2017-06-17 (PostU) Rayne and Her Cats

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Rayne and Her Cats

Summary: Rayne arrives home from work to greet her two cats... but a third comes scratching at her door.

Who: Casdy, Rayne
When: June 17th, 2017
Where: Integra's Arms - Rayne's Apartment


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It's another late night, and the door to Rayne's apartment opens with a keyturn. Stepping through the corridor hallway, she announces, "I'm home," to her apartment mates... Okay, perhaps calling them that might be a bit much, but as she steps into the main living area, the pair of cats, one a white shorthair with a black splotch across its face and the other a mostly black longhair with a white splotch on its face, white belly, and white 'boot' markings make their way quickly to her, meowing their desire to be fed while rubbing against her calves. Rayne smiles down at the pair and says, "Okay, okay, let me actually walk, I had to stay late you know," even though they are, by all appearances, completely normal housecats and not anything out of the ordinary at all. She manages to make it to the kitchen where she prepares the canned catfood and places it onto a pair of bowls, which she carries out to the coffee table to set down at either end so the two don't each try to claim both food bowls. "Bon Apetit, you two," she says as she sits back onto her couch to watch the pair.

Seems someone (somehow) knew you were home. It's not like Cas' would turn herself in to a shadow, hide in the shadows of the surrounding apartment and guard the home of her master. ....okay....yes she would. But, knowing that her owner is home... ...she now approaches the outside of the door, and scratches up on it. **scritch scritch**

The shorthair cat suddenly looks up towards the entranceway, eyes wide at the unfamiliar sound. His 'sister' however doesn't seem to care whatsoever, and continues to wolf down her food. As for 'mom,' Rayne looks up with a surprised look herself. After all, it's been a while since she heard that sound on her door. She stands up once more and walks on over to the entranceway, looking back once more at the white shorthair in particular... not expecting to see him again for the rest of the night. She smirks slightly before she makes the final few steps and opens the door, fully expecting to see what some might argue is the first of her /three/ cats here in Twisted. "Hello? Casdy?"

Casdy is indeed standing there. She has a bit of dust on her right ear, which she twitches a few times here and there. The same dusty residue is also on her mini skirt and tank-top. "Boop." she says with a grin as she reaches out to poke at her owner's nose. "You asked me to tell you when my project is finished." the cat-girl then states as she tilts her head ever so slightly to the left a small ways. "...it is finished. ...and well hidden. Better hidden on this world than I could have on Theozia." she then mutters as that ear of her flicks back and forth again. **twitch**

Rayne, predictably, eeps and jumps back a step at the nose boop. She raises a hand to her nose with the slightest of blushes. "I did? I did! You're done! You could have... said something inbetween, though... I thought you had left, too..." There's a sadness in her voice, in her thoughts... that turns a bit to anger. Not anger directed at Casdy, though. "I, um, sorry." She glances back into her apartment, where the mostly black cat is now staring directly at Casdy. The shorthair, however, is nowhere to be seen, as predicted. "Um... how've you... been?"

Casdy shakes her head, and then looks over her shoulder...It almost looks like she is looking at the wall...but, she is actually looking at the shadows behind her. "Once I started work on the Zaria, I could only take small breaks.. It is a project that really taxes my magic, and my body..." she then explains. She noticed the scent of the kitties when the door was opened. ...but, she seems fine with it. Her eyes then look at Rayne, able to sense each of the passing emotions. "You do remember me telling you I would be away for a while??" she then questions as she swishes her tail behind herself, turning her eyes back on her owner. "I had to find a place that this 'dampener' wouldn't effect my magic..." When she says dampener, she seems...annoyed. But, her smile returns in any case. "It turned out my suspicions were right... There is a way to get away from it. Places it can not reach."

Rayne actually looks quite annoyed at the mention of the dampener as well. "Ugh. You have no idea the trouble that damn thing is starting to cause." She glances to the side before muttering, "!$@!ing Power." She then shakes her head and steps to the side, inviting Casdy in if she wishes. "Yes, yes, sorry, I suppose you did, it's just..." She glances back into her apartment again. "Things have gotten..." She pauses, hunting for the right words to describe it with a frown. "Things have not gone the best they could. I have Yin and Yang because I've been feeling lonely," she says quietly.

Casdy steps through the doorway, and mews as she takes in the scent of the kitties. "Lady Rayne..." she says as she looks over her shoulder, and then spins about on her paws... Reaching out her fingers to lightly brush some of Rayne's hair to one side, "I am always a call away..." She returns her hand to her self, and lets the leash be seen around her neck... After the statement, she lets it go and it simply vanishes. "Weather I am on this world, or another, I will know if you wish me near...Just tug on the leash. You are never really alone." Her voice is soft, and offers assurance. ...or, she hopes it does.

