2019-09-15 - Ponies, Wolf, Phoenix

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Ponies, Wolf, Phoenix

Summary: Sunset and Rainbow Dash finally find each other!

Who: MoonShadow, Rainbow Dash, Rayne, Sunset
When: September 15th, 2019
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Sunset can only really shrug again, carefully as to not spill the remains of her smoothie. "I know there's some connection between here and there but I don't know the specifics." She offers Dash a small smile. "It is nice to see another Equestrian again though." Even if she is rarely ever one herself anymore.

Rainbow Dash says, "So...in that form, you keep your cutie mark or what?" Priorities! "But yeah, glad to see SOMEPONY I know," she grins, then looks to Moonshadow. "Or Kinda Know. There was that David guy here before too, but I think he poofed back out or something. I've been hunting all over for a portal back. I have a freaking Wonderbolts show coming up and I'm gonna miss it!"

"Not... as literally as in Equestria," Sunset replies, turning and pointing a thumb over her shoulder at the back of her leather jacket, which has the replica of her cutie mark decorating the back. She might be blushing a little at the way Dash asked, but the orangish tone of her skin makes it difficult to tell when she's looked away. Though she does snicker a little. Different names, but that's definitely a Rainbow Dash.

MoonShadow tilts her head (Still don't get this cutie mark thing, how it works)

Rainbow Dash looks to Moonshadow. "It's like a magical tattoo ya get when you find your life's purpose. Then you get a sweet party when it appears. A cute-senada!" she looks back to Sunset, then tilts her head. "Huh...that's weird...no cutie mark in human form? That's be totally cute though," she grins.

It's been long... too long. But things finally have felt like they have calmed down enough that Rayne is finally reaching the point where her entire life doesn't feel like it's revolving around nothing but work. It's like she's forgotten what it's like to have free time! Thus, for quite possibly the first time since Mabase City was formed, Rayne is making her way into Nowhereto Park. No, she's not gone back to wearing regular clothes just yet. She's still wearing the lighter armor getup. But at least she's coming in with what looks like an overside clipboard that has an attached case on it. Time to see just how much of this skill she's lost.

Rainbow Dash hmms? as another human type enters the area...."Yo! Nice hair!"

"But I still have some magic abilities, from the Equestria magic that was seeping into the other world." Sunset turns her attention in the other direction when Dash mentions hair, and smirks as she sees why the pegasus thinks it's nice. "Hello Rayne!" she calls out, waving to her friend.

The wolf looks up and then wags her tail in greetings to Ryne (Hi Rayne)

Rayne blinks and looks over at Sunset and Dash. "Oh! Hey, I see you two managed to find each other!" she says with a smile. She blinks and looks around at the telepathic communication, unsure of where it came from.

Rainbow Dash says, "We Ponies seem to congregate easily..." she grins."

MoonShadow shakes her head and barks (Its me, Sarra, we met in the usual)

Rainbow Dash says, "So..what're you guys DO here?" To Rayne and Sunset, 'Is there anypony else here I might or should know?"

Rayne looks at the wolf for a moment before she realizes the connection. "Oh! Yes, hi, sorry," she says sheepishly. At Rainbow Dash's question, however, she slumps her shoulders slightly before tiredly saying, "Well, I run the police force here."

Rainbow Dash teases, looking at Sunset. "Keep a close eye on this pony, then," :p

Sunset just sticks her tongue out at Dash, teasing her right back. "Oh, she knows all about my 'past shenanigans'."

Rayne glances at Sunset, then smirks at Rainbow Dash. "Oh, I do. She does work in the same building. I used to be her boss, actually."

Rainbow Dash says, "Law enforcement, huh? You'll have to catch me to give me a speeding ticket."

MoonShadow shakes her head and lays down, listening to the banter with curiosity.

Rayne looks at Rainbow Dash for a moment before saying, "You don't strike me as the sort to actually drive a car. So if I'm busting you for something related to your speed, it'd end up being reckless endangerment if you were to actually spook people with it. And, you know, property damage if you can't make a turn properly?"

