2019-09-06 - Clothes Shopping in a More Normal Place

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Clothes Shopping in a More Normal Place

Summary: Fee takes Mimi shopping for more clothes! But of course, Fee has an ulterior motive... This scene is a direct continuation of 2019-09-05 - Bookshopping in a Strange Place

Who: Felicity, Mimi Valroon
When: September 5th, 2019
Where: New Market Mall

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Felicity is properly disturbed now. Taking puppies? Ghosts spitting? "Why on earth can't they just sell books, like shopkeepers should! If they wish to behave like children, thought ought not do it so openly. They'll chase all their clientele away." She says this with a sniff. Of course, Mimi's right, she will have to go back to get the other book. She'll have to come armed next time. She puts the subject to rest. "Well, I believe that you and I have a date with the mall, mm? What do you think?" She motions to the busy shopping center with a slight nod of the head. "I could could make you my pet. Are you game?"

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment before saying, "Something tells me the book store is more the side job for them rather than what they're really doing." She glances back to Fee at the mention of the mall. "Eh? OH! Sure, why not?" she says. It's the word 'pet,' however, that gives her a slight pause. "Um... Sure."

Felicity gives Mimi a helpful little push from behind, noting her slight hesitation. "Oh, that's the spirit! Pip pip! Very good! Off we go!" The prospect of shopping is always sure to brighten Felicity's spirits. As is the custom with the very wealthy - not the bourgeoisie - to accrue items of quality, not in quantity. Felicity's taste in such matters has remained rather discerning, though she does certainly appreciate the more daring models available. She's very eager to see just what Mimi is like out of those pilot's clothes--INNOCENTLY, naturally! She leads the charge this way.

Mimi Valroon sighs at the push, saying, "All right, all right, I'm coming, no need to be pushy!" Was the pun intended or not? Only Mimi knows for sure... As for her clothes, hey, she has more than this garb! But she was planning on spending a fair amount of time at the beach and in higher society hangouts at Bermuda, so this is, for the most part, all she feels comfortable wearing around Mabase of what she currently has with her. Little does she know(okay, she has a sneaking suspicion) that what Fee is likely to suggest on her is likely to be more of the same higher society grades of clothing. The style itself may be vastly different, but still.

Felicity smiles broadly, gesturing grandly to the sprawling mall. "Ah! Here we are! Behold the marvels of capitalist wonder!" Like the rest of Twisted, there is likely a wild assortment of people from all manner of realities. Here humans walk side by side with anthropomorphic creatures, familiars and other animal companions keep in stride with the people milling about. Every you go there is life and movement. Right on cue, Felicity leans in closer to Mimi and says in a more confidential tone. "The shopping is only the beginning. The people watching is part and parcel to the experience! Observe!" Again with a subtle nod and her gaze to follow, Fee directs Mimi's attention to a man whose head looks like that of an elephant who is, by appearances, trying to pick up a chick who is most definitely a Hobbit.

Mimi Valroon looks about, only slightly overwhelmed... she had been to the Turkish Bazaars, after all. But this manages to feel far less crowded, far more organized, and far more uniformly decorated. It takes Fee pointing it out to get her to pay more attention to the actual people here, and, much to her surprise, this is one of the busiest places she's been to since she arrived in Mabase. "Oh!" she says in a slightly dumbfounded state. The elephantine man and minuscule woman both get a look of surprise from Mimi, though she's quick to avert her gaze so as not to stare. "I can, uh, see that. More so than the streets, even."

Felicity says, "Yes, Malls have the air of social clubs at times. There are those old men there who come to smoke and talk- see?" She points to a small group of elderly men who have set up a chess game in one of the waiting areas. "They sit there while the ladies of the home go about the business of choosing linens or buying themselves a new blouse or frock coat. And there--" Felicity motions to another group, teenagers this time all decked to in gothic clothing, leather and lace. "Those teenagers are rebelling - putting pins through their noses and wearing all black as if their entire existence were worthy of mourning." She laughs, "Its marvelous, isn't it? Like a day at the circus!" She takes Mimi's arm, as has become her habit. "Now to the business of dressing you up!"

Mimi Valroon nods slightly absently at the explanations... sure, the old men playing chess isn't a new sight to her by a long shot, but the teenagers just get a bewildered look from her. "That much black must get awful in the summer," she comments. She then meeps slightly as she's pulled along again towards their first shop. "Oh, uh, right... well, I'm... looking forward to it?" Mimi knows full well she's about to become a dress-up doll for the rest of the afternoon...

Felicity passes a few shops along the way that do not pass the muster. There's nothing inherently wrong with the shops. They seem ordinary in every way. That's the problem. When Felicity thinks of clothing, she's not satisfied with coarse fibers and common patterns. She's much more concerned with the quality and aesthetics of the designs. Naturally this lands the pair in a much more high-end shop, complete with posters of women all outfitted in elegant, and sometimes absurd fashions whose 'all-seeing eyes' seem to judge you before you've even crossed through their doors. Inside, however, there is actually a reasonable variety of styles. They aren't all gowns or frilly things. There are some very sensible looking trousers and all manner of accessories in the collection. Of course, they all cost three times what they should but that is how you know they, no doubt, you are purchasing the very finest garb brought to you by the blood, sweat, and tears of many dusky skinned children.

Mimi Valroon blinks as they pass by what are seemingly perfectly fine outfitters in her's opinion. Where the heck is Fee taking her? ...oh, of course. Well, this really, really should not have surprised Mimi. She knows well that this is going to be expensive... "Um... I think I'm going to be able to afford one outfit... if that." Well, not without blowing her budget. She's planning to get a house near the Gardens as soon as she can, and she needs to save up for that!

