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"For the love of... Johnny just what in the seventh level have you gotten yourself involved in now?"
"For the love of... Johnny just what in the seventh level have you gotten yourself involved in now?"
The voice is obvious to the Maniac, but as for the group of animatronics, an heavily gray robed figure slides from the doorway. A pale hand grasps ahold of a long staff, as it drifts towards the maniac. "Hell is already torture enough Johnny. They don't need you tormenting them with pirate speak for the next few hundred years. Dread Pirate NNY is a horrible thing to even think about."
The voice is obvious to the Maniac, but as for the group of animatronics, an heavily gray robed figure slides from the doorway. A pale hand grasps ahold of a long staff, as it drifts towards the maniac. "Hell is already torture enough Johnny. They don't need you tormenting them with pirate speak for the next few hundred years. Dread Pirate NNy is a horrible thing to even think about."

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Buckleswash Snackbeard III

Summary: Another snack run leads to Johnny making new friends, whether Caliga likes them or not.

Who: Caliga, Fazbear and Friends, Johnny C
When: November 9th, 2019
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Nowhereto Park - Entrance(#5257R)
Parting the iron gates, a lavish walkway between two high, stone walls leads into the aptly-named Nowhereto Park. Because there's NOWHERE TO PARK. (We're not sorry.) Along the north side of the boundary wall is a grime-covered window, and an old, half-rotted door. Strangely, the door is extremely durable and won't give no matter how hard you try.

...unless you happen to have one foot in the grave, whereon it swings open invitingly at your faintest touch.

Less morbid expanses of tree-smattered grass lead away in most other directions, while the paved trail continues, turning several lazy bends before it slopes gently down to the east.

The narrow path that leads to the Park is shrouded with fog in the dim light of the evening. The old door leading to the waiting room creaks open, spilling a bright florescent light onto the opposite wall as Johnny C steps out into the night. Those sensitive to it can feel the darkness rolling out of the door like a fog as, of course, the waiting room is a temporary stop on a soul's way to the beyond. More accurately, to the one typically reserved for those who've embraced the darker side of humanity.

Pulling a trench coat tighter around himself, Johnny closes the door behind him and starts to head out of the park, once more with the intention of hitting the 24*7. He's been making this trek a lot more often under the secrecy of the night, not that anyone is likely to notice. Pausing he raises a brow at the fog that seems to be appropriately rolling in tonight. Last time it was foggy was not a good night and as such the maniac's tone seems to pale. Bad memories.

Fog is just fog, though. You don't have to worry about the fog. Now, anything that might be lurking in the fog is another thing entirely. But, the fog rolling in as it does, one might muse over if it's ever been any foggier, although one might not quite have the foggiest idea on the answer to that.

One thing IS certain, however, as the rising humidity has a way of obscuring and muting detail that might otherwise be all too obvious. It's one thing to notice movement, but the scattering of light and the barest motion of air is enough to create the illusion of movement. It's another thing to notice light, although the distance beyond one's personal depth of sight may blur the source.

But there is definitely a brief glimpse of light, out there; perhaps somebody is using an electric torch to light their way, but swivel of motion causes the light to sweep away and out of sight once more. Then again, since when are flashlights red? The glimmer of glow reappears, but it's not in the direction it was first located. Rather, it's a few degrees off to the side. Fleeting. Ominous. The illumination of the surrounding fog from the passes of light are one thing, but the fact that the glowing comes in pairs is another thing altogether.

Johnny's head swivels around as the glowing red orbs make themselves known. It's not like him to be startled by anything, really, but with creeping memories of the things Alessa did to him... the pyramid headed monsters... creatures made of jumbled body parts... having that helmet bolted to his own head and making him subservient... Johnny swallows hard, placing his hand on the dagger sheathed at his hip. "Ha ha. Funny. Yeah. Spook the maniac in the fog, why don'tcha?" He looks around for someone to give it away. "It's Halloween, right? Somewhere in that ballpark?" His eyes go back to those red lights. Dead lights. "C'mon, I just want to buy some snacks. I left work back in the office."

