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The Center of the Multiverse*

Summary: While trying to experience all the meat Twisted has to offer, Liyara reveals one of Twisted's biggest secrets... That's when the music starts.

Who: Liyara, Constantine, Fazbear and Friends, Hinoken
When: November 7th, 2019.
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Liyara has been seated at the bar for a little while now, her tail curled around the stool. She's picking random items of food and drink from the menu, as there doesn't appear to be anything stopping her from just going down the list. She's neglected most of the things on that she already knew, and has as such managed to make it down to the end of the 'a' section.

"...What in Tiamat's name is 'Avocado Toast'?"

"Something you probably won't like," Jack says, hopping onto a stool. "Given your dietary preferences. Avocado's a fruit." As usual, he doesn't order anything.

It takes a moment for Liyara to notice Jack's arrival, though she responds to his comment immediately. "That sounds like a reasonable conclusion." She continues down the list about three more places, then blinks and looks back over at him. "...Oh, hello!" She does seem to respond without thinking a lot. Or out of order. Or something. She definitely somethings a lot.

"...Have any protein recommendations that start with 'a'? I tried Aardvark. I can't say I was impressed." Ew.

"I..." A pause. "Am not the best person to ask." Given she's never seen him eat anything? "I suppose..." A pause. "I hear a lot of people like arroz con pollo."

As expected, Liyara doesn't recognize the phrase. "Arroz con..." She tilts her head to one side, then shrugs, and recites it back to a skutter. "Arroz con pollo, please." Whatever level of accent Jack used to pronounce it, that's the level she mimics. A skutter wanders off, and she smiles. "...I'm sure it will be better than aardvark." Not exactly setting a high bar, there.

He actually has a good Spanish accent. "I wouldn't know," the citywalker says, a faint hint of amusement and perhaps self-deprecation in his tone.

Liyara didn't pick up on it the first time, but this time she glances at Jack. "...Not a big meat eater, detective?" It's what Rayne calls him. Hopefully it's not ironic or personal or something - a risk Liyara is obviously fine taking. "A shame. You miss out on some fine sensations." Well, sure, just rub it in.

Jack Hawksmoor doesn't take it personally, but does correct, "Jack." She's not his boss. She doesn't need to keep things at that much distance. "And you could say that..."

"Jack, then." Liyara agrees readily, and tilts her head to one side. "I've read about 'vegetarians'. It sounds dreadfully complicated to me, especially since I know from several very reliable sources that plants feel pain, but..." She shrugs, indicating it's not really a big deal to her beyond her pity for the lack of deliciousness.

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head. "It's...not that." He studies Liyara, who thinks everything is magic. Understandable, as it's clearly the simplest explanation where she's from. "And of course plants feel pain. Lots of things feel pain that people think don't."

"Oh? Well, then I confess confusion." The next most logical conclusion, that Jack simply doesn't like meat, is patently ridiculous to someone like Liyara. So ruling that out... "Do you simply not eat? How..." Don't say dreadful. Don't say empty. Definitely don't say devoid of all joy. "...wasteless." There you go.

"It's not my choice," Jack says, a little wistfully. "But being who I am has its perks." Then he tilts his head. As if listening to some voice or melody only he can hear. "I have to go." He hops off the stool.

Liyara tilts her head and arches an eyebrow at that, but shrugs. "Well alright then. It was nice seeing you again, Jack." As he hops down, her plate of arroz con pollo comes out, and she blinks. "... Isn't that just rice and chicken?" ... Very good, Liyara.

Jack Hawksmoor glances over his shoulder, "I'm told it's in how it's spiced." And then? He leaves. Except he doesn't use the door. He just sinks into the floor. Showoff.

"In how it's spiced?" Liyara raises an eyebrow. Well, if he says so. She looks at the dish as if it were something to be conquered, before remembering that all the little bits in human food are why humans use utensils. "...Right. Like a peasant." She picks up a fork... and looks unhappy about it.

-- Later, in exactly the same spot --

Liyara has been enjoying a dish recommended to her by Jack Hawksmoor not too long ago, though the experience is diminished by her need to use a fork like a commoner. The ...stone-shaper?... had been right, the spices really made the dish more appetizing than it looked. Humans here are much better at food than the humans back home on Toril. Although some of the dwarves weren't too bad...