Felicity mms, distractedly as she has already spied an article that's caught her own interest. It's a blouse that is entirely too lose cut, but flows in an almost hypnotic way. It has bare shoulders, but long sleeves. "We shall see about that," she says quietly, though she fully devoted to the hunt now. There's so much to choose from. Now, Felicity isn't going to be impractical here. She knows Mimi isn't about to wander Twisted in an expensive dress. What would be the point? What's the occasion. How gauche! But...she needn't look like she stumbled out of the jungle ALL the time either. Fee swivels on her heel and spends a few moments considering her friend. Her gaze travels slowly across the expanse of the young woman's body taking it in by degrees. "Mmm, " She says again, her hand to her chin in a thoughtful manner. She removes a shirt from the rack and looks at it, then at Mimi and then quickly replaces it. She strides towards her and then, suddenly and without any warning what so ever, goes to run her hands down Mimi's sides almost as if she would frisk the girl.

Mimi Valroon isn't telling Felicity that she already has an expensive dress neatly folded away, anyway. Thankfully, Fee isn't going for those anyway, instead going for things Mimi could conceivably wear anywhere. There's a look of mild distaste of the overly flowy blouse before she catches herself. This isn't going to be for piloting or even work on Halberd in general, so something that flowy isn't as much a problem as she'd initially think. Still, she doesn't think she'd get used to that kind of flopping everywhere kind of clothing(even if that descriptor is a mental exaggeration on her part). Mimi simply tilts her head slightly at the look over her body, but hey, it's not like it's a guy undressing her in his mind, right? When Fee goes back to the racks, she shifts her weight to one side and rests a hand on her hip. There's a look around as Mimi considers the styles in here herself, and then- "EEP!" she shouts at the sudden patdown. "Warn me before doing that!" She lets out a huff of air, then says, "Besides, you're not going to get a good feel when I've got the vest on." Right, the vest portion of her not-quite overalls, which actually are adding slightly to her waistline.

Felicity actually jumps just a little, Mimi's shout catching her off her own guard. An exaggerated eye-roll comes hot on the heels of that reaction. "Dear God! You'd think I'd stolen your virtue! Don't be such a ninny, I'm only trying to get the full measure of you...Oh this won't work." She grumbles. "You'll have to take it off. Go on!" She claps her hands and points to a dressing room. "Off with you. I simply can't work with you until then."

Mimi Valroon sighs and nods. "Yes Ma'am," she says as if a teenage daughter doing what her mother tells her to do. The slightly exaggerated nature of how she says it suggests that this tone was, in fact, quite intended. "How much am I going to have to take off before you're satisfied, anyway?" she says as she goes on in. You'd think she actually might have been flirting at that point, but as to Felicity's sexual orientation... she is in fact quite clueless, and the tone of voice, a mild but exaggerated complaint, makes this apparent. Off she goes into the changing room, where she undoes the fastening of the vest portion of her overalls. In fact, they're actually separable, but it leaves her pants a bit low cut for the sensibilities of her time. When she comes out, she keeps a hand on her hip, holding up the pants which were apparently not intended to be able to stay up on their own. There is, predictably, a mild amount of embarrassment on her face as she has to do this. "Happy now?" she says. Of course, her blouse is more disheveled where it had prior been covered.

Felicity watches Mimi's petulant little exit with a somewhat amused air. Of course Mimi is going to be cooperative or else, why would she have even agreed to this outing? In truth, Felicity appreciate's the little bit of bite the girl has. She likes people with spirit. It means that they can keep up with he own little devil. Too good or too bad and it just wouldn't do. Mimi's question does get a little of the brow and a smirk, "I'll let you know, " Felicity says on a purr. It's impossible to let that innuendo - intentional or not - go unattended. She busies herself with browsing a few more items until Mimi makes her grand return. She spies her out of the corner of her eye before Mimi even asks the question. What stands before her is the perfect picture of female loveliness. Mimi isn't build like Victorian girls, to be sure - at least not the society girls whose circles Felicity's types would have run with. She's not coarse like the working class either. Athletic may be the better word to describe her. Soft, and shapely enough but also strong without looking like man. Felicity's eyes linger on her form appreciatively, her full lips curling into a satisfied smile. "Very," she says and there's something ever so slightly feral in that response.

Mimi Valroon gives an unseen eyeroll to the response to her initial unintended innuendo. She wasn't facing Felicity, afterall. Now out, however, she more or less stands there as Felicity looks her over, wondering just how long Fee is going to have to look at her to get an idea of what would look good on her. Her pants are still perhaps a bit too baggy, something Mimi intentionally did to hide the fact that, for her own time, her hips were considered a bit wide. Of course, in those days a woman was supposed to look more or less like a thin plank with a swelling on top. Hips were one of those things a girl couldn't do anything about, no matter how they tried! She'd never admit to that, of course, or to the fact that the vest was as thick as it was to also attempt to lessen that difference between waist and hips, even if it widened things a bit. The ferallness in Fee's last response gets an eyebrow quirk. "Okay, what did you have in mind for me, then?" she asks as she tugs slightly upward at the pants on the other hip, as well. It'll be good to wear something she doesn't have to keep up again. She's already missing the half-vest. It could have been called a corset if it actually tightened her waist instead of more or less sitting there.

Felicity lingers just a moment longer in her 'Mimi appreciation' revelry and then returns to her task at hand. She glides between a pair of racks and begins gathering assorted items - shirts, t-shirts, slacks, jeans, shorts, overalls, jumpsuits. They come in varying degrees of daring. Some are fairly casual while other ensembles are definitely much more on the posh end of things. "The only way to know, Mimi, is to SEE for ourselves!" This is her way of explaining the obscene amounts of clothing she's taken. A shopgirl offers to help and, sure enough, Felicity dumps everything into her arms. "Very good. Take those to the dressing room. We'll be there shortly." And with that, she directs Mimi towards the shoes and gathers the appropriate shoes to match her choices. With that, they are well prepared to play dress up. "That will suffice! To the dressing room!"

It's like that classic trope of the boyfriend carrying so many packages in the mall that he can't see where he's going... except it's Mimi, everything is intended for her, and nothing's even in a box yet! "I think... I have... Enough... for now..." Luckily she's relatively strong and can handle the weight of it all, but it's starting to get there. When they're finally making it to the changing room, Mimi even has to step sideways just to see where she's going! ...and that's with the shopgirl's help! This... is going to take some time, isn't it? The curtain closes, and Mimi seems to be taking a bit of time in there at first. "Well, fashion has... certainly changed by now!" She's already accepted that this is more or less relatively the future compared to where she's from. "These pants are supposed to be cut this low?" is followed by "I think this shirt might be a size or two too small."

