2019-09-17 - Flying the Fake Skies

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Flying the Fake Skies

Summary: Rainbow Dash complains about the nature of Mabase's sky.

Who: Constantine, MoonShadow, Rainbow Dash, Rayne
When: September 17th, 2029
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Sarra_Moon Steps into the Usual, stopping for a moment as she spots John, her wolf-like ears shooting up strait for a moment, before she visibly forces herself to relax, she continues walking to the bar, her wolves following her, keeping an Eye on John

John Constantine doesn't seem, outwardly, like somebody the wolves would have a problem with. Reaching the bar, he hops onto a stool. "Hey, barkeep." Cheerful, rather than impatient.

Sarra_Moon takes a seat at the bar, but keeps her distance from John as she waves to the bar keep as well, her wolves laying by her feet

John Constantine is used to being shunned. It comes with the territory. Once the barkeep comes over, "Get me a Macallan and..." He considers for a moment. "Steak and ale pie?" A slight question, to ensure they have it. They seem to have everything...

Sarra_Moon eyes John and trys to be friendly, despite the feeling she gets from him, he seems nice enough and he was fighting that demon after all, she asks "So...Umm how are you settling into the city, get a place to live yet"

"Got a place," he says, turning towards Sarra. He can see the conflict in her. "I'm not offended, love. I know I'm not the most..." His lips quirk. "Pleasant."

Sarra_Moon gives a half hearted smile "Its my instincts kicking in, nothing against you personally, but I have more in common with my children then I do with humans" she explains as she turns to the Bar keep and orders "Steak, one each for me and my wolves, all Rare"

What can a man say to that. "I figured." Where he comes from, she'd be a monster. As she isn't acting like one, he's figuring werewolves are a bit more civilized in her world. A bit more...controlled.

Sarra_Moon nods to John "So please forgive if I act rude towards you sometimes, its not intentional, also, please forgive my children" She says this as one of the wolves growl.

John Constantine shakes his head. "I set foot on this path myself," he tells the wolf, reaching for his whisky. Drinking it neat.

Sarra_Moon nods "So what have you been up too since last I saw you" She pets the wolf gently as it calms back down "Researching the local lore about demons and such," John says. "Learning who the players are."

Sarra_Moon nods "Find anything interesting?"

John Constantine hrms. "Seems there was a period of time where the Devil was running this place," he says wryly. "Kind of glad I missed that."

Sarra_Moon shudders at that "That does not sound good at all"

"He was probably the most competent guy to lead this place, mind." Amusement flows through his tone. "But, enough of infernal politics.

Sarra_Moon nods "I bet he was, "I am sure he has a lot of experience in such matters"

"Demons, by definition, do NOT enjoy being told what to do," the man points out.

Rayne steps into the usual hiding a yawn behind her hand. Not spotting anyone she considers a personal friend(that list is sadly not very large at the moment), she makes her way on to the bar.

Sarra_Moon nods to Rayne as she enters then turns back to John "That, I am well aware of"

John Constantine waves to the entering, yawning woman. His pie arrives and he picks at it. "If they did, they'd be angels," he quips. "And even more dangerous, in many ways."

Sarra_Moon says, "Don't really think I wanna meet them either to be honest, not that I ever have." she says as her own food arrives and she starts to eat

"To know it...or maybe you would know at that," John muses. They can smell him, after all, so he's sure the pack could sniff out a demon.

Rayne glances over at the two, trying to figure out what they're talking about since she showed up in the middle of the conversation.

Sarra_Moon nods "I'm not sure if my senses would be able to detect one actually, never tried looking for a Demon"

John Constantine purses his lips. "I don't know how your kind of wolf..." He glances over at Rayne, who's clearly hearing it all whoosh over her head. "Demon talk, love."

Rayne nods. "Aaah. Okay. Oddly enough, we don't get that many demons around here. Honestly, it kinda surprises me."

Sarra_Moon says, :tilts her head "How my kind of wolf...What?" she asks

"There's werewolves where I come from, but they ain't like you at all," John explains. He glances at Rayne. "They hide well. Or they're busy somewhere else."

Sarra_Moon nods "O that, Werewolves on my world differ greatly from most worlds it appears, we are very different from the legends

Rayne frowns, then shrugs. "Well, as long as they don't cause me any trouble. And by me, I mean anyone since that ends up becoming my problem." She shrugs, then looks at Sarra for a moment. "...You'd think there'd be werewolves in my universe, but I've never heard of it as anything more than legends... I mean, there's coatls, fey, dragons, phoenixes, and more 'aliens' than you can shake a stick at."

"Different laws of physics and magic," the trenchcoated man opines. Between mouthfuls of pie.

Rainbow Dash wanders in, not seeming her usual self. She hops onto a bar and orders a cider from whom ever is behind the counter.

