2020-02-18 - Come Out and Smell the Chaos

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Come Out and Smell the Chaos

Summary: `

Who: Jack Hawksmoor, Rayne, Adam Weissman
When: February 18, 2020
Where: Twisted St. and Fukuoka Ct.

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This place is...a mess. Crouched on a rooftop, staring at the cracks in reality, is a figure in a rumpled suit and no shoes. Kind of like a not-very-fashionable gargoyle. He's opposite the 24*7, quietly watching...as if he's seeing something in the patterns of floating islands and distorted cobbles.

It's kind of difficult for Adam to see that from where he is, for a couple of reasons. For one, he's not looking up. For another? He's leaning heavily on a cane. Either way though, he's still looking at the cracks in what looks like the fabric of reality. He's not stupid enough to poke at them, so there's that. He's trying to find out where they 'start' and where they 'end', if those words even apply to reality.

It's worth noting that he's wearing a short-sleeve shirt, but his left arm has a tightly-fitting spandex sleeve covering it. But not his right. Of course the burnmark on his left cheek and the weird discoloration of his left eye probably gives some clue as to why...

But on a nearby park bench is a rainbow haired woman in what looks like leather-based light medieval style armor. To make this a bit of an odder look is the fact that there's a holster with a futuristic looking pistol in it on her, as well as the fact that she seems to be nursing a cup of coffee that appears to have been purchased from the aforementioned 24*7. She holds the cup like it's some sort of treasure, and seems oblivious to the other two's presence... or she simply doesn't care.

Jack Hawksmoor finally seems to snap out of whatever trance state he was in, turning and somersaulting off the building. Rayne's in a pretty good position to see his rather dramatic (yet somehow casual) return to ground level. He doesn't seem to have quite noticed Adam yet, although he's now looking around with a slight frown.

It's the riot of color that Adam notices first... eventually. He's still getting used to the compromised vision in his left eye. So as the colors finally register, he turns to look in Rayne's direction. He does tilt his head a bit at the apparent dichotomy between the armor and the holstered weapon, but he's not staring. Should the rainbow-haired woman look in his direction, he offers a nod of greeting and a smile. He probably has no idea who she is, or her rank. But he's being polite, nonetheless.

Unless Jack lands completely silently, Adam might have heard him! So he looks in that direction then, as if wondering what it was that caused the sound. There's an almost imperceptible tensing... which is immediately rewarded with a wince. He raises the hand that isn't holding the cane, as if holding onto his side briefly.

Rayne looks up at the movement of the jump to the ground, then says casually, "Evening, Detective," as if this were nothing out of the ordinary. She says it that way, of course, because it, in fact, is nothing out of the ordinary. She gives a quick glance to the clearly injured man and gives a slight nod and smile of sympathy. Not that she's ever had to deal with recovering from severe burns like this man apparently is.

No, not silently. Given the lack of shoes, he does land more quietly than one would expect, and it's more like he jumped off a bench than off a building. "Evening, Chief," he greets the rainbow-haired woman, then his eyes fall on Adam and he winces in a little bit of sympathy himself. That guy looks hurt.

'Detective' and 'Chief'? Well, that's liable to get Adam's attention. He notes the sympathetic looks and gives a sheepish one himself. Though as he approaches -- a bit slowly, since he doesn't seem to want to put too much weight on his right leg -- he doesn't mention his injury. Instead, he asks, "I'm sorry, I hope I'm not intruding?"

Rayne looks to Adam now that her required greeting to Jack is out of the way and apparently there's nothing that he needed to talk about from a work perspective. "Nah, just having a cup of decaff to take the edge off for the day."

"Nope." Jack studies the man for a moment, taking in the injuries, the stage of recovery. "Jack Hawksmoor," he introduces, offering a hand that seems ordinary enough. So does the suit. Not the feet, though...

Adam nods to Rayne's words, and then returns what seems to be an offered handshake. He doesn't comment on the bare feet, but yes, he's noticed. "Adam Weissman," he introduces in turn. "I'm... well, I suppose I should say I'm new here." And this brings him to something else! Looking at Rayne, he inquires, "I heard 'Chief'?"

Rayne blinks and looks over. "Uh? Oh, yeah. Rayne Hurris. Chief of the local police force." She looks like an exhausted teenager. She also doesn't offer a hand, instead just keeping a two-handed grip on her disposable coffee cup.

Jack Hawksmoor's grip is very controlled...firm without being excessive. There might be a slight red glint in his eyes. "Can I ask where you're from?"

Adam does look a little surprised by the news that Rayne is local police chief. However, he takes it in stride, offering a nod and, "Ah, I see. It's a pleasure to meet you, Chief Hurris." Who's in charge of the police force is, after all, information he'd need to know if he's stuck here too. Jack's question draws a blink and slightly subdued look of surprise. "Do you mean me?" he asks. "...Earth, why? Though I don't know if that's much more informative, since there seems to be a infinite number of Earths out there. I'm not quite sure how to tell you exactly which one."

Rayne nods, then says, "Uh, nice to meet you, too, Weissman." She listens in to the conversation that's otherwise happening as she takes another long sip of her coffee. "Yeah, I gave up trying to figure out how to call that, too. Apparently some sections of the Multiverse have started taking to numbering them? We've got a kid on the force who says he was from... Earth 7, I think it was?"

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "Yeah. There's a lot of them." Which to him implies Earth is significant, as there seem to be a lot more of them than, well, any other planet.

