2019-09-05 - Bookshopping in a Strange Place

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Bookshopping in a Strange Place

Summary: Fee takes Mimi out bookshopping as part of showing Mimi around town! Fee finds what she's looking for. Mimi finds that a human with no powers can be stranger than a talking slug.

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Thankfully, a lot of Mimi's money still seems to be good here, for some reason... well, she's not going to complain about that! So she'd told Felicity she'd be out to get some more supplies ready for an expedition. If she's going to go exploring and finding landmasses for a bounty of sorts, well, she's going to need to be able to communicate that. For now, even if she finds something someone else is aware of, it'll be good to at least know that she's communicating where things are well. But she'd been told by her temporary roommate (for which she is very much grateful!) to meet at the fountain around lunch time, there should be something interesting to see, well, she can't pass up on that, can she? So now Mimi is sitting there at the fountain, one that looks a bit too old for where it is almost. She sits on the edge, then looks down at the nick in the cement. "...It looks like someone shoved a machete or something in it while it was curing..."

Felicity is fashionably late, though not by too terribly much. She strides into the scene, a jolly and, as is typical, haughty expression on her face. She lights up at the sight of her newfound friend. "Mimi!" She calls out, waving to her. "Don't you look a picture?" In truth, Mimi looks very much like she did the last time that they met...which would have been only a few hours ago. Still, there is something so very picturesque about this swashbuckling girl seated at the old, beautiful fountain. She doesn't apologize for her tardiness. What she does do, however, is favor Mimi with a very French greeting of a kiss to either cheek...or at the very least, she means to greet her this way.

Mimi Valroon stands up again at Felicity's announcement of her presence. "Afternoon, Felicity. It's not been that long, just a-" And then the French greeting catches her off guard, but hey, she's heard of this before. She doesn't partake in it, just kind of... lets it happen to her. "...I thought you were British," is all she says in response to it. She's got her goggles on again today, having pulled them out of Halberd for some reason, but they're resting snugly on to top of her forehead rather than on her face. They're also clean looking... perhaps that's what she'd gotten them out for, as the last time Fee likely saw them hanging in Halberd they were a little mucked up. "Okay, so what was it you wanted to show me?"

Felicity smiles knowingly, "There are many things you do not know about me, -mademoiselle- Valroon." She is sure to give the French an extra umph just to be a little more obnoxious about it. They've only just started their day and already she's in a teasing mood. "Yes," she begins, taking Mimi's arm in that chummy way she often does. "Patience! We must -savor- the moment. Walk with me!" It's not as if Mimi has a choice. Not only is Felicity 'escorting her' again, but the whole point is to go and see things. "Do you remember the other day when we were speaking of the Realms? Well, it started me thinking...I've never actually ruled out the possibility that they might exist here as well...not entirely."

There's a slight eyeroll as Mimi strongly suspects Felicity of hamming it up. "Yes, I'm gathering." But now she's arm in arm with Felicity again and being pulled along. This is not dragging, Mimi is a willing participant. "I do..." she says cautiously, but then she brightens up a little. "So you can show me the-" There's a stop as she recalls, "Oh, right. Only 'the chosen' can see it."

"No," Felicity is quick to correct. "Only the chosen may -get- you there. Anyone can go, if they know of it." She lowers her voice, which only makes it come all the huskier. She tells this as if it were a great, naughty sort of secret. "That's why we mustn't be so obvious. We don't want jus -anybody- showing themselves in. Ugh, can you imagine? No." She shakes her head, keeping that confidential tone. "If we find anything, this stays between you and me." She is very quick to add, however, "I don't -know- we will, of course. It's only a whim but I say we chase it down! What you say?"

Mimi Valroon's expression brightens a little again. She definitely wants to see this place that Fee spoke so highly of! She's not so certain that what she sees there will beat out flying for her, but she's fairly certain that's a matter of opinion. Because flying. She nods to Felicity with a more serious look, saying, "I understand. Just between us. I understand secrecy." She looks forward to where they're walking again and says, "Well, it's like when I was looking for El Dorado, isn't it? Just because you hope to find something doesn't mean it's there."

Felicity nods her agreement, "Indeed! But where we're going, I am hoping we will find something better than fool's gold." She leads the way Westward, Mimi in tow. It's really a bit of a lark and even if she does find something there, it's not exactly a key to the Realms. But what has Felicity got to lose now? "You're something of a treasure hunter, aren't you?" She asks, offhandedly. "We shall have to put your skills to the test."

