2017-04-03 - Test Drive

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Test Drive

Summary: Another DC hero arrives in Twisted, but whether this one actually sticks around remains to be seen.

Who: Impulse, Shirou
When: April 3rd, 2016
Where: 24*7


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With a horrible ding from the doorbell, you find yourself in one of a chain of convenience stores called 24*7. Here amidst the smell of old hotdogs, under the watchful eye of a magazine-reading clerk, you can purchase just about anything you might desire. Just so long as you can look past the horribly-named products they sell here. In fact, there's four aisles of such products running the length of the building, with 'ICE COLD DRINKS' going down the wall across from the register, and various drink machines and rotating hot dog grills occupying the back wall. Need some donuts, nachoes, hot dogs, Steamy Chili-Wankers, Brain Freezys, Beany Chips, or cans of Poop Cola? Well - you've come to the right place!

Shirou is currently looking over some of the ....not so much in the way of possibly frightening and ancient foodstuffs. That is to say, he's avoiding the precooked and junk foods, but checking out the 'serious' food that most people wouldn't even bother coming here for even though they TOTALLY carry them at these places. He's looking over things with SO much concentration that you'd think he was just given a pop quiz and he had to give the answers by way of things on the shelves...

There's a moment of low rumble shortly before a streak of red and yellow comes blasting in through the door like a bolt of lightning. Standing there with his hands holding the door open is a kid dressed like a reject from a science fiction movie. A white suit with a red lightning shapped stripe down the middle, cut off red gloves, and a pair of red goggles with yellow lenses over his eyes. Before the thought of 'take me to your leader' can cross anyone's mind the teen suddenly doesn't exist anymore and a doppler effect of "Oooooooh" echoes out from the doorway ending at the BrainFreezy machine where the teen is somehow already standing. Shirou might feel the breeze of the newcomer passing by him, even if he can't actually see him move but he'll certainly know he's real as he starts to drink directly from the nozzles. "THIS IS SO CRASH!" Sure. Whatever that means.

Shirou raaaaises a brow at the gust of wind. He'd peer toward the door lostly, seeing no one there, and then peer toward the freezies. ...ut oh, it's another one of those types, isn't it? Doesn't this make his third since coming here? "Err, you....really, probably /shouldn't/ do that..."

There's a commotion from the clerk on duty as he notices the kid sampling the goods, "HEY! YOU CANNOT DO THAT!! YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR..." But of course he's gone already, currently standing and tapping Shirou on the shoulder while stuffing a hotdog in his mouth. "Hey?! Is this Twisted? I'm Ba-" The kid pauses just enough to mentally punch himself in the face. "They call me Impulse! Superboy told me about this place!" The hotdog, seemingly swallowed whole, vanishes and then he does too, standing by the clerk and dropping about $50 onto the counter. "Look, look. I know. I know. You gotta pay for stuff, grife!" He's back on the BrainFreezies again before anyone has time to actually look at him. "I'll pay for whatever, just take that as collateral!" He's trying to fill up three cups at once, one for each nozzle - and somehow succeeding. "WHY ARE THESE SO SLOOOOOOOW?!?!"

Shirou nods in reply. "Yeah this is Twisted. So, if someone told you about this place, that means you're willingly hopping through multiverses somehow," he wonders curiously. This gets his interest, but isn't all that surprizing. Though the guy's already off at the machine again before he's had time to respond. "But, yeah, while paying wasn't all I was talking about, DO deffinetly pay." He was secondarily referring to the fact that the stuff's not exactly the healthiest thing ever to be drinking so much...but ignore him, he's a food snob and from Japan to boot.

Sluuuuuuuuuuurp. Impulse is already drinking one of his three drinks and reading over the magazine rack by the door somehow at the same time. Well that scratches out the idea that he's teleporting. "Oh! Yeah! Multiverse. Yeah, been there done that." Both of them vanish and he's standing next to Shriou looking at whatever he might have on him. "He said there was a portal in Gotham but he wouldn't tell me more than that. I'm like, THAT IS SO CRASH! ...and he's all, NO! I WON'T TELL YOU WHERE IT IS BECAUSE BLAH BLAH BLAH. So I just ran into every wall until I found one." Sluuuuuurp. There went drink number two. "It took FOREVER though, but hey. I didn't have anything to do for an hour."

Shirou pauses for a moment as he processes that. "You ran /into/ every /wall/? ...are you just that bored? Is that it?" He can only imagine how much sugar this guy must run on...

Impulse pfffft's. "Well yeah. I mean, how else was I gonna do it? There's not exactly a sign up that says PORTAL TO TWISTED!" He pauses to think about that picturing it vividly in his mind. "Unless there was?" He smacks his fist, vanishing in another blur of yellow and red. A few seconds later the door is standing open again and Impulse is drinking his third glass, frowning at the straw. "...Icy Ham is not the best flavor." He still drinks it. "There wasn't, by the way. Had to double check."

Shirou says, "Well, no, I'm trying to ask if boredom's why you wanted to find this place so much that you bothered running into walls?"

