2017-07-15 (PostU) Life in the Park

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Life in the Park

Summary: Rayne shows Casdy that there is life in the park in the daytime.

Who: Casdy, Rayne
When: July 15th, 2017
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Mid-afternoon, and Rayne is where she would most likely be found in the park... up a tree! She has her sketch pad out again, and is drawing someone that has apparently fallen asleep on a park bench... though she's specifically not drawing the face. It's less a 'don't want to or unable to draw a face' thing and more her respecting the man's privacy. She looks up, then down at her pad over and over as her pencil keeps making scratches onto the drawing pad's surface. You'd think by now she'd have started actually using paint, but no, she's still just doing sketches.

There is a certain spot where Cas' has made mental note as 'her spot'. A place at the ark where shadows are always cast over the area. Shadows from buildings, or trees...and just when it seems that light might get to shine on the ground, the fountain is the source of the shade. It is there, by the fountain, that she seems to step of of the shadow of the fountain itself. Once standing, she casts her eyes about...seeing spiritual energy everywhere. People of many walks of life enjoying the park. Her nose sniffles at the air, and her ears twitch. ....the scent of her friend, and the sound of the pencil as it makes its way upon the pad is what she has found... ...and what she follows. Along the way, she pauses just as someone places meat on a grill, and the smell fills the air. Yep...it covered the scent. ....but, her ears haven't failed her yet. She follows the sound instead....and in time, she makes her way to the base of the tree. ...what does she do to het her friend's attention...?? She meows, of course.

Rayne is apparently too caught up in her drawing to notice Casdy's arrival and approach, so when she hears the meow, she stumbles with her pencil, nearly losing it from her grip. But this time it doesn't fall down below to possibly land on her friend, and Rayne looks down to her with a smile instead. "Casdy! Hello and welcome to the park in day. I told you this place can get lively!" She looks out at the park... once again frowning as she realizes that it's not as crowded as it was before the Power incident. "I've seen livelier, though..."

Casdy turns her back to the tree, and leans against it. "On Theozia, people would be afraid to be out in the open like this." As she closes her eyes, she slowly draws a deep breath and then says softly, "...the people, the humans at least, are still frightened from all of the years of war." She opens her glowing golden eyes, and looks about again, and sniffles at the air...the smell of the cooking meat fills the air, and lifts a smile to her features, "...my world could learn a lot from the people here."

Rayne nods a bit sadly, then says quietly from her perch on the tree, "The people here are brave... maybe a bit jaded. Things... dangers, can show up anywhere, anytime here. These people just don't let it get to them." She looks over to where a talon once was embedded in the ground, then over to the boxed statue of Concordance. "People here are resilient. They can have something happen where people all around them are getting killed... but they move on afterwords. So... yeah. I guess the Theozians could learn a lot. Any world is better when the people bring life to it."

A warm smile comes to Casdy's lips. The entirety of her weight is now against the tree, "...here..." she says as she makes a gesture towards a couple whom sit beneath a shade tree, their hands entwined, " 'It' just happens." she says softly, "...I think it is the love in their hearts that gives them the strength to do that." she adds in agreement with Rayne. Her golden eyes look over the park, letting her ears and sense of smell enhance what she 'sees'. "Linka once told me, 'Hope is born on the wings of faith. Faith gains its strength from the heart. So long as we live and love....hope will never die.'" She now looks up the tree, and her smile brightens all the more... She looks away, and then on towards some children at play. "....it just happens..." she whispers.

Rayne nods, looking back down to Casdy, getting a slight smile as well when she spots Casdy's smile. It falters slightly, however, before she reaches downward cautiously to scritch the cat-girl between her ears. No, touching Casdy is still not something Rayne is comfortable with, but she does consider it to be part of her contract, in a way. "Linka was a smart woman." She bring her hand up to set in her lap as she looks out to the park again. "These people all clearly have hope in their hearts, don't they? It's why I have to do what I can to protect them."

Casdy nods her head only once. Her glowing golden eyes then close for a second. She lifts her hand upwards, holding it out reached before herself. As her eyes open, dark energy emits from her hand...almost like a dark flame dancing about her hand. "..." .o O ( ...and why I will be working on looking out for you. ) she thinks to herself. Ooh!! Scritches!! Yes, the soft scritches made to the kitty does make her purr happily. "My magic is always ready, should it need to be harnessed." she tells Rayne, "...I wont promise that some people might find some of it... a ....bit.....frightening." she says then as she turns her glowing golden gaze towards the ground. She does, however, grin as she adds, "...especially those on the opposite end of the spectrum." Argh! All of this meat cooking is making her hungry!! She slips her hand in to one of her pockets and...in a few seconds... she pulls out a box!! ....it's....it's....it's a box of cat-food!! Meow-mix, to be exact. She reaches in, and gets a hand full... ...and then slips the box back in to the pocket of her skirt.

Rayne looks down at Casdy again with a smile. "I know you'll be there to back me up. And... yeah, I remember some of it being a bit-" She utterly loses her train of thought, however, as she recognizes the food Casdy pulls out. "....Catfood? Really? I feed that stuff to Yin and Yang!" She sighs and shakes her head. "Do you actually like that stuff?"

Casdy chews on a piece of it, and mews softly. "...as a snack. I prefer fish." Okay....that was probably seen a mile away... A cat liking fish. Nothing new here. She smiles as she looks up the tree at Rayne. She then chimes, "...it's something to chase away the..." she then looks down for a second, and gives it a run through in her mind... .o O ( What is it humans call it...?? ) It takes her a few seconds before she chirps, "...munchies!" Yep!! That works....or she thinks it does, "...A small snack to get my mind off of food." Her eyes then blink, and she looks up again at Rayne, "...I am a kitty... It is food for kitties...." She then hmms, "...well, half kitty. So, maybe I should half way like it...?? But, it is good..." Yep...confused now.

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