"A bit!" says Mimi with a sing-song voice. "Though my record at actually finding treasure is less than stellar." Her happy mood is tempered somewhat as they move along, however... In large part to the breakdown of reality starting to happen in this area. In fact, there's a slight tightening of her own grip on Fee's arm. Nope, still not used to this.

Felicity says, "Let's improve upon that, shall we," Felicity says. As they stroll through this part of the city, even Felicity finds herself slightly unsettled. She'll be damned if she let's on, though. Instead, she does what she does best - project! Her eyes slide to Mimi's and she smiles reassuringly, "What? The fabric of time and space unraveling before your very eyes got you down?--It certainly makes parts of this city an absolute eyesore. But, I imagine vagrancy is less of a problem. Any unwanted elements dare to venture unto your well tended lawns and you can simply punt them into oblivion with one swift kick of your boot!" When in doubt, make light of it."

"Yes. Yes it does," states Mimi quite plainly. Is she really planning on flying Halberd out into the mess of chaos like what she's looking at in front of her? ...She's going to have to if she's going to have any place to fly, isn't she? "Wait, are we walking into that mess of... reality?"

Felicity deadpans, "Only if you want to get to where we are going." She regards Mimi for a moment or two longer than is necessary and then there it is, the vicious little smirk. "Aren't you a brave girl? Didn't you single-handedly take on Russians? Haven't you flown half way around the world in the plane of yours? What are a few steps into the...." And here come the spooky fingers, waggling in a taunting fashion "unknoooown?" Felicity has broken away from Mimi just to make this little gesture. She walks backwards towards the strange, fragmented reality. "Come on! If you can't go this far, you'll never make it into the Realms.

Mimi Valroon glances to the side. "Well, you know, when I flew around the world, I didn't exactly come across a place where it ended, did I? I did make it the entire way, just... not so much excitement happened between India and across Europe and Greenland." Not even much in the lines of tourism... Most of Europe was in ruins still. She sighs, closing her eyes briefly and slumping her shoulders before looking forward at Felicity as she walks on. She's not slowing down. Not exactly picking up her pace either, but not slowing down.

Felicity says, "And I want to hear ALL about it...so...come!" As for herself, Felicity does boldly leap ...or walk through...or however that works from one fragment to the other. It's a good thing that Mimi isn't still holding her arm, she might have felt her quickening pulse just moments before. But she does it, as she does everything else - impetuously. So now she waits for Mimi to venture through. Cupping her hands to her mouth she says, "You can do it, Mimi! Come on! The weather's just as lovely on this side."

"Hold your horses, I'm coming, I'm coming," grumbles Mimi as she walks right on through as well. No, she's not likely to ever get used to this. On the other hand, someone just drove a car straight through as if nothing was out of the ordinary, yeah. To make a fuss out of this is very... touristy? She's not sure what the word should be, but she's stepped on through by now and saying, "You're acting like there was a chance I wasn't going to do it."

"You sounded like you wouldn't," is Felicity's swift, nonchalant response. "I'm pleased to see you are as brave outside of your plane as you are when piloting it. Well done." And that puts that bit to rest in her mind. As they draw nearer to their destination, the landscape looks less and less welcoming, to be sure. Fee pulls a face. "Dear God. Worse and worse." So this world does get under Felicity's skin now and again. It's not very pretty to look at, that's for sure. "Of course, it couldn't be on a well lit, posh, boulevard. It's ALWAYS a place like this. Ugh." She grumbles and says, "We're nearly there."

Mimi Valroon rolls her eyes again at the ribbing, or what at least she's perceiving as ribbing. "For the record, I have been through here before, I just... took a cab last time." She glances over at the bridge to the southwest... or what remains of it. She shakes her head, then smirks at Fee's fretting over how bad the place looks. "Oh, like this is any worse than Singapore. Well, not counting the breaks in reality, of course." She glances around, spotting the large shopping center and tilting her head slightly in curiosity. "A lot of people going there, what's that?" she asks, not familiar with the concept of a mall yet.

Felicity says, "Ah, so your bravery extends to the cabin of a car as well. Jolly Good!"Yes, she is definitely teasing the girl. This time, though Mimi manages to lose her completely. "Singapore? That means nothing to me." IT must be a 'future thing.' Now that they have made it to the 'shopping district' of sorts, there are more people coming and going and as Mimi has noted, they gather in the largest masses when they head into the mall. "Oh that? That's only the mall," she says with a sniff. "Its a bit like the Crystal Palace, of the Champs Elysees....only far more common...Like a Turkish Bazaar."

