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@lock <object>=<key>

Permissions: !GUEST

Locks <object> to a specific key(s). <object> can be specified as <name> or #<number>, or as 'me' or 'here'. Boolean expressions are allowed, using '&' (and), '|' (or), '!' (not), and parentheses ('(' and ')') for grouping. To lock to a player, prefix their name with '*' (ex. '*Igor'). A key may be a player, an object, or 'property:value'. You can only @lock objects that you control.

The purpose of a lock varies depending on what the object is that it is being set on:

Player Prevents from robbing pennies from that player.
Thing Prevents from picking up the thing.
Exit Prevents from using the exit or passing through it.

When someone tries to do something but does not pass the @lock on it for the given circumstances, they are shown the contents of the object's @fail field, and everyone else in the room is shown the contents of that object's @ofail field.


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