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Botched Reunion

Summary: Fee and Gemma are reunited! ...And if it weren't for Mimi, they'd part ways again.

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: September 21st, 2019
Where: New Market Mall

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Ah! The shopping district. Perhaps the one space in all of Mabase that half-way passes for normal...half way. As always, it is bustling with activity. People of all colors, shapes, sizes, and species wander about, sometimes milling at a storefront or spying the latest sale. It's one of those idiosyncratic quirks of the human race - and perhaps all living, thinking human-like beings - to carve out some space of normalcy amongst the fantastical. Yes, Mabase is a strange city surrounded by infinite voids and other oddities but the shopping here is just great! What makes it even better is how all of the cultures that span the entire multiverse all come together here to offer up quite eclectic goods.

Today's errand brings Felicity and Mimi back to the shopping district. Felicity is slightly irritated that the throw she purchased isn't exactly the shade she had first taken it for. In the store's light, it seemed perfect for her couch but once she got it into her actual apartment, the hue seemed infinitely more garish than was tolerable and so back it must go. In addition, she's got her blade with her that is wanting a bit of sharpening. IN the mall, there's a shop that should help with that. Meanwhile, though, she is regaling Mimi with one of her stories of her many travels across the multiverse. "And then, Madam Oda burst through the door right at the moment that HE turned into a SHE and? Well, I'll tell you, it took several years off both their lives. Hah! It serves him right, the lout."

Mimi Valroon is far from adverse to blades herself! Though her own knives are far less elaborate and fancy than Fee's. Still, when the subject was brought up, Mimi decided she should have an actual expert look at her daggers and make sure they're not about to shatter on her... they are scavenged from the middle of an adventure, afterall. Her firearms aren't leaving Halberd for now. She laughs at the end of Fee's tale and asks, "Well, I'm still having a hard time imagining that transformation in a person, but I'll bet it was a shock!"

Felicity laughs uncharitably, "Oh yes, the old battle axe never knew what hit her. But you see, that is what one comes to expect when traveling with the likes Skeeve Plowse. For all of his faults- and, trust that there are many- he is certainly never dull. " Yes, being dull is one of the very worst things one might be in Felicity's book. Its at least a sure-fire way to relegate you to irrelevance in her mind, anyway. Now she's wearing that smile that betrays her naughty thoughts, but whatever other memories are fluttering around in there, she doesn't share them. Something occurs to her then. She cocks her head and eyes Mimi suspiciously. "I say, have you never had a traveling companion? In all your stories I've yet to hear you mention one."

Mimi Valroon stops a moment. It's the first time Fee has mentioned Skeeve's last name to her. "Plowse? Like the ruined bridge?" She is quick to catch up, however. "Oh! Well, no, I've always been kind of a solo act, I suppose. I had a friend I'd asked when I was getting ready to get started, but she didn't want to go so far from the States as I was planning on going. Said she had some plans... aaaaaand she had a kid by the time I got back."

Felicity wrinkles her nose as if the very thought of it might assault her nostrils with the foul stench of domesticity. "Her loss, " She says with a shrug. "She can keep herself anchored to this earth while you and I take to the skies!" She turns her eyes skyward, lifting her arms above her head shopping bag and all. "That's REALLY living." Felicity gives Mimi a little conspiratorial grin. As for the matter with the bridge, she treats it as the afterthought it is in her mind. "Oh yes, I suppose so. Just like him to attach his name to something that comes down in a crumbling ruin. He was ever so fond of charity cases. I daresay, if he ever ran out of ways to exercise his martyrdom he wouldn't know what to do with himself. " They are friends, truly. This is a love tap.

The hustle and bustle of the shopping district is a little overwhelming to say the least. With so many people around and the noise, so many things to see in a place she does not know along with the fact that there really isn't a method to her own madness all make for a rather draining experience. Gemma has been here for a few hours already, looking for something or nothing at all, feeling her way around to see if she can pick up on anything, glancing at her amulet every now and then to see if it senses a portal nearby, but as expected none of those things come to pass. Getting impatient and annoyed, she laments the strength of her powers which is lesser here than they are in The Realms or her own world. She'd very much like to stop time at the moment, but it looks like she will have to resort to the same methods as ordinary people do and that is heading back to a more or less silent sanctuary, in this case a room that she was able to rent without paying ahead, with a little extra suggestion on her part. She does intend to pay for it though, she'll find a way, she always does. All right, Gem, time to go, she tells herself. Her rumbling stomach is starting to make her feel cranky and she has no intention of exhausting herself trying to bend someone else to her will or if it would even work. Turning on her heels, she starts heading back the way she came, walking with purpose, her attention drifting to the possibility of a meal and some quiet.

Mimi Valroon nods a few times. "Oh, I agree. I gave her the chance to have the adventure of a lifetime and she doesn't want to go so she can get some guy that used to put bugs in her hair to propose to her?" She rolls her eyes, clearly having lost some respect for her childhood friend over this. "Charity? Urg. It's one thing to help people out, but another entirely to put yourself at that much risk to do it... It's currently an airship mooring tower. Apparently there's a lot of people out there trying to explore in those flimsy, oversized, bulbous things." Of course if Gemma is making her way towards them, Mimi isn't going to put any thought into her, not having a clue who she is.

To the bug incident, Felicity can only roll her eyes and make a kind of sound in the back of her throat. Typical boys. Somehow that's turned out to be very winning. Well, by the sound of it Mimi's friend is more suited to the dreary. Let her cordon off her life with her white picket fences and let -them- have a taste of true freedom. "What an enchanted proposal that must have made, with cockroaches dangling from her veil and centipedes scurrying under her skirts. My love! With this beetle I thee wed!" Well now that's got her laughing, picturing the utter ridiculousness of it all.

A kind of scoffing sound at the mention of the bulbous things. "Well, better them. For us, the VOIDS await. Speaking of which I wanted to ask?" Something catches Felicity's eye. A movement in the crowd draws her attention from her friend for a moment. She narrows her eyes but just then a giant man with the head of an elephant steps in. He and his habit companion walk together hand-in-hand. Funny, for a moment she thought...

Mimi Valroon shakes her head. "No no, I meant, when were like five he did that." She looks back again at the question and the cutting off of it. "What?" She looks back to where Fee is looking, then back at Fee again. "...We saw those two the first time you dragged me here and you didn't bat an eye. What's the question? Something about the radar? It's easier to explain when you've got it in front of you."

Gemma stops in her tracks for an instead, the elephant man unsettling her, as if Ganesha himself now walked among mortals. It isn't the strangest thing that she has seen throughout the past few years, but every new creature has a tendency to surprise her still at first. A slight smile and a shake of her head later, she's on her not so merry way again. She stops for a minute at a store front displaying some clothes that seem to be to her liking, though she currently lacks the money or the will to do anything about that, but makes a mental note of it for later just in case before heading off again.

