2019-10-18 - Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 3

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Rainy Night Truth or Dare Part 2

Summary: The game continues, and Mimi just remains full of awkward.

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: October 18th, 2019
Where: Felicity's Apartment

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Continuing where we left off...

"I beg you pardon? I'll have you know that I'm perfectly healthy, thank you very much!" Gemma huffs, still crimson. People do much more than kissing and Mimi would surely die of shock were she to learn of what goes on in a lovers' bed. For the life of her Gemma cannot remember feeling that way about kissing despite her Victorian upbringing and she's starting to think that she isn't so prudish after all when compared to the young woman next to her who reacts to kisses the way a child might. "You might change your mind when you grow up," she says, unable to keep herself from casting a barb, her own ego having taken a blow from Mimi's reaction. Felicity's goading brings no help and only proceeds to tarnish Gemma's mood even further. "Well, it's your turn now Mimi, get on with it," she adds, sounding just as jolly at the prospect as she looks, sitting back down to take a few sips of her drink and looking much like a petulant child.

At the top of Mimi's list of unromantic, unsexy things? Getting told to do something. By being told she has to kiss Gemma, it's become a chore. It's become a thing detached from emotion, detached from any form of excitement or feeling. So of course she looked upon it afterword as just... sticking your tongue into another person's mouth. And how is it her fault she's never found someone she actually wanted to do that to?! (It's totally her fault, by the way.) "That's not what I meant! I mean... okay, I don't know what I mean. It just seems... silly, in a a way?" She doesn't know what she's talking about anymore, and she's the first person that would admit it if asked. Okay, she's gone full red from embarrassment now. She can't help but feel like she's just not the right person to be playing this sort of game. Her response to the truth was deemed untruthful despite her telling the truth, her dare upset the other person, and the dare she gave would likely have been followed if she'd just suggested Fee do it when they weren't playing the game and sober. Mimi lets out a sigh, really wishing the rain would let up so she could just escape the situation. But they're both looking at her now because- "Uwah? OH! Uh... Right... well... Gemma? Truth or Dare?"

For Felicity's part in all of this, she can only adopt that look girls get when someone has said something especially catty - that, mouth gone the shape of a complete "O", then quickly twisting into an unkind smile. "Meee-OW, Gemma," she mutters, much more amused than admonishing but she keeps herself out of the fray, happy to simply enjoy the chaos as the game kareens out of control.

To be fair, she does give Mimi a somewhat sympathetic look - somewhat- after her honest but awkward defense just then. It's hard to argue with so earnest a plea so...again, she leaves well enough alone quite ready to move on herself to whatever the next twist might bring.

With a sharp exhale, Gemma crosses her arms after putting her glass on the table and looks away as if looking at anyone present might burn her. "Truth," she says despite her attitude, not that she feels like talking much or revealing anything, but she's not about to undertake another dare so soon after this one, especially since it was not even hers.

Well, Mimi was honestly hoping more for a 'truth' than a dare. Still, she's not sure what it is to ask, and the long pause is sure proof of that. A few things come across her mind, but then she glances at Fee... no, she'd be called childish or a prude again or something of the sort. "Have, uh, how many, no, how often do you... have you? Watched... or looked... adult movies or pictures?" Could she have said that more awkwardly? Actually, it's almost surprising that she's even aware of these things. She sighs looking at the ground, already sure that she's going to get teased somehow for even asking it.

Mimi's question does earn her a giggle though she may be surprised to find that Felicity does not actually give her a hard time about this. It's actually not bad considering the source. Felicity offers Mimi a tiny round of applause and a full-ripe grin. "Well done, "she says, still giggling. "Yes, Gemma, do enlighten us. Just how much filth do you keep stashed away in your closet and is there any room in there with all your skeletons?"

Turning her head towards Mimi, Gemma raises her eyebrows in a way that screams 'really?' What feels truly surprising at the moment is that Mimi even seems to be aware of anything 'adult'. "Movies, never. Last pictures I voluntarily looked at were a few years ago now. Not that common in Victorian England to be honest. Someone drew a rather provocative and crude picture of a man and a woman mating. Fee, Ann, Pippa and I found it in a book. We all said it was disgusting but none of us turning away. Then there were the drawings in the caves of sighs in the Realms depicting many scenes of love and pleasure," she says matter of factly. By then, those scenes don't really make her blush anymore for she's seen them many times and so have the rest of her little ragtag band back then. "I don't have anything stashed anywhere. Some places I visited don't hide their deprivation so anyone who has eyes might catch a glimpse of something whether they want it or not." Nothing in this question ruffled her feathers much so she's starting to simmer down a bit. Her arms are still crossed when she turns to Felicity though, not wasting any time before moving on. "Truth or dare?"

What was Mimi afraid more of? Offending Gemma? Or having Felicity scoff at her for not being more risque? Either way, she managed to not do either, but she still feels fairly terrible. No, she's never playing this game again, despite any future protests Felicity would give her. It just feels so... empty and silly to her at best. Outright demeaning at worst. She looks at her cup of alcohol and wonders if she's had too much or not enough? Either way, she chugs what she has left.