The only thing that could probably add to the atmosphere is the sound of laughter. A laugh, nearly a giggle, off somewhere in the blanket of obfuscation seems to pull the attention of something else. Heavy footsteps begin from one point and rush thumpingly toward the direction of the laughter where everything goes quiet once more.

It's about at this point that the sound of a voice speaking adds an element of personal location and another bout of footsteps seems to hurry toward Johnny's direction. Step after step, growing louder and louder, each from the foot of a heavy creature that is amazingly fast closes in -- yet nothing shows. Everything goes silent.

"I found yeeeee!!"

The voice from nearby chimes in as a silhouette with a single glowing red eye leans out from around a nearby tree, at the flank of the snack-hunter, that is very very close by. A look of confidence on the animalistic face suddenly swaps to confusion in a blink when the target is unexpected and unknown and...unintentional.

There are many things playing in the imagination of Johnny C at this moment. Abominations made of random human body parts, nightmares of teeth and tentacles, little creepy floating bunny things with wings, but as a stomping monstrosity makes itself known and cries out that it has found him in the fog - a pirate fox was not one of them. Johnny jumps back, drawing his dagger with a scream few have heard him utter as the weapon starts to change him. The black bladed Dread Dagger alights in black flames like the darkest sketches of a gothling's notebook. The hand clutching it loses all definition and becomes a solid black living shadow and in seconds it spreads across his body leaving Johnny standing more as a shape than a person with white pupil-less eyes going wide at the....wait, did that pose say pirate fox? Johnny blinks a few times as well, letting out an exhausted sigh. "What the FUCK are you supposed to be?!"

"Wait..." says the glowy-eyed fox as the illumination glints off the metal of the hook resting against the tree. Slowly, that metal pulls away and upward, and then with a careful flick a flap is lifted and a second glowing eye is revealed. These two eyes give the shape of a person before him a rather scrutinous look. "Hmm, ye not be Chica."

This statement, for some reason, is found to be very funny indeed and the fox-like pirate laughs in a very pirate-y way. "Arr ha ha ha ha ha harrrrr. Ye be needin' more feathers on ye to compete with th' lass. Ha ha ha ha, yarr." It's not exactly an introduction. Or is it?

The strange furry being is not only somewhat hidden by a tree, but the fog also helps to cover any imperfections of body. The movements of the mouth are close enough to real movement that it should stand out as being anything but natural to the average person. The way the tip of a tongue slips free to brush over the upper fore side of his muzzle in-between sentences helps punctuate the question that follows.

"Have ye, by chance, seen a chicken about, then? Or a rabbit?" This is spoken low, however, as if perhaps to be discreet, and the notion of such is compounded by the way that hook moves to the side of the vulpine mouth as if to help hush those words from spreading. It's really not that helpful. Of course, this all comes with the fact that the creature doesn't seem that intimidated by the nature and appearance of the one before him, either. That's not to say that such a presence doesn't have an effect. The fox glances away to peer out into the fog where another set of lights ducks away out of view once more, but when he looks back to Johnny his eyes no longer glow as they did before. Rather, each eye is hollow and black as the blackest pitch while only a single sinister red dot is present in the center of each pit.

"Don't let 'em hear ye answer or they be knowin' the how of it." He looks back to where the fog-hidden lights were once again, but upon facing the spooked dagger-wielder again all appearances are normal once again.

Johnny... just.... stares... "...riiiiiiight." The shadows seem to melt off of him as he exhales again and he begins to twirl the dagger in his hand around his fingers giving the impression of a gunslinger spinning his gun. The fear sapped out of the moment, the maniac walks up to the animatronic fox to get a better look at him. "Okay, so... hear me out." His left eye narrows to almost a squint. "...are you real, or am I seeing things again?" He reaches out to try and poke Foxy's snout with a gloved hand and will if not stopped. "I guess that's not specific enough, is it?" Assuming nothing ill occurs he crosses his arms after sheathing his weapon once more. "Are you-wait, no you can't be one of my voices." He narrows both eyes now, "Mine never talk like pirates." This is a cold, hard, fact. Look it up.

