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Admirals' Daughters

Summary: Sarra shows off her shapeshifting abilities while Rayne and Felicity have a longer conversation about the state of things. Rayne is finally starting to try to make friends again!

Who: Felicity, MoonShadow, Rayne
When: August 31, 2019
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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MoonShadow looks at her, her yellow eyes shining with intellect as she turns in a circle to give you the full view as a voice drifts through Felicity's head,What do you think?

Rayne steps into the usual with a slight yawn. She looks into the room and sees... a wolf standing over a set of clothes. She blinks once, twice, then shrugs and makes her way on to the bar. Jaded woman is jaded.

Felicity laughs, "Why, extraordinary! I've never seen anything like it before. Well done!" She says, offering another clap that is not in the least bit condescending this time. "Your form is lovely," she says, but the devil of the grin she's sporting shows her double meaning.

MoonShadow looks over at Rayne as her thouts drift to both off you it's me Sarra, we met the other day

Rayne blinks, looks around at the telepathy, then looks down at the wolf on the clothing. "...Oh. Some kinda werewolf species, then?" she ventures. Not the most difficult mystery to figure out. Still, she's pretty darned jaded, and doesn't look as impressed as Felicity does. Hey, Rayne can transform into an animal, too, afterall.

Felicity is entertained, at the very least. She takes a bit of pastry and waves it in Rayne's direction by way of greeting, however lazy it may be. "Yes, Sarra here was demonstrating some of the more...suitable...forms that can transform into publicly. You missed the first half." She makes a show of waggling her brows. "Quite fine."

MoonShadow shakes her head and stays a wolf for the moment Yes, wouldnt want. to scare anyone, besides cronos form is only for combat Rayne raises an eyebrow at Felicity's inuendo, then glances at Sarra before shrugging. "Cronos? Battle form, by the sound of it?" she asks with a slight frown. Okay, she's too much looking for potential threats. At least she's catching this herself for once.

Felicity offers Rayne a cheeky wink. Yes, she knows full well where she was going with this and is quite happy to look ever the lady a she sips her coffee, dipping her bit of danish in the cup and nibbling while waiting for the encore of said performance. She seems perfectly content this way. MoonShadow shakes her head, catching the frown Don't worry, don't plan going on a rampage or anything

Rayne blinks at the wink and glances away. "Uh, yeah, I generally try to assume that as a default and react when people prove otherwise. I'm trying to run a legit police force here." Says the woman with only two years law enforcement experience who's somehow in charge of the operation. She shakes her head and makes her way to the bar. "Coffee. Yes, I think I need coffee tonight."

Felicity laughs, tossing her head back. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Are you quite certain you don't mean to tear our throats, Sarra? You've not touched your hamburger." She motions to Rayne, "Perhaps you'd care to join us? Seems ridiculous to bellow at each other across a room like common sailors."

MoonShadow shakes her head I promise, I don't eat people her tail; wags some as she lips up, putting forepaws on the table to lap at her beer

Rayne looks back somewhat tiredly, then sighs and takes her freshly Steve-poured oversized cup of coffee and practically trudges over. Must. Try. To be Social. A police force that doesn't connect to the people fails to serve them. "So how are the two of you finding Mabase City?" she asks. She's pretty sure Sarra is new, and she's not seen Fee before... somehow.

Felicity smiles oh so congenially, just pleased to be in the company of people for a change. She's been on her own a little longer than she'd liked. "Bloody dull as tombs, that's how. There's little in the way of entertainment here, to my knowledge anyway. Not like Paris, or London for that matter."

MoonShadow says, "Havent been here that long, still getting my bearings"

Rayne visibly deflates a little at the mention of lack of entertainment. "Yeah, well... yeah. Not enough of Neo-Edo survived. Just... Some places from the Red-light district, the arena if you count those. The Mall still made it? And the night club here... We've got the beach?" She nods to Sarra and says, "Yeah, it can take some time to get used to things here."

Felicity mms, looking pointedly unimpressed. That's certainly not the cultural epicenter she was hoping for. "Well, I suppose we'll have to make our own fun." And there it is again, that mischievous twinkle in those cool grey eyes and smirk on those full lips. "Speaking of which-- Sarra, you don't intend to stay that way all evening, do you? Perhaps it's time to change back?" She Kindly *coughcoughpervcoughcough* suggests.