Felicity is now standing on tip-toes, craning her neck to try and see through the crowd. ITs as if this shopping district has never been this congested before. What the bloody hell are all those people doing milling right where she wants to see? Its just that, for a moment, she could have sworn she caught sight of a familiar figure, moving awkwardly through the crowd in a way that is singularly her own - slightly hunched but preoccupied and purposeful in their gait. Felicity gives Mimi a baleful look. "Shhh," she commands, as if the chattering would somehow obscure her view. And then, there it is again. The glint of red hair peeks its wait through an opening in the crowd. Its only an instant but Felicity could swear she sees her friend. Eyes wide, breath catching in her chest she just manages to whisper out, "Gemma?" Is she dreaming? At glance the figure seems doesn't stand out, outfitted in clothing that do well to suit the times and place. She might be anyone. But it isn't. It's -her-. Suddenly thrusting her bags into Mimi's arms and without a word of explanation, Felicity's shouting across the distance, hands cupped to her mouth, "Gemma! Gemma Doyle!" She shouts, positively giddy and jumping up and down like a lunatic, waving her arm to catch her attention. No time to waste, though and very quickly, Felicity is pushing her way through the oceans of shoppers to get to where Gemma is, lost in daydreams...as always.

Mimi Valroon tilts her head, wondering just what has Fee so interested. "Uhhh... Felicity?" she asks just in time to get shushed. The look of confusion just intensifies, but she doesn't hear the first utterance of Gemma's name over the general noise of the crowd. The shout, however, is clear. One of the friends Felicity had mentioned several times? Wait, does Fee see her there? Mimi remains silent, but her gaze snaps out to where Felicity was looking to try to get a look at... yeah, she has no clue what Gemma looks like. Well, might as well follow Fee to where she's going, at least, right?

For a fleeting moment, Gemma could swear she heard her name. She looks about but can see nothing except unfamiliar faces and so she shrugs and keeps moving, relegating the experience to wishful thinking. She might be going mad after all this time, most people would have deemed her quest to be in the first place. At the same time, it isn't like she hasn't heard or seen things that weren't there on some occasions. Food and rest, it'll do her good and soothe her mind and so she starts walking faster, eager to get out of the noise and crowd.

Felicity will not be deterred. She has most certainly spotted her friend and, heart pounding, she will chase her down in this crowed. She is a woman with a purpose and woe to anyone who stands in the way of that purpose. She navigates her way through the crowed, having to give a little hop now and then just to be sure she's still got Gemma in her sites. For a girl so tall, she does make herself impossible to see sometimes. Felicity elbows her way past a few stupidly slow warrior types. "Pardon me! Excuse me! - OH! Move over!" She says, having exercised as much patience as is humanly possible at this point. With this last shove there is now mere feet between herself and the girl who most definitely is her friend. "GEMMA!" She shouts, no doubt turning the heads of others in the vicinity as well. She crosses the distance and all but throws herself at the girl in a fierce embrace.

Mimi Valroon simply follows quickly behind Fee, apologizing to the shoved for her relatively new friend as she goes. "Sorry... sorry, sorry!" But she's not going to try to interrupt anything going on with Felicity for now, no way, so she's only dealing with the aftermath of Fee rather than doing anything proactive.

This time she knows she's heard her name and that voice is unmistakable to her ears. There's a part of her that is afraid to believe it, that it could never be so easy, not after only just having arrived in this world, but anyone with half a head could easily remind her that there has been nothing easy about this given how long she has been wandering in the search of Felicity Worthington. Her eyes are wide as she swivels round just in time to be pounced by the blonde coming her way at exponential speed. It's all she can do not to tumble backwards and she manages to find her balance just in time. "F-Fee? Is that really you?" She croaks, the strength of the embrace nearly choking her.

Felicity is all laughs, and at near tears with the sheer joy of reuniting with her long-lost friend. "Of course it is, you ninny!" She draws back, taking Gemma's hands in her own. "What sort of question is that?" Felicity takes a moment to drink in her friend's presence, her grey eyes flicking by degrees over each item that makes up Gemma's new makeover. Last they met, she was still sporting the requisite corset and petticoats. Still holding fast to Gemma's hands, she takes step back, shaking her head. "Look at you! So modern! -Very- fetching. You're quite the picture. You could pass for a native? Oh, but I'd know you anywhere. When I saw you just there, brooding as always, I -knew- it was you." She flashes a naughty grin. "I can scarcely believe. Gemma Doyle, HERE. What are you -doing- here?"

There's another blonde here, too! The one with the goggles is, of course, not getting in the way of this. She's just standing to the side somewhat awkwardly, glancing around and wondering what, if anything she should be doing right now. Her smile is a bit tight lipped, but it's still pretty genuine. How wonderful that her friend found her old friend! But of course now she feels like she's intruding, almost.

Everything is happening so fast and Felicity's words that come tumbling out in a string barely giving Gemma time to think, but Fee's question brings her back to the here and now easily. "I've been looking for you, Fee, ever since you disappeared," Gemma says, still looking a bit shell-shocked as if she just woke up from a dream and isn't quite sure whether or not she's awake yet.

Felicity blinks, somehow having the audacity to look surprised by this. "For me?" Her full lips twist into a triumphant smile, "Hah! And I found -you-, it seems." Felicity folds her arms across her chest, looking rather pleased with the ironic turn of events. That's clearly not how things went down when you look at the big picture but she can never forgo a chance to tease. OF course, she has no idea what Gemma has been through. For all she knows, Gemma just tried the door of light and popped back into bed after turning up nothing. She has no idea. Spying Mimi at her side, she suddenly remembers that she has something like manners. "Ah! Mimi! You're here." Yes, and Mimi also happens to be carrying Felicity's bags but that is a trifle she won't concern herself with just now. "I'd like for you to meet my friend, the illustrious Gemma Doyle. " She leans over, "The one I told you about. The New Yorker." That isn't all she's told her, but it will do for now. To Gemma she says, "Gemma, this is Mimi Valroon. We're partners." This grand pronouncement explains everything, naturally...not.

Mimi Valroon blinks. "Uh, yes, I am. I came here with you, remember?" She then nods again. "I gathered from the amount of times you've shouted her name in the past minute, yes," she says with the lightest of smirks. She can tease, too. She then looks to Gemma and says, "Yes. The Indianan." She then glances at Fee a moment before shrugging and nodding. Business partners of a sort, yes. But Halberd's still her plane.

