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(Liyara runs into Rayne on her way to meet Constantine, but abandons her for the chaos of The Usual.)
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Title    = Phlogiston and Chips
Title    = Phlogiston and Chips
|Summary = Liyara runs into Rayne on her way to meet Constantine, but abandons her for the chaos of The Usual.
|Summary = Liyara runs into Rayne on her way to meet Constantine, but abandons her for the chaos of The Usual.
|Who    = [[Rayne]], [[Liyara]], [[Rainbow Dash]], [[Hinoken]], [[John Constantine]], [[Rocket]]
|Who    = [[Rayne]], [[Liyara]], [[Rainbow Dash]], [[Hinoken]], [[Constantine]], [[Rocket Raccoon]]
|Date    = October 10, 2019.
|Date    = October 10, 2019.
|Where  = The Usual (and its environs.)
|Where  = The Usual (and its environs.)

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Phlogiston and Chips

Summary: Liyara runs into Rayne on her way to meet Constantine, but abandons her for the chaos of The Usual.

Who: Rayne, Liyara, Rainbow Dash, Hinoken, Constantine, Rocket Raccoon
When: October 10, 2019.
Where: The Usual (and its environs.)

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Rayne steps out of the Usual, arms held upward with her hands clasped behind her neck and elbows poking outward.

After Liyara's rather disastrous faux paus earlier, she decided to spend her time with some books to ease her mind. Books are wonderful; the interaction is one way, nothing you say to them upsets them (usually), and she can zoom through several in an hour.

More specifically, Liyara has been studying books on cosmology, astronomy, and and several human histories. She feels like she is a little better equipped for her meeting with that trenchcoat with a man inside now.

As she heads towards the usual, she blinks as she sees a rainbow head of hair, and purses her lips for just a moment, before shrugging and deciding to... what do humans say? Roll with it. "Afternoon, Rayne!" She keeps her voice cheerful, and seems like she's just going to pretend earlier never happened.

Rayne takes a deep breath in, then out again before she turns to look. Sure, the smile is a little forced. But it's still a smile, right? "Oh. Liyara." Hey, she got the name right this time! "How are you doing today? The city treating you well?"

"Quite pleasantly." Liyara's smile doesn't look forced; actually, it looks perfectly natural and sincere. Which is intended to put the other woman at ease, but probably just seems out of place given the circumstances.

"I found a library!" ...Oh, that's the end of her statement. Well, whatever floats her boat.

Rayne drops the fake smile, but at least she's still neutral. Really, it's her common expression the past year or so. "Oh, yes. The library. There's also an occult book store. That might have something else you might want for your research, maybe, but of course that's not free."

That causes Liyara's smile to waver, just a bit. "...Well, I'm sure I'll find a way." Most book shops aren't really equipped to deal with someone who can read at her speed, she can probably just make several visits.

"More importantly, I've gotten an understanding of the difference between most universes and mine!" ... One would imagine there isn't just ONE difference, but she seems to think so. Also, she's adapted rather quickly, it seems.

Rayne shrugs before nodding, assuming Liyara is talking about a way to make some money, but then tilts her head. "'The' difference? Huh. Well, now you have me curious. What is 'the' difference that is so vital?" She leans against the outer wall of the Usual, lifting one foot to place the sole of her boot flat against the wall.

"Phlogiston!" Liyara says brightly, practically beaming. This smile is actually fully sincere, and there is a difference, since one was practiced for many years, and the other is just natural. Her tail swishes back and forth like a cat with a toy, so whatever Phlogiston is, she seems to think it's important, at least.

"All the universes I read about with interstellar travel are capable of it because there is no phlogiston." Right, well, as annoying as it is that she seems to think humans are slow, she should probably still provide context.

Rayne blinks. Twice. "Phlogiston," she says to make sure she heard that correctly. "As I am from one of these universes that doesn't have phlogostan, would you mind elaborating?" It's that different look to Liyara's smile now that has her interest even more piqued. "Please, enlighten this humble former starship mechanic."