MoonShadow says, "suppose i should change back" and her body starts to shift back, contorting to a more humanoid form, though she still has the wolf ears and tail, she takes her cloths and start to dress

Rayne somehow seems to miss Felicity's innuendo this time. "Well, starting a new business in the entertainment sector could probably work fairly well, yes." But how is that speaking of Sarra- And Rayne damn near does a spit-take as now there's a naked woman in the Usual. "Oh, for- Don't make me cite you for indecent exposure!"

Felicity bursts out laughing. Well, this is certainly making her own fun. "There's nothing at all indecent here. Why, its a perfectly natural progression for -her- kind. Or do you mean to hold everyone to the impossibly puritanical -human- standards of decency?" With a gallant air, Felicity rises from the table and edges closer to Sarra, "Here, let me help you with that." She says, picking up the wolf-girl's discarded shirt and 'helping' her put it on. Oh so gently...oh so..taking her sweet time with it.

MoonShadow shakes her head "Thanks, though i think there may be an ulterior motive here," she giggles a bit

Rayne hides her face behind her coffee mug. "Please invest in a robe or at least a cloak? That's what I used to use before I commissioned an alternative."

Ulterior motives? Never! Felicity simply is a kind and generous soul who is compelled to help half-naked strangers put on their shirts. It's just a happy bonus that her feather-light fingertips have this way of just fluttering across Sarra's shoulders. "Such a suspicious mind," she all but purrs. Rayne's comment doesn't go without notice, though. "Before? Were you previously in the habit of public disrobing?"

MoonShadow tilts her head " O, are you a shapeshifter too?"

Rayne coughs again as she narrowly avoids another spit take. "No! I meant the transformation without clothing going for the ride thing. I used a heavy hooded robe when I was going to do that. I've got a way around it now, though." She stomps her left foot twice. "I'm not sure I'd really call it being a shapeshifter... makes it sound like I'm a Darkflower or something. I've just got the one other form I've got as a phoenix." Nope, not going to mention the skinny dipping phase she went through when she was in her late 240s.

Felicity arches a brow. "Seems everyone here has a special talent." Everyone except her, but she doesn't add this at all. By now she's relinquished her hold on Sarra's shoulders, albeit a little reluctantly. She takes her seat again, nursing her coffee with that aristocratic air of hers. "Perhaps you'd like to offers us a demonstration as well? I'm sure it's quite a marvel to behold...unless of course you're too shy."

Sarra_Moon nods "Can't say I've ever seen a phoenix before." she takes her seat and drinks her beer

Rayne frowns at the request, then shakes her head. "Not right now. I can't exactly safely do it indoors." She takes a sip of her coffee again, less aristocratic and more blue collar, before she amends, "Not safe for the building, I mean."

Felicity blinks, obviously only getting more curious now. "Why? What would happen?"

Rayne says simply, "Fire gets involved."

Sarra_Moon smiles "Guess the form is quite large then?"

Rayne shakes her head to Sarra. "It's actually fairly small. Well, not compared to normal birds, but..."

Felicity says, "I thought it was just an oversized bird of some kind. I thought the myth involved death by fire. Who would imagine it could ignite the entire vicinity. Hm." She sips her coffee. "I find myself in very strange company." And yet, something about how she says this makes it come out more a compliment than a complaint."

Rayne shakes her head. "I'd not say it ignites the entire place, but... well, fire spreads."

Sarra_Moon nods as she smiles "well ladies, I think its about time me and my children get going" she turns to Felicity"It was a pleasure meeting you" she then gets up as her wolves follow her out

Felicity lifts her mug to the departing Sarra, "The pleasure's mine." Her eyes linger on the departing figure and that ripe smile is back. "That was -certainly- eye opening."

Rayne watches Sarra leave with more a look of someone bored watching the only movement there is, offering a wave before looking back at Felicity with a raised eyebrow again. "You remind me of a certain Ashley. Except maybe a little less overt."

Felicity hmms? Arching a brow in question. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean." Oh sure, she is all propriety, except for the fact that this is a young woman whose clothes, posture, and general appearance scream upper-crust....while her manner, devilish smile, and penchant for mischief show her true colors. Rayne shakes her head. "Nothing. Nevermind. What are you doing for now, anyway?" Oh, she has a feeling this one will be trouble. The question is what kind of trouble and will there end up being anything she can do about it?

