2019-10-08 - Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 2

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Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 2

Summary: Really, it was only a matter of time. Of course Fee makes that dare.

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: October 8th, 2019
Where: Felicity's Apartment

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Continuing where we left off...

Well, if Mimi is in then it will happen with or without Gemma's consent and it is pointless to fight it. Besides, she will absolutely not be the coward to opt out at this point and so she says, "You devil, where do I sign this contract?" With that, she mimics the others and lifts her glass, waiting for their leader to pronounce the end of the ritual and the beginning of the deadly game they are about to play.

Now that they have all taken their poison, the ritual has officially commenced. "Let the game begin," Felicity purrs, licking some extra cream off of her lips. As she is the master of ceremonies, she takes it upon herself to select her first victim. It would be easy enough to choose Mimi, as she is the "smaller prey" here but it is first important to lure her in with a false sense of security and so Felicity turns her attention to her old friend. "Gemma, " she coos. "As you so often enjoy taking on the role of de-facto leader, your rights of initiation shall be first. Truth or dare?" She cuts a sly glance to Mimi, making sure she is paying attention to how the game is played as they are modeling it so perfectly.

Boredom really can be the cause of horrible, horrible things. This is the only reason Mimi agreed to it... tales of horror abound from the legends of this game. Horrifying haircuts. Outright criminal activity. Undesireable guys called and asked on dates. Horribly deep, dark secrets revealed. She'll be paying attention here to how far Felicity goes with this.

"I wouldn't say I enjoy it.." Gemma grumbles as she thinks this through. This evening has the potential to take many turns, each anxiety inducing and with the promise of either relief, disaster or, even worse, complete humiliation. Choose wisely, Gem.. She doesn't feel especially daring at the moment and, since she's already told many things to Felicity that she hasn't told other souls, this option seems like the safer bet for now. "Truth," she says finally, hoping that she will not regret her choice.

Felicity smirks. "Very well. Describe your knickers." The question comes at rapid fire, Felicity obviously not having a precious moment to waste on deliberation.

Mimi Valroon blinks in surprise, honestly having expected much worse. Maybe this won't go so poorly as she thought it might? On the other hand... Really? Just a question about underwear?

Despite herself, Gemma's face turns the color of a chili pepper and feels just as hot. This could have been much worse, of course, but the Victorian in her knows how improper that is and revealing sort of information is definitely on the embarrassing side of things, especially given the ones she's sporting on at the moment. Felicity will never let her live it down but thinking of the possible penalty makes it worth suffering for a while. "White, with pink threads around the seams and a small pink bow on the front at the top." She takes a deep breath. "T-They also have little black hearts, stars, rainbows, bunnies and unicorns all over?" She finishes, burying her face in her hand, not even wanting to look at Felicity who has no doubt the shittiest of grins at this revelation. When she feels able to bear her shame publicly after a moment, she removes her hand and fixes Mimi. "Truth or dare?"

Felicity has the misfortune of being in the middle of taking a sip of her drink when the 'hearts, stars, rainbows, bunnies, and unicorns' are revealed. A mouth full of Brandy Alexander, Felicity's eyes go wide and her cheeks puff out as a loud SNORT escapes her and she must quickly cover her mouth with her hands lest she spew drink everywhere. There's a noise coming from her that very much sounds like choking but, it turns out is laughter - a fact that only becomes more obvious once the offending liquid has been swallowed down. "How precious!" She says, gleefully.

Mimi Valroon does her best not to laugh. Luckily she doesn't have a mouthful at the moment, so there's no threat of a spit-take, but a balled hand comes up to her mouth to block out the laugh, resulting in her cheeks blowing out for a second and a sound almost sneeze-like coming from her nose. The threat over, she parts her lips to cause the air audibly to leave. "Truth," she says.

The fact that even Mimi, whom she thought might have had the decency to spare her, clearly laughs despite poorly trying to hide it makes Gemma speak before even thinking about it. "Did you ever have a naughty dream about someone and if so you must spit out the details, all of it." Knowing full well that she's likely to regret it later, there is still something sweet about seeing Mimi's expression now. Gemma grins as if she were Felicity herself.

Felicity grins like the cat that's caught the canary. She shoots Gemma a look of grand approval, "Ohhh, well done Gemma." Felicity makes a show of making herself comfortable, leaning on her coffee table with her elbows propped up and her chin resting daintily on her hands, head tilting slightly, "Remember you are sworn to truth. Spare no details - or else!" How they are to know she is withholding is beyond anyone, truly. At best, Felicity will pounce on any suspicion that something juicy is being kept from her.