And John, for his part, wanders up to the bar. He sniffs, glances at Liyara, and turns to the barkeep. "I'll have what she's having."

"That's arroz con pollo." Liyara explains to the barkeep, in case he didn't keep too close an eye on what people ordered from the Skutters. She looks over to John with a smile. "Welcome back, welcome back. I was impressed that you escaped the singularity so thoroughly when last I saw... or didn't see... you." Yes, it was totally intentional, his bamfing off to somewhere else. Why wouldn't it be? He's an experienced and intelligent mage. Well sussed, Liyara.

"Yeah, well..." John shakes his head a little bit. "I just went for a walk in the park." Why yes. It was totally intentional!

"I saw." Liyara smiles brightly, not offering any further explanation than that. "Honestly, it was the wise choice. Though you did miss out on a rather irrational conclusion." She shrugs, and then takes the last chicken leg in her dish out and sticks the whole thing in her mouth before pulling out nothing but the bone, which is slightly charred. She chews on it for a bit, looking thoughtful.

"I did?" John asks. When his meal is served he orders rum to go with it, because Caribbean.

"Indeed." Liyara's word comes out before she's completely finished chewing the chicken, and she blushes a little bit, embarrassed. Apparently eating like a monster is fine, but talking with your mouth full is a faux paus. She swallows, and then continues. "I closed the door, and it worked. Blood of Tiamat, can you believe that?"

John Constantine laughs harshly. "Sometimes the simplest solution is the best, isn't it."

"I suppose. It follows that if the door held before, it would hold after. But it doesn't really follow that the door held in the first place." She gestures wildly while she talks now; apparently she thinks that a simple, non-magic door holding back a naked singularity is ridiculous. And in her defense, she's right.

"...Anyway, apparently whatever link was supposed to be behind the door has stabilized now. I took a few pictures because I didn't want to open it, but..." She shrugs. "...Just looks like a more boring version of the same place." ... Of the Usual Restaurant? Well, Harley had been saying it was supposed to lead to another UR.

John Constantine ahs. He contemplates the door. "We need a dimensional travel expert. I even know of one, but he's obviously not here."

That draws an eyebrow raise from Liyara. "I'd have been considered as much back home." She opens her hand, lazily tracing a small sigil in the air, which creates a tiny lightbox above the bar. In it, a static, glowing orange image made of embers and flames manages to coalesce into something that looks, well, a little bit like a photograph, and a little bit like a hologram.

It's just an empty version of the Usual. But it has less on the walls, no people inside, and is of course, bright orange. "...But having only just determined the rules here, I'd say I'm a novice once more."

John Constantine nods. "Right, but that's a different type of dimensional travel, different planes within the same universe aren't quite the same thing. Or I'd have more of a clue too."

"I suppose you would at that." Liyara picks up her plate and then... pours the rest of the food down her throat. It's not ugly, but it's hardly classy. It isn't until she finishes, her plate empty, that she sighs and wipes her mouth daintly. Weird lady.

"...Regardless, I'm sure we'll know soon enough. I've been working on getting higher level scrying rituals down. It's only a matter of time, now." Someone's confident. Dragons.

John Constantine nods. "I'd ask, but I'd assume your world has a different set of spell masters to learn from. Different books." And thus different names for spells.

Liyara nods at that. "Probably. Easier to just explain; right now I can see images, but soon I'll be able to hear and record them, so that I can show others." Now that sounds like entertainment.

"I've already confirmed that it works, but it literally just takes time to work out the changes needed to make anything but the most basic ritual work outside of the Usual." She says this casually, then looks to a skutter. "...I think I'll try the baked cod and the beef wellington next, please." She's on a roll, why stop now?

Ah, dragon appetite. John's fairly sure the half part is at least something of a lie at this point. "I might be able to help with that," he says, perhaps a little cautiously.

"It's possible, I suppose." Liyara says with one of those smiles that is entirely too radiant. "I've taken a basic stock of the terminology everyone uses here. Do you science at your magic, feel at it, talk at it, or bleed at it?" Those are, from what she can tell, the four ways she's found record of in the admittedly outdated Twisted Library.

