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@doing [<doing string>]

Permissions: !GUEST

Sets a 'Doing...' message for the WHO screen for your own self. If the <doing string> is not provided, it clears it instead. This command is the same as doing:

'@set me=_/do:[text]'

For administrators: If you set a message on the prop '_poll' on room #0, then the 'Doing...' string will change to what you type there.

Cmd-@Doing v1.01

@DOING Clear your doing.
@DOING <text> Set a doing.
@DOING #help This screen
@DOING #rand <doing1>;<doing2>;<doing3>;<etc.> Setup a set of random doing strings.
@IDOING For IDLE @doings, works like @doing.
@ADOING For AWAY @doings, works like @doing.
Uses the page #away for checking.
hl Look at your own doings.
hl <player> Look at all of the doings for <player>.

All non-random doings over 45 characters will be setup as a hyper rotation doing.

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