Rayne reflexively takes a step back at the hand to her hair. "Sorry," she says in response to her usual touch-phobic actions. "Yeah... y-yeah, sorry, I... I tend to forget about that... I'm still not completely comfortable with the nature of... our contract." She reaches up with a hand, grasping a couple of times before she is able to summon her end of the leash, which she dismisses almost immediately. Casdy's here, after all, there's no need for it at the moment. It's hard to say if she's feeling assured or not, considering she's mostly projecting embarrassment rather than anything else. "Um, yes, well... I'm glad you're still around, Casdy," she says as she cautiously reaches out to pet her head. Yes, Rayne still is showing obvious signs of discomfort at the act of actually touching Casdy, but this was all part of the agreement! "Um, right! Well... Do you want to meet Yin and Yang, or do you want to show me the Zaria as soon as possible?"

Casdy is gonna be petted! Yaay!! Yep, she leans towards the hand petting her head, and purrs as long as it is there. Afterwards, she sniffles at the air again, and mews as she faces Rayne. "That is up to you and the kittens." she comments as she slips her hands behind her back. She closes her golden eyes, and takes in a deep breath. "I haven't heard as many sirens lately..." she mentions as she moves her ears to note any sounds around her. ACK!! That dirt is moving in her fur again... So, she twitches her ear quickly a few times.

Rayne predictably flinches slightly as Casdy leans into her hand, but she continues for another twenty or so seconds. In this period, she glances back into the room, again seeing just Yin, the mostly black cat there. "...Well, you can meet Yin. Yang... well, I don't think he's met anyone else since he's been here. I've only ever had a guest since I've gotten them once, and he certainly didn't come out from under the couch the whole time Sunset was here." She frowns, then smirks slightly as Yin starts grooming herself, seemingly completely unconcerned with Casdy's presense. "And Yin doesn't seem to particularly care. So perhaps I should go see your Zaria first?"

Casdy nods her head, and then she lifts her hand. With an open palm, she focuses her energies in to one single place. In that place within the room, a single door appears. While it is not attached to a wall...it comes complete with door nob, hinges, and a lovely design of two cats cuddling! She now lowers her hand, and looks at Rayne, "This door is a gateway to the Zaria. It can only be used to and from once. I just have to be the last one to go through." she tells her with a small smile.

Rayne looks up at the emblem of the two cats cuddling and raises an eyebrow slightly, though she has a smile still. "Well, then. Sunset Shimmer has instructions to take care of Yin and Yang if I go missing, so I suppose if you kidnap me and I'm trapped there forever, things won't be too bad, will they?" she jokes. Assuming she's been fully invited to do so, she reaches out to take the door nob and goes ahead and opens the door and steps through.

Through the door, you see a large circular room... The temp here is about 68 degrees... The room's ceiling, walls, and floor are all carved. Yea...You deep deep under ground. Tiny holes within the ceiling go all the way up to the surface, bringing in more than enough fresh air. But, JUST in case... Sitting about 10 feet apart, alone the walls of the room, you see small (about 1.3 feet tall) robs hovering above marble made platforms. These marble orbs are spinning, and channeling air magically... The air is being brought in by the ocean, by the smell of things....and yes, you are beneath the ocean floor its self. Within the center of the room are 6 statues. ((I will spoof their descs seperate from the pose))

Rayne steps in and looks around, holding her arms crossed in the sudden cooler temperature. She spots the orbs and smiles, actually recognizing them from that time Casdy showed one off at the Usual Restaurant all those months ago. She takes a deep breath in, taking in the scent before she starts taking a closer look at the statues themselves.

The 1st statue is of a faceless human woman. She is bowing towards the center of the circle that the 6 statues form...Her right hand are placed upon her chest, and her left is placed sharply at her side. The dais beneath her reads "LOYALTY" The 2nd is of the same faceless woman. She looks ahead, her body limp and lacking any resistance towards any form of attack, or come what-may... The dais reads, "OBEDIANCE". The 3rd statue is of the same woman, who holds her hands before herself. Within her hands is where she holds her own dais which reads, "FAITH". The 4th is of the same woman, standing with her head leaned back as if she were staring at the stars or sky. Her form in perfect attention. The dais reads, "PIETY". The 5th is of the same woman, sitting on the floor. She has her head lowered, and her hands at rest in her lap. The dais reads, "SERENITY". The 6th stands tall, and has her arms open...as if she is embracing the world its self. The dais here reads, "SPIRIT". Within the center of these 6 statues, a glowing red orb (about 15 feet in size) hovers. Its energies travel between the statues like water, and ever minute or so it pulses.