"Ah!" Liyara gives a small laugh, and then shakes her head. "Sorry! Sorry! It's just very exciting." Is it, though? "Our universe has very little wildspace, the uh, the vaccuum between planets." Also known as just... space. "Most of it is suffused by a potent explosive fluid called Phlogiston. Almost all of it, in fact. The only reason our planets are liveable is because our star systems are encased in ..." The dragon-lady holds her arms out very wide. "...Really big spheres made of Crystal!"

Their star systems are encased in a sphere? The whole systems? "We call them crystal spheres, some of your books have something similar... hmm... Tyson Spheres?" So close, and yet...

Rayne blinks at the mention of crystal spheres. "...I feel like I've heard that before. The, uh, Crystal Sphere part, that is. But I can't remember where from. But... yeah. If you have to punch through a crystal sphere... And then are surrounded in explosives, yes. Yes, that would stop EVERYTHING I know of, considering pretty much any engine would likely set that off." She pauses, then adds, "Well, other than gravitic drive, but that's rediculously energy inefficient." She then pauses again before tilting her head. "...Tyson? I don't think I've heard of it. They must not be in my universe, either."

Liyara doesn't even consider that she's mis-remembered the name; she has perfect memory after all! Ish! "Well, the ones in the books I read about sound like they were made without magic, which..." She sways for a moment. "...Sounds horribly inefficient. So good that noone wasted their time." Right, but ... why is this exciting?

"Mine used the raw energy in some of the Phlogiston to create the crystal spheres, and within the spheres..." She pauses, trying to find a better word, but ends up using the one she's always used. "...The Weave. Magic." ... She probably skipped a few thousand steps there.

Rayne shrugs. "I wouldn't know. It sounds like something big, and I only worked on personal cruiser sized ships." She listens on to the further explanation, then tilts her head. "...Wait, so magic doesn't exist outside the sphere? No intersteller leylines?" It's something she's /heard/ of as an apprentice mage that never got anywhere.

Liyara doesn't seem to understand Rayne's question for a moment, and then she blinks. "Oh. Um. It does, but only dragons and elementals can use it easily." Says the dragon. "Humans can't really..." She gestures at the air for a moment, and blushes again. "...Not for the purposes of..." Lesser beings? Mortals? "...Let's say no."

She glances over at the Usual, and summons her book for a moment. "I've got an appointment with a local mage, I can get a better handle on the terminology and let you know next time we meet!" ... That was probably her best attempt at politely ending the conversation. Needs work.

And just like that, she is gone. Liyara blows into the Usual and out of Rayne's hair.

[Meanwhile, in the Usual...]

Rainbow Dash floats in through the door, taking stock of people and who ever might be inside. One she knows, another she doesn't beyond the other faceless patrons in the background and at the bar.

Hinoken is just chilling at the moment, leaning back in his chair with his arms behind his head as he watches the patrons milling about, an already empty plate in front of him. As the colorful pony comes in, his attention is immediately grabbed by the odd sight, and he waves to her. "Evening!"

And just behind the pegasus, in total contrast, a brooding wizard in a trenchcoat with a faint smell of tobacco smoke behind him. He's heading for the bar. "Hey, Dash," he greets, then glances at Hinoken.

Rainbow Dash plants herself on a barstool and orders a cider, craning her long neck around as she's greeted. "Yo," she replies with a wave of her hoof. "What's up, John?" she asks, taking a swig of her cider as it's placed before her.

Hinoken waves to the wizard as well, though it's less odd of a sight than the rainbow-maned cyan pegasus. "Can't say I'm familiar with your faces, but I mostly spend my time here in the kitchen. How're your evenings going?"

John Constantine ahs. "The *cook*," he says with slight emphasis. Then he gives the man a salute, before turning to Rainbow Dash. "Any luck finding real sky, love?"

