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Enter the Aviatrix

Summary: A perfectly good park afternoon is interrupted by twin roaring engines in the sky.

Who: Felicity, Mimi Valroon
When: September 1, 2019
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Ah! What a glorious day for a jaunt in the park. There is nothing quite so bracing as a bit of fresh air- particularly after having been moldering away in a dusty old library for a better part of the morning. To the devil with research! It is time to live! To breathe! That's what brings Felicity to the park on this beautiful, sunshiny day. Walking here, it almost feels like being home again. The familiar fountain seems to welcome her with it's refreshing waters. She peers into the cool blue wonders how much money has been wasted on idle wishes. Foolish to wish! Better to take action. Still, she'd be lying if she said she had no wishes of her own.

The peace of the afternoon park is slowly being eroded... not by any actual threats, or worsening air, or even clouds. No, what's eroding away the peace is instead droning noise, increasing in volume from barely perceptible up to the point where people are starting to look upward in confusion or curiosity for the source of the noise. It's a low, throaty rumble of a noise... In some way resembling the engine noise of the cars found out on Mabase's city streets... except as the source gets closer, it gets far more intense. The deeper noise can almost be felt as the sound pulses slightly. And then, there it is. Roaring in the sky on four wings and two engines is an aircraft, the roar seeming to get slightly higher pitched before deepening significantly when it directly passes overhead. But the piston powered plane doesn't seem to be happy with merely passing by overhead, and is quickly banking to the left to circle around and perhaps make a second pass. But with good eyesight, something can be seen moving on its underside. A set of wheels, tricycle landing gear extending from opening doors. No, it's definitely not attacking. It's looking for a place to land.

Now, having been in this world and many others for the past several years, Felicity is not unfamiliar with unusual crafts of a sort. She's seen cars and been on board an airship before but air planes are something she has not had much experience with at all. Oh, she's seen or heard them pass over head and in the early days it was quite a terrifying sight to behold. Shocking, to say the least. Now, they've all sort of blended into the backdrop of this big city world. However, this particular plane will not relegate itself to the backdrop. It's making itself quite conspicuous and Felicity cannot help but take notice. She's never seen a plane so close before. This 1800s girl is about to get an eye full. The roar of the engine so close sends a little thrill through her and she wonders aloud, "What the devil?" Then the shadow passes over her and she finds herself utterly transfixed. "Bloody hell..." She mutters, stepping back a pace or two as the craft passes over head. IT seems...very low. "Surely it does not intend to land -here-?" This seems like a very bad place to do that.

The engines roar louder, but the sound changes slightly. There pulsing actually lessens, and then... it slows down. No, the propellers are still spinning full speed, but the plane slows down to a near hover before it comes in for a very slow landing on a clearing that is, thankfully, devoid of any picnickers or other park goers. Thankfully the pilot had no intention of actually hitting any people, trees, street lights... anything. The sound of the engines cuts off entirely, but it still takes the props a second or two to wind down, and the pilot inside can be seen to lower her head slightly in a sigh of relief... maybe annoyance? Hard to say, of course. She gets off her seat and traverses further back into the vessel before a hatch opens near the bottom of the plane, the door opening downward to act as a set of stairs, but for the moment the woman stands there at the edge, where she proclaims in an exasperated voice, "What the hell is going on here?!"

As it turns out, the plane is absolutely going to land right there I the center of the park. Those few people who stupidly did not catch wind of the trouble before surely have now. Everyone looks on in awe and wonder as the impressive craft gently touches down on the carefully tended lawns of the park. Felicity's own mouth hangs open. Of all the completely crazy things for someone to do. Not one to want to miss out on any sort of sport, she crosses over to where the pilot has landed, breathless with excitement. She pushes through the crowd that is gathering but hanging back a ways until she's standing a little ahead of them all. "You tell us! You're the one who landed that...that great beast here. What were you thinking?" And in spite of her mild scolding tone, Felicity's expression betrays her utter delight and amusement by this all chaos. She so loves the inappropriate.

Mimi Valroon looks back at the woman backtalking her and counterbacktalks right back! "I was /thinking/ that there wasn't a proper airfield in this entire area and after looking for half an hour I should just go ahead and land where I could actually fit Halberd without hurting anyone or getting in the way of traffic!" She then blinks, more aware of the expression on Felicity's face and how it doesn't really match the tone of voice. "So, uh... where am I?"

Oh, this one's feisty! A contest of wills shall it be, then? Perhaps but really she is much more interested in just the whole unbelievable nature of this entire circumstance. How often do things like this happen in a person's life? Not very. And a woman pilot at that. That's far more pleasing than anything else. Already Felicity is moving in too close, looking - as she often does- with her eyes and letting her fingers brush against the metal of whatever is closest be it a wing or something else. (Depends on how tall it is, after all) "Nowhereto Park - ironically," she says, through a small laugh. "I'm not being clever. That's actually what it's called.