Rayne slowly walks the circle, looking at the statues carefully before she finally turns to the orb in the center. She stops a moment, then reaches out to touch it- but stops a few inches away, suddenly thinking better than to touch the mysterious glowing orb, even if it is in a place that Casdy would think of as a sanctuary. "It's all lovely, Casdy. I'm surprised you're comfortable with it this chilly, though."

Casdy walks herself towards Rayne... Her ears slowly lowering downwards....showing that her emotions are... ...strong. "The six virtues you see are what define my spirit. I am always loyal to those I love, good friends....like you." she states warmly, "....Obedient to my owner, and the needs of those I protect. Faithful in the love of the gods, even though I don't speak of them often. All the while remaining calm or serene. Using my beliefs that my friends and I can over come most things, represents spirit... ...and my domination over the undead grants me piety. By knowing those six elements, I can construct a zaria. Once inside, I can see my past....and it increases my magic... ...but, only while I am inside of it.

Rayne tilts her head at the lowering ears, but says nothing to interrupt Casdy as she explains the statues. When done, she asks, "If they represent you..." She looks back to the nearest statue, that of Serenity, "...why don't the statues look like you?" She then laughs and shakes her head. "Nevermind, nevermind. I take it your memories are in the orb, then?" She pauses, then tentatively reaches out to more ruffle Casdy's hair than pet it, really. It still seems to stress her out a bit, though.

Casdy's ears lift back up, "...they do." she whispers. "...the human that I was modeled after, in any case." She closes her golden eyes as Rayne messes with her hair, "...my race is created. Magically splitting the spirit of a human and a cat to make Theozia's loyal servants." She then looks at Rayne, and then at the orb, "If someone, other than me, steps inside or touches the orb....they see random parts of my past. How much and what....That is something I can't control. If you touch it, you will be 'stunned' until it is all over."

Rayne looks from Casdy back up to the statues again. "Oh... I didn't realize it went... specific like that. Was she... someone you knew? Did she have to be... sacrificed to make you?" She then looks down at the orb, almost wanting to touch it, but her sense of respecting privacy is keeping her from doing so. "Just... some important event at random? Or can it be as mundane as just eating breakfast some random day?"

"It could be anything, really." Casdy says gently as she gestures to it. She can sense the curiosity from Rayne, and as such offers a smile. "As for the girl, I have no idea. Linka says that they were anything from soldiers who died on the field, to simple merchants. On my world, the dead are usually burned, and forgotten... They are, in the words of the humans of my world, 'useless'." Casdy scoffs visably at the exhaling harshly from her nose, and rolling her eyes, "...I guess...a hundred years of war have left them....scarred..." she then adds.

Rayne frowns and nods. "It's a shame... the dead shouldn't be treated like that. I've seen... so many friends die... mostly naturally, but still. To think that if they lived in your world, they would have just been... forgotten like that," she says softly. She steps over to one of the statues and places a hand gently where the cheek would be if it had a face. "I hope she's found solice living on through you."

Casdy doesn't have an answer. The stone you touch is smooth, and has no trace of any shaping tools on it at all!! Casdy looks upon the pulsing orb, and think of her sisters. "The girl could only be used once. Same for the cat. The result was a baby. But, something went wrong when I was created. A magical surge between the magi... ...It left me blind. Linka, my oldest sister, wouldn't let them kill me. She swore she would 'make me useful'. They made her place her life on it... When I was later presented as a necromancer, I passed every test they put before me. Even the famed alterationist's test, 'Glitter and Gold'."

Rayne lowers her hand and looks back at Casdy. "'Glitter and Gold'?" she asks. "It really is horrible... that they'd just... throw lives away like that. They must be horribly desperate there... I almost wish we could arrange for a whole world evacuation somehow. It's been done before in my universe, so it's... possible, if horribly expensive. My father's homeworld, for instance... All of humanity just up and left the planet to leave it back to nature. Well, almost all of humanity." She steps over to the orb, once again pulled by curiousity to it. Really, she's the one that's /not/ a cat!

Casdy says, "It is a test where gold bars are launched at the caster. He or she must turn them in to harmless glitter, and not get hit... If you are hit, you are both injured, and you fail." She thinks of Linka, and recalls her sister doing the test 'for fun'. Casdy then sees the hand reaching for the orb. ....yep... She tries to give Rayne a soft nudge towards it. "I promise, it wont hurt.""