Rainbow Dash says, "I'm Rainbow Dash," in reply, "Eeh...goin' okay, as okay as the place can be." She doesn't like the fake skies and all. It also kind of limits what she can do. She looks back to John' Yeah...found some in Gotham," she replies, "Kind ofa grungy weird place, but..it's real anyway.""

The Usual is frequented by many unusual people, and there is a certain bar that has to be met for something to be particularly surprising in the restaurant. So it's probably taken right in stride when Liyara walks in with her long, gold tail dragging.

The winged woman practically breezes into the establishment, looking around to see if her would-be-cohort has arrived yet. She's pleased to see the trenchcoat-with-a-man-inside. Perfect. She didn't expect to see quite the colorful array of other characters, however. She still looks pleased. Maybe even excited. Now where to find a seat?

Hinoken glances over at Liyara, giving her a wave as well. "Evening, ma'am! Make yourself at home, I'm on break but we've got our other guy handling it for now. If any of you want anything in particular, just hollar at me and I'll relay the order to the back... and trust me, they /won't/ mess it up." This last part sounds almost like a threat.

Rainbow Dash is sitting at the bar, sipping cider, her tail swishing ocacsionally as it hangs off the barstool

And...John doesn't react to her entrance. At all. Or to the chef, any further. "Wait. Did you say *Gotham*?"

As it turns out, Liyara would like nothing better than to make herself at home. She moves to find a seat near John, but notices he's having a conversation. So she heads over to near Hinoken to take a seat, having learned to wrap her tail around the seat rather than need a second one. "I'm getting used to this." She offers a fanged grin.

Rainbow Dash nods to John "Yep. I've met that Batman guy a few times back in Neo-Tokyo. Pretty cool." Rainbow Dash says, "He's supposed to hang out there...but..dunno if it's the same guy."

Hinoken shrugs at Dash and John as they talk about Gotham. Place he should probably visit, actually. Sounds fun. Turning his attention to Liyara though, he gives her a friendly smile and a nod. "So, that one of those cosplay things, or is it real? Hard to tell around here."

John Constantine frowns. "Batman vanished years ago." Oh joy. Multiverse. "But I should probably still check it out." He then glances at Liyara. "Sorry. It seems there *might* be a portal to my home from here."

Rainbow Dash says, "Could be he got sucked into Neo-Tokyo...here was there with that Robin kid, too."

"Cos...play?" Liyara has learned a lot of new words since arriving in Twisted, but that is not amongst them. She glances down at her tail, and then offers a more subdued smile Hinoken's way. "If you mean my tail, it's real. Inherited it from my mother." She glances at the cook for a moment, assessing him. She used to be very good at that, when there were only a limited number of places someone could hail from. Now... not so much.

When John explains to her, Liyara smiles a bit. Their discussion can wait. "Another time, then, I suppose."

Rainbow Dash looks to Liyara, "That's when people..an' ponies too, yeah, dress up as characters they like. I'm big on conventions."

Hinoken nods, shrugging. "What the crayon box explosion said. And like I said, it's hard to tell around here, since we get so many people from so many crazy worlds. You like steak?"

"It's a thing," John said. "And I'll check it out later. I'm not exactly in a huge hurry to deal with Sara." Despite the words, there's a warmth to his tone.

Crayon box... Liyara is hearing a lot of new words today. She doesn't know why anyone would want to dress up as her, or who Sara is. However, confusion at cosplay was more than enough, she'll just roll with the rest. "I certainly do enjoy a good cow now and again." ... Maybe she's still learning the language?

"...Ah, well, if you're not that anxious to go, then it'll be nice to chat." This is sent John's way, but Liyara is dividing her attention between everyone present well enough.

Rainbow Dash's eyes make that violin noise as somepony she just met...calls her a crayon box. She makes that chiuauau growly noise some ponies make occasionally, but doesn't kick him through a wall or anything.

