2019-11-14 - Let's Be Pirates!

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Let's Be Pirates!

Summary: Mimi flies Gemma and Felicity out to a place she'd heard about from other explorers. While travelling, Gemma and Felicity try to convince Mimi to do something she... would rather not do.

Who: Felicity, Gemma Doyle, Mimi Valroon
When: November 14th, 2019
Where: The Void Beyond Mabase

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At long last, a mission. For a few weeks now these ladies have been at it hard with the training and preparations but now they are really heading out there to do more than practice. Today marks one of the first real explorations they are to do of the airspace above the tangle of Twisted City- aka Mabase. All of the skills they have been working to hone are finally being put to practical use. There is a kind of excitement charging the air, but also a solemnity that goes hand in hand with committing to any job. This is no game. This is real.

Felicity, fastened to her hanging seat surveys her chunk of kingdom with the cool, confidence of a woman who has the benefit of extensive experience in all things adventurous, yet she is not foolish or careless. She's simply ready to go. On the other hand, somethings well never change. Headset in place, she speaks to her crewmates, "Today is the day I shall finally shoot something." This pronouncement has nothing to prompt it whatsoever. "I feel it."

Pre-flights are done, and engines are warming up the old varytitite. This wondrous mineral that lets Mimi's plane just float up off the ground without a runway... and apparently she's not wised up to the fact that no one else has heard of it, because she's not once offered an explanation unless directly asked. She's about to say something, but Fee says something first, the subject of which brings a wince to her. "...I should hope not... We're only going out to that outpost today, the one I've heard has the really good food?" She sounds slightly unsure of herself. The other explorers she talked to declined to actually /describe/ said food, instead saying just 'you'll have to see what's there for yourself'. "Enough people make that trek that it should be free of any trouble..."

"You will kill Felicity's spirits with such talks if you keep it up, Mimi," Gemma says absent-mindedly as she checks the radar. Though there is nothing noteworthy at the moment, she's been deemed navigator by default and she intends to take that job seriously if it means that they should live another day without crashing into something unseen to the eyes into that void. Her hand goes to her hair and her fingers run through it instinctively and with an ounce of nervousness, and she is surprised to be reminded of how much shorter her red locks are now. Even though it's been a few weeks now, she still hasn't grown fully accustomed to her new look and the shoulder length. But even though it still feels strange, it isn't a bad thing for she can definitely say she doesn't dislike it in the least. It's just different. "Do you know how long it will take us to get there?" She asks, addressing Mimi again and this time looking at her.

"If trouble were always expected, we shouldn't often have it, "is all that Felicity can say in retort to Mimi's very fair and logical commentary. Bah! The truth is that she will look for any excuse to pull that trigger. It will take just one drop of opposition for her to let loose the hounds of war. Let's face it, the only thing more frustrating than not having any power, is having it but being unable to exercise it. Still, she isn't foolish enough to start trouble. She has this much sense, at least. She is content to have this option all the same. And now Gemma's gone and asked the question she had in mind. Yes, just how far -is- it?

Mimi Valroon rolls her eyes, even if it's unseen. "It's not like I told you to just sit in the drop-seat or anything," she says. Halberd, meanwhile, is lifting off under her care already and heading off towards the general mall area. She's long since stopped announcing what she does to the two: that's something she does for people that aren't used to flying. "I was told it was four hours out, but then again, that was talking with pilots of those things." She says that with a vague motion of her head towards one of the nearby dirigibles moored to the top of the lone remaining tower of Plowse Bridge.

"Those things? Is that what you call it?" Gemma asks, snickering and throwing a naughty look at Felicity. She brings her eyes back to the radar then looks outside to appreciate the view as it won't last much longer. "Four hours is a long time to keep your eyes glued to a radar? How you even expect to see anything worth shooting at in the void is beyond me."

"Airships," Felicity says. "Skeeve and I traveled on loads of those. They are unbearably slow, but the view is quite nice." Never is there an opportunity where Felicity Worthington will squander an opportunity to boast just a little bit. It's clear she means to impress her friend with her experience, though she did catch the naughty little smile on Gemma's face and returned one in kind. "As for the void, I expect Mimi requires your diligence on that front for the whole of these 4 hours. So sorry to inconvenience you, Gemma dear, but none of wish to die....Suck it up."