Mimi Valroon eyerolling is becoming a theme of the afternoon. She then blinks at the complete unfamiliarity with Singapore. "What? Really? It's a British territory, I'd figure you'd know all about it." She looks back out at the mall as Felicity tries to describe it... Crystal Palace? Champs Elysees? These mean nothing to- "Ooooh. Okay, I get it. I think." Because of course it's the Turkish Bazaar that she'd actually been to.

Felicity says, "If -fashion- is what you seek, well there is no better place to go-- here, anyway." Clearly when she's thinking longingly of the little shops in Paris with which she grew so spoiled. That might give Felicity and idea or two, actually. Maybe after this little adventure, there is more fun to be had. "Ah! There it is " She says, suddenly the excitement in her voice undeniable. She's set her sights on the magic shop just a couple of storefronts down. "Our destination awaits!" She motions grandly and suddenly takes her steps at a faster clip."

"I am certainly not... Fashion averse," Mimi admits. Okay, so, her fancier clothing certainly needs an ironing, but she did bring a couple of dresses, and Felicity has witnessed first hand that Mimi brought jewelry. Oddly used, yes, but it's there. She was going to go to Bermuda! It was a vacation! She's a woman in her young twenties with no prospects! She was on the hunt, of course she brought some dresses! Well, 'hunt' might be a bit of an exaggeration, maybe just 'hopeful' was better. Regardless, that's apparently later in the plans. "Huh. It doesn't look particularly magical. It looks like a weird book store."

Felicity clears her throat with a pronounce "A-HEM. -Occult-." She waves to the words above them on the sign. "It looks exactly as it should for what I expect to find here. In my experience, the weirder the better," She gives a wink and a smile and ushers the both of them into the shop. She's never been in this one before and she is just positively tingling all over with possibility. Could she find a book about the Realms here? Will it help her unlock that door for herself? They shall see.

Mimi Valroon deadpans, "Right. 'Occult'. That makes it less weird." She sighs and walks on in, looking around and proclaiming, "This place is the most... disorganized looking bookstore I've ever set foot in." She steps to the side to let Felicity look around before saying, "Seriously, how are you supposed to find what you're looking for in this mess?"

It's true. This place looks like a hoarder has the run of it. Weird is definitely what she was hoping for and -occult- is the key word. "Dear God, " she says, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of books littered about the place. "How is anyone to make heads or tales of this place?" She moves, careful to slink her way between a couple of tables with books stacked on it for display. "I shouldn't be surprised to find the proprietor's body crushed under a stack of these monstrous books - Look at the size of this!" She hefts a book with a small groan and it's easily the size of 3 or 4 encyclopedias. She sets it down - no, more like lets it THUD loudly onto the table, making a stack JUMP up and back down. Well, that ought to get someone's attention. She fingers the spines of books as she passes. "Dreamwalking and Astral Projection...Alien Abductions: It's not an Owl...The Bermuda Triangle...."

Mimi Valroon says, "Exactly," as she looks about the place, then shakes her head. "I think we'd smell it if that were the case." She blinks, then hastily adds, "Or he'd be calling for help." She wanders off slightly (okay, she's mostly just looking in another direction) as Felicity reads the book titles, then looks over at the mention of the last one. "'Bermuda Triangle'?" she asks with the tone of someone that's never heard the term before. Hey, she was just on her way there less than a week ago...

Felicity picks up the book and waves it in the air, donning a mock 'spooky' tone, "Bewaaaaare the triangle! BEWAAARE! For it is all sharp corners!" She gives a little shudder before carelessly tossing that book right back to where it was. "Honestly, it all looks like rubbish. We will have to rummage for hours before we find our nugget--Fools gold, indeed!" She ventures a little deeper "Oh, what's this? Witchcraft. Mmm...Do keep a sharp eye. We are looking for anything that references the Realms, or the Order...Perhaps a compendium of Secret societies ...Mary Dowd's diary. Do you see anything over there? "

Mimi Valroon looks through some books herself. "Here's something on the Forgotten Realms? It's published by some Wizards of the West Coast, so it sounds... mildly legitimate? But I'm guessing it's not the same thing." She flips through the book, mumbling, "There's a lot of charts here..."