The door being just behind the wings, it's likely the lower wing that Felicity has her hand on there, even if it is shoulder height. "Nowhereto..." The new blonde woman twitches an eyebrow slightly before glancing around. "...okay. So. What city is this?" she asks as she pulls off her flight gloves, finally. "It doesn't match anything remotely on my flight plan." She looks out to the west, towards where Mabase proper is. "Nothing is adding up here."

Felicity is still fingering Mimi's plane as she replies, offhanded. "Perhaps next time you should employ a navigator." A sardonic smirk pulls her full lips askew. "You're in the Realm of Twisted. In the city of Mabase, to be exact." She says this as if it should be common knowledge, though her own is still somewhat limited to only the most basic facts. She's not an expert dimensional traveler, only an experienced one. She now, finally, turns her attention from the plane and faces Mimi completely for the first time. "You're only a girl..." She says, narrowing her eyes slightly though she's still clearly amused. "Are you a novice? A student, perhaps?" In truth, the two of them are very close in age.

Mimi Valroon looks most unamused at the mention of needing a navigator. She opens her mouth about to respond to that, but instead her mouth hangs open for a moment at the mention of a realm and city that she's never heard of before. "Twisted? Mabase?" she finally says quietly, but then her ire is brought up again by the 'only a girl' comment. "The hell's that supposed to mean?" She turns her head away, clearly pouting now. "I'll have you know I've flown solo across the south Pacific and up the east Indies." She takes a breath in, then out, then looks back to Fee again. "Okay, So... where on Earth are Twisted and Mabase? I should be on Bermuda."

"On purpose?" Felicity asks saucily in reply to Mimi's assertions that she has flown to these grand places. This is becoming more and more amusing by the minute. Felicity plants a hand on her hip, cocking her head slightly to the side as she all but peers down her nose at Mimi. She's cute, this aviatrix. Her flustered appearance only heightens that. "Ahhh, you're -American-," She says in such an irritatingly condescending tone that her husky voice and posh London accent only a heighten. "Well, I regret to inform you that you are not on Earth at ALL. This is another world entirely, from what I'm given to understand. You are far, far off course I'm afraid. Marooned."

Mimi Valroon's eyebrow twitches again. "Yes on purpose! And if it weren't for us, you'd be eating sauerkraut right now!" ...What's /that/ supposed to mean? At any rate, she's not the most inclined to actually believe Felicity by now. the constant teasing isn't the most conducive to that. The marooned part, however, she's starting to get the feeling is closer to reality she'd like. Just how far did that storm blow her off course? And it cleared up so quickly, too! "Another... World," she says with a distinct tone of voice that suggests she doesn't believe Fee for a moment.

Felicity picks up on this immediately, "You don't believe me." It's not a question, it's a statement of fact. "Suit yourself, though I see no purpose in deceiving a perfect stranger. By the by, what IS your name? - I am Felicity Worthington." And as a show of good faith, she extends her hand in a proper greeting. Mind you, not proper for a lady of Felicity's time but she has always so loved to defy convention.

Mimi Valroon looks like she's about to cross her arms over her chest, but the extended hand stops that motion. "With a tale that tall?" She shakes her head, but does take the hand. "Mimi Valroon," she says in response. But then she pauses completely, then. Why? Because there's some clearly non-human people walking up to look at the plane, as well.

Felicity has to suppress the urge to giggle. "Mimi! Why that's--" She manages to stop herself from dissolving into giggles. "So lovely. Truly!" It might be ridiculous, like something you'd name a hamster but its also vaguely adorable. "Well, Mimi, I am sorry to say that you are not likely to make it home anytime soon. I do so hate to be the bearer of bad news." She doesn't really seem terribly conflicted, honestly. "I--" she pauses, her line of vision shifting to where Mimi's seems to have gone. While Fee does not appreciate not having her full attention, one look a the strange anthropomorphic and alien types that mill about with the other humans and she understands. She smiles, slipping an arm around the young woman's shoulders in a show of camaraderie. "Ah, yes. They come in ALL shapes, sizes, and colors. You're in for a treat!"

Mimi Valroon likely would give Felicity an unamused look at the near-laughing of her name, but no, she's much distracted at the moment. "Uhhhh.... y-yeah. I'm beginning to... see that..." In regards to both things Fee said... the difficulty getting home and the all shapes and colors. It's the in for a treat part that gets Mimi's attention again, however. "A treat? A treat?! How am I in for a treat?!"

Felicity offers a full, ripe smile. "Broaden your horizons. You're here now, Mimi. Best to make the most of it." She winks at the girl, giving her shoulders a quick squeeze. "Though I don't envy your situation. You'll have to find shelter, of course, unless you intend to live in your plane. But you can't leave that here." She motions to the plane. "That's all wrong." She hrms and shrugs lightly. "I suspect there's someone who will know how to guide you. A bobby or some such."