Almost a pity that the fox is the one to get testingly 'booped' and not the bear. That would lead to a whole different reaction. Literally. But, on the fox's behalf, it goes quite allowed. There's no hesitation or fear or concern. He is real, very much a physical thing, and is very much standing there leaning out from behind a tree.

"Aye, it be true, lad. I be a real pirate. Most fearsome pirate to ever sail the many seas what makes his home in Pirate Cove." Honestly, would a band of pirates really name their hideout 'Pirate Cove'? ...maybe? "Name o' Foxy the Pirate Fox, I be; a ya-ha-ha-harr and a fiddle-dee-dee."


As the fox named Foxy is happy to spout about an actual introduction this time, the game he was playing must be on pause. Slowly, throughout the sing-song shanty simulacrum, another shape comes into view behind the fox. This one is taller and seems to be wearing a hat. "So, before anybody hears, be that a yea or nay on seeing me hidey-seek crew?"

The shape behind the fox crosses arms.

Johnny's annoyance tanks when the fox admits to being a real pirate. Try as he might he can't erase the smirk on his face so he simply buries his face in a palm until it starts singing. Slowly he peers back up and raises a brow at the second shape, his hand still raised covering his mouth by extension. With his other hand he simply points at the new one casually. No words this time, just a disbelieving shake of his head. Part of him wants to run expecting them to be another manifestation of dark forces trying once more to control him by abusing his own broken psyche - but the rest of him is far too amused to see where this is going.

The fox spends a moment trying to decipher what these expressions can mean regarding his question, but then a finger is pointed. Those ears perk up. "Aye, ye see somebody do ye?" There's a pause as if waiting for a response. "Be it the bun?" The fox pauses again, even if it's an odd prompt. "The chicken?" That shape is neither rabbit or chicken. Strange how he hasn't mentioned a bear. That would be more appropriate befitting the somewhat obscured (and seemingly disappointed) figure.

After the next pause, the fox breaks into a wide grin. The teeth that show look potentially dangerous, but, true to style, a few of them are even gold-capped. That much is obvious this close. "It be the chicken, then! She not be escapin' me this time." That eyepatch lowers once more when the fox nods and prepares to dash away into the fog.

He gets as far as turning around before smacking into the other figure and falling backward onto his butt with a clank and a swish of the tail. Slowly, the pirate looks up at the hat-wearing individual just as they step forward more into sight. It is, indeed, a bear. With a top hat. And a bow tie.

The bear shakes a finger. "Foxy, you were cheating again. For shame. And you talked this little boy into helping you, too. Double shame. You owe somebody an apology, Foxy." Glowing eyes from the bear upturn to look straight at Johnny C. Like it or not, this now involves the unfortunate individual that simply wanted to grab a snack.

There's a slow chuckle that drifts out of Johnny's mouth and it quickly builds into a maniacal, joyful, laughter complete with his head tilted backwards, his face cackling to the heavens. Part of it is the pure ridiculousness of the goings on, but mostly it's the sheer audacity of someone to call him a 'little boy'. Johnny cracks his neck as he jerks his head down to meet the bear's eyes (metaphorically if not literally). His own hollowed out eyes from decades of sleep deprivation stare at the bear in obvious defiance. Those eyes reflecting an age far greater than his body might imply. "Oh, oh yes. Apologize to the fucking madman with blood on his hands." Not literally at the moment. "Clearly I'm fucking dreaming, that's the only explanation for this. As that's incredibly rare for me these days, I'd much rather see where the pirate plot is going than turn things over to Teddy Ruxpin, so if you don't mind...?"

Scooting backwards over the ground to back up closer to where Johnny observes these goings-on, the Pirate Fox begins to stand. This close and without a tree to hide behind, there might be a bit more about the fox's nature that becomes apparent due to his...disrepair. "Aye, ye see? The lad is on me side o' the matter. No amount of free sodie pop is going to sway th' allegiance of this honorary pirate." Yes, Johnny has now been dubbed an honorary pirate. Such accomplishment! "And, as ye can tell, there be no cheatin' involved!"