Felicity 's ears perk up immediately. She 's across the room in three long strides taken at a run. "Let me see it!" She all but snatches the book from Mimi's hands, her grey eyes scouring it's pages. The illustrations do show some things that might look mildly familiar. "There! Centaurs...I'd recognize the beastly things anywhere. Vile creatures." She flips a few more pages "What on EARTH are all these numbers?...Yech! How monstrous!" She says, literally recoiling from a picture of a Beholder. "Not at all like the Gorgon I know." Felicity presses her lips together and finds that she is inclined to agree with Mimi. "I do not think these are the Realms I am looking for."

Mimi Valroon shakes her head and keeps looking, but so far she's not finding anything. "So they're not Winterland creatures, then," she says of the balls with eyesstalks. "Nothing else seems to really match... What was the Order's name again? Here's something published by Guardians of Order... Here's a book called 'Order of the Phoenix.'" She's giving these examples of why she's hoping there's a more specific name than just 'The Order' rather than thinking these have anything to do with it.

Felicity growls in growing irritation. "No, they are simply THE ORDER," she says grandly, rolling her eyes as she does. "Oh its impossible. It would take weeks to peruse this entire collection....It was only an idea." She says, throwing herself into an armchair with a huff. Her landing sends up a cloud of dust that rises well above the chair and then descends upon Felicity and anything within a 5 foot radius of her. This sets Fee to coughing. "Bloody bastard!" She says, cursing. She is positively the picture of petulance as she sits there, chin in her palm glowering at every book in the place.

Mimi Valroon grumbles, "Well, it'd be nice had they been a little more specific..." Too many this and that orders! She looks back at the mention of the impossibility, but that dust cloud and coughing fit happen first. "You okay there? Maybe the dust has spoooooky and myyystical spores and diseases in it." It's her turn to tease Felicity! "But in all seriousness, maybe we can find... someone that works here hidden in this mess somewhere... They... presumably would know their own inventory?"

Stepping out of the backroom is Egon. A tall figure with dark hair and glasses who thinks lab coats are casual clothes. "Ray, this is important. If you look at the way the pke valiances are fluctuat-uh." The man glances around and then walks backwards through the doorway he entered, "Ray? There's pedestrians in your establishment. You might want to put your pants back on."

Felicity sighs, draping herself melodramatically across the armchair, "A helpful proprietor suddenly appearing at this time would truly be MAGIC about now!" And she huffs and puffs some more, craning her neck to peer at the books just there out of arm's reach. She furrows her brows at some of the bizarre titles. "Kybalion...Initiation into Hermetics......The Book of Lies! OH That promises to be MOST helpful."

Mimi Valroon overhears someone in the back and is about to say something when instead Felicity speaks first. Thus, her response. "Preferably a proprietor that is wearing pants."

The sound of an audible sigh can be heard. "Fine." A few moments later he comes out, somehow he got his pants back on quickly, yet he had the googles in his hair and a cigarette unlit hanging from his mouth. "Yeah, yeah, I know it's Important, so are paying customers." Maybe it was to much time around Venkman or just tired not wanting to lose anymore property. Stepping out he couldn't help but laugh, as the cigarette was moved behind his lips. "Don't worry the store floor is always a pants only zone. How can I be of help?"

Egon eyes the two suspiciously, taking out what looks like a calculator that's making weird beeping noises. Every time it gets close to someone else it squawks. "...fascinating." He turns back to Ray and shrugs, "You can't vector an escape velocity for spectral orifices while wearing pants. We'll have to start over again later if you can still find your librarian."

By now, Felicity is well out of her wallowing and onto her feet, fully at attention. Still, the look she is favoring this gentleman with - the one with an apparent aversion to pants - is incredulous bordering on downright snobby. "You're the proprietor of this...shop?" Felicity seems to have trouble acknowledging this hodge lodge of items is a shop, after all. She's no sooner gotten this out that Egon appears with...something. She isn't feeling an incredible amount of faith in these men. She cuts a glance to her companion that can best be described as a 'WTF' look,

Mimi Valroon, on the other hand, seems to be not the slightest bit surprised that the two here are this eccentric. "Glad to hear it," she deadpans to Ray. She looks to Felicity for any actual inquiries, however, as she herself is more just along for the ride, so to speak(as opposed to Felicity yesterday in a far more literal sense). It's Egon that has her looking confused and perhaps a slight worried. It's not like she knows what a calculator is, so the device he's holding looks completely alien to her. "...Do I even want to know what 'spectral orifices' are and why pants are a problem with them?"