Mimi Valroon lets out a sigh and hangs her head. Dreams? Great. She's someone that sleeps so soundly that she almost never remembers them. "None I can remember," she says, then looks up, directly into actually first Felicity's eyes rather than Gemma's, but Gemma does ger her turn as well. "I rarely remember my dreams. They just kind of... flit out of my head before I know it. I... think I did once? But I only have a vague sense."

"Pffffff, that is so boring.." Gemma says, suddenly slouching in the most unladylike fashion. Her vengeance has been shot to dust and she's feeling sour about it. "Ugh, maybe I am simply jealous. Sometimes I wish I did not remember my dreams, they've often been a bother, or a reason for me to stay awake. Well out with it then, if you've nothing more to say on the subject it is your turn."

Felicity makes a face, "That will not do. That is not an answer, Mimi, and I rule against it. Therefore, you have earned yourself the first penalty of the game. Pity it's come so soon." Felicity hrms, stroking her chin thoughtfully. "Better make it a good one. Mimi, as punishment you must lose an article of clothing. Take off your shirt."

Mimi Valroon shrugs to Gemma, apologetic for not having hardly anything to remember... but then winces at Fee. "Oh, come on! I can't help it if I don't remember my dreams!" She grumbles as she starts unbuttoning her shirt. No, it's no striptease, Fee, it's all just getting the thing off. And of course, underneath is a rather plain cotton bra, nothing to get excited about there, either. How dull is this girl when it doesn't come to flying? "All right, Felicity, I suppose I should ask you the truth or dare question now, shouldn't I?"

Gemma would protest Felicity's punishment if she didn't feel so dissatisfied with the turn of events herself. Instead, she leans back on her elbows, letting Mimi suffer her own form of embarrassment as she eagerly waits for the trials Felicity shall face. She only hopes that Mimi has more imagination when it comes to truth or dare than she does about her dreams.

Felicity sighs, a vaguely pained look crossing her face as she brushes her long bangs aside from her face. "Dear me. Between the two of you, I fear I've wandered into a convent. I can see our next outing will have to be Lady Victoria's Chamber so that you may BOTH be outfitted more properly. Preferably something that is not drab cotton or includes fanciful - " and here she begins to laugh anew - "unicorns. Oh honestly!" She allows herself another round of laughter before settling in and facing the firing squad like the proud woman she is. She lifts her chin, shoulders squared and says, what her friends probably already suspect she would, "Dare."

Mimi Valroon puffs her cheeks out indignantly. She then glances at Fee, then says, "Don't you have chainmail? Go put that on."

Gemma makes a face. As she remembers from back in the days, Felicity was more than happy to be outfitted with such garments. "That doesn't really sound like punishment to me as far as she's concerned," she says, her cheeks still hot from the latest assault Felicity has made towards her undergarments. With that, she takes a sip of her drink, her expression somewhere between bored and frustrated.

Felicity blinks, truly incredulous, "Is that your dare? Why, I should have your pants for that, Mimi! But--" She rises oh-so-dramatically and nods once. "As you wish." Felicity sashays off to her bedroom. There she will undergo the necessary transformations. Always one to go above and beyond, the figure that emerges from the bedroom after the span of about 5 minutes is a rather striking one - in the most ridiculous way, naturally. Oh yes, Felicity has donned her tiny "chainmail" bikini. That in itself is rather eye-catching, what with the way it showcases her ample bosom. However, the strappy leather boots, valkyrie crown, and sword are utterly unnecessary. Theres only one item missing from this ensemble - her own pants. Felicity has returned wearing her all of this with only a pair of satin and lace magenta panties. She holds her sword aloft, "Behold! Look upon my visage and tremble in wonder and awe!" It's...quite a look.

Mimi Valroon blinks in confusion. "Have my... pants?" Are bad questions and dares also punishable? Mimi never should have agreed to this. When Felicity is gone, Mimi looks to Gemma and says, "It's... not exactly full chainmail." Fee's timing upon return is absolutely impeccable, however, as the current look fully does get a spit-take.