For an instant, doubt creeps in. What if this isn't Felicity after all? But Gemma can feel the strong emotions emanating from her, the magic enabling her to pick up on them, and with that she knows that this is finally truly her. With that realization, tears start to prick at her eyes as her lips stretch into a smile that threatens to split her face in two. "Of course you'd say that," she says, half laughing and half sobbing, gripping Felicity's forearms as if she will disappear were she to let go. But then, someone else arrives, introductions are made and Gemma's smile falters and becomes somewhat strained. What? "How do you do," she finally says after a few seconds. In all of the scenarios that have played in her mind for the past few years, this is never what she imagined would happen and suddenly, she wants to kick herself with very pointy boots. Here she's been looking for her friend for ages and when they finally reunite she discovers that she is doing just fine, perfect in fact, seemingly even better than she ever has and suddenly Gemma feels completely irrelevant. In the span of a few minutes, she went from having a mission to wondering why she is even here, standing awkwardly in front of Felicity and this Mimi Valroon. Nice to know Fee has been talking about her at least and hasn't forgotten her old friends?

Felicity laughs at Mimi's joke, and to Gemma says, "She's always like that - odd duck, but perfectly enchanting in her own way." Is that sarcasm? It's hard to tell but Felicity does seem to genuinely enjoy Mimi's company for reasons outside of her thirst for adventure and Mimi's ability to quench that thirst. Of course, Felicity is off and rambling. Now that Gemma is here, there's quite a lot of ground to cover. She's got her friend by the arm, in that way that she typically does when she's cozying up. "I've ever so much to tell you! Mimi is teaching me to fly, can you believe it? You should see her plane! Oh Mimi, you simply -must- take her up for a ride! It's positively thrilling! I had gooseflesh - and the VIEW! It's breathtaking, I tell you. But how long have you been here? However did you arrive? Did you make the door of light? OH! Just wait until you see what I found here? Mimi and I, we were shopping and - just over there, there's a shop and.....Oh, I say. Gemma, are you quite alright? You seem a bit peaked."

Mimi Valroon takes a moment to respond. "How do I- OH! I'm well, I suppose. I've not been here that long, but I'm managed to land on my feet, so to speak." She gives barely a glance in Felicity's direction at being called an 'odd duck'. She starts to say something in response to flying, but she can't seem to get more than a half-syllable out before Fee is already going again. Finally she gets her opening, and sounds exasperated as she says, "Well, honestly, you needn't have asked, Felicity. Of course I would take up a friend of yours! Just, uh, one of you will have to ride in the guns..." She'd comment about how Fee isn't letting Gem get a word in edgewise... but that would just interrupt Gem further, wouldn't it?

"Yes, I'm quite all right, thank you," Gemma answers a bit stiffly, but knowing Felicity isn't about to let her off the hook that easily, she adds, "I'm only rather exhausted and famished." It isn't a complete lie either for she is. It's only that there are other things getting under her skin as well, and in some ways she is just as annoyed at her own feelings on the matter. Shouldn't she be glad that Fee is good, happy, that she hasn't been suffering in some horrible conditions since her disappearance? Of course she is glad! But there is also a part of her that wonders if this wasn't a fool's errand after all, if she didn't throw away years of her life for nothing. It isn't like Felicity seems to need her judging by what she sees here.

Felicity levels a probing look on her friend who is, naturally, behaving in such a manner that only proves that she is probably not being entirely honest. As irritating as this is, it's also a marker of how perfectly Gemma Doyle, Gemma Doyle is being right now. Her gaze lingers a moment or two longer than is necessary - just to let Gemma know that she absolutely is aware of her nonsense and won't have it...but it will have to be dealt with later. There are too many other things that are infinitely more important. She'll get it out of her friend sooner or later. Instead, Felicity loops an arm through Gemmas, in a gesture that Mimi is surely all-too familiar with by now. "Oh, Heaven forbid. It wouldn't do for our new friend to bear witness to how insufferably moody you become when wanting for a meal." She raises her brows meaningfully at Mimi - aka, their new friend. "Very well! We shall see to it that you acquire sustenance and then you can tell us ALL your news! Come on!" Whether Gemma's legs are moving or not, Felicity is already pulling her in the direction of the mall.

Mimi Valroon glances back and forth between the two somewhat awkwardly as Fee gives Gem that probing look. In the end, though, she nods cheerfully. "Yes, the famished part is pretty easy to fix, isn't it?" she says in more or less agreement with Fee. She's practically being dragged now, as well. Both of Fee's arms are taken... was this on purpose to keep Mimi carrying her bags? Mimi certainly has her suspicions...

Felicity's strong pull may get Gemma moving, but it isn't without offering any resistance. "But Fee," she whines, "I can't eat here, I?" She lowers her voice and continues. "I haven't got any money? I'd rather not have to fool anyone else, if you catch my meaning. That isn't right."

Felicity looks at Gemma as if she's grown a second head. She huffs with just a hint of exasperation. She doesn't like resistance, to be sure. "What on earth are you talking about?" It takes a moment but then she does catch Gemma's meaning. The magic, of course. "Oh. You won't be needing to rely on -that- here now...tempting though it may be," she adds this last portion with a wicked little grin. "Oh, honestly Gemma! How do you suppose I've managed here for all these years? Mmmm? Do you take me for a pauper? And what about Mimi?" Felicity motions grandly to her friend. "Do you suppose she outfitted herself in the latest fashion? Who do you suppose was her benefactress." The answer will shock no one. "I'll tell you who, Gemma. ME. I am not about to let my dearest friend become insensible out here in the streets. And it if comes to it, Mimi and I will drag you by force." As if to demonstrate, she tightens her grip turning her jolly friendly gesture into a bone crushing sort of gesture. She gives Mimi a conspiratorial nod.

Mimi Valroon looks of course far more lost than Fee as to what Gemma is talking about. "Huh?" is all she manages to say in that regard, though at least she says it quietly enough to not really interrupt. Mimi then blushes slightly at the mention of Fee being her benefactress. "It was a ploy to get me to... hire her? Er... be hired by her? Become partners, as she mentioned," she finally decides on. Yeah, sure, that can't be taken the wrong way, can it? She then stage whispers to Gemma, "Just be careful if she offers to buy you clothes. She has some strange tastes." Afterall... there was... THAT outfit.

Dearest friend? That mention alone is enough to weaken Gemma's resolve and bring back on a slight smile despite the fact that experience has taught her owing Felicity can sometimes backfire. But the thought of food, especially what Felicity's notion of what food should be, along with the thought of sitting down and, hopefully, in a place that is less frantic than where they are at the moment sounds too inviting to pass despite her misgivings. "Oh all right, but I will pay you back, mark my word," she says, finally letting herself be maneuvered through the crowd without fighting. Mimi's remark does get her attention though and she turns to look at her with an incredulous look. "Oh?" A memory flashes in Gemma's mind, Felicity requesting to have a dress tailored so that the decolletage be much lower than proper. However, with the things she has seen since leaving their Victorian era, it isn't worth batting an eyelash over such things anymore and now she really wonders what it is that Mimi means by it. "What do you mean by it?"

