2019-09-08 - A Warlock, a Death Knight, and a Werewolf

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A Warlock, a Death Knight, and a Werewolf Walk Into a Cemetery...

Summary: Constantine appears at the Peaceful Glade Cemetery while fighting a demon. He's aided by Sarra and Doommuffin in dispatching the beast.

Who: Doommuffin, Constantine, MoonShadow
When: September 8th, 2019
Where: Peaceful Glade Cemetery


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This being Mabase City, portals are a thing. Portals opening right at the entrance to the cemetery? Also a thing. For this particular portal to open here might be irony...but there it is, twisting open as something comes through at about the speed of a good fastball. Said something is a man. Said man is not coming through the portal under his own power. He lands in a heap, although he at least knows to tuck and roll.

The second thing which comes through the portal is a massively tall, heavily muscled demon. Complete with horns and a tail with the little point on the end. And claws. Judging by the fact that the man who landed in a heap is bleeding slightly, those claws have seen some use. The demon is stalking towards his victim and either has not noticed the change of combat venue, or doesn't care.

As for the man? He's picking himself up and starting to chant in a harsh, ancient language.

Just another quiet Sunday in Mabase, right?

Slow, plodding... metallic footsteps. There is no speed today. The blue and gold painted, seemingly crudely built, vaguely lion-like robot walks at a slow pace towards the graveyard. On its back, its master. The one that raised the spirit possessing the mechanical monstrosity. There's no saddle, instead just hand and footholds... but for now, at this pace, the heavily armored yet tiny woman needs none of them. But then, of course, the whole portal, guy flying not under his own power, and demon thing happens. "Oh my!" says the tiny woman in her almost sickeningly cutesy voice. "It looks like we have a newcomer, Deathcake!" She sits up on the machine, grabs one hand onto a handhold as she sets her armored boots into the footholds, while her other hand reaches up to adjust something on her goggles. "It appears I stand corrected tonight. We do not have one newcomer, but two!" The robotic lion... meows questioningly. It did not sound remotely like a lion. It sounded like the ghost of a siamese.

There's a good reason for that, but perhaps that's a story for another day.

An icy glow lights up behind the lenses of the goggles, and the blue lion picks up its pace, rushing forward to the site of the fight which has spilled over from some other universe onto Mabase's streets. "Excuse me!" she calls out. "But if you're going to get into a fight here, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to properly welcome you to Twisted!" She's been in this dimension for a while... habits of old names die hard. Also, apparently she considers a proper welcome to include combat, because she's pulling a sword that's longer than she is tall.

A back of wolves just happened to be near by when the Portal opens, a large white wolf leading them as the pack was checking out the cemetery. Was this coincidence, not likely as Sarra was checking out this cemetery for things not quite dead, that should be. The white wolf lifts her head as she hears a grash and moves to investigate, spotting the Demon and the human. She instantly detects the dark magic surrounding both, but the Demon is clearly the bigger threat, she motions for her children to hide as she sneaks closer, making absolutely no sound.

Yup, that's a real, actual demon from the very depths of Hell. It's also pissed off. Right now, it's mostly interested in the guy it just threw through the portal, but red glowing eyes also take in the...diminutive undead with the very, very large sword. So, let's see. One demon, one thing which isn't quite dead but should be and a master of the dark arts. If it wasn't for, ya know, "demon," it might be less clear who the good guys are here.

The man skitters back as the demon lunges at them and stops chanting long enough to yell, "Keep it busy" at the death knight. Neither has seen the sneaky sneaky werewolf yet.

Ooooh, so was it Doommuffin that the wolves were looking for? They need have only posted something in the bounty office to have gotten her attention! Any questions of that aside, there's certainly no hesitation on the part of the tiny woman as he leaps into battle quite literally off the back of the robotic cat. The cat itself passes by, travelling on for a hundred yards before it stops and looks back. As for the diminutive woman herself, the runes on her blade glow brightly in the same icy blue as the light behind her goggles as she interposes her greatsword's blade between herself and the striking demon. Edge on, of course. "Attention newcomers to this wonderfully Twisted world you now find yourselves in. As I am currently unaware of the proper details behind what may be happening in this instance, I will request that you calm down for but a moment and explain these circumstances so that I might more properly appraise the situation." ...Yes, she's asking for an explanation of why the demon is attacking the guy. And it appears to be directed at the demon.

MoonShadow seems less willing to talk to the demon as she sneaks up in wolf form, its easy to see who her target should be, she waits for just the right time, positioning herself to the demons back and as soon as she lines up, she would pounce, her form sifting in mid air from wolf to monstrosity, a ten foot tall half wolf half women as she leaps for the demons back with lightning quick reflexes, something that big, should not move that fast.

The demon doesn't seem about to explain. Or maybe it's one of the real dumb ones and those were far too many big words for it. Right as its about to make another grab for the sorcerer, though, a werewolf jumps onto its back. This abruptly becomes its larger problem as it tries to shake her off.

The man? Still chanting.