Felicity actually hadn't counted on being left out in the cold. For the moment, she lingers outside of the curtain, leaning lazily against the room's frame. "You must abandon all antiquated notions of propriety and usher yourself into this new world with a newfound courage! You are a NEW girl. A modern girl! The world is ripe with possibility and you are here to take a big bite of it!" That's about as long as she can stand -not- seeing what's going on in there. Felicity has always been a -doer-, not a -wait-er-. She slips inside of the dressing room to get a good look at Mimi's...progress. Definitely her progress.

Much as what her words were suggesting, Mimi is currently trying on a set of quite snug low cut jeans, as well an even more snug T-shirt that doesn't come close to reaching said low cut jeans. "Yes, yes, I get that, but it's gonna take some getting used to! I do hope they aren't all this ti-eep!" There's a spark of surprise which is followed by annoyance. She was caught in the midst of attempting to get the shirt seated quite right. Actually, she already has it fine, she just is still trying to tug the bottom hemline lower in a manner it's simply not designed to do.

Felicity's eyes widen at this, but judging by the broad and very wicked smile, its a pleasant surprise she's found inside. She reaches to brush Mimi's hands away from the hem of the shirt, "Don't, you're only stretching it. This is precisely the look you want to achieve as it is." Felicity takes this moment to drink in the look. "My myyyy, " she says after a moment. "You do cut a lovely figure. Look at yourself." She slips behind Mimi so that they may both have a view of the full length mirror. She attempts to lay her hands gently on her shoulders, peering at the reflection. "What a pretty picture, " she says, her husky voice low and coming from a little too close to Mimi's ear.

Mimi Valroon blinks and says, "Eh?" at the correction, then looks down before looking into the mirror. She turns herself to the sides to get a better look, eventually agreeing that yes, this is how it's suppose to go. "This is... very different. But... you're right. I think it is an oddly flattering look!" She puts a hand on her stomach, still, feeling very odd about that being visible, but then looks to Fee via the mirror to ask, "But what shoes go with this kind of outfit?" Nope, totally missing all that desire in Fee's eyes.

"Nothing odd about it. You look very fetching! The very picture of modernity," Felicity says, pleased that her protege is turning out so nicely already. And to think this look is only one of many. Skirts are definitely in Mimi's future...or perhaps a sundress. Those always look nice and depending on the weather, a leather jacket thrown over that can work wonders. She's getting ahead of herself, though. Mimi has asked her for another fashion consultation. "Ah! That would depend entirely on your destination. From what I have seen, on the day to day you might choose something like this..." she pulls out a pair of high-tops. "For something, perhaps a bit more rugged-- more to your aesthetic--there are these," she says lifting a pair of combat 'style' boots. They have the general look of combat boots but with more buckles than are absolutely necessary at the top and a much slimmer silhouette. No steel toes. "But if one wanted to REALLY turn heads...you could pair it with..." With a wave of her hand, she motions to two pairs of heels. One is a simple, casual, and very chunky pair of platform wedges. The other is a much more daring red stiletto type heel. "Clothes are simply an means of making a statement without having to utter a word. What you -wish- to say is and how you say it is entirely in your hands."

Mimi Valroon is continuing to look at herself in the mirror, warming up to the look - even if it is a bit chilly on her midsection. "I mean odd to me. I'm trusting that you're not making me look like a clown to the rest of the people here." She looks to the shoes briefly before mumbling the word, "Destination," and then nods once. "Yes, I think they are a bit more 'me' for now," she says in regards to the 'combat' boots. Something familiar amidst all the tightness of the rest of everything Felicity is picking out for her. Those red stilettos get a considering look, though she attempts to hide it. She imagines trying to walk around town in those would be more dangerous here in Mabase than they would back home, and she didn't even wear heels often to begin with. The thought of trying to walk in those seems a daunting task. "I'll likely take the boots in the end. Let me try those on right now."

"Of course," Felicity says, handing them over. She examines all the rest of the choice items there. Though she is the one who chose them, seeing Mimi in modern clothes gives her a better idea of what she'd like to include here for her ensembles. She needs a 'going out' outfit. Even though Mimi has these things on her plane, Felicity has no way of knowing this and, besides, even if she did she would likely insist it'd be better to get with the times. Finally she finds what she's looking for. The sundress she chose, a red dress with tiny flowers printed on it. "You are not to leave this room until you've tried this on." She says holding the dress out for her. Meanwhile, Felicity seems to have found a look she rather likes for herself among the omitted items from Mimi's initial first sweep. Just like that, she begins to unbutton her blouse so that she can try it on.

Mimi Valroon takes a seat and gets to slipping the boots on over the tight jeans. They tuck in nicely! But the pants still feel so odd to her... like leggings that are a bit thicker, a bit more solid, a little more restrictive. But not bad. She could get used to them, she thinks. The boots now on, she's back on her feet and struts about the small space of the room before she looks over to the dress. "Well, that's cut short in the other direction," she says, though she doesn't dismiss it at all. Satisfied with the way the current outfit feels for now, she takes the shoes off again, that being a necessary first step to doffing the rest of the outfit. With those off, there's a brief pause as Fee starts unbuttoning her own blouse. Mimi's going to have to do that as well. After that brief pause, there's the slightest of shrugs. It's just them girls here, right? What's the harm? Apparently this is considered normal among friends of this time. And thus she begins doffing her own clothes in front of Fee so as to try on that sundress. She still does avoid actually looking at Fee, though, in the process.