Rayne chuckles slightly. "Chucking gold bars at someone and hope they can deal with it. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of combat training my dad used to use. He didn't expect people to turn it to glitter, though. Glad I never went into combat training under him." She then blinks and looks at Casdy again. "Oh, uh, you don't mind?" Of course a generally private person like Rayne would have thought along those lines. That said, though, she finally does reach forward completely and places her palm upon the orb.

A blinding light!! When it fades, you are within a tall tower. You can see Casdy standing before a white - calico cat-girl. But, Casdy is young.... She looks to about 10 years old, or there about. Her eyes are as white as snow, showing off her blindness. Has Cas' even told Rayne this?? The other cat-girl is changing clothes at the moment, sliding on a clean tank-top. "Moooom!!" Casdy calls to the girl. Only to get hit on her head with the tail of the other Cat-girl, "Linka! I am not your mom." scolds Linka. Linka has one blue eye, and one green eye. Anyways, Linka leans over and places her nose against Casdy's and tells her, "Princess Lyris is your age, and will be gaining you as her personal guard. Cas', you are 9 years old, and already can cast magic spells that are way more advanced than your class teacher. You have a bright future." But Cas' huffs and tries to argue... ....then pauses, "...Princess...?? It's a girl owner?? I don't have to worry about boy cooties??" ((You are separate here, and can move about freely))

Rayne was made aware of Casdy's blindness quite early on, and knows that it's through magic that she can 'see', and that normally it's still not seeing as others do. Thus, the white eyes don't spook her much. Instead, she smiles upon seeing the much younger Casdy, but then she turns to look over the Linka she's heard about several times. Part of her is surprised she's able to see the scene with such clarity, having expected everything to be as Casdy was able to perceive it. She steps about the room, looking about but remaining silent. She's not... entirely certain of how this works, and is slightly afraid of somehow interfering... but she's also aware that if the others could perceive her, they likely would have reacted already.

This makes Linka laugh. She walks across the room, and through Rayne... Rayne feels nothing, mind you... She is like a ghost... ...just...stuck within the confines of Casdy's past. Anyhowies, Linka shifts the tank top, and claims, "Yes. Princess. She was born on the same day you were created. The hope from Master Gyle is that you and she would be more like sisters, than servant and owner. He still believes in us becoming free.....one day." Cas' snaps her fingers, bestowing herself with spirit sight. She then stands, and looks at Linka, "Will it happen, M....Linka??" Before Linka can answer, another cat-girl enters. The cat-girl appears to be about 12 years old, and is running!! Her furr is grey, and her skin color is much lighter than Linka's or Casdy's. "Ta'.... You should knock on your sister's door." Linka states calmly. Talrani, Cas's sister who is closest to her in age, takes a deep breath, "Oh my GOSH!! She's here!! ...and she is like EXPLOSIVELY pretty!! Her eyes are like, BOOM!! ...and she is BAM!!" Her words are cut short when she finds her lips are altered in to a zipper!! "Mmmm mmmm mmmm!! Mmm??" This has Casdy falling on to her back in laughter. "...now that's funny!!" Casdy chirps.

Rayne takes a sharp breath as Linka walks right through her, but at least this makes it very, very clear she can't effect anything. "Well then..." she says, still quietly so she doesn't talk over anything. "Like sisters, huh?" she says as she walks around 'Ta' to get a better look at her. She then does smirk at the zippered lips.

Talrani has an oriental complexion, rather than Cas's caucasian one. She has bright green eyes, and is wearing a gold mini skirt with a simple white tank-top. 'Evocation' is sewn in to her shirt, on the right side of the chest. Talrani looks at Linka, unzips her own mouth....which returns to a normal pair of lips now. Before Talrani can speak, "Next time, I will remove those lips all together. For a week!" Linka pretends to scowl... ...which, for Rayne....this is easy to see.....But for the 12 year old....Hoo!! Scary! "Sorry, Cassie..." Talrani lets out as her ears lower down.

Rayne glances about for a chair to sit down on... though she does so carefully in case she sinks right through it. For now, she's descided she should just chill out as she watches what happens.

The image fades away, leaving Rayne back in the Zaria. Cas', by now, has claimed a kitty style sitting posture up beside her.... "That was quick... I just sat down." Casdy tells her as she looks up with her eyes, "...it must have been a short one." Cas swishes her tail curiously behind her, wondering what it could have been... Nope...she has no idea.

Rayne blinks as the world changes back around her. "Oh! Uh, yeah! I guess so. It was... I think right before you met Princess Lyris? You were in a room with Linka, then another, um... you just called her 'Ta' showed up and said the Princess was there, then I think Linka put a zipper on her lips," she says, explaining what she saw so Casdy is aware of any 'secrets' she might have seen.

