official and such. Galaxy knows I've been doing the work of it already."

You'd expect a flashy show, maybe a magical binding handshake or a dramatic swing of the Garnet Rod, but Setsuna only smiles genuinely at Rayne's acceptance and nods her head. "I'll make sure Gegoshi updates your status. You have my full support of anything you feel would better the lives of the members of TASK or make things easier for you to continue your duties. If you like I will also see if I can't find some people to help with the holes we've found ourselves with in the roster from missing members." Her smile widens ever so slightly. "...if that's alright with you, Director Hurris." It does have a nice sound to it, doesn't it?

Rayne pauses a moment, then just nods. With all the wierd, mystical things that have been happening with leadership positions in this place, she actually was expecting there to be more to it than that. But no, it's just a simple title promotion, isn't it? "I, uh... thanks. If I really think of something, somewhere, I won't hesitate... unlike I did with that whole Power incident." She glances away. "And yeah. We could use a little more help around here. It'd be nice to have more than just... the rank and file around here again. We've got a lot of holes to fill." Rayne's never been one with power fantasies, and in fact, before she came here, avoided leadership positions. So for her, it's more of a daunting sound than a nice one.

Setsuna's usual seriousness creeps back into her features quickly as she grasps her staff with her free hand. "So now that your position is official, let me ask you how -you- feel about the removal of my predecessor's barriers? The way I understand it Power wants them all removed. The power restrictions helping to maintain a balance, the forced stability, the extended range of the Usual Restaurant's nanotech... everything. I worry that to remove one will only inspire her to demand we remove the others." The woman frowns, "...there are reasons we've hesitated."

Rayne sighs and looks upward again. "So then what about the additional threat of, what did she call it, Order? That showing up and basically killing everyone or what?" She shakes her head before looking back to Setsuna. "There's only so much that TASK can do when I'm one of the most powerful people in it... Power's last appearance proved that."

After a moment's hesitation Setsuna reluctantly admits, "..there are.... others." She steps forwards and taps on Rayne's laptop. "You'll have access to those files now if you choose to read them. There are a few names on TASK's old roster that are still accessible from what I've seen. I don't know if you should attempt to do so, but it would certainly tip the scales." She seems to be forcing the words out, as if not wanting to fully admit to them. Just what has TASK been hiding?

Rayne frowns at that, then pulls the laptop back over to look into the files. "What in the galaxy are you talking about? Why would there be people around that are supposed to be in TASK that I don't know about already?!" She sounds a bit peeved about this, actually. "Ugh. Like always, I've been kept in the dark."

Setsuna almost chuckles at that. "There are people around who even Kotal Kahn was in the dark about. I believe he discovered one of them recently? Invader Zim? He's not the most helpful person in TASK, but he's a good example of what I mean." She lets out a sigh. "Anyone who was in the old TASK building before my predecessor 'fixed' Twisted should logically still be inside the old building. That's why the files are still there, they were just locked away. Apparently those 'selected edits' extend to all areas of Twisted, not just the files contained within TASK."

Rayne shudders slightly. "Oh, no. Not Zim. I've heard stories from some of the other officers, even if I've not encountered him myself." She continues to look through the files, however. "I'd prefer people that... know how to work as a team and are capable of following orders... I keep the officers in line here based on my position, not by my natural charm of leadership, and definitely not because I'm intimidating. I'm no Khan. Or even Minu."

The Senshi nods her head with another slight smirk. "I understand. I cannot promise you'll find what you seek in those files, however. TASK used to allow murders and monsters into its ranks, that's another reason some things are probably hidden for the better." Relaxing again, Setsuna takes a step back away from Rayne's desk once more. "I should probably let you resume your duties. I'll see if I can't find a few candidates to help you and send them over as soon as I can. Meanwhile if you need anything at all. Please don't hesitate to ask."

Rayne sighs and nods as she looks through the files. "....Thanks... but everyone I'm seeing is clearly from the old mentality of enslaving the trouble makers rather than dealing with them in a more... civilized manner. These are... not people I want working under me..." She winces at a few of the entries as she gets to them. "I'd rather keep these locked away."

Setsuna nods her head again. "I would agree with you, but sometimes we have to make deals with the devil before we can achieve our goals. However the price is usually higher than we wish to pay." After a moment a laugh escapes her as she realizes how literal that statement is for Twisted at the moment. "I did not mean to..." She lets the words hang in the air as she composes herself. "Director Rayne Hurris, if there's nothing I can do for you at the moment I bid you good day."

Rayne blinks. "I..." she says, then nods, glancing away. "Right. Well, if I can't control the monstrous killing machine, I'm not going to free it. I'm not that desperate for help around here. I've been trying to get people to not see us as the old TASK, I don't want to bring something back that cancels all that progress." After a beat of a pause, she looks back to Setsuna with a frown and nods again. "Right. I'm sure you're busier than I am, so... yeah, I guess we shouldn't hold each other up any longer than we need to."

The Senshi smiles warmly, no repressed or hidden expressions this time. "More reasons you're the person best suited to be in charge of TASK." With another nod of her head she heads out the door already with at least one person in mind she intends to contact immediately to help Rayne.

Rayne watches Setsuna leave, then sighs yet again and gets back to looking through these files in hopes of finding someone that wouldn't hurt more than help, her optimism not very high for this task.

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