Felicity cannot be bothered with prudishness. The shirt, once unbuttoned, is removed and cast aside with a flourish not unlike that of a magician's. Felicity's complexion is flawless and very, very pale, though not in a sickly way. She's the picture of health, only and of privilege. Slim, but with very pronounced curves at her bosom and hips. She regards herself in the mirror, hands on her hips as she takes in the sight of herself in the confection of deep navy satin and lace that is her brassier. Brushing her bangs just to side she apparently finds her reflection most satisfactory. Speaking of which, hers is not the only image reflected in this mirror. While saying nothing, Felicity had picked up on Mimi's momentary hesitation at undressing in front of her. She gives the girl credit for not turning the color of a tomato now that she herself is only half-clothed. Good! She's not a church mouse after all. Kicking off her boots a little roughly, she moves onto her belt buckle to do away with those pesky trousers...but she's not REALLY looking at that right now. What she's looking at is the flash of bare skin that is emerging behind her. The thought of caterpillars crawling out of their cocoons now butterflies flits across her mind and she has to stifle the laugh that's threatening to escape her.

Mimi Valroon continues to obliviously get herself undressed. Shirt off, pants off. Hrm. Definitely not a style of dress that works with... any underwear. Where's the back?! Oh, well. Time to try things out! Mimi isn't quite so pale as Fee, having spent a fair amount of time in the sun, even if under the canopy of her aircraft. Thankfully she doesn't outright have a farmer's tan, however, as she apparently wears different cuts of shirts. Mimi is briefly down to just one article of clothing worn at all before she slides herself into the dress. It takes a brief moment for her to get the hang of those straps, but it's down and on easily enough. She's quick to look at her back in the mirrors, pulling her hair out of the way to do so. "Should I wear my hair without the tail for this?" She feels even more exposed than the lowcut jeans and highcut Tee with that completely open back.

Felicity has been on 'breast watch' for the last few minutes, you'll have to forgive her. The spaghetti straps make it a little awkward to wear with something that isn't strapless underneath. She slides out of her pants and begins to slip into the dress she's chosen for herself, still ever watchful. She is rewarded with a meager glimpse of side-boob. It'll suffice. After all, they are friends and only just met. Still, its impossible to ignore the facts here-- IT's been a long time since Felicity had a good girl friend...and even longer since she had a -girlfriend- girlfriend. As she's come into a more comfortable place with her own sexuality, it's made her a little more overtly appreciative of what the world has to offer. In any case, sufficiently perved out, she adjusts her dress and makes sure that everything falls just so-- IE, that neckline is at its apex of envelope pushing the borders of striking fashion choices and regular old indecency. Somehow she pulls it off. Felicity considers Mimi's question for barely a second before saying, "Let it loose." Unbridled fashion! Woo! Somewhere in this, Felicity has had to discard her own undergarment. Assume it's been tossed to the side somewhere.

Mimi Valroon is, of course, blissfully unaware of any perving going on next to her. "Down it is," she declares as she pulls out the thin hair tie in her hair(she'd removed the goggles well before Fee entered the changing room). Two things are apparent. One: She has enough hair that this more or less blocks the view of her back. Was this why she considered having the hair down to begin with? Two: Her hair is not really cut for being down. Apparently last time she had it cut, she'd informed the stylist that she always wears it pulled back in addition to the request to keep things long over her scar. It ends up looking perhaps a bit too mullet-like. This now down, she spins once to get a look at herself in the mirrors before she finally takes a look at Fee. "How do I loo-uh, how do I look?" The stumble was, of course, upon seeing just how low the front of Fee's dress went. "I, uh, think maybe those heels would go better with this one?"

Felicity keenly notes this stumble and takes it like a feather in her cap. That's precisely the reaction she -wants-. That dress will certainly be bought. But this isn't about her right now. Mimi is star of the show, for that's the whole point of this little expedition. "Ravishing," she says, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. "Yes! No, not the red ones. The others. This is a summer dress. -- Oh Mimi, you do look a picture! It's unbelievable what the right clothes can do for a person -- Oh but...Mmmm. This won't do. This won't do at all, I'm afraid." What Felicity is lamenting is Mimi's hair. She reaches out to finger a few strands, as she is often compelled to do. "Gracious. WhatEVER have you done to your hair? We shall have to call in the reinforcements, there's no way around it."

Mimi Valroon turns once again to look at herself again, then looks back to Fee again. "I always wear it up!" she proclaims. "Is it really that bad?" She then looks over the shoes as she ponders what she'll look like in them with the dress, but for now the subject is apparently her hair. With the declaration of how bad it is, she decides she needs to go ahead and put it back up again, so she moves to start doing that. She can deal with how she looks with her hair down some time later.

"Beastly and tragic. It's an insult to your otherwise perfectly scrumptious looks," Felicity says, looking at Mimi's hair as if it were an abused puppy or kitten. They will certainly be attending to this matter just after they finish this. She regains some composure, now that the hair is in a more pleasing style, "As for the dress...Perfection." It's not a total loss after all. "Mimi, you are perhaps the easiest model I've had the pleasure of working with." A pause. "You're deceptively beautiful, do you know that? You hide under all those layers of workmen's clothes but...it's there. What a treasure!" She says, laughing. "Alright. Now let's have some fun, shall we? Try this" And as she suggests it, she's already starting to laugh for the item in question is a VERY daring ensemble of...what can only be described as a very Heavy Metal leather pants and corset ensemble. The corset, not satisfied to be only that, also has studs and spikes on it as well as leopard print. It comes complete with a high leash-like collar. It's absolutely ridiculous but that's entirely the point.

Mimi Valroon looks over herself in the mirror again with the hair up. Well, she certainly looks better with her hair up for now, she has to agree with that. "Thank you~! But of course I wear what I wear for reasons." that being it's better for flying, of course! That outfit plus the bomber jacket she's not taken from Halberd yet since she's gotten here. "Okay, what's next? What have..." She blinks, looks at it for a moment, raises an eyebrow, then looks to Fee. "I... don't think I need to try this on to know it's not gonna be my style."

Felicity singsongs, "Wheeere's your sense of adveeeentuuuure?" She waves the offending garment in Mimi's face. "Come on, Mimi!" She goads her on through her own laughter. "Let the world see what you're made of!" She waggles her brows and does not retract her hands. It's there waiting for Mimi to take. No retreat.

Mimi Valroon lets out an exasperated sigh and snatches the outfit. "You get to see it to see how ridiculous this is. The world does not." She goes about putting on the outfit, pants first, of course, but the inevitable happens, of course. "...How the heck to do you tighten this thing?" Because the laces for the corset is, of course, in the back. She's able to reach the laces, yes, but actually tightening them? Maybe with practice and a mirror she could pull it off, but she's definitely having trouble.