Hinoken sideglances toward Rainbow, flashing her the same smile he gave Liyara. "Sorry, sorry, that was rude of me. What's your name, then? I'm Kenichi Hino, but most people just call me Hinoken." Then, to Liyara, he laughs a little and says, "A whole cow? Whew, that's quite an appetite."

John Constantine kind of missed the crayon box comment. "Right now, I'm anxious for food and whiskey, love. Talk would be good too, though."

Rainbow Dash snerks to John, "Well, you ARE in a bar, right? Seems you got all three..."

"Liyara." The dragon-lady offers her name too, and resumes her smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Hinoken." Liyara extends her hand in greeting, and then the smile turns into a bit of a grin. "I'm not exactly a dainty eater." John can attest to that from last time he met her here. On that note, Liyara glances to the trenchcoat with a flap of her wings. "I can sympathize - food is always worth indulging in." Whiskey isn't really her style, though. Alcohol is unwise when your circulatory system mostly circulates fire.

Rainbow Dash sips her cider and orders some onion rings, resting her chin on her 'palm' as she seems lost in thought

Hinoken chuckles and nods to Liyara. "Aye, I've met a few big eaters in my life. Tried to open a curry shop with my... er, friends, and some people would just eat us out of house and home if we didn't tell 'em to leave." he recounts, accepting her offer of a handshake. After that, he asks Rainbow again, "So what was your name? I don't think I heard if you answered before."

Rainbow Dash spins around on the stool, "Well, it ain't Crayon Box! How do you even know her? Plus, she's an Earth Pony." "I'm Rainbow Dash."

John Constantine can't help but laugh a bit. "Oh, there's actually somebody *called* Crayon Box." Yeah, that would make it interesting. He orders the fantastic, but very Constantine, combination of fish and chips and Jack Daniels.

An earth pony? Liyara glances back to Rainbow Dash at that statement. Why would a pony be made of... oh, right. Earth. She forgets that people named a planet "dirt". Well. She'd like to forget. "...Alright, I surrender. What is a crayon box?" ... Right. New.

Rainbow Dash says, "Fillies color with 'em, ya know, it's an art thing."

Hinoken raises an eyebrow at that, but doesn't question it. "Alright, well, nice to meet you... Rainbow Dash. You can call me Hinoken, like I was saying before. Used to have another nickname, but we don't talk about that anymore." He also adds to Rainbow's explanation, "It's a box that holds crayons. They're little colored wax sticks, popular with young kids since they're not sharp and relatively harmless if swallowed."

Hinoken further adds, "Plus they melt real well, you can mix and match the colors that way. Heheh, good times."


A figure enters the Usual with a practiced elegance that can only be attained through a combination of drunkenness and blatant presence. This larger-than-life figure, however, is rather diminutive compared to many average peers. Fuzzy and furred, a walking talking raccoon wanders further along. His whiskers are frazzled and the fur on his tail is unkempt and smudged with additional black markings that might be comparable to soot. A single small hand is pressed to his forehead, self-cradling through a headache, as his metal-booted steps mark each advancing segment closer to the bar. His focus on such a destination is intense for one that appears to be so addled.

John Constantine frowns. "I'm sorry, Liyara, we'll have to raincheck. There's something going on." He's not sure what, but he's getting vibes, and when he gets vibes, it's best to investigate. As he stands to leave, he blinks a couple of times at the raccoon, and then he's gone.

Hinoken waves yet again to another newcomer... this time a raccoon. "We're just attracting all the furballs tonight, aren't we?" he remarks, then takes a closer look at Rocket and notes, "Buddy, are you drunk already? You sure you should be drinking more?"

The dual explanations from Rainbow Dash and Hinoken cause Liyara to nod slowly, her too-green eyes blinking rapidly. For art. So like dry paints. That's actually moderately clever. "Well, that makes everything make perfect sense." She pauses, glancing to Constantine's food. "...Almost everything." Why does fish and chips come with fish and fries? This question goes unasked.

