2020-01-13 - Say Hello to My Little Friends!

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Say Hello to My Little Friends!

Summary: Theo is sending Spin Doctors on recon, and Jack Hawksmoor happens to catch sight of one. They are later joined by Chief Rayne. It's a fairly normal meet-and-greet, despite the tiny metal psychic spiders.

Who: Jack Hawksmoor, Theo, Rayne
When: January 13, 2020
Where: The Twisted Street

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The Usual is fairly quiet. On the other side, the road looks over the water. On the roof of the building NEXT to the Usual, there's a statue. Oh, no, wait. It moved. A man, crouched on the roof, although not looking towards the water so much as west towards where the world becomes even more bent and twisted. There's a slight frown on his face.

Skitter skitter...

Things are skittering across the rooftops, tiny golden things that may be catching the light, if there's any around -- streetlamps or the sun, depending on how late it is. They're tiny golden spiders, looking much like they're made of tiny pieces of golden cutlery twisted together.

They're not just there by themselves, either. There's a young man with blond hair and amber-colored eyes sitting on a bench nearby, with one of them in his hand. He doesn't appear to have noticed the 'moving statue'.

Jack Hawksmoor blinks. He studies the little spiders. Robots? That would be his first assumption. "Well, hello there. Is your human around somewhere? Do you have a human?" He actually turns and extends a hand to the nearest spiderling.

"--Ri?!" The spiderling reacts as though surprised, and covers its face with its front legs. It's not much for cover. It does have an actual face, though, so that'll do wonders for communcation. When the hand is extended, the spiderling peeks out from behind its front legs, and then reaches out to poke carefully at the extended hand, as if inspecting it.

Fortunately Theo can see through his spiders' eyes. So as the spiderling interacts with Jack, Theo stands up from the bench. He carefully tosses the other spider he'd been holding on his head. Where, of course, it points in Jack's direction. As if to say 'ONWARD, NOBLE STEED!'.

Getting onto the roof of the building might be a big tough for Theo without a big production of Spider-Man like webslinging, so for the time being Theo tries to put himself somewhere near the building so that he can see Jack. And the spiderling Jack is talking to points at Theo. "Muriiii!"

Jack Hawksmoor turns. "Ah. There." He smiles at the spiderling. "Perhaps we should go back down, then." He moves to the edge of the rooftop, looking down. Yeah. There's a guy with a spider on his head. That'll be the guy.

"Hello there," Theo greets, when the man comes into view. Depending on how high up Jack is, the young fella might have to shout up to make himself heard. In the meantime though, the spiderling skitters to the edge of the roof too, and spits a golden thread out of its mouth. The blond kid grabs hold of the thread and the spider skitters down it, onto his hand. Then it skitters up to where the other spider is, and the pair of them seem to be having a conversation. Likely about Jack, since the spider from the roof is pointing up at him.

"You can see them?" Theo inquires. "That's... rather unexpected. Not at all upsetting, but definitely unusual."

Jack Hawksmoor was about to jump down, but the kid came up. "More know they're there and know what they look like." His eyes flicker red for a moment. "Seeing is rather relative, isn't it."

Theo tilts his head. "Well... whatever they are, there really haven't been all that many people so far that have been able to perceive them," he notes. "I've started to figure out that people who can, there's usually something special about them. But I'm being rude, aren't I?"

He offers a polite bow. "My name is Theodore Rabanne. 'Theo', if you'd like," he offers. "It's a pleasure to meet you." The kid speaks with a very formal-sounding tone.

Jack Hawksmoor offers a hand. "Jack Hawksmoor, and Jack will definitely do. So, what are they, then? Clearly not robots..."

Theo returns the handshake, with a firm, confident touch. The question gets a tilt of his head. "Actually, I'm... not quite sure," he admits. "I recently discovered that I can produce them somehow. I've yet to really discover what they are. Just that they're called 'Spin Doctors'. I'm also not sure how I know that, but I do."

Jack Hawksmoor ahs. "Then they're psychic constructs, I'd guess, which would explain how I can feel them there, but they go right past most people." Guy knows something, apparently.

"Hmm...." Theo rubs his chin, in thought. "That would explain a lot... not just that most people can't see them. It would explain a lot about their abilities, and why they showed up precisely when and where they did. You see... they first appeared when I witnessed a car accident -- and they healed the victim."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Trauma can awaken psychic abilities, I'm told." his lips quirk. "Mine are a little bit different. Of course, it's a guess, you'd need somebody like Battalion to be sure." He's pretty sure the telepath could tell Theo exactly what the spiders are. "And they did the thing you most wanted to do, right?"