Three Impluses jump up and down in front of Shirou. (Or at least that's how it looks for a moment) "DUDE!! A PORTAL! TO ANOTHER WORLD! How could I NOT?!?" Sure, that explains everything. "It's not like the team is still together, I needed something to do with my time outside of school and there's only so many video games I could be replaying. But a world with access to other MULTIVERSES?!? THINK OF ALL THE VIDEO GAMES AND COMIC BOOKS IN THE MULTIVERSE!!!" He drools on himself before ceasing to exist and going through the rest of the magazines a second time like he would have missed something. "This shop really needs a better selection."

Shirou blinks and shakes his head a little. "I've gotten a bit too used to the multiverse. It's hard to believe things like Saber used to seem so completely ridiculous..." "Um, I'd offer to show you around, but I get this feeling you wouldn't enjoy it at my speed." He's a little concerned about just letting the guy go off to do whatever, cause he looks pretty young to him, but Shirou's also near completely sure that he'd be unable to do anything this kid wouldn't like...or that much of anyone ELSE could.

Of course he's moved on by now, dropping money on the counter and putting at least most of the magazines back where he found them. Instead he's just off to the side of Shirou again, munching on a bag of 'Fat Free Cheesy Poofs'. "What's a saber? Like a sword? You have a sword? Can I see it? Is it sharp?" He'll feel hands all over him a second and if he did have a weapon on him Shirou will probably find it in the teen's hands almost as soon as he stops asking questions.

No weapons at the moment, no. Given Shirou's ability, he tends not to carry weapons when he's going to be going places where weapons might actually be a /problem/. "Sorry, Saber's a class name. They're someone who uses a sword. They're not around here in Twisted as far as I know, though...I /do/ have swords back at my apartment."

"Awesome!!!" After the pat-down it's amazing that Shirou is still talking to him at all, and very briefly that thought clearly occurs to the speedster as he backs away a moment. "S-sorry. I got carried away." And he's over at the glass looking outside. "So this place? It has police and all that, right? Superboy was trying pretty hard to get them to let him stay here full-time." He looks sad to say this. "These people need help or something, right?" Impulse turns and puffs up his chest. "I can help! I'm good at helping! A hero never backs down from a challenge!"

Shirou knows violation a lot deeper than this. Eww, er that came off kinda wrong. Besides, this guy feels like he doesn't mean any harm or anything...feels too much like a hyper active kid. "Yes, the police here are a group called task. I'm part of them but I'm still brand new and really low ranked."

Standing at his side again, Impulse looks Shirou over with a hand rubbing his chin. "Hmmm." Uh oh. He's thinking. "Well that must be why Superboy feels like he needs to be here. I don't think you could take a speedster, let alone a supervillain." He snaps his fingers with a grin. "Well, that settles it! I'll have to stick around then! Lemme just go and..." He vanishes leaving the door opened and slowly closing once more. It never makes it that far before it's opened up all the way again leaving Impulse standing there shaking his head. "So uh. There was a note on the portal from Batman telling me to stop running back and forth to 'his city' before someone notices." He holds up the note in question with a black bat drawn on the top of it. "How the heck does he do that?" Impulse shudders. "He scares me."

Shirou raises a brow at that. "Well a speedster IS something I'm entirely unequipped for, but I have fought several villains before. I'm better for people slow enough I can actually see them though." Heck he's not entirely without ways to go against a speedster either, but they'd be chancey and risking a LOT for a possibility. "...from what I've heard about him, I'd bet it's some kind of high speed camera and using his jet."

"BATMAN HAS A JET?!" Impulse stops himself just shy of vanishing out the door again. "...don't anger the Bat, Bart. Don't anger the Bat." He doesn't even notice that he just used his real name for himself, he's got a bit of a problem with that if it's not obvious enough. "I'll ask to see it NEXT time I'm in Gotham." He nods sagely at his own words. (Someone has to.) "Okay, if I'm gonna be here awhile I need to learn the place; check for trouble; mark down the best places to eat." He's standing in front of Shirou again, holding his hand out to be shook. It's what Flash would do! "I'll be seeing you, I guess! Officer!"

Shirou shakes Impulses' hand. "I'm Shirou...though I guess it's probably a good idea to start telling new people to call me Emiya. I don't know how formal they expect me yet....but uh....if it's just me Shirou's fine. I also work sporting goods at the S-Mart if you need me for anything there."

Impulse seems genuinely interested in what Shirou's saying until he mentions S-Mart and starts giggling. "What? Like in Army of Darkness? That old Bruce Campbell movie? 'Shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!'" The air in the room is sucked out as he bolts out the door, waving outside the glass even before the door seems to be opened. Probably for the better. Never a good idea to admit where something comes from. The multiverse is weird enough already.

Shirou nods. He doesn't know who Bruce Campbell is, but that is deffinetly the S-Mart phrase. "Yeah tha---" He trails off as he realises the kid's already gone. Well at least this guy deffinetly seems like his heart's in the right place

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