2019-09-10 - Brooklyn, Upstate New York, Indiana

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Brooklyn Upstate New York, Indiana

Summary: Three people from different versions of America have a conversation in the Usual Restaurant.

Who: Jack Hawksmoor, Mimi Valroon, MoonShadow
When: September 10th, 2019
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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It's not Thursday, so there's actually staff in the Usual. Also in the Usual, at the end of the bar, a certain nondescript man most notable for his lack of footwear. It's Twisted, so that isn't that weird. Really.

Mimi Valroon steps into the Usual, almost timid as she looks around. There's a sigh of relief, and she walks in. Yeah, her brain is still having difficulty with the weirdness of the city. But today there doesn't seem to be anyone but normal, perfectly ordinary humans! Sure, that one guy is wearing flip flops(don't correct her), but she can deal with that. There's a slight shiver across her body before she finally reaches the bar to sit down with a louder, more relieved sounding sigh.

"Long day?" the man asks, a slight New York accent marking his speech. No, those aren't flip flops. But he's not going to correct her. The slight, very slight red tint to his eyes might be a little bit more of a concern.

Mimi Valroon looks back. "Eh? Oh... kinda... I mean, uh..." She looks over and starts slightly at the red eyes, but, well, too late to back out now! "More... Unsettling?" She looks back to the approaching bartender and orders a root beer float before looking back to Jack again. "...I flew out over the Void for the first time today."

Jack Hawksmoor winces. "Oh. That will do it." He knows that half of this world is fake. Bishop made it very clear to him. "Don't ever ask me to go out there." He'd probably pass out or worse anyway...

Mimi Valroon grimaces and nods. It was the most unsettling experience of her life. Worse than suddenly finding her plane over Mabase instead of Bermuda. Worse than finding the city filled with so many non-humans when her own world had no sapient life other than humans. It's something she's going to have to get used to... but for now, she just wants some normalcy. Thus, the root beer float ordered from the bartender.

"Not the biggest fan of planes and flying at the best of times." He does give her a look he hopes is sympathetic. "Jack Hawksmoor," is the introduction given. And yes, he does offer his hand. And, by the way, he's still human. Kind of. Sort of.

He's close enough for Mimi right now! She's not speciesist so much as just overwhelmed by the strangeness and wants something that seems more normal to her right now. "Hey, not everyone is, that's fine," she says as she takes and shakes the hand. "Mimi Valroon," she introduces herself as. "But I guess we're not going to be much more than casual acquaintances, if you're not, though." It sounds perhaps a bit standoffish, but there's an accompanying wink to show that yes, she is kidding.

Jack Hawksmoor laughs a bit. "Oh, don't worry, you're not the first pilot I've known." And it's pretty much...pilots enjoy flying or they don't spend all that time learning to do it.

While Mimi is certainly listening to Jack still, when the float arrives all her other senses seem much more preoccupied with it instead. "And you're not the first I've met that refuses to fly, either. But for me, it's my life. So I need to get used to.... out there soon so I can get going on living."

"I reckon most people here don't want to think about it," Jack muses. "I don't have good advice, but I do know it's usually a good idea to keep facing things which bother you if they aren't hurting you."

Mimi Valroon looks out to the south, then looks back and nods. "Does anyone have advice? I mean..." she shakes her head. "Nevermind. I'm just... yeah. I need to keep facing it, like you said. Facing the unknown is what adventure is, right?"

Jack Hawksmoor hrms. "Well, Bishop probably knows more about the void, but he's a jerk, I wouldn't send my worst enemy to him."

Mimi Valroon blinks a few times, spoon in her mouth for a moment before she removes it and places it in the tall, frosty glass. "Who?"

"Bishop's the AI that handles life support and stuff. And like I said, kind of a jerk. I don't think he has any friends and furthermore, I don't think he wants any friends." Jack's lips quirk. "We have an understanding, but that's as far as it goes.

Mimi Valroon furrows her brow slightly. "AI? What's that?" The asshole that doesn't have nor want friends? That's easier for her to comprehend. The term AI however is completely unknown to her.

"Artificial intelligence. He's a sentient computer. Guessing those haven't shown up yet where you're from." Not that they're really there where Jack is, but at least the concepts are...

Sarra_Moon steps into the usual, she spots jack and waves as three large grey wolves follow her in. She steps up to the bar and orders a beer as her wolves lay by her feet.

Mimi Valroon blinks and tilts her head. She's picturing this giant, room sized machine having a conversation with Jack right now. The mental image is enough that she's not noticed Sarra coming in yet.

Jack Hawksmoor makes scritching motions wolf-wards. "Or do you actually have...are you still from a time where computers are people?"

A wolf gets up and wanders over to Jack, pressing its head up against his hand as thje wolf wags its tail and Sarra grins.

Mimi Valroon just looks confused now. "Uhhh... well, for the complex stuff they're using those... big things? With the switches and punchcards and stuff? I mean, it's so expensive and big that I've not heard of anyone other than the military using them... Airship and seaship firing computers. I've actually seen one!"