"Battalion?" Clearly the young man has not heard of this person. But to the question, he nods. "They did. I had no way to help, and it was a hit-and-run, so I was sure that an ambulance could have gotten out there in time. And I was the only person around, so I would have had to leave the person in the street to go get help."

"Guy I know back where I come from. Telepath," Jack explains. He takes a deep breath. "I suppose I should even things out. I talk to cities." Whut?

Of course, Theo blinks a little, as if confused. "Talk... to cities?" he repeats, as if he doesn't quite understand. "Do they have a lot to say?" He's thinking a conversation, like he and Jack are having now.

Theo also moves to sit, though he's not dangling his feet of the roof. He sits tailor-style on the roof, far enough away from the edge of the roof to not be in danger, but close enough that he wouldn't have to shout to be heard. "I think I understand," he replies. "These don't talk like you or I do, either. But they seem to. If that makes sense. They just... make things known, rather than 'tell me' about things."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Then you know a lot more of what I mean than most." Yeah, he's sitting right on the edge, he's clearly not too worried about falling.

"Likely, yes..." Theo agrees. "Though it does look like they're talking to me. They... 'emote', I suppose you'd say, in very... animated ways. You might have noticed that." He chuckles.

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "And they do make noises, or things which register as noises." Jack glances around for a spider. Is there one close?

There is indeed -- a handful of them are chilling out on the roof. Though most of them look like they're actively searching for something, or at least keeping an eye out for danger. "They do, but they don't mean anything," Theo notes. "At least, I don't think they do. I mean... if my Japanese isn't completely wrong, 'muri' means 'impossible'. I'm not sure why they do that."

"I thought it was just meowing like a cat," Jack says, wryly. "Doesn't have to mean anything, does it."

Down below, among the people that may be passing by, is a uniformed police officer... one that is rather easy to identify. The chief of police is not easily recognized by anything unusual about her uniform(which still doesn't have a desc...), but by her hair. Of course, anyone that's ever met said police chief is already well aware of this. Rayne walks by the building, then pauses as she spots one of the little spider... things. "...What the..."

"That's true," Theo confirms. "It's just a little strange, is all. Then again, they're all rather strange overall. Because..." He pauses here, and then presses the knuckle of his index finger to his bottom lip, and then opens his mouth a bit. And in short order, one more of the spider crawls out, onto the finger. Theo displays the spider on his finger. "As you can see, where I keep them is a bit strange."

There are indeed a few of those spiders on the ground level, and on the building in general. They're looking around, keeping an eye out. But as one of the spiders notices the police officer with the rainbow hair looking at it, it offers her a smart salute with one of its front legs. It even emits a little, "Riii!" at her. Which of course, gets Theo's attention, and he leans over a bit to peer down.

Jack Hawksmoor also leans over the rooftop, dangerously for anyone who doesn't, well, stick to rooftops. And walls.

Rayne raises an eyebrow at the salute. Well, it seems friendly. And clearly intelligent. This makes it, in her eyes, a citizen and something to not be concerned about. "Uh, hello," she says to it. She does a quick glance around, then spots the Jack-legs(really, the Jack-feet) hanging over. "Oh. Hello, detective."

Jack Hawksmoor calls down, "Hey, chief." Nothing strange about being ID'd by his feet; they're honestly the most distinctive part of him.

"Hello there," Theo replies, from the roof. "It can't really speak, aside from what it just said. But it greets you." A pause, and he notices the uniform. "Apologies, officer... are we disturbing anything?" He's not being snide -- he doesn't know the rules around here. Who knows, this could be like that one parkouring game and being on roofs might just be against the rules?

Rayne looks from Jack to Theo, eyeing him for a second before shrugging. "I've not heard any complaints. It's not a private residence. You're fine." The fact that Jack is there talking to the guy with a casual feel also lends credence to the fact that Theo isn't any trouble. Or if he is, Jack is doing some investigating. Rayne doesn't keep track of exactly who is on duty when.

"Just having a conversation," Jack says. No, he's not on duty right now...and thus got interrupted in his meditation. By spiders.

Theo nods. "I'm new here, you see, and I believe my... little friends confused him for a moment or two," he offers. "They're under my control, and they're mostly harmless. I mainly use them for defense and reconnaissance."

Rayne nods once at the mention of having a conversation. "Well, they confused me slightly for a second, as well." She pauses a moment before raising an eyebrow again. "...'Reconnaissance'?"