"Mine resembles the former, at least as I understand it." Liyara has in fact understood a great deal of science since she arrived here. When she gets back, she may just take up alchemy.

"I'm a ritualist," John says. "I would say a combination of science and talk, although bleeding occasionally ends up happening." Sometimes you just have to. And he is a master of the DARK arts.

"Oh? Well that's... perfect, actually." Liyara looks pleasantly surprised. Most humans she meets are all feely. It's why, she judges, they are terrible at magic. "...I'll show you what I mean, then." O-ok.

The dragon-lady moves a hand out and starts tracing a circle in the air, leaving burning fire there. It doesn't look concrete and usable like when she actually scorches a circle into anything, but it's an excellent visual simulacrum. After a few moments, she has a circle resembling the one she drew on the stage weeks back.

"This is my planar mapping spell. Made for showing twenty seven planes in Toril, but used in here, it struggles with... a very large number. Used outside, it doesn't function." ... Ok. "...Unless..." She tweaks the image in the air with a sigil corresponding to time. "...I make the right tweaks corresponding to the distance from the Usual."

John Constantine hrms. "So, the Usual is the actual..." His eyes widen. And then he bursts out laughing.

At John's laugh, Liyara's eyes smile to match her lips. She looks delighted. "It would seem so." She's glad that John got the implication, because she didn't want to explain. "...And this sigil I added." She points to the one that she was mentioning tweaking. "Isn't a spatial variable. But a temporal one." ... But didn't she say she had to account for the distance from the Usual? Wouldn't that be in space?

Unless, of course, you understand that space and time are integrally linked. "The center of the multiverse. Is. A. Shabby. Restaurant. Because of COURSE it is."

Her smile turning into a grin, Liyara laughs quietly. "I thought you'd appreciate that. And I wasn't going to say it. I find it a bit offensive, to be honest." She takes a short breath, and then blinks and shakes her head. Liyara doesn't want to get ahead of herself. "...A young, non-magic human boy actually gave me the answer that led to this solution; I've adapted my rituals to have..." She mouths the word like it is distasteful and foreign. "...Redundancy. So that they'll... Well."

Liyara just gestures to the circle, where the sigil she'd indicated rotates until it seems to click into place, glowing brighter than the others. "...Wait until the time is right. So to speak." For someone bragging about how science-y her magic is, Liyara sure is using a lot of metaphor and talking. Maybe she's trying to be mindful of John's earlier answer?

John Constantine nods. "That makes sense. And there may well be something a little odd about how time works around here," he adds, thoughtfully.

With a slow nod, Liyara points at the circle. "Well, to be honest, I'm not sure why. But your conjecture aligns with mine." Did she just admit to not knowing something? Literally everyone back home would be agape right now. But John hasn't had a chance to learn the full depths of her ego yet, unless he's even more perceptive than Harleen.

"My problem is thus..." She points at her circle, which with all the modifications she's made into it, looks like it would take a full hour for someone to copy by hand. It's intricate, and exceptionally detailed. "...This is the simplest ritual I know. It takes me a full minute with the modifications I've made." So? "...The sensor into another plane takes me ten." ... Ok. So that's a little while. "...What I'm aiming for is two levels higher." So ten, times ten, times ten? ... Oh.

John Constantine ahs. "So you need to speed it up." And no, John doesn't know how egotistical she is, except for the basic assumption of magic user = ego.

With one more nod, Liyara banishes the circle and takes a seat. "...I'm incredible. Make no mistake. But that's just ridiculous." She doesn't mention how much blood it would take, either. A few drops times ten, times ten, times ten...

Fortunately, her food arrives as a distraction. "...Alternatively, I at least need to find a way of replicating it after I do it, so I don't have to do it again." It sounds an awful lot like she's saying she's not good enough to do this spell in a reasonable timeframe. Is that what she's saying?

John Constantine nods. "How's your enchanting?" he asks. Yeah, he's thinking along certain lines, which may or may not be a good direction in which to go.

