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@owned <name> [= <flags/types> = [<output type>]]

!GUEST - To use on self.
W1 Mage - To use on other players.

Searches through the database for items that <name> controls. Flags or types can be specified to check for or against certain ones. (A ! before the flag indicates that it is to be excluded.) A "U" in the flags list indicates an unlinked item. The output types that can be specified are owners, links (which outputs either *UNLINKED*, the object to which the item is linked, or *METALINK* for exits linked to more than one thing), count, and location. Players can only use @owned on themselves, so it will act exactly like @find for them. Mages and higher can used @owned on other players.

Flags of E, F, G, P, R, and T will match Exits, programs, Garbage, Players, Rooms, and Things, respectively. U will match unlinked objects. 0-7 will match Mucker Levels.

Example: @owned Revar=f!l3=location will list all M3 programs (F) owned by revar, that are NOT set Link_OK (!L), and it will give the location of each one.


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