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Welcome to your new Warker Page!

Please read the text on this page carefully and follow the instructions. Failure to do so will result in your page not working correctly.

This page exists so that other players don't have to edit your profile page to respond to your Warks. As an added bonus this page also allows for you to have your own custom icon for your Warks. Just like for the log icon, please click on the red link below and then upload an icon to the filename that loads AFTER FOLLOWING ALL DIRECTIONS ON THIS PAGE.


Please note that you may get a 'duplicate file' error if you upload another copy of your log icon. This is fine. Simply click the 'ignore warning and save anyways' button.

If you wish to change your icon in the future, click on it and select "Upload a new version of this file" from the bottom of the page.

In order for this page to function correctly, change the 'include' tags at the top and bottom of this page to 'noinclude' and then press the SAVE PAGE button at the bottom. You may delete or edit this text if you wish, but failing to use the 'noinclude' tags around your icon above will break things. When you want to post a Wark, edit this page and add it using the formatting described in the Category:Warker Service to the very bottom of this page. Always put new posts underneath the older ones and don't add any extra line breaks.

You can easily return to this page by clicking the link in your WarkerName on your character's profile page once you have it set up correctly.

@VoiceoftheCourt - Posted from: Mobile
Hello cunts! I discovered your version of the internet! Hahahaha!

@VoiceoftheCourt - Posted from: Mobile
Bloody difficult to type with these claws. Oh well, I can always grow them back!

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