Rainbow Dash pffts, "hey, I'm a professional! Like I ever crash...."

Rayne smirks. "Well, then. Just don't buzz people and we're fine."

Sunset off-sides. "Intentionally crash"

Rainbow Dash looks to Rayne. "Why in Equestria would I Intentionally crash?" O.o

Sunset puts a hand over her mouth to keep from snickering too loudly. Just the confusion from Dash is enough amusement. Then ahems softly. "Just don't practice your Rainbooms at a low altitude, Dash. The buildings are taller here than in Ponyville."

MoonShadow blinks (Ok, Rainboom?) the wolf looks confussed

Rainbow Dash says, "That's when I break the sound barrier and BOOM! There's a TOTALLY awesome explosion of Rainbow colors! Totally awesome...." she beams. "I'm the only Pony who can do it."

MoonShadow blinks and nods ( Ok, that's pretty fast then.)

Rayne's left eye twitches. "Yes. Do not do that. I do not want to get a thousand noise complaints over you," she says at a deadpan. Dash is able to go super-sonic? Sure, why not. She then shakes her head. "But enough work talk, I'm trying to take a day off."

Rainbow Dash says, "My top speed is about 7,000 miles an hour...but I don't like to brag." She obviously LOVES bragging.

Rayne again repeats herself, "Yeah, don't do that here unless you're over the Void." Of course, going that fast would put Dash over the void pretty fast. But again she shakes her head to try to get herself to change mindsets. It's become so HARD to turn off the Chief of Police mentality for her.

Sunset just rolls her eyes a bit at the 'don't like to brag'. There's something both Rainbow Dash's share, and while this is not the Dash she's gotten use to, it's still comforting to be around. At least this is a bragger that's only exaggerating, they can back most of it up. "Well, you got out of the office, that's a start." She resumes sipping on the smoothie she'd almost forgotten she has.

Rayne says, "I don't live there. It just feels like it."

Rainbow Dash floats closer to Rayne, peering. Hmm. "Same hair, your name's Rain," she can't see spelling, "Guess we kinda have a few things in common." She then looks to Sunset, then back to Rayne. She did mention SOMETHING about another Rainbow someone after all.

Rainbow Dash like Peppermint Patty, sometimes she just doesn't listen.

Rayne laughs humorlessly once. "But of course I'm older than you," she says, then shakes her head more slowly than she had been.

Rainbow Dash says, "As long as you're not another ME. That kinda thing freaks me out. But..you're way too serious to be me, so, no worries." she flips in the air."

Sunset just starts snickering again to herself at some amusing thought about that, but leaves it at that. "I don't know if the reality could handle two of you, Dash. Two Twilights in the same place is confusing enough."

Rainbow Dash says, "What? Two Twi's here? O.o my brain would implode..."

Rayne shakes her head. "Maybe in another phase of my life, but I never got into racing. And... I've not always been this serious," she says tiredly. She glances at Sunset, then looks back to Rainbow Dash. "Twilight's not been here for about... what, three years now?"

Rainbow Dash says, "This Multiverse thing hurts my brain."

Sunset laughs a bit. "Not here. But she had visited us in Canterlot High after we befriended that Twilight Sparkle." There was also the whole her, Twilight and Dash ending up in Equestria accidentally but everyone but Twilight and Spike seems to have missed that.

Sunset asides to Rayne, mostly to tease Dash a little more. "And there's probably more than that, considering." There's how many different worlds out there?

Rayne nods tiredly. "Probably? I don't know. I try not to think too hard about the whole multiverse thing and just... deal with it as it applies here. It tends to hurt my brain, too."

Rainbow Dash says, "Yeah..well..I'm the real deal, so, these other Dash's can do what they want. I'll just keep being the most awesome!"

Sunset leans closer to Rayne and whispers with a smirk. "It's just easier to let her be than try to stop her. Unless she tries to do something stupid."

Rayne glances at Sunset and says, "Well... yeah? Not unless I see someone actually doing something wrong am I ever gonna do anything. If being a bit boastful was a crime, my predecessor would have been put away himself."

