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(Miwa puts on an impromptu performance at the fountain and unexpectedly meets a pony who was in the fountain.)
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A Sparkling Aria Surprise

Summary: Miwa sings and puts on a bubble show at the fountain, and discovers a pony

Who: Miwa, SilverSight
When: August 17, 2019.
Where: Truce Fountain Courtyard


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Miwa has returned to the fountain this evening, as while it's certainly no substitute for a real body of water like the lake or ocean, it has a certain elegant appeal that she feels suits her well. Impressive as it usually is, right now it's even more a sight to behold.

Miwa is balanced in a sort of sitting position on her tail as she sings a song which has a very tropical island sound to it, complete with the Hawian-esque language she is singing in. As she sings, spheres of water begin to rise from the fountain and almost dance along with the music in the air, some even taking on various bright colors. SilverSight suddenly finds himself rising up inside a sphere of the substance! The pony looks quite surprised, especially when it starts changing colors! This was apparently not the best time to be having himself a bath in the fountain. He does manage to get his head out to be able to breathe properly however. Air is good.

Air is good indeed, also good that Miwa has gotten a lot better at making her water orbs tougher, even when filled with air, as she often uses them to get around herself in a rather unique way of attaining flight. Having one pop and falling to the ground is not good for one's health. She is rather surprised to see the pony inside one of her colored water spheres, however, and it causes a little stutter in her song which also causes the spheres to move a little erratically before she regains control. She continues, looking up at the pony she inadvertently gave a ride, wondering if they wanted to come back down or not.

SilverSight does look around for a moment, wondering what had started this sudden movement of waters. Once the erratic movement occurs during the singing, he determines that the Pokeperson is responsible! He ponders for a moment and his horn starts to glow, as does the sphere of water he's in. With careful manipulations of levitation, he manages to move the sphere around himself to in front of her, though it's taxing to move like this. A pony levitating themselves to 'fly' around is typically considered fairly advanced magic. He looks up wetly to the singer, "Hello to you too."

Miwa watches as the combo of pony and water sphere begin glowing and moving toward her, and far from resiting it, she does her best to help the sphere along. At SilverSight's greeting, she blushes a little and looks upon him apologetically. "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in there. I hope you didn't mind the bubble ride, it's sort of one of my specialties. I'm Miwa, a Primarina from the Alola region, though you probably still have no idea what or where that is I guess..."

SilverSight shakes his head, "I'm aware that you are a Pokemon creature, having overheard a conversation about it, but I know very little about them other than there's a whole bunch of different kinds." A soft smile is given, "I don't mind the bubbble, though it was certainly quite surprising. Quite an interesting power and nice song."

Miwa nods, smiling as her apprehension/embarrassment over the situation seems to evaporate as SilverSight is set back down on Terra Firma while the remaining orbs in the air burst and briefly shower the area in a fine mist. "Word travels fast around here I guess, as far as I know I'm the only Pokemon here. As for the power and the song, thank you. It's sort of a signature of Primarina, and the song is one I often sang on the beach back home. Guess I'm feeling a little homesick."

SilverSight shakeshakeshakes himself up a bit once he's back on all four hooves and after the water rains down. He looks over to where he placed his labcoat and saddlebags, making a brush levitate out of the bags to float over and start grooming his fur down, "I am also the only pony here that I'm aware of thus far. I suppose there's Sunset, but she changed into a human somehow."

Miwa blinks. "From pony to human? That's quite a transformation. Seems like it was permanent? Still I guess that doesn't mean you can't be friends. My fiance is a human actually. It didn't even ever feel strange either since things developed so gradually..." She offers as she gazes up at the sky a moment, letting her thoughts wander a bit.

SilverSight nickers softly, "Well she is kinda sorta my current boss, so there's that. We've been fixing up the local library since it was in such a state of disuse." He tilts his head curiously at the mention of the human, "Fi-yan-say? Not sure I'm fully aware of that particular term."

Miwa is quiet a moment as she tries to think of how to explain the word. "Are you aware of the concept of marriage? It's a step before that..." She offers with a smile. "Library huh? I may have to make a visit sometime. A few good books to read might be nice in this strange new world. I promise I won't bring them back soaking wet, or at least I'll try my best." She says with a giggle and a quick wink.

SilverSight nodnods, "I would be quite appreciative if the books were returned dry. They tend to laster longer that way." He ponders the somewhat explained concept and hmms, "I'm aware of marriage, but such things pretty much never happened in my homeworld at the time I was there. Nobody had time for standing on ceremony for the most part. Depending on where and how you lived, it'd could be rare to even see any general mating partner again."

Miwa nods and grins a bit in agreement about the books. "One of paper's biggest shortcomings, surely." She replies jovially but soon takes a more serious expression and frowns a bit at SilverSight's mention of how things worked when it came to marriage or lack thereof where he comes from. "I'm sorry to hear that. Marriage is not a common concept with Pokemon, but it's certainly common to see pairs mate for a long time, sometimes for life."

SilverSight smiles, "Don't worry, I'm much happier these days now that I'm no longer in said world. Though I have yet to find myself any eligable partners for myself around here." He rubs the brush under his chin and shrugs, "Not that I've been all that active in really trying."