Felicity giggles, positively tickled pink that Mimi has relented. She claps her hands together and gleefully watches as the terrible transformation takes place. In a matter of just a few moments, Mimi goes from well turned out in an adorable and very flattering dress...to an extra from a Poison video...not that either of them would know who that is. Nevertheless, the giggles continue throughout until Felicity is called upon to do her duty. "Let me, " She says, rising to the occasion. With nimble fingers she begins to work the laces, tightening the corset. One hard yank and the thing goes slightly askew. "These aren't made like they used to be, that much is certain..." Felicity mutters. Her fingers flutter to Mimi's waist and she gives the corset a sharp turn to center it again. Her finger travel upwards and then there's a pause, "Do pardon the intrusion, madammoiselle." Swift as a fox Felicity reaches up bodice and - cupping the poor young woman's breasts, gives them a hard push Upward just to get them settled into their cups correctly. All of that jostling did them no favors. She doesn't linger there, though and does quickly finish up the job of doing up the laces. She is having to bite her lip HARD not to burst out into raucous laughter for she knows that had to be awkward but, well, she DID ask for help.

Mimi Valroon lifts up her arms to get them out of the way as she lets Fee do her work. There's of course the sharp outtake of breath at the hard yank, her eyes widening at the mild shock of it. And she's looking in the mirror, clearly able to tell something went wrong there. "Well, they don't use them as much as they did in your day," she defends of the outfit. Wait, why is she defending this ridiculous getup? There's an urk at the twist, and then a predictable sharp intake of air as THAT is grabbed. Nope, all fine, she's just fixing it. "And what ridiculous thing are you going to try on?" Did this outfit really come from this higher class store?

Felicity considers Mimi's question, a flicker of mischief working its way across her features. "You, perhaps," she says offhandedly. There was something she pulled out earlier just for kicks, though. She rummages around the pile of clothes they have collected - woe betide whichever poor employee will have to clean up after them thats for sure. At last she finds what she's looking for and snatches it up. IT fits in her hand completely. "Ahah! Here it is. She opens her palm and from it hangs something shiny and metal. It looks like chainmail, only somehow more...glittery. A throaty chuckle rises in Fee's throat and she's about to start laughing all over again. "It's chainmail...A chainmail bikini, can you believe it?" She slips out of her dress in a flash (literally! No bra!) And slips into the absurd bikini top. For her bottoms she chooses a leather mini-skirt which is barely a strip with it as low on the hips as it is high above the knees. "BEHOLD!" She says, suddenly striking a heroic pose, flexing her muscle. "The brave warrior! I am impervious to ANY attack...provided it is directed precisely at my bosom! See thee all and tremble before me!"

Mimi Valroon says, "Huh?" fairly certain that she either misheard that or just has no idea what it was supposed to mean. She looks at herself in the mirror for a moment now that everything is settled into place. Okay, she can get why some people might like looking at something like this, maybe, but wear it herself? no, no thank you. This was definitely not going into the 'maybe buy' pile. She looks back at the item when announced, then raises an eyebrow. "...That's a... shiny bra," she says. Nope, Bikinis came out after Mimi's time. "...Wait, is that it?" she says with a blink. "Okay, I know I asked what ridiculous thing, but... come on!" Even the skirt just seems... why bother grade!

Felicity laughs and takes a turn or two in front of the mirror, eyeing herself in the strange ensemble. "I rather like it," she says. "It's quite breezy and it certainly makes a statement." She grins like a madwoman. "I agree the skirt is a bit...mmmm -demode-, but I quite like the top." She grins, she knows it's ridiculous but she defies anyone who tries to pin down her style. "I think I look quite fearsome in it." She turns this way and that before announcing. "I'm taking it."

Mimi Valroon blinks in bewilderment that Fee is actually liking that thing. "You're actually calling it a top? It's barely a bra!" She sighs and shakes her head. "It's not even useful as that, there's no support at all!" She pauses a moment, then says, "Fine, if you're getting that, I'm getting this." ....wot?

Felicity is looking about as pleased as any person can with herself. She thinks she has thoroughly ruffled Mimi's feathers-- which, she seems to like to do for some reason. Little does she know that Mimi's is about to throw a curveball at her. The moment the words are out of Mimi's mouth, Felicity's jaw hits the floor. She gasps, in utter astonishment, "You're NOT!" She can scarcely believe it. A new wave of giggles hits her and hits her hard. "You're serious?! Oh....Oh how sublime!" And that does it, she's lost to her giggles now to the point that she's about to double over. "These shall be our--our going out clothes," she says, through peels of laughter. "No! Our SUNDAY clothes!" She cannot stop laughing.

Mimi Valroon regrets what she said almost immediately, going bright red. Yes, full body. But she's said it, and now she's not backing down. "I think it would go better with a skirt of some sort. And matching jacket, yes," she's quick to backtrack to, however. Yes, jacket, cover it up. >.> "Now, let's actually find those 'going out' clothes. I imagine what I have back on Halberd will be considered horribly old fashioned by now."

Felicity shakes her head, "Oh no, no, no, no. Would you dare to paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa? Would you prop up the leaning tower of Pisa? Or fashion a new nose for the great Sphinx? I think not! You are not to alter this masterpiece in any way. That would ruin it." There is no arguing this point, Mimi will never win that battle because Felicity will never back down. On this point she is quite firm. "Besides, I prefer you when you're brazen." She does, however, agree that something a little more conventional may do for more formal occasions. "As for the other, I think something in a dark wine would be lovely with your complexion. Possibly a vibrant coral, if you wish for a more playful countenance."

Mimi Valroon grumbles and glances away. Fine, you win this round, Fee. Time to go through the clothes offered for something of the sort. What has Fee offered this time. "Which of these are you talking about? Wine? Coral?" Nope, Mimi is not well versed enough in fashion to even know those are colors.