Felicity says, "I've only just returned," Felicity says primly. "I took a jaunt across the multi-verse with my friends for a spell but I seem to have found my way back to this place." She fiddles with the spoon on her saucer lookin pensive. "As for what I shall do to occupy my time -now-...Anything I want." She flashes a grin."

Rayne blinks, then leans a bit more forward in, now her curiosity piqued. "Oh. So you were here in the days of Twisted City? I don't often get much out of the people here before me. Were you there before TASK was reformed under Dante? Were you there under the original incarnation?" ...okay, so she might be a little pre-occupied with TASK, apparently.

It's very apparent that Felicity hasn't got the faintest clue what Rayne is on about- at least, part of it. "I haven't the slightest notion what TASK may be but, yes, I was here in the days of TWISTED. Do you know Skeeve? He was the hero type. Seems your sort."

Rayne tilts her head slightly. "Maybe in between, then?" She frowns, not sure of when in Twisted's history Felicity is from. On the other hand... "...The guy Plowse Bridge was named after?"

Felicity's eyes light up with recognition this time. "Plowse! Yes, that's him. Oho, no. He's had a monument erected in his honor? Dear God. He'll be insufferable next time we meet."

Rayne nods. "I don't know if I'd call it a monument, but there at least used to be a plaque on it somewhere. Might not have been replaced after the whole... Power incident."

Felicity makes a face, "Yes, I'm sure that if it's there he will not let it escape my notice. Count on it, the bloody braggart." Skeeve having anything in his honor strikes Felicity as somewhat funny. It's not entirely surprising, per say. He's always been one to stick his neck out. He must have some friends in high places is all she can think. "What on earth happened here? Why is everything so different now?"

Rayne is sipping from her coffee again when the next question is asked, causing her to pause, sigh, then lower the cup. "So. Um. I...don't know the full details, but... as I understand, some portals were going to be moved. The process did... not go well." She frowns while looking down at her coffee a moment before saying, "We kind of had a medium scale dimensional collapse."

Felicity arches a brow, "I was not aware they could be moved." To be fair, Felicity is no expert on multi-dimensional physics. She has traveled between worlds and dealt with them in the immediate moment but never more than as a passenger herself. Felicity pushes the plate of pastries towards Rayne. "Please, help yourself. They're quite good--except perhaps that one, the danish there with the strawberries in the unnatural shade of....I would not call it red, so much as...fuchsia? I would not trust that color. IT's a warning." Felicity leans closer, "I'm sorry, but did not catch your name."

Rayne says, "Uh, thanks," as she looks them over. She picks out the dark purple fruited one as she says, "Ooh. They got more omnomberries in?" But she doesn't quite get a bite before she blinks, realizing that no, names haven't been exchanged. "Rayne Hurris."

Felicity says, "Felicity Worthington," Felicity declares and would offer her hand, but it seems Rayne's is occupied with her danish. "Rayne...What an unusual name. It's beautiful...like your hair. It's quite avant garde. Lovely." She turns her attention to the magazine that had absorbed her attention until Sarra's entrance. "I must say, your fashions here are quite something. Nothing at all like the stuffy, corseted styles back home. I rather like it. IT's so....freeing!" She throws her arms up. "I quite like trousers, I can tell you that." She waggles her brows."

Rayne nods once in a slight bow. "Nice to meet you." She then shrugs at the declaration that her name is odd. "It's far from unique. But yeah, not that common. Uh, the name, that is." She glances upward at the mention of that. "My hair is just... my hair. I've not bothered dying it ever since I... eh, long story." The mention of trousers being apparently a new thing seems to confuse her, however. "Eeeh?" At least she can agree about the corset thing. She's worn one in one of her past phases. She did like how she looked in it... but she decided it wasn't worth it after she passed out that one time.

Felicity says, "Suffice to say that in jolly old England, from whence I came, they were not the fashion...not for young ladies, anyway. A wasted opportunity, if you ask me. But I shouldn't expect that the patriarchy would wish to relinquish their hold on all things powerful. Best to keep women quiet and corseted. Best to leave them to tend to their insipid watercolors and talk of all the children they will bear." This little diatribe is followed by a theatrical groan and pantomime of choking herself. "Loathsome custom. Nothing like what its like here in the REAL world." She's declared it the real world here. But now it's back to the matter of Rayne's hair. "Now, getting back to the matter of your hair...Do you mean to tell me that is natural? Come off it! You can't be serious."