Finally! Gemma can be as stubborn as a mule at times, but usually can be persuaded to come around. Felicity is pleased to see this is one of those times when she doesn't have to employ the proverbial 'big guns.' She eases a bit of the pressure on Gemma's arm, though not entirely. She's still got to goad her on her way. Mimi, on the other hand, is going to find herself on the receiving end of a death-glare. When Felicity looks to her friends for support, she does not expect for them to turn and bite the hand that feeds them. Money isn't a subject that is in very good taste to discuss, but Mimi's little dig requires a response. "Really? I certainly didn't hear you complain when we left the boutique with 5 bags each." To Gemma she adds, "There's gratitude for you!" No good deed goes unpunished..even the mutually beneficial kind.

Felicity heads towards the mall with the two ladies in tow!

Mimi Valroon might have given an actual answer to Gemma... if it weren't for that death glare. She almost shrinks back slightly at it, mostly at the fact that she misread Fee, apparently. "Um... nothing, nevermind. Kind of a... bad attempt at a joke." There's a slight pause, then she adds, "And it was part of the business deal, was it not? ...And you practically turned it into a challenge..."

Gemma feels a little sorry for Mimi having often been on the receiving end of Felicity's legendary glares or cutting remarks. "Oh, Fee, it isn't like I was blind to that fact. Even back in London you did sometimes have unusual tastes. Where are you leading us?" She asks, her hunger taunting her with mental images of meals possibilities.

Now she's done it. Gemma's peacemaking will not help this time. Felicity's fuse has been lit. "Mimi Valroon! I'll have none of this talk here and now. It is in very -poor- taste to discuss business so openly," Felicity sniffs, the tilt of her chin emphasizing just how far beneath her this subject matter is in front of Gemma."What will Gemma think of you? Now no more, you'll spoil her appetite." The truth is, she doesn't need Gemma to know that she had to buy herself a spot on Mimi's plane. That's not nearly as impressive as having earned the right to be there...which she certainly will given the chance. She just needed to secure that chance. Still, it's important for Gemma to know that she's been doing well for herself...so she can't have Mimi go spoiling that. Felicity pats Gemma's arm. "Forgive her, Gemma. She's a lovely girl really, in spite her woeful lack of manners." Her eyes slide pointedly to Mimi. "A bit of a tomboy, if you know what I mean. But she generally means well and is a crack pilot, just wait till you see." And just like that, the charm is back. This is spoken in that "confidential" tone which is not at all confidential and perfectly audible to Mimi, in spite of pretense. "Ah! Just this way." As the group travels through the mall - with all of it's many shops - the smell of food begins to waft towards them. It's that delicious blend of multi-cultural fast food that fills the air. NOT exactly Felicity's 5 star dining experiences but it will do in a pinch and might pass for 'quaint' enough to be fun.

Mimi Valroon is now quite sufficiently cowed. Really, had Fee brought the subject up without the shopping spree, Mimi probably would have given her a chance at it anyway... Great, now she's wondering if her spot on that couch might be about to be taken away. It's Fee's own stage whispering that gets her to finally not want to hide herself behind the bags she's carrying. Well, and the fact that she's likely still being dragged along with. "We can't all be born to British aristocracy," mumbles the girl from rural Indiana in regards to her mannerisms.

Turning to Mimi when Felicity is not looking, Gemma offers a pained expression of sympathy for her woes. It's a long way to fall indeed when Felicity is crossed with you, or has purely lost interest. "There is nothing to forgive, my appetite is alive and well, it shan't be spoiled so easily," she says. Not everyone should be British aristocracy of course, and Gemma's thoughts wander onto Ann and whether or not Felicity has forgotten about her. After all, she was their dear friend too, and far from being as privileged as they were. "Some of the most horrid people I have met were born from privilege," she feels compelled to add for Mimi's benefits after a few moments.

It seems the point has been made and Felicity is sufficiently content to let it rest there. She does actually care for Mimi, in spite of her sometimes being infuriatingly dense. Namely, never try to confess anything to her. Still, she is rather jolly company and has enjoyed the time they have spent together since her arrival. Felicity makes a sort of choking sound then groans out, "Looord and Lady Denby. Ugh! Even from here their airs and penchant for self-aggrandizement could weigh one down intolerably!" To Mimi she says, "No, you may count yourself rather fortunate to have grown up half-wild. It's rather what I like about you...mostly, anyway."

Mimi Valroon admits, "I wouldn't say I wasn't born into privilege... I was able to get ahold of Halberd, afterall... But it's pretty different on my side of the pond to yours, I reckon. And... Yeah, I've run into one of those types. Tried to set himself up as a god to some Pacific Islanders... long story." She shakes her head. "Um, but, yes... There's... a lot of selection for food here," she says, slightly overwhelmed herself.

Copying Mimi, Gemma looks around, her sense of smell assaulted by such variety that it Is hard to tell which is which or where it comes from. Some of the stalls are looking less than inviting so she will surely not be visiting those. "Say, do you suppose there is anything Indian?like?" She's feeling nostalgic for home, the one where she grew up, not the ones she's had to make her homes later.

Felicity makes a show of rolling her eyes, and to Mimi says, smiling naughtily, "Gemma has a taste for -all- things -Indian-. She's rather uncompromising in this regard." Of course, there most definitely is a kiosk with fresh Indian food. It's tucked away, slightly hidden behind one of the pillars supporting the second floor but it's there, the smell of curries and other spiced foods filling the air. Carelessly, Felicity gestures towards the kiosk, "There, with the funny little man." Midget, she means. A funny looking little man stands onto a stool, dishing out various delightful concoctions. Curry, Dosa, Butter Chicken, Malai Kofta, Matar Paneer...You name it! YOU do it, because Felicity could not begin to pronounce some of those monstrous creations. She dutifully goes along, though, purse at the ready. To Mimi, once again, she says as she gestures to the surrounding stalls, "You may have whatever you like. It shall be my treat....because I am very generously offering to help my friends." Oh, so, not put to rest at all. She smiles.

Mimi Valroon has managed to get herself stuck looking at a sign that says 'Freckle Bitch's'. She blinks and looks back to Fee and Gemma. "Huh? Wha? Indian. Yeah, sounds good. Haven't had any since I stopped in Jamnagar," she says somewhat distractedly. "Think they have any... what was it called again? Chat?" No, she can't pronounce it well, either. "Seriously, though... Freckle Bitch's?" Okay, she's saying what she's actually thinking out loud, now.