Mimi Valroon laughs, then grins sheepishly. "They're slow, dumpy, giant targets, and have horrible carry weight. Really, why does anyone at all use dirigibles?" She looks back at Fee and shrugs before she frowns. "Well, I understand the way they did it in the War with one of these is the radar operator would give a heading and the gunner would fire in the direction while the pilot aims in." There's also a spotlight on that turret, as well. "And any landmass should be big and obvious pretty quickly."

Gemma brings her hand to her heart with a dramatic flair worthy of theater. The shocked and mildly offended look she throws Felicity only adds to the effect. "You doubt me? Though I risk dying of boredom, I shall not fail from upholding my task and will power through the misery. Be glad I am willing to sacrifice myself for the greater good, for I should not be so hopeful if you were the one in my place." She offers Felicity an air kiss and then grins mischievously before turning her attention back to the radar. The incoming void chases away her prior foolishness and she grows more serious, focused.

Felicity cocks her head to the side, draws a finger gun and opens fire on Gemma in this manner, a crooked grin on her face. "For your insubordination." Ah, how jolly they all are. This little day trip is precisely what they all needed - a damned purpose. "You want me to shoot at landmasses? Hmm." Beggars can't be chooser, but she had rather hoped for some air-pirates. This is when she remembers that she and Gemma have already pronounced themselves pirates already. "Mimi, have you given any thought to your pirate name? If you are to be one of us you cannot go by such an innocuous name as MIMI. It must be something truly terrifying and worthy of your new station."

Mimi Valroon laughs again. "Oh, you think this is boredom? I flew over the Pacific, I will remind you, and I didn't even have conversation! This is just a little outing." There's another eyeroll, however, and Mimi says, "For the last time... we are not pirates! We shoot pirates!" This line of conversation has just gotten exhausting for Mimi... These two keep acting like pirates are some romantic adventurous thing... rather than the murderous criminals that had tried to snipe her out of her pilot's chair in mid-flight. She looks up at the replacement glass she'd had to put in that one panel... it's still looking just a little too blue to her compared to the rest. "But if you want, you can come up with names for me to shoot down," she says tiredly.

Without taking her eyes off the radar, Gemma humphs. "We shall be pirates with or without your help, Mimi Valroon, even if it means we will not be flying. We bow to no one, and freedom is our mistress I'll have you know. But if you wish to follow us in those adventures as well, I strongly suggest you come up with a name worthy of it." Nothing says she cannot hold a conversation while performing her duty, especially when there is nothing on the horizon so far.

Felicity sniffs in that tell-tale way that precedes a Felicity lecture. "My father, Admiral Worthington, you will recall, made very fast work of pirates - particularly those skulking about the Mediterranean. Those men were loathsome criminals guilty of all manner of crimes imaginable. To hear him tell it would make your skin crawl. Those men paid their dues, I'll tell you. But what you may not know is that my father also had men in his employ who also sailed upon those same waters and worked in the same trade, only serving under her majesty's banner. Privateers. Sanctioned piracy. Perfectly legal. I fail to see how our efforts are any different. I've told you, we aren't going to steal from or murder anyone who doesn't absolutely deserve it. It was good enough for Robin Hood and it is certainly good enough for Lady Vicious, Crimson Shadow, and Captain NinnyBunny."

Mimi Valroon rolls her eyes at Gemma's comments about 'freedom' and 'adventure'. It's the same old romantic BS that Mimi was expecting. She grits her teeth slightly at Fee's lecture. "Yes. I know. I've encountered pirates myself if you would remember," she says in the middle of it. "So what you're saying is you just want to call yourselves pirates without actually being pirates," she says dryly. "And are you going to actually be serious about naming, or are you going to only come up with things that are obviously going to be shot down?"

"Oh, we have never been more serious, Mimi Valroon. We chose our own names, so unless you will do the same, we shall be forced to either leave you behind on our future adventures, or keep calling you Captain NinnyBunny, whether you like it or not. Now head a little more to the left if you will, it looks like we could have some flying debris out there," Gemma says.

What Felicity is most concerned with is the -fun- aspect of it all. If you ask her, hijacking precious cargo from undeserving greedy wretches is precisely the life and name she'd like to make for herself. She rolls her eyes, waving all of Mimi's perfectly logical arguments away as if they were a plume of malodorous smoke. "-Privateer-, then" she says with great disdain. "though it doesn't have nearly the same ring as pirate. Honestly, must you -always- be so exhaustingly reasonable?"