Sarra_Moon nods "I will try to keep that in mind, I try not to cause too much trouble in any event" she says to Rayne, then turns to Dash"You ok?"

Rainbow Dash pffts, gulping her cider. "Heck no, I'm fine, just trapped here without my friends and the freaking SKY here isn't even real. I'm a PEGASUS and there's not even a real SKY!

"And different..." And then he turns and blinks. His jaw lowers a little. Then he pulls himself together."Well, that is certainly different."

Rayne shakes her head. "Sorry, no. It's just a simulation... Be glad you weren't here before it was repaired. This whole Twisted realm is a bit... messed up, I'll admit. I'd not fly far out past where you can see the sky if I were you. You don't want to get lost out there."

Rainbow Dash merfs and sucks down more cider. "What's a Pegasus without a real sky? I can't gather clouds, I can't make snow or lightning or Rain....I'm at..at..half power here!

"This isn't a planet." The man's tone softens. "You're still you, though." Hopefully. He's never met a pegasus before...

Rainbow Dash says, "Yeah..well, if I were somepony else, it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm ME! So...it's a problem."

"This whole world feels completely off to my own senses, my kind being connected to nature, only problem is everything here is artificial, so I do understand how you feel somewhat" Sarra says as she shake her head

Rainbow Dash looks at her cider suspiciously.....

Rayne shakes her head. "The plants and animals are real. Just... not the land or sky."

Rainbow Dash says, "Where's Dr.Hooves when you need him? gah."

"Doctor Who?" Constantine asks, not quiet hearing the name.

Rainbow Dash says, "Dr.Hooves..." in reply. "Multiverse thing, probably the same guy I guess...kinda understands this kind of thing."

Rayne sighs lowers her head. "I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash, I really am. We do everything we can for people, but... We can't do more than we have to make a sky. We can't turn these drifting chunks into an actual planet."

"Was it one, once?" John asks, quietly. Maybe just for the data point.

Rayne nods. "As far as I can tell, it's a rogue planet in trans-galactic space. That's... just a theory of mine, though."

Rainbow Dash puckers her face tight for a moment. Then plops her head on the bar. "Gotta be a way back..." she mutters.

"I'm not a physicist," John muses. "But that explains a good bit."

Rayne shakes her head. "Me neither. But it's a guess based on the lack of... anything in the sky outside." She looks back to Rainbow Dash and winces. She feels bad for the pegasus, but... there's really nothing she can do for her.

Sarra_Moon nods "I guess that make sense"

"I'm actually thinking pocket dimension," John adds. Still between mouthfuls of pie.

Rayne grimaces again. "I'm just trying to put it into something that makes sense based on what I knew before I got here... well, made sense. It doesn't explain things very well anymore."

Rainbow Dash rests her chin on her crossed for-legs. "This totally not fair.." she mutters. "Already got trapped in Neo-Tokyo, but we beat that, got home, had a portal back and forth. Everything was awesome. Why in Celestia's name did I get shuffled into ANOTHER place?"

"Something has a sense of humor?" John says. "I hope you find a way back." HE doesn't mind being here. He understands that she does.

Rainbow Dash says, "If it's freaking Discord, I will KICK HIS BUTT."

Rayne just grimaces again. Normally when someone starts lamenting this, she'd suggest going to see Sunset at the Welcome Center... but Dash, of course, already has met Sunset here, on top of already having known her. "I'm sorry," is all she says, even if it really wasn't her fault at all.

John Constantine hasn't talked to Sunset yet. Whoever that is. "I can't fix it," is all he says...and turns to the bar to order another scotch.

Sarra_Moon nods "All we can do is make the best out of a bad situation."

Rainbow Dash says, "Yeah..well...I'm Rainbow Dash, and I ain't lettin' nothin' stop me," she huffs, "I'm totally gonna find my way back! Ponyville needs me! Equestria needs me! My friends need me!" She rises up, sucking down the last of her cider."

Rayne says, "....How's the cider? I've never tried it here before, actually."

Rainbow Dash says, "It's not Sweet Apple Acre's, but, there's only one place to get that. It's okay, I guess." Even if it IS Sweet Apple acres, it's just make her more moody then she already is.

John Constantine isn't interested. It's not alcoholic cider. His second whisky goes down the hatch. "Can't change what can't be changed, love. You can look for a way to change it, sure."

Rainbow Dash says, "Huh..this Pony I know, Strawberry Fields, told me kinda the same thing."

Rainbow Dash says, "No song you can sing that can't be sung, nothing you can do that can't be done..."

...and the pony bursts into song. Constantine stares for a moment, then laughs a bit harshly.

Rainbow Dash says, "Usually other ponies join and we'd get a whole musical number going."

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