"Fee, you are terrible," Gemma chides at the comment on the matter of her tastes. As they get closer to the stall, the smell of Indian food grows stronger, making the others disappear inch by inch. Yes, that is precisely what's wanting and a genuine smile spreads on her lips as she walks to the man and requests one of the specials that includes a few different dishes so that she doesn't have to spend more energy on decision. As she waits for her meal, she catches Mimi's remark and, following her line of sight, notices the sign as well. Her cheeks turn pink at the realization that this barely clothed woman offering a a sandwich rather suggestively shares her complexion and fiery hair and that's even without considering the offensive denomination.

Felicity, at first, takes Mimi for stark raving mad. "Freckle - what?!" She sputters, though it quickly dissolves into a laugh. Like Gemma, she follows her line of sight and finds herself gazing upon a rather provocative sign - scantily clad woman in a needlessly alluring pose while brandishing an oversized hamburger. Is this really a legitimate business establishment? "Dear me!" Of course, she's laughing rather hard now, holding her stomach. Reading the menu has not bestowed any more legitimacy to the place. "Chicken...Ba-Bazooms!?" It's so much, she has to support herself on a table to let the waves of laughter subside. "Oh, how bloody marvelous. Yes! Yes, I shall offer my patronage to the Freckle B-" she can scarcely say it. "Bitch." She's not joking. OR else, even if she is she does actually mean to make good on this pronouncement for there she goes, leaving Gemma and Mimi with a handful of bills to take care of their own orders.

Mimi Valroon expressed an interest in and familiarity with Indian food as well... does that make her the expert Gemma is? Hardly! She merely passed through the area over the course of a few days! So when Gemma makes her order, Mimi is temporarily paying attention again and actually follows her lead. It sounds like Gemma has a much stronger affinity to the food, after all! She does looks surprised that Fee is heading to the somewhat offensively named option, but then looks to Gemma to ask, "Uh... should we be shocked that she's going there, or is this pretty much in line with the Felicity you know?"

Gemma lets out a long sigh then says, "I wish I could say it isn't but yes, she does so love to perturb people. It is one of her greatest joys to be more outrageous than she needs be only to get a reaction, or to aggravate someone she has a grudge against." By now, she has seen it happen often enough to know this but this particular case is getting under her skin. Of course Fee would find it amusing for she herself bears no resemblance to that food selling strumpet!

Felicity is, herself, rather occupied with the purchase of her own dinner at this time. She stands in the surprisingly long line, perusing whatever other outrageously named dishes they offer, giggling to herself like the teenage girl she was long before coming here. Some things just never change. She turns to mouth something to the pair and gestures...something...lengthy? Whatever it is surely is crude. She's going to be a while though. Good that Mimi and Gem have each other for company.

Mimi Valroon watches Fee a moment before nodding to Gemma. "Yeah. She owns a chainmail bra now. I mean, it doesn't look like it offers any support, but that's clearly not why she bought it." Mimi is still not very familiar with the concept of a bikini. She thinks maybe she heard the word flying through the Marshal islands? She then blinks again at Fee's hand motions. "I think she's getting a hot dog?" she says far too innocently. She just gives Fee a thumbs up before looking back to Gemma again. "You sounded way more familiar with Indian food than I am... I only flew through over a few days. You've spent a lot more time there, I take it?"

Turning her attention to Mimi, Gemma nods. "Yes, I was born there and lived there up until I turned 16. After that, my father and I moved back to London, and then I attended the Spence Academy where I met Felicity. I know India the way I experienced it though. The English there are privileged there where and when we are from, I'm sure you'll have noticed befriending Felicity, so I cannot boast to really know what it is like for Indians who live there. I can only tell you that despite my wishing to leave for England in the last few years I was in India, I felt more miserable than ever once I got my wish and only wished to return home."

Mimi Valroon listens in as they get to the front of their line. She's intending to just duplicate Gemma's order when its her turn. Fee's old friend likely is going to order the most nostalgic and thus the most authentic and tasty, right? Well, she'll try something new at any rate. "Ha! So you're from India and I'm from Indiana. We're practically from the same place!" she jokes. "Spence Academy... Sounds like it must have been some place if you met Felicity there. And the whole... Realms thing." Yes, Fee's told her about the Realms.

"Spence is a finishing school for young ladies. I am hoping its purpose has started to change since I left, but while we were attending it was meant to teach us how to become proper ladies, wives and mothers deemed worthy of the great British Empire. It is rubbish if you ask me. We were not supposed to learn how to think, only to behave and learn how to be proper and pleasing. Some of us were very happy to follow society's expectations and would not have wanted anything different if it had been offered to them, but Fee and I could not bear that cross." Gemma turns as her plate is offered to her and she puts in on one of the platters along with utensils.

Mimi Valroon wrinkles her nose. Well, no wonder Fee never talked about the place. "Sounds pointless. I mean... going to school for that kind of thing? If you don't pick that up from your mother just... you know, living, then something went wrong." Her own tray is taken now as well. "Well, I don't know if you'd be happy to know or be distraught that jolly old England almost got taken over by the Germans in The War. It took her old colonies to get her out of that pickle!" And from the look of smugness, yes, she's talking about the United States. Damn Yank, as Fee might say.

"Well, mothers aren't there to teach most of us, really. The upper class relies on nannies, maids and the likes while parents parade around for appearances and maintain their status. However, most families have their dark secrets and God forbid if they get out. Scandal is a death worse than any others for many. I benefited from a slightly different upbringing, but my family was far from being an example of what is proper. Do not misinterpret me though, I still do not wish people to suffer even when they vex me so and am sad to learn that there was war. Where should we sit? Should we wait for Felicity?"

Mimi Valroon grimaces at the description of those upper class families. She's glad she wasn't raised that way. "Oh, uh... well, I think she'll be able to find us." Just look for the redhead sitting next to the blonde that has goggles on her forehead. They're a hard pair to miss. "The line looked longer at the place she was going to." Nope, not mentioning its name. "I am glad I didn't have to worry about that kind of stuff... but I'm betting the two of you almost see me as a yokel..."

Finally Felicity has worked her way to the front of the line and comes away with her tray of food, still piping hot. The devil of the grin she wears shows her amusement. She cuts a swath through the tables and booths, having found her choice spot just a little ways away from the crowd and next to some decorative plants. Spying her friends from across the way, she waves her hand, "Over here!" She calls - which, technically is appalling manners but ask her if she cares right now! Just do it.

"Nonsense," Gemma says and at as she does so, she spots Felicity and cringes slightly at her call. "I suppose she found us a table after all." As they make their way to where Felicity sits, she continues. "Just because you have learned manners does not mean you act like a human being. When you are more worried about status and appearances, you cannot make time for the things that truly matters. I envy the freedom and care you seem to have enjoyed in your upbringing."