Mimi Valroon sighs and sits down on the edge of the door, feet on one of the steps down as she buries her face in her hands. "...That guy told me not to fly there. Called it the 'Devil's Triangle.' I guess he knew what he was talking about, afterall." She looks up between her fingers and says, "Well, I can't exactly drive her down the street, can I? And I've got a hammock set up. Some of those south pacific islands don't have much in the way of accommodations, either." There's a pause, and she asks, "'Bobby'?"

Felicity says, "Police," she clarifies. Seeing the poor girl suddenly down does bring out a little of the haughty blonde's sympathies. She places a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, truly," she says and does seem in earnest this time. "I remember when I was in your position. It was a terrible shock. I shouldn't make light of it."

Mimi Valroon takes a deep breath in, then out again. "Well. It wouldn't be my first time marooned. I suppose I should see about where I /can/ park Halberd," she says. Finally, she stands up and actually sets foot onto Twisted's soil for the first time before closing the hatch up again and locking it. "Um... where can I find those police, now? Or should I expect them to come here..."

Felicity laughs, "I'd expect the military to greet you personally, given YOUR grand entrance. They could be here any minute now. Of course she's teasing, but she doesn't let the poor girl linger in doubt. She shakes her head, "Everyone knows what Twisted is like? How it draws people in. I suspect they'd let you off with nary a slap on the wrist." Felicity spies a child who has decided to throw rocks at the wheels of Mimi's beloved plane. "You there! Stop that, you little weasel. Get thee to your mother before I box your ears!" The kid screams and runs but not without turning and sticking his tongue out at the two of them. Felicity scowls. "Ugh. Children, loathsome creatures.? Yes, you'll definitely want to keep them all away if you wish for your... magnificent invention to stay in one piece."

Mimi Valroon walks to the nose of the vehicle where she opens a hatch into a storage bay, from which she pulls out a set of chocks to put on the front wheel. After the kid threw rocks at it. "...Well, I'll be okay with that. I'll be happy to fly her to where she actually /should/ be parked, if they just let me know where." She blinks and looks up at the mention of 'magnificent invention' and holds back a laugh. "I hardly invented it! Halberd's far from stock, but she is at her core just a P-65b."

Felicity shrugs in a noncommittal sort of way. "That means nothing to me. Aviation is a fairly novel invention as far as I am concerned. Aside from hot air balloons, my world did not boast such things. It's only here that I've seen anything like it and never this close until today. I seem to be not only from another world, but another time as well. That certain explains the antiquated views and customs." A smirk. "It is rather marvelous to meet an aviatrix. It must be quite a rush to soar above the clouds...to command the skies!"

Mimi Valroon tilts her head at the explanation of why Felicity is so impressed with the civilianized night fighter. "Another world... and time." She then makes a bit of a face. "You'd rely on just hot air to lift you somehow? Thermals can only take you so far." She shakes her head. "I've heard that was the first way people flew, but... ugh, no. I'll take wings and varytitite over hot air any day." She does brighten up a bit at the mention of soaring over the clouds. "Yeah," she says. "It really can be. You get the right conditions up there, you can just... soar and dance up there."

Felicity just imagines that and already seems impressed. IT seems this Mimi Valroon isn't a shoddy pilot, so much as an unfortunate one. In spite of her teasing, Felicity can see the skillful way she managed to land the craft. "My father is an Admiral in the English navy. He used to come home with the most exciting tales of his life on the sea. He said, next to the sky, the sea was the most vast, thrilling, treacherous world to explore." She pauses, adding. "He was wrong...but I should like very much to see the world from a bird's eye view. Perhaps you will take me some time?" This 'suggestion' of Felicity's isn't a shy favor she's asking for but nearly an expectation, though she is at least polite enough to disguise it as a question this time.

Mimi Valroon shrugs nonchalantly. "I've got a couple of other seats on board other than the pilot's." It certainly looked like she was significantly to the side that there was likely an empty seat next to her when she landed. She does laugh, though. "Funny. And my father was an Army Air Corps General in the Great War." She then smirks. "And I'd say the sea is more treacherous. You can at least fly over a storm if you've got a high enough ceiling." There's a pause as she looks up to her cockpit again, then looks back to Felicity with a slight look of worry. "Uh, you don't get seasick ever, do you?"

The young woman's burst of sharp laughter is mocking. "I'm an admiral's daughter! What do YOU think?" The snooty little sniff and defiant lift of her chin put the question to rest. She is definitely not prone to sea-sickness. "I -have- flown, in a manner of speaking-- once, no twice." She doesn't elaborate, though. "You needn't concern yourself. I am not of a weak constitution. I'm not like those girls who cannot wander but two feet from their fainting couches. So it's settled then. I'll come with you next flight."

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