That question draws an odd look from Liyara, and she shrugs. "As good as any of my other rituals? Weakest take one, next take ten..." ... All her magic is like that? After a moment, Liyara blinks, and then seems to realize something. "Oh. My apologies. I can't hard-cast anything other than incendiary magic." ... Wait, what? "...These are just workarounds for that problem. I'm what you might call a dabbler in the other arts." ...A dabbler. Uh huh.

John Constantine knows better. "Ah, then what you're really fishing for is help." It might even actually help, sometimes adding a second person can make a tremendous difference.

That word causes Liyara's lips to twitch a bit, and she tries to keep a grimace from her face. She looks the way someone very, very composed would look, if someone had slapped them. "...Yes. I suppose." That's not something she's really used to doing. Asking for help. Asking for others to do her work for her? Absolutely. Asking for collaboration? Nearly unthinkable.

"Sounds like you're as good at asking for it as I am," the wizard quips. "I swear the magic does it." Wizards. NEVER good at asking.

A cough from Liyara punctuates the truth of Constantine's quip. "...Quite." She reaches out one hand and grabs the baked cod that was delivered earlier, pulling the same trick she did with the chicken leg and just ... somehow... putting the whole thing in her mouth. Without bones in this case, the fish is quickly swallowed. She licks her lips nervously afterwards. "...But in our defense, this place is outside both of our expertise." Yes, it's easier to admit weakness if she's not the only one who's weak. No ego there.

"It is. But it has its own rules and I'm starting to work them out." He, mind, has been mostly truthful. Mostly. Demons haven't been mentioned...

And Liyara hasn't exactly lied to John, either, but omissions will happen. It's not either's day to interrogate the other. "Well. I'd normally reject assistance, but if you have any method of expediting or replicating the groundwork, or know someone who might, I couldn't complain." If she was an ACTUAL Wizard, she could just caste haste on herself or something. Or even just a regular Sorcerer could probably pull it off. But ... that's not her.

"I'll think on it," John says. Which might be refusal to commit or the simple honesty that he needs to do just that. Hard to tell.

That earns a nod from Liyara, and she turns back to her food. With the cod gone, beef wellington remains. Well. That's an unusual looking dish. At least she doesn't need to use a fork, like some sort of ... ... she's actually run out of synonyms for peasants. She doesn't think about them THAT often. Why need more than a word or two for the rabble? Ooh, rabble!

John Constantine nods. Then he finishes his food, gets up and heads out. Synonyms for peasants? He could probably think of a few...

Passing by John and politely stepping aside is a tall purple thing resembling a bunny. The rabbit seems to pause and eyes follow the man for a moment with an expression that might border on 'concern' before turning to head deeper in the establishment. Despite being tall and large, barely a sound is made with each step.

As it turns out, Liyara's hearing isn't particularly good, so those quiet steps don't really alert her at all to the purple... thing. All she knows is that this beef wellington was probably not MEANT to be eaten by hand. It's trying to fall out everywhere. Well, she won't have that. Determination and agility mean that she somehow manages to get it all into her mouth without wasting any. Small hints of flames lick out around the corners of her mouth as she finishes, and when she licks her lips to clean them off, there's a light glisten of liquid fire that evaporates off of them where one might expect saliva. Well. That's one way to clean up.

The dragonkin leans against the bar afterwards and gives a happy little sigh. "...Maybe non-meats aren't so bad if they're around meat." ... High praise.

What follows is a particularly strange display as the large rabbit wanders around the restaurant looking around for...something. Peeks are given under tables, around corners, over people. This likely gets a few strange looks from the restaurant staff. Why somebody would wear a large mascot suit is peculiar, but the city sees far worse. The rabbit careful lifts somebody's plate and looks underneath, probably to the dismay of the patron, but an apologetic glance is given as the rabbit's ears bob once and a lifted hand wiggles fingers.

It isn't until the figure wanders over to have a peek behind the bar that he winds up stopping to scratch thick fingers over his head in apparent thought. Those arms then cross over the rabbit's chest, just underneath a large red bow tie, before a hand lifts to rub underneath lapine chin in even deeper thought. A vacant searching gaze is then passed about the entirety of the visible restaurant interior from where the purple one stands. Odd how those eyes seem to glow red during the pan about.