Mimi Valroon offers a quick grin again as they make it to where Fee has declared they shall dine. "Well, admittedly I showed a bit more 'freedom' than my mother would have cared for me to have." She takes a seat and says, "Though Grandma was watching me, sooooo... I wasn't in any real danger, right?" She laughs at that for some reason.

Felicity is just waiting to pounce on her friends, alive with her newest discovery. She holds up what looks like a strip of deep-fried chicken. "Behold! Ladies, I give you the Freckle Bitche's house special- Chicken Bazooms...Double D!" She holds the chicken tender aloft, as if it were the philosopher's stone and gazes on it so solemnly that you'd almost take her seriously....almost. She tears into it with a vicious bite. "Mmm," she says through a mouthful. "Delicious!" She waggles her brows at the pair. "You simply MUST have a look at their menu sometime. Do you know, they actually have a beverage called..." here come the giggles again "the slippery nipple!" She could not be more pleased by this discovery. Honestly, she couldn't.

At this, Gemma's cheeks take on a little more color than they are used to. "How charming," she says, taking place in front of Felicity, not quite sure where her place should be nowadays. She's been mostly on her own for a while now, and so this is where she tends to relegate herself by force of habit even now. She lowers slightly toward her plate and inhales the fragrance coming from it. A slight smile graces her lips as the familiar spices bring her comfort.

Mimi Valroon blinks twice. "Chicken Ba-" She blinks twice, then blushes ever so slightly. "I... shouldn't be too surprised, I suppose." She takes... the most convenient seat, not paying attention to what it might mean to any social standings. "I'm going to guess this 'slippery nipple' involves milk?" There's a pause, and she ponders, "...What makes it 'slippery'?"

Felicity gives Mimi what can only be described as a predatory look, a lascivious grin slithering its way across her lips, "Why don't you find out?" She cuts a meaningful glance to Gemma. She dips her chicken daintily in the small tub of sauce that comes with the chicken-- a sauce whose's name inspires very little confidence boasting the grand title of 'special sauce.' It doesn't taste that special, really. Honey mustard, maybe? Perhaps a dash of ginger? Who knows. It's perfectly edible, though. "Gemma," she says suddenly, "now that you're here you'll have to come along with us on our rides. Perhaps, Mimi will let you tag along for a few of our missions, mm?" She volleys this question to Mimi now.

"Flying, you mean? Oh dear?" The only time Gemma flew was after one of their excursions in The Realms and they did so in the skies of London, but it is one thing to do that using magic and another entirely to be shaken around by a machine. Already not being very good with ships, she wonders just how well she would fare in plane. Well, nothing is set in stone yet. Her mission was to find Felicity and now that she has, it has moved on to enjoy a good meal and she digs right in, and rather unceremoniously at that.

Mimi Valroon shakes her head. "I'm adventurous, but not that adventurous." At Felicity's suggestion to Gemma, however, she nods. "I mean, it wouldn't hurt to have two people able to read the radar. And the heavens only know what we're going to actually find out there... we may need the extra help." She then frowns. "...Well, it's a good thing I didn't start putting in those bunks yet... We might need three?" Gemma's expression is one she recognizes, though. A sort of fear. "Uhhhh.... do you get seasick?" she asks, dreading the answer.

Felicity rolls right over Gemma's answer, "Of course not. Do you forget you are speaking to the great Gemma Doyle? The savior of the Realms and mistress of magic?" She shakes her head, "She wouldn't let a little thing like motion sickness impede our progress." There's a dare in that comment. Gemma wouldn't let it happen because that would make her a drag. But it's entirely possible that Felicity -also- has this much confidence in her friend. "Oh but you should have seen it, Gemma!" Felicity's eyes go wide, recalling the incident. "Mimi's arrival on this world -- Well, she certainly knows how to make an entrance." At this, she recounts the manner in which the two came to be acquainted...how Mimi's plane swooped in and landed dead center of a pristine park. "And in broad daylight! Hah! You should have seen those families scatter, grandmothers clutching at their bosoms, infants shrieking in tears. They all changed their tune once they saw how perfectly she landed the thing. I tell you, not a blade of grass was upturned. She's quite good, our Mimi." A compliment! Remarkable!

Gemma's eyebows are high as she listens to the recollection. "Impressive," she says finally, though given the situation it still sounds like an understatement. Scary too, but she will not say so. Felicity's dare is fresh and pricks at her pride just the right amount and so she looks at Mimi to answer her previous question. "I've gotten seasick, yes, but that has not stopped me from doing what must be done." With that, she shoots a defiant glance at Felicity, her reward for goading her so.

"It was the best landing spot I could find!" says Mimi indignantly. "I picked out a spot that didn't have anyone actually picnicking there! ...Propeller blades are not something to be taken lightly, afterall." Well, she's admitting it's possible someone could have potentially gotten hurt. "And I've been flying since I was six. Of course I'm good." The grin she's wearing falters ever so slightly at the mention of Gemma having gotten seasick. "...Well, you can get used to it."

Felicity waves the concern - and Gemma's look- off as if it were no more than a bit of dust in the air, "That was so long ago. I'm certain she's got the knack of it now. Besides, it's quite different from being on the sea. Not at all the same." She would know, she's done both. "I say, why don't we have a look the old bird when we've finished here? It's been several days and I'm dying to get back the cockpit. Then Gemma could have a look around and you could give her a little taste of what is to come. Better now than when we are actually on a mission." She takes another healthy bite of chicken and then waves it in their faces and offers tauntingly "Would either of you fine ladies care to sample my bazooms? Mmmmm?"

"I should think not. I have a perfectly good meal right in front of me. But Fee, must we get to flying right away? I'm not feeling up for traveling just now." Indeed, at this moment Gemma is more of the feeling that she's done enough traveling for a lifetime and would like to rest, to sleep, maybe for a year. Yes, that sounds appealing? Maybe Felicity and Mimi can go on an adventure while she does just that, there's an idea.

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment, then looks at Fee. "Yes, she has just gotten here, more or less, right? Depending on her circumstances, she might want to get a solid night's rest in a real bed... or the couch." She says this last bit with a slight frown. That's been where she was sleeping. On the other hand, Mimi suspects she's more used to rougher conditions. "Though I wouldn't mind showing Halberd off." As far as sampling the bazooms are concerned... She actually does grab one to take a bite. "Hrm. Honestly, not that different from some others I've had. Other than the size."

Felicity really wants to say something naughty. Everything steers her towards that course. "Ah! We have a connoisseur in our midst." She gives a dramatic little dip of her head as if to show respect. "You shall have to mentor me on such affairs." She is definitely not talking about chicken but she knows very well that Mimi won't have a clue just what she means anyway. "Oh Gem, don't be that way," she says and there's almost a pleading in her exasperated little whinge. "You won't have to do a thing. Simply take in the view! Surely you haven't come all this way to brood. It's been AGES since we've been together and I am anxious for us to have bit of fun!"