This new development is definitely not boring, more like shocking enough to widen Gemma's eyes the size of saucers. Her mouth opens for form a rather large O before she remembers herself and straightens up though once more it seems that the color has found her cheeks. "You always have to overdo it," she says, shaking her head though it is really her own embarrassment that she is trying to shake away. What has the modern world done to her dear friend? Probably nothing that wasn't already in her.. "Do not blame anyone other than yourself if you end up having to lose an article of clothing as you have little to choose from now." Maybe she is also a little jealous of Felicity's comfort with displaying her body this way, and wearing even the most ridiculous outfit with utmost elegance.. That and having knickers that are not going to be talked about for years, at least not in a shameful way.

Felicity is all honor, glory and...a great deal of skin - ah, such a powerful pose. That is, until Mimi spews. "Oh! Mimi! Mind the carpets! " She scolds, shaking her head and having the audacity to conduct herself as if she is the one with any sense of decorum. Napkins are needed, naturally. It's her mess to clean, after all. "For your treachery, you shall pay! Now you really SHALL lose your pants. Off with them, Mimi! You must mop up your spittle with them."

Mimi Valroon is quick to get the napkin to start cleaning up. The demand to lose her pants just gets a sharp look from Mimi. "I beg your pardon? I wasn't even asked another question yet! Under what grounds do you get to demand I lose my pants?!"

"I would not question her if I were you Mimi, or else you might lose more than your pants," Gemma says, more than happy to let the drama unfold in front of her rather than being the target. War is war, and when it comes to this game and what she has learned about it so far, it is clear that she is on her own side and no one else's.

"On the grounds that my carpet is worth considerably more than your ragged little pants and that the former is likely ruined thanks to your little performance just then." Felicity pauses to consider, "However, I am not an unreasonable woman. I might be persuaded to show you mercy....if you chose to take a dare this time. Mmm? What shall it be, Mimi? Your honor or your dignity?"

Mimi Valroon sighs and shakes her head. She's actually considering quitting this entire endeavor and going for a walk in the rain, but no. "I was already going to clean it up," she grumbles, then looks to Fee with almost fire in her eyes. "Fine then. Dare."

Gemma sits up, all ears and eyes at attention and waiting to see just what Felicity might have in store for Mimi. Nothing good, no doubt about that, but Gemma finds that she is still eager to see what's next despite feeling a little sorry for Mimi. Oh well, they all had a choice before entering this game, and they all said yes. She herself might not even have if Mimi had not given her consent, so there it is. Quiet and still as a rock, she waits for Felicity's next words.

Felicity lets the question hang in the air a moment, allowing the tension to rise just a bit more. She takes up her drink and savors the deliciously sweet cocktail, a little something to whet her appetite before the main course. Her eyes flick from Mimi to Gemma. Pointing from one to the other with her sword she says, "Kiss Gemma."

Mimi Valroon pauses a moment as the silence reigns, wondering if she should have just cleaned the mess with her pants, get dressed properly, then go out in the rain to grab a bite to eat or something. When it finally comes out, though, she goes a bit more red. She looks at Gemma, then looks back and says, "Um okay. Assuming she doesn't stop me. Though she didn't accept a dare yet." Does she look like she's delaying? Not really, no, she looks more like she's trying to figure out the logistics or something. Perhaps she's waiting to see if Gemma refuses and they can start a rebellion against the cruel overlord that is the Barbarian Queen Felicity?

"WHAT?!" The word is out of Gemma's mouth before she can even think it. "I did not agree to this, this is Mimi's dare, why am I getting pulled in?!" She protests vehemently, suddenly on her feet, a hand shooting out towards Mimi as she speaks. "It isn't my turn, you can't do this," she adds, crossing her arms. Her apple red cheeks betray the fact that it is more embarassment than anything else that makes her react this way. Visibly, kissing is not to be taken as lightly for Gemma as it is for Felicity.

Felicity, cool as a cucumber, slides her gaze to the vehemently protesting Gemma. "I can," she says with implacable calm. "There's no rule against. A dare's a dare. Fair game, Gemma." She takes her seat now in one of her cushy armchairs effectively enthroned there. She's yet to relinquish her sword and now her free hand is occupied by her drink, really cementing this crazed warlord aesthetic. "Oh come now. All of this over nothing. It's only a kiss. Don't be so insensitive, Gemma." She looks to Mimi, "You'll hurt our friend's feelings." She offers a 'sympathetic' smile to Mimi but it quickly breaks into a naughty grin and she begins to laugh. She knows she's being bad but she's enjoying it.