"They got me too," Jack says, cheerfully. "I wasn't sure what they were."

"I'm new here, so I'm using them to explore around," Theo replies. "They can go into dangerous places more safely than I can. Besides that, I can send them in all directions and explore in more than one area at a time. That way I can learn the city easier -- and more safely -- than if I were to just wander around."

Rayne frowns at Theo's explanation. "...I'd like to think the city is safe enough that you don't need to worry so much about just walking and exploring the city. Seriously, if someone looks like a monster here, pay more attention to how they act than what they look like." She's hoping the guy has gotten at least a little lay of the land and maybe an introduction to the city by someone. Perhaps the Welcome Center. Her frown deepens as she thinks of that. Memories of a happier time for her, of course. She looks back to Jack with a light shrug. "There's always something to surprise you in Mabase."

Jack Hawksmoor glances at Theo, who seems to be spaced out a little, shrugs, and does a somersault off the roof to land on his feet near Rayne. "Sure is. Sometimes it's me."

Rayne rolls her eyes slightly at the acrobatic display. "It's usually you," she quips. "I meant even /for/ you."

Jack Hawksmoor laughs a bit. "Hey, this time it was the kid with the spiders." And Jack doesn't surprise easily. "But I don't SET OUT to disturb people."

"Sometimes it happens like that," Theo replies. Though Rayne's words get a smile. "Oh, I'm hardly the one to judge based on appearances. Not to worry though. I'm just the cautious type. No sense in going somewhere you don't know the lay of the land if you have a way to look through it without having to expose yourself to it." Then he seems to remember something. "Oh, yes. Pardon me. My name is Theodore Rabanne. 'Theo', if you like."

"And if you did, I'd question my decision to hire you." Rayne shakes her head, then looks back up. "I suppose you do have a point," she says to Theo. "Rayne Hurris," she says to introduce herself.

"You mean you don't?" Jack quips. After all, she rolls her eyes every time he shows off, although that's kind of in his nature. Or rather, he doesn't see it as showing off. He sees it as normal.

"Pleased to meet you, Officer Hurris," Theo offers. He assumes a title, because, well... police uniform, right? So 'officer' makes sense. He chuckles at bit at the back-and-forth between the two. Though he does ask Jack, "So you're employed by the city? What do you do?"

Rayne rolls her eyes, then says, "You do good work. Filled out the detective team well enough." Perhaps that answered Theo's question to Jack, too. She looks back to Theo and says, "Chief, actually." She doesn't sound insulted or annoyed by being called 'officer'. She's just letting the kid know. But seriously, this girl is the Chief? She doesn't even look twenty.

"Yeah, well." Jack doesn't say it was a low bar in front of a civilian, of course. "You just wanted my ability to find things," he quips. Clearly amused. No, he doesn't feel the need to answer Theo's question. It's been answered.

If Theo's surprised at Rayne being the chief, he doesn't look it. He just offers, "Oh, I'm sorry. Chief." And smiles. Indeed, his question of Jack has been answered, so he doesn't ask further.

Rayne shrugs. "It's all right," she says. There's not much decoration declaring herself as such, after all. She glance at Jack again and says, "Yeah, that and the fact that you had actual experience as a detective already. Honestly, the superpowers are more a perk than why I hired you on."

Jack Hawksmoor grins a bit, leaning against a wall. "They're a perk." Not that they don't have their downsides, although Jack does wonder. "Hey, Theo. You're a healer, you said?"

Theo had settled down to listen to the back-and-forth again -- you learn by listening too, after all! -- when Jack asks him the question. "Yes, that's right," he confirms. "It's a bit strange, though." He picks up one of the spiders and notes, "They're called 'Spin Doctors' for a reason, I guess."

Rayne raises her eyebrows. "Healing? Like, stitching together, or is there other healing magic involved?" She glances her watch. She needs to continue her patrol before too much longer.

"Always good to have that around," Jack muses. "I generally don't have to worry about it, but..."

"It's... I think it's a kind of psychic healing," Theo answers Rayne's question. "It does involve them spinning threads, but the threads just stick to flesh, like a spider's webbing. The last time I used it, the threads just sort of replaced the damaged tissue. I haven't tested its full potential, but I did save a hit-and-run victim with it."

Rayne tilts her head as she listens to the explanation, then frowns as she mumbles something about not having heard about the hit-and-run. She then glances at her watch again and sighs. "I'd better get moving again, boys. I'll see you around later."

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