Ray nodded when the question was asked by Felicity. "I am indeed, I'm Ray." The sign outside did say Ray's Occult Books, after all. What did they expect otherwise. "So, what do you need, what can I help you with?" He asked, trying to ignore his friend for the moment.

Egon raises an eyebrow at Mimi for questioning him. "It's simple. The orifices of a spectral being, um..." He points towards the front counter where the Ghostbuster memorabilia is kept. "A ghost. We were trying to figure out the speed at which a vaporous apparition could manifest a steady stream of ectoplasm. It's faster to wash it off than to do laundry, plus it can very easily become contaminated. Dr. Stantz is more likely to be," He pauses, not wanting to say the next word, "...slimed than I am. Dr. Venkman was a more adequate target but he's made himself unavailable."

Felicity can only stare at Egon as if he were a lunatic - which he might be for all of what he's saying doesn't make a modicum of sense to her. But she didn't come here for that. She shakes her, leaving her friend to attend to...whatever that conversation is. "Yes! I'm looking for a book on The Realms, or The Order. Have you any?" She says this with such conviction, as if they weren't quite possibly the vaguest sounding subjects one could possibly be looking for in an occult book store. To her credit, they are called exactly this.

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment before deadpanning, "I can't imagine why Dr. Venkman made himself unavailable." She shakes her head with a sigh. "So you're testing the speed of a ghost spitting? Why does it have to be at a person?"

A slight nod was given as Ray's mind was already running an inventory through his head of all of the ghostly and ghastly and wonderful mystical books he could think of that might even be of use. "Off the top of my head I'd say closest we have are over here." He stepped out from around the corner tugging the googles off the top of his head sitting them on the counter to grab up his glasses and moving towards a darker set of shelves. "We have Entering Dreams: Passages into Unearthly Realms, Realms: A Tourists Guide, and I believe we still have a copy of Documenting the Order: Mysticism and the Occult. If any of those are close to what you are looking for they should be right around here." He pushed his glasses in place and started scanning the selves.

Dr. Spangler crosses his arms defensively and lowers his voice, "Because no one questioned it before now." That's all he has to say. Why does he look upset by that question?

Mimi Valroon looks over at Ray in actual surprise. She half expected him to go for that 'Forgotten Realms' book she found shortly before he arrived. Less surprised that he actually has things that potentially are what Felicity is looking for, because... well, how can she tell what is and isn't normal in this place? What surprises her the most, however, is that she apparently interpreted things correctly and they are in fact clocking the air speed of ghost spit. Egon is getting a somewhat dumbstruck look from the aviatrix. "...Uh... fair... point?"

Well that get's Fee's attention. All of these titles sound promising. Ah! This weird little man has managed to put the sparkle back into those cool grey eyes. The young woman's face brightens with a broad, full-sail smile. "Yes! Yes, there's -sure- to be something there. I'd like to see all of them, " she says, her excitement mounting. And now suddenly her tune has changed. She nudges Mimi with her elbow. "There, see? I told you that 'weird' is promising!"

Mimi Valroon says, "...Then the place is very promising..."

He couldn't help but grin at that reaction, finding two out of three quickly as he kept them in the crook of his elbow looking for the third after a second he held them over. "I gotta check the back room for Documenting the Order. Just hang around a second." He offered before looking at Egon. "Play nice."

Egon looks to Ray and tilts his head, "What happened to Miss Griffin? I thought you had hired people to do this work for you?" He takes out that calculator-looking thing again and starts tapping away on it. "Don't tell me they fell into another of these dimensional vortexes like your last assistant?" There's a weird buzzing from the device this time which he solves by smacking it and putting it away. Of course Ray walks away and leaves him standing there without his answer, making him frown. "I always play 'nice'." Why did that need to be in quotes?

Felicity quite happily takes the books off Ray's hands. She an scarcely believe that she would have quite this much luck. Coming here in the first place was just a crazy whim- a hope, a prayer! And yet, here she is holding two books which already make that twice literature she had on the subject even back home. This is going to light a little fire under the young woman for sure. Now that business is being taken care of, though, she can't help but pay more attention to the insane looking gadgetry and just has to ask, "What the devil IS that thing?"