The fox tries to explain with a shift of his eye from side to side as he comes up with a story, even if the idea of pirates not cheating might be absurd. "Ye see, Freddy, I be runnin' about lookin' fer ye and the chick and the bun, aye? Well, I heard him say words -- with his mouth -- and I be mistakin' him for ye. When I ran up on over t' catch him, and by he I mean ye, I..."

"I ran aground into th' bark of a sea oak, I did. Did you not see him pluck a splinter from me nose?" Freddy doesn't look convinced. "I just needed t'find ye in case I had wood stuck in me snout, yarr."

"Then why ask about Bonnie and Chica?" A valid question.

Foxy simply spreads his arms. "I be needing their help to find ye, Freddy. Everybody knows ye be best at Hidey-seek!" The non-hook hand points at Johnny in this. "Even he be aware: ye can't spot th' bear; yo ho hum, dum de diddly dum."

Johnny's hand goes to his dagger again, not quite knowing what to expect of the Fonzie the Bear but he doesn't quite appreciate that he's been completely ignored in this conversation save for the Fox who's statement about being an 'honorary pirate' brings another grin and a headshake from the maniac. Still, he's obviously just having a relapse. A very vivid, elaborate, relapse. To himself he mutters aloud, "...all I'm missing is a decapitated bunny head and a couple of styrofoam art pieces from this being an episode of 'This is your life'." Wait, what does that mean? "I mean, you guys could have at least had the consideration to wait until I had snacks for this." It's true. Jerks.

The normal sounds of the park slowly start to grow quiet, the wind itself dying down to a complete stop. The leaves of the trees grow still, and the sounds from the street behind fade away as well. Eventually, the rotted door creaks fully open.

"For the love of... Johnny just what in the seventh level have you gotten yourself involved in now?"

The voice is obvious to the Maniac, but as for the group of animatronics, an heavily gray robed figure slides from the doorway. A pale hand grasps ahold of a long staff, as it drifts towards the maniac. "Hell is already torture enough Johnny. They don't need you tormenting them with pirate speak for the next few hundred years. Dread Pirate NNy is a horrible thing to even think about."

"Somebody mention snacks?" calls out a voice as a yellow and feathery critter wanders over through the dense fog. "Y'all all right? If y'all wanted to put the game on hold, you should have at least let us know- Oh!" That...must be the chicken. That just leaves the bunny, though if decapitated is up for debate. Sure enough, it's an anthropomorphized baby chicken. Not a hen. And she wears a bib that says 'Let's Eat!' Just another detail to add to whole absurd mess?

Shocked at seeing somebody else present, this Chica raises a hand to wiggle fingers designed to look like feathers (though they really aren't) in greeting. "Why, hello there, sugar. I didn't know we were making friends. What's your name?"

"Arr, this be me honorary pirate-" That's odd, there's something about the change in atmosphere in the park that causes the speaking fox to briefly, uh: Foxy's head quivers quickly a bit, his eyes dim once more, and the words spoken are somewhat garbled in a way that a normal person wouldn't be able to pronounce. "ThE BladEd KEymastEr, WranglE thEn StranglE, bEndandbrEak," is rattled off by Foxy in notably -not- a pirate's accent, but the moment he's done talking, the strangeness fades from his eyes.

Chica and Freddy stare at this display. The chicken comments, quietly, "My stars, that's an odd name." Freddy nods at this as the other arrives into the overly foggy park and has things to say to their new friend.

"I completely agree with you. Honorary Pirate Buckleswash Snackbeard the Third IS an odd name," Freddy echoes. That is -not- what was said. "I like it!" At least everybody is all smiles now? Of course, this means all five eyes turn to look between the two others present.