Felicity blinks and stares at Mimi. "Oh, you don't know," she says matter of factly. "Such a tomboy," she adds, flashing a winning grin. "Hopeless! Very well, I shall see to it." And with that, she goes to ferreting the royal mess they've made and finds precisely the pair of items she was looking for. Both are lovely dresses, to be sure, each in a slightly different cut. The wine gown has a slimmer silhouette with off-the shoulder sleeves. The coral dress is entirely sleeveless with bunched fabric making up the bodice, while the bottom is more A-line and higher in the front than the back. It also has a bit more volume. They are both elegant and fitting for more formal occasions. Felicity also produces one last item - the classic little black dress.

Mimi Valroon leans back against the wall of the changing room as she considers. "Hrrrm," she says as she looks between the three. Coral... gets a shake of the head. No, not her. Too much... flowy. She's going to be terrified of getting it stuck in things, even if that's not an issue in the situation where she'd be using it. It's a taste she's picked up, or rather, decided against, based on practicality that's been pushed into personal taste. That leaves the other two. The black dress looks the closest to what she's used to. Sure, there's not the oversized shoulders popular in her day, but none of them are. The wine is almost too formal looking. Is this something she's going to ever actually find a use for? "Uh... when you say 'going out', what are you talking about, anyway?" she asks. She likes the wine one, but she's unsure of when she'd actually ever use it. Also, she might not realize how low the top is cut with it not actually on someone yet.

Felicity shrugs lightly, now occupying herself with her own hair for a moment or two, "Oh, I don't know. Special occasions? Formal dinners? Clubs?...Dates?" She slides her gaze over to Mimi, smirking. "Dress to impress. Make them see you as you wish to be seen. I dare say clubs are a bit more avant garde than any of these....Except perhaps the black one. It's the most versatile. Depending on which accessories you choose, you may dress it up or down. This has more classic lines but...it is less adaptable, unless you have a creative touch...which, no offense, you don't. Not for these things."

Mimi Valroon looks at the wine dress for a moment as if to say to it, 'later,' before she finally goes for the black dress. "It's best to be versatile, I suppose." She's not going to argue that she does have that creative touch. She supposes if she did, she wouldn't have needed Fee's help in all this. Well, it's time to get out of this.... thing now so she can get the dress on. "Urk... urg... I'm going to have to find a way to practice putting this damn thing on and taking it off..." Yup. More help is needed if she's going to get this thing off in a reasonable amount of time.

Felicity laughs, "It an enterprise requiring teamwork, always! Fortunately, for you, I am up for the task." She tends to the lacing in the back quickly untying the tidy knot and loosening the binding that had been constricting the poor girl all of this time. "I give you freedom, " Felicity says with dramatic flair as she removes the corset for her. Felicity places the corset on the pile of items that will be going home with them today. So far there are jeans, a T-shirt, two pairs of shoes, this corset, and soon her chainmail will join them when she puts on her own clothing again. Add to that a jacket she picked up along the way and a few odd and ends - they actually have a pretty good haul going there. Fee takes this time to settle into a seat, leaning back against the wall to watch Mimi dress. She idly folds the clothes they will be taking. "What passes for fashionable in your time?"

"Well... the fashionable women would wear heels, more that type than that type." Mimi is pointing out the chunkier heels as being fairly familiar to her. She has a couple of pairs of that broad style on Halberd already! "Always a dress where the skirt ends right bout knee level. The closer to the knees the better, it seemed. And the shoulders. Had to have the big shoulders." She rolls her eyes, not having liked those shoulder pads at all. "Usually a hat? I don't see many women in hats here." She has been putting on the black dress as she talks, and by now is looking at herself in the mirror. Apparently she likes what she's seeing.

"Not so -very- different from home, though God forbid you show your ankles! Gracious, no." She laughs. "If they could see us now, what would they say?" They would hate it, no doubt, and that only makes Felicity love it all the more. She sprawls comfortably, one knee up where she's seated, her arm draped carelessly over it. "I wish they could. I'd love them all drop like flies, clutching at their hearts as they from shock." Again she laughs but by now Mimi's got the dress fully on and it's caught Felicity's eye. "Hel-looooo, " she purrs.

Mimi Valroon laughs. "Oooooh, plenty of women were showing their ankles by my day. Really it was getting rare that you didn't see a woman's ankles." She looks back over her shoulder at Fee. "You really think they'd be that shocked? My grandmother didn't seem to complain about clothing." She pauses, then says, "Then again, Grandma was kinda a weird one. 82 and wingwalking and all."

"I -know-. We were corseted up to our ears in layers of petticoats, stockings and gloves. The slightest hint of power that was not wielded by a -man-, and you were deemed unfit for society-- a scandal! We were to know our place and that was always at the foot of a husband or father." She shakes her head, mood darkened by the memory of it all. "Good riddance! I will NEVER bow to any man. I don't care at all for them." But what has she been doing? She's been prattling on about home life when, right there in front of her is a beautiful girl in a beautiful dress. "There are -certainly- no men -here-." and there is that appreciative glance. "That's the one. You've put the question to rest. You simply MUST have it."

Mimi Valroon lets Fee have her tirade against men again. Really, it's actually fairly unsettling how quickly she can get into a rant that intense. Again, Mimi is glad she wasn't born back then, but she also has a hard time imagining her wing-walking grandmother as putting up with that kind of thing. She certainly seemed to have a lot of fun with her grandfather. Maybe it was just very different across the pond? ...and perhaps of the class that Fee was a part of. It's when the tirade is over and Fee's attention is back on Mimi that she smiles quickly, then begins to take the dress off once again. "Well, I think I'll have to cut things off here then before the bills get even higher than they already are!"

Felicity rises, finally getting to changing her own clothes, "Oh nonsense. You needn't trouble yourself. It'll be my treat." In spite of being a rich snob, Felicity has been known to be exceedingly generous in the right occasion- this is one of them. She doffs her top and what is meant to pass as a skirt and begins to dress herself with her own clothing. "It's the least I can do for the pleasure of your company." There has to be a catch. There just has to be a catch.

