2019-10-07 - Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 1

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Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 1

Summary: It's raining far too hard for the trio of Gemma Doyle, Felicity Worthington, and Mimi Valroon to go out and do stuff. So what to do...

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: October 7th, 2019
Where: Felicity's Apartment

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It is a night for torrential rains. The water and winds batter the windows of the apartment, bolts of lightning tearing across the sky, illuminating the collection of odds and ends that make up Mabase's cityscape - that jagged skyline. The effect is an eerie one, not entirely comforting even for those who enjoy such weather events. Of course, torrential rains mean that any fun to be had must be limited to what can be done indoors. Any plans of going out for the evening have now been sniped. Is it real rain? Is it a simulation? Who can say? IT's certainly real enough to soak one through to the bone and so, all hopes of going to the club tonight are down the drain. This leaves our trio of girls in the rather unfortunate position of being all dressed up with nowhere to go. That won't do. Felicity stares hard out of the window, hands on her hips as if she could command it away but, alas, no. "Bloody weather. Fine time for a storm."

Mimi Valroon is, herself, draped over half the couch. "There's nothing to be done. I'd not even go out flying in this kind of weather if I could at all avoid it. It'd have to catch me already in the air." Because of course she goes to flying. "We could always just turn in early, I suppose..."

"This isn't what you call turning in early, we haven't even had a chance to go out yet," Gemma says, not as bitter about it as Felicity but still disappointed. She rather liked the idea to partake in the modern nightlife, do what young people like them do for fun on Friday nights here, that sort of thing. Ah, but it will have to be for another time and Gemma is more resigned about it, though she feels if they do not find a way to make something out of the evening, Felicity's temper will follow them for a day or two, especially if the storm goes on all weekend. "Surely there is something we could do here? Do you have any games, Fee?"

Felicity harrumphs, turning to scoff in Mimi's general direction, "There is only one thing that could get me into bed this early and that is sadly off the table." She tears herself away from the window and saunters back towards her small living room, grumpily thoughtful as she does. Yes, they will not waste this night all because the weather has decided not to be a sport. "Yes, of course! Cards, and little blocks called Jenga?" all of which sound like exactly the very wholesome kind of fun she's not particularly excited to get herself into. Another idea floats into her mind and suddenly she's smiling like the devil himself. "But there -IS- something. However, it shall require a sacrament!" Gemma ought to catch her meaning and even if she doesn't, she is already barreling into the kitchen and raiding her cabinets for the ingredients for her magical elixir.

Mimi Valroon sighs and nods. "Okay, yeah, I suppose going with what I would have done when stranded probably is a bit of a meh idea..." She then nods with a light grin at Gemma. "I was kinda thinking board games, too!" She tilts her head at the mention of cards and something she's not heard of, but raises an eyebrow as Fee clearly has another idea. "Sacrament?" She blinks, then looks to Gemma as if for translation.

Gemma's stomach seems to shrink in protest for she knows exactly what Felicity means to do and after their first night reunited two weeks ago and their lack of restraint with alcohol, she isn't overly keen to repeat the experience. Oh well, when Felicity has an idea in mind, there is no talking her out of it, so it looks like Gemma will simply have to be more responsible towards her own limits. "Trouble.." She answers Mimi as if this explained it all.

"I heard that. I find your lack of faith disturbing, Gemma. " Felicity says, busily stirring a bit of cream. "Don't let her fool you, Mimi. I know all too well how she is weak to temptation." IIt isn't long before Felicity has thrown together the deadly concoction, a delectable looking and very tall milk-shake like confection which she delivers to the three girls on a tray held aloft as if it really -were- some sort of religious ritual playing out before them. Three cups, each with a coffee-colored milky liquid and a great deal of cream on top. She slides one to Gemma and one to Mimi, saying "Brandy Alexander at your service. She shall make fine company for our games- Oh, such games!"

Mimi Valroon says, "That was a given," to Gemma at a low tone. Oh, but she looks so innocent as Felicity returns! "Oooh. Mixed drinks for us tonight, Miss Worthington?" She doesn't drink much, but she's certainly not new to it, either. Certainly she's not flying anytime soon, so what's the harm tonight, right? ...Right? "And what games did you have in mind, Felicity?"

"I would very much like to know as well," Gemma says, taking her poison despite her misgivings but leaving it untouched for now. Whatever games Felicity might have, the expression she sports right now betrays that they are in for a lot more than cards and family games. "And if I am not mistaken, you were not too fond of the next morning last time so do not pretend you aren't weak to temptation as well, Felicity."

Felicity in answer, holds up her glass and gives it a little shake as if to say - see? I hide nothing. At any rate, she is seated quite comfortably on the rug under her shiny black coffee table. She waves for the girls to join her, "Come, gather around. We must have unity of spirit before we can proceed." It's ridiculous but, there it is. She's purposely being ridiculous. "Ladies, as the elements will not allow us our pleasures tonight, we shall make our own sport here. No, we shan't play cards or Jenga or anything of the sort. Put aside such childish notions and instead prepare yourselves for a truly unique bonding experience fit for our blossoming sisterhood ? the NEW Order! Sisters, I propose Truth or Dare."

Mimi Valroon says, "...Is that what you were doing that night I was out looking for some building supplies?" Mimi still comes down to the floor level, finally undraping herself from the couch. She accepts the concoction, though doesn't drink yet. There may be a toast or some other ritualistic... thing before she is supposed to drink. "...Truth or dare?" she says with a little trepidation. "I've heard tales, but not played myself before...""

Gemma frowns at the name and after Mimi suggest that they may have played it before, she says, "Not from what I can remember, though there is a gap in that evening.. I fear I've not heard of that game before and I fear even more to hear about what it implies. What are the rules?" She joins the other two on the floor without waiting for an answer anyway.

"Very simple. We each take turns calling on one another to make a choice - to answer with complete truth ANY question asked OR to perform a dare to be determined by player who has chosen you for their sacrifice." Felicity offers a full-fanged sort of grin, clearly relishing the 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' nature of the game. "Refusal to participate in either will result in a stiff penalty effective immediately. That shall also be decided at the time, though we shall leave -that- open to a group decision. If all are in agreement, we shall have a toast to seal our compact. Once the game has commenced, you are committed - NO backing out."

Mimi Valroon nods grimly. It's just as she feared. Were this with just Gemma, she wouldn't be so worried. But this is Felicity involved here. Well, Mimi doesn't have any secrets to hide, so she'll have to go with truths more than dares, she figures. There's a sigh of resignation, then she raises her glass.

To Be Continued

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