Spinning around to stare at Caliga's arrival, Johnny has a wave of relief wash over him, "YOU CAN SEE THEM TOO!?!" He lets out the most exaggerated sigh of relief. "Oh thank god." He rubs his eyes with one hand and turns back to listen to the conversation. His amusement significantly raised. Even the sight of Chica manages to get him snickering. He opens his mouth to respond just as Foxy cuts him off. His jaw hangs open for the briefest moment but closes when the robot goes growly-demon on them. Johnny just turns and stares at Caliga, "Wait are you SURE they're not one of mine?" That is, after all, very much a Johnny trademark at this point - not that he (or any of his voices) would refer to himself as 'keymaster'. He watches the others again a little more closely with a raised brow and sweatrdops at 'Buckleswash Snackbeard the Third'. In a voice raised only enough for his friend to hear he mutters, "...I think I'm starting to see how Diablo feels when people call him Mister Satan." With a forced cough, Johnny interjects, "My name is Johnny C, actually. My friends call me NNY." Yes, it sounds like he says Knee, but y'know, without the K. "This is Caliga. Clearly you guys are new." He turns back to Caliga with a grin, "Can I keep 'em?"

The mention of a keymaster causes an ornate red gem at the top of the staff to shimmer slightly, the potential hint of danger causing it to radiate its deep power for the briefest of moments.

"Bladed Keymaster... Huh. I think I like that title. What do you think Johnny?"

Though, at Johnny's insistence at keeping them, it forces Caliga to show something other then mystic mumbo jumbo stoicism.

A bemused grin appears from beneath the hood of the robes, only to be followed by low chuckle. "Oh no Maniac, these ones are not yours.. Though.. It appears that part of them is more perceptive then most would be comfortable with."

Caliga moves closer to the fox, staring deep into it's mechanical eyes for a brief moment as if he were allowing whatever that may lurk within a better look at the entity they seem to think needs to be broken. "I'm positive Dis could use some new entertainment. Maybe they could open up some form of pizza shop, since The Pizza Cats Pizza Emporium decided that we're now out of their delivery area."

The pirate lifts his right arm once again to yet again raise the flap of his eye patch so that he can meet the gaze right back. Chica audibly mentions something about a staring contest to the bear and the bear nods knowingly. "Arr, these eyes o' mine see plenty," acknowledges the fox while staring. His voice comes from within, sure, but it isn't shaped by the movements of the mouth, no matter how excellent the movements may be. "Any sailor or pirate that can't use their eyes only be a salor or prate, yarr, and I be havin' no idea what those be."

This actually gets a giggle from Chica who quips in reply, "Foxy, that's just spelling the words sailor and pirate without any I's."

To this, the fox says flatly, "And a pirate without any ayes be terrible t' try gettin' along with."

Freddy speaks up, "I guess that's why we only get along half the time!" Rimshot. ..where the hell did that sound come from?

Beyond Foxy's red-glowing eyes, or, rather, those mechanical orbs that glow despite having no built in light source, is something...obscured. It's not a presence, exactly, so much as it is simply a matter of being. Physical, yet not a manifestation or apparition. No, there's a sadness at the core. Something almost with a shape. Some...body almost with a shape. Almost, but not. And then a flash of image, of a distorted face, almost that of a bear with a hat, but wrong. Very wrong. And the moment is INCREDIBLY brief, formed and then nigh-instantly broken the moment the word 'pizza' is uttered. Foxy blinks.

"Oh, we already have our own pizza restaurant," says the bear matter-of-factly while taking a step forward, removing his hat, and taking a bow. "Where Fantasy and Fun Come to Life!"

"YARR, ye beat me! Ah ha ha ha ha harr. Good job! Ye earned one o' me pieces o' eight!" The pirate fox reaches out with a very robotic hand to offer to drop something into the other's, and, if accepted: it's a game token?

If Johnny had any less control he'd be loudly squealing right now. This entertains him to levels previously held only by the exploding heads of immortal infants. (Long story.) You'd assume the poor spelling humor would make this less enjoyable, but that might actually be the best part for Johnny. When the slogan for a restaurant is spoken aloud, his self-control finally snaps. "Squeeeeeeeeeee!" Some unholy change rolls over him in a way that might genuinely scare Caliga. The Homicidal Maniac looks ready to reach over and start hugging them. "I love these guys so much!" Wait, seriously? A bunch of murderous robots that would give most children nightmares are what he finally geeks out ove... yeah, it's not even worth finishing that sentence. We all know it's true. Seriously, if one tried to kill Caliga right now he literally would start hugging it. The offered token comes close, though. "OOOH! OOOH! I want one too!! Where is this place?! We're totally eating there RIGHT NOW." Yes folks, it's pizza time.