"No need to rush things, particularly if you're content as things are. I certainly wasn't really looking myself. A friendship just sort of blossomed into something more." Miwa replies as she watches the pony groom himself, finding the way he can move the brush with what looks like the glow of his horn rather interesting, but after a bit, a thought occurs to her and she looks at her reflection in the fountain to check if her hair was out of place at all. She notices a stray strand sticking out and tries to smooth it down with one of her flippers.

SilverSight hmmms, "Well it's not like I'm 'rushing' really. I was removed from my homeworld around... two years ago now? Though most of that time was spent in Neo Tokyo before I ended up here somehow. Having to make all new friends cetainly didn't help any."

Miwa shakes her head. "I did not mean to imply that you were, was just making a general statement. As for making new friends, I've been trying to do the same. I'd be happy to be your friend if you'd like that." She offers warmly with a bright smile.

SilverSight smiles softly, "I would not object to having a new friend when offered at all! If I've not introduced myself properly, my name is Silver Sight, from the Equestrian Wastelands." He'll offer up a hoof to the pokemon, "It's good to make your acquiantence, Miwa."

Miwa smiles back and bumps flipper to hoof. "Nice to meet you also SilverSight. Sorry I had to interrupt your bath or swim for it to happen. I'm glad it doesn't seem like it was too unwelcome of an interruption to whatever you were doing in the fountain before I started singing."

SilverSight accepts the bumping and he gives a small shrug, "Well I was having a bath, yes. I do currently live at the library mentioned and it lacks such facilities. If I do not keep up a regular hygine regimen, I apparently do not smell great."

Miwa nods. "I imagine that puts a damper on any attempts at socializing with others that call this place home. I hope I smell alright. I imagine back home I probably smelled like the ocean, but I've been at the lake a bit more here. Something about the ocean here gives me chills."

SilverSight hmms and leans in to give a few sniffings at the aquatic type of Pokemon, "Seems alright to me. Though I haven't been down to the ocean all that much myself. Not that I find it fearsome or anything, but.. I can't swim."

Miwa looks relieved to hear she smells alright, at least in the opinion of her new friend, though also looks almost pained to hear that he can't swim, how horrible. "I'm sorry to hear that, though perhaps I could try helping you with it sometime, if you'd like that. Certainly wouldn't want to pressure you into anything just because I enjoy it. Though being an aquatic creature and disliking swimming would be rather awkward I must say at the thought."

SilverSight chuckles softly to that one, "I do agree. It would be unusual if a naturally water-bound creature could not swim. I imagine that most ponies can as well, but I simply never had any experience at doing so in my homeworld, since most of the water tended to be a bit radioactive."

Miwa shudders at that revelation. "Oh my, I think even I'd avoid it at all costs if I was on your world. That sounds rather... bad for one's continued existence among the living. Still, offer stands, if you'd like to learn I'd be happy to help. I'm sure if you kick those legs right it'll work out, and I can make sure you don't drown in the process of getting it down. Drowning is generally counter productive to learning." She says with a laugh trying to make light of the concept a bit.

SilverSight nodnods with a smile, "Sounds fair to me. I will hold you to your offer and promise of keeping me alive in the process. Such things are why I'm quite happy to be out of my own homeworld, even if I've been shunted around a little in these multi-dimensional hub worlds."

Miwa sighs a little and shakes her head. "It is rather odd isn't it? I mean for me, I was not even aware there were other worlds or dimensions beyond my own, and then portals were discovered leading to other places, and for a while some from other worlds visited my home, and I visited others, it's how I met the aforementioned human who's now my fiance. But there was something strange about the vine... that's what everyone was calling them back where I cam from... that brought us here, and now we can't seem to get back. I can understand not wishing to get back to your world, but mine... it was rather nice..."

SilverSight hmmms, "I've only been to a couple worlds myself. The first time was.. well it's a long story, but basically I tried to teleport somewhere and my magic ended up being supercharged and it took me from my homeworld to Neo Tokyo. Got used to being there, made friends, visited a world or two with them. Then one day I was going into the Usual, which seems to exist in every dimension at once, and when I exited I was here in Mabase City instead."

Miwa blinks. "Wow, that's some magic, even if it wasn't what you intended. There are some Pokemon that can teleport using psychic energy, only to a place somewhat nearby, though I wonder if some might be powerful enough to do something like what you did. There are some Pokemon that are far stronger than I am."

SilverSight's horn proceeds to glow and he proceeds to pop out of existance! He'll proceed to walk out from a nearby alley between two buildings to return to his previous location, "Well at the time I was.. kinda sorta trying to disarm a megaspell bomb, which was full of immense magical energy. I um.. failed to disarm it. The energy it released when I tried to get away is what supercharged my spell."

Miwa watches as he demonstrates his teleporting. "That's still a pretty cool ability, and unintended or not, I'm happy it ultimately brought you to finding your way here so we could be friends. But I should probably be getting back home soon. I'll be sure to come see you at the library though!"

SilverSight nodnods and nickers, "Sure thing. I'm all cleaned up now anyway and have made a new friend. So all is well today! I do hope you have a good night and enjoy your fiancey thing."

Miwa nods and laughs. "He's an odd one at times, but I love him." She offers with a wave of one flipper. "Take care and have a good night as well!" And with that she starts walking down the street, ambling along fairly well for walking on her flippers.

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