Mimi Valroon pauses. No, she absolutely didn't expect this kind of gifting. That whole 'catch' thing is very much starting to creep into her mind. The dinner the other night? Easily seen as repayment for the experience of the flight. Letting her crash on Fee's couch? That she could see someone doing out of the kindness of their heart. Buying this many clothes? ...Mimi is having a hard time accepting that Felicity is really that generous. "...If... you say so. Thank you!" She puts on a smile as she's getting her own clothes back on finally, but to someone as observant as Fee seems to be, the suspicion creeping into her voice is there.

"Not at all," she says smoothly. Of course Fee is observant. It's impossible to make it in high society without being painfully aware of all nuance and subtext. Those tea rooms are shark infested waters, so you'd best learn to cut your teeth and quickly. "I know what it's like coming into this world. There are so many considerations, if I can alleviate at least one....perhaps you can repay the favor." And there it is. There is a catch, after all. Felicity is now fully dressed and slipping into her boots. The clothing they will be taking with them are neatly folded and stacked on the bit she was sitting on before. She tosses her braid behind her, but the bangs of her white-blonde hair continue to launch their rebellion, falling in such a way that they make 'unruly' seem stylish. How the bloody hell does she do that?

Mimi Valroon's own boots are finally coming back on, as well, and the goggles are even back on the top of her head. Apparently she actually likes those things. "Well... You have alleviated... a couple. Possibly added one." She glances at that corset with the collar that looks suspiciously like it could have a leash attached to it. How did Fee manage to get her to agree to take that, again? When the heck is she ever going to use that? "Did you already have something in mind, or were you going to hold the favor on me?" Her tone isn't quite as friendly as it was up until now, instead a little more businesslike. Yes, she's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Possibly a stiletto heel. Perhaps even literally a stiletto. Figuratively speaking, of course.

"I want to partner with you." Felicity Worthington does not beat about the bush. "Take me with you on your missions. Show me the ropes." Well, at the very least she's a straight shooter...or...straight-ish.

Mimi Valroon blinks initially in confusion at the 'partnering' request. The confusion gives way to surprise instead. "Show you the ropes?" She considers this. It's a very significant request... Mimi has always been a solo flier... what would she do with a second person? She actually paces for a moment as she considers. She even lets Fee into her thought process, thinking aloud, though quietly, "A standard Crossguard has a pilot, radar operator slash radio operator, and the gunner slash engineer..." Her pacing continues as she goes on, saying, "Of course, I've always been able to handle the radio on my own, and the radar is... a lot less powerful and simpler than the military version." Apparently the military didn't want everything that went into the actual night fighter getting into the hands of civilians. She stops and looks at Fee a moment before saying, "I can show you the ropes on navigation and radar operation. I'm guessing the radar is going to be invaluable to locating landmasses out there, so I might be using it for more than just weather radar. To have you as a co-pilot and helping as an engineer..." She pauses, grimacing slightly. "...that will take a lot more time." She is under no impression that Felicity is intending to be dead weight on these missions. In fact, Mimi is fairly certain if she assumed Fee wasn't going to pull her weight, she'd feel insulted. "I suppose if we get into a lot of trouble, I'll send you back to the turret."

Felicity's smile is a 1000 megawatt beam. This is exactly what she wanted...more or less. It's a start anyway. "The oversized gun? Oh yes, I should like that VERY much. Very much indeed!" Felicity is a combatant through and through and the idea of taking on any offending crafts or monsters is right up her alley. "You'll find I'm a quick study. If you'll show me how it's done, I am certain I will follow." With her shoulders squared and chin lifted, the Admiral's daughter is back in play. She's a woman on a mission now and...it promises to be a very fun mission. "And, as you say, in time....I should like you to teach me how to fly. In time, of course, " she's quick to add because she is not stupid and knows this is not something anyone can simply just decide to do. "So...Have we got a deal?" She extends a hand to Mimi. Since they're talking business, it may as well be settled as such.

Mimi Valroon shakes her head. "No, that's fixed forward. I'm talking about the smaller ones that can move around, it's about mid-dorsal?" Just past the wings, there's that glassed dome with guns on it. On the inside, there was the raised seat, just past where the hammock was set up. "...Gonna need a second hammock or something now, hrm. Maybe set up actual cots on the side for a bunk setup," she mumbles. Ooh, reason to customize more!

Felicity ahs and nods, though she clearly doesn't know where the guns are. She's going to have to do her homework, that's for sure. Felicity gathers up the clothing, feeling the bright shine of her latest triumph. That went much better than she thought it might. She expected she could sway Mimi, if she had to. She's always been able to make a good case for herself. As it turns out, Mimi was much more agreeable to it than she'd thought. That makes the prospect all the more fun, in her mind. "Any modifications that you require to satisfy our arrangement can be made at my expense. Money is no object." How much money has Fee stashed away?! Possibly, she does not consider that it would be terribly expensive to revamp living arrangements on the plane. Certainly hammocks do not cost much.

Mimi Valroon nods a bit absently as she considers things. Fold up bunks is sounding better and better. That it might lower the storage space on the side is the only downside of thing, but she's not sure there's realistically enough room for a second hammock strung diagonally across. "Just... as long as you realize there's no shower or head on board," she says, realizing something that might actually matter to Fee. Storage space might be a bit tight overall with multiple people, but then again, she's not likely to be gone for months at a time anymore... is she?

Felicity says, "No what?" Shower she knows but the other word is new to her. Given the context, though, she's able to piece it together. "Oh! A lavatory?" She might be the eternal snob but Felicity's big secret - well, one of them - is that she has a fair bit of the tomboy in her as well. She's not afraid to get herself dirty, if the situation calls for it. This is a young woman who's romped in the realms and ridden bicycles across the school lawns with great ease. No shower is no problem. "We'll manage...Though..." It's the other issue she has a problem with. She's not sure how the hell to ask about this. "What on EARTH do you do when you must...answer the call of nature?"

Mimi Valroon grimaces slightly. "Well, several options. The top is 'go before you start and learn to hold it.' We can bush-land, so we can land if we need to and take care of business on the ground if we can... But the emergency is... well, I believe the vernacular is 'adult diapers?'"