There is a moment when Caliga physically stiffens as the other 'thing' makes itself known. Yet, when the token is offered, he does take it with his free hand. The golden token is glanced at, before being pocketed within an unseen pocket of the robes.

"Very very perceptive indeed."

The words are uttered in the barest of whispers, but there is a force behind them that would resonate within the trio of machines here. This is one who understands. This is one who /knows/ just what it is to be them.

Straightening up, Caliga finally lowers the hood on his robes and smiles at Foxy. "You truly were a worthy opponent. I'll have to keep a watchful eye out for you for sure." Of course, the fact that there is now a fangirling maniac is something that bothers Caliga moreso then him pretending to be a Dread Pirate.

"Oh for the love of... Johnny, before you start pissin' your pants in excitement, I do need to remind you that you do have a job, that is currently /on hold/ until you and I both return. I mean, that new plaza isn't going to build itself."

At being complimented at his staring prowess, despite losing, the pirate fox chuckles and places hand and hook on his hips as if perhaps he threw the fight on purpose for the sake of fun and entertainment. The yellow bird and the brown bear draw in closer while the bear replaces his hat and, despite the bickering and sparks, demonstrates the true camaraderie binding their troupe by placing a large hand atop the Fox's shoulder. With Freddy in the middle of the other two, each pair of eyes glowing as they are, the bear finally answers the excited one. "We lost it! But don't worry, little boy, we're sure to find it again soon."

"We've been looking for a long time, y'all," adds the chicken.

"Aye, but we're used to traveling around th' world. We've been at it for years, mateys." The fox mentions something peculiar.

A sudden flurry of motion springs forth as something taller than the others and undeniably purple in color leaps out from behind a tree without much of a sound made at all. Who's that Fazfriend? It's Bonnie! "Celebrate!" he cheers with the sound of a party horn noisemaker followed by children cheering. Given the atmosphere and setting, that's not creepy at all.

"I lasted the longest. I won!" The rabbit turns to NNy, grinning bucktoothedly, and holds out a hand, palm forward. "High five."

Johnny scowls at Caliga for the reminder. "I know what the fuck my job is. At least I DO mine. Have you seen my wall lately?" He puffs up a little, "THAT was inspiration. Fastest way to process damned souls Hell's ever seen." He gestures wildly at his fellow councilman. "And what have you done lately? Gone fishing? Wasn't that what you told me you were going to do?" He glares, at least until more animatronics show up. When Bonnie runs up he gives the rabbit a curious raised brow then looks at Caliga, and out of pure indignence does something else he's never done before. He returns the high five with the robot. Physical contact! Intentionally!? (Let's just ignore the glove for now) Johnny is literally daring Caliga to do something about it now. "Hey, we could probably get you guys a new pizza place you can't find one. Dis has plenty of room." All of this is said while sideglancing Caliga. Yeah. What're you going to do about it?

A grin starts to form upon Caliga's face, one that would normally worry /anyone/ who actually knows him as he turns to face the Maniac. "Oh, I /did/ Johnny. I even shared a drink with Miss Dark. I'm quite positive you remember her. I've got QUITE the story for you." The grin twists just a little more, until he turns and faces the group of mechanical furries.

"Sadly, I must take your new friend away. It's time for him to get back to work, and while I do miss being able to socialize.. It does take me away from my own duties. Yet, if you four ever want to see us sooner rather than later.."

Thick green fog suddenly surrounds the high-fiving Maniac, only to zip rapidly into the open doorway, upon which Caliga then turns and walks back towards himself.

"All you have to do is knock on our door. We'll /always/ be ready to answer for /you/."

Once the words leave Caliga's mouth, he steps into the doorway, and bows towards the intrepid musical machines, pulling his hood back over his head as he rises and steps back into the darkness. The door quietly closes on its own as life once more returns to this section of the park.

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