Liyara still doesn't immediately notice the large purple rabbit when it wanders about the restaurant. She's looking back at the menu, and if the rabbit needs to look under her menu, she'll move it out of the way without really thinking. There are so many chicken dishes - but only a few cow dishes that aren't under beef or steak. She's almost decided what flavor of cow she wants to finish her meal for the night, when she blinks. Twice.

Slowly, Liyara turns to look at the rabbit. "..." She's seen an awful lot of things, but she never had stuffed animals, and has never seen anything remotely like the artistic style behind the purple thing, let alone a large, person-sized version. It's like most people seeing CGI for the first time. But in reverse.

"...What are you looking for?" She raises her voice, after realizing that she had lost it. Is there actually a person in there? She ... honestly doesn't know.

At the moment so asked, the rabbit happens to be facing enough away from the one asking that the bunny's face goes unseen in the reply. "Oh, I'm looking for my boss. He's supposed to have my guitar for me so I can practice playing our songs." It's such an instant answer, too, with a playfully masculine yet naturally soothing voice as if the act of searching itself is really nothing odd at all.

His hands move to his hips and, for a moment, stands akimbo. His voice is a little off, as if it comes from inside the head after all. His shoulders sag and the sound of a sigh follows along with the gesture. "I really thought he was going to meet me here. Boss Bear isn't normally late." Those hands lift from those hips and raise into a shrug, the tail on the back of the rabbit's posterior gives a wiggle, and the figure turns to look over to Liyara.

His face shows an expression of curiosity and his mouth articulates so well with spoken words that one could probably lip read: "Have you see a bear around here with a red guitar?" He blinks, twice, despite those clearly not being organic eyes. "Maybe I'm the one that's late and I missed him."

"No..." Liyara responds slowly, taking her time to look the rabbit over. "...I can't say I have. Did you..." She pauses, glancing around and processing everything the rabbit did in her peripheral vision earlier. "...Did you think he would be under people's plates?" That's an odd place to look for someone. Maybe 'Boss Bear' can shrink? Liyara isn't quite sure.

"...Is he very small?"

The rabbit laughs, a very joyful noise while he leans back, mouth open, and lifts an arm to wave a hand. "Oh, wow, no. You're so silly. My boss isn't small. Freddy is about as tall as me! Ha ha ha." It's not a derisive laugh at all, either. It's honestly quite genuine, as if somebody just told a really funny stupid joke to a kid.

The rest of the question concerning looking under plates goes unanswered just yet, but that doesn't mean the purple rabbit is averse to answering. He's distracted by laughter. He even reaches up as if to wipe away a tear from his left eye that clearly doesn't exist while his bucktoothed smile shows broadly. "Foxy says that Freddy needs to go on a diet, though, but I don't think he's fat or anything. Foxy just likes to tease; it means he cares."

"...I see." Liyara says, though she sees very little. "I suppose I was simply confused as to why you seemed to be looking under things and people for him. But I must have misunderstood." She stands up a little on her tip-toes, her wings fluttering slightly behind her, as if maybe she could see better into not-organic eyes if she was on level with them. "...You say his name is Freddy?"

What a curious manner of creature. The more she looks it over, the more certainly it must be a construct. Or he, rather. Constructs can have presumed genders, too. Liyara's a special kind of racist, but for some reason Toril doesn't have any of the gender hangups that some places do. Probably has to do with spells like alter self. "...And he's a tall bear with a guitar. I'll keep an eye out." She'll keep two!

"Ohhhh, thaaaat..." The rabbit draws out the words as if the matter really isn't too new or noteworthy. "We're really good at finding hiding spots, and in the Case of the Cold Cut Creature there were even holes in the table hidden under a big serving dish dome." The rabbit mimics pulling a serving cover up and away, then presses his hands to his cheeks in dramatic fashion for a gasp. "It's a talking sandwich head! Run away!" This evolves into more laughter, though more briefly than previous. "You had to have been there, but you could always watch it, too."

