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An Investigatory Interview

Summary: Rayne formally interviews Jack Hawksmoore for the Detective position

Who: Jack Hawksmoor, Rayne
When: August 13th, 2019
Where: MCPD - Offices and Training Rooms

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The Police Station. MCPD. The hustling, bustling, movement everywhere. And yet... it still feels small town. In some major city, this would be some branch precinct, not even a major one... But here in the one known city left on Twisted, this is it. This is the Police Station... And half the building is a courthouse that also houses some other minor government-like functions. The officers are all a slight off, too. Many are wearing armor as the go about as normal, while others are in more standard police uniforms. The armor, however, isn't quite as uniform, instead being of two styles. One seems to mesh perfectly with the regular uniform, looking like tactical body armor that would fit normally on a police officer, though not this many would typically wear it. The other is a much heavier sort. This heavier armor seen on many officers is clearly older, more worn than the other style. This sort of armor is usually clearly repainted from a prior paint job.

In other words, about what he expected. This place is, as he's realized, something of a hot mess. A place where the normal rules of civilized society have to be abrogated. For example, you can't do a criminal background check on somebody who does not, in fact, exist. Jack enters through the main door...he's being polite, if Rayne knew that. He looks around, assessing with eyes that glint red for a moment then fade to their normal brown.

An older man with bushy eyebrows and squinty eyes walks up to Jack and says, "You the new kid? Chief's this way." He has an air of 'seen everything' about him, extending into his somewhat bored, mostly monotone speech. He also doesn't wait for a response from Jack and just walks right on to the Chief's office.

"Haven't established whether I'm the new kid or not." He doesn't rankle at the kid...he looks a vaguely ageless late twenties, which to this guy is probably about sixteen, given the amount of grey on his head. It's insulting, but he's heard worse.

The older man stops at the office and turns to Jack again, pointing at the clearly marked door with a thumb. "She's in there." And then he's off again. A man of few words, it seems. Inside is, predictably, Rayne. She's going over some paperwork and looks like she has a headache from the way she's holding her head.

Jack Hawksmoor steps inside. He winces in sympathy, "You look like you're regretting the desk job."

Rayne looks up from the paperwork and says, "I wanted to turn this into a proper police department... so yeah, reports. I just have no idea what I'm doing with half of this stuff, honestly. I've been relying a lot on the people who were regular police in their home universes to get this stuff in order..." She then clears her throat and shoves the paperwork to the side. "So. Jack. How are you?"

"I can't help with that, I've never been regular police. Also, Bishop is very punchable, but I restrained myself." He'll take a seat. "Well, I suppose." Rayne quips, "Good, you won't know what I screw up." She leans forward, planting her elbows on her desk and folding her hands in front of her mouth. "But for now... do sit. I want you to tell me about yourself."

Jack Hawksmoor laughs a bit. "I might," he says simply. "I did take a good suite of criminal justice classes." He tugs off his jacket, hanging it on the back of the chair. He's got a good set of lean muscles.

Rayne says, "Useful. I may grill you on some of that later, try to glean what you learned from them that might help. But more on topic. You know I want a third detective. I know you want to either take that position or go into private investigating. Let's find out which of those would be best."

"I've done PI work before, it's what I was doing when I was recruited," Jack admits. "Admittedly, the relationship cases are a real drag."

Rayne sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose. "So Sam has complained about in the past." She lowers her hands to the desk again, then says, "You also said you've worked on cases that sounded like they shouldn't have gone to a private agency?"

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Well, I worked for an organization..." He pauses. "Sometimes we weren't gonna let the cops handle cases with our people." Intelligence?

Rayne frowns at this. "You worked for an organization... above the law?" She pauses only for a moment before saying, "You do realize how this makes things look, right? I would like to point out that no one save perhaps Bishop is above the law here. The laws are a bit... lacking, some might argue, but..."