"Oh my, how long has a worgen been here?" chirps the small woman. She glances back at the lone human here and asks, "Or is she with you? Oh, nevermind." She looks back at the demon eyes glowing bright behind the goggles again. "Well, if no one wants to talk, it has been far too long since I have hunted Burning Legion. Perhaps it is time for a return to that with this similar sensation? Remember, you could have attempted to explain, but you are just wordlessly attacking like an abyssal. How crude. Deathcake, take out its legs." With those words finally done being spoken, the three foot tall woman darts in remarkably quick towards the demon. Dark, foul energies surround the blade before she leaps up and strikes at the demon's stomach, releasing a burst of necrotic energy along with the potency of the blade itself.

But let's not forget the other combatant. The loud whine of turbines comes to life as the robo-cat crouches down, what looks like two crudely made jet engines now extending from its back and a pair of three foot long blade unfolding out from either side. The robot-cat is low to the ground, its blade-ended tail swishing behind it... and yes, its rump is shaking slightly. It's very much acting like a housecat about to pounce. With the jet engines revved to full throttle, the claws disengage the ground and the cat starts running right for the demon from behind. It seems to be aiming to weave right between the demon's legs with a goal of connecting those blades on the legs as it passes.

MoonShadow bites and claws at the demon, she is rather strong and hard to through off, her claws digging in as her teeth bite down and tear at its flesh, this tastes awful, shes conna need to rince her mouth out after this

Graaah! The demon roars with rage...there's now a werewolf clawing at him (although no doubt he tastes utterly awful), a gnome slashing at his stomach, and a robocat running at its legs. The man...keeps chanting. The demon decides the best thing to do is try to grab the gnome and throw it at him. Despite all the attacks, it's clear who Mr Infernal thinks is the real threat here.

Grabbed by a giant demon. Great. It's like Ignis all over again. Well, at least it doesn't shove her into a pot of molten metal at its crotch. Well, this time, while grabbed, Doommuffin reaches into a beltpouch and prepares for what most don't expect from a knight born of the eldrich horror of undeath. She pulls a grenade. Sure, she's thrown, but she tosses the grenade up just enough right before her own momentum would be transferred to the explosive. Oh look, demon, there's a funny looking rock just up there. And now there's shrapnel flying everywhere. On the other hand, here's hoping Mr. Warlock person is prepared to have a flying three foot tall woman in full plate collide with him, because... yeah, she's not quite able to stop that from happening. As for the cat, apparently its blades didn't do much but scratch the demon's legs if it had such little a reaction to it. Well, it's not like it can stop its momentum on a dime with the jet engines running, but at least it folds its blades in again before it passes John by.

Oof! Gnome in plate lands on warlock. The chant falters. As for the cat, it whooshes past. The werewolf is doing a rather better job damaging the demon, it seems. And it does have a nice big wound, dripping black blood, where Doommuffin slashed it with the runeblade. The demon snarls and tries once more to shake the crinos off. It's slowing down, that's for sure. But it's definitely not out yet.

MoonShadow tries to grips the demons neck, as her claws rip away flesh, growling as she holds on tight, trying to use her weight to through the demon off balance as she tears into it, spitting out the flesh and blood when she can. When the grenade goes off she leaps from the demons back, still taking some damage from the shrapnel, but that starts to heal almost instantly

And then the grenade goes off, and blows off a demon hand. The demon snarls. But it can't run, thanks to still...oh wait. The werewolf moved. The demon is now trying to run back through the portal. Except, what portal?

Doommuffin is quick to get to her feet again, shaking her head and saying, "I apologize. It appears I am not properly enough in the mentality of going into a murderous rampage. Allow me to remedy that situation." Her voice echoes oddly as she speaks, belying the unnatural state of... well, her. "It appears to be trying to retreat. Cowardice does not become creatures of this sort. Come BACK." As she says the last few words, dark energy grows in her off hand, an energy she thrusts at the demon. It leaves behind a tendril to her hand, a visible line of dark energy. Should the tendril connect with the demon, she pulls back quickly and violently with the hand. It doesn't always work on massive creatures, but this ability known as Death Grip was concocted with the sole purpose of pulling the fleeing back into range for another strike.

In the back, the robo-cat's engines have finally gone to a mode idle sound as it finally is able to stop and turn around, preparing itself for another run.

MoonShadow watches the creature, circling it, now walking on all fours, she massive wolf biding its time to strike again

This particular demon is not overly smart...but it's cunning. When it gets grabbed, it doesn't resist...in fact, it does the exact opposite. Now it's flying towards the gnome and the warlock!

Doommuffin sets herself for the return strike. One foot set back and ready to brace herself. Blade held upright in the path between herself and the demon. Do you think this is the first time she's faced something this large? Please! She's death gripped far larger. The ability ends its momentum directly in front of her, not letting it go past. Still, the blade is prepared for its next strike, the blade coating in frost. Large, sharp ice crystals across the blade have formed by the time the demon arrives, and the blade is swung forward to meet it. Behind, the sounds of the jet engines can be heard growing again as Deathcake begins its second run, this time without the blades extended.

MoonShadow moves after the demon, aiming low to bite at its legs, trying to knock it down.

