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That Streetlight's Giving Him Sass

Summary: Two new arrivals are dealing with the insanity of Twisted's landscape. One takes it personally.

Who: David, Jack Hawksmoor, Rayne
When: August 9th, 2019
Where: The Twisted Street

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It's a quiet day in Mabase City. A tiny drizzle of rain falls from the sky, or from something resembling the sky. It might be coming through a crack in reality, too. Around here, one never knows for sure. Twisted Street runs away from the Usual, through shivers and shimmers of instability. Things haven't settled back down, and it might be making some of the people moving through the street nervous. Or it might be the guy who is making his way from that direction, his bare feet hitting a not-quite-stable rhythm on the street. People are giving him a wide berth. Which might be related to the fact that he just commented, to the wall next to him. "Okay, this is a bit better." His hair is a bit untidy and there's a furtive air to his gaze, something about the way he looks around that might speak of worry or paranoia or even a trace of madness.

Investigating the area when someone pops through the portal is a young man. Dressed in what appears to be some what normal clothes. Blue jeans, denim jacket, and combat boots. David Tin-Ge is on the hunt for his enemies, the Zoalords. So when the figure shows up hitting the ground he lifts an Eyebrow in a quizzical way. He's a little on guard with his hand in his pocket. waiting to see if the guy is a threat or not. Finally with a bit of a concern he slowly approaches asking, "Everything alright?"

And walking by the two, not even giving them a first glance, is a fairly tired looking young woman wearing what looks like some quasi medieval armor of some sort... though a lighter sort made of leather parts over a green tunic. Further boosting this medieval look is the pair of swords on her hips and the quiver of arrows on her back, but she's not carrying anything to launch said arrows. On the other hand, some things don't look quite right for the medieval period: The multicolored hair, actually colored like a rainbow, and the fact that she also has a futuristic looking pistol on her right hip in a holster below the sword.

The man...barefoot and wearing a suit that does not fit in certain key areas, turns towards David. A red glimmer is visible in his eyes, then it fades. His chest rises, then falls. "No, but I will be," he finally says. The voice is ordinary...as is the man except for that red eye-glimmer. His gaze flicks past David towards the highly anachronistic woman. Well. Huh.

Not being in his Guyver David's senses are mostly keen human, so the red eyes do make him narrow his own eyes some but when he seems to settle down so does David. "Guessing this is not your first jaunt through a dimensional portals." David doesn't seem to mind the woman with the multi era weaponry.

Rayne pauses at the sound of a cell phone going off. She takes a breath in, then out, then pulls the phone from a pocket in her tunic. There's a twitch of an eyebrow as she looks at the caller, then answers the phone. "This had better be important. What? Are you serious, I... Jamesson, I'm off duty, direct your questions to Captain Cos-" There's a pause during which she closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose with a sigh. "Well, frankly, I can't disagree with him. You are being a whiney boy."

"Depends on how you define it," the man says, softly. He finally seems to straighten, the red glimmer fading and the look of not being quite all there following it. He's just...a guy. Nondescript, fairly small, although well muscled. "Dimensional jaunting, that is. But this..." He tilts his head to the side. "It's flickering."

As he nods and seems to be relaxed and slowly pulls his hand out of his pocket and says, "David Tin-Ge."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Jack Hawksmoor." Then he glances over at the woman, peering at her for a moment. "And there is somebody I suspect knows something of what's going on." Oh, he can make some guesses, but she looks local, at least. Or perhaps he knows...something. He starts to head over towards Rayne.

Rayne's eyebrow twitches, and she actually yells into the phone, "Well then, maybe you should just do your job and do the damn body cavity search on the slug already!" With a huff she hangs up the cell phone and shoves it into her pocket. "I swear, that kid's just more trouble than he's worth," she grumbles. She then blinks and looks up as the man approaches her. "Uh... Can I help you?"

Looking over at the woman as he seems content to more or less just not cause trouble for the moment and looking to Rayne David will shrug not knowing what is going on. Being a native from Neo-Tokyo he has some experience with this but, he also doesn't want to get involved unless actual trouble starts.

For a moment, the guy regards her, taking her in. His lips quirk. "Maybe. You feel like somebody who knows what's going on around here." Not look, not sound. Feel.

Rayne raises an eyebrow slightly, then says, "Possibly. What's the situation in question?"

For a moment, that red glint again, deep in the man's eyes. "I seem to have fallen through a crack in the Bleed and landed in a place that is not, shall we say, stable. In a city that has..." He frowns a bit. The red glint becomes a flicker, then fades. "...many memories so deeply buried I can't untangle them all."

Rayne keeps her eyebrow raised. "'Bleed'? I'm going to guess you're talking about some sort of multidimensional barrier of sorts as you know it in your universe?" The 'city having many memories' part, however, just gets her looking confused. "...Mabase was incorporated less than half a year ago..."

David listening to this he also seem interested, he's been more or less just looking around and searching not trying to draw attention to himself as he asks, "So you mean that entire areas can and actually merge with this world as it stands?"

"You may know it called something else," Jack says, his shoulders dropping. "Oh, I know. But there's something else, a shadow and echo. Pieces missing." If it wasn't for the fact that weirder shit had happened, it would sound very much like this guy is just. plain. nuts.

Rayne pauses, then asks, "...You mean Twisted? Twisted... doesn't exist anymore as a city. The street's still here, but... look, dimensional collapse is a rough thing..." She glances over to her left and up, where a street light is still spinning lazily in the sky. They've tried to bring it to the ground, but it KEEPS. GOING. BACK. UP. "Or are you talking about Neo-Edo? There's even less of that city left."

"Echoes, like I said. I can't tell what of, it's like you remembering things that happened to your mother." Then he glances up at the street light. Narrows his eyes at it. "You," he says. "Come down." Whether it will work is another matter.

As David is watching him and looking at him when he seems to order a street light to... come down. He thinks that the guy is either able to sense things beyond the range of normal human senses, has powers to make it possible, or is nuts. Of those three David thinks the LAST one is NOT likely to be true at all.

The street light stops turning, pointing instead at Jack for a moment... then goes back to where it was, spinning in place. It's acting like a petulant child. Or maybe a cat. "...Uh, right. Well. It looked at you at least. I think," says the rainbow haired young woman. "But if you're hearing echoes, you could be hearing all sorts of echoes from all over, still. There was a dimensional breech, afterall."

David nods, "There is a more stable place I come from, Neo-Tokyo, but more like it's own universe with occasional breeches and what not. This place looks like someone took a big eraser and sorta... erased parts of the city and world."

Jack Hawksmoor narrows his eyes. "Come down," he says, one hand extended. His eyes flicker and glare red. He seems focused on the recalcitrant streetlight for now. Which probably looks ridiculous, but he's throwing quite a bit more energy into it now. He doesn't sound angry, so much as like a father calling a child who doesn't want to stop playing outside.

The light flickers off for a moment, then flies downward faster than Jack was likely intending. It shatters upon impact with the ground, but not in a typical way. No, it's like the entire pole, light, and bits of ground have all seemed to have gone two dimensional and shattered away like glass before reforming again, now twice as high as before... and then rushing down into the ground to shatter again. "...Um... could you stop using the lamp as a projectile?"

"Calibration problems," Jack says. "Or something." He releases the lamp. "I'll get it." But not like that, apparently. The look on his face is one of unusual frustration. Apparently he's not used to things just...not working.

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