"Truth," Felicity declares, not really taking much time to consider her options. If anyone here were being honest, they would surely know that it's 'truth' that is harder for Felicity anyway. Actions are infinitely easier than bearing one's soul...for Felicity, anyway. This gesture is a peace offering, showing that she is willing to be a good sport and put herself in uncomfortable positions just as much as anyone else.

Gemma's expression betray slight surprise as well as a little bit of disappointment as she was already trying to think of whatever could be torturous enough to pass as an acceptable dare for the great Felicity Worthington. This answer leaves her at a loss for an instant and her momentary silence makes it obvious. Right, question it is. It has to be a good one though. Felicity would simply take anything naughty in strides and flaunt her answers around unbothered and probably even enjoy causing the others to get flustered. Her green eyes fix Felicity intently and she takes a sip of her drink. For a moment, she's tempted to ask something incriminating that would be much more likely to make Gemma furious rather more than make Felicity squirm. In the end, she decides to aim for the heart. "What's something you've never told me about yourself that you wish you could but was never able to because you fear what I might think or how I might react?"

Mimi Valroon looks between the two. Truth? She's a bit more obviously surprised then Gemma at that, but she stays silent. She now is certain that Felicity would do almost litterally anything asked of her. Or was that the issue? It's not a challange for her, is it? Mimi frowns and looks down at her empty drink. She's definitely both too drunk and not drunk enough for this at the same time, she decides. And she's already dreading what will come her way next.

Felicity sits silently, her cool grey eyes lingering on Gemma for a few moments following her question. It's an interesting one and not exactly what she expected. Then again, the entire point of the game is the unexpected, isn't it? She considers the question, leaning back in her armchair. She chews her lip. She isn't stalling, truly. She is actually taking a moment to really think about Gemma's question, which in itself is something already. At last she says, "As much as I cherish my independence, now that I have it, I find...I dislike solitude. Loneliness is a familiar haunt in my home I cannot abide."

Why Fee would fear her reaction on that matter is beyond Gemma for she knows much too well what loneliness feels like. Even before she set out on her own -and too often even while surrounded by others- she has felt the grip of isolation and the heartache and insecurities that come with it. But this is Felicity we're talking about and any admission of vulnerability or needing others is no doubt as mortifying as having to describe her underwear is for her. Gemma finds that her animosity has flown away and so has any desire to keep playing this game. Never would she dare to gloat or make fun of Felicity's answer for fear that she shall never be trusted with any further confession and, more to the point, she simply does not want to. She empties the content of her glass then says, "I'm tired of playing. Isn't there a movie we can watch?"

Mimi Valroon tilts her head slightly at Felicity's answer, but doesn't say anything. No... this is an answer that fits in line with what she's heard of Fee so far. She opens her mouth, mentally debating what to say. She could call a penalty because 'we all knew that already,' but no. She shuts her mouth again and then leans back into the couch, stretching both arms above her head as she looks up at the ceiling. "Yes, we've all had a pair of turns," she says in agreement with Gemma. And thankfully she's not had to put on that top in the course of tonight. Why does she feel like the room is drafty, though... She blinks and looks at her outstretched arms, then remembers her initial penalty. Right. She's just in a bra for her top right now. She quickly lowers her arms again and partially covers up... a half-hearted attempt, considering how long she's not bothered to hide things up to now, anyway. It ends up being mostly covering her stomach with crossed arms. What can she really do at this point, anyway. >.>

'Fear' wouldn't be the right word, not exactly. The truth is that after all she's been through, it's easier to admit something like this than it might have been back in the early days here in Twisted City. It's a question of pride and of protecting oneself by never admitting weakness. Yet it might not surprise anyone at this point. Funny enough, Felicity didn't feel any awkwardness over her answer until the game's abrupt ending. The mood has sunk here and she finds that it's left her feeling strangely put out. "We could just drink ourselves into oblivion. There's always that and I'm sure you know how very obliging Mr. Alexander can be on that account." She shrugs, idly playing with her sword. "Unless either of you have a clever idea? Mmm? Mimi?" Well, they did try Felicity's game so perhaps Mimi has better ideas.

"I already suggested a movie, I don't have any other idea. The weather is still awful and I'd rather not drink myself to death again, so unless Mimi has an incredible idea I think maybe I'll read a bit then head to bed. Maybe we'll have better luck next time with the weather when we plan to go out." Given the time that people usually head out to clubs it is already late anyway and Gemma sees no point in staying up just for the sake of it. She finds that the game has drained her and she feels the need to be alone or sleep, possibly both.

Mimi Valroon glances between the two, then says, "I've heard tales of curling up on the couch to a good movie in much the same way I used to curl up with a good book when I was in my teens. If we can find a way to do that I'm game... but if not, getting an earlier start on tomorrow isn't that bad, either."

That makes two votes in favor of movies. Well, there is a TV there that has not seen a great deal of use. "It seems the votes are in." Felicity casually reaches for the nearby remote and flicks on the TV-- opening a whole Pandora's box of entertainment. Suffice to say they likely debated over what to watch...switched channels numerous times and likely landed on something silly, raunchy or random. Either way it had the desired effect and chased away their boredom for one miserably wet night.

Mimi Valroon asks, "Uh.... can I put my shirt back on?"

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