Rayne tilts her head as Felicity regales the tales of times far more sexist than any Rayne has ever known. "Huh. And when I was growing up, my mother was already a commodore." She glances away. "She made Rear Admiral when I was eleven." Funny. Rayne doesn't sound proud of her mother. She looks back to Felicity, then upward again. "Oh. Yeah, my father said it's kind of an outward sign of a phoenix. Strangely colored hair. His looks like fire. It's not actually fire, it just kinda has that... shift in color in its length."

Felicity sounds almost dreamy as she says, "How remarkable." Never content to simply look with her eyes, Felicity reaches out to take one a tress of Rayne's hair between her fingers, curious to see if it feels as silky as it looks or if it's unusual qualities extend to the sense of touch. One thing Felicity does NOT have much for love for is Admirals but that is a Pandora's box she will sit on for a good long while. "So law enforcement is a family business. I've made my own way, found own fortune." There is no little pride in this statement. "But I'm bored. It's time to find something new."

Rayne actually recoils as the hand reaches up for her hair. It's not a look of being insulted, or disgust, or anything of the sort on her face... but rather a quick look of fear. That said, hair does have its own momentum and it's still possible Felicity would have been able to grab it... it of course just feels like normal hair. "Uh, s-sorry, I have a... I don't like people touching me." She's quick to let the subject change, though. "Uh, yeah. My father too, if you count bounty hunting. But I'd not call what my mother does law enforcement so much as... sector defense?" Her voice's pitch has gone upwards. She's definitely not calmed down from the near-touch.

Felicity does not quite manage to reach Rayne's hair in time. Her hand lingers there in midair only a moment or two. It's a reflex, Felicity can see that much and thankfully, she does not persist in the matter. Instead, those cool grey eyes stare intently at the young woman (Or, apparently young woman) in an unsettlingly penetrating way. She holds this gaze a moment or two longer than is comfortable, finally saying. "You needn't fear -me-. I shan't ask, either." Whatever has her spooked, its none of her business. Fee has her own dark corners she'd like to keep people out of at present. Even so she cannot resist to quip, "Doubtless your husband or beau has his work cut out, I dare say." She winks, clearly teasing.

"It's become reflex," Rayne says almost bitterly, breaking eye contact. She then lets out an almost annoyed sounding sigh. "I've not been in a relationship since I was divorced... twenty-seven years ago." There's some strong bitterness in there. Both at remembering how that relationship went south and the fact that it's been that long.

SHOCK! Felicity's face registers complete shock and she sputters. "27?! But that would make you--" Not human, obviously...which Rayne has already said numerous times. "Good God!" Felicity, missing the point of this confession for just this moment has to ask, "How old ARE you?"

Rayne says in a perfectly conversational tone, "Four hundred and... two or three? It's a little hard to keep track of months here." There's a pause, then she looks back to Felicity again. "...You did catch me saying I was a phoenix, right?"

Felicity catches poor Felicity on her back heels now. "I-uh-- yes of course I heard! I'm not deaf," she snipes, a little indignantly. "But I don't happen to be an expert in all creatures arcane either. The only phoenixes in my world live in the pages of books-- pure fantasy. I had no idea they were REAL, much less that they could live so bloody long...." She stares. "You don't look a day over 25, at least."

Rayne offers a quick grin, but that fades quickly. "Good. Glad I'm able to carry myself as looking older than I was when I locked in my form." She glances away again. "I was an idiot at 17, let me tell you." She'll never forgive her teenage self for locking those levels of hormones in her for the rest of her life. Couldn't wait until she was twenty-five like her father suggested, nooooooo. She glances back again, though her face is mostly aimed to the side still. "Well, different worlds have different rules for what exists or not. My father's positively ancient compared to me. He literally doesn't know how old he is." She then shakes her head and looks more fully to Felicity. "But you're right, it's not exactly common knowledge, is it? Sorry."

"No, it's not," she agrees. But now that probing gaze is back on Rayne. There's quite a lot - a lot of pain - just there beneath the surface. "Nevermind it. We can't all expect to know who is familiar with what in a world like this. There's just too much." For once, the smile she offers is genuinely reassuring."No time like the present, though. It seems like you could use a friend. How lucky for you that I am here to help with just that."

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