"You don't need me to have fun," Gemma says more sourly than necessary. "It's been ages since I haven't had a chance to stop and rest, I'm exhausted and unless you want to finish me off, I'd suggest you allow me a few days before prompting any form of excitement upon me." Leaning her head on her hand, she drops her eyes to her food and stares at it as if it were taunting her as well, playing with it with her fork, torn between the fact that she is still hungry and not feeling like eating anymore.

Mimi Valroon opens her mouth as if to speak, but then the two far longer termed friends start practically arguing over what to do next... And she goes instead to simply eat her food. She now considers herself to be the outsider here more, and doesn't feel like it's her place to really have any input... especially when she doesn't know Gemma hardly at all. Is she prone to this kind of exaggeration and is fine? Or is Fee trying to goad her further than the redhead is actually ready for at the moment? Mimi can't really be sure.

This little outburst of Gemma's leaves has the effect of rubbing Felicity very much the wrong way. Genuinely excited to see her friend and eager to show her the wonders of her world, she finds instead that Gemma has arrived in a surly and disagreeable mood. A moment or two pass, and you can just see her weighing the situation in her mind, choosing which course feels most appropriate. Alas, her feelings are actually hurt. She straightens, "Quite right." She says, suddenly throwing her napkin into the center of the table with a snap. "I don't need you." She rises imperiously from her chair, staring daggers at the top of Gemma's head. "You may see to your own welcome. Mimi and I will attend to our affairs." She looks to Mimi - her cue that she should follow. "So lovely to see you again, Gemma." She says, sounding very much like she'd like to smash her tray over the girl's head.

Gemma should be feeling no surprise at all at this turn of event and yet? Felicity's comment hits her bullseye in her greatest weakness and the hurt she feels makes her shout after her, "Yes, always a pleasure!" In turn, she gets up as well and walks away briskly in the opposite direction without even bidding Mimi goodbye. Her eyes sting with tears and she's certain that she will not have the strength to keep them in if she were to utter another word. She has to go back. Back to her room and then she will search for the door again, and once she finds it, she will go home because she is obviously not needed here? Maybe not even anywhere, but that's a matter she will have to ponder on another day.

Mimi Valroon just blinks and looks back and forth between the two. Perhaps it's a moment too late, but Mimi just... snaps. "Felicity Worthington! Gemma Doyle! SIT DOWN!" If she knew middle names, she'd have used them. "Felicity! Your friend has been looking for you for I don't even know how many years by the sound of it, and you're just dismissing her that quickly?! Let the woman rest a day or two and get her bearings straight! And Gemma! Are you really going to just walk away like that after having looked for her for that long?!" Mimi looks outright... pissed. At both of them. Well, mostly at Fee.

Felicity just stares after Gemma, a silent storm brewing there inside. Yes, she's hurt now and she's certainly not going to beg for her to come back...but at the same time, she knows her friend well enough to know something is amiss with her. Well, that's not HER fault, is it? She is just about to turn to Mimi to say "Let her go. She?" But Mimi stuns her into silence. Of all the unexpected things she has encountered today, this is likely the most surprising. It has the effect of a bucket of cold water. Her mouth hangs open in utter astonishment. When she finally regains her composure enough to speak, she says, "Mimi! See here?!" But she's having none of it, apparently. Now she's calling Gemma back to the table and scolding them both. "Don't do that!" She hisses in a whisper. "We aren't children!" She protests, but her cheeks have grown pink and...she hasn't exactly gone anywhere either. Seems Mimi has managed to stall her after all.

People are starting to turn and look in their direction, at Mimi, and her, and most likely Felicity as well. The outburst has definitely caught their attention and some even stare with their mouth open, fork hanging nearby. Gemma is starting to feel like a carnival attraction displayed for everyone to see the strange and beastly things Mother Nature can do and it does nothing to soothe her ache to get as far of this place as possible. Despite that though, Mimi's words do reach her and she stops though cannot bear to turn and face them just yet. How can she do that now when she wishes she could disappear from view? If Felicity even going to listen and turn back, does she care enough to do so? And more importantly, does Gemma even want to look and find out for what if she turns and Fee hasn't? And what if she does but Gemma doesn't? Now that is something she knows she could not bear and so with balled fists and clenched jaw, she braces herself and turns her head just enough to glance behind. Doing so, her gaze meets Felicity's and the look of plain hurt on Gemma's face along with her glassy eyes betray that whatever she feels right now runs so much deeper than petulance or anger.

Mimi Valroon gives Felicity a GLARE. "Then don't act like one. Gemma is already emotionally overwhelmed and you're forcing far too much onto her for having just gotten here!" She lets out a quite audible huff of air as she stands up. She clearly doesn't care about all the eyes on her. "Is this really how you want the meeting up with your old friend to end?" Yes, she's focusing far more on Felicity... but she knows her far better than she knows Gemma. And she's also kinda more blaming Fee for this than Gem, anyway. She looks to Gemma with a look that's better described as apologetic... but she doesn't really think Gemma is even paying attention to her expression.

Felicity may never shy away from a crowd but this sort of attention isn't the type she particularly enjoys. This is what is called a 'scandal' in their time and in spite of the fact that Mabase is a different time and place, the stigma of such things is properly ingrained into her noble English blood. It's a question of character. In any case, she is not particularly enjoying chastisement at the hands of her friend. "Forcing her!" Felicity protests. "Mimi Valroon, " she says, her own voice still a low hiss, though it's more defensive than usual. Mimi's got her on her back heel now. "I can't say what's gotten into you but I don't appreciate your tone. You'd do well to mind it." It's about this time that Gemma turns back to eye the pair. Felicity meets her eyes, with her own steely gaze. She straightens her back, and folds her arms over her chest. She's clearly waiting for Gemma to come back. As a show of good faith - if one could call it such a thing - Felicity drops unceremoniously into a chair and turns her eyes towards the ceiling...looking every bit the petulant child she just said she wasn't. For those who know her, though, the message is clear - She's cooperating.

There is nothing inviting about the scene Gemma is witnessing right now, especially the glaring Felicity has to offer, but she's not leaving anymore and for her that is far more yielding than the old Fee would have allowed. After another second of hesitation, Gemma takes a deep breath and finally makes her way back though she looks at her feet to avoid meeting the gaze of any onlookers and even more because she feels unable to looks at Felicity or Mimi in the eyes given how deeply she is wounded. It feels like making her way to her own execution and the walk is over much too soon. Taking her seat again, she sits still as a stone, hands folded on her lap and looking at the table in silence.