The demon roars again as its stopped, slashing at the gnome with one hand and trying to get over her head to the warlock with the other. It hasn't noticed the cat...or the werewolf, who doesn't quite get it down, but it's clearly on the ropes. The harsh chanting doesn't falter this time. Thank you, gnome...

Doommuffin goes ahead and takes the slash, herself relatively unconcerned about getting hurt. The armor isn't just for show(granted, however, it is partially for show. The skull motifs don't actually give her any powers, afterall). She makes a return swing without buffing the blade any this time, but as the arm reaches over her, the blade goes dark again before she swings up to intercept... oh, it's already reached past her, yes, but that won't stop her from using that extension to turn the arm into a much more meaty and open target for this strike, the energy on the blade this time seeking to leech life force from the demon to recover her own wounds.

And then there's Deathcake. Jet-powered robot lion POUNCE! Yeah, it's going for a full body pounce with its claws fully outstretched this time rather than just a passing slash. That's a fair amount of momentum that just lept at the demon!

MoonShadow bites and slashes at the demons legs, tearing away flesh in flurry of strikes, her claws digging in deep and then backs off as the robo lion pounces, the werewolf now attacking from a different angle, biting into the rib cage, throwing her weight into the strike to add to the lions

The demon roars. It can't run, it can't get to its target...and the warlock shouts, and abruptly? There's nothing where it was but smoke and brimstone. Getting to his feet, straightening his tie. "Got the bugger," he says, laconically. "Thanks." He certainly couldn't have got it without them.

The sound of a very surprised cat escapes the robotic lion, and when it hits the ground, it scampers off to hide behind the wall of the cemetery. "Awwww. We did not make it suffer nearly enough. Not for my preferences."

MoonShadow blinks as her target is suddenly gone, she looks to the warlock then the gnome and nods, its form slowly melting to a women in her mid thirties, she has wolf ears and a tail, the collar around her neck shifting into a pendent, witch happens to be all she is wearing "What was that thing and why was it after you?" she asks as she touches her pendant and jeans and a teeshirt appear from nowhere as she puts them on.

"Kylux demon, and I pissed it off. Got between it and somebody who couldn't defend themselves." The man starts making an inventory of his hurts, glancing between gnome and werewolf. "Wanker."

Doommuffin says, "Well then. I suppose that the threat is, for the forseeable future, over then?" Why does she sound dissapointed? "Oh, my. Such language!" She giggles, then says, "I do not beleive either of the two of us are capable of that particular action, as she herself has shown more directly."

"I meant the demon." Which probably isn't either, but who cares. "Grah. So...let's see." He glances around, then up. "Well, I'm not in Hell." Yet, anyway.

Sarra_Moon smiles and in agreement with the gnme "Then again mybe he's blind" she says then turns to the human "My name is Sarra, and welcome to the city"

The robot lion comes out from hiding again, timidly approaching the group. It's keeping its distance from the wolves as it tries to get closer to Doommuffing. It really is acting like a timid housecat. "No, you are in fact not in hell, though I have heard of others comparing it to such in the past. Oh! And when I arrived, it was under the control of a being that called itself 'Sen~ior Diablo'! So perhaps you are not as far from such as you might initially beleive?" chirps the gnome.

John Constantine snorts. "Nah, I know from Hell, and this isn't Hell. It isn't Earth either, though, if I miss my guess. So, what planet am I on?" Reasonable conclusion to come to. He glances between the two. "John Constantine, Master of the Dark Arts." Well, he showed some ability, although Master might be...pushing it.

Three wolves come out of hiding, moving to Sarra's side as she pets them "I can tell" as for what planet there on "I'm not rightly sure what plant this is"

Doommuffin giggles again. "I am terribly sorry, but your question cannot be answered as you have asked it. There is no planet that we are on, but rather, we are on a chunk of dirt floating in a void. I am aware that the vague description I have given does in fact fit the definition of a planet as well, however I assure you that this is not the case, and in fact the land mass beneath your feet is not massive enough to create gravity through conventional means. Also, I am called Doommuffin, and this is Deathcake."

"MIAO!" Yes, the robot lion meowed like a housecat.

John Constantine ahs. He eyes the wolves somewhat suspiciously. Dogs generally don't like him. He's fairly sure wolves don't either. "Well, at least it's not Hell," he says, a bit of humor returning as he straightens his tie. He's got blood (some his own, some demonic) on him and he looks like he really needs a bath right about now.

Doommuffin frowns before saying, "No. We have already established the fact that you are not in any official form of hell."

John Constantine looks around. "Well, sooner or later she'll track me down. Any place around here I can clean up?" He's NOT fit for civilized company right now.

Doommuffin doesn't seem to care about the fact that he's covered in blood. "Oh? I am going to presume that the 'she' in your statement is not referring to the ruffian we had just dealt with a moment prior? Oh! Well, I suppose you can always go to the local homeless shelter. They are properly equipped to deal with your current situation, I believe."

"I suppose." Homeless shelter. Well, given the demon managed to transport him across planes. Or he did. He's not entirely sure what happened there, but he certainly doesn't have anything but the clothes on his back right now.

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