"That might be a good idea, honestly," Adam replies. "To start numbering them. I'm still not sure which one mine is in relation to others. I can give more information at some point if it's important, or you're interested. Could be worthwhile to start keeping records. It might help new people coming here find their feet." He nods to Jack's words. "Because of that, yes. I'm not sure if I'm from the same Earth as this young fellow you mentioned."

Rayne shrugs. "You know of a kid that can fly and is crazy strong? Wears red S on his chest?" She then shakes her head. "I don't think it's worth numbering them except as a subclass. Predominant features are probably the better determining factor. My own, for instance, I'd call..." She ponders this for a moment. "I dunno. Tyrian-Sidran universe's Earth?"

Jack Hawksmoor shakes his head. "Not from my Earth either. And...hrm." Jack considers. "I need to nail down what the defining features are. And even then, mathematically, there's probably more than ONE of my Earth, just to make things worse."

Adam shakes his head to the explanation. "No, I'm afraid not. We didn't have people with that sort of power where I come from. When I came here, we were just having our first contact with an alien species. It... didn't go well." Jack's addition of many Earths gets a nod. "And then there's the time dilation," he notes. "There is someone who... well, there's someone here who's from my world, and as far as he knew, I died a handful of years before he came here. To me, I came here when my ship was shot down. So... even if they're from the same Earth, is the time dilation a compltely different version of your Earth, or are they just pulled from different 'whens' in the same 'where'?"

Jack Hawksmoor ahs. "Definitely not my earth, then. What kind of aliens?" Jack asks. "I mean, definitely not my earth if it was known about."

Rayne tilts her head, then laughs lightly. "First contact. That would be millennia ago for my Earth." She pauses, the considers. "Or were we the aliens that made contact with the natives of other planets? I guess it still would have been the first contact, either way." She pauses, then reconsiders. "I guess when the Sidrans and Draygons showed up over Earth, that could count. The people still on Earth at the time didn't really know about the Tyrian exodus, I don't think." She looks to Adam again as she considers the time issue... but doesn't really have an answer, so just shrugs.

"I don't know what kind, unfortunately," Adam replies to Jack's question. "I never saw them. Takashi called them 'Galra'. I don't know all of the particulars, but we had some fighters that were made with technology from different aliens... I think these were called 'Alteans'. But the higherups didn't think we'd need them. So we met the first wave of attacking craft with regular Earth fighter crafts." There is a visible emotional reaction here -- a frown, and his free hand curls into a loose fist. Yeah, he's trying to suppress it. "We were all shot down in record time."

Rayne's words get a nod, and he turns his attention to them, glad for the distraction. "So very likely different Earths," he reasons. "Or at the very least millenia of time between your time and mine. Time and parallel worlds get confusing after a while."

Jack Hawksmoor winces visibly. "Yeah. You don't want to be at a massive technological disadvantage." Says the cyborg.

Rayne shakes her head. "Definitely different. Never heard of 'Galra' or 'Alteans'. The most prominant cultures in the galaxy I'm from were the aforementioned Tyrians and Sidrans... and Tyrians are just humans from Earth that left." She puts a hand on her chest as she adds, "I'm half Tyrian, half Earther, myself."

"Not at all," Adam replies. Not that he knows Jack is a cyborg, of course! He sighs a bit. "Takashi did say that they eventually kicked the Galra off the planet. A lot of people died, but eventually they won. He hasn't told me about any of the details yet. I did make him promise to tell me once I recovered." Rayne's description gets a thoughtful sound. "I wonder what kind of culture would develop in a situation like that... having left Earth and spent millenia in space, or on another planet. How would that change them?" He pauses then, and shakes his head. "I'm sorry. Unusually philosopical today."

Jack Hawksmoor nods. "I'm entirely from Earth, but our contact with aliens has been kept quiet. They were refugees, and they hid. I don't blame them. Humans can be bastards."

Rayne deadpans, "A supreme sense of superiority." She shakes her head. "Really, I was able to read between the lines when I was in my early and late education." Apparently not her middle education. "It's all about how superior the Tyrian culture was to everyone else. 'Leaving them to develop on their own'. Right." She actually rolls her eyes. It's not philosophy so much for her, apparently. "Well. Glad the invaders got shoved out, even if it wasn't the best experience..." She glances to Jack at the mention of 'humans can be bastards,' but then shrugs.

Adam nods to Jack's note of humans and their... well, bastard-ness. "Unfortunately, yes." He's perfectly willing to admit it, despite being fully human himself. There's nothing weird about him, no; he's not any kind of magical being, no abnormal storehouse of alien or fey power, no cyborg parts -- nothing like that. Just an average, everyday, citydwelling human being. Jack might be able to sense that, at least -- Adam came from a city.

And at Rayne's words, Adam scoffs a quiet chuckle. And a wince! Though he ignores it. "That's a shame. But not altogether surprising. It might be their human natures that made them that way. But, I've heard it said that once people lose use of a sense, others pick up the slack. Hence why people with no sense of humor generally have an inflated sense of self-worth."

Jack Hawksmoor is human. Sort of. So he can say it. He stretches a bit. "I should go see if I can't chase down the cat guy again." Cat guy? Presumably, a case.

Rayne nods. "Yeah. Granted, they legitimately were way more advanced for most of that time, but in the last five hundred years, the Earthers have really caught up fast to Galactic standards." She shrugs, then nods to Jack. "Yeah." She sighs and stands up herself. "And I should go for a full night's sleep while I still can."

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