Felicity makes a face of utter revulsion at this. "I should think -NOT!-" That's a hard no. ROCK SOLID, in fact. Felicity is not going to be sporting diapers anytime soon. She's a grown lady and she's abandoned those in her infancy. "Very well. I can manage." She intends to hold it, is what she means. The can't be flying indefinitely anyway. Eventually they will have to land, especially if they intend to rest...which they'd better since, for the moment, Mimi is the only pilot. Somehow this conversation has brought out the royal snob in Felicity, though. As if to overcompensate for the indignity of the mere suggestion of diapers on her fabulous body, she straights and draws the curtain aside in what could only be described as a queenly fashion. "I shall attend to these, " she says as she passes and makes her way towards the checkout. Diapers indeed!

Mimi Valroon smirks lightly before following. Funny. Usually it's the ship owner that hires the crew, not the other way around. She's not going to say anything, though. "Hey, uh, thanks, though. For everything. I mean it. You'll hopefully get used to it soon."

The purchases made, complete with tidy little bags that boast the store's 'elite clientele.' Between the two of them, they have a number of bags but they aren't unwieldy in any way. Felicity passes a couple of them to Mimi as they exit the shop. Her ill humor is starting to dilute now that this plan of hers is becoming a reality. Finally! Adventure! "It may surprise you to know, Mimi, but I am not an unseasoned adventurer. Perhaps I've not had the pleasure of co-piloting, but this isn't my first go at being an explorer." She adds, "Skeeve and I did it for ages and before that, there were the Realms too. Do not underestimate me. I expect you to push me hard, don't you dare take it easy. I won't have it!"

Mimi Valroon merely waits to the side as Fee pays for the items. As they move on, she happily takes her share. "You've mentioned this Skeeve person a few times before. You'll have to tell me about them sometime." And they're back out in the mall, people watching. She's got clothes to match the times now, even if it's not mcuh yet. "And I knew that'd be your take on it. I don't plan on it. I'd be stupid to be easy on you... for more than your sake."

"Yes, neither of us relishes a grizzly death, plummeting to the earth at ungodly speeds. I do not plan to die anytime soon, how about you?" There's only one answer to this question and they both know it already. Mimi's curiosity about Skeeve, however, strikes Felicity as somewhat amusing...or maybe it's only Skeeve that's amusing. "You wish to know about Skeeve- the old codger! Hah! He's trouble, I can tell you that." Felicity dons a wistful smile. Those were tumultuous times but she does also have good memories. "He's a friend, " she says, answering a little more seriously. "Much the same way I have, he took me in when I first arrived. I loathed him....at first. He...He is an acquired taste. He's all charm...and he certainly appreciates the fairer sex - the rake! But he's also kind and generous and a crack mage."

Mimi Valroon laughs. "What's this? A man you don't despise? I suppose there's always an exception to the rule!" Her laugh dies though, at the clear fondness she hears in Fee. "Sounds like an interesting guy, that's for sure."

Felicity actually does laugh, though, and rather raucously, "Skeeve is the exception to -many- rules." Whatever she's thinking about in this instance, she doesn't say but there's something wicked in that smile and it may or may not be complimentary to the man. "Perhaps you'll meet him. Mind yourself if you do. I tell you, he's incorrigible." Though, something that Mimi has said does stand out to her. She knows why thinks this, as she's merely taken Felicity at her word. Still, she feels the need to say, "I do not -despise- all men. I simply have no taste for them."

Mimi Valroon pauses, then says, "It sounds like the kind of person that can't really be described, that you just have to meet." She smiles lightly, then walks on. "Really? Huh. You talk it, though. The despising, not the tasting."

Felicity licks her lips, mulling over this comment of Mimi's. How to put it? "Men comport themselves as if they've run of the whole world...As if women did not make up half of the population. I simply don't care for their attitudes or their inflated sense of self-importance." Well, that clears things up, surely. It's good that she put that out there or else someone might have taken her for a man hater for sure. "Besides," she adds. "I find the fairer sex makes much finer company...in every respect."

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment before nodding. "Yeah. It can get pretty bad sometimes," she admits. "But people tell me the war somehow made things better in that regard. Probably because women in my world make up... noticeably more than half the population by now. Even more apparently when the war was still going." She looks back to Felicity with a light smile. "Well, it can be nice to be with people that can understand you better, right?" ....nope. She's still not figured it out, Fee.

Felicity stares...just stares at Mimi until a snort breaks the awkward silence between them. She shakes her head but says absolutely nothing more on the matter. "Yes, it is ever so wonderful to be TRULY -understood-." She draws this last word out, overloading it with extreme sarcasm. "You're so blind. How do you even see to pilot?" It might be meant to be funny or it might be a little annoyed. It's probably both. "Also, I have not forgotten the atrocity committed to your hair. That is next on my list."

Mimi Valroon blinks, looking move confused now. "I'm... sorry..." She's really not sure what for, but she's clearly annoyed Fee somehow. "I have great vision!" Maybe she's being a bit literal here, but she's grasping for straws. She glances upward, then sighs and nods. "I suppose so, yes... But I still want the right side as it is..." Meaning she wants that scar to stay hidden.

Felicity frowns, "Why do you hide it? Are you ashamed of what happened to you? IT isn't your fault. Besides, you did her in. It's a badge of honor now! But if you hide it, SHE'S won." If there is one thing that Felicity excels at doing, its not taking her own advice. Though she's come a long way from nursing those deep wounds, it's still a habit she hasn't quite broken. In this case, though, she does truly mean to be supportive. In her mind, there's literally nothing wrong with Mimi's looks. She's a beautiful girl who happens to have a scar on her face.

Mimi Valroon looks away, pouting slightly. It just so happens she's got the long bang facing Fee. "I just don't like having the reminder of that day. It... was a bad day. All around." Finally she does look back to Felicity. "Just let me have this one thing."

Felicity says nothing more. That is apparently the end of that discussion and, this time, Mimi has won. Fee can't do anything to make her feel differently about it - Its not her battle. Best to leave her friend to it, then. She will sort it out - or not - on her own time. Fine, the bangs will stay as they are but the rest of it can be freshened up a bit in time. So, they walk on in relative silence, thoughtful each in her own way.

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