Mimi Valroon rolls her eyes at the 'insensitive' mark, but then positions herself next to Gemma. "Look, let's just get this over with so she can giggle and move on with it." She glances back at Fee. "That or we kick her chair over, grab my shirt, and run out the door." With the rain still absolutely pouring outside, she seems to be more keen on just getting the peck done and over with, however, and starts closing in.

Mimi's suggestion is rather tempting, but given that they are both being sheltered by Felicity and knowing how mercurial her moods can be, it does not seem worth the risk. Besides, running out the door to go where? And in that weather? Gemma sighs, resigned. "Very well. But you will pay for that, Felicity Worthington, mark my words," she says, her eyes flashing towards the scantily-clad enthroned young woman studying the scene.

Felicity gives a throaty chuckle, winks and holds up her glass. "Bring it on!" She is more than prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead. Of course, the lady terror would be remiss if she did not expound on her instructions. "Go on then - and none of that chaste, lips barely touching sort of timid school yard kissing! This must be a -real- kiss, or else it is forfeit." She claps her hands twice, initiating the whole ordeal.

Mimi Valroon blinks and stops her approach to look at Felicity again. "Wait, what?" She looks back at Gemma again, a look of mild confusion as she attempt to figure out what Fee is even talking about. No, she's far too uninitiated in these things. "I hope you know what she's talking about," she whispers to her co-victim.

"I've kissed before, I don't believe I need your good counsel," Gemma all but barks at Felicity but Mimi's following comment leave her with the urge her to facepalm for all that she is worth. "You know.." she says, cringing a little, hoping that Mimi will catch her drift but her efforts seem pointless. "She means a real kiss, like between lovers.. with tongue.." Gemma adds finally, reddening anew as she balls her fists. Damned Felicity. Now she will really have to make her retaliation something to remember.

Felicity is very happy to watch the pair squirm their way through this ordeal. It's turned out to be far more entertaining than she'd imagined. She makes a show of using wiping a smudge off of her blade, waiting. Though she's playing it cool, she's starting to be overcome by another wave of giggles. She can hear Gemma perfectly, of course, and its just too funny for words. All of this is almost better than the kiss itself.

Mimi Valroon almost hisses, "I'm the one that needs the counsel here. Look, just... take the lead or whatever. I'll just... follow suit or something." With that said, the inexperienced one leans in again...

Gemma's surprise at Mimi's confession forces her eyebrows up. "Oh.." There's really nothing else she can say about the matter, suddenly feeling a little sorry for the girl who is forced to be robbed of her first kiss with someone she's known only for two weeks, but Gemma takes comfort in the fact that it could also be much worse. At least, she's not trying to use her, and Mimi seems very accepting of her fate. "Right.." Gemma says again as Mimi leans in. She gulps but even through her nervousness she has the decency of meeting Mimi halfway. Putting a gentle hand on Mimi's cheek, Gemma closes her eyes as her lips meet the other girl's, nothing worse than being stared at while you're that close to someone. She presses her mouth to Mimi's softly, once, twice, not wanting to rush the girl, letting the next step come by itself instinctively. Gemma's lips part and her tongue gently pushes through Mimi's lips, meeting hers and caressing it softly long enough to be certain that Felicity will not request a do over and then she pulls away. Now that the moment is over, her face burns all the way up to her ears and she looks at her feet. "Happy?" She nearly growls as she turns to Felicity.

Mimi Valroon can be described as 'putting up with it' for much of this. There's certainly a noise of surprise as teh tongue is inserted, but she tries to follow the lead. Yes, including mimicking putting a hand onto Gemma's cheek for this. When it's over she pulls away, bright red and scraping the top of her tongue against her teeth. "People do this regularly? With the whole... tongue in mouth and... it feels just... unsanitary."

Felicity watches the pair with some interest. For someone who's just asked a pair of women to share a kiss - and for having insisted on it - she seems surprisingly detached from the spectacle. One can only say fairly detached because the twinkle in her eye and the quirk of her lips betray her amusement. She's impressed, actually, they've not opted for the penalty after it all. Kudos to them, then. She is about to make a comment to Gemma. Some quip about how this game's boring now but Mimi's comments leave her flabbergasted. She snorts, laughing derisively. "Oh dear. Far from a rave review, Gemma. It would seem your performance has left Mimi wanting. That, or Mimi is bound for a life of puritanical abstinence. Either way, a tragic end to a positively lovely performance." She claps. "Very sporting. Well done, ladies."

To Be Continued...

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