"Don't worry. Look, sometimes the cops are a thin green line. You don't strike me as that at all," Jack says. "But it was more jurisdiction than being above the law."

Rayne says, "Blue," with a slight smirk. Then she catches herself and tries to act more professional again. "Ah... I don't suppose you want to elaborate on that? I frankly despise cryptic talk... I've chastised a deity for that in the past."

Jack Hawksmoor adds, "Sometimes we couldn't trust the cops, sometimes we had good reason to believe the perp was just going to put them through the meat grinder." He grins. "Green, as in the line depends on how much of it you have." A pause. "Straight up, I was in planetary defense, and most of our people weren't mundane humans. Anything that could take one of us down was best investigated by people who had a chance."

Rayne nods. "I see now. Well, we're kind of the only line here. Green, Blue, whatever color you want." She rubs her eyes with one hand, saying, "We don't have the luxury of being able to differentiate. We've got the only actual properly organized force here. Everyone else... well, we do have to deal with vigilantes and would-be heroes, but at least they usually mean well?" She straightens up. "So you're more likely to have a chance. I'm guessing this is related to your whole... talking to street lights thing?"

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Oh, we had to deal with those two. Sometimes we had to have, ya know, words with them. Or just recruit them."

Rayne nods. "Yeah, gee, that sounds familiar. It's almost like I'm trying to do that right now. Of course, some just aren't actually that well suited..." She glances away, "Like that kid who outright falsified documents in the past," she mumbles. She looks back, then says, "I'm going to be blunt. I need another detective, but I'm a little... uneasy about the whole... superhero type, which you seem to be. I'm getting a vibe you're from a world full of them."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I am," he says, quietly. "And I'm not somebody who's background you can check. Which I know is normal around here. I get it. Bishop doesn't trust me either, and I don't blame him. I wouldn't if things were reversed."

Rayne says, "I don't think Bishop particularly trusts anyone. People are just different levels of threat to his plans. In my case, I keep order in the city, so I'm low threat. You... well, I don't know what everything is you do, but I gathered enough to guess it's a lot.""

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Probably not, but I don't blame him for not trusting me. I think he's worried I'm going to mess with life support," Jack says, evenly. "And it is. Look. I talk to cities. They do what I say, most of the time. I know I'm a threat."

Rayne frowns at that, then glances downward at the desk. When she looks up, she smiles lightly. "Well, at any rate... If you're amenable to it, I'd like to put you on for a trial period thing. I do this for all new recruits. The only problem is... that means I'm going to have you tag along with Sam and Cheyenne. So basically, after a few cases, I'm going to have to interview all three of you to get a good gasp of how everything's going... because I'm still not entirely certain about those two." She pauses, thinking about some of the other people she's worked with. "...But at least they don't pick up and smash snack machines for getting a bag of candy stuck."

"At least. I've known that type. Although sometimes it's a case of new posthumans who don't know their strength yet." He knows to be careful himself, although he's not really super strong in the true sense. It's the one thing he isn't.

Rayne deadpans, "That wasn't Torr. I... my predecessor was a very different person from me." And she has a giant axe hanging on the wall like a trophy. "TASK was a very different organization."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I'm also going to need some time to actually familiarize myself with the law, I mean, beyond the obvious stuff that's wrong almost everywhere."

Rayne sighs and nods. "It's... not the most concise. Honestly, it mostly is those obvious things. Except not as much as you might think... Dueling is actually legal, believe it or not. It just has to be done very formally... like, arranged ahead of time, and in a public arena-like setting." She doesn't sound particularly happy about this.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I saw the arena. How often does it go to the death or are most people sensible enough to just beat on each other some and call it quits?"

Rayne frowns, then says, "To the death is... rare, but not as much as you might like. I got stuck in one shortly after arriving. ...the previous Director didn't exactly discourage it."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Well, maybe we can quietly push people to be content to beat on each other some, then." He lets out a breath. "So, dueling is legal, but only within the rules. What about drugs?"

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