Mimi Valroon glances back and forth, herself feeling a little more out of her element now that the owners are here. They're so very serious and... she doesn't really have a firm grasp on what half the one still here has been saying. Really, she was shocked she understood the spitting part. "...Dimensional vortexes?" she asks with a bit of worry in her tone. Don't mind her, she's new here in Mabase. At least she understands percussive maintenance. She offers Felicity a quick smile at her temporary roomate's grand luck in coming here, then looks back at Egon's equipment again before simply nodding in seconding Felicity's question.

The scientist hmm's at Felicity's question and takes back out the device in question, "A modified PC-4 Pocket Computer. I tried to rewire it using parts from one of our old PKE Meters, but it caught on fire." That doesn't exactly explain what it is, but that's all you're getting out of Egon for now on the subject. Dimensional vortexes however... "Passage ways between this and other realities. We used to have a firehouse off of Park Road before the first reconfiguration of Twisted. Ever since it was 'displaced' we've been humoring ourselves by assuming that everything that vanishes clearly went into a dimensional vortex." He tilts his head as he ponders that further, "At least that means it'll turn up again sooner or later. I once spent a week studying if the same phenomena happens to socks that are left in the dryer." The device in his hands makes a rather pathetic whine. "Results where inconclusive."

Felicity truly didn't understand a great deal of - okay, none at all - the first half of what he said. The bit about dimensional vortexes, however, does actually make sense. In her travels with Skeeve in the olden days, they had a great deal many discussions about that...not that she really could wrap her mind around it completely. The last bit, however, gets a laugh out of her. "Socks?! That's ridiculous! You're positively barking!" She shakes her head, and asides to Mimi, "There is NO mystery in missing socks. Back at Spence, we knew precisely why all our stockings went missing." A pause. "PIXIES!" She says, widening her eyes meaningfully.

Coming out he shook his head some. "Sorry, ma'am it seems to be missing, but try back in a week or so. When books vanish they tend to reappear not to long after. If I see it it'll set it aside for you." He spoke but also... what the hell did he miss? Pixies?

Mimi Valroon tilts her head ever so slightly at the explanation of the device, clearly having no further clues than Felicity of what Egon had said. Of the rest... "Is that what also brings people here? Is that what happened to me and Halberd? Wait, related to missing socks?" She looks back to Felicity as if to go to her for things that sound sane, but then she goes talking about pixies stealing stalkings. After that, Mimi just.... finds something to sit down on. She heard the full thing and still is just as confused as Ray.

Egon scoffs at the notion of pixies. "Those aren't supernatural, they're mythological." He shakes his head looking relieved when Ray returns, "We generally deal in things which can be scientifically measured, not fantasies."

"It's not a myth if it's REAL," Felicity returns with just an edge of irritation in her tone. The nerve! The man can wave his weird little machine all over the place and then turn around and cast aspersions at the notions of pixies being real? Felicity chalks this up to -MEN. If -they- can't explain it, it can't be real. At least, that's certainly the Victorian way. Nevertheless, she's had great success so she has to begrudgingly admit that they aren't entirely useless specimens of manhood. Though it's disappointing that the final book was not to be found, she's still fairly satisfied with the two she has. "Yes, do," Felicity says to Ray and then sets the other pair of books on the counter. "And I'll be taking these now. How much?" She's already reaching into her pocket for her coin purse.

Ray picks both up ringing them up, the price displayed from the machine was pretty fair given the rarity but also not over priced either. Stating the price since the player has NO idea how much to charge. "And yeah, I'll keep an eye out, just call sometime and I'll let you know if it's been found."

Mimi Valroon timidly raises a hand. "Yeah, um... I can attest to things like that. El Dorado was thought to be a Myth. It's not, it's real, it's just... not actual gold? And in Brazil." Big difference between a supposed city of gold and a faerie, though. There's a pause, and then it's like she's snapped. "And seriously, we're all from different worlds here! Ghosts are just mythological in my world, too, and you're going on about testing how far they can spit or something! Why are you scoffing so much about pixies being real in the world she's from?!" It miiiiiight be time to get her out of here soon. She seems to be fine with Ray, though.

Egon simply blinks at the responses, his calculator making louder sounds as emotions become amplified. He looks down and taps a few devices. "...fascinating, that's an even better response than we got taking away the puppy." Wait, what? That's Egon for you. There are reasons he doesn't have many friends.