The dragon-lady nods to John when he has to leave. She understands when something demands immediate attention. So she carries on her conversation. "...Is wax melting a common hobby?" Liyara loves fire. To some degree, she is fire? Liyara loves herself. She approves of anything that involves melting, scorching, and other incendiary adjectives as well. Her questioning pauses when a raccoon enters the room, however. Then it resumes.

"...I'm not supposed to call horses horses. Am I allowed to call raccoons raccoons?"

Rainbow Dash says, "I'm NOT a Horse!"

Climbing atop a stool at the bar, the small individual seems to be shrugging off if not entirely ignoring the words flying toward the air in his direction. This athletic act is so performed with an equal amount of practice and twice as much stubbornness. "Words. So many w..."

Exhaling sharply and using a hand to try to gesture an amount of quietness as much as gather attention from anybody willing to listen to the short one give an order, "First fings first, me engine requires a certain amount o'fuel and it prefers 'igh-grade efanol. Free shots, at va least, o'va House's choice and two pints furvuh, whatevuh's on tap, for va Not A Raccoon." Tiny claws tap against the bartop. "Wait, I didn't lose me Earf monies, did I?"

The raccoon pauses to pat down his pockets. "Flark me..."

Rainbow Dash plops some money down for Rocket. "I'll buy ya a round..."

Rainbow Dash says, "You look like you could use it."

It turns out that Liyara has exactly zero problem understanding the drunken not-a-raccoon, which is ironic considering how many perfectly normal words she's been getting tripped up on today. What she does have a problem understanding is why a drunken raccoon wants to get drunker. She tosses a gold coin his way, regardless. "...Well..." She pauses, glancing back at Rainbow Dash, "...You may not be a horse. But that raccoon is definitely a Dwarf." She has seen a number of them in her time.

Liyara looks like she's going to elaborate on that particular accusation, when the vertical pupils in her eyes dilate suddenly. "...Ooh. Something's on *FIRE*. I'll be right back." She slowly gets up from her stool, elegantly uncurls her tail so as to keep her impossible dress in place, and then ... makes a mad dash for the door, tail swinging wide and thwapping various people's feet on the way out. What's the point of trying to act all poised if she's just going to ruin it a moment later?

Rainbow Dash says, "Pony. Pegasus. Not a horse. Horses are big and dumb and don't talk." Rainbow Dash says, "They sure don't fly." Rainbow Dash decides if something's on fire, she can maybe help put it out! 'Gotta fly, all, my public needs me!"

"So, uh, anybody 'ere want to buy me a dri-" the raccoon says, louder, before finding a number of offers sent his way that silences his question with welcome interruption. "Well. Okay!" The yellow jumpsuit-clad fuzzyguy actually manages a smile despite his disorientation. It's actually enough to break his weariness and pull him out into a field of conversation to accept such questions, even the former ones. "In all actuali'y, I 'aven't 'ad anyfing t'drink yet. A situation soon remedied, innit. No, I was working on a new pro'otype for 'unting in va Badlands, yeah?"

Rather than sitting on the stool, Rocket uses the stooltop for his feet and sits on the bar's countertop instead; such class. "Well, I must 'ave made a bit o'va miscalculation, for va whole fing done exploded-like. Now, I'd figure wot such a fing might take out 'alf a city block -- but vat's purely 'tween us -- but, no. Ears ringing, brain screaming. I got all...disorienta'ed. Couldn't even find me way 'ome, but at least I found vis Wa'erin' 'ole. Tried, Trusted and True, innit?"

"Figure I'll try a'find me way to va Tower first, and ven 'ome from vere." So, yes, clearly Rocket means Neo Tokyo Tower. It's the same one.

[The Log stops here due to the hour and California being on fire.]

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