Yet, suddenly, "Wait, you aren't a fan? I can't believe you aren't a fan. You're so adorable! ...wait, that means you don't know Freddy? Or Foxy? Or Chica? Or...me!" With a little bounce, the rabbit spreads his arms wide and wiggles his large fingers while slowly lifting his arms higher and- the damnedest thing can be heard in this buildup coming from the rabbit: a rolling snare drum? "Oh boy, you better bet a beautiful billion that bashful becomes brave bit by bit being by the Buddy Bunny Bard, Bonnie!" Trumpets and fanfare sound at the crescendo. "That's me!" ...and then the sound of children cheering 'yay!'? Yep. And those are definitely mechanical eyes. And they definitely have an almost imperceptible glow.

Liyara listens, but has a hard time following exactly what the rabbit-that-isn't is talking about. It sounds like he plays a game with his boss, and apparently a very strange one? When asked if she's a fan, though, she just puts her hands behind her back and offers a radiant smile. "I'm new in town." Her wings flutter extra-quickly at that, causing her to float just a few inches off the ground.

She floats back down as musical sounds start coming from the rabbit. She tilts her head to one side, then another as Bonnie introduces himself properly, and ... he has a soundtrack. And children cheering? She doesn't bother glancing around, she knows there are no children in here. How curious. Perhaps some sort of... magic mouth.... cast inside the construct? Suit? She's still guessing.

"Well, I'm Liyara." She doesn't say it's nice to meet Bonnie, because honestly, she doesn't know if it is. And she doesn't say it's a pleasure for the same reason. But it is fascinating. "I'm glad to have the opportunity to make your acquaintance." That much is true. Pleasant or not, she definitely likes interesting.

The big purple fuzzy rabbit thing clasps his hands together, fingers meshing, as he simply outright agrees, "I'm so happy to meet you, too! Wow, I wish I had wings. You're so lucky. If I did, I could fly around and look for where the boss is with my guitar." Somewhat mesmerized by those wings, he suddenly breaks free from the train of thought.

"I mean, I can't play without a guitar. It just wouldn't the same, you know?" As such, in example, the rabbit strikes an air guitar pose and plays a little silence. "Oh, jellybeans, Liyara. It's not nearly as fun. But...I'm sure he'll show sooner or later. Do you like to play songs?"

Bonnie goes silent after asking his question, as to be expected of the general practice of asking questions, but the way his ears lift higher and the way he holds the pose still almost seems like he's waiting on the children watching at home to play along and answer, too.

"Jellybeans." Liyara enunciates, processing the word quickly enough, but not sure how it applies here. It must be a colloquialism wherever this Bonnie is from. "Well, I can't say that I'm very good at music, no Bonnie." She shrugs at that, and then flits over to an unoccupied table to sit upon it with her legs crossed and her tail draped across the whole thing. "My talents lie more in..." Arson. "...other areas. But I imagine when you find your guitar, you'll play a lovely tune."

By the rabbit's standards, anyway. Liyara has very eclectic tastes in music - even for someone from Faerun. "...I'm sure there are people who could help you find the guitar, though! Have you tried the visitor center?" Yes, because that will go well.

"Visitor Center?" echoes the rabbit with an edge of wonder as if the place spoken of were a magical land existing only in myth and legend. He wanders closer to Liyara's new perch with rapt attention. "It sounds like- Like a really fun place. I bet they have cake. And anybody that visits can play games together, or sing songs. Sing sing-along songs! I know a lot of sing-along songs. Want to try guessing my favorite sing-along song?"

The rabbit is practically giddy and bouncing from foot to foot. It may not make a lot of sound, but the shifting of the figure's body, soft and fuzzy as it is, seems to reveal the fact that it is somewhat heavy. "Oh, oh, but I can't really play it without my guitar. Oh, drumsticks and sadface. Why don't you just tell me about Visitor Center instead?"

Bonnie doesn't exactly have a seat. He's a bit large and seems a bit too animated in conversation to be one to sit for long.

"Well..." Liyara begins. "It's designed to welcome newcomers, I believe. I've only been the one time." They seemed pretty insistent that she wouldn't be getting home any time soon, so Liyara mostly dismissed them as half-wits. Not that she shares this with her new acquaintance. "...It does seem like a place where you might find others like you." Maybe this 'boss bear' Freddy is already over there? She really wouldn't know. But it's as good a guess as any. And probably the most welcome place to... well, unusual creatures like the one she's looking at.