Casdy nods her head, "Linka is an alterationist... The world is a play ground for her. If she doesn't like something, she can change it to what she does like. She has few limits, but not many... A girl can become a boy, a bar of gold can be a ball of yarn..." Cas' smiles as she thinks of this. "Ta, or Talrani, is my sister also... She is an evocationist... The easy way to describe her....she blows things up with fire, ice, water, lightning, or....just plain energy." Casdy lays herself down, and looks at the pulsing orb, "...What you saw was the day I was given to my 1st owner. When we were in private, I called her Lyzzie... She was like you... She hated the whole 'owner' idea. But, in public, I called her 'Mistress'."

Rayne smiles lightly. "Well, I'm sure I would have liked her, too, then. But I get that, really. She was a princess... She would have destroyed herself and her family if she let you talk to her as an equal..." She makes a bit of a disgusted face at that, knowing far too well the intricacies of life among nobility. "Buuuut, I guess with the little magic I know, I'd be mooooore.... well evocation? My fire spells are the strongest I've got... though that might be because of the whole phoenix thing. Being an alterationist sounds more useful though. Like that mending spell I know."

Casdy mews, and responds, "I could train you in alteration magic..." as she turns a caring eye on Rayne, "It is my second mastery... But, your mastery is determine by what you master first. It is when you take your trial that you become your noted choice, and get locked out of a different class of magic." Casdy rolls on to her back, and uses her hands as paws and paws at Rayne's fingers, adding, "...for me, divination is my forbidden field of magic. While I can heal people with necromancy, I can not use more powerful tactics such as Holy, or Cascade."

Rayne flinches at the touch to her fingers... no, she's likely never going to not do stuff like that. "Well, I think magic works a little differently... My teacher never said anything about a fields of magic forbidding each other or anything. So not sure it actually works that way with the magic I know."

Casdy thinks about that for a moment, but nods her head. "Linka said something once about magic from beyond the stars being different." Casdy rolls back over, now laying on her chest... She works her way back in to a siting posture, again, much like a cat. She gestures at the orb, and mews softly, "...maybe you'll see Linka not being a mom." she comments with a sudden giggle. "She is a lot of fun... Though, she is flirty with pretty girls." She then states as she rests her hand down beside her paw, "...just remember, there is no telling what you will see..." For Cas' this is a sign of openness... a sign she is willing to put no secrets between the two.

Rayne takes that as a fairly blunt invitation to touch the orb again... and thus she does. She ponders the possibility of something similar in reverse, though doesn't know how she would actually go about /doing/ that, let along think she actually has the power for it.

It takes a second or so....But what you see....is well....possibly, something you did not expect. A older Casdy, seemingly not long ago. She has been in a fight, apparently, she has many wounds....Anything from cuts and bruises, to glass in her fur. Linka is with her, removing the glass from her skin and fur. "Who did this?" Linka demands an answer. "Does it matter?? He will serve me forever....He will be my pet liche." she states as she looks over at the shadowy figure. "I will call him, Belgazar. He took something from my family that it can never get back... ...and he wont have his life back either." Cas' states as she stares coldly at the shadow. Linka opens her mouth to speak, tho she closes it....and soon after she whispers, "....Ta'..."

Rayne whispers the name, "Belgazar," as she watches. "What in the galaxy happened here?" she asks a bit more openly. She walks around, investigating the wounds on Casdy as well before she catches herself. "Right... Let Linka deal with it," she says, rolling her eyes in annoyance at herself. She does look more closely at the shadowy figure, frowning, then looks back to Linka and Casdy again.

The wounds are deep.... They could have been fatal... ....But, Linka is really good at healing her sister....and when she is done, it looks like they never existed. Linka asks, "Why a liche?" Casdy rolls her eyes, and then hisses at the liche in the corner, "This....thing is going to work, and write a spell to bring Ta' back!! I don't know where he sent her, but he will bring her back!!" She mews then as she looks at Linka, who now hugs Casdy as she tells her youngest sibling, "I will hope for the best.....but, I doubt he can..." ....and there is where the image fades.

Rayne is frowning as the Zaria comes back into view around her. "Belgazar," she says again. "I saw after you... turned him into a liche. You were with Linka. You were going to try to make him... get Talrani back."

"He was in a fight with her. He could not beat her offensive magics..." Casdy stands herself up, and looks at Rayne with a saddened look. "...when he couldn't win, he opened a portal, and banished her to an unknown world. ...just like how I got here." As her ears lay backwards, she looks at the pulsing orb, and she tells Rayne, "...he will be my servant until he brings me my sister. Then he can die in peace." she states as her eyes flicker red and gold.

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