Felicity is very happy to be getting a move on now that this transaction is complete and that she has left her contact information. Who knew that the pant-less one would end up being the -less- offensive of the two? More surprising, however, is Mimi's little flare of temper. That was veeeery unexpected. "Don't trouble yourself, Mimi. Our business is concluded here. Thank you sir," She says to Ray. Then, looking down her nose at Egon says, "Leave him to his..." words seem to fail her when it comes to describing whatever process Egon seems to be going through. In the end, she just shakes her head and mutters under her breath, "Lunatic." She marches herself towards the exit.

Ray looked to Egon with a deadpan look. "I said play nice. This is why i told you no more twinkies." Was he serious? Nah, theirs a box in the back. "Come back anytime, were open till midnight." A small wave and he turned back to Egon. "So, time to try again?"

Mimi Valroon's eyebrow twitches slightly at Egon's continued dryness. She looks at Felicity, then blinks, then looks to Ray. "Uh, thanks, uh, sorry, uh... bye." And with that she's following Felicity out the door, slightly red in the face in embarrassment over her own outburst.

Egon holds up his hand to wave, but everyone walked out before he could do so. He looks at his hand and puts it down with a sigh before returning his attention to Ray. "How about we order a pizza this time? Something about watching you get doused in ectoplasm always makes me hungry."

Mimi Valroon follows Felicity out and says, "Um... that went... well?"

Once out of the shop, Felicity is wearing the look of the cat that caught the canary. "Utter lunacy, I tell you! 'Ray! You'll want to put on your pants!'" She intones. "I mean, can you believe it!?" She actually laughs. "For a moment, I thought the worst. I'm almost glad the last book was missing. I don't want to know what horror go on in that back room." She holds up her bag in triumph, "But we are VICTORIOUS, Mimi! We did it!" She laughs and grabs Mimi's hands in a cheer. "Hah, and you! I thought you might take that man's head off. Oh I would have liked to see that. How marvelous!"

Mimi Valroon points out, "But now you'll have to come back again." She pauses a moment, and then says, "Apparently they were getting a ghost librarian to spit on them and checking the velocit-" Hands are grabbed! Mimi's face is reddened again! And then paled. "Oh, um, yeah, uh, he, uh, I think he... wanted that?"

Felicity wasn't expecting that response- neither one, to be exact. The smile completely poofs right off of the young woman's face and is replaced with the most perplexed look, "WHAT?!--A ghost librarian? Spitting? --" As if that weren't enough to process, she then has to ask. "And what do you mean he 'wanted' that?"

The color comes back to Mimi's face again. "Um... I mean... That's what it sounded like what they were doing back there? And when I yelled at him, he didn't react other than to say something about taking away a puppy... I'm not going to pretend to understand the why of anything he said, but..."

Felicity is properly disturbed now. Taking puppies? Ghosts spitting? "Why on earth can't they just sell books, like shopkeepers should! If they wish to behave like children, thought ought not do it so openly. They'll chase all their clientele away." She says this with a sniff. Of course, Mimi's right, she will have to go back to get the other book. She'll have to come armed next time. She puts the subject to rest. "Well, I believe that you and I have a date with the mall, mm? What do you think?" She motions to the busy shopping center with a slight nod of the head. "I could could make you my pet. Are you game?"

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment before saying, "Something tells me the book store is more the side job for them rather than what they're really doing." She glances back to Fee at the mention of the mall. "Eh? OH! Sure, why not?" she says. It's the word 'pet,' however, that gives her a slight pause. "Um... Sure."

Felicity gives Mimi a helpful little push from behind, noting her slight hesitation. "Oh, that's the spirit! Pip pip! Very good! Off we go!" The prospect of shopping is always sure to brighten Felicity's spirits. As is the custom with the very wealthy - not the bourgeoisie - to accrue items of quality, not in quantity. Felicity's taste in such matters has remained rather discerning, though she does certainly appreciate the more daring models available. She's very eager to see just what Mimi is like out of those pilot's clothes--INNOCENTLY, naturally! She leads the charge this way.

Mimi Valroon sighs at the push, saying, "All right, all right, I'm coming, no need to be pushy!" Was the pun intended or not? Only Mimi knows for sure... As for her clothes, hey, she has more than this garb! But she was planning on spending a fair amount of time at the beach and in higher society hangouts at Bermuda, so this is, for the most part, all she feels comfortable wearing around Mabase of what she currently has with her. Little does she know(okay, she has a sneaking suspicion) that what Fee is likely to suggest on her is likely to be more of the same higher society grades of clothing. The style itself may be vastly different, but still.

Continued in Clothes Shopping in a More Normal Place

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