"...Might be worth your while." There's just something... off about Bonnie. But while it's pretty easy to identify, it's difficult for Liyara to describe. She doesn't have the framing or context to explain it properly. Dragon.

Hinoken leans his head out the break room door at all the chatter. "What's everyone talking about toni- oh hey, the entertainment's here!" he says upon noticing Bonnie, stepping out of the break room and gently shutting the door behind him. He's in casual dress today, apparently either having gotten off work earlier or perhaps just hanging out for whatever reason. "You know your show isn't scheduled until tomorrow though, right?" He also gives Liyara a friendly wave.

"Oh! Oh, no, Freddy was insistent that he meet me here at this restaurant since we haven't found our other restaurant yet." This statement is accompanied by a nod that adds a touch of finality to the matter. "We used to play here sometimes, but there were different people here before, so we get to make new friends all over again." Bonnie's ears slowly dip backward as he reveals as much, then a single one shoots upright as Hinoken makes an appearance.

In reply, the rabbit offers a shrug. "Freddy was supposed to be here with my guitar so I could practice, but he's late. Boss Bear doesn't like it when the rest of the band is late so he usually sets a pretty solid example to lead us by. I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I'm just so excited!"

As other customers leave the restaurant, another pushes through the small group instead of stepping aside. Clonk, clunk, clank. Are those footsteps?

Liyara is watching Bonnie, and shrugs when he insists that the restaurant is where Freddy will meet him. Who is she to argue? "New friends. That's a good way to look at things." Optimism. In a construct. She's pretty sure he's a construct. Like... 70%. That's pretty sure.

When Hinoken pops out, Liyara offers him a wave, and a radiant smile that could melt, well, anything that smiles could melt. Ah, so the bunny bard is to be part of an entertainment troupe. That follows, yes it does. "It sounds like someone knows you here after all!" She manages to say that with delight, because she has practiced such things. In truth, she's just surprised. Are creatures like this really commonplace here? It's just so... she doesn't have the word for it. "...Are those footsteps?"

Those are footsteps. And they come from somebody else like Bonnie, despite the fact that Bonnie doesn't have loud footsteps at all. But it's not a bunny, like Bonnie; it's a- Well, it's a fox and the rabbit did mention the name Foxy. That's almost...cartoonish.

Bonnie is large and soft and looks very clean and uncanny. Foxy...looks like he was once very soft and clean. But, now? Whatever illusion Bonnie has in appearance is lost in execution with the fox -- that wears simple brown trousers -- and has an eyepatch -- and has a hook for a right hand -- because the fox simply looks incomplete or...damaged. Nonetheless, the pirate-themed character crosses the restaurant with something in his hand: a red Flying-V guitar.

Well, that's clearly not Freddy.

"You brought it!" Bonnie bounds over to scoop the instrument up and give it a welcoming hug before offering the pirate fox a high five. The fox obliges using his left hand. "Where's Freddy? He's late."

"Aye, that he be, bun. He thought he saw somebody he be knowin' and needed to be sure it be Him." The much more masculine voice with what some would consider a stereotypical (or easily recognizable) pirate/sailor accent. The vulpine figure, for what fuzzy parts aren't ripped or completely missing to expose mechanical parts or internals, glances to Hinoken before giving Liyara an eyeing over. While Bonnie is very bright and curious and colorful in personality, whatever might be off-feeling about the rabbit is nothing compared to the fox. That cycloptic gaze is almost suspicious.

"Be sure it was whom?"

Foxy repeats, "Him."

Bonnie's eyes go wide, but for only the quickest of moments, before whispering, "...oh..." That's strange. Did the lights just dim for a moment? "Okay. I'll just practice, then. Um, this is Liyara and she might want to watch us play."

Hinoken shrugs. "I wouldn't say I know him, exactly, but I know of his band. They play here pretty often, usually while I'm in the kitchen. They're alright, mostly entertainment for the kids. I think they come from some pizza place?" And then Foxy enters, Hinoken waves to him, and adds, "And yes, they're all animals. Animatronics, I think. We have similar things where I come from."