Rainbow Dash works her hands like a couple of puppets. "Gosh! This Rainbow Dash mare is totally the fastest thing on the planet ever, we'd better keep an eye on her, instead of..." The other hoof talks now, "..instead of, Hey, maybe she can be helpful fight evil and stuff! Plus, she's totally awesome!" The other Puppet noddles, 'She really totally is, I wish I could meet her," and the other Puppet-hoof nods as well. She's totally getting carried away and totally forgetting the point she was trying to make.

MoonShadow rolls her eyes at dash and shakes her head,

Rayne looks at Ranbow Dash for a moment as she considers what kind of officer the pegasus would be. She visibly shivers at the thought of actually having to deal with Rainbow as a subordinate. Completely unmanageable. Instead of commenting on that, she says, "'Planet' might be a bit of an over exaggeration."

Rainbow Dash pffts I'm faster'n then that Hedgehog guy...I'm fastern' any jet...I'll admit I might not be faster then that Flash guy, but I can fly. Anyway, I don't want a job, I'm just sayin'. if you need my help, that's what I do. I'm sort of a big deal Super-hero type back home.

Rayne actually grimaces slightly at the mention of being a super-hero type. Hey, she's the Police Chief. Isn't it traditional for police forces to have issues with the superheroes? Well, except for that one officer that's friends with the superhero.

"Well, technically she does have experience as a protector of justice and friendship." Sunset winks at Rayne, then leans over to Rainbow Dash. "But police officers have to follow a lot of rules and regulations, even more than Wonderbolts do, and can't just go flying off on their own. You're probably best off just helping on occasion as a friendly neighborhood pegasus, much like you guys did in Equestria for the Princesses without actually being members of the Royal Guard or such."

Rayne sighs and rubs her temples. "Yeah. And I'm the one that inevitably gets yelled at when an officer doesn't follow the rules, and then I have to yell at said officer..." It's pretty clear that Rayne is a very worn out individual from her job.

Rainbow Dash says, "Not to worry! I've..WE'VE...(she corrects) saved Equestria and Neo-Tokyo, like, a billion times. Though somebody must've dropped the ball with Neo-Tokyo)I'm totally a pro at this, so, Mosnters, baddies, I've dealt with 'em all. The great things is, you don't have to yell at me, 'cause I'm not an officer or anything! I'm just..the super awesome pegasus who swoops in and kicks butt."

Sunset points a finger at Dash. "Just make sure it's actually a monster. Not everyone that comes to this place is violent just because they don't look 'normal' like we do." Yes, she's perfectly fine with calling a telepathic wolf and a flying rainbow colored horse 'normal'. It IS in comparison to things she's seen.

Rainbow Dash laughs, "Well, DUH, I was in Neo-Tokyo for ages. I don't kick butt unless said baddie or monsters is doing something bad or monster-y.

Sunset gives Rayne a silent 'That's the best you're going to get, you're welcome' look.

Rayne almost visibly has a headache at this point. "Yes... yes, thank you, Rainbow Dash," she says. . o O ( Just... smile and nod, Rayne, just smile and nod. ) She just hopes Rainbow Dash doesn't get... eaten or something. Or go so fast she flies out of the range of the artificial sky and gets lost in the void. Okay, the second is far more likely. "Just.... be careful out there," she manages to say. No, nothing else will get through to the pegasus. Dash would have fit in under Kotal rather well, she thinks.

Rainbow Dash says, "Anyway...I'm out looking for portals to get home, so, hopefully you won't have to worry about me doing something that'll upset this place....you know your clouds are really uncomfortable?"

"I bet. Not Cloudsdale made." Sunset resumes sipping her smoothie, only to get that disappointing 'empty' gurgle. "It was nice to see you Dash. But I think I'm gonna go get another drink and call it a night." She waves to both as she turns to walk back out of the park.

Rayne glances upwards into the sky. "Really? Honestly, I wasn't aware any of the clouds were actually real."

Rainbow Dash says, "Fake clouds,,,figures..." she sighs a bit sadly. Then puts her brave face back on. "I gotta get outta here!" with that, she rockets off....."

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