Mimi Valroon mumbles, "I think 'Captain Valroon' actually sounds kinda good." She peers over her shoulder and sticks her tongue out at Fee, even if she probably can't be seen. "I think it's perfectly reasonable to be.... uh... reasonable." She frowns as she makes the requested adjustment... not at the adjustment, no, it's at the thoughts of all this. "Something with Valkyrie?" she says at a mumble again. "And it's still just 'Adventurers' in the end, if you ask me. But maybe a bit more likely to go on the offensive and loot those that cross us?"

The debris seems to just have been the precursor, however, as a much larger mass shows up on the radar soon, as well. But this time perhaps the radar isn't completely needed, as there are lights visible in the darkness up ahead, as well.

"Well sometimes you have to be unreasonable to be reasonable. What if we cross people that would be only too glad to try to get their hands on us afterward? It seems to me that calling you Mimi, Captain Valroon or using your full name would be much more foolish than any other name you could come up with," Gemma frowns at the radar and, looking up, notices the lights as well. "I thought you said the waypoint would be four hours away? Even taking into consideration the fact that it was airship talk, this seems rather early."

As much as Felicity enjoys a good verbal sparring match, her attention is very quickly absorbed by the activity up ahead. After traveling through endless void, its astounding how even a little blip on a radar can ramp up the excitement. Reflexively, Felicity's hands settle on gun's controls, fingers just teasing the triggers. The lights come into view and she can just make out a vague shape as it just comes into view. "What is it?" She asks, tense but eager for whatever it may be. She really, really wants to shoot something damn it all!

Mimi Valroon frowns at the upcoming object as well, turning on the wing-mounted floodlights. A little something she upgraded in Mabase when she learned of it... the old incandescent landing lights have been beefed up with that 'LED' type of lights that salesman was spouting the wonders of. For once, the salesman wasn't exaggerating, she found. "I think looking for Halberd will be the key factor. She's pretty distinctive, I'm finding. And it's not like they can, say, use family against us or anything of the sort." With the lights shining on the bulbous object ahead, it seems those on said object are keen to return the favor, shining lights at Halberd in return. Mimi winces at first in the light, but it's an understandable thing. "Oh... Yeah, I've seen that one moored at the bridge... Timelady's Grace, I think it was called?" Halberd's lights shine momentarily on a fairly baudy pinup of a woman in a short skirt, what looks like a sleeveless sailor-styled top, and long, dark green hair. She also has a pole... staff, really, that vaguely resembles a key. Mimi quickly turns Halberd away from the image. She certainly doesn't want to ram into it, afterall!

"It looks like we are in the clear after that, at least for now. However, I must say I am fighting will all my might against the urge to hit my head on the radar panel repeatedly because of you, Mimi. You have to think ahead, for surely you realize that we will most likely not be able to bring Halberd if we travel to other worlds and that our means of transportation there will be either our very own feet, or whatever we find there. Using names other than our own is not only smart, but might be necessary at times. I should know as I've visited more world than you'd care to think about," Gemma says, never letting down her guard as far as the radar goes.

Naturally, it's the bawdy sketch that arrests Felicity's attention. Imagine being thousands of feet up in the air and coming face to face with a floating, scantily clad, suggestively posing woman that looms larger than life in your tiny window. It actually causes her to do a doubletake and then she's laughing in that unrestrained way that is her habit. "Oh myyyy," she giggles. "Well, well, Timelady IS most gracious." To the others- whose bickering has begun to bore her - she says, "'Tis true what they say, there are ever so many sights best taken in from above."

Mimi Valroon looks back at Gemma with a mildly aghast look to her face. Leaving Halberd behind? Going to a completely different world without her? The thought is an awful one for the aviatrix. "I-If we're on a world that distant, what difference does what name we use make, anyway? What makes it so necessary?" She looks back over her shoulder again as they've by now quickly cleared the airship travelling in the opposite direction. Its status as a friendly is likely made even more clear if one were to look at the gondola as they passed and seen someone in there waving cheerfully.

"I can travel between worlds, so it is safe to assume there are others who can as well and I'd rather not spread my real name around for anyone to track except where it is already known. This isn't a game, but it also doesn't mean that we cannot have a little bit of fun with it, why must you be so close minded?" Gemma pouts, wondering if she might not willingly end up with a noose around her neck if she has to adventure while enduring this attitude for very long. Even Ann was more willing than this, and that is saying something. False names have helped them more than once in the past so why someone would be so reticent to use one is beyond her.

