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Full Name: Aquilon

Series: Original
Class: Guardian
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Unknown
Gender: Elemental
Species: Spirit
Age: Ancient
Birthdate: ???
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Feather!

Short Description: Youthful human with pale skin, ice-colored eyes and hair and clothes.

White... with the faintest ting of a cold blue, as frost on a sunny day. That's the color of this youthful figure's unmarred skin. Eyes and hair have just a little more color: an ice blue, slightly lighter than the shades of his clothes.

He wears a tabard-like garment, trimmed with faint runic inscriptions, a coat of arms on each sleeve, and breeches tucked into a set of lightweight leather boots. The heraldic design features a staff with a crescent finial crossed by a saber resembling an icicle, on a field representing a tundra.

He has a small bag slung over one shoulder and a conch hanging where a scabbard should be.




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