Jack Hawksmoor ahs. "Just a matter of tech getting better over time as we learn to do it more."

Sarra_Moon sips her beer, listening in to the conversation as the wolf by jack leans into him

Mimi Valroon glances around, then sighs and hangs her head. "Lemme guess... I come from what you consider to be a primitive time, don't I?" she says miserably.

"Actually, true sentient AI is something we're still working on where I'm from, it's still fiction. There's everything here." Case in point. Wolf.

Sarra_Moon smiles "AI like that doesn't exist were I'm from either" she says as her wolf leans into jack

Mimi Valroon blinks, looks down, and apparently just now notices the wolf here! She blinks at the animal in the Usual, then remembers this isn't the first time. She looks over to see Sarra and says, "Oh! Uh, uh... N... wolf woman. The, uh, name is escaping me."

Sarra_Moon says, "Sarra" she smiles as she pets one of her wolves, the other leaning into Jack"

"And friendly wolves don't exist where I am outside of sanctuaries." Scritch. Jack doesn't seem bothered by the animal, clearly they've met before.

Mimi Valroon winces, then nods. "Right. Sorry. Mimi. And I can't say I've encountered a friendly wolf back home, either."

Sarra_Moon says, "There friendly because there so used to humans, will and there slightly more intelligent then normal wolves"

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I mean, people have wolves, in certain places, but you can't just get one. Especially not in big cities.

Sarra_Moon shakes her head "O its the same were I'm from, but these are my children, and I've always kept them close

Mimi Valroon says, "I've heard of some people bringing small dogs with them on their planes, but nothing like a wolves." Because of course everything comes back to flying for her. "I'm guessing... you didn't spend as much time in big cities?"

"I doubt they'd be comfortable in Times Square," Jack quips. Mabase is a decent sized city. It's not a big one.

Sarra_Moon says, "Lived in upstate New York""

Mimi Valroon nods a few times, then looks down at her dessert again. "Yeah, I can see it upstate. Well, depends on the area, I guess, but... yeah, I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're not from Buffalo or the resorts, either."

Sarra_Moon lived in the forest mostly, only occasionally went to any town or city

"Whilst I'm from Brooklyn." He's pretty sure the pilot from, what, the 1950s, knows that. Unless she's not from Earth at all.

Mimi Valroon nods and says, "I'm from Indiana." So, yes, from Earth.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Ah, so one of the flat states," he quips, cheerfully. Manhattan, contrary to popular belief, is not actually flat. Of course...where really is?

Mimi Valroon nods. "Relatively speaking. Is it any wonder my family got into flight?"

"That or horses or something, right?" A pause. "I mean, Indianapolis is a nice place. Fairly quiet."

Sarra_Moon smiles "I've been there"

Mimi Valroon tilts her head. "Horses? Um... sure, why not? No, I'm the daughter of an Army Air Force General and my grandparents were running a skyshow. Grandma was wingwalking at 82!"

"Flying as soon as you could reach the controls, then?" Jack asks. "Having a legacy like that..."

Mimi Valroon nods. "Pretty much! Though my mother wasn't too happy about it when she found out, I hear."

"Sounds like you had good parents," Jack says, almost wistfully.

Mimi Valroon nods. "I guess so, but it's hard to really say when I don't have any other parents to compare them to," she jokes.

Jack Hawksmoor laughs. "You can compare them to other people's."

Mimi Valroon waves a hand in dismissal, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I'd have to really grill them to actually understand it, and I'm not one to pry that much!"

Jack Hawksmoor looks thoughtful. A little distant. "Sometimes it's obvious."

Mimi Valroon says, "...I... meant that as a joke, sorry."

Jack Hawksmoor laughs humorlessly. "Sorry. Parents might...be a sore point."

Mimi Valroon nods, then goes back to her Root Beer Float. She has no legitimate complaints about her parents, she can agree with that. The concept of how bad things can go, well, she's not really used to it.

Jack Hawksmoor leans back against the bar. At some point during this conversation, he lost his wolf friend. Oh well. "And...of course...you fell through the Bermuda Triangle. I guess somebody had to."

Mimi Valroon blinks and looks up. "That's the second time I've heard that since I've gotten here. What's the Bermuda Triangle?"

"Area by Bermuda known for ships and planes going missing," Jack says. "In my world it's because of a crashed alien spaceship." Because of course it is.

Mimi Valroon looks slightly confused by this. "...Alien.... oh, you mean like in War of the Worlds? That kind of thing? Lying in wait for us?"

"Not lying in wait, just kind of there messing up people's compasses," Jack explains. "Not so much of an issue any more."

Mimi Valroon sighs and shakes her head. "Some worlds are just... so weird."

"I suspect there's something weird about yours from my perspective," Jack points out. "What year is it, anyway, where you come from?"

Mimi Valroon shrugs, then nods. "Probably. But I've not run into it yet. It's 1942 where... when I'm from."

"1999," Jack explains. "So, a few decades difference." 1942. The war. If it happened there.

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