With a long, weary sigh, Felicity says, "It's no use, Gemma. You're wasting your breath. Captain NinnyBunny has an aversion to fun. No offense, Mimi, but your flying is the most interesting thing about you. For all else, you are criminally dull." As if to underscore this point, a well-timed yawn escapes the blonde who has slipped back into "passenger mode" now that the excitement has ebbed away. IT's astounding how viciously frank Felicity can be. "As your dear friend, I say to you that you must venture out of your shell now and again, lest you become a wind up a spinster long before your time." Yes, she has the audacity to call herself Mimi's "dear friend" after all of this, but she really does believe it. She is fond of Mimi, for however frustrating she may be, there is a certain sweetness about her. Like all sweets, though, she can take it in doses.

Mimi Valroon sighs and hangs her head. She can easily fly straight and level in this position, don't worry. "I'm just not good with that kind of creative thought process, okay? I think... mechanically. Analytically. Not... 'this would be neat!'-way. I know I love to fly and see new things, but... thinking of those new things isn't my strong suit. That's why I just traveled." She looks back over her shoulder again and dryly says, "And I'm sorry if I bore you so much."

"You don't have to be good at it to try, Mimi. You've been digging your heels in the ground and refusing to take a step forward ever since we started to talk about this, nearly making fun of us on the matter. That's not trying. Fee's right, you must dare to leave the comfort of the familiar every now and then, else how will you even know what you are good at, and what you even like?" Gemma says, more delicate than Felicity on how she phrases things.

Not unreasonably, Felicity offers, "Try it, at least. Come out with us and if you absolute hate it then we shan't force you to join our ranks...tempting though it may be." A grin. Felicity stretches out in her seat, trying to alleviate the cramping in her backside. This will take a little getting used to, staying so still for so long! Still, she wouldn't dream of complaining. This is actually something she is enjoying immensely. "I know you have an adventurer's spirit...or else we wouldn't be here right now. I think you keep the rest of you locked away somewhere out of reach. Proper baggage, some trauma or other you've tried to bury alive...But it's YOU whose buried, Mimi. You're the one buried alive. We're just trying to save you so you can BREATHE freely, for once...That's probably why you enjoy flying as much as you do?as much as I do...There's nothing to anchor you up here. Nothing at all..." Except gravity, but that's not a thought she's willing to entertain at all. "We're the same, all three of us...each in our way."

"I've been digging my heels because you insist on calling yourselves something absolutely reprehensible!" Mimi is referring to 'pirates', not their names. "I do not want to be associated with that lot!" She pouts, puffing her cheeks out a bit as she focuses on the emptiness beyond the windscreen in front of her. She takes a deep breath in through her nose, then sighs. "I'll try it. But being that separated from Halberd... We will be able to come back as well, right?" There's a pause as she thinks on something, then says, "Ceve... Meds?" No, that's a dumb pseudonym. All the talk of Mimi burying herself manages to get her to fidget uncomfortably in her seat, and she can't really offer any response to it.

"The point is to come back, yes. I'll have to do a few test runs before though. If the worst should happen, I'll simply be gone and you will still be here with your paramor," Gemma says and it's impossible to tell whether she is joking or not. Truth be told, she doubts that it will happen as she has grown to have a better handle on her powers over time and there are avenues she can explore should this fate befall her, but her mind being what it is there is still the inkling of a doubt in there and dry humour has always been her savior in such cases.

"Of course we'll come back. I've every confidence in Gemma's abilities, having seem the first hand." Felicity has spoken and thus the words passed into law. That's how it work in her mind, anyway. The truth is that Felicity has a habit of firmly believing in a great deal of many things that aren't necessarily to be fully trusted. Her faith is unshakeable in those for whom she most cares. That can be troublesome...like...glossing over the fact that the love of your life is a corrupted spirit who feeds on the blood of wild animals and performs blood sacrifices to evil spirits...But hey! Lucky for Mimi, this time Fee's actually right about Gemma. "This is my home now, Mimi. I wouldn't risk it if I didn't think it worthwhile"

Mimi Valroon winces. "S-sorry. Yeah, you know what you're doing with that, Gemma, I should trust in you like you trust me to fly Halberd." She falls silent for a good moment, possibly interrupting someone else when she says, "...Lady Partisan?"

"If that means you will be partisan to our cause then so be it," Gemma says with a smile. Mimi is trying, the poor soul, and she will not be the one to crush her attempts. They can work with that as long as Mimi herself plays the part. She only hopes that there will be no need to put the emphasis on the -lady- part of the equation or else she and Felicity will have much teaching to do.