Liyara makes a surprised sound when she sees the pirate fox, battle damage and all. Constructs, then. When Hinoken says animatronics, Liyara just looks a hint more confused. Another word that wasnt in any of her reading. "I'm sure they are quite the musicians." She looks amused, and leans back on her table - not doing so much as raising an eyebrow when the lights flicker. She practically fades into the background, just another patron watching local celerbrities.

"Liyara, this is Foxy. He's our bass guitarist." Bonnie removes the pick tucked between the strings on the neck, cradles the guitar in his hands, and begins to pluck a simple melody. Of course, it's an electric guitar, so the volume is naturally pretty low.

The fox, this Foxy so introduced, takes a little stage bow. "Aye, and I be th' craftiest pirate t'ever sail the many seas. Swashbuckler, sailor, plunderer, luck-pilferer /and/ charmer." It's so over the top silly in concept that it really does feel unrealistic, yet...they are clearly real thinking and reacting things.

"Charms? Luck?"

"Aye, bun."

"But, Foxy, I didn't know you were Irish."

Rimshot. No. Really.

Hinoken facepalms at the pun, but nods to Liyara. "Think of them like dolls. Just... big dolls, that can talk and move on their own. It's kind of complicated to explain." he says with a shrug, then takes a seat to watch the antics.

With a nod to Hinoken, Liyara gives a small laugh at Foxy's introduction. "He doesn't seem very basic to me." ... Did she make a pun? No. Must be a coincidence.

As Foxy introduces himself further, the dragon-lady just muses to herself, watching him. With the glowing eyes and the dimming lights, one might think she got the sensation that there's more to them than just mere constructs, but really, she's just along for the ride, now. They're strange, unusual, somewhat fuzzy constructs that make music. They're definitely the strangest thing she's seen today, or even since she got here. But they're not the strangest things she's *ever* seen. So she can cope. Somehow.

"Ye best be watching what ye say. This fox be not any doll or dame or wench." Actually, while not exactly angry, the tone of Foxy's voice is somewhat serious. He moves his hook to his waist to catch the fabric. "Ye best to not force me t'prove i-"

A sudden burst of volume comes from the rabbit as he seems to serve as a needed amplifier that interrupts Foxy's baseless threats with the notes played, despite not...actually...plugging the guitar into anything (or even himself). The articulation and coordination of those fingers, thick as they are, over the neck and strings is honestly an impressive feat of engineering. The seemingly random jam of heavy metal power chords ends with a slip right into the notes starting one song in particular. A song named Barracuda by a group called Heart. One of Bon's favorite groups.

Bonnie smiles over at Foxy, clearly thrilled to have his guitar back, although some of the patrons may not appreciate the volume of which this celebration is presented. Foxy seems distracted enough to simply tap a metal foot and silently air guitar along with...with a hook as a pick. Bonnie looks back to Liyara and Hinoken for approval.

Hinoken shakes his head at Foxy. "Please don't. I'm just trying to get the idea across to her in terms she'll understand. She's obviously from somewhere that doesn't have things like you two." As Bonnie starts up his practice session though, it's a welcome distraction, and Hinoken cheers him on.

Wings aflutter, Liyara listens to the strange music once Bonnie and Foxy get going. Everything in Toril is acoustic. This is definitely something very different than she was expecting; but she's not entirely opposed. Something in every dragon's heart cries out for metal, after all, whether they know it or not. So she offers another of those radiant smiles. This will be an interesting way to pass the night.

Foxy does interject, however. "Bun, ye best not play in here if ye want t'practice our set, aye? No good giving it all away."

Stopping his playing, the rabbit smiles. "You're right. That's even something Boss Bear would say!" Saying this, however, causes the fox to grumble as he clearly doesn't appreciate the comparison. The group must have quite a strange dynamic between each of the members. "Well, I need a place to practice."

In unison, which some might find creepy, both fox and rabbit look directly to Hinoken for a suggestion on where to move along.

Hinoken shrugs when asked that. "Eh, break room's right over there. Not the best soundproofing, but it's better than nothing."

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