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Character Threat Level

As of December 7th, 2015 our threat assessment has been completely redefined. Our previous statistics system has been replaced with a much more simplified system which we hope will be easier to understand and just as effective. Carefully consider which of the following categories your character operates on (i.e. your current level of power, not your full potential) when filling out our application. If you need help determining your character's tier, please ask a member of staff. As with any new system additional changes may be made in the future to clarify these groupings further.

Civilian This is our base-level threat. You might be good in a one-on-one fight, but you couldn't stand up to much else. All NPCs are automatically this level unless specifically stated by staff.
Street Sweeper Stepping up a bit on our power scale, a Street-level threat is someone who could hold their own in a fight on the street. They can't smash through walls, but they're able to dig in and defend themselves from most civilian level threats. These are your literal street fighters.
Block Buster Characters at this level can brush off civilian level threats while barely breaking a sweat. They might be able to leap tall buildings or pull up street signs as weapons. If you have any form of superhuman ability, you probably belong here.
City Smasher As the name suggests, this tier is for those whose actions and abilities could threaten an entire city if used for ill intent. If you could potentially require the military to be called in to stop you this is where you'll be grouped.
Planet Breaker This is where the real superheroes are placed. Your influence is on a global scale. You don't deal with police, you deal with nations. It could be literal, it could be figurative, but if you could pose a threat to an entire planet alone this is your home.
Galactic Titan A galactic-level threat won't be on the game without multiple staff approvals. You can move or destroy planets with your powers or actions. You have skills and abilities which surpass even the super men. Few can stop you. Characters who can rewrite reality might be listed here as long as they can be killed by conventional means.
Cosmic Force If you apply for this powerful of a character you'll probably get denied on the spot. This tier is reserved for characters who could threaten the multiverse. True Gods and masters of manipulating existence only. Even the devil himself doesn't stand on this level. These characters are often beyond the physical form making them almost Aspects of Reality. Most might even seem immortal from any other level.

Changes to existing characters

We've tried to make the process of adapting characters to the new system as painless as possible. When editing your character page you'll need to add a |Threat=. For consistency please place it between series and class. (It actually doesn't matter where it's placed, so long as it's placed somewhere.) Please check your spelling as whatever you enter on this field will be turned into a category link to make it easier to view other characters on your same level.


You no longer need the |Skills= field on your profile pages. Feel free to remove it if you desire. It will not display by default if you do not.

What exactly does this system accomplish?

It's been expressed that people don't seem to understand exactly why we're asking for an average power level and not a character's full potential. To put it bluntly, it's not useful for our staff that way. Most characters don't go around showing off planet-smashing power all day and night. They tend to mostly sulk around at a lower level and save the big stuff for a huge fight or a plotline. When we're looking over characters; knowing that someone could possibly destroy the world at any given time isn't really telling us how that character operates. That doesn't tell us what kind of character they really are. Potentially everyone can be more than the sum of their stats - especially in role play. After a decade of running this game we don't care what your character can do when they max themselves out. We care how that character lives from day to day. This system is the result of that.

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