Felicity snorts, the name not at all the stuff of legend. "Terrifying," Felicity snarks. But she's content to see Mimi being much more a sport than before so she gets partial credit, at least, for that. As she has little else to do, Fee puts her mind to conjuring a little something that may be nearer the mark. "As you are an aviator, perhaps something relating to that may do...Captain Falcon...or...The Screaming Eagle!" She laughs, apparently unable to deny the cheesiness of those names either.

Mimi Valroon shakes her head at what Gemma says, despite the other's smile. "No, Partisan is a type of spear... like Halberd." She glances over her shoulder again. "Yeah, I suppose I am the Captain as I own the 'ship'. But I don't think I'm that much of a screamer. And... something about 'Captain Falcon' just tells me that'd be a bad idea." Her eyes are back on the space in front of her, the airship now long past.

"Hmmm.. Maybe something that references to your flying without having to do with being a captain? I mean you are a pilot much more than a captain after all, and what is the point of calling yourself a captain if you're without your ship, be it airborne or waterborne.. Sky something? Or something with a bird.. Or an insect?" At that, Gemma starts giggling as it starts to sound rather absurd. Sure, not all insects are awful, but this hardly sounded like a compliment.

This brings on a fresh round of giggles from Felicity. "Careful, Mimi, "she warns. "Gemma's just trying to find another opening to slip in the locusts." And because Felicity could not be one to let the joke end there, she must take this to another level and add, "Even you aren't that much of a nuisance." With friends such as these...yet. "Oh, let her call herself whatever she pleases, Gemma. For all we suggest, it's she who will have to live with it. Besides, what good does it do to profess freedom, while persuading Mimi do call herself something -WE- force upon her?" For Felicity, this is truly a rare insight and consideration. Enjoy it while you can.

Mimi Valroon taps her chin with a finger while her other hand keeps a solid grip on the controls. She considers Gemma's words, then finally says, "Locusts?" in response to Fee's warning. She remains quiet to the rest of what Fee says, that rare bit of actual insight vs the frequency Felicity no doubt believes it to happen. Finally, however, she says, "Gold Sparrow?"

Gemma smiles. "It suits you," she says simply and purposefully ignoring the locust question. That is one world she will NOT be visiting ever again if it can be helped, thank you very much. "I'm glad you agreed to play, Mimi. Oh, sorry, Gold Sparrow. Yes, I like the sound of that, well done."

Felicity hrms, "Sounds like the sort of name given to a spy." She cannot help but idly wonder just what kind of a spy Mimi might make. She certainly -looks- innocent enough. Perhaps she's even done a bit of that sort of thing in her adventures past. There is so much more to uncover about the enigma that is Mimi, that's for certain. She is a walking contradiction. "Well, at any rate welcome to the sisterhood." It feels good be a part of something like that again. It seems like ages ago she and Gemma and Ann and Pippa took the world by storm. Now here they are, forging ahead in new adventures. "And as such, I ask you, dear sister?when can I bloody fly?" She laughs raucously at this. Obviously she won't be flying right now, but she feels the need to put the message out there...she still wants to learn and she plans to hold Mimi to that "promise."

Mimi Valroon raises an eyebrow and looks over to Gemma. "'Play'?" she asks with a slightly worried tone. "Well... I've had a lot of experiences with spies, apparently. And I... just liked the sound of 'sparrow' for some reason." It's Fee's request for flight lessons, however, that gets a wince. "Oh. That. Uh. Not sure, actually! Considering you'd need to be in Gemma's seat to start with, definitely not while we're out here." Finally, however, the vague form of a landmass appears on Gemma's scopes.

"There is something very big coming up ahead, stationary though. Oh, could we be here already? What do you think we will find? What sorts of sordid tales did the other sky captains tell you of this place, Mimi?" Gemma asks, not truly thinking there would be something very dangerous given that people do seem to come and go on a semi regular basis, but you never know.

Felicity laughs, "If this is like any other port town, you can expect to find all manner of debauchery." She waggles her brows to no one in particular. This is clearly not the case, however. "I rather doubt it, though. It can be no stranger than Mabase proper. The only difference is that those who come this far have the means to fly." But where did they come from and where would they be going? "Funny, in all my travels with Skeeve, we never explored Mabase...not really. We always ventured to other worlds. Ironic, isn't it?"