Mimi Valroon looks between the two and lets out a sigh of relief. She does NOT want to see these two old friends just... end everything like that. But she's already more or less exhausted what she can do. She really hopes she's not making things worse. Her tone of voice is no longer harsh, instead trying to be soothing... not something Mimi is used to doing, admittedly. "Guys... please. I've heard so much from Felicity how fond she is of her old friends. I saw the look in your eyes, Gemma, when you first realized it was Felicity calling you. I... I can't stand the thought of it just... of you just... Of that just being it." Oh, crap, she's crying now. Why is Mimi the one crying?! She resists the urge to lower her goggles to cover her eyes.

Now settled at the table, Felicity, Gemma, and Mimi get to enjoy a few moments of awkward silence. The tension has unwound just a bit, but the dust still hangs in the air. Felicity rolls her shoulders back and levels her gaze on Gemma. The ice is gone from it, replaced by a more perplexed and probing look. Something is eating at her friend, she can see it fairly plainly. It's Mimi who speaks again, though, and her gaze flicks to her new friend with mingling resentment and respect. She had no idea the old girl had it in her. Then she starts crying. Felicity mutters, completely astounded,"Mimi, What on earth are you crying for? Dear God." She reaches into her pockets, pulling out a handkerchief. "Whatever did they put in that Indian food? I must be laced with something. Here. Don't cry." Her tone now is surprisingly conciliatory as she leans closer to offer the pristine cloth to Mimi. She eyes Gemma from the corner of her eyes and then turns to face her squarely. "Well-" But she seemingly can think of nothing else to say. It's a start, one supposes.

What Mimi says brings some comfort to Gemma and she raises her eyes to look at her. What she says next is true, and Gemma feels like she's going to cry at how close she came to run away and never turn back but then something surprising happens and it is instead Mimi who starts crying. Gemma's eyes widen and she can't stop herself from glancing at Felicity with a look of puzzlement that screams what now? But it seems Felicity has things well in hands and takes care of this new development. When she turns back to her though, it is not with the care she has just shown herself capable of, but her lack of words does indicate that something has shifted, at least. However, Gemma is not feeling very eloquent either, not even sure where to start. "Well -" She says in turn, then despite herself the left corner of her lips lifts up halfway. This is all so foolish, maybe she really should sleep for a week before attempting to interact with another human being.

Mimi Valroon grits her teeth and says, "I don't *know*," in response to the question of her crying. She pushes the handkerchief away, though, and points instead to Gemma. Attention on Gemma, not Mimi! She's rubbing at her eyes with a sleeve instead... good thing she doesn't typically wear makeup unless it's a special occasion. "How drained can you feel when leaving the Realms?" she ventures forth as a theory for why Gemma might be so tired seeming. Felicity spies the little twitch in Gemma's mouth and finds it's contagious. Her own lips twitch ever so slightly. The situation has been so needlessly dramatic, honestly. Suddenly, the absurdity of it all begins to sink in...punctuated by Mimi's sniffles in the background. The half smile inches its way into a full-on smile and suddenly Felicity snorts out a laugh, "Oh but you are trying, Gemma Doyle!" Felicity reaches for Gemma's hands, taking them in her own, her grip strong and sure. She gives them a little reassuring squeeze. "I've decided not to do you in, not just yet." This little jab is a throwback to the comment that started it all. It's a way to let Gemma know that her own feelings might have been hurt in this, but that she's willing to overlook it this time.

Gemma's own smile grows in answer to Felicity's and she grips her hands back tightly, eyes stinging anew. "Thank you, I appreciate it." And just like that, it's her turn to cry. She pulls her hands back to hide her face and her voice echoes from behind them as she says through her silent sobs, "Sorry.. It's.. Sorry.. It's not The Realms, or the magic.. I'm just.."

Mimi Valroon sees that everything is now back on track the way it should be... and now she looks absolutely exhausted. She slides her tray to the side and promptly drops her head onto the table. "Just tired," she says.

Felicity is the only one left not shedding any tears here. Between Gemma and Mimi, this entire table is going to be awash in salty tears. To her credit, Felicity moves from her spot, sliding over to sit next to Gemma and slips an arm around her shoulders, head bent low and making soft "Shhh" sounds. As Mini rejected it, she offers the handkerchief to Gemma instead. She gently strokes her hair, quipping after a time, "I shall be forced to carry an entire battalion of handkerchiefs after this. I'll stuff them up my sleeves like a street magician."

Gemma leans into Felicity as the tears keep coming. She snorts ungracefully at Fee's comment and eventually her sobs become fewer until the last one shakes her and she can finally breathe normally. It's been such a long time now that she hasn't been around someone close to her, hasn't gotten this kind of treatment or affection, and her tears might have been as much over that as they are over their fight and her own exhaustion. She doesn't move from the embrace or even lifts her head to look at Felicity when she finally says with a voice thick with the aftermath of tears, "I've missed you, Fee, and I've been so worried about you. That's why I could not stop looking.. I haven't been home in three years, I've been on my own all this time. Sure, I've met people here and there, but I never stuck around long enough and I was never sure who I could trust.."

Mimi Valroon lifts her head up from the table again. "And then you found her, and I'm here," she says somewhat guiltily. "I... I'm sorry. I never factored into this moment in your mind, and..."

Felicity 's cheeks go pink again. Hearing such an honest confession has a somewhat humbling effect on her - somewhat, though it's also something she can understand. She hadn't thought about the possibility that Gemma may have been out there wandering aimlessly. She took it for granted that she'd simply gone home every night and slept in her own bed then resumed searching on her own time. She just hadn't thought about it. "That makes two of us, " she says, quietly, voice made huskier by it. "There is so much I need to tell you...but Gemma...." At this, she gently lifts her chin with with her fingers until Gemma's eyes meet hers. "I am so glad you are here....I've missed you too, my dear friend." And with that, she kisses Gemma sweetly on the cheek. There's a moment there, a pause, but what Mimi has said registers. "Don't be daft, Mimi," she says, though there is no bite to her tone. "You've nothing to be sorry for. You're just as lost as we've all been. It's why we must stick together." Suddenly Felicity is on her feet, gently pulling Gemma with her. "I think it's time we go home."

Gemma could cry all over again at the guilt that gnaws at her for having felt slighted that Felicity looked happy, and well surrounded. But before she can, Felicity has decided that they should all go and she is too drained to do anything but follow. Her thoughts wander to the place she has been 'renting' but that is something for the morrow as for now home sounds like just what she needs, and after all this time she doesn't feel like being alone again.

Mimi Valroon shovels the last of her food in before dragging herself back up to her feet. "We can always get our blades sharpened another day. But yes, at this point, collapsing onto the couch sounds... good."

Leaving the drama and the leftover chicken bazooms there in the trash bin of the mall - where those things all belong - the trio of girls makes way for "home," with the promise of stories and future mid-air adventures on the horizon. Adieu, Freckle Bitch.

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