Mimi Valroon deadpans, "They said the food was good." Moving back to a more conversational tone, she says, "Yeah, well, I've seen a lot of things that want to break my Sanity in Mabase already, thanks. Like that fanged... cat thing. With the hat. What heading changes should I make, Gemma?" She flicks on the landing lights again, trying to see if she can spot the island herself.

"Starboard side, 20 degrees. It's hard to tell where we are supposed to land though, I suppose we'll have to get closer first then circle around a bit until we find a safe spot," Gemma says in a serious tone while checking the radar before continuing on a more jovial tone. "If you hated the cat creature, I worry about what you will make of Gorgon when you meet her, when we are finally able to get into the Realms Of Fee, how great will it be to go there together again?"

This will mark the first time that Felicity has ventured into one of these land masses above Twisted City. While she is certain it will not be terribly different from what can be found below, there is the tiniest spark of hope that it will be. What she wouldn't do for a little excitement! This fact becomes startlingly clear to her as Mimi and Gemma share their exchanges. The anticipation of their landing gets her heart pumping and she finds herself craning her neck to try to spy anything at all from her vantage point. But Gemma's right! There are so many possibilities awaiting them now that she is here to lead them through doorways. "Ohhh yes, " she says, sounding dreamy and a little far off. "It's like I've been telling Mimi...there's no describing it. One really must EXPERIENCE it to see for themselves." But even as she says this, she's a wee bit distracted, this very present adventure keeping her attention on the here and now. "Gemma, mind your screen. It wouldn't do to send us crashing before we've seen what's here."

Mimi Valroon angles Halberd in the direction, the lights soon meeting other visible, lit signs of something else actually there. It's a chunk of random land with large bits poking out. Landing platforms, docks, many different ways of landing are there. "Anything on Radio?" she asks, not expecting an affirmative since there's not really been much in air traffic control in Mabase, either. She angles in for a landing on one of the platforms, looking over the other craft here. A couple of airships, a hot air balloon, what looks like an actual pirate ship just moored to a dock like it was in the sea, and then what are just random jumbles of shapes to Mimi, but others might recognize as actual space ships here and there. Of these, none but the old galleon look like they could hold more than a dozen people at most, though.

"I've been curious about those ever since Felicity mentioned them," Mimi admits. "Though those...gentlemen that sold the books she found were a bit odd, to say the least." And the landmass isn't above so much as far off to the west. No, the structure above the city is something else entirely, something she was told to 'just not worry about'. "Good job finding it, Gemma, I think I would have flown right past it if you'd not spotted it." And with that, she's already going into her landing procedures.

"Negative," Gemma confirms Mimi's assumptions as far as the radio goes. "Well, there was a book that mentioned the Realms as well in our world. It was written by a member or the Order, someone who had been in the Realms, be it in spirit or otherwise, and we found that book in a bookstore. What I mean is, simply because those gentlemen sold you books does not mean they know more than that about the Realms. And now you're only trying to flatter me, you've been flying all these years without my help, I doubt you would have failed this simple mission without us."

The first impression Felicity has of the upcoming platforms is how like the platform where Halberd resides they are. Perhaps not identical in make or appearance, but the general structure and the idea behind them is the same. But more than the structures themselves, it's the other ships that really get her up and out of her seat. Dirigibles she's seen but galleons! Dear God! "Look! A galleon," she says, laughing through her astonishment. "Seeing one at sea would have been something but up here! HAH!, if my father could see this!" She presses her face to the glass, as much as she possibly can anyway. "Do you suppose they're -real- pirates? Certainly they wouldn't make themselves so conspicuous..."

Mimi Valroon shakes her head. "Oh, I doubt they did. They just had the books. But they were very odd." She says nothing more on the subject of flattery, however, as she lands fully. "I hope not. On the other hand, I'd assume they'd be a very different sort of pirate than what I've run into. I've never seen an old ship like that, though... I thought the old skysail ships had more... evenly arranged sails, not just the old 'all up top' sort." And they've touched down! Ahead is a pair of buildings... one looking very much like a gas station, the other like a diner.

"My dear Felicity, I'll have you know that I was doing my job and keeping my eyes on the radar. Also, you're assuming that they either A- know better, B- aren't from another era where that is the only way they would dream of appearing or C- even care at all whether or not they look conspicuous. Either way, I am glad to be relieved of my post. I do so hope we will get to fly somewhere that isn't all murk and gloom eventually, I should like to enjoy the view a little," Gemma says as she removes the headset and unbuckles her belt, springing to her feet.

Continued in